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GarnathFrostmantle's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 298 posts (595 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge

Teamwork feats???

Grand Lodge

I will pledge this weekend once the wallet is thicker!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Like Armor? Something like this?

Part 2 for helmets and shields are here.

Beast Hunter PrC here.

Grand Lodge

If you have Liber Mechanica it has he rules for Steamjacks. I think it has the bonded rules as well to give them skills/feats.

Grand Lodge

It is a great start. As my alter ego "Amora Game" I am looking at this intently for a possible class for Project HoF. But it needs some definition on its use. What is the purpose and how will it be different from cross classing, or as a magus archetype?

Since it's a monk/magus combo according to your profile, it needs to show a little more monk if it is actually a hybrid class.

Add a touch of qigong monk maybe?

Grand Lodge

Can you explain to me why you went with the every other level talent system?

Grand Lodge

Change up the names a bit.
"Momentary" is a bit repetitive for being only a moment :).

Grand Lodge

IMO: It is a neat idea, to me it's just "meh".

I get so bored with the rogue/alchemist build (talent every other level), maybe its the spellfist lack of flavor text that I don't get the idea.

With a name like "Spellfist", I want to punch someone in the face and have a fireball go off. Maybe it's just me.

I have to argue with rainzax. I don't think it needs a feat freak out like a monk or fighter every other level. I think it needs a built in guide to perform the class.

If it's build on a magus chassis its not bad, but I will tell you I am kind of bored after reading it.

Its a decent start but needs flavor and something special.

Grand Lodge

So i ordered my book in November and it still hasn't shipped from Paizo. When might my book ship to me? Its been a few months?

Grand Lodge

If u want warforge, you want to look at Ironborn from Rite Publishing.

There is Terah Project. There is also Pure Steam.

Both were just okay to me. But good for campaign ideas.

For magitech check out the Machine Smith.

Also for magitech post apoc Thunderscape

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@bookrat what is it you are specifically looking for? Or are you looking for any thing specific?

ie: Raging Swan Press offers a lot of good GM stuff.
ie: Rite Publishing offers a lot of diverse products, and several campaign settings.

With those examples the common names you will here people say are:
Little Red Goblin Games
Abandoned Arts
Rogue Genius Games
Super Genius Games
Raging Swan Press
Frog God Games
Kobold Press
Amora Game (shameless plug)
Rite Publishing
Louis Porter Jr Games (LPJ)
Dreamscarred Press

And a host of others.

With the proper product search, we can point you to where you need to go.
Soooo with that in mind.

What is your interests?

Grand Lodge

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
My flavor is Victoriana/Old West with greater international influence and magitech instead of steampunk. That means the magic level is pretty high, and we have stuff like railroads, even though medieval weapons and early firearms (though we don't have black powder, but rather alchemist's powder) are still the standard weapons (Gunslingers can cobble together highly experimental versions of advanced firearms at higher level, but they are epic maintenance hogs and aren't safe, so only Gunslingers get to have them.). Visual supernatural abilities are definitely in use. The Victorian, Old West, California Colonial, and various ethnic visuals are legion, as are the steampunk visuals, even though magic is the catalyst of industrialization rather than steam.

Oh cool take on it! If you are interested in movies with that theme, check out the "The Good, The Bad, and The Weird"

If you are looking for the a wuxia jian carrying swordperson, I think the swashbuckler would fit. If not I'm sure the community could come up with a good archetype for it.

Grand Lodge

I have ran a game with this combination. I didn't have any issues.
The base brawler class also fits the mix as well.

What level of fantasy are you allowing? Are you allowing the qinggong monk archetype?
If so and you don't mind a little avatar flair you might want to check out Amora Game's Mystic.

Are you focusing on "China" or will samurai show up in your game? If they do it can make for an interesting campaign.

Going more "real" with the combo you suggested is good. If you are going the more fantastical you can also pull from Heros of the Jade Oath by Rite Publishing.

My definitions:
Realish: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (the fantasy level is low)
Fantastical: Last Airbender - (the use visual supernatural abilities)

PS: Also look at Little Red's Heroes of the East series.

If you get stuck or need to bounce ideas, PM me or post and I will try to share my experiences.

Grand Lodge

This Animal Planet "Documetry" I loved growing up.

Points to Youtube.

But if I remember properly, they talk about dragon bones being like bird bones, but also talk about helium sacs in their body.... if I remember.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I refuse to pay $99 for Gonzo :-)

Might need to fix that.

Grand Lodge

Are they PF Compatible registered?

Why don't you post a link to the KS page.

What new classes?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*This isn't meant as harsh as it sounds. Just echoing above.

IF publishing as a Publisher:

Ala board magic:

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I use the word Pathfinder if I don't say anything misleading or damaging? (Eg. Can I say, "My system is different from Pathfinder in the following ways:"?)

Then your game isn't Pathfinder compatible which means you probably shouldn't compare to Pathfinder. And if you need to address how the game is different, then don't compare it to pathfinder rule system at all.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Is there any rules or mechanics that, if I have, would have me liable for litigation?

You really need to learn OGL/pathfinder compatibility before you attempt to publish anything. IE Steve already gave you the link to the PF license.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Are there any terms or things that they have as IP? (eg. Dungeons and Dragons has "Dungeon Master" and "Beholder")

As stated above look at what is Open Content and Product ID in books. Also, assume anything in the world of Golarion is IP.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I suggest Paizo products that would work well with people using my product?

It says in the PF Comp licensee. It's your text book.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I include an honest personal review of Paizo products, and recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid?

There are review sections for each product on this site. Why put it in a book. *again gander at the PF Comp License. It has rules, as does registering for the PF Comp License application.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Is there anything else I'm not allowed to do that I've forgotten to ask about?

Don't know your product, can't help you. Check your text book.

Jon Chambers wrote:
I'm not planning on doing all the things I'm suggesting, but it's good to know the rules just in case I decide to later.

Text book :-) and a lawyer.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Compatibility license is very much unnecessary. Although I could argue that it's compatible with the Game Mastery Guide, it's no more compatible than GURPS is, for example. That book works with anything.

Then WHY even mention anything regards to Pathfinder.

Jon Chambers wrote:
To play things SUPER safe, the game uses d6, not d20. It's post nuclear apocalypse, not high magic.

Then WHY even mention anything regards to Pathfinder. Completely different system it seems. Are you going the arcane engine route like 13 age? They have their own OGL as well.

D6 is actually and open system if you look up the old West End Games stuff.

I 4th the lawyer with questions. and what LRG states on blogs

ACK! Everyone beat me to it. Posting anyway because I spent all this time responding.

Grand Lodge

Are these natural attacks primary or secondary attacks? You should put that in there.

Grand Lodge

Have we heard anything on this being back in print?

Grand Lodge

Adventuring Classes: Monk Reborn!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go to conventions and hang posters. Social and media.

Grand Lodge

Was wondering when this would hit the Paizo shelf!

Grand Lodge

I kind of agree with Cheep. It's magic. A spellbreaker should still be able to gain the benefits. I think a Spellbreaker would hunt evil clerics or evil warpriest gone icky, as much as they would a mage or lich.

UNLESS you do a divine hunter archetype?

Grand Lodge

Why trapfinding, and why trap sense? I don't see it in the flavor. A selectable bonus perhaps to avoid them, but I don't think it fits in having solid piece of the main class.

Artificiers had it in the fluff, but the inventor I feel doesn't need it.

Grand Lodge

Linked here to the KS, 32 hours left.

Grand Lodge

Bill Webb wrote:
Ok guys. 861 of you said do the Quests of Doom book for Pathfinder. I am out on a limb moneywise here. Help?

As is every company that does a kickstarter or tries to publish?

*Already backed it though when it started.

Grand Lodge

. This is for their new system that came out about 2 years ago. This is a new book.

Grand Lodge

I'm curious, but you want me to pay $35 CAD (Roughly $30 USD) for the PDF.
What will this PDF cost outside of the kickstarter? Is it going to be the same price?

Will it be available for sale here on Paizo?

Are you PF registered?

Grand Lodge

Some of the roles mentioned above have been filled by third party. Or is this a Paizo specific thread?

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This was a lot of fun to see developed and to play with. Radiance House out did themselves on this one.
I feel it's better than the electrotech featured in d20 IK setting.


Grand Lodge

Declassified Prepare for War: basic training manual, might be of interest.
Pay version offers traits and feats.

Also Rogue Genius Guide to Apprentice level characters.

Grand Lodge

Users posting messages to the site automatically grant Paizo
Publishing the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive right
and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate,
sublicense, copy and distribute such messages throughout the
world in any media.

You give paizo free run to publish your stuff if they so choose with out having to pay you or give you credit. If you use a google doc link it saves you headaches. And gives you control of information. However there is nothing preventing someone taking your idea and running with it before you finish either, if you make it open.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

To be a silly advocate to make it simplistic what Mark said...

D&D = Game
Paizo = Store

Game + Store = Game Store


Grand Lodge

All the gods are dead. All of them.

The world was created from plane shifts of outsider races. This is the cross section. They never existed.

Divine magic is actually pulled from the world itself. IE It is planer magic pulling from the planes.

Grand Lodge

Will there be a print option, once this is fully completed?
I feel this is one I would like to see in print.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kvantum wrote:
The eyes give the art inspiration away. Zöe Bell.

Spot on. Even has the blonde hair. Good call. Should we have a dip into swashbuckler to get "panache" for stunt work?

That's it, I'm making a Kurgess follower that's another PC's stunt double.

Hold Int, and use the reposition maneuver on my fellow PC right before they are attacked. Gonna need, bodyguard feat.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Theocratical wrote:
Lamontius wrote:

The Brawlbarian

" awkward. Well, one of us is going to have to change."

Oh man, the same pose and everything.

They both even have spears strapped to their backs.

Haters gonna hate....or get punched in the face, or chopped in half...depends on which icon response is first.

*all in jest*

Grand Lodge

Not to take away business from d20PFSRD, but if you get the PDF here from Paizo, you automatically get the most recent updated copy that has the errata incorporated, AND it's the first place anywhere publicly that gets the update.

So you get it right out the gates. And it comes in a "lite" form for easy loading and reading.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Do you need someone to donate $10 for you to buy the main book?

I have no problems gifting.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm going to leave this right here...

If you like modern alt history with your fantasy dungeon crawl on pay-per-view...I recommend this.

The old setting is full of fantastic cheez. You play a professional dungeon crawler that is part of an Xcrawl team. They even have a rule set for gaining sponsors.

I'm pretty stoked for this.

Grand Lodge

Cthulhudrew wrote:
There was no Spellstorm (caption for the image) on the archetype list, so I'm guessing that is a new spell in this book, or perhaps a new class/archetype feature?

Ummm no. It's chakram hula hoops, DUUUUUUHHH!

Grand Lodge

What is the swashbuckler's rope tied to? Is it the roof? A 2nd level balcony? A chandelier?
Do they have the ability to swing in out of no where, where one might not be able to find a rope to tie off? Like in the middle of an open field?


Grand Lodge

Was this the class in the the homebrew section?

Grand Lodge

Libertad wrote:
GarnathFrostmantle wrote:

I just purchased this book and downloaded my copy and the only thing in the zip file was a .jpeg of the cover.

Which is funny that my money was taken and an abstract cover was given. Do we know when the file might be properly uploaded?

My apologies. I had some technical problems when fixing the Abstract Thief cover's Paizo logo.

The product itself should now be available. I just updated it now. Upon downloading it again on my end, I received the full PDF. Is it the same for you?

Tell me if you're still having problems.

You can contact me via PM, or at

Fixed now, thank you. I am reviewing it now.

Grand Lodge

I just purchased this book and downloaded my copy and the only thing in the zip file was a .jpeg of the cover.

Which is funny that my money was taken and an abstract cover was given. Do we know when the file might be properly uploaded?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder trainees. Send them out into siege tower and pit team vs team.

Grand Lodge

White people (settlers).

And the dreaming dark from Eberron.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Once their products are back online in the store, Little Red Goblin Games did a pathfinder one. I think it's called Odyssey..

Grand Lodge

one thing missing: on the OGL page(s) of Pure Steam....The listing of Pure Steam is missing. :)

Grand Lodge

So I have the Cloaked Dancer PrC from 3.5 tattooed in a sleeve on one arm.

Dapsara - I think I found the sleeve of my other arm. . .

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