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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 635 posts (721 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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See, Shalafi, I always took that to mean that the Tower could be anywhere it wants in Wayreth Forest (i.e. the southern section of the greater Qualinesti Forest), not anywhere it wants to be on the entire face of Ansalon. ;)

Are you using Zhea Harbor as Magnimar?

Honestly, relatively speaking, Wayreth isnt very far from the adventure locale, a not too long trip across the Straights of Algoni, going to port at Halter Wood, and then a short trek from there. Shouldnt be too hard to fit in.

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Pretty much out of no where, BG:EE 1 and 2 both just released on GOG today, and its 50% off for the next 3 days. If you haven't picked these gems up from Beamdog or Steam before this, now is an excellent time to grab them.


Ah, I didn't know about any of that.

So it appears that all 6 parts of this AP are on "backorder" (AKA: out of print).

Mr McBride, is there a chance that anytime soon we will get either A: new printings of the entire AP, or B: a hardcover compilation book (possibly funded through KS)?

I'd take the former, but I'm hoping on the latter.

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Our DM once ran his 2 groups together for one giant campaign, we dubbed it the Megaparty. The party had an artifact that each session would suck up a "random" amount of people into it and put them in suspended animation, some weeks it would even be 0. Basically if someone missed a session for whatever reason, their character would go into the artifact, and if a character stayed inside the artifact for 3 straight sessions (basically if they missed 3 straight weeks) then they were consumed by it.

We had 10 people in that. The rule was no summoners, animal companions, or familiars, and summoning magic was to be used for storyline purposes only, no canon fodder.

I dont know if you ever have an attendance problem with your large party (that many schedules can be hard to coordinate), but there's an idea just in case.

Zhayne wrote:

Not a fan of the Concentration skill; it's just a skill tax for casters.

I don't see how crafting anything is STR based; it doesn't matter how hard you pound the metal if you don't know how to do it right.

Actually the more I have been thinking about it today, I too dont want to add Concentration back in, the PF way of doing it is fine. I do like Endurance though, and it turns many mundane things that would be Fort saves into skill checks.

Regarding Str based crafting, the act of putting skill points into Smithing (for example) is in fact "knowing how to do it right", the training comes from the skill points, the stat just aids in the process. I mean how many smiths do you see that arent rocking guns for arms?

Bacon666 wrote:

I like it... I won't use it, but I like it...

However, as with almost all other skill systems in D20 I've seen, I miss stamina / con based skills ... It could be some athletics, Long distance swimming, running etc...

Ya know what, you're right, Con does deserve a little attention. I'm going to add an Endurance skill, pulled straight out of Star Wars Saga. And I think I might add Concentration back in as a skill also (though this will probably require a little bit of playtesting), also adding more general uses to it than being just for spellcasting purposes.

Been pondering on implementing a skill revision, thought I would post it to see what you guys have to say.

Athletics (Climb, Jump, Swim, and all other strength based tests of athleticism, including many sports)
Smithing (Weapons and Armor)

Acrobatics (includes Escape Artist)
Disable Device
Sleight of Hand


Arcana (Spellcraft, Arcane Lore, Magical Beings, Planes)
Engineering (clever players can get a lot of use out of this, and my players can be pretty clever)
Heraldry (Nobility, Courtly Etiquette, Military Knowledge)
History (Local and Ancient, must spend one month in a new area or in study of a new source of ancient history to gain bonuses)
Nature (Geography, Animal and Plant Lore, Wilderness and Subterranean Knowledge)
Religion (Spellcraft, Divine Lore, Planes, Undead)

Animal Handling (includes Ride)
Healing (Herbalism and Treatment)
Insight (Sense Motive and Intuition)
Mercantile (Appraise, Business Practices and Etiquette)

Deception (Bluff and Disguise)

As you can see, I combined a few skills and expanded on the uses of others. All Craft and Profession skills will be handled on a case by case basis and assigned to the skill that makes the most sense, Art/Painting/Calligraphy will be a Dex based craft for example, and as you probably noticed Smithing gets its own entry under Str. There is no Use Magic Device skill, instead Rogues, Bards, and Alchemists get it as a class ability. 4+Int becomes the minimum skill points per level, all classes that get 2 are bumped up to 4.

That was satisfying on every level.

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Lord Mhoram wrote:
Gambit wrote:
I'm currently playing a Warder/Psion in a PbP game, its been very fun and quite effective.


I'm been playing a Soulknife/Stalker, and that's been a blast.

Now that's what I call an assassin.

"Of coarse you can search me, as I said the first time, I'm unarmed" he said as he walked into the ritzy nobles masquerade ball.

I'm guessing you focus on Veiled Moon, Thrashing Dragon, and Steel Serpent.

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Raven, have you checked out Path of War, the Tome of Battle system update for Pathfinder?

A Warlord with the Privateer archetype would make for an awesome character in a Pirate campaign.

I'm currently playing a Warder/Psion in a PbP game, its been very fun and quite effective.

I don't know if it was mentioned before, but the Mage Hunter is pretty damn good at slaying mages. ;)

4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 1, 4) = 11 10
4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 5, 3) = 14 13
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 3) = 8 7
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 2) = 15 13
4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1, 2) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 3, 4) = 11 10

Lol, thats a big pile of meh.

Would a Warlord with the Privateer archetype (scroll down a little, its the second one) be allowed?

He is a natural leader of men, a charismatic son-of-a-gun, can throw caution to the wind or be calculating as needed (or desired), and fancies himself to be a Captain one day. He would be CG.

Add me as another vote for the Mythic material to be its own separate book.

And I'd bet dollars to donuts that its paid off for them rather well, and continues to do so. ;)

Tangent, my friend, you can talk until you are blue in the face and its not going to change our desire for a pretty hardcover compilation book. Lisa Stevens would need to come on here and say that it will NEVER happen (with all caps), until then I will stay hopeful (and confident) that another one will be made.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Gambit wrote:
Ken Pawlik wrote:
I kind of prefer Pact Magic Unleashed, it helps it maintain its own identity.
Well theres Psionics Unleashed already, but even the Psionics people went with the Ultimate branding for their big book. Anyway, it was just a suggestion and not a huge deal either way.

The thing about the word ultimate, though, is that when its modifying a noun (like the word Pact Magic), it implies a certain finality. Like this is the last book on Pact Magic we're ever going to do.

This is totally NOT the last book on Pact Magic I want to do. I still want to do the Weird Bestiary, I still want to do Animism, and I still want to write up King Solomon's 72 Demons as spirits. As a result, I'm not convinced that Ultimate is the most appropriate title for the book.

Well there's always "Advanced Binding Guide". :P

I see what your line of thought there is, but also its not like we didn't receive any more supplements with magic in them after Ultimate Magic was released. And Dreamscarred still has more psionics supplements planned, even after Ultimate Psionics. Anyway, its all just food for thought. :)

Interesting. With Runelords they didnt need to change much, with Curse they wouldnt need to change much, with Second Darkness they would need to do a whole heap of revision, that thing is a mess (though I do like most of the overall story).

Thats a shame, they are even doing a Privateer archetype that can be taken by Warlords in the 2nd Path of War book.

Kthulhu, usually the only one I ever see people truly clamoring for is Curse of the Crimson Throne. Most of the time I only see Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire brought up as counter points by compilation naysayers using the whole "where will it end?" argument, or the completionists like Wiggz who desire to have them all.

I like you Wiggz, well said on all counts.

Oh, and for a little reference point, 5 years was the entire lifespan of 3.5

Ken Pawlik wrote:
I kind of prefer Pact Magic Unleashed, it helps it maintain its own identity.

Well theres Psionics Unleashed already, but even the Psionics people went with the Ultimate branding for their big book. Anyway, it was just a suggestion and not a huge deal either way.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
A lot

So the answer to my question from the product thread was..."yes". :P

Look forward to the Kickstarter. (By the way I think you should just go with Ultimate Pact Magic for the name)

Are there plans to take volume 1, 2, and the eventual 3 that is mentioned and turn them into one giant hardback compilation book, perhaps with a Kickstarter? (I think Ultimate Psionics spoiled me :P)

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This might be a discussion you want to take over to the Giant in the Playground forum also. They will probably have some different perspectives to offer.

Chengar Qordath wrote:
Marroar Gellantara wrote:
Gambit wrote:
Well, there's always the good ole tier list as a measuring stick.

Bwahahaha magus weak tier 3. Bwahaha

Or better put. Magus somehow being worse than Hunter (not that hunter is bad, but really?)

It's very easy to see the Magus as being all about spell combat + spellstrike, and miss that he has a very nice spell list that consists of far more than just Shocking Grasp, Intensified Shocking Grasp, Empowered Intensified Shocking Grasp...

While I dont agree that Magi are weak tier 3, they are definitely tier 3, probably right smack dab in the middle of it. Nowhere close to tier 2 though.

If Dreamscarred stuff is kosher you could also do a Warlord who focuses on Golden Lion and Scarlet Throne, and takes the Deadly Agility feat. No spells but you are an excellent combatant and charisma focused leader of men.

Well I used the example of not buying an AP because it lacked one specific issue because I actually witnessed this. I have a buddy who is a big Ravenloft fan and wanted to buy Carrion Crown, but was unable to get the first volume for any kind of reasonable price, so he decided to pass on the whole thing. He didnt then go "I missed out, I guess I better go subscribe". He wanted one specific AP and couldn't get its completed form, so his dollars stayed put.

Also the "just wait 5 years" argument did make me chuckle, so thank you for that. ;)

Steve your post brings up another interesting question, I wonder what percentage of all Pathfinder players are subscribers to at least one product line.

You didn't really address either of the specific questions I posited.

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Iammars wrote:

I'm glad we're getting a sourcebook on one of the most evil nations in the Inner Sea. Most of the options won't be suitable for players, but they'll make good depraved enemies for my players to fight.

This message brought to you by the Opparan Beautification Committee.

Spoken like a true Chelaxian.

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Well, there's always the good ole tier list as a measuring stick.

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Gorbacz wrote:
I smell drones, death penalty and Gitmo! ;P

Who knew Bags of Devouring preferred MSNBC?! :P

O say can you see

Republishing popular APs that will sell seems a far cry from TSR spitting out full lines for 8 different campaign settings.

Heres another thought, what if someone wants to buy a whole AP from Paizo, but cant get one of the installments (usually the first) because it is out of print? This is currently the case with both Carrion Crown and Skull and Shackles. That is 5 units of current product that could be shipped, but wont because its missing one piece.

But my real question, has the company suffered from the RotRL AE, or have they made a tidy profit from it? It has to be one of the highest selling non-core products they have.

Aside from Crimson Throne (or the other 3.5 ones) being updated into a hardback. I dont really understand why they dont do new print runs of really popular APs in their softcover form. Kingmaker is pretty much OOP, but it is still one of the most popular APs there is. I would think a new print run of softcovers would sell with no problem. As it stands now most of the individual adventures run for anywhere between $30-70 per issue from the rando's on Ebay and Amazon.

I own exactly 3 AP's, Runelords AE, Kingmaker, and Carrion Crown...this may be my 4th.

I have a feeling Dwarf Rangers are going to be super popular.

I just don't understand the all hate for third party material in the PbP games around here. I mean an Occultist would be a blast to play for this adventure.

Would someone ask the kind and noble people at d20pfsrd why they decided to leave out the poor Dragon Fury. The rest of the stuff has been up for a couple weeks.

^^^ What he said! ;)

OP, I also tend to agree with the majority of replies here that the Witch is a great class as is, not to mention VERY powerful (seriously, it is a Tier 1 class, if you know what that means).

Although I wanted to give some help so that maybe you will find something closer to what you envision.

A few months back a Kickstarter ran for a Pathfinder supplement called Strange Brew, giving a bevy of new options to play a Witch in Pathfinder, it might provide what you are looking for. The Kickstarter is over, however I'm sure the product will be available for sale sometime soon (probably here on Paizo too). Here are the links you will find useful.

Kickstarter Page

Discussion Thread

Hope this helps.

Fansy says hello.

Lemmy wrote:
Better question is... Why play a Swashbuckler when you can play a Daring Champion Cavalier?

This is the winner right here. Swashbucklers are just not that great.

For me the question is, if I want a charismatic warrior, why would I ever play a Swashbuckler when I can play a Warlord instead?

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DragGon7601 wrote:
On another note I was watching a random youtube video about honor in martial arts (or rather the lack of it in real life history), and he mentioned a style for bodyguards... This reminded me of the devoted defender from the old 3rd Ed, and I thought to myself "how much support for this type of character is there in POW?"... I quickly skimmed through the styles and while I did see the odd move here and there, no one style seemed to make its self the go to style for protecting someone. There is of course the Sworn Protector whos Shared Counter ability really helps build this character type but no style. Anyway its an Idea for a future style if you haven't already made one... I’m sure many a Wiz/Soc would love to have a cohort with such a style.

I think a Sworn Protector Warder with the Bodyguard and In Harms Way feats would embody this concept pretty darn well.

I'd buy a PF Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover compilation in a heartbeat. I'd pay $100 for it.

Awesome, got it, thanks for the reply Chris.

While I have your attention, can I maybe get an answer to another question that got skipped over in the massive OotS thread?

Are there any plans in PoW2 to do a Solar Wind/archery focused prestige class in the vein of the the Dragon Fury and Umbral Blade?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have a kazoo, do you think that will work?

Anyway, I am actually 32. I spent 6 years in the Air Force where I lived for 2 years in Japan, 2 years in England, and a year in Norway. Im once again a civilian and back in the states working for my stepdads business. I love college football with a passion (you probably wont be seeing many posts from me on Saturdays for the next 3-4 months), and while I especially love my particular team (the Georgia Bulldogs), I just enjoy the sport as a whole.

I started RPGs with 2nd Edition AD&D when I was 19, it became another passion of mine (I can still fondly remember a couple 18-24 hour sessions we had back then), and have loved all things D&D ever since (sans 4E). I played EQ back in the day, and then WoW for a few years, but haven't really touched an MMO in the last 4 years (although I do sporadically hop on Project 1999, a free classic EQ emulation server). The Baldurs Gate series is probably my all time favorite computer RPG, and Final Fantasy 3/6 is my favorite in that series (followed closely by 2/4 and 7).

I think that about covers my bio and geek attributes. ;)

Cross posting from the OotS forums in the hopes that Jeremy sees and it can hopefully be remedied before the book goes to print.

In the book it says that the Zweihander Sentinel trades Broken Blade for Scarlet Throne, and loses Bluff (aka, the Iron Tortoise skill) but gains Sense Motive. Shouldn't it lose Acrobatics (the Broken Blade skill), not Bluff.

Also in the Dervish Defender, it says you gain Thrashing Dragon and lose Iron Tortoise. It then says that you lose Bluff as a class skill and gain Acrobatics as a class skill...except the Warder already has Acrobatics as one of his base class skills (seeing how its also the skill for Broken Blade). So does he just lose Bluff and gain nothing?

I dont know about the PRD (I never really use it), but its all up on the d20pfsrd.

Hola Shalafi. I actually just finished a RL Dawn of Defiance campaign (like last week). It was our last hurrah with Saga as we are going to be switching over to Fantasy Flights system for all future Star Wars games.

I wish you well in running it my friend.

P.S. How did you Dragonlance campaign go?

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