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Gelert's page

127 posts. Alias of Ragathiel.

Full Name

The Fey Hound, He Who Runs with the Hunt. AKA Gelert


Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)



About Gelert

Name: Gelert
Player: Ragathiel
High Concept: Temple dog (Wyld Fey)
Trouble Aspect: "What is it Boy?" "Woof!"
Background: Fey Temple Hound of the Wyld Hunt
Rising Action:Avoiding the Hunt, Protecting the Mistress

Phase One Aspect: "On the Hunt"
Gelert's family is a part of the Wyld Hunt, mother and father running with the Erlking. The mortal coil, him, is sent to search the mortal world.

Parents run with the Wyld Hunt.
Erlking's artifact lost on the mortal world.
Sent to recover it undercover.
Sent to Duana by Erkling to follow, serve but above all find the artifact and return it to him. 'Abandoned' in the Ways where she would find him.
'Discovered' by the Changeling mistress, she who sees the strength of the Wyld beast, the Hound.
Adopted by Duana, named Gelert.

Phase Two Aspect: "The Wyld Hound. He who runs with the Hunt and its Mistress." Guest Star: Duana
Gelert now runs with Duana on her adventures, an ever-trusting and stalwart companion, a warrior in fur. He is still searching.

Grows under Duana into full strength.
Constantly searching but in vain.
Acutely aware of the Wyld Hunt raging on above in the sky. Fears it descending to reclaim him.
Grows attached to Duana, guards her fiercely.
The first lead, followed to a dead end. The Hunt continues, but the Hound remains on Earth.

Phase Three Aspect: "Her Silent Guardian. They will not Hunt you. It is near!" Guest Star: Aximeus
Gelert has grown attached to Duana, and defends her against all adversaries that he perceives. Gelert fiercely devoted, almost too much so. When the Wyld Hunt draws near, he leads her away if he can. However, he is separated from her. His quest looms above him with the coming of the Wyld Hunt. During the search, he meets a man in a back alley, clad in armor and wielding a sword, then uses the human to try and find a clue. The quest fails but the Hunt still goes on.


Skills (30) 30/30
Superb (+5) - Fists
Great (+4) - Alertness, Endurance
Good (+3) - Athletics, Might
Fair (+2) - Survival, Discipline, Intimidation
Average (+1)- Presence, Conviction, Investigation, Rapport, Stealth

Physical: Endurance [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (Inhuman Recovery reduces by 2)
Mental: Conviction [ ] [x] [ ]
Social: Precense [ ] [ ] [ ]


Utility of Senses (Alertness) Use alertness instead of lore to pick up on the presence of the supernatural

Claws -1
Inhuman recovery [-2] (Catch: Cold Iron negates. +1)
Sacred Guardian [-1]
The Bark [-2]

Mental OOO
Physical OOOO
Social OOO

Total Refresh Cost -7 (-5 with Cold Iron catch)

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