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The Cinderlander

Gates's page

35 posts. Alias of Hatch240.

Full Name

Percival Gates




Ranger 3




6'1", 200lbs



Special Abilities

Looking less than threatening


Chaotic Good

Strength 16
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Gates

Magical Knack (Ranger, +2 CL up to Char level). The force of magic flows strongly in the Gates line, though he avoided it for a time it will show itself as he progresses.
Observant (+1 Sense Motive & Sense motive is class skill). Paranoia and being on his own so often have sharpened his senses. While he doesn't interact well with others it doesn't mean he fails to understand what they want.

Human: Point Blank Shot
1st: Precise Shot
2nd: Rapid Shot (Archery feat)
3rd: Deadly Aim

Gates was raised in a noble family from Cheliax. The Gates family seems to create powerful magicians, some say with the help of an ancient deal with a devil. The popular adherence to devil worship always deeply unsettled him and he eventually grew to be quite rebellious, eschewing the entire study of magic. Eventually his parents sent him to the military college at Narikopolous, prized for its archers. He lasted a couple of years there but before he could graduate he packed his things and left, uninterested in serving a country which was lead by Devils. He packed his things and used what money he had to buy a horse. He headed for the least populated areas he knew, to get away from any society of devil worship. In his years of wandering Gates joined up with a higher cause, the Grand Lodge, and takes comfort in the fact he's making some positive changes in the world. Most recently his horse died in a roadside ambush and he made it to Sandpoint alone. The Lodge sent word of undead in Sandpoint, he's willing to go it alone if he has to but would rather find the right group of adventurers to get this job done.

Gates is in terrible condition. His face is worn with years of wandering, his body scarred from numerous attempts on his life during his travels. His hair, once black, shows signs of gray already. His eyes are sunken deeply into his unshaven face, surrounded by dark circles. His look is unsettling, somewhere between deep concern and lunacy.

Almost nothing he owns his clean, even though his clothing is comprised of earth tones that includes green, it's hard to distinguish anything from shades of brown. His bow is not only worn, but had numerous repaired splits in it, the quivers at his hip and back are full of mismatched, less than straight arrows with the feathers of numerous birds. On his back is a massive greatsword, possibly the only item kept in reasonably good condition.

Male Human Ranger 1
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (Human)

Init +4, +6 Underground

AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (w/ Chain Shirt)
hp 30
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +3
BAB +3

Spd 30 ft.
Earth Breaker +6 (20x3 2D6+4)
Spiked Gauntlet +6 (20x2 1d4+3)
Composite Longbow (MW) +8 (20x3 1d8+3)
w/ Deadly Aim, Rapid Shot: +5/+5 1d8+5
W/ Deadly Aim, Rapid Shot, Point Blank Shot +6/+6 1d8+6

16 Str, 18 Dex, 14 Con, 9 Int, 14 Wis, 7 Cha
Base Atk +3; CMB +6; CMD 20


Climb +5
Craft (Bows) +3
Heal +6
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3 (FE)
Knowledge (Geography) +3 (FE/FT)
Knowledge (Nature) +3 (FE)
Perception +8 (FE/FT)
Ride +6
Sense Motive +7 (FE)
Stealth +8 (FT)
Survival +8 (FE/FT)
Swim +5
Track +9

Class Abilities:
Ranger path: Archery
Favored Enemies: Human (+2)
Favored Terrain: Underground (+2)
Bond: Animal

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