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Here is the Spell DB he was talking about

Web, sleet storm, stinking cloud, black tentacles, various wall spells are good for shaping the battlefield to your team's advantage.

Conjuration spells often don't allow SR.

I know that's why Conjuration is one of the specialist schools that Treantmonk lists in his wizard guide.

My wife and I are expecting our first child in October, and have both come around separately to the idea of doing a dragon-themed nursery.

I figured who better to ask about dragon-themed items than the Paizo community.

So, has anyone else done similar and do they have any good resources for nursery decorations? I'm talking crib bedding, wall decorations, toys, etc.

Thanks for any help you provide!

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maouse wrote:

And its "my own volition" not violation.


Se la vi.

If you are going to correct someone, make sure you are also correct.

It's not its in this case.

Also, the correct French spelling is c'est la vie.

As long as they are having fun with it, it's clever.


Alternately, you could start the AP with Ameiko receiving the scroll and skip the Brinestump Marsh section.

Killer Power wrote:
Achilles wrote: characters are an average of two levels below the recommended module level each time they begin,and it's still a cake walk if I run the encounters as written.

Hmm... with how many players do you run the campaign? Are your players the sort of min/max players?

I think the reason why this is so easy for your players must be with either you or your players. Because I don't read so much about, how easy this Ap is...

I can't say for myself, because I won't begin Kingmaker before the end of this/beginning of the following year (as my group is in the middle of the fifth CoT module and I want to finish this first).

It hasn't been the hardest campaign that I've run or played in. There have been some rough patches, but not too terrible. Council of Thieves is way deadlier, IMO. I've had one player in CoT with an equal number of character deaths himself than all six of my Kingmaker players combined. In Cot, each of my players has at least one character death. I still have two players with PCs they started with in Kingmaker.

Runnetib wrote:

I just ran the Dancing Lady combat. She cursed the group paladin with her dying curse. Before we realized that the curse took away his spellcasting ability, we got into a bit of debate about whether or not the lesser restoration he had prepared would remove the effects of it. Reading the dying curse, restoration vs. lesser restoration, and bestow curse, I get the feeling that it's not supposed to be able to be removed with a lesser restoration. However, he reads the first line in the description of the spell as being able to heal that damage.

As I said, his spellcasting is gone (CHA dropped to 10) so he can't cast it anyway, but I would like some clarification if possible.


The ability is obviously modeled after bestow curse (-6 to an ability score). I'd go with what is written in bestow curse. EDIT: As a matter of fact, I did rule it took a remove curse to get rid of it. Of course it was a moot point since the Paladin that was affected in my party was killed by the Grimstalker and the Assassin Vine soon thereafter.

On the flip side, you're the GM, and what you say goes in a situation like this.

Of course, if you feel that having to send them someplace to get a remove curse cast would be detrimental to the flow of your game, you might be better off letting the lesser restoration handle it.

I run into issues like this with my group because their only divine caster is an oracle with a limited spell list. He never bothers to pick up scrolls he can use to counter his limitations either.

Hobbun wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Hobbun wrote:
Doesn't it rain a lot in Washington? I'll take the hotter weather over a lot of rain any day. :)

Tons. Like, a torrential downpour every day. Nobody wants to live here, it is horrible. Stay away.

*whistles nonchalantly and walks away on a partly cloudy 70˚ summer day...*

Aww, ok. I take the hint. Sean doesn’t want visitors (or just me).

Well, I am no weather expert (obviously from my post), I just had heard Seattle receives a ton of rainfall. Was not sure how much that differed in Redmond.

Actually, they don't receive a ton of rainfall, but it rains a lot more often in Seattle.

All this is taken from wikipedia.

For example, Birmingham, AL, where I'm from, receives 54 inches of rain per year in 117 days.

Seattle, on the other hand, receives 38 inches of rain and 12 inches of snow per year in 155 days.

I suspect you'll have to wait until early next week for James to comment on this.

I imagine they won't though so that GMs have the choice to take them in their own direction.

DoomCrow wrote:

I've seen in previous AP obituary threads the DMs posting a total body count in their campaign.

How many character deaths in total have you had in your campaign thus far, including multiples deaths for the same character, if applicable.

I've had four PC deaths in my campaign thus far. I'm just getting to the end of Varnhold Vanishing. One of those deaths occurred in a side plot I ran when several players had to miss an evening and I sent the remaining on a side quest of my own creation. Don't know that that one really counts.

I had one ripped apart by an assassin vine in the evil fey towers, one ripped apart by a shambling mound infested with a centipede swarm, and one ripped apart by a piscodaemon. Interestingly, I think they all died of being constricted during a grapple.

We've only had that decided to come back, and that was the latest who was ripped apart by the piscodaemon.

The one that died on a side quest in Mivon was caught in a winter wolf's breath weapon.

I just thought of a game soundtrack that encompasses everything.

Guild Wars: Prophecies for Varisia
Guild Wars: Eye of the North for Land of Linnorm Kings and Crown of the World
Guild Wars: Factions for Tian Xia

Edit: I'm also digging the new Conan soundtrack.

General Chaos wrote:
Geeky Frignit wrote:

Name: Mutumbo

The Piscodaemon is summoned into the room when the players enter. They shouldn't have been able to see it.

Not in my game

Name: Lanthorr
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Paladin 2/Rogue 7 (I think)
Adventure: Mother of Flies
Location: The Bloody Tarn
Catalyst: Madjaw

The Gory Details: Lanthorr stood up and challenged the satyr to one-on-one combat. He thought he'd be able to simply use his smite ability and chop through the satyr. Unfortunately, the satyr is CN and his smite did not work. Lanthorr finally changed tactics and began to Feint the satyr to take him down. This was working well, and would've probably killed him in the next round, but I rolled out a Vital Striking Power Attack in front of the group and landed a 20. I then confirmed the critical hit and struck Lanthorr with 4d12+22. I rolled at least two twelves.

Thankfully his ally, a halfling cavalier riding atop her dog with a lance, charged in and critically hit with her charge, finishing off the satyr and intimidating the redcaps into following her.

The party chose to reincarnate him, and he has come back as a half-orc.

Name: Mutumbo
Race: Mwangi Human
Classes/levels: Fighter 9
Adventure: The Varnhold Vanishing
Location: Vordakai's Tomb (Guard Chamber)
Catalyst: Inept Rogue and Piscodaemon

The Gory Details: Before entering the guard chamber, there was the nasty problem of dealing with Stygian Fires trap in the Daemon Shrine. The rogue couldn't find a trap associated with the strange door, so they decided to open it and move on to take out the strange creature in the next room (one of the PCs can see through thin walls). They opened the door and triggered the trap. Mutumbo took all the damage from the trap and lost a chunk of his Wisdom. The Piscodaemon cast a stinking cloud at the group and took the bard and rogue out of the fight temporarily. Mutmbo charged in and began hacking at the Piscodaemon, but the Piscodaemon got a hold of him with a claw. Mutumbo was bleeding and grappled and the Piscodaemon continued to hold him with a claw and squeeze him until he split apart.

Luckily, they took the daemon down soon thereafter, though the party was pretty decimated because a Greater Shadow (my addition for a six-man group) had attacked them from behind a closed door. Had a couple of people almost incapacitated because of Strength damage.

In addition, the bard had a scroll of raise dead and they were able to bring back Mutumbo. They slept the night in the guard chamber with the doors barred, and the next morning, the wizard teleported them (and the imprisoned centaur) out of there.

Brainiac wrote:

I'm really excited about these rules as well, although I do have one concern.

** spoiler omitted **

Perhaps grant them a bonus equal to their relationship score to the NPC to the Sense Motive check?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
James Jacobs wrote:

It's also us trying to diffierentiate between races. If the only difference between a human and an elf, physically, is that one has pointed ears and the other doesn't... that's lazy, in my opinion.

We've tried to give each of our races numerous physical characteristics so that you can use multiple different cues to recognize what race you're looking at. For elves, it's that they have long pointed ears, colorful eyes with no whites showing, and are more slender and taller than humans. You wouldn't really start getting a chesty elf, really, unless there's human DNA in their family line somewhere down the road.

Do you ever sit back, shake your head, and think to yourself: "This is my job, contemplating boob sizes of elves."?

Edit: I'm not jealous or anything, really ;)

So, just going through some prep work for Sound of a Thousand Screams, and I noticed that the DCs for some of Nyrissa's spells don't take into account the Fey bloodline arcana.

The following spells should have their DCs increased by +2:

- dominate person
- charm monster
- suggestion
- hideous laughter
- charm person

Yes, go with the groom's cake idea. I've seen plenty of them at weddings (live in Alabama). I've seen Nintendos, golf bags, college football themed, etc.

It's a great way to express a small bit of yourself.

Jim Cirillo wrote:
Geeky Frignit wrote:
Jim Cirillo wrote:
I created a d100 chart that randomly rolls an added effect from coming back from the dead
Sounds cool! Link?
I don't have a link but if you spoil your email I'll send it to you. It's nothing too exciting, some of the penalties are harsh and some of it is silly but I think it adds an RP angle to characters that were once dead and now have to deal with being alive again.


rdfisher1542 at yahoo dot com

Jim Cirillo wrote:
I created a d100 chart that randomly rolls an added effect from coming back from the dead

Sounds cool! Link?

I have a guy in one of my games doing the Paladin/Rogue thing. Seems perfectly legit to me. It's just someone who has a fighting style focused around catching opponents off guard in a fight and hitting them in the soft spots to end the fight quickly.

My guy even took Combat Expertise and Improved Feint. The downside is he doesn't hit nearly as often as he should (especially when power attacking). When he does hit (Power Attack + Vital Strike + Improved Feint), he's rolling 7d6+12 damage, I think (2d6 greatsword + 2d6 vital strike + 2d6 sneak attack +1d6 electricity).

James Jacobs wrote:
We'll do the next one when we have the time. It's not an easy thing to write these; it basically takes about a day for an author to come up with a name and a story for an iconic, and when we're trying to gear up for a huge pile of deadlines that are compounding due to PaizoCon and Gen Con, we simply don't have time to have one of the few folks at Paizo I trust to write an iconic's backstory take a day out of their schedule.

Could make for an interesting contest for the community, though.

I tend to get long-winded in my backstories, though. I had a Shugenja with a nine-page backstory once. Would probably need a word limit.

Frank Williams 624 wrote:
Geeky Frignit wrote:
Is Sepoko's +1 icy morningstar really a +1 frost morningstar or a +1 icy burst morningstar?
I made it +1 icy burst morningstar. (but it looks like the one in the picture, so my PCs just gave it to Gorum the Boggard in exchange for his services as a scout when ever they need him in the slough)

I broke down NPC gear based on level from the Core Rulebook, and if it was icy burst, it would give him gear about 10k over the recommended amount. I went with frost.

Is Sepoko's +1 icy morningstar really a +1 frost morningstar or a +1 icy burst morningstar?

I voted for Jerall's Isgeri Blood and Orphan Tears.

Inquisitor seems to be the best choice IMO. You add a decent skill set that can back up the cavalier. You also add a good spell complement to the witch's list. You're pretty decent in a fight. You get the abilities of one domain (Travel is pretty good). You gain some outdoorsy abilities (like Track).

I think Inquisitor would be a good add to your group.

Now, if the DMPC was something else (like a rogue), then I might lean more toward the paladin.

I may be overlooking it, but I can't seem to find a CR adjustment for the bog strider seer-queen variant?

I'm tempted to go with +2, but would like an official ruling.

Scharlata wrote:

Dear AP designers,

I like those ideas because they are capable of terrifying the PCs - if long foreshadowed - as done in the AP. ;)

Kind regards

Agreed. My players have been scared smurfless thinking they're about to encounter a pit fiend. I had to metagame tell them that the fight won't be as difficult as they think, and I'm not pitting them against a CR 20 pit fiend. Otherwise, they were thinking of abandoning this ship.

I have to say, up till this round I don't think I've voted for your entries. That said, I really liked this adventure proposal.

Good luck in the voting, Jerall.

Go through the GM reference pages in the forums. Most of the errors have been noted there.

I was tired of my players being too cautious, so I had the Dovan mount an assault on Oleg's while Svetlana, Kesten, Jhod, and two other NPCs I'd introduced were away. Dovan and his bandits took on Oleg, three soldiers from Brevoy, and a couple of redeemed bandits who were helping out around Oleg's. The bandits managed to kill everyone except Oleg, who they left handless. They then strung all the bodies up over the entrance to the compound and set fire to some new structures the PCs and NPCs had been building.

My party arrived at Oleg's the day after a tornado had whipped through the hills and plains around Oleg's. They had seeked refuge in the forest in some low-lying areas. and watched the tornado head off toward the northwest (as they often do). They spotted the smoke from Oleg's and quickened their pace. They then spotted the bodies, and one of the player's who had a love interest in one of the NPCs took off toward Oleg's.

Only Jhod (returned from the temple of the elk and stabilized Oleg) and Oleg were there. They forced Oleg awake and made him tell them where everyone was because they couldn't find bodies. Oleg says they went to Bokken's for potions. They sigh in relief until they realize a tornado was headed to the northwest just yesterday. They take off in the late evening, lame a couple of horses, and get to Bokken's where his hut is collapsed and a tree was barring a door into a cellar of some sort. They move the tree and rescue Bokken and the other NPCs.

After all this, they decided it was time to take care of this Stag Lord.

I had a seven character party at the time. The ranger and rogue decided to loop around to the back of the fort since it wasn't guarded too well. They even managed to spot the trap door at the back of the fort. They started to make their way up to the palisade to investigate when the zombies attacked. The two of them managed to get away without being spotted.

The next day, they decided to take the tricky approach and show up as bandits. Well, one of the players is playing an Animus from one of the 3PP books and has a bear head, so they make him stay in the woods 300 feet from the entrance. They gain entry to the fort and begin moving into position. My group is about as subtle as a tarrasque, so they almost immediately open fire and begin taking out bandits. Once the Animus druid is in, the rogue jury rigs the gate so it can't be opened; it's a fight to the death. The alarm is raised and Akiros and Dovan begin fighting the PCs with the bandits. Dovan opens the gate to let the owlbear out and calls for Auchs to get down here. With all the ruckus, the Stag Lord finally makes his entrance, totally sober because the PCs drank all his booze. He steps out with his bow, spots the Animus Druid who is fighting the owlbear and uses insightful strike to sneak attack, nearly taking the druid down in one shot. The battle basically turned into a huge smorgasborg with every bandit in the fort on the field against my seven PCs (and one animal companion). Auchs took a burning hands from the party witch who then began slumbering things. Akiros turns sides and helps the ranger flank Dovan. They cornered the Stag Lord back into his room where he fights to the death.

Akiros is the only one who survived of the bandits. My party took the charter rather seriously with regards to the unrepentant bandits shall be punished with the rope or the sword.

It was a pretty epic fight with lots of close calls. I didn't have any deaths in Stolen Lands. The party was smart enough to not go chasing the one will o'wisp I rolled on the random encounter table.

Rivers Run Red was totally different. Had two PC deaths in that book.

Phasics wrote:
Geeky Frignit wrote:

Throw in a level or two of Barbarian for rage and go the Master Chymist route.

I love the Alchemist because the max you need in your Int is really only 16. Sure, your splash saves might be low, but other than that, there is no spell DCs to worry about.

what for you already get a +8 +6 +4 STR/DEX/CON from the mutagen/mutation, wasting a round buffing on rage when there's a slew of other short buffs you could also put on is a waste of 2 levels better spent on alch/MC to get higher spell levels.

I accept that some players want to get to the highest level spell levels, but in alchemist, I personally don't think their higher level extracts are worth worrying over too much.

And for the record, entering rage is a free action. There is no wasting a round to activate rage.

Aelryinth wrote:

Wall of fire doesn't work because it doesn't deliver variable dice by level, either. Unless you want to include duration in the feat definition, which it never references. Note that not mentioning duration is not a sign that it allows such to be included in a definition.

I find it difficult to believe Srch Ray follows the rules of the feat, since you can't add individual dmg increments to it, only in lots of 4 that don't follow a per-level formula, but if he says so, I suppose that's fine.

Stefan Hill wrote:
Would Intensify therefore work on Inflict Wound spells because they deliver damage modified by level.

Aelryinth makes a good point. The feat specifically says dice in the wording, so +1 per level increases wouldn't work by RAW. I'm starting to come around to the no intensified MM by RAW party now as well. Aelryinth did some of the convincing with his discussion of scorching ray above.

That said, I don't believe that letting scorching ray have 1 more ray, magic missile have 2 more missiles, or even cure light wounds heal 5 more hp is all that game breaking, but I know that's not the argument here. The argument here is RAW.

I think my mind has been officially changed to the anti-intensified magic missile per RAW, but I'll always allow it in my game.

Throw in a level or two of Barbarian for rage and go the Master Chymist route.

I love the Alchemist because the max you need in your Int is really only 16. Sure, your splash saves might be low, but other than that, there is no spell DCs to worry about.

Kingmaker has been 7 levels in 2 years.

Council of Thieves has been 8 levels in 4-5 months.

Rise of the Runelords has been 8 levels in about 3 months.

Even in APs, it's pretty varied. A lot depends on how fast players want to keep moving. Kingmaker lends itself to a longer time because PCs wanted to build the kingdom and craft. In CoT, I've asked my players at each break point how long they want, and they've wanted to keep trucking.

My KM group has a lot of crafters and item creators. I don't think a single person has those skills in CoT. It totally depends on the party, in my estimation.

james maissen wrote:

Now we just have to get Acid Arrow some of that love.

The SPELL (at 18th CL) deals 12d4 points of damage.

Much like magic missile it doesn't deal it directly all in one place. Whereas magic missile does it by missile, acid arrow does it by round.

Put another way: the damage the SPELL deals goes up by level. That damage is in DICE. And those DICE get CAPPED at a certain level.

Or in your words:


So again. RaW. MM == SPELL that deals increasing DAMAGE DICE that CAPS. Fits the feat.
Now you claim

AA does not increase damage dice. It has the initial damage extended. There is the difference.

It deals 2d4 damage. Those are DICE. More so than 1d4+1 can claim to be DICE.

It does deal them over rounds, but magic missile deals them via missiles.

The feat makes NO MENTION of duration needing to be instantaneous now does it?

How much damage does a 4 round acid arrow spell deal? 8d4? How much damage does a 4 missile magic missile spell deal? 4d4+4?

How does the FEAT see these as different?

You make a claim here, but have nothing to back it up.

If magic missile can have this feat applied to it, then certainly acid arrow can as well.

Here's the next question: how does intensify work with magic missile? It gets more DICE via the feat. So how does that WORK? It DOESN'T get more missiles obviously as then it can target more creatures. it DOESN'T get more +1's as they are not DICE.

So do we suddenly get magic missiles that deal 2d4+1 damage? That doesn't seem right.

If so can we increase wall of fire? It has DICE. The Damage goes up by level. Perhaps it can deal more than 2d6+level now?

I do agree with you that magic missile was not thought of when writing this feat. I think if it were then...

I would allow intensify spell to work with wall of fire with respect to the damage for walking through. The difference between this damage and the damage from acid arrow is that the damage for walking through a wall of fire and MM is instantaneous in the same round. At any point with acid arrow, it deals 2d4 instantaneous damage (unaffected by level). Only duration is affected by level, and there already is a feat that extends durations that doesn't have a level cap like intensify spell.

And keep in mind: while I agree with JJ's response and interpretation of Intensify spell, he has said before that rules that are unclear are left to the particular GM to interpret, even in PFS. He said earlier in this thread that he would change the RAW of telekinesis with respect to hurling gargantuan arrows at targets so it became AOE.

EDIT: to clear up the quoting.

Kryzbyn wrote:

How many large corporations use unions?

Auto workers, yeah, but Citi-corp, or American Express? Or any other major financial corporation? Or even a large Technology Corp, like Microsoft? Google?

I know I'm quoting from a long way back, but AT&T still has a large unionized work force. I believe it is around 60-70% Communication Workers of America.

Interesting. I've always thought the pronunciation of Golarion was fairly obvious. How were other people pronouncing it?

Ambrus wrote:
Tem wrote:
Heh - I didn't realize that. I'm a player in that game and we killed her by the end of round 3. Of course, being a "Pathfinder" paladin helped matters greatly.
My character did as well, though I imagined that was rather unusual. I'm curious how you managed it; care to elaborate?

We did it with a raging, power attacking, vital striking, greataxe-wielding barbarian and a fire-optimized dragon disciple. Also, APG spell Blessing of Fervor helped as well. Our barbarian, already with a massive movement, used the extra movement from Blessing of Fervor to catch up.

Also, it doesn't hurt when the GM forgets spell resistance.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I've added the author credit to the product description. (The image is still a mockup.)

I hope they keep that same, handsome fellow on the cover though.

If half the party hadn't run in CoT

Council of Thieves:
The shadows in the Asmodean Knot would've TPKed. I also put on the nice gloves for the Bone Devil that is tied to the Runecurse. He only went after the one who was cursed, everyone else was corralled behind a wall of ice.

I'd call them both changelings and let it sow confusion. It's quite possible that people might use the same terminology for both in different parts of the world.

james maissen wrote:
Geeky Frignit wrote:

Let this thread make its way to the archives...

I never can understand the thinking of yelling 'don't yell' that invariably shows up on long threads.

What is the thought process here?


So that a year down the line some relative newcomer will find this thread, have some new interpretation of the rule, and resurrect the thread. Then we can all be nostalgic about it.

If it stays active, it won't be the same.

And TOZ, can I get a huge-sized beaststrike club, become a large earth elemental, and use monkey grip to wield the club? And can it be a greatclub instead of a regular club, and can I channel a wild shape into it to increase the damage step one more time?

I can't believe this argument is still going on!

The last 50 posts were just reiterations of the same argument over and over again.

Everyone should leave it alone, let the post die and agree that in their own games they'll run it how they see fit.

If you're a PFS player, clarify with the GM before the game starts how he rules it because as James Jacobs said, even in PFS, there is room for GM interpretation.

In my games, I'm more than happy to give you 2 extra missiles if you want to make it a second level spell with this feat. (It's not 3 extra missiles because MM level caps at 9th caster level and the plus 5 from Intensied Spell only takes you to 14th caster level, so you get a missile at 11th and 13th caster level).

If you're playing in TOZ's game, then know that this feat will be limited to dice per level spells like burning hands, fireball, and lightning bolt.

Let this thread make its way to the archives...

So if Ameiko fails to take her position, do the players have to go all the way to Westcrown to bring Amaya to Minkai?

There is one check. The check can be for the same thing: emulate a class feature. Casters with the spell on their list don't need to make a check, so a rogue can make one check to emulate having a spell list and thus be able to cast.

Surprise Spells says it adds the sneak attack damage to the spell not to each missile.

That's how I'd rule, anyway (and I'd allow intensified spell on magic missile). So in my game, you'd at most get 14d4+14d6 damage in the round for a 6th level (5th if you take the trait) spell. This averages 84 damage no save if done to a single target.

Or... perhaps the sneak attack adds to each target. If you break the spell up to multiple targets, then I could see applying sneak attack to each. Either way, I don't see this doing 14d4+98d6 to one target. That's just me, though.

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