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GeneticDrift's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Marathon Voter, 7 Season Marathon Voter, 8 Season Marathon Voter, 9 Season Marathon Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,631 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Telekinetic Blast:

Element(s) aether; Type simple blast (Sp); Level —; Burn 0
Blast Type: physical; Damage bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing

You throw a nearby unattended object at a single foe as a ranged attack. The object must weigh no more than 5 pounds per kineticist level you possess. If the attack hits, the target and the thrown object each take the blast's damage. Since the object is enfolded in strands of aether, even if you use this power on a magic weapon or other unusual object, the attack doesn't use any of the magic weapon's bonuses or effects; it simply deals your blast damage. Alternatively, you can loosen the strands of aether in order to deal damage to both the object and the target as though you had thrown the object yourself (instead of dealing your normal blast damage).

You substitute your Constitution modifier for your Strength modifier if throwing the object would have added your Strength modifier on the damage roll, and you don't take the –4 penalty on the attack roll for throwing an object that wasn't designed to be thrown. In this case, the object's special effects apply (including effects from its materials), and if the object is a weapon, you must be proficient with it and able to wield it with one hand; otherwise, the item deals damage as a one-handed improvised weapon for a creature of your size.]

Can you use a small amount of air, water or rain as your object?

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I am thinking of subscribing for an AP, when would I need to do it?

The little I have heard about Strange Aeons sounds neat but if there are other products I could get in from the beginning I am interested.

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I would love to see the following options as talents for the warlock. Not archetypes, non exclusive so you can mix and match.

Charisma as the casting stat
Casting like the occultist (from what I saw in the play test)
An intelligent weapon (like the blade bound magus)
Arcanist exploits
more shadow magic, some increasing spell casting ability. Or just more awesome options.
a Familiar as spell book (tack it onto the base ability as an option)
School specialization more like sin magic
More alchemy as spell casting.
an option for full BAB

Other other thoughts on what other abilities we should request be added?

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Would the VMC look like for the vigilante? I am having trouble picturing it.

On the other end vigilante seems to combo well with many VMC.

The Exchange

Hi all quick question.

Can a gunslinger using targeting cause a monster drop a grapple? Does it matter if it is only using one limb?

targeting (arms):
Targeting (Ex): At 7th level, as a full-round action, the gunslinger can make a single firearm attack and choose part of the body to target. She gains the following effects depending on the part of the body targeted. If a creature does not have one of the listed body locations, that part cannot be targeted. This deed costs 1 grit point to perform no matter which part of the creature she targets. Creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are immune to these effects.

Arms: On a hit, the target takes no damage from the hit but drops one carried item of the gunslinger’s choice, even if the item is wielded with two hands. Items held in a locked gauntlet are not dropped on a hit. cause a monster to drop a grapple? Does it matter if it is a single limb or a normal grapple?

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Hi All,
I am looking to make a spellslinger (wizard archetype) and would like to know some great spells to choose. Can you help with some suggestions?

Build advice and how the class has played for you is also welcome.

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3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can aid another crit and proc butterfly sting?

Aid another is normally a standard action attack vs AC 10. And butterfly sting lets you ignore your critical hits and the next hit auto crits.

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

My party and I were talking about styling a characters hair and the conversation ended up on this question, Can an unseen servant become stuck to sovereign glue?

Any thoughts?

Sovereign Glue

unseen servant

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I have a character who writes poetry about his encounters, I wanted to make them have an actual value since he is a little shallow and very competitive (order of the cockatrice).

I seem to be blind and cannot find a rule for this, how do I find out the DC and cost? Should I use profession or perform instead?

Thanks for the help.

The Exchange

Does anyone know of a weapon finess able one handed weapon that does high base damage. The best I could find was the aklys which is a throwing club (d8). I probably missed some weapons that mention they can be finessed in their description.

Even something other than a club would be appreciated since while awesome and can be thrown it is not the style I want. Priority limitations: is that its a paizo weapon for pathfinder, it needs to be one handed, after that just high damage dice, followed by being cool, then damage type.

The abilities I want to play with are below, never rolling damage sounds fun.

perfect strike:
Perfect Strike (Ex)

At 4th level, when a kensai hits with his chosen weapon, he can spend 1 point from his arcane pool in order to maximize his weapon damage. Don’t roll for damage—the weapon deals maximum damage. This affects only the weapon’s base damage dice, not additional damage from sneak attack, magical weapon properties, spellstrike, or critical hits. If the kensai confirms a critical hit, he can instead spend 2 points from his arcane pool to increase his weapon’s critical multiplier by 1.

This ability replaces spell recall.

measured response:
You believe that a conservative but consistent response guarantees success.

Prerequisites: Worshiper of Abadar, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: When you hit an opponent with a melee or ranged attack, you may choose to deal average damage (rounded down), as if you had rolled exactly the average amount on the damage die or dice. You add your damage bonuses and penalties as normal.

The Exchange

I would love it if books were made to add information about Golarion instead of the generic splat format. I'm not even sure if information in the bestiary is Golarion specific.

As an idea starter, feats, arcatyepes, and prestige classes should help answer questions about the world, such as:

How good of an acrobat I need to join famous troups or perform for a Chilaxian baron and not be beheaded.

How pricy are the famous works of art, how good of a craftsman are the dwarves compared to elves. Who made my gear? Is trade common between Osirien and Geb? Who works this trade route?

How tall are the highest mountains, and what are the climb and survival checks? Is it possible for my hero to ford the strongest rapids? What items and people can help?

Tell me about the professions popular around the inner sea, how do people live?

Make a brief outline of how laws work in the various countries, what can one do about abused/killed slaves in Chiliax...legally? What does the town watch have the authority to do? what qualities do they look for in members? Are some areas known for being corrupt?

How modern are the beliefs of the world? How educated are people, how are they taught? How can I stay free from imprisonment, torture, or fast justice?

Are mercenary groups common? Who lets them exist inside their kingdom.

How are dragons and other powerful creatures interacting with the world politics?

The Exchange

Can some one explain how the feat works? Does it work against ranged attacks, do I have to be adjacent to both target and attacker?

The feat only mentions being next to the target, but aid another needs you to be by the enemy... I'm very confused and would love to "parry" arrows.

Thanks for all the advice. if it matters I am asking for my new PFS Lvl1 fighter.

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