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GarnathFrostmantle's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 327 posts (670 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge

This might be a thread to your liking.

This product might be of interest: 3PP though

Grand Lodge

Bandw2 wrote:


Yes & no. A lot of good quality products are not on that site.

Grand Lodge

Start herrah.

Go with compilations. That's the easy way to get more bang for your buck.

What type of character do you play? Flavor wise. What type of caster do u want to make?
Anvil/arm type? Like a Runesmith?

Or like a mosaic mage?

Grand Lodge

Mana Chicken wrote:
So off topic. Is having a level 8 sorcerer with a fire breath weapon that does anywhere between 24-84 damage good? 30 ft. cone.

You are good dude, if that's your focus.

RANT ABOUT 3PP vs Paizo:

Since this topic has derailed into if 3PP publishers are balanced or not let's talk about Paizo being a 3rd party publisher.

Pathfinder is a reincarnation of 3.5. Is it balanced to 3.5 - no it is not. Is 13th Age balanced to 4th Ed D&D and Pathfinder... no

Before someone starts saying "what are you talking about? It's not comparable to or even close to using rules from them... stop...yes it does look at the OGL.

Is advanced class guide balanced to base classes in the core rule book... 60% of the people I game with say no.

Let's all take a moment to stop comparing systems and publishers against one another. Some are "balanced" to your game play style. Several are not.

End result back on topic:

It seems we have identified that Mana Chicken's co player isn't following the rules of his created character.

more ranting crazy talk:

If you only want to use "Official Paizo" products then use the official gosh darn bloody site

People should stop complaining that someone pulled it off It's a 3rd party site. if you use "official" then stick with the "official" site. Do not be surprised is someone pulls something like the " most crazy imbalanced class ever ".

If you want to expand your game (Specifically if it is a homebrew) check out other companies products. IE 3rd Party Publishers, then I strongly encourage*

*I am a 3PP, and in my home tables sometimes its official only, sometimes it's if you brought the book, then you can use it.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The world was created as a planer cross roads experiment, that is left with magic/psionic residue polluting the environment causing random mutations from the Traveler Wars (travelers are those that tried to steal it from those that created it)... While magic and psionics are present, it is rare and limited to a few who can adapt it. Present yet limited.

Iron Born (Rite Publishing) – created by the creators
Cynean (LPJ Design) - result of magical/psionic pollutions
Manadragoran (Rite Publishing) / Dalrean (LPJ Design) – result of magical/psionic pollutions
Humans - slave race of the travelers, left behind
Half-giant - slave race of the travelers, left behind
Forgeborn - Dreamscarred – travelers and creators experiment

Top Classes:
Demiurge (Amora Game)
Mosaic Mage (Super Genius/Rogue Genius), but expanded flavor and redefined spell list
Wilder (Dreamscarred)
Umbra (Amora Game)
Awalim (Purple Duck Games), but recreated and structure with house rule fixes. (it actually is more of a cultural class of a community in the world.)
Kusa (Rite Publishing)

Most martial classes non magical/psionic class. Anything with sneak attack is out unless it is swapped out and made a different house rule. Sneak attack becomes more of a feat in my world, not a class given.

Um .. imagine a Cynean Demiurge, Iron Born Kusa, Dalrean wilder, and a Human Mosaic Mage. It is a cool campaign so for.

Grand Lodge

I have a few issues with this book, some good some bad. Before I review it, I have to state this book is in violations of the Pathfinder compatibility license.

1. No title page. It goes from "cover" straight to introduction page.
2. Missing items from Exhibit A the license agreement.
3. Doesn't state what is IP based on the OGL license.
4. Same note on what is actually Open Game Content

Technically without 2-4, this book isn't PF Compatible.

5. Semi Dead level at 9 (only 10 ft increase), and 13 which is completely dead.

I will work on a review this weekend.

Grand Lodge

Thank you Malwing! I look forward to it, when you get time.

New Meditation Feat Summary:

Body Mending: Gain fast heal 1 during combat meditation
Chakra Disruption: Deal 1 STR or Dex damage, or cause opponents to be unable to use grit, ki, panache, psionic, quintessence, essence, or conduct points
Center Focus: Gain a Ki point
Circulatory Control: fend off bleed and poison damage
Contemplative Endurance: Transfer Ki to Stamina points
Contemplative Maneuver: Perform a counter maneuver on failed attacks against you
Controlled Emotions: Reroll failed Will save vs Fear
External Power: gain a ki power for the day. Spend grit or ki point to use
Gritty Thoughts: Transfer ki to grit
Heroic Thoughts: Use ki to gain temporary Hero Point
Innate Yang: Gain bonus to attack and confirm critical. Scaling feat on critical confirmations.
Innate Yin: Add wisdom to your AC – scaling.
Last Efforts: High level feat with several feat requirements that let you come back from negative hit points, to take advantage of all of your meditation feats
Living Sword Technique: Use your ranks in craft or profession to instead of your BAB.
Sound of Waves: Gain sonic and force resistance.

Grand Lodge

Simple reasons.

1 dies of a heart attack in his sleep, but isn't found for over a month, because he locked himself away to work on a big project; which s/he is prone to do.

2 got bored and went of vacation never to return in a continent far away.

1 made a deal with the devil to gain his/her power and the devil came to collect. He sacrificed himself instead of 1000s of deaths and souls of his nation. But he deserves it because he cheated to get power.

1 was asked by a god to help defend the world from something from beyond.

1 gets bored of living and says "screw it, i'm out".

1 one wants to live forever, and goes the lich route but doesn't tell anyone. Some random street urchin drops the secret urn that was a phylactery, mean while the lich trips down some stairs, but didn't prepare a fly spell.

1 one is poisoned, but didn't prepare remove disease, or never learned it, dying of his wounds (it could be multiple poisons.

1 is assassinated, easily done, because the mage had hubris and never locked his door, or had guards.

Grand Lodge

My biggest issue is that some of the "religions" don't have a "pantheon". Shinto gods don't count as the same as Buddhist deities, which doesn't count for the various sub Buddhist sects.

Now I see you have a list of people in Chinese and Japanese that are actual people have have been given deification. Like Guan Yu in Chinese. You also have listed Japanese Emperors that are deified.

The thing is with those cultures that have ancestor worship, they become "gods". So the list can be every growing, or you can actually cut them down or in half.

I also see some missing. Like the 7 gods of fortune.

I think you might want to reconsider your list to the most popular of the mythologies.

Grand Lodge

DC 21 Reflex save at 10th level is pretty good.

+ edifice damage (save for half) + possibility prone + absolute difficult terrain + obliterate damage + move backwards 30 feet.

2nd round repeat
3rd round repeat

For a side option, its pretty balanced I felt.

OOOh spend an emulation and combine with thundering chorus.

Grand Lodge

Gander at the inspiration of the wording from barbarian rage power ground breaker. Same rules :)

Grand Lodge

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
Not a traditional 3PP, Swords for Hire creates products to be published through other companies, including Outland Entertainment. Our projects, aimed at both players and GMs, will be usable in any campaign setting.

Creating things and publishing them through another company... am I wrong or isn't that just called "freelance"?

Beyond that, congratulations. I look forward to see what you folks can come up with.

Grand Lodge

Its in my queue to purchase when i get time. But Unchained is also on the way with a new monk, so its a tough date of timing for my pocket book.

But soon.

Grand Lodge

Welcome Henri Hakl!

Before I shell out the 6$, how many pages is this book?
Who is(are) designers/author(s)?
From your description is this more martial artist then current monk? How is it "invented"?

Grand Lodge

I think you have a fine start. Let me look over it and ponder, but I think its pretty self explanatory. What would Esoterica replace? I think that may be the biggest thing.

Maybe have a larger list of anti schools to balance?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here is a Greek Source Book. It may help in your adventures.

Grand Lodge

1. Far East AP Plug-Ins
2. Far East AP Plug-Ins
3. Far East AP Plug-Ins

Grand Lodge

Oh well have you tried the pathfinder wiki? i forget the web address.

Grand Lodge

Buri Reborn wrote:
So, like for paladins there's a lot of stuff from the CRB, UE, UM, UC, ISG, ISWG, CoP, CotR, FoP, FaP, and ISM. Even the various god articles in APs I see still have tidbits about their faiths that aren't in ISG.

Maybe I'm just a square and not hip to the interweb savvy lingo...

What the HECK are "ISG, ISWG, CoP, CotR, FoP, FaP, and ISM."?

Archives of nethys

D20pfsrd (includes 3rd party)

or just

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Grand Lodge

For those that have asked me, Paizo should have some hardcovers at this point. I have sent them an email inquiring as to when they might ship to the couple that have bought the pre-order.

Grand Lodge


Now the questions:

Who is the designer(s) of the book. What is the page count?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That was my thought... but I guess if you are going to compare an arm chainsaw to a sword... its cuts it pretty close.

*rim shot*

Grand Lodge

DMJB83 wrote:

Recently started a new ap and the othe GM and I are both players because someone else decided to try thier hand at running the show. A lot of guys showed up with dex builds and as you would suspect our damage output at low levels was pretty bad, but they kept saying wait til lvl 3. When level 3 hit they all took deadly agility and current GM allowed it. That got me reserching the feat.


I was curious how other feel about it. I am currently in the boat that having so many skils and abilites based off one stat is slightly over power.One of them is a twf and this one feat not only changes his prime damage stat but applys it to his off hand as well? Please send me some advice as I will be running things agian one day should I allow this feat.

If Paizo allows something similar (but limited to holding it with one hand) it, why not a 3rd party version.

Having a Dex built character is no different if he was a Str based character with two weapon fighting (minus the off hand damage). The trade off, I don't have to worry about Dex interfering with my armor.

VS. The Dex based character won't have full plate because it limits their dex mod to AC.

Simple trade offs. BUT just my opinion.

Grand Lodge

Was this idea pulled from anywhere or was this purely home brewed?

Only asking because I have seen a lot of similar pieces. Well put together though. Good use of polymorph.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Is it possible to get a better understanding of the mechanics for the Godai-ken. Breaking down the words, Godai (Japanese) is the equivalent of Wu Xing (Chinese) elements.

How close is it to the Tao? Is it more of an alternate class? Are we looking more at an elemental dragon ball z?

Grand Lodge

You don't need to require a jump check for leaping charge, but something that has jump and leaping in the description and title should have some sort of description as to how I am jumping. You don't have to require a jump check.

I like it so far, but the description is missing a bit. Something needs to be done different, change the name, or require at least jumping off something to get momentum for the charge

If he has the flavor of jumping over enemies and striking down from above, but I don't see the relative mechanics through out the class.

To me, as a player, just saying he jumps to make a leaping strike, doesn't do a visual.... unless we are talking about Achilles from the movie Troy. That's a leaping charge. Even at that, I have to "jump" around the opponent.

Now leaping attack is a decent visual and the wording is okay. However, I think again the words are a little loose for my taste. By threaten, does that mean only adjacent?
Can it be combined as an attack of opportunity if a feat is created?

Does leaping attack provoke?

(not trying to gang up on your class, just fundamental questions I have)

Grand Lodge

Rallaster wrote:

Considering you have to be threatening, not that high.

And for the latter, not that high either.

So how high? 10 feet or 2 feet. You need to define it. A charge is a min of 10 feet to move.

With the current rules, I'm going to hop in the air 1 foot high and stab a guy.

do you need to follow the rules of charge except that I have to jump off something? Your primary rule doesn't function and leaves vague openness to gamer table disputes.

Just call it a powerful charge.

Also I have a huge issue with the scaling d8. Why a d8?

Grand Lodge

Teamwork feats???

Grand Lodge

I will pledge this weekend once the wallet is thicker!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Like Armor? Something like this?

Part 2 for helmets and shields are here.

Beast Hunter PrC here.

Grand Lodge

If you have Liber Mechanica it has he rules for Steamjacks. I think it has the bonded rules as well to give them skills/feats.

Grand Lodge

It is a great start. As my alter ego "Amora Game" I am looking at this intently for a possible class for Project HoF. But it needs some definition on its use. What is the purpose and how will it be different from cross classing, or as a magus archetype?

Since it's a monk/magus combo according to your profile, it needs to show a little more monk if it is actually a hybrid class.

Add a touch of qigong monk maybe?

Grand Lodge

Can you explain to me why you went with the every other level talent system?

Grand Lodge

Change up the names a bit.
"Momentary" is a bit repetitive for being only a moment :).

Grand Lodge

IMO: It is a neat idea, to me it's just "meh".

I get so bored with the rogue/alchemist build (talent every other level), maybe its the spellfist lack of flavor text that I don't get the idea.

With a name like "Spellfist", I want to punch someone in the face and have a fireball go off. Maybe it's just me.

I have to argue with rainzax. I don't think it needs a feat freak out like a monk or fighter every other level. I think it needs a built in guide to perform the class.

If it's build on a magus chassis its not bad, but I will tell you I am kind of bored after reading it.

Its a decent start but needs flavor and something special.

Grand Lodge

So i ordered my book in November and it still hasn't shipped from Paizo. When might my book ship to me? Its been a few months?

Grand Lodge

If u want warforge, you want to look at Ironborn from Rite Publishing.

There is Terah Project. There is also Pure Steam.

Both were just okay to me. But good for campaign ideas.

For magitech check out the Machine Smith.

Also for magitech post apoc Thunderscape

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@bookrat what is it you are specifically looking for? Or are you looking for any thing specific?

ie: Raging Swan Press offers a lot of good GM stuff.
ie: Rite Publishing offers a lot of diverse products, and several campaign settings.

With those examples the common names you will here people say are:
Little Red Goblin Games
Abandoned Arts
Rogue Genius Games
Super Genius Games
Raging Swan Press
Frog God Games
Kobold Press
Amora Game (shameless plug)
Rite Publishing
Louis Porter Jr Games (LPJ)
Dreamscarred Press

And a host of others.

With the proper product search, we can point you to where you need to go.
Soooo with that in mind.

What is your interests?

Grand Lodge

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
My flavor is Victoriana/Old West with greater international influence and magitech instead of steampunk. That means the magic level is pretty high, and we have stuff like railroads, even though medieval weapons and early firearms (though we don't have black powder, but rather alchemist's powder) are still the standard weapons (Gunslingers can cobble together highly experimental versions of advanced firearms at higher level, but they are epic maintenance hogs and aren't safe, so only Gunslingers get to have them.). Visual supernatural abilities are definitely in use. The Victorian, Old West, California Colonial, and various ethnic visuals are legion, as are the steampunk visuals, even though magic is the catalyst of industrialization rather than steam.

Oh cool take on it! If you are interested in movies with that theme, check out the "The Good, The Bad, and The Weird"

If you are looking for the a wuxia jian carrying swordperson, I think the swashbuckler would fit. If not I'm sure the community could come up with a good archetype for it.

Grand Lodge

I have ran a game with this combination. I didn't have any issues.
The base brawler class also fits the mix as well.

What level of fantasy are you allowing? Are you allowing the qinggong monk archetype?
If so and you don't mind a little avatar flair you might want to check out Amora Game's Mystic.

Are you focusing on "China" or will samurai show up in your game? If they do it can make for an interesting campaign.

Going more "real" with the combo you suggested is good. If you are going the more fantastical you can also pull from Heros of the Jade Oath by Rite Publishing.

My definitions:
Realish: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (the fantasy level is low)
Fantastical: Last Airbender - (the use visual supernatural abilities)

PS: Also look at Little Red's Heroes of the East series.

If you get stuck or need to bounce ideas, PM me or post and I will try to share my experiences.

Grand Lodge

This Animal Planet "Documetry" I loved growing up.

Points to Youtube.

But if I remember properly, they talk about dragon bones being like bird bones, but also talk about helium sacs in their body.... if I remember.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I refuse to pay $99 for Gonzo :-)

Might need to fix that.

Grand Lodge

Are they PF Compatible registered?

Why don't you post a link to the KS page.

What new classes?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*This isn't meant as harsh as it sounds. Just echoing above.

IF publishing as a Publisher:

Ala board magic:

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I use the word Pathfinder if I don't say anything misleading or damaging? (Eg. Can I say, "My system is different from Pathfinder in the following ways:"?)

Then your game isn't Pathfinder compatible which means you probably shouldn't compare to Pathfinder. And if you need to address how the game is different, then don't compare it to pathfinder rule system at all.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Is there any rules or mechanics that, if I have, would have me liable for litigation?

You really need to learn OGL/pathfinder compatibility before you attempt to publish anything. IE Steve already gave you the link to the PF license.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Are there any terms or things that they have as IP? (eg. Dungeons and Dragons has "Dungeon Master" and "Beholder")

As stated above look at what is Open Content and Product ID in books. Also, assume anything in the world of Golarion is IP.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I suggest Paizo products that would work well with people using my product?

It says in the PF Comp licensee. It's your text book.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Can I include an honest personal review of Paizo products, and recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid?

There are review sections for each product on this site. Why put it in a book. *again gander at the PF Comp License. It has rules, as does registering for the PF Comp License application.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Is there anything else I'm not allowed to do that I've forgotten to ask about?

Don't know your product, can't help you. Check your text book.

Jon Chambers wrote:
I'm not planning on doing all the things I'm suggesting, but it's good to know the rules just in case I decide to later.

Text book :-) and a lawyer.

Jon Chambers wrote:
Compatibility license is very much unnecessary. Although I could argue that it's compatible with the Game Mastery Guide, it's no more compatible than GURPS is, for example. That book works with anything.

Then WHY even mention anything regards to Pathfinder.

Jon Chambers wrote:
To play things SUPER safe, the game uses d6, not d20. It's post nuclear apocalypse, not high magic.

Then WHY even mention anything regards to Pathfinder. Completely different system it seems. Are you going the arcane engine route like 13 age? They have their own OGL as well.

D6 is actually and open system if you look up the old West End Games stuff.

I 4th the lawyer with questions. and what LRG states on blogs

ACK! Everyone beat me to it. Posting anyway because I spent all this time responding.

Grand Lodge

Are these natural attacks primary or secondary attacks? You should put that in there.

Grand Lodge

Have we heard anything on this being back in print?

Grand Lodge

Adventuring Classes: Monk Reborn!

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go to conventions and hang posters. Social and media.

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