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Geekboy84's page

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A must buy!!


These are amazing, I unfortunately was not part of the kick starter for these cards so i did miss out on the special "The Beginning" card. For those that buy this set that card is listed in the reference cards as to what the effect is. You did not get gypped a card you just didn't make in time for the kick starter. With that said this is still an awesome set to have even if you never give your players a chance to play with this deck they have awesome artwork and are fun to keep out in open to mess with the players heads. I used them in one of my games and it worked out beautifully.

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Amazing peice


i was really skeptical at first about buying this piece, as there first dragon the huge black was in my opinion inappropriately sized for a huge miniature and from everything i saw the rune giant was no different. So to say i was hesitant was understatement. I enjoy the miniatures and with a few exceptions i think they are all very well done. I received her in the mail yesterday and i can honestly say she is amazing while she is small compared to the older dnd iconic gargantuan dragons she is still bigger then there biggest huge and has a very good size progression, so i gave her five stars based on design, concept, color, size, and most importantly a round base instead of a square base haha.

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The third mini to enter my collection, was very impressed with the detail and Definately needed orcs for my new campaign, 3 down 37 to go!

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The second mini to be added to my collection, really glad I got him as I needed orcs for my new campaign that I'm starting, can't wait to collect all 40.

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Love the detail and weight of the mini. The first large booster I opened and I'm glad he's the one to start my collection, I think paizo hit the nail on the head with releasing some pre-painted miniatures can't wait to get more.

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