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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 735 posts (824 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Most of the Infinity Engine games were pretty darn faithful incarnations of the 2E rules, aside from Planescape (which was awesome for separate reasons).

Can anyone kindly do one of those lists compiling all the active character submissions?

DM, could I play an Outlander who's just trying to get the hell home?

And I don't know what link was originally posted but are you using Ryan Naylors Pathfinder conversion from Fraternty of Shadows?

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KenderKin wrote:

The people on the show are so dumb. I am now rooting for the zombies to win!

My friend told me the show was good. Now I watch an episode every few months, just so I have more to tell him about how dumb the show is.

Way to roleplay your character, you've got the quintessential annoying Kender nailed!

I was going to suggest a Slayer as well. I have a buddy who loved multiclassed Fighter/Thieves back in the 2E days and he thinks the Slayer class is the best thing since sliced bread.

Whenever we do gestalt we play it similar AD&D multiclassing, in that you take two classes at level 1 and those are locked in for the rest of that characters career, no multiclassing, no PrCs. This isn't as big of a deal in Pathfinder as it was in 3.5 but it still makes things simpler and neater.

Im running a normal campaign in Rise of the Runelords right now, but I'll be doing a gestalt campaign when I get around to running Rappan Athuk. One of my buddies is already itching to play a Soulknife/Stalker.

I actually don't mind Fox keeping ahold of the X-License, that universe is large enough that it can support multiple movies and characters interwoven into a seamless whole.

I want the F4 IP back at Marvel not so much for the F4 themselves, but for Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, and all the rest that goes along with it. Doom and Galactus will make for excellent MCU villains for future Avengers movies.

Then we have 3 studios going full steam:

Warner Bros: All of DC
Fox: X-Men Universe
Marvel: All the rest of Marvel minus the X-Men

That sounds about perfect to me.

MMCJawa wrote:
Now we just need the grim-dark Fantastic Four reboot to bomb, so Marvel can buy back that property (or at least Doctor Doom and the cosmic elements).

This is the great hope. And it is entirely possible.

Sadly, what Marvel will never get back is X-Men, Fox will keep that to themselves until kingdom come.

I'm thinking instead of a Stalker (lots of rogue types so far) maybe doing an Aasimar Warlord who's goal is to be Ringmaster.

Pan wrote:

I disagree.

I'm thinking a CG Human Stormborn Sorcerer. His struck by lightning count is currently only at 4.

Bards Gate or Endhome sound good to me. I'm thinking I would rather enjoy a Stalker who plies his trade in one of those fair cities.

So absolutely zero 3rd party material? I've been dying to play a Warlord in a Kingmaker campaign. Focus would be on Golden Lion and Scarlet Throne disciplines, and he would have ties to the Aldori and nobles of Brevoy.

Reign of Winter might be one to check out. It has the PCs working somewhat with a notoriously "evil" figure and a bit of (rather interesting) plane hopping.

If you also love Ravenloft then Carrion Crown is another to look at.

Sounds like a fun party concept. THIS might also prove useful to you in this endeavor.

Which is why Deadly Agility is the superiorly designed feat. Slashing Grace is wonky with silly wording. I agree with the house ruling it to work with any light or one-hander NewXToa.

kestral287 wrote:
Out of curiosity, what does the Slayer look like right now?

Indeed, more info would be helpful. What is his race, level, and current feats and talents?

kestral287 wrote:
Gambit wrote:
18 starting Dex, TWF, Weapon Finesse, and the Deadly Agility feat should work wonders for him. By level 3 (when he can have all 3 of those feats and when sneak attack comes online) he will be sitting pretty and contributing quite nicely.

Or, the easy way taking advantage of the fact that it's a Slayer:

18 starting Strength, TWF via Ranger style.

Could push your Dex up enough to get TWF normally and get the supporting feats from the combat style, but a Slayer has very little need of Dex to support TWF.

It is an expenditure of resources, but I like and prefer the Dex focused build, due to all the other synergies Dex has with the class and style.

I assume you mean non-Paizo instead of non-core, seeing as the Slayer isn't "core" (as in core rulebook only). Nevertheless if you guys are vehemently anti-3rd party he can still do this with Slashing Grace (from the same book the Slayer class is found in) and proficiency in sawtooth sabers. Basically something like this:

1: Weapon Finesse, EWP: Sawtooth Saber
3: Weapon Focus
4: TWF (from Ranger Combat Style talent)
5: Slashing Grace
6: ITWF (from Ranger Combat Style talent)

This achieves the exact same thing I posted above, it just takes longer and requires more feats. Level 5 is when this grows into fruition and will be solid for the rest of the campaign. (I'm assuming that he took trapfinding as his level 2 slayer talent based on what you said in the OP)

18 starting Dex, TWF, Weapon Finesse, and the Deadly Agility feat should work wonders for him. By level 3 (when he can have all 3 of those feats and when sneak attack comes online) he will be sitting pretty and contributing quite nicely.

Personally I would drop the Int to 10 and make your Con a 15, putting your first point there at level 4. You are still getting 4 skill points per level which covers all the basics.

Hmm, how sea-bound will this campaign be?

Looks like you pretty much got it all. Tome of Horrors should be in the GM category (it is a bestiary, a giant one), Akashic Mysteries should be in the class options category (it's basically the same type of book that Ultimate Psionics and Path of War are, being the Pathfinder version of the Incarnum subsystem), and you left Rappan Athuk and Slumbering Tsar of the adventures list. Other than that, looks bueno.

Whenever we don't roll and/or play published adventures everyone get a stat array of 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 to place however you want. Works like a charm.

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I'm somewhat surprised that no one else mentioned it since you said you were looking for more tech options (unless I missed it), but Age of Electrotech might be just what you are looking for. It is by the company that did the Pathfinder update to Pact Magic.

Other than that I can only echo what everyone else has said.

For player options: Ultimate Psionics, Path of War, Deep Magic are all great.
For settings my favorites are Midgard and Freeport.
For adventures you have Way of the Wicked and anything by Frog God Games, specifically Rappan Athuk and Slumbering Tsar.

Actually, I would say Curse of the Crimson Throne would be even more of a perfect match for you. Sadly it is 3.5, out of print, and not available in nice pretty updated hardback compilation form like Runelords is.

Wholeheartedly agrees with thejeff.

It is absolutely fine for people to enjoy the game who don't look at everything from a mechanical standpoint and eek out every ounce of optimization out of an RPG that they can. Rhedyn, I challenge you to go over to Dragonsfoot and view their mentality regarding making characters and playing RPGs.

It's completely ok if someone wants to take Spirit Totem instead of Beast Totem on their barbarian because there ancestor was a powerful shaman of the tribe and they have a latent connection to the spirit world, or for someone to take a bird companion instead of a wolf because part of their rangers character concept is to be the best at falconry in all the kingdom. There is nothing wrong with this playstyle.

Agreed that the middle of Serpents Skull is kinda lackluster. I really think you should give the hardback Rise of the Runelords a try, it is solid throughout, and I'm of the opinion that it is the best intro to Pathfinder. And while someone called it "classic", it is classic in fantasy tropes, not in being a "dungeon delving meat grinder" with no roleplaying.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You seek playing in a world where the PCs actions have lasting change. I get that, and Pathfinder can provide that experience, but you aren't likely to find it in the pre written adventure paths, because by their nature they have to be played by a wide audience. That's not to say there aren't some exceptions to that, Shattered Star for example is assumed to take place after Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne, but for the most parts, the APs provide blank slates to adventure in.

Personally I share your desire to play in a game like that, and we use Pathfinder to do so. I even created a thread a while back to discuss that playstyle and see how commonplace it is. But the best way to get that is going to be to write your own adventures where you can personalize and interconnect everything. I love playing in new campaigns today where I can see the lasting effects that my group/character had on the world in a campaign from 5-10 years ago. The world you choose to use doesn't really matter, could be Golarion, or Faerun, or Oerth, or your own homebrew, just make it your own. But unfortunately, the APs played straight out of the book won't provide you with what you are looking for.

As for not fighting the big bads and not being provided non combat options, that's just flat out not true. I suggest you go by your friendly local gaming store/Barnes and Noble/Books a Million, and grab a copy of the Runelords hardcover anniversary edition and read a decent bit of it, you will see there is ample opportunity for roleplay and NPC interaction, and multiple ways to handle many situations.

I think I will drop, I don't want to take a spot of someone who hasn't gotten to play it yet. Have fun guys.

Does the man hate writing?

Also, regarding that preview, for book readers...

Is the show dropping the Aegon Targaryan angle and just putting all their chips on Danys table? It sure seemed that way from the way Varys was talking.

SoulDragon298 wrote:
Gambit wrote:



Lets see what the dice gods sayeth.

So, I see you wish to take another dive into the Dark Times ;).

Possibly. ;)

I'm thinking a female Zeltron Noble burlesque dancer. Stockings and corsets and high heels, oh my. :P

4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 1, 5) = 11 10
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4, 4) = 12 11
4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 5) = 17 16
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 5) = 17 15
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 1, 5) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 4, 6) = 18 15

Lets see what the dice gods sayeth.

Not horrible.

If I hadn't already played this whole campaign in person I'd be jumping on this. I played a Corellian Human Scoundrel 1/Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 5 lightsaber specialist, which was a blast. Good luck in your campaign sir.

Griswold Golem makes me happy.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Super interested. Anything pre-4E is fine with me, from 1357 DR at the start of the 1E Old Grey Box to the end of the 3E era in 1375, I'm good with anytime in there. I do sincerely hope the atrocity known as the Spellplauge will never occur in your version of FR. ;)

My rough initial character idea is a NG Moon Elf Wizard who grew up on Evermeet but has spent his last 5 years living in Waterdeep desiring to study various forms of magic, including hopefully from Khelben Blackstaff Arunsun himself. He is friendly with Dandelus Ruell of the Old Xoblob Shop and is a frequent customer there. He even occasionally visits the Hidden Blade, tavern of Elaith "the Serpent" Craulnober, to hear of the current clack of back home in Evermeet.

Good luck with the Kickstarter, and Go Dawgs!

This sounds intriguing, I'm thinking a Warlord would be pretty much perfect for this.

Alan, all 3 of the box sets are now out of print. However they are making a 400 page hardback core rulebook which combines all 3 and will be available soon.

Here is more info

I'm sure Ms Liz will kindly let us know when it becomes available.

I don't know how cool your DM is with 3rd party stuff, but the Theurge class from Kobold Press (a highly respected 3rd party publisher) might be just what you're looking for.

Given those parameters, I'm definitely going to have to say Serpents Skull as well. One could argue it is actually the ideal use of that AP.

Another vote for Runelords anniversary hardback, especially with a new group. Can't beat the classics.

Monks not having Broken Blade feels like Paladins without Golden Lion, Rangers without Solar Wind, and Barbarians without Primal Fury.

PolydactylPolymath wrote:
Gambit wrote:

In PFS I guess the closest thing to Iron Man one could get would be a Syththecist Summoner.

Synthesist hasn't been PFS legal for years...

Ah, wouldn't know, I only play home games. I just figured because it was official Paizo material.

Just curious, is ErrantX still around on this whole thing?

Kthulhu wrote:
It makes a lot of sense. Gary too the Kickstarter funds, stuck them in his pocket, pretended to go on a "fungus field trip", and now has no g&+@@*n intention of every doing any work in the RPG field again (after this debacle, I doubt if he could find employment in the field at any rate).

If this is indeed the case, then all the backers need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against him. I bet just the threat of it would cause him to get off his butt and finish his work.

This is one of the few campaigns in which a Cavalier is actually almost always going to be at full power. Plus they are natural kings. ;)

Then a Druid with an animal companion, you would have 3 combatants, 2 animal companions, a skill monkey/sage/trapfinder, a full caster, and a 2/3 "caster". Not too shabby of a party.

Personally, if I ever play in a Kingmaker campaign, I am playing a Warlord from Path of War.

In PFS I guess the closest thing to Iron Man one could get would be a Syththecist Summoner.

For Thor, class wise I guess I could either see Bloodrager or Warpriest working. I would actually think about going Dwarf and trying to get my hands on a Dwarven Thrower as soon as possible.

I don't think Hulk would be possible using PFS rules. If someone wanted to play him in my campaign I would basically have him use two separate character sheets, in normal human form, he would have levels in Alchemist, and in Hulk form he would be a Barbarian and I would port over the 3.5 Frenzied Berserker prestige class for him.

Knick: From the standpoint of which AP needs a revision in the form of a hardback, I agree with you, Second Darkness would probably top that list. However if going from a business standpoint, and which AP would make them the most money, I think Curse is the clear winner there. It is highly regarded as one of the most loved APs, constantly making most peoples top 5 AP list (if not number 1), and would probably have the highest number of sales (definitely higher than Second Darkness IMO). Add in the fact it is mostly unavailable and out of print is another point in its favor.

From a personal standpoint, I would absolutely buy a Curse hardback, whereas I would probably pass on a SD one.

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