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GarnathFrostmantle's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 370 posts (785 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge

Alexander Augunas wrote:

Now, I know a lot of what inspires me that doesn't currently exist in the game. Things like:

—A new base class called the sentai that's a mix between Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. Where the vigilante represents an individual who takes part in polite societal while acting in the shadows, the sentai is an ordinary-but-good-hearted-citizen who gains access to mystical powers that empower her to fight evil.

So there are two Sentai like classes that I have come across.

1.Black Flame Studios - Sentai
2. Little Red Goblin Games - Gonzo 2 (can't remember the class name)

There is another one I ran into that was....not good, but its really not worth mentioning.

On Topic:
I found growing up, and even now with my current projects, that all types of anime and kung-fu movies really inspire me.

And video games: Any type of Final Fantasy or even the old game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, really set up a good world.

The original introduction for me to "fantasy" was the Dragon Lance books, and The Rose Sea which is more swashbuckler style fantasy.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Almost had it. This is actually a "Young Guns" reference, not "2". But I'll allow it because we are in the spirit world, I'll pretend I can't see it. :-P

Grand Lodge

See I wouldn't use WH Fantasy 3ed world. I would stick to the storyline in their 2nd ed. But then at that point I would just use 2nd ed WHF.

Grand Lodge

Talk to the artist you are interested in if you are looking at prices. What John pays for X doesn't mean Sally pays the same. People make friends and negotiate.

Kickstarter is a fail for a 1st time publisher with no name if your goal is over $500. Unless you have something awesome.

I'm going to keep this brief. A lot of publishers had to search for the information you are asking when we started. I'd suggest the google on how a publishing company can do physical. I will say print on demand. You can find the rest that way.

Take a second and dig through this forum. There are several several several post of people asking the same questions you have that have been answered.

Grand Lodge

Kevin Mack wrote:
terraleon wrote:
Kevin Mack wrote:

Apolagise if this seems like a thread hijacking but any word on whats to happen with the Gateway pass adventure path?

Thank you for your time.

That particular project was being worked on a handshake basis with Steve because he and I were pretty close. There was no contract for it. Ordinarily, this wouldn't have been an issue, but with Steve's passing, any non-contracted work was put on indefinite haitus. Now, I can approach Miranda about that project in the future, but for at least the next six months, while the rest of the projects are being worked, Gateway Pass will not be progressing.


Thanks for the info and your time.


We do have lot of seeds for the AP in the ground. When/If this ever comes back around, let me know. I'm willing to jump back in on it.

Grand Lodge

Try this: Paranormal Adventures. It has the vessel is kind of a hybrid if I remember.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I will preface by saying I pay attention to the Paizo Blog and Store Front blog, and I get the weekly news letter. Sometimes I feel that I am missing some really neat things from other companies to buy from the Paizo site.

Has the option been discussed to have a new release section added to the left side column of all the products that the Paizo warehouse/store stocks. Just a simple link, like the others ones, that leads to a product list page of what's new in stock?

Just a thought. I would be curious to know if it's an option to program it into the website.

Grand Lodge

What part of town?

Grand Lodge

Now Available on the Paizo.

Gateway Pass Adventure Path, Part 1 of 6: Brighton Road


Grand Lodge

Because it is not on his blog. Which I would say know one knew about it. Does he?

Grand Lodge

I have the cloaked dancer PRC from 3.5 on my arm.
Another friend of mine got his VtM clan he always played tattooed on his calf.

Grand Lodge

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
GarnathFrostmantle wrote:
I may have missed it in the threads, but who are the authors of this book?
The product descriptions never say unless the book was written by one freelancer.

Which is why I asked in the threads for an answer :-). I enjoy certain writer teams over others. Helps influence a blind pre-order or shelf browse.

Grand Lodge

Dragon78 wrote:

Inventor/Engineer- Class that uses bombs, guns, tech, and gadgets. Would have good skill point progression and could make, break, or fix things faster.

A ba-gillion 3rd party classes to choose from. if not i recommend looking at the Numeria products combined with an alchemist.

Dragon78 wrote:

Beastmaster- Martial class with a animal or magical beast companion. Maybe a monk like AC bonus based on charisma.

- besides the AC bonus, - are talking about the Hunter class?

Defender/Protector- Paladin with Stalwart defender PrC.

Grand Lodge

I may have missed it in the threads, but who are the authors of this book?

Grand Lodge

Shard. has about 30 races. If you can find a PDF, they are all easily converted. They are pretty in depth. Like vultures, canaries, eagles. Each animal has 4 or 5 different versions.

Grand Lodge

We finally get someone from Nidal! Tell me she has her own crew of silent enforcers. This is awesome.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you are looking for a dedicated animal shapeshifter I recommend this shapeshifter.

If you want an augment-able class like an eidolon, I also recommend the metamorph from this book..

Endzeitgeist Review:

The Metamorph-class with d8, 4+Int skills per level, proficiency with simple and natural attacks, but no armor, good 3/4 BAB-progression, good fort- and ref-saves and begin play with a maximum number of 3 attacks and an evolution pool of 3 that scales up to 26 at 20th level. Metamorphs also have a built-in natural armor bonus that increases over the levels and ability-increases dispersed over the levels. 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter see bonus feats. 1st level metamorphs may choose their genesis, determining the key-ability modifier for the class and modifying the class skill list. Now unlike some other takes on the evolution-based class framework, a list of phenotypes, which determine ultimately the evolutions that become available for the class - a total of 8 phenotypes are provided and a massive table helps the player determine which evolutions are eligible for the phenotype chosen. Only fey and undying may for example choose the basic magic evolution, whereas only bestial, monstrous or reconstructed metamorphs may learn the trample evolution. A metamorph has 2+class level evolution points, +1 at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter. Evolutions can be reassigned upon gaining a level. The class also sports 3 archetypes - one that wilders amid sorceror bloodlines/eldritch heritages, while metamorphic abominations may wilder in racial heritages. Finally, the Transmogrifist may wilder in the alchemist's toolbox. We also get a sample level 13 character here.

I honestly was NOT looking forward to yet another evolution-based class - after masquerade reveler, underterror and iron titan, I was simply burned out on them. However, Wojciech Gruchala's metamorph ultimately may be one of the most user-friendly and easy to balance takes on the concept - while I prefer the fluff of the masquerade reveler still, the metamorph may be the most user-friendly take on the concept - with the handy table and restrictions that prevent abuse as well as thanks to the cap of maximum attack and the lack of flexible changes of the basic evolutions chosen. All in all, a solid take on the concept I can't really complain about.

Grand Lodge

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Scott_UAT wrote:
137ben wrote:

Why default to the Paizo store? I think if you are going to include purchase links, and the publisher has their own store, the default should be the publisher's store. Also, some products are available in PDF in multiple venues but only in print in one venue, in which case it might make sense to link to the venue where it is in print.

Complicating matters is the fact that some classes appear in multiple products, so you'd have to decide which one to link to. USUALLY the most recent one is the one the designers would recommend using (since it would have revisions and expansions), but it adds the additional work of keeping the source updated.
Then again, you're the one generously volunteering your time maintaining this list, so do what you feel comfortable doing.
I'm going to do as default because I'm not asking 450 times which people would prefer first lol. Once I get started, if people have a preference, I'd be happy to change them.

Just to quip. This is also a Paizo message board, and it might be fitting to link to the space you use :). But all points are valid.

Grand Lodge

Awesome team up. But more importantly, what's the project or theme, ie reason for the team up?

Grand Lodge

Hi Ken, at your leisure of course. Its just the condition of the free copy :).
I will notify Liz and have her add it to your account her on Paizo.

3 free review copies left!!

Grand Lodge

Hey Folks,

I'm Greg, I own Amora Game, and we are trying our hand at the 13th age system.
A couple of years ago at this point we launch a Kickstarter for our Pathfinder book, Liber Influxus Communis, and one of the popular classes was the conduit written by Mike Myler.

Well at the turn of the new year, Sasha Hall (another one of our freelacers) wanted to take a crack at converting it to 13th Age compatible. I let Sasha have free reign and I think it turned out really well. It is called Conduits of the Age.

So in this light I am biased. What I would love to do is have a few other people look at it and review it. In this mind I am looking to give away 4 free copies for the purpose of honest reviews. There is a catch, you have to review it. If something doesn't work, you have to tell us why versus just saying "it sucked".

I'll be checking this post later today, and if anyone is interested, post below.


Grand Lodge

rando1000 wrote:

Then I got to thinking, what if I went a different direction? What if the galactic Federation/Empire/etc. had already existed, but was destroyed in the distant past, and humanity in the modern era somehow stumbled on it.

That's the entire plot of Warhammer Fantasy..

Grand Lodge

If you are looking for Warforge type, Ironborn of Questhaven is a successor of sorts. It is pretty solid and race flexibility. Want to play a short stocky construct, you can do that.

Grand Lodge

Tiny D10 - all you need is 1d10

Rules are a single page double sided print out.

Grand Lodge

WIP 3.3 is now updated.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Desha wrote:
Endzeitgeist wrote:
If I may: The Battle Lord is currently by far the best martial commander class out there. Its versatility surpasses the Warlord and every single Talented Cavalier build I can come up with. Good skills and full BAB maintain flexibility and allow you to be the group's face, front-line fighter and buff-battery. The draw of the class lies not in teamwork feats, but in its class options, which greatly enhance the tricks available at your behest.

That is very high praise! I think you may have sold me on the class. Are there any particular options you thought were either really good, or not up to the standards of the rest of the material? Ssalarn had mentioned medics and scouts and I know there are other specialties like the artillerist Adam mentioned, which have you played or seen played and how did they do at that job? Could an artillerist replace a Gunslinger in a group?

I'm going to say the warchief can't replace barbarian or skald, but it's a lot of fun to play.

I will also mention that I like to play marital that can cast spells. So yeah I would play a magus. But if I wanted a more marital with a chance of casting magic, I'll take the Eldritch Chevalier. A VERY limited number of spells per day, but it could be any spell he chooses to prepare. But it also takes this into account. Instead of learning a drill I can gain a spell slot. It's pretty well put together I feel.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I mix a lot of 3PP togeather and never touch a core book, except for the main rules.

But you need to be careful on two on your list, IMO.
Path of War brings martials up to current Paizo Wizard damage ratio.
Spheres of Power brings that spellcasting down to Paizo martial level.

Mixing those two I find a gap in the casting / martial arena.

"=" means compatible from my playtesting

Paizo = Path of War
Paizo = Spheres of Power

Path of War /=/ Spheres of Power

If i am wrong and I might be, it's just my opinion and testing.

And while mixing magic and psionics is suppose to be interchangeable, I just don't like to mix the two. They work fine together, but I'm not a huge fan of mixing the pot.

Grand Lodge

No problem. Never took it as argumentative!

Looking at the gunslinger this week.

Grand Lodge

@GM_Solspiral - As I mention in my review, it's just my POV. As a review who received a free copy, I fulfilled my obligation.
1. Layout. Two columns is fine. It was the paragraph, dead space, paragraph, dead space. Every publisher has their style. I don't like this one. As i mention it's just my taste.

Dodge This: does not state that you need to have Call the Firing Line as a prerequisite. ...EDIT: nor does it list Group Fire which would have been also acceptable.

My review starts with stating the core feat is Group Fire which a couple of feats build off that. I like it and wanted to point out this is where you start. I do not make mention of anything being out of order, except the grey box for the Volley Fire rules or condition. I didn't like that it is at end of the book. I felt it should have been the very first thing. Again personal opinion.

As far the location of the VF feat, some people don't use a third party site for their information. My table doesn't use laptops or hyperweb at the table. A simple hyper link or or mention in the OGL I think would have cleared up my opinion.

This book is good for GMs as we all have stated, and Orc bandits will surely use some of these feats in a future game.

Grand Lodge

Raw review posted.

Grand Lodge

I'll step in. I don't have anything from your company yet, and I am more than willing to review.

Grand Lodge

The history is fine. What is lacking is what this adventure is going to do for my PCs, without giving away the spoilers, of course.

From what I can make out (correct me if i am wrong) is that god was born, god went crazy, god caused destruction.
Current Day: You play a PC in a world were evil cult is reworking the god's plans.

I encourage you to do an update on the prologue module and what it entails.

Is this a neutral setting AP campaign or does it relay on your world setting specific?

Will you be giving NPC previews?

Grand Lodge

maybe liz could poke them with a stick (email) to see if she can get them to respond to that post.

Grand Lodge

Can anyone from Black Flame step in and tell us about this product. Is it a class or is it attachable arms for any character?

I would proudly work on better descriptions. But I am curious.

Grand Lodge

Maximum Xcrawl. Can't recommend that enough.


Grand Lodge

Syphon - its a psionic class Amora Game

Grand Lodge

If you look at 3rd party publishers, there is actually a "breaker" PrC.

I've played it a few times on top of a barbarian.

Grand Lodge

I did just find this over at MCA (multi class archetypes)

Grand Lodge

I think it all depends on what you or the GM allows in the game. I think if it progressed normally it would be fine.

Grand Lodge

OR spell progression could be that of a ranger/paladin allowing you to move spellstrike and such around to free up some spots.

Grand Lodge

Why not go with the Unchained Version of the Monk?
You might want to check out the shinobi by Purple Duck Games or even the Talented Monk by Rogue Genius. They are closer to a monk though.

So if we want more ninja/magus hybrid, let's start with a fresh build. How does this look so far

Shinobi 1.2:

1st - Cantrips, Improved Unarmed Strike, Spell Combat
2nd - Spellstrike (unarmed strike), Ki Arcana
3rd - Shinobi Talent
4th - Sneak Attack +1d6
5th - uncanny dodge, Cunning knowledge
6th - Light Steps, Shinobi Talent
7th - Sneak Attack +2d6
8th - Improved uncanny dodge
9th - Shinobi Talent
10th - Sneak Attack +3d6
11th - Cunning Breach
12th - Shinobi Talent
13th - Sneak Attack +4d6
14th -
15th - Shinobi Talent
16th - Sneak Attack +4d6
17th -
18th - Shinobi Talent
19th - Sneak Attack +5d6
20th - Shinobi Talent

Weapon Prof: either or is fine
Armor Prof: Light armor, not with shields -
Spell progression as normal

Ki Arcana: The Shinobi receives a combined ki arcana pool that progresses as an aracan pool. S/he may spend this pool to fuel arcana and Ki pool description such as that of a monk (such as getting one extra attack even without flurry or unarmed attack.) For using ki powers/ninja tricks that are fueled by ki cost 1 extra.

Shinobi Talent: allows you to pick ninja trick or magus arcana, but must meet prereq

Is this about what you are looking more in line with? Feel free to modify accordingly or disregard all of it.

Grand Lodge

I'll take the first bite.

1. With regards to the 100 monk variants out there, besides going to the Paizo material, what do you feel is the best feel for the monk/wuxia martial artist that best covers the basic principals of the original Shoalin concept?

2. What of a samurai and/or Youxia?

Bonus: what of a ninja?

Grand Lodge

If you are playing this class with hybrid classes or a gestalt game where you only use this class, it will be fine.

In standard play there is too much going on and is a bit of a cluster. You get a ki pool and an arcane pool. And spells. And spell strike.

are you trying to make Shinobi the the video game character?

1. Shinobi is just another name for ninja. What specifically do you want this class to do?
2. Cut out slow fall. cut out the fast movement, just cut out the monk.
3. What's your flavor text to help guide the route you want to go?
4. Ack! hold off on your iaijutsu focus. You aren't there yet.

We need to have a solid foundation if you are wanting to bring this class together. What story do you want to tell with it.

Right now it makes me go "NOPE!" as a player and GM.

I think what you are wanting is a magus archetype that allows access to ninja tricks in place of arcana

Grand Lodge

This might be a thread to your liking.

This product might be of interest: 3PP though

Grand Lodge

Bandw2 wrote:


Yes & no. A lot of good quality products are not on that site.

Grand Lodge

Start herrah.

Go with compilations. That's the easy way to get more bang for your buck.

What type of character do you play? Flavor wise. What type of caster do u want to make?
Anvil/arm type? Like a Runesmith?

Or like a mosaic mage?

Grand Lodge

Mana Chicken wrote:
So off topic. Is having a level 8 sorcerer with a fire breath weapon that does anywhere between 24-84 damage good? 30 ft. cone.

You are good dude, if that's your focus.

RANT ABOUT 3PP vs Paizo:

Since this topic has derailed into if 3PP publishers are balanced or not let's talk about Paizo being a 3rd party publisher.

Pathfinder is a reincarnation of 3.5. Is it balanced to 3.5 - no it is not. Is 13th Age balanced to 4th Ed D&D and Pathfinder... no

Before someone starts saying "what are you talking about? It's not comparable to or even close to using rules from them... stop...yes it does look at the OGL.

Is advanced class guide balanced to base classes in the core rule book... 60% of the people I game with say no.

Let's all take a moment to stop comparing systems and publishers against one another. Some are "balanced" to your game play style. Several are not.

End result back on topic:

It seems we have identified that Mana Chicken's co player isn't following the rules of his created character.

more ranting crazy talk:

If you only want to use "Official Paizo" products then use the official gosh darn bloody site

People should stop complaining that someone pulled it off It's a 3rd party site. if you use "official" then stick with the "official" site. Do not be surprised is someone pulls something like the " most crazy imbalanced class ever ".

If you want to expand your game (Specifically if it is a homebrew) check out other companies products. IE 3rd Party Publishers, then I strongly encourage*

*I am a 3PP, and in my home tables sometimes its official only, sometimes it's if you brought the book, then you can use it.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The world was created as a planer cross roads experiment, that is left with magic/psionic residue polluting the environment causing random mutations from the Traveler Wars (travelers are those that tried to steal it from those that created it)... While magic and psionics are present, it is rare and limited to a few who can adapt it. Present yet limited.

Iron Born (Rite Publishing) – created by the creators
Cynean (LPJ Design) - result of magical/psionic pollutions
Manadragoran (Rite Publishing) / Dalrean (LPJ Design) – result of magical/psionic pollutions
Humans - slave race of the travelers, left behind
Half-giant - slave race of the travelers, left behind
Forgeborn - Dreamscarred – travelers and creators experiment

Top Classes:
Demiurge (Amora Game)
Mosaic Mage (Super Genius/Rogue Genius), but expanded flavor and redefined spell list
Wilder (Dreamscarred)
Umbra (Amora Game)
Awalim (Purple Duck Games), but recreated and structure with house rule fixes. (it actually is more of a cultural class of a community in the world.)
Kusa (Rite Publishing)

Most martial classes non magical/psionic class. Anything with sneak attack is out unless it is swapped out and made a different house rule. Sneak attack becomes more of a feat in my world, not a class given.

Um .. imagine a Cynean Demiurge, Iron Born Kusa, Dalrean wilder, and a Human Mosaic Mage. It is a cool campaign so for.

Grand Lodge

I have a few issues with this book, some good some bad. Before I review it, I have to state this book is in violations of the Pathfinder compatibility license.

1. No title page. It goes from "cover" straight to introduction page.
2. Missing items from Exhibit A the license agreement.
3. Doesn't state what is IP based on the OGL license.
4. Same note on what is actually Open Game Content

Technically without 2-4, this book isn't PF Compatible.

5. Semi Dead level at 9 (only 10 ft increase), and 13 which is completely dead.

I will work on a review this weekend.

Grand Lodge

Thank you Malwing! I look forward to it, when you get time.

New Meditation Feat Summary:

Body Mending: Gain fast heal 1 during combat meditation
Chakra Disruption: Deal 1 STR or Dex damage, or cause opponents to be unable to use grit, ki, panache, psionic, quintessence, essence, or conduct points
Center Focus: Gain a Ki point
Circulatory Control: fend off bleed and poison damage
Contemplative Endurance: Transfer Ki to Stamina points
Contemplative Maneuver: Perform a counter maneuver on failed attacks against you
Controlled Emotions: Reroll failed Will save vs Fear
External Power: gain a ki power for the day. Spend grit or ki point to use
Gritty Thoughts: Transfer ki to grit
Heroic Thoughts: Use ki to gain temporary Hero Point
Innate Yang: Gain bonus to attack and confirm critical. Scaling feat on critical confirmations.
Innate Yin: Add wisdom to your AC – scaling.
Last Efforts: High level feat with several feat requirements that let you come back from negative hit points, to take advantage of all of your meditation feats
Living Sword Technique: Use your ranks in craft or profession to instead of your BAB.
Sound of Waves: Gain sonic and force resistance.

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