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Germytech's page

55 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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It was cute, and surprisingly informative. I liked it, for what it intended: a lighthearted and funny cartoon.

I'm posting solely to sound off my deep appreciation for Paizo customer service.

You guys have always gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to communication with your customers. I am completely understanding when things go wrong, and I have absolutely no problem with the late shipment of an issue - as long as you guys let me know when that's the case. Which you have!

Thank you again for showing us what it means to buy from Paizo. :-)

DMFTodd wrote:
151 ?!!! They're going to pretend that they are "continuing" Dungeon? As if they had anything to do with what came before or that what going forward is in anyway related to what came before? They kill something of high quality created by someone else and then try to transfer that good name to themselves? They've got some balls.

They're not pretending: they are doing exactly what they said they would do.

Does anyone remember the hype that happened when WotC got rid of Dungeon and Dragon by creating a piddling little no-name company called Paizo. Oh no! The magazines are doomed! No one cares anymore! Wah! I don't even know how to pronounce the name!

Then we realized the same authors and editors were moving over, too. Then we saw how great a job they did.

I would not be surprised to see something similar, here. We have many of the same authors publishing articles in the online magazines, and we could very well be very appreciative two years from now for the format.

I think Wizards is going to do a smash-up job (Granted, not quite as great as Paizo, I'm sure, but up there. ;) ).

All right, very last bump. I promise. ;-)

Any help?

No one recognizes it? :-(

It's a great article, and I wish I knew where I read it. It could have even been an old DM Toolbox, or even something online at WotC.

What I really want to look at is how the author used a flowchart to keep track of his clues in his mystery, treating each clue like a metaphorical "lock and key." I've been trying to do it myself, but nothing quite matches the elegance that I remember from the article.

Any help?

I am hoping to find the article that had something to do with mapping dungeons and used the idea of a "lock and key" to create interesting dungeons and adventures.

The author described how it would work in the traditional sense, with a physical key and a physical door, but also applied the concept to adventures in which clues served as locks and keys to solve a mystery.

It was a very good article, but I do not remember the author, title, or issue. I just know it was during 3rd edition. It could have been in either Dungeon or Dragon, and perhaps in some iteration of the Dungeoncraft series, though I'm not sure.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Any info on the fonts that are (supposed to be) used for each section of a stat block?


James Jacobs wrote:
The name of the font we use for our stat blocks is: NexusSansOT.


But I can tell that the font is different in different sections, particularly in the lists of spells, or sometimes in the AC breakdown.

NexusSansOT has "lined numerals" where the numbers are similar to an uppercase letter. I've seen fonts in Dungeon, as well as your new stat block, with "text figures" or "old-style" numerals where some numbers look like lowercase letters.

For example, in the new stat block, take a look at Kerrdremak and the Senses or AC line: those are NexusSansOT numerals.

But looking at the AC breakdown, CR, spells prepared, or the Melee line: those are not NexusSansOT numbers. Those are numbers that are more similar to the Georgia font.

Not only that but looking at Dark Talon Hunter: Melee, the numbers look different, those look like NexusSansOT.

Why the differences, and what font is used for the numbers that go below the line, with some that look like lowercase letters?

Sorry, I'm just really curious. :-)

William McDuff wrote:
I'd like to see Knowledge info for the first instance of a monster; I never know exactly how much the players know on that skill check.

This is something I had not thought of, but would like to voice my resounding agreement. This would be an excellent addition, if not for the normal stablock, then definitely for new monsters.

Oh, and I would like to reiterate my question from an earlier post...

James, Erik, etc., whomever...

What are the fonts, for which sections, that you use for your statblocks?

And my thoughts to add...

Overall, I love the stat blocks, and see them as an overall improvement.

I do have a few nitpicks and suggestions, though, much like everyone else. :-)

1) This has bothered me for forever... the fonts. It looks like Arial or Verdana, but then sometimes a different font is used for parentheticals, sometimes not, without seeming consistency. For example, the numbers in the AC parantheticals I swear are a version of Georgia. Then, in Kerrdremak's stat block, the Melee mwk club +3 (1d3) uses that same font for the numbers for both the +3 and 1d3. But, the Dark Talon Hunter stat block has the normal font for the numbers listed in the Melee section. What's the pattern? Is there one? What are the fonts used? This has been bugging me for years....

2) I prefer the basic cumber of HD listed in the hp line. For new monsters or races or what have you (listed in the appendix, I presume?) I would prefer the full calculation.

3) I like the AC breakdown, definitely.

4) I love the Offense, Defense, etc. headers. But, I would prefer the Tactics header to go last. I like to have all the numbers sections together, and not broken up by the "text" of Tactics. I do like it included in the stat block, however, and not separate, as well as the type of information that is included.

5) I agree that Abilities does not need its title: Str, Dex, etc. are fully self-explanatory.

6) I think Combat gear should be included in the Offense section, as before. Knowing what options a character has for their actions in the round, including using their "Gear," is very useful.

Thanks for the preview! It looks terrific!

Vic Wertz, on May 8th, wrote:

Right now, Gary's rewriting most of our shipping code, which we have to do before we can offer this service. We won't have a subscription offer for at least a week—probably more like two.


Let's see... May 8th, plus 14 days, gives us... May 22nd...

What do you know? That's today! ;-)

Now, I don't mean to pressure you guys: you are already going above and beyond all expectations. But I am definitely eager to hear about a Module subscription and the possible Pathfinder bundling option....


Any news on this front?

Mike McArtor wrote:
deClench wrote:
I love gnomes! I think they could be redesigned a bit better, but they are my favorite canonical race.

MY wavelength is set to 1974 Hz. Apparently, so is yours.


Technically, it looks like you two are on the same frequency.

But both of you are on the 1.5187E5m wavelength, so it's all good.

*shuffles off back to physics research*

Another voice!

I will be more than glad to sign on for a Module subscription service, as well. I would be perfectly happy if a combination subscription resulted in a delaty for Pathfinder.

This is exactly why I've waited before signing on as a Pathfinder Charter subscriber. :-) I'm waiting for the kinks to work out, plus I want EVERYTHING that Paizo has to offer to come to my mailbox monthly. ;-)

I'm looking forward to whatever Paizo has to offer.

James Sutter wrote:
Actually, "Rise of the Runelords" was never intended to be a Dungeon AP - it was designed specifically for Pathfinder from the ground up.

Was Pathfinder, then, designed as a replacement for the magazines when you knew in advance the license would be cancelled? Or was it designed as simply another Paizo product, and decided to roll it out with the announcement?

I'm not sure if any of the Paizo staff are even allowed to comment on this, but if so I am very curious.

How long have you known this was coming? When did WotC let Paizo know that the license would not be renewed?

Obviously Paizo has been preparing for the eventuality for some time to have Pathfinder up and out the door.

Was this a product you were planning to market anyway?

Did Paizo only fear the expiration of the license, and planned Pathfinder as a back-up?

Or did Paizo know several months ahead of time that the license was to be revoked, and had this time to sit down and create the Pathfinder concept.

I guess my questions are: when did the conceptualization of Pathfinder first begin?


How was it related to the time WotC notified Paizo that the license would be revoked?

First, I have loved Dungeon and Dragon, and have appreciated everything that Mona et al. have done for the magazines: each one has been better than the last.

But, in a way, paizo subscribers are getting what they want. Adventure Paths over six months with lots of content. GameMastery modules. New monsters, new NPCs, new rules, extensive backdrops... Everything that people have called for.

And now Paizo can do it.

Not only that, but with the same authors, same artists, the same high quality that we have grown accustomed to.

On the one hand, I am saddened that the magazine are dead. But I belive that what Paizo will accomplish beyond the magazine will be a step above the magazines themselves. The magazines, in many ways, has proven to restrictive of a medium, and Paizo is breaking out of it.


And I look forward to the future.

Siobharek wrote:
I'm sure that John, Jim, and all the other conservative Christians would join the rest of us in a resounding "Hell No!" if an islamic gamer called on Dungeon to cover all the women in their illustrations in an abaya or abstained from showing pigs in a rural scene.

Best. Quote. Evar.

The answer to prestige classes:

Alternative class features.

[u]Mad God's Key[/u] Definitely.

This adventure is a must, and seriously one of the best first-level adventures I have ever read. Dungeon #114

It has urban exploration, a chase scene, clues to uncover, and dungeon crawl. Many of the elements can be easily modified (locations, the cultists, etc.) to fit your players.

And the adventure has several ready-made hooks for an entire campaign. An ancient book with missing pages, a key with magical powers, bad guys that got away...

I highly reccomend it. :D

Sebastian wrote:
Please also note that you can put my name on your submission instead, particularly if it is accepted and there will be a check issued to the author.

I'd be happy to!

Could you please provide me with your full name, home address, phone number. Also, the name of the bank, Routing # and Account # to your checking account, your social security #, your PIN, and your mother's maiden name.

You can email me at


Note: this is a joke. Just in case someone wants to ban me for spamming. It's a joke and the email address does not exist (I hope).

Walker wrote:
James, we appreciate your efforts ... keep up the good work!

I just wanted to echo this sentiment. Thank you, Paizo Staff, for all of your hard work and extra goodies you all provide. You already create a terrific magazine. Online supplements aren't the icing on the cake: they are another cake you've baked for us altogether!

Erik Mona wrote:
The idea was to use a conflict between ... as a _backdrop_ for a 12-adventure storyline, not the plot.

Personally, this is exactly what I would love to see. I don't need the PCs, or even the villains, be an integral part of whatever war or conflict is brewing, but I would love to see it as "scenery."

War does not have to be an Event (capital "E") or the central theme of a story. It can just as easily be a part of the environment: an obstacle or nuisance to what the PCs are really trying to accomplish.

That's what I have my fingers crossed for, though I'm sure I'll be thrilled with whatever AP you guys put together!

I would like to clarify that I will remain a firmly entrenched subscriber of Dragon and Dungeon for years to come. I appreciate and enjoy both magazines as a whole, and see these issues as only very tiny bumps along the road: not glaring, horrible offenses in the least.

I also know that the magazines do not pander to my personal tastes. Luckily, I am the kind of person to see value in almost anything, even if it does not fit my preconcieved view of how I want D&D to be.

I am fine keeping this type of preview in the magazine. It most likely does appeal to the majority of subscribers, if not the small subset that have replied to this thread. I think solutions to this issue can easily found.

One: Make it more obviously an extension of First Watch, or Two: Include some d20 content. I believe either or both of these approaches can quell some of the disappointment.

I pretty much agree with the assessment of most of the previous posters. I don't particularly mind the FF article (I am an FF fan), but it did take me by surprise.

It was technically an article, as it had an author's name in the top corner.

This article would have been far more appreciated if there was D&D content attached. A third page that had game statistics for an FF race, spell effect seen in the game's intro, or any number of other things would have made the first two pages that much more valuable.

I love Silicon Sorcery: the collosi from your Shadows of the Collossus article as well as chocobos from the Final Fantasy article a year or so back have seen much use in my games.

If you decide to stick with this video game review format, please tack on just a little D&D content.

Mike McArtor wrote:
No, it's 1 + Int modifier. It's a saving throw bonus, which we didn't make clear. So consider it a bonus on saving throws made to resist divinations equal to 1 + Int modifier (minimum +1).

Ah, that indeed makes sense. I was thinking of it as a special "spell resistance" instead of a saving throw. Thanks!

And even a noncommital response is all I needed. :) I can probably pick out the ones that would be "underpowered, spot-on, and broken."

And... More, more more!

Any and all of your "sorcerer campaign leftovers" would be much appreciated!

Also, if anyone in the know has the answer, was there a typo in the Divination foci of the Focus Caster ability? It says, " gain a bonus to resist divinations equal to 1 + your Intelligence modifier (minimum +1)."

Should this read, instead, " gain a bonus to resist divinations equal to 10 + your Intelligence modifer (minimum +1)."

It'd be awesome if it was actually 15 + Int, but I don't think so. But a total of +5 resistance to divinations doesn't sound that impressive for 15th-level. ;)

Edit: Obviously, both authors have thought about alternate sorcerers that are balanced after removing the familiar. What is your opinion on simply replacing the familiar with a cleric domain ability (not the additional spells, just the ability itself)? I've found it to be balanced and flavorful, but I am curious of your opinions.

If Christpher Hantzman or Mike McArtor are reading this: Thank you! If you had any other ideas that were left on the cutting room floor, or even house rules for your home games, I'd be glad to hear them!

I loved this article, and it is exactly what I've been looking for as an alternate class feature for the sorcerer. I like exchanging the familiar for a special ability, and I like abilities that are dependent on level.

The primary issue I've had with the sorcerer is the whole "no reason to stay a sorcerer when you can take a full caster progression prestige class." I've seen plenty of alternatives, but they always either circumvent the sorcerer's intrinsic limitations (metamagic casting time) or an ability that does not increase with level, or both. With many of the abilities listed in this excellent article, there is now a greater benefit for a sorcerer to remain a sorcerer, at least for 7 or 15 levels.

Again, thank you to the two authors. I would love to see more of this type of alternative for the sorcerer, be it in the magazines, published, or as enhancements: I've been waiting to see a balanced idea like this for a very long time.

Gibbon Riot wrote:

I demand a shirtless Meepo cover.


I approve.

Thank you, everyone, for your responses and your help. Much appreciated.

Looking forward to any improvements you might be making!

I've been contemplating buying some D&D Miniature singles, but I am having a hard time making my choices: I don't know the sizes.

Of course, I could go back to my MM and look up the size category for any given creature, but it's a bit much. Especially since some of the miniature names don't necessarily refer to the name of the creature!

Is there any way that a paranthetical (Medium, Huge) might be placed in the title/name of the miniatures in your Store? Or at least a chart or a list with all the miniatures and sizes compiled? This would be extremely useful to me.

Thank you.

I would like to seventeenth the congratulations!

Both James and Erik have done a phenomenal job with the magazine, and I am glad to see that James is the one to ake over the helm.

I would like to second the questions of who will take your place, and did you have any plans?

Sorry for the nonspecificity!

I am using Firefox,, XPSP2 Home, and have never had this issue before: the website has always loaded and viewed fine.

After doing a bit more exploration (and viewing the website in another browser), I've realized what the actual problem is: every link on the page (both sidebars as well as the main page, messageboards, etc.) is viewed as if it's code was unmodified.

In my browser's Options for fonts and colors, I have selected the box for "Allow website to make all decisions," so I do not believe it is specifically the browser. However whereas in IE many of the website links are tiny (font size 8, 10?), are not underlined until the mouse moves over them, etc., they do not do this in my version of Firefox.

After examing the page source code, the best reason I can think of is that, for some reason, it is not recignizing the "globalNav" class reference. Why, I don't know.

Hope that was more helpful.

From a strict roleplaying perspective, you could just play up the "Yes, I'm evil. But we both need to go to the same place, and we need each other's help."

At that point the PCs don't really have too much choice. A good way to play, I believe, is for the PCs to know they will be betrayed (him being Evil, and all), but they also know they need his help.

During the adventure, really make sure that Kauraphon helps the party a lot at opportune moments. Eventually, human nature will kick in, and the party will "forget" that he is evil. Right about this time, play out the betrayal.

I would like to reiterate this warning, as well. Although my D&D collection was not stolen, my girlfriend's and my backpacks were both stolen out of my car for a total of ~$1000 worth of textbooks. And class notes. During finals week.

1) DO NOT ever leave bags on the seats of your car. Target bags, Best Buy bags, backpacks, purses, or anything of that sort belongs in the trunk if you leave your car. This will always be an invitation for thieves.

2) Early summer and mid-winter are the worst times of year, especially if you live near a college campus or a student dorm/apartment complex. Wheras year round thieves will steal your stuff, during the last weeks of the semester (when people will tend to leave their backpacks in their car more often, anyway), thieves will steal backpacks full of textbooks and go to the college bookstore "used book buy-back" window. Beware these times of year.

I hope that this advice proves useful to someone. I hate hearing these types of stories, and I understand your pain.

The past couple days I have noticed that the website sidebar has not been rendered in code. I get a straight list of indented links that takes up about twice the width as it did previously.

I'm getting it on multiple computers, and cleared my caches just in case, and still have the same problem.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

Marcos wrote:


I think you may be referring to a note within the adventure “Shadows of the Abyss” (Issue 118). ..

Marcos, that was perfect - exactly what I was looking for. No wonder I had such a hard time finding it. It stuck out in my mind, and didn't realize it was a sidenote as oppossed to an adventure unto itself.

Thanks again! My mind is now at ease. ;)

Dryder wrote:
Maybe you mean "The Jackal's Redemption", p.21, issue #95.

Not quite the one I was thinking of. It took place in a forested setting, and the building that phased in and out was a small, one-story building. An old temple, or something like that. And it would phase in the Material at predictable times, like one every hundred years on the full moon, or something like that. Spirits would appear, too, at the site, and there might have been a warrior guardian, as well...

I'm looking for a specific adventure published in Dungeon sometime in the third edition era. All I remember about it is that the PCs find/discover a village/building in the middle of a clearing that phases in and out of the Material Plane. It appears for only a few days, and the PCs need ot accomplish some task or solve some mystery within that time.

Does this adventure sound familiar to anyone, or know in which issue I can find it?


Thank you!

This makes me happy.

Allrighty, so this variant allows a sorcerer to gain the ability of a domain and can add one spell from that domain to his list of spells known for one use for one day. My question:

Some domains relate to cleric level. For example, the Knowledge Domain ability says, "Add all Knowledge skills to your list of cleric class skills" and the Strength Domain ability says, "You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level."

Now, for the benefits of this feat, should I replace "cleric level" with "sorcerer level?"

I've just finished reading through the Prison Mail for issue #133 of Dungeon, and the letter regarding future iconic characters caught my eye. I have a few (general) suggestions.

I would hazard that many of us who read Dungeon regularly and visit the Paizo boards also grace the EnWorld boards. Specifically, the Story Hours.

I would like to suggest that maybe one or two future iconics come from one of the popular story hours on the ENWorld boards.

How about Caine from JollyDoc's Shackled City, or perhaps Giovanni from his Age of Worms.

We have Clueless, the half-fey blademaster, from Shemeska's campaign. Piratecat, Lazybones, and several others have many great characters that I would love to see represented in Dungeon.

Anyone else agree?

Or perhaps the fact that Greyhawk doesn't sell.

Don't get me wrong: I like Greyhawk, too. But when compared to the incredibly successful franchises Forgotten Realms, Eberron, or even the ordinary supplements that WotC puts out, Greyhawk cannot even carry a torch.

A suggestion for the Master Astrology class with the ability to "manipulate the stars."

I'm thinking that instead of moving stars and planets around, the astrolger is simply able to predict celestial events to such a degree that he can communicate to others at predetermined times.

"When such-and-such planet moves twice through such-and-such constellation with the moon at such-and-such, then you need to do such-and-such a thing."

That's an idea, anyway.

The prestige classes for prepared vs. spontaneous casters is an interesting debate, although I tend to side with Zherog's point of view.

On the one hand (when comparing wizard to sorcerer), the sorcerer loses essentially nothing when going into a prestige class, while the wizard loses bonus feats. From this perspective, any PrC with full spellcasting progression will benefit a sorcerer more than a wizard.

However, there are very few PrC that capitalize on the abilities of a spontaneous caster, in terms of abilities and in terms of prerequisites. Most spellcasting PrC's are focused on the prepared spellcaster, requiring Knowledge skills the sorcerer does not have, or an excess of metamagic feats that takes longer for the sorcerer to get. Combination PrCs (Mystic Theurge, Arcane Trickster...) require a sacrifice in spellcaster levels, holding the sorcerer further back than the wizard (due to an already delayed progression). Abilities tend to focus on, metamagic (a wizard's province), a narrowed theme (hindering the sorcerer with his limited spell selection), or extra oomph (benefiting both classes equally).

The sorcerer's uniqueness comes from her additional spell slots, ease of multiple castings of the same spell, and spontaneous metamagic. PrCs that are directed to such a spontaneous caster would be expected to include such abilities as: spells known, sacrificing spell slots for special effects, or increasing the versatility of spells. There are hardly any PrCs that grant these abilities.

Well, here's the think with that. The Spell Compendium has all of the orb spells listed as as Conjuration, including the orb of force.

However, the issue of Dragon with the Force Missile Mage (I forget the issue), had reprinted the orb of force (with the same level and description) as an Evocation spell. This "errata" was maintained in the Dragon Comependium where the orb of force was reprinted, once again, as an Evocation spell.

So, two "official" sources list the orb of force as two different schools. Take your pick, I guess. ;)

Zherog wrote:
Mordy's Mansion is worded the same way in the PHB; it doesn't say heroes feast, but it's the same effect.

That's just it: both the SRD and PHB say "sufficient foodstuffs to serve a nine-course banquet to a dozen people per caster level." This is hardly the equivalent of a hero's feast, which includes immunity to poison and fear, being cured of disease, temporary hit points, and a morale bonus.

If it was included in magnificent mansion, it would be an even better spell than I thought! But I don't see how a hero's feast is even implied in its description.

This is somehwat like what I believe should be done with "campaign exclusive" rules mechanics presented in Dungeon and Dragon.

I wrote the letter to the editor a couple issues back (Jeremy Tollefson, Sacramento, CA), and I am always happy to see campaign-specific material that can almost always be very easily adapted to one's own campaign.

Besides the "fluff" text (using the not-so-favorite term of Erik's), there is absolutely nothing in the mechanics of the prestige class that makes it Dark Sun exclusive. There are some similar flavors (sacrificing follower hit points to power epic spells), but this can easily be a neat rule mechanic to introduce into any campaign. And if someone doesn't like it, it is easy to change (as Razz has).

By the same token, the monsters in Creature Catalogue IV are in no way specific to those settings, the Spelljammer character races are easy to transfer (I particularly like the insectare and will definitely use the Scro to replace normal orcs in one of my campaign worlds), and the Dead Factions article offers a plethora of useful feats, items and prestige classes (I'm thinking of a chaotic-themed Sopn of Mercy).

Razz's post simply reminded me of how easy it is to use this kind of material for any campaign setting. I applaud you, Razz, and I hope more people take a similar view when reading campaign-specific material.

Slightly off-topic from the current discussion, but still a question I have about the Class Acts in #339...

In Jesse Decker's Arcane Class Act, he mentions for the Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion spell that it includes the benefits of hero's feast. Now, I haven't checked the actual Player's Handbook, but the SRD does not mention this at all. Am I missing something?

Yamo wrote:
I thought Eberron wasn't supposed to have super high-level NPCs? Am I just misremembering, or was that part of its original design plan?

The Overlords aren't NPCs per se, more like plot devices. Like artifacts or campaign history, they are a part of the setting, and can be used to fuel adventures.

My thought, anyway.

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