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Gary Gisher's page

19 posts. Alias of Mothman.


So many gishes! Fabulous!

We're gishing? This is fabulous!

This is fabulous!

May Gish

Magoo Magish wrote:
Ya-e-es! Goodness, yes!

Oh lordy ... you’re far from fabulous. Stop bothering the beautiful people now.

Pish wrote:
PewPew McStabby wrote:
Elisile Starbrow wrote:
Hudak wrote:
I'm just glad I'm not a resource drain on the spellcasters for a change.
“What are you talking about Hudak – I wasted a fly spell and an enlarge person spell just to pull your sorry body out of the wreckage. Plus you made me totally waste that cat’s grace by killing the beast before I could go all Legolas on it.” ;-)
See, if Hudak were a stabbity blaster like me, he wouldn't have this problem.
You're my kind of guy.

We’re all fabulous!

Dear James Jacobs,

I like doing magic and stabbing people, but I am rubbish at performing and am not in any respect wise. What should I do with my life? Is there a full spell progression in my future?


Gishionic, you're fabulous!

Old Nekron wrote:

how about a "Wagcock".........


Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

Alright, stop with the ideas, we've found the name, right here people.




JEDI! Oh ... that one’s been taken already has it?

Someone asked for gishsauce?

Well, there was this one time we all rode our red dragons out into the astral plane and cut up all these silver cords with our Silver Swords. Ah, good times …

I’m not a bard. I’m a Githyanki f/mu!

I’m a g*sh, I’m better than everyone at everything.

So I’m right, you’re wrong.

My sword can detect meal.

For I am a G*sh!

Pffft. Zerth.

Everone knows that Githyanki are so much kewler than Githzerai. We invented frikken laser beams from the eyes.


Mmmm, gishcakes. I love the smell of warm gish in the morning.

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