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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 889 posts (980 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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captain yesterday wrote:
Skyseeker also looks like fun. :-)

They reach their true potential in the Giantslayer Adventure Path.

Gerald wrote:
But I think my favorite is the Veiled Illusionist. If you like illusionist characters, this is a must take IMHO.

When I look at these guys I cant help but see the Pathfinder version of an Enchanter from Everquest (which I am totally cool with).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The problem with lack of Britain analogue is, well, Cheliax was Britain, but due to what happened 100 years ago it lost that aspect of itself to become devil-land.

MMCJawa wrote:
IonutRO wrote:
Jack of Dust wrote:
I'm liking the classes so far. Now to figure out which one I could use to make a Biologist/Physician. The concept I have is very support oriented and hopefully it's doable! :)
Same. I imagine it's an escort archetype.
I assume you mean envoy? "Escort" would probably be a very different class :)

Well, Inara does need class after all. ;)

And I seriously now want a companion (Mal - "whore") archetype for the envoy class.

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Absalom: City of Ultimate Adventure hardcover would be a high priority purchase for me, I have always loved fantasy metropolis hub cities, and sourcebooks detailing them.

Alayne Taltheneril wrote:
I wouldn't mind seeing something with Ravenloft-esque themes of horror and madness. (Strange Aeons is a great dip into horror and madness, but it's not quite the same lol)

Carrion Crown is already the semi-Ravenloft homage.

This AP is what I would personally deem "fun, not amazing".

Its no Runelords, or Crimson Throne, or Kingmaker, but more of a solid straightforward middle ground AP that works for what it is.

I have hopes for Ironfang Invasion to be a high quality classic style campaign.

Something tells me Ssalarn has been watching a ton of Lucha Underground lately.

ChaosTicket wrote:
Gambit wrote:
ChaosTicket, you might have better luck posing your query over on the Giant in the Playground forums, they tend to share your mentality of how you view the game, usually being very mechanics/optimization first (everything else second).


I dont think there is a Pathfinder section for Order of the Stick.

The 3E/d20 Forum also covers Pathfinder. As you can see on the first page there are several threads that have the Pathfinder tag.

ChaosTicket, you might have better luck posing your query over on the Giant in the Playground forums, they tend to share your mentality of how you view the game, usually being very mechanics/optimization first (everything else second).

Gravity Bow and Instant Enemy alone make Ranger spellcasting awesome, and there are many other greats on there. And take Boon Companion as your level 5 feat and you are equivalent to a Druid on Animal Companion level (and if power is what matters to you, take the Wolf or Small Cat).

As for the Slayer, they are one of my buddies favorite classes, he played a TWF Slayer to deadly efficiency. But anyway, Slayers get access to a great archery archytype, the Sniper, check it out (new version, post errata), its good. But an archery focus on a full BAB class in Pathfinder is stupid good in its own right.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I like the name Templar for a neutral Paladin, but I would probably keep it LN only personally.

Picked him up at my FLGS for Free RPG Day, haven't tried him out yet but he looks very fun.

Btw, on his card he's listed as a Runelords character, but you guys listed him on the website under the Skull and Shackles ACG section. Not a huge deal, but thought you would like to know anyway. ;)

I hate the way 3.X and PF does feats, where there end up being a metric ton of them and 80% of them never see use. One of the few things I really like about 5E is their implementation of feats (not as an either/or with stat increases though, I would keep those independent of each other), where characters get fewer of them, but each one has multiple benefits and is much more versatile. If I could wave my hand and make it where PF used the 5E feat system, I would in a heartbeat.

I'm not advocating for the complete remove of multiple attacks, but diminishing iterative attacks have always been one of my least liked features of the d20 system, going all the way back to the release of 3E in 2000.

I propose using Starfinder as a chance to remove them from the system, instead making multiple attacks where they all operate at your full attack bonus, but there are less of them overall, which also thusly makes them more valuable. Lets say high BAB classes eventually get a total of 3 attacks, with additional ones coming in around levels 7 and 15, and medium BAB get 2, the 2nd of which they get around level 11. Low BAB classes only ever get the 1 attack. Also, TWF only ever gives 1 additional attack.

This seems like it would be a cleaner system, and makes it where each extra attack is a huge boon and truly matters.

I havent used it myself, but from everything I've seen it does indeed solve said issue, or at least goes a long way towards doing so.

Honestly, if they ever make a 2nd edition, I hope they dont just full on "nerf magic", but rather take the approach to make it more nuanced, maybe going AD&D style where magic is somewhat easier to disrupt in combat and some spells have drawbacks or are slightly dangerous to use.

Disclaimer: I have never personally experienced "martial/caster disparity", not saying it doesnt exist for those who have experienced such things, but we've never had a problem with it at our table (although our main DM is extremely good at spotlighting).

Are you playing a home game or PFS, I see no reason why a reasonable home DM wouldnt allow slight tweaking to make this combination work.

I never got a chance to play Red Hand of Doom, I've always heard it was great. I am quite intrigued by this.

Gorbacz, I'm trying to envision what playing a campaign of The One Ring with you would be like.

A Slayer with the Sniper archetype is one of the best ranged/archer characters you can play. That first shot is going to be a doozy and then follow it up with general Pathfinder archery badassery, and make sure you pick up the Ranger Combat Style as slayer talents for extra archery feats. Seems like exactly what you are looking for. Hope this helps.

GM Rednal, are you good with DSP psionics, or should I look at other options for Drake?

Mr Augunas, can I just say that I am a big fan of class names that are actual real words (or at least real-seeming), rather than conjured up amalgamation words.

3.5 was really bad for it (and 4E too, looking at you Shardmind Battlemind), yet Pathfinder has remained (mostly) out of that territory. Paizo is occasionally guilty of it, the foremost notable example being the Bloodrager, but those are really few and far between. This also extends to 3PP, I cant tell you how happy I was when DSP released their Tome of Battle update and we had Stalker, Warder, and Warlord instead of things like Warblade and Swordsage.

If a change is to be made, I think I like the Ritualist name you floated earlier, though I would be interested in seeing the full list of current ideas.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Rappan Athuk is what you are looking for.

Dont go down the well!

Lucas Yew wrote:
Now come to think of it, with all fulltime casters (as far as I know) sport a nice full Will save, another classic trope of magic-users going nuts for knowing too much eldritch lore is debunked. What a shame...

This is a Lovecraft and Howard thing, not something thats prevalent in fantasy (especially high fantasy) in general.

The Warder is your friend.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

The real question is, what are the themes and imagery being used by the GM? Dragonlance is a rich campaign world, and a GM using it might be up to anything.

1 or 2 things struck me about Dragonlance, depending on how you count. The Dragonlance stories tend to be all very sad, but the campaign itself is totally Loony.

It's a campaign world with childlike Kender who steal everything not nailed down, and are completely fearless. It's a campaign with gnome tinkers building all kinds of crazy inventions. It has Gully Dwarves, total morons who just find themselves persevering. If I wrote a Dragonlance adventure, I would have a young Minotaur naval officer taking command of a prize ship crewed by Gnomes with a contingent of Gully Dwarf Marines and a Kender Marine Captain, all ready to follow their new captain to Hell and Glory, scientific discovery, a good place to hide, and big bowls of stew.

On the other hand, it's also a story about those same Kender stricken by the sight of Dragons destroying their homes, it's about a woman leaving her lover to become rich and powerful, and brothers betraying each other. It's about noble warriors disgraced for nonsense political reasons, and redeeming themselves in pointless deaths. It's about treacherous wizards killing their comrades only to get themselves killed as well because when you are a scorpion, all you know how to do is sting.

Designing a boss monster, the real thing you need to do is look at the story. The BBEG may well then design himself.

This was a beautiful post. And completely accurate.

Just curious, are you guys changing the class name to prevent confusion with the official Paizo Occultist class? I think it might be prudent, especially considering it shares a name with one psychic class, yet shares a theme with another one (the Medium), just for clarity purposes.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
@ Gambit: To be fair, the BBEG would have Dragon blood, so I suppose that anything Draconian-themed would be appropriate. As for what and when we'll be partaking in Dragonlance, I'll have no idea. I have zero experience or knowledge of the Dragonlance world, so some basics would be appreciated.

I can definitely give you a run down, but seeing as I dont know what your DM has planned, I dont want to spoil anything. If you are a reader, your best course of action is to pick up the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning), some great classic fantasy novels that will give you a solid knowledge base covering all you need to know to get a feel for the world of Dragonlance and what its about. If you enjoy those, you can also follow them up with the Legends trilogy (Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, Test of the Twins), which some say are even better than their predecessors.

Definitely needs to be a minotaur or draconian for that special Krynnish feel. Let me know if you want help with the fluff too, Dragonlance is one of my favorite settings. Which time period does the campaign take place in?

Larates wrote:

Running RotRL in the Forgotten Realms just north of Ravensbluff.

Party consists of:
Human Paladin of Hoar
Gnome Sorcerer (Air)
Human Cleric of Denier
Halfling Monk
Elven Rogue
Elven Druid

Used 28 points to generate characters, only using core rules for character creation. Medium XP path.

Starting our 3rd game session: Just starting Goblin fights AP1.

24 year game master, 1 player has played Pathfinder before and 2 others have played 3.5 D&D. The remaining 3 have not played either. Should be tons of fun.

Longtime FR fan (especially pre-Spellplague days), hope it turns out a great campaign for you guys!

Side note: I completely understand going core only, but have you considered letting the rogue and monk play the unchained version of the classes (keeping everything else core only)? They are vastly better made/balanced than the core rulebook versions.

I am fond of the Warder class, which removes "ignore me" from being a sound tactical option for enemies.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
eakratz wrote:
A fantasy western involving a train heist.

But is it a phantom powered train?

Unrelated followup question, is monk or brawler the better suited class for suplexing trains?

Crimson Throne is fantastic, although it is the most similar to Hell Rebels as far as other APs go (which might be a good thing or a bad thing).

So I'm gonna suggest Runelords, its a classic for a reason.

My buddy ran a Kingmaker campaign in his living homebrew world, although it was Kingmaker in the general concept of PC's building a kingdom only, the actual campaign was an original he wrote himself, it went to 20th level and culminated with the PCs defeating an archduke of hell who was trying to break into the material plane.

The kingdoms name is Hydorin.

DragoDorn wrote:
*Still waiting to hear about a non-card game Pathfinder/Obsidian RPG*

I want this very badly.

I just hope they go full on Pathfinder with it, like what BG was to 2E and NWN was to 3.X, and dont simply reskin the Pillars of Eternity mechanics/gameplay onto a game set in Golarion (I enjoyed PoE overall, but wasn't a fan of its various 4Eisms).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Now that we have Crimson Throne coming, I am fully on the Second Darkness train to be next on this wonderful list.

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Dustin Ashe wrote:
I'd be surprised if they introduce another campaign setting (Ravenloft can kinda be folded into the Forgotten Realms). That may split the fan base.

This is only really an issue if you are pumping out multiple product lines simultaneously, causing internal competition as a byproduct, which was their business model in 2E, but the polar opposite of their business model for 5E. Releasing 2-3 books a year means they can explore the other settings in a manner where they are focused solely on each one at the time of their release, usually in the form of an adventure, and since each one will be the only 5E product being released at a given time, it therefore maximizes potential profitability.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Mummy's Mask set in the twenties would be a hoot.

This would be cool, especially if the PC's were modeled after pulp era heroes like The Phantom, The Shadow, Green Hornet, Kato, etc.

We have had classical adventures, dungeon crawls, fairy tales, pirates, kingmaking, gothic horror, cosmic horror, sci-fi, and more. Given the new Vigilante class, and a few other newer ones that fit the theme, it stands to reason that a superhero themed Adventure Path isn't completely outside the realm of possibility. Which bears the question, where? What do you all feel would be the ideal region or nation for a superhero AP to take place in?

As a side question, what do you think the ideal party for said AP would be? Personally I think a Vigilante (Batman, Daredevil, etc), Brawler (Captain America, Wolverine, She-hulk, too many to name), Kineticist (Human Torch, Iceman, etc), and Psychic (Professor X, Jean Grey, etc) would probably be the four most thematically fitting as far as iconic superhero literary archetypes go, though a case could be made for several other classes also.

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Congrats guys. Looking forward to the Ultimate Path of War kickstarter. ;)

James Jacobs wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
The book would be more of a GM book, that is for sure, and I'd be sure to get it ASAP. Given the niche books you guys are putting out sometimes (Arcane Anthology comes to mind), I wonder why writing a book like this would seem so daunting to management. The Gamemastery Guide was also mostly an advice book, after all.
Arcane Anthology is in the "niche" of a "book that provides players with more options." As far as our sales can tell, that niche appeals to a HUGE number of players, whereas a book about GM advice would appeal to a fraction of probably 1/5 of the total base (GMs who aren't too proud to learn more about GMing).

Okay, understandable. However, I still say you can pitch this to management as "a book to help new and experienced GM's". Especially since without GM's, there is no game. The Gamemastery Guide got made, too, after all.

Sometimes a book is simply needed, even if it ain't as economically feasible than a "big book of feats and spells".

Been doing that on and off for many, many years. What would REALLY help would be if the customer base were vocal about wanting a book.

Like, say, as vocal as we were about wanting a Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover compilation? ;)

Goblin Squad Member

I have two MMO's on my radar, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Camelot Unchained, one PVE focused game, one PVP focused game, both designed solely for their intended niche without trying to be everything-to-everyone lowest-common-denominator games. Hopefully they both see release (Camelot definitely will, Pantheon is more of a toss up, although its the game I want more).

(Man, I wish I could get back the $185 I gave to the PFO Kickstarter)

So we met tonight and finalized characters, we have:

Human Rogue: The 5th and youngest child of an Ergothian noble, she has bucked somewhat against the traditional Ergothian gender roles and has left her homeland to adventure and explore. Still trained in the courtly traditions and demure femininity of her upbringing, she is adept as both diplomat and scout.

Human Summoner: Born the day Chaos is defeated, this young woman has a seemingly natural connection with the ambient magic that infused the world upon his demise, being highly drawn specifically to the summoning realm of primal sorcery. This especially took the shape of her being born as a "twin", with her "brother" in fact being her eidolon. In actuality he is an Azata, a celestial being that has "grown up" with her since birth and acts as her guardian and protector.

Tinker Gnome Alchemist (Chirurgeon): A member of the Alchemical and Medicinal Sciences Guild, this little gnomes Life Quest is to discover and create an alchemical mixture potent enough to resurrect the dead. (The player was originally going to play a Mystic, but upon learning about the Chirurgeon archetype decided to switch to Alchemist.)

Minotaur Barbarian: A Kazelati, this minotaur was taken and forced to fight in the gladiatorial arenas of the Minotaur Imperium for many years, until after losing a match and presumed dead, was rescued by an unknown benefactor and taken to the mainland.

I'm actually really excited about this party and campaign now. We are using my Age of Dragons timeline, which has been begging for me to actually utilize for a while. It looks like the Rogue will likely end up as Queen of the new nation, but we'll see how it actually plays out. :D

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
There is good stuff in that book but later Margaret Weis Productions updated and improved on the book. For example, Towers of High Sorcery and the Age of Mortals campaign got rid of the need for wizards to specalize in 3.5 terms while Knightly Orders of Ansalon fixes the Knights of Solamnia and the Legion of Steel PRCs.

Indeed Shalafi, the later Margaret Weis Publishing books are in fact better than the DLCS and Age of Mortals books.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon, Towers of High Sorcery, Holy Orders of the Stars, Races of Ansalon, Dragons of Krynn, War of the Lance, and Legends of the Twins are all just plain masterpieces.

I'm starting up a new in person Dragonlance campaign for a group of DL newbies, this should be fun. I'm going to be running a Kingmaker-esque campaign set in Kharolis, where the party will eventually be involved with a big war against the goblinoids, ogres, and thanois of the south, culminating (hopefully) with them uniting the region and one of them being elevated to king/queen of the new united nation.

So far the players have created the following characters:

Human (Unchained) Rogue - More scout than anything considered a thief, has ties to the Legion.
Human (Unchained) Summoner - For her we are calling her summoner powers a variant on primal sorcery, basically she is a "sorcerer" who is highly focused on the summoning realm of primal sorcery.
Tinker Gnome Mystic (Oracle) - A member of the Guild of Ambient Magical and Healing Sciences.
4th player has yet to finalize their character yet, probably going with a warrior type of some sort though, possibly a barbarian.

Should be fun. :)

CorvusMask wrote:
Why would they make hardcover update of Kingmaker anyway?

Because Kingmaker might as well be called Moneymaker.

If 10 years from now Paizo is still on the same iteration of the game released in 2009, I will be rather surprised. My guess is the early 2020s for a new one.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

SLAs for prestige class access was no bueno, happy to see that DIAF.

To answer your question, Scarred Witch Doctor, Con caster all the way babay.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Orthos wrote:
Finding a Lawful-aimed AP is probably going to be extremely difficult. Barring ones like Wrath and Hell's Vengeance where they're designed specifically for an alignment like Good or Evil, most of Paizo's adventures are written expecting a Chaotic Good party, which seems to be the "quintessential adventurer alignment".

Interesting, since my AD&D days I have always taken Neutral Good to be the quintessential adventurer alignment. General altruism, without worrying about the rest.

Look at Kalindlara, doing the lords work. ;)

Even if we get Second Darkness eventually (which JJ has listed as a desire and something of a passion project), I doubt they will ever do Legacy of Fire and would jump straight from SD to Kingmaker if they continued them. Although by that point it might be a moot point as it would likely be middle 2020's and we'd probably be in Pathfinder 2E. Not that Legacy of Fire is a bad campaign mind you, I just dont think its very popular, it doesn't get a lot of press around here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Every time those threads popped up I kept saying it was going to happen and be a 2017 release to coincide with the 10 year Pathfinder AP line and 15 year Paizo company anniversaries, but getting it sooner is even better!

Thank you Mr Jacobs, seven blessings to you.

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Richard Moore wrote:
Gambit wrote:
I've been reading through Star Wars REUP, a retro-clone esque update to the old WEG d6 system, and as someone who never really played that system back in the day and has no built in nostalgia for it, I have to say its a highly impressive piece of work. I suggest checking it out, I'm likely going to give it a try. There also seems to be a solid community out there supporting this, and people have even been using Lulu to make their own print copies.
Thanks so much for posting this. This is a great update of SWD6 that encompasses everything up to the new canon being established by The Force Awakens and its related product lines. That is a fantastically good PDF.

Glad I could help. ;)

The art is simply amazing isn't it. Like the whole thing is just stupid impressive.

If you want to delve even more into it, surf around The Rancor Pit, the (Rebel) headquarters of the SWD6 system. They seemed to have a good bit of input in its creation.

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