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Devargo Barvasi

Gene 95's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,055 posts (1,072 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.

Liberty's Edge

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I'm alive.

Before anything I want to offer my most humble apologies to all of you for just disappearing without a word. Without delving too deep into it, a LOT has happened in my personal life over the last two(-ish) years and I'm only just now finally getting settled to the point where I can afford to have a social life of any sort outside of my close acquaintances. I'm okay.

Anyways, onto business. As I'm sure anyone attempting to grab the files has found, they are no longer available, I'll work to remedy this as soon as I'm reasonably able. I'll begin working on stat blocks again as time allows; I have a few nearly-complete ones that I should be able to get post soon-ish.

I just wanted to drop by really quick and let you fine folks know I'm still about it some capacity and that I have intentions to continue this endeavor.

Liberty's Edge

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Kevin Mack wrote:
Well thats pretty much killed of any intest me or any of my friends would have had in this game.


Liberty's Edge

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Oooookay, two new critters for you folks today:
Deva Fanatic
Dragonborn Elementalist

Got more on the way. I'm hoping to get them out today. If not, expect them up sometime Sunday. As per usual, if you notice any errors let me know and I'll fix 'em up.

These are only the 3.5 stats; I'll convert them to Pathfinder RPG once I get to them in the conversion list.


Updated Entries:

No updates.

Everything to Date:

Liberty's Edge

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Velcro Zipper wrote:
... expectorate...

Oooh! New word! Thankies! :D

74. Your fingernails grow incredibly rapidly, elongating roughly an inch in any given day.

75. Instead of bleeding blood, you bleed a thick black substance that is similar in consistency to molasses.

76. Your eyes have no visible pupils.

77. Your eyes have no visible irises.

78. When small quantities of water strike your skin they quickly boil and evaporate. When you submerge yourself in water, the act is met with a loud hissing sound.

79. You possess no body hair.

80. During the day your skin is charcoal black, but during nights when the moon shines it is chalk white.

Liberty's Edge

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Snorter wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
Really, if you can't be bothered to shout your deity's full name, just become a heretic and shout "FOR PONY!"
Or "Leeeeeerroy Jeeeenkins!"

Only do this if you have the chicken to back it up. ^_^

Liberty's Edge

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Masika wrote:
How would Huitzilopoxtli feel if you took the liberaty to short the name? :)

Well, as a war god, I figure that Huitzilopochtli wouldn't care too much so long as somebody got killed because of it. :p

Liberty's Edge

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Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:
Ok back iin a another airport this time on huge layover 4 hours. Hobart Tazmania is a cool place but my flight has been delayed for 3 hours. Anyone there.

Here, have some Nintendo game goodness:

Just use the letters at the top of the page to choose a section, pick a game, and have at it.

Liberty's Edge

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I figure you folks will enjoy this:

It's a site that lets you play old NES games on your PC without having to resort to an emulator. They have Castlevania 1 and 2 on there. Sadly not 3, though. *tear*

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