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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 676 posts (763 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Black Dow wrote:
Planning on pitching a Ulfen Beast Wrestler - wrasslin' a jotunn has got to rank up there in the "cool to play" stakes nei? :)

Face or heel? :P

There are few things I enjoy more than a good story of comeuppance, its why The Count of Monte Cristo is on my top 10 favorite movies list.

Azazyll wrote:
I find it unlikely that description accurately reflects this product.

I'm pretty sure its for Key of Destiny, the first module in the 3.5 Dragonlance Age of Mortals adventure trilogy.

Memo, a ranger can take ranged combat style for his archery feats, and then use a greatsword/greataxe with power attack plus any other melee feats he wants picked up from level gains, and be good at both. By level 6 it will be a moot point though, as he can select Point Blank Master as his combat style feat and always fire in melee without provoking AoOs.

Actually, the closest Occult Adventures class that mechanically resembles the Pact Magic Occultist is the Medium (and the Spiritualist somewhat), not the class that shares its namesake.

That said, I'm not sure a name change would be a horrible idea, if only so the class and system can maintain its own identity, otherwise I can see potential confusion on the horizon. But a new name would need to be as close to equally fitting and compelling as "Occultist". Though I wouldnt want it changed if it would result in a "gamey" name, like Warblade, Battlemind, Soulborn, etc (I hate those).

I second Tangents recommendation of Ranger. Go with a switch hitter Trapper Ranger.

Rangers are really good in Runelords...maybe a Dwarf Ranger...with favored enemy: giant. ;)

Any update on this project?

Edit: In defense of my previous suggestion of "Ultimate Pact Magic", I dont view the world "ultimate" as necessarily pertaining to mean "final", but rather to mean something more akin to "definitive", as in this book would be THE definitive book to have for Pact Magic, much how Ultimate Psionics is the the definitive book for psionics, and any further releases will be built upon that foundation. It sets the baseline for the entire system, and people are drawn to books that appear all encompassing, where they get the most bang for their buck. Plus, again, following Paizos naming scheme cant be called a bad marketing decision.

Anyway, mini rant over, looking forward to hearing whats in store.

If you want, you can also use the one from Path of War, the Tome of Battle system update to Pathfinder by Dreamscarred Press.

Greater Unarmed Strike

On topic, I allow the 3PP stuff that I actually have, which consists of Dreamscarred (Ultimate Psionics and Path of War), Pact Magic Unbound, and Deep Magic.

I do remember there was THIS a while back. No clue when that book comes out though.

I have experienced DMs like this before, and "boring" is probably the best word to describe the game. Personally, I need to be at least somewhat challenged to have fun.

I am both blessed and cursed though, because my first DM (who is also one of my best friends) is literally the best DM I've ever seen/played with. He has a fully fleshed out homebrew world lovingly crafted through both design and gameplay over the last dozen years, writes all his own adventures and campaigns, is an evocative storyteller/roleplayer, and maintains a strong grasp of the rules.

The only problem with all that is, I dont live anywhere near him anymore (only 2 of the 5 of our original main group still lives in the same town, him and one of the other players, the rest are spread across 3 other states). So I game at the FLGS with GMs who are good and solid, and run pretty enjoyable campaigns, but if Im being completely honest, just dont hold a candle to my buddy.

For your situation, if he is a new DM, I would kindly ask him if he would like some pointers, especially regarding the flow of the game.

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spectrevk wrote:
I can understand that Iron Gods doesn't appeal to everyone, and I'm not totally against "traditional" modules (I'm looking forward to Hell's Rebels), but much like Wrath of the Righteous, this AP seems a bit too cookie-cutter to appeal to me or my players.

If Wrath didnt have the Mythic rules intertwined into it, and I could run a normal campaign using it as is, then it would be up there with Runelords, Curse, and Kingmaker on my list of all time favorites.

Cant wait for Giantslayer, and this is actually gonna be one of our players first AP he is going to buy and run, specifically because he loved the theme so much.

My 3rd party collection:

Ultimate Psionics
Path of War
Tome of Horrors Complete
Rappan Athuk
Way of the Wicked

Been thinking about Deep Magic, the Midgard campaign setting, and possibly the new updated Freeport book.

Ya know, every time I've seen anything about this supplement over the years, it always immediately makes me think of EverQuest.

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If you allow Dreamscarred Press material then they have already solved this issue wholesale.

Deadly Agility

If 3rd party is allowed then a Warlord would be perfect.

Oooo, now this sounds fun. I am thinking an Elven Wizard, apprentice to The Mighty Merlin himself. you allow Dreamscarred Press material? A Warlord could be a blast in this campaign.

Not crazy about the name Advocate for the class (feels like I am playing a Lawyer in D&D), have you thought about maybe calling it the Orator or something of that nature?

Also, why doesn't the class have a capstone ability?

Sarasota and Dark Side will miss you Scott. We didn't know each other well, but I always knew you as "the Pathfinder Society guy", and I spoke with you on your last night in the store where you told me about your interview and telling Paizo to just find a good Necromancer after you worked yourself into the grave. Good luck in Seattle, sir.

I don't necessarily mind new classes, but the ACG threw out a lot at once. And while I'm sure I will eventually partake in a class or two from it, some of them were pretty superfluous.

TWF is super feat intensive, if you want to save those feats I would recommend grabbing a greatsword and going two-hander, take Power Attack and Improved Initiative at level 1, which is much easier than trying to squeeze Imp Init into a feat heavy fighting style. And don't forget to take a +2 Init trait.

If you want, I'm cool with a synopsis too to help speed things up.

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Hey, I love X-Wing and TIE Fighter as much as the next nerd, but GOOD GOD MAN, you forgot to list THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND as one of the available games. For shame!

Mark, I really want to like this class, but as it stands right now, I don't see a reason why I would choose to play this instead of an Occultist from Pact Magic Unbound. Not saying it cant be fixed, but that is my feeling at the moment. I look forward to further revisions.

The Psychic feels kinda generic and ultimately unneeded with Dreamscarred out there (not to mention the Wizard and Sorcerer).

The Medium encroaches too heavily on the wonderful work of Pact Magic done by Radiance House, definitely some toe stepping there.

The Occultist seems pretty neat and flavorful, but I would prefer it had a different name so as to not clash with the product mentioned above.

I agree that the Spiritualist could easily be a Summoner alternate class, but it works fine as is.

I really like both the Mesmerist and the Kineticist, the Burn feature definitely needs some tweaking though.

A shame that its for Society play and not a home game, or you could have just played an actual Tactician.

Sindakka wrote:
The first feat is a bit overpowered considering it requires nothing (not even BAB) and offers an offensive and defensive benefit...

Using 2 handed fighting as the baseline, show me (with math) how this feat is overpowered.

Though I have been pondering adding 13 Dex and BAB +1 to the first feat, and BAB +3 to the second.

1d10 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Yuck, I dont know if you allow rerolls, but here goes.

1d10 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Str > Con > Dex > Wis > Int/Cha

Take power attack.

Use a greatsword.



Sounds fair. Very exploitable with a Bladed Boot, natural attacks or unarmed strikes though.

I changed the wording to prevent natural attacks or unarmed strikes from being used with it.

That new book that just came have a class for this.

I'm looking to make this a viable style for anyone, not just members of the Swashbuckler class.

Lets face it, two handed fighting rules the roost in Pathfinder. I was always a fan of the different weapon style proficiencies back in 2E, so here is my attempt to make single weapon style viable in PF.

Single Weapon Style
Benefit: When attacking with a single weapon in your main hand and not using a shield or a second weapon in your off hand, you add a +2 dodge bonus to your AC, as well as increasing the damage die of your weapon by one step. Utilizing any other weapon (including natural attacks or unarmed strikes) other than the single weapon in your main hand will cause you to lose the benefit of this feat.

Improved Single Weapon Style
Requirements: Power Attack, Single Weapon Style
Benefit: While utilizing the Single Weapon Style feat, you count as wielding a 2 handed weapon for the purposes of bonus damage from your strength score and calculating the bonus damage from using the Power Attack feat.

So a 1st level human fighter with an 18 Str using a longsword that had all 3 of these feats would do 1d10+6 damage, or 1d10+9 when using power attack. This is vs a 1st level fighter using a greatsword with just power attack who is doing 2d6+9, our single weapon fighter has a +2 AC over the greatsword fighter, but is still doing less damage per swing and spent 2 feats to do so.


Spooky, any word on the Warlord yet, good sir?

Lord Inventor Reldic Emerson wrote:
save some half brained half crazed bard based off kefka.

Cue evil laugh

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Gambit wrote:

So playing in your game is kinda like going through an instanced dungeon in an MMO then,
Goodness, no. It's like playing in several separate and unrelated stories. Greg's Reign of Winter campaign doesn't need to have anything to do with Susan's Skull and Shackles campaign, any more than Dracula needs to have anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, except in (typically very bad) fan fiction.

Aye, its the same in our games, if a campaign takes place on the eastern half of the continent, nothing that happened over on the western side will likely come into play at all. Everything runs off of internal consistency.

Here is a better example for you, lets say you run a Kingmaker campaign and your PCs successfully complete the adventure and set up their own kingdom. You then later run a campaign that takes the new group of characters to the River Kingdoms for some reason (maybe its even a new AP that goes there for a portion of the campaign), will the kingdom from the Kingmaker campaign you ran exist, are they former characters there as NPC's conducting the daily business of their normal lives, etc?

Christopher Dudley wrote:

Me, too. I ran Legacy of Fire for two completely different groups. The second group got really frustrated finding all the dungeons already cleaned out and the monsters dead.

I jest. I mean that might be the case if he were running the same adventures for the same groups, but some of us like to try new things. I had some continuity from one of my homebrew campaigns to the next (referenced here), but after that second one ran its course, I kind of felt the need to try something new, so I made up a whole new campaign world, and about half the players in it were new to my game. If I run another game in it with any of the same characters, I'll have had the events of the previous campaign as part of history, but I'm just as likely to scrap that world and make a new one.

I think that that kind of continuity is pretty natural to a long-running GM in a homebrew. I wonder how many people running in Golarion or other published game worlds have similar continuity from campaign to campaign.

Oh I didn't mean dungeons that are cleaned out should stay empty forever, some new group of bad guys will eventually come along and set up shop. After all, good lairs are hard to find!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No to full casters, yes to Inquisitor and Magus (though the Magus one should be carefully handled).

Skylancer4 wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
I remember ErrantX mentioning something about the Stalker's saves not being listed correctly. Is there a list anywhere of the stuff like that?
How long ago? Many times things like that (items which don't require adjustment of page text, etc) can be changed in the master documents and then pushed out to each of the distributors so the next time someone downloads it, it is correct.

Apparently the Stalker and the Warlord are both supposed to have good reflex saves in the final document, but it got lost somewhere in the fold. Basically like this:

Stalker: Ref and Will
Warder: Fort and Will
Warlord: Fort and Ref

I mean seriously, how do you have a class called the Stalker that doesn't have a good reflex save. :P

Orfamay Quest wrote:

No, I don't. Our group has sufficient turnover that there's little point in my nostalgically creating a shrine to Greg's character when Greg hasn't played with us in two years.

I also consider it bad form, personally, because powerful NPCs will tend to overshadow PCs unless handled very adroitly. Either the BBEG is doing something of sufficiently little consequence that it's not really worth getting excited over, or else it's something sufficiently important that Atanamiriel, the epic-level elven bard (Greg's old bard) will hear of it and try to take action, and we're back at the why-didn't-Elrond-teleport-the-Ring-to-Mordor again.

So playing in your game is kinda like going through an instanced dungeon in an MMO then, the party goes in and clears the place out, yet its nice and reset for the next group of fellows to happen along. Thats a bummer. Personally I'd rather play in a living world, not a set piece.

Is Dreamscarred Press material allowed? If so I would like to make a LE Warlord who is also a member of the Black Thorn Knights martial tradition.

His personality would be loosely based on the Mayor from season 3 of Buffy, highly charismatic, slightly quirky, extremely likeable, utterly evil.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Our main DM has a homebrew world that he has meticulously crafted over the past 10+ years. It comes complete with fully fleshed out cities, nations, races, ethnicities, cosmology, gods, lore, and ancient history. He even used a map program to create a pretty detailed map of the main continent.

One of the other features of this setting is a (continually growing) number of NPC's which were former PC's that are in retirement following the completion of a campaign. PC's actions have lasting effects and those characters become permanent fixtures within the setting after retirement. Events can be referenced in a new campaign that took place in a campaign over a decade ago, and the reverberations of those events can lead to new potentials for adventure. Basically PC's are literally the driving force behind any change in the world.

So I am curious, is this relatively common? Do you/your DM, whether using a published campaign setting or a homebrew of personal design, have the actions of the PC's carry over from one campaign to the next as part of the greater world? Or are your groups adventures usually more self contained?

If your DM is cool with Dreamscarred Press stuff, either a Warlord or Stalker would be an excellent way to go. If you want a charismatic warrior type, Warlord is your guy, or if you would rather him be more skill based and stealthy, then its all about the Stalker.

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Gambit wrote:
See, Shalafi, I always took that to mean that the Tower could be anywhere it wants in Wayreth Forest (i.e. the southern section of the greater Qualinesti Forest), not anywhere it wants to be on the entire face of Ansalon. ;)
They could be next to it but if it does not want to be found it won't manifest. Close but sooo far away. Take that! :)

Obviously Shalafi, we all know that, but it's not gonna happen to a mage who has been invited to come take his test. ;)

Redrobe, I would just do it between the first and second books. PC's should be level 3/4ish.

RedRobe wrote:
Gambit wrote:

Are you using Zhea Harbor as Magnimar?

Honestly, relatively speaking, Wayreth isnt very far from the adventure locale, a not too long trip across the Straights of Algoni, going to port at Halter Wood, and then a short trek from there. Shouldnt be too hard to fit in.

Where is that on the map?

Zhea Harbor, or Halter Wood/Wayreth?

Zhea Harbor is an Ergothian city in eastern Southern Ergoth, it sits on the northeast side of Morgash Bay, opposite of Daltigoth.

Halter Wood (Alsip would work too) lies in the region of Kharolis, which is south of Qualinesti, west of the Plains of Dust, and across the water to the southeast from Southern Ergoth. Techincally the southern quarter of the Qualinesti Forest is the Forest of Wayreth, and the Tower moves around in there wherever it desires.

You should be able to find all of this on the map I linked earlier in the thread.

See, Shalafi, I always took that to mean that the Tower could be anywhere it wants in Wayreth Forest (i.e. the southern section of the greater Qualinesti Forest), not anywhere it wants to be on the entire face of Ansalon. ;)

Are you using Zhea Harbor as Magnimar?

Honestly, relatively speaking, Wayreth isnt very far from the adventure locale, a not too long trip across the Straights of Algoni, going to port at Halter Wood, and then a short trek from there. Shouldnt be too hard to fit in.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Pretty much out of no where, BG:EE 1 and 2 both just released on GOG today, and its 50% off for the next 3 days. If you haven't picked these gems up from Beamdog or Steam before this, now is an excellent time to grab them.


Ah, I didn't know about any of that.

So it appears that all 6 parts of this AP are on "backorder" (AKA: out of print).

Mr McBride, is there a chance that anytime soon we will get either A: new printings of the entire AP, or B: a hardcover compilation book (possibly funded through KS)?

I'd take the former, but I'm hoping on the latter.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Our DM once ran his 2 groups together for one giant campaign, we dubbed it the Megaparty. The party had an artifact that each session would suck up a "random" amount of people into it and put them in suspended animation, some weeks it would even be 0. Basically if someone missed a session for whatever reason, their character would go into the artifact, and if a character stayed inside the artifact for 3 straight sessions (basically if they missed 3 straight weeks) then they were consumed by it.

We had 10 people in that. The rule was no summoners, animal companions, or familiars, and summoning magic was to be used for storyline purposes only, no canon fodder.

I dont know if you ever have an attendance problem with your large party (that many schedules can be hard to coordinate), but there's an idea just in case.

Zhayne wrote:

Not a fan of the Concentration skill; it's just a skill tax for casters.

I don't see how crafting anything is STR based; it doesn't matter how hard you pound the metal if you don't know how to do it right.

Actually the more I have been thinking about it today, I too dont want to add Concentration back in, the PF way of doing it is fine. I do like Endurance though, and it turns many mundane things that would be Fort saves into skill checks.

Regarding Str based crafting, the act of putting skill points into Smithing (for example) is in fact "knowing how to do it right", the training comes from the skill points, the stat just aids in the process. I mean how many smiths do you see that arent rocking guns for arms?

Bacon666 wrote:

I like it... I won't use it, but I like it...

However, as with almost all other skill systems in D20 I've seen, I miss stamina / con based skills ... It could be some athletics, Long distance swimming, running etc...

Ya know what, you're right, Con does deserve a little attention. I'm going to add an Endurance skill, pulled straight out of Star Wars Saga. And I think I might add Concentration back in as a skill also (though this will probably require a little bit of playtesting), also adding more general uses to it than being just for spellcasting purposes.

Been pondering on implementing a skill revision, thought I would post it to see what you guys have to say.

Athletics (Climb, Jump, Swim, and all other strength based tests of athleticism, including many sports)
Smithing (Weapons and Armor)

Acrobatics (includes Escape Artist)
Disable Device
Sleight of Hand


Arcana (Spellcraft, Arcane Lore, Magical Beings, Planes)
Engineering (clever players can get a lot of use out of this, and my players can be pretty clever)
Heraldry (Nobility, Courtly Etiquette, Military Knowledge)
History (Local and Ancient, must spend one month in a new area or in study of a new source of ancient history to gain bonuses)
Nature (Geography, Animal and Plant Lore, Wilderness and Subterranean Knowledge)
Religion (Spellcraft, Divine Lore, Planes, Undead)

Animal Handling (includes Ride)
Healing (Herbalism and Treatment)
Insight (Sense Motive and Intuition)
Mercantile (Appraise, Business Practices and Etiquette)

Deception (Bluff and Disguise)

As you can see, I combined a few skills and expanded on the uses of others. All Craft and Profession skills will be handled on a case by case basis and assigned to the skill that makes the most sense, Art/Painting/Calligraphy will be a Dex based craft for example, and as you probably noticed Smithing gets its own entry under Str. There is no Use Magic Device skill, instead Rogues, Bards, and Alchemists get it as a class ability. 4+Int becomes the minimum skill points per level, all classes that get 2 are bumped up to 4.

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