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Gark the Goblin's page

4,851 posts. Alias of Human.

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Having played pregens on my first society number, and having subsequently made a real character with that number, do I need to use those chronicle sheets for that character or can I save them for another one?


If your eidolon is knocked down past its negative Constitution score and returned to its home plane, in regular play it can be summoned the next day at half its maximum hit points. In Pathfinder Society play, however, I've found that I usually don't have time to summon it again before the scenario ends - and consequently can't heal it to full health. Will it be assumed at full health by the next scenario, or do I need to heal it during adventures?


I'm running a (corrupted) brownie NPC in my current game. In the brownie stat block, it says their spell-like ability dimension door is "self only." When a brownie uses it, do they retain any items they carried?


Do fey generally reproduce like animals and humanoids, if their form would allow that? Do they pop up via abiogenesis in powerful natural sites? Do they hop over in places where the First World is coterminous with the Material Plane (some of the fey in Irrisen are from the First World if I remember right)?

I found this post which also has some interesting ideas; I'm fine with houseruling it if it comes to that

Does Fey Revisited have this info, or do any other books?

Overthrow the goodthink machine!


Wow, that's a weird sequence of misspellings that doesn't actually mean anything!

Anyway, I figured I'd spread this around.

($700k in 34 hours????)


What's up with it?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

We should ban all cars. They kill too many people and pollute too much. They are an emblem of the idea that those who have money should show it. We can let the military have cars, since we trust it.

Yes, I do want to take your cars away.


Crunchy or creamy

Black or white?


The best piece of literature known to man, Dr. Brinner has it all. All forms of comedy tastefully blended with a universe or two of philosophies, the classic heroic arc repeated seventy-six times over, characters from across histories known and undiscovered, space ghosts and earth dinosaurs, pop culture references, violence, tragedy, romance, and the ethereal world of the human mind: Dr. Brinner, Ghost Psychiatrist. This thirty-thousand page epic does not look to be wrapping up any time soon (apart from the bimonthly chapter-closings). Some even say that it's still in a warmup phase.

So, if you haven't read it, check it out. If you have, come discuss!


we don't have a thread for this yet?

Did I miss it?

anyway it's pretty terrible like wow f**@

See, one can compare this to people's listening habits and determine who is up to ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

Or, you know, who is youtubing or pandoring or lastfming or whatever.

I probably spend ten bucks every couple of months.


well isn't this a s#*#ty day


We all love and enjoy food, and we like to talk about it. However, some of us have strong opinions about food, and others of us don't want to debate about food all day long. I propose a Food Subforum, where those of us who like to discuss food can talk to our heart's contents. Sure, it'll make the Off-Topic Discussions forum less popular, but at least we won't have food discussion all over the place!

signd, a concerned citizen

Since we have Music and Movies forums . . .


After a lifetime of study, I have determined that there are three Universal Condiments:

I. Peanut butter*

II. Cheese**

III. Avocado***

*None of the creamy s~~@
**Any kind will do
***No, not guacamole, that is just salsa with avocado topping

There is a fabled Fourth Condiment, but I have heard . . . only tales. It is said to be found in the mysterious nation of Italy. Its name is powerful, and I will only reveal it to those who share my righteous search.


They'll be doing reruns, but it's JUST NOT THE SAME.

I grew up on these guys.

I guess they've been hinting at it for a while.


<I hate HTML!!!!!!>



<spoiler: I don't actually hate it>


1 person marked this as a favorite.



Today tumblr* exploded with reblogs concerning Joseph Kony, his Lord's Resistance Front, and an organisation known as Invisible Children. Most of them featured a video compiled by members of Invisible Children.

When I watched the video, I tried to suppress my scepticism. A national movement is based in optimism, not pessimism. I boosted the message on all the hella platforms I'm linked the f#&$ into.

Anyway, thoughts?

here are some links I found

I'm quite surprised there aren't any threads about this yet.

*and some other things I don't care about


What is it?

and where can I get some >;] >;] >;]




Will Short-Z don't know the meaning of the word.


When does it go too far?


The first page, I think. When I was your age, to get there you had to go through the archives by clicking through the months.

The latest comic.

(Look at the first comic. Now look at the latest comic. Now look at the first comic again.)

Anyway, s~$! getting sad drove me to start this thread. What do you all think?


I say we string 'im up, cut off his head, and put some holy wafers in his mouth before soaking him with holy water and setting some holy fires.

If he comes back as a zombie . . . I swear I'll . . . and chop him up.


From my local paper so you know it's veracious as hell.

Another attack on the bottom line of an industry already deformed by overregulation and big farm expansion, or a necessary change to protect young workers?

My dad read this article, and he could name someone he knew who had died (while doing something prohibited under this law) for each of the activities listed. Most of what I know about farm life comes from his 1960s-1980s-era experience. Farm work is dangerous, but this law could drive the last small family farms out of business.

Every 3.5 days in the US a kid dies while on an agricultural work site. I didn't know we even had that many kids.


April is the cruellest month. Multiply by three and: Spring is the cruller month TIMES THREE>

In winter: "when i look around all i see is the miles of unharnessed snowmen im just too damn cool to build"

Summer is like, mosquitoes and s&@~? F#$! that.

Fall is pretty cool, you guys. All those muted colours and that biting cold and the leaves off the trees. Decay everywhere. F$!*in geese flying overhead. Yard birds start coming out. There's a few flowers left, but they're rotting. The trees are raining. THE TREES ARE RAINING>


When I heard this story I had to crack up/be disturbed by the "HE PLAYS ONLINE VIDEO GMAMES" s+!&. No sensationalism there.


AAAA stop sending me emails i hate you


(ignoring the [web]comic medium's stranglehold on meta stuff - ignoring it completely . . .)

(assuming it is okay to post threads about subforums in the subforums they are about . . .)

Why is this forum so dead? Are comics really that boring? Or is it just that no one keeps a tab or even a bookmark open, and just clicks on the Recent Threads?

(Also I just now noticed the "What's on your must-read list lately?" prompt at the top - spiffy!)


It's that time of year again . . .


1 person marked this as a favorite.

(Even though I almost missed it)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Not unAmericans, though. You can go celebrate Hallowe'en again for all I care.)


I am calling you out as my sock. You know who I am taliking about .

Trolls are lame.



This language has little standardisation (f@+*ing grammar! how does it work!). It has become the trade language of Europe and most industrialised countries encourage its practice. Every subculture has its own obscure phrases, definitions, and even grammar and words themselves.* Its current rate of evolution is insane.**

Of course, English is f#@~ing up the integrity of all other languages. If languages can be said to evolve, English is the protobacterium in the primordial petri dish that "decided" not to share its genes and only to take genes from others, thus becoming the only ancestor of all life. Or kudzu.

*Perhaps the modern era will be seen by historians as the Cambrian explosion of sublanguages? Except the explosion had a lot of diversity in root lineages but whatever.
**Okay probably not because it just seems this way to us because we speak the language but whatever.

Would you like to play a game?


You all use Wikipedia and then pretend that you had the information in your head all along. Don't try to fool me. So, does Jimmy Wales have a punchable face or what? Should I steal his "beard" to feed my unibrow? What is the best way to paraphrase Wikipedia? Did you know that Jimmy Wales is basically a talentless hack who stole the glory from real programmers? Do you actually know someone who obsessively edits Wikipedia? Was Al Gore the true founder of Wikipedia?



The selection has too many PRICES . . ..... and ..... VAULES

Does "fantasy" actually have a useful meaning any more?


Everyone go out and hug a veteran today. Like, I mean it.

Or I don't know, anyone in the military?

FIGHT against MemorialDayisation.


Circumstantial evidences says yes.


This kind of thing is really cool. If, in youre web-surfing, you find something "retro," post it here.

Joel's No Fear page. (I actually have no idea what he's talking about, but whatever.)


One definition of fish.,


Okay since I clearly defined the genre group I'm looking for, I'll just list my own:

  • 1984
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Hunger Games series
  • Ember and Spark
  • Slaughterhouse Five
  • Brave New World
  • Shade's Children

I've got a few more, but they don't fit my rigid definition.


Guys I just can't get over this. Separase.


So I'm at the public library right now. There's a huge list of Nic Cage movies on Wikipedia, but I don't know about any of them (except Con Air, which is not at this or any affiliated library). I am looking for recommendations.

Oh, and it's not that I have a disregard for the system of separate forums. IGTS JUST THAT I DONT CARE>*

*okay this basically means you can go ahead and move this thread. I'm not even sure if there is a Movies forum. I guess I should get on that. Later, when I have more time.


Damn you AND your productivity-increasing policies, Tetre!


Y'all be careful over there.


All these rules are stifling my creativity. When I read a thread, I want to be affronted and amused at the same time.

It's just like Brave New World.



Anyone else think this is pretty much the best thing in comics?


Life is a song you don't get to rehearse, and every verse can make it that much worse.

You're born. Guess what! You can't talk. You're a complete idiot. You slowly grow intelligence, strength, and beauty, which peaks around your mid-20s. Odds are you will live for a few more decades, wherein your body and mind will start to fall apart. You might get Alzheimer's. Someone you know will probably get it. People around you are dropping like flies. When you finally give in, it's a relief.

You can never know everything. You will fail at a lot of things.

Oh, and eventually the universe will either retract into a supermassive black hole, or (more likely) it will expand infinitely.

Just doin' my job to counteract the scourge of positive thought. Much of this post is paraphrased (Matt Groening, Buffy the Musical, random thoughts, in order).


One of them is leafy. One of them is furry. WHO WILL WIN?

At "request" of Callous Jack.

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