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Gareshra's page

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Hey all, I'm joining a new campaign pretty soon, and we're starting at level 1. My goal is to go pretty much straight into Arcane Trickster at level 7, with my first level in Wizard.

The thing is, I'm specializing in Illusion from level 1, and I'm wondering if it's possible to use illusions from level 1 without completely telegraphing my presence. Basically, to cast most spells requires speaking in a strong voice, which is counterproductive for a sneaky illusionist.

So, the questions:
Can I attempt to roll a stealth check on a spellcasting action?

If not, how far away would I have to be to reliably get off some illusion spells on an enemy without them being aware of my presence?

How does using an illusion spell to enhance another illusion spell work? Ghost Sounds says it can be used to enhance a Silent Image spell. Can I modify a Ghost Sound after I cast it, or does the exact sound pattern have to be specified on casting?

A lot of illusions have short ranges. Am I going to have to wait til I get silent spell and still spell to apply those shorter range spells?

Will Illusions work for a sneaky character trying to avoid detection while creating diversions at level 1, or do I need to wait and get a bunch of feats to do that?

Hypothetical example: PC's come across a few orcs milling about a farmhouse deep in the woods. Crouched in the underbrush say, 50 feet away. Could this sneaky wizard reliably cast a spell from that distance and get away with it? Could he back up to like 200 feet and use Silent Image to fake a dragon attack? What about going up to like 25 feet and creating a buzzing sound via ghost sounds, then having a silent image of a bees nest falling and bursting, releasing a swarm of angry bees?

My apologies for the massive post. It's just kind of a complex topic.

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Before I begin, I should state this is a work in progress. I'm posting what I've done so far in the hopes I can get some critique, and potentially point out any problems I am setting myself up for. I'm also using this as an opportunity to clean up some of the vestiges, buffing crappy ones and clarifying some rule issues for a more stable Pathfinder-ized version.

One more thing: This version assumes only core content from the book is allowed. No 3rd party or online vestiges. The reason for this is that some of those singlehandedly moved the Binder up by somewhere around a tier to a tier and a half, due to exploitable mechanics and generally poor design. So, core books only.

You will need to have access to the original Tome of Magic to compare some of these changes as well, until I get around to the finished version. Levels at which vestiges are gained are unchanged.

So without furthur ado:

Class Skills: 4 + Int
Hit Die: D8
BAB: 3/4
Good Saves: Fort, Will


Class Features

1.Soul Binding 1
2.Pact Aug 1, suppress sign
4.Dark Knowledge 1
5.Pact Aug 2
6.Soul Binding 2, Soul Guardian(Fear)
8.Dark Knowledge 2
9.Soul Guardian(slippery mind), Pact Aug 3
11.Soul Binding 3
13.Soul Guardian(Energy drain, negative levels), Pact Aug 4
14.Dark Knowledge 3
16. Soul Binding 4
18. Pact Aug 5
19. Soul Guardian(Mind Blank)
20. Soul Binding 5

New Ability: Dark Knowledge

Replaces and upgrades the bonus feats of the original binder. A binder may, upon binding to a vestige, take a bonus feat of any feat that they are able to learn. This feat lasts for as long as the vestige is bound to the binder, and only 1 feat may be taken for any particular vestige. Bonus feats gained this way may be used to qualify for additional bonus feats gained by Dark Knowledge. For example, a level 10 binder chooses to bind Amon, and takes Dodge as a bonus feat. He then binds Paimon, and chooses to take Mobility as a bonus feat.

Updated Vestiges:
Agares: Fear Immunity replaced by immunity to critical hits. Earth and Air Mastary Scales by +1/-1 for every 4 levels above 7.

Binders get Fear Immunity by default before they even get access to this vestige, and Agares is relatively lackluster, so hopefully these changes make him viable.

Andras: Change Smite Good/Evil to new Pathfinder Paladin Smite.

This is more of a consistency change, but I'm uncertain on it, as that increases Binder power levels by a huge margin.

Aym: Halo of Fire applies to weapon attacks. deals 1d6 bonus damage per 5 binder levels, minimum 1d6.

Aym is a very weak vestige. Adding some bonus fire damage should hopefully increase viability.

Buer: Healing Gift changed to 1d8+1/level as standard action. Increases by 1d8 per 3 binder levels above 7. 2d8+10 at level 10. 3d8+13 at level 13. 4d8+16 at level 16. 5d8+19 at level 19

Buer is very strong, but the original designers wanted to keep the in combat healing low because of the massive amount of out of combat healing. This seems like poor design, since you can get massive amounts of out of combat healing cheaply anyways.

Eligor:Chromatic Strike applies to all attacks now, passively. Element type may be changed as a free action.

Just a consistency change. An extra 1d6 of damage each round is not particularly noticeable by the time you can access Eligor.

Eurynome: DR increases by 1 per 3 binder levels above 7. 3 at 10. 4 at 13. 5 at 16. etc.
Poison Blood changed: Essentially 1d6 damage per 3 levels of binder to any enemy that bites you, and again 1 minute later. Fort negates. The poison is also applied on any natural attacks you possess, but cannot damage more than once per round. i.e. if you hit with any natural attacks, they must make a fort save or take damage, but they don't take damage more than once per round, and do not need to make multiple saves if hit by multiple attacks.

By far one of the weakest vestiges, these changes make Eurynome a good "support" vestige to one of the ones that gives natural attacks, without causing her damage to spiral out of control.

Focalor: Lightning Strike scaling changed to extra 1d6 for every 2 levels above 6. i.e. 5d6 at level 10.
Focalor's Breath duration increases to 1 round per 4 binder levels, minimum 1.

Focalor is strong at low levels, but falls off sharply at mid and high levels. An attempt to rectify this.

Leraje: Definitely needs to be reworked. Uncertain how to approach.

Ronove: Godawful, needs overhaul. Uncertain how to fix.

Tenebrous: When you unbind or do not renew your pact with Tenebrous, Undead commanded with Rebuke stay loyal for a number of extra hours equal to twice your binder level, then turn hostile.

This is to prevent binders from using Tenebrous once to acquire undead followers, then never binding Tenebrous again. If a binder wants undead minions, they need to bind him every day. Seems fair.

Updated Feats:
Rapid Pact Making: Does not require you to draw a seal. Instead the binder merely visualizes the seal of the vestige to be bound, preventing the need for the normal 10 rounds of preparation.

I realize the formatting is a bit clunky, but as I said, this is a work in progress. I will be cleaning this up and attempting reworks of Ronove and Leraje in the next few days.

So I'm starting up a new campaign in a few days, and I've decided to roll up a paladin, for 2 reasons. First, as a long time DM(I taught myself at age 14 with no prior experience and have been pretty much forced to assume DM responsibilities in 9/10 games since then), I have NEVER seen a paladin played well. This bothers me, and I feel like challenging myself with roleplaying it. Secondly, I want to play a supporting healer type character.

Now I realize paladin is not the best class for this, as that is more along the lines of the cleric's role, but I'm pretty set on this idea from a roleplaying perspective. Simply put, I'm trying to make a relatively humble paladin whose background is more in line with that of a rogue than a holy man, and who draws his strength from empathy and the knowledge that even the most despicable of creatures can redeem themselves if put into the right situation.

Anyways, enough intro, here's my questions. I'm trying to find feats and character options which emphasize a more supportive healing helpful paladin, but I am kind of struggling. The options I have seen have seemed, quite honestly, incredibly weak at first glance. Are any of the paladin variations actually worth taking, or are they too gimp to use properly? I'm interested in the Sacred Shield and Oath of Loyalty variants, but my understanding is that Paladins in their current form NEED smite, and to trade that off for anything would be extremely unwise. Any truth to that? If so, how is Oath of Charity? I really like the idea of that variant.

The other question is more RP oriented. Are there any "common" situations I should be worried about causing problems with the paladins code of honor? We don't have any evil players on our group, but the rest of the party seems like they'll be okay with rampant theft and a complete disregard of law. I figure it will play out with them doing this behind my character's back, but does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it when my character inevitably discovers their shenanigans, without splitting the group or trainwrecking the campaign?

Edit: Derp, one more question. With Oath of Charity, it allows you to "respec" your mercies every day. Does that mean I can just ignore the crappy level 3 mercies in favor of all high end mercies once I start moving them around, or am I required to at least put 1 mercy at each "tier"?

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