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Ghostface's page

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The party rogue died once again last night.
He got slammed a couple of times by one of the Huge fire elementals in The demonscar legacy. He caught fire as well.
The new total is 3 deaths so far.

I have had only two charachter deaths so far.
My dwarven barbarian fell to Skavens phanthasmal killer spell.
The party rogue missed his ref save by one and fell to the cryo hydras breath weapon (56 pts dmg).
My pc`s have just bested Aushanna, but they still have a lot of tough fighting to do in Bhal Hamatugn so there may be more.
The party consists of 1 dweomerkeeper, 1 Half orc fighter, 1 gnome sorcerer and 1 halfling rogue.

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