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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 505 posts (574 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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I feel that the 100 AP needs to be Absalom too.

For a city which is essentially Golarion's Greyhawk/Waterdeep, it has had surprisingly little focus in products. It is high time to finally fulfill this slow burn.

I dont quite understand the Beholder rules. Beholders have been used in several other products, including Final Fantasy games, and also Everquest, where there is an entire zone called Beholders Maze.

This might be helpful, either for running a campaign of the full game system, or just as inspiration to draw from.

Final Fantasy Roleplaying Game

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Chuck, go to Dark Side Comics and Games in Sarasota. Excellent store with good RPG support, a whole shelf full of Pathfinder merchandise, and lots of regular gaming groups throughout the week for a variety of systems. Closer than Orlando also. I am in a weekly Star Wars game there right now, but there are many Pathfinder groups, including Society games.

Put me down for a Fighter revamp also.

Cavian wrote:
Aratrok wrote:
Yeah. But that's all it does, damage. Maneuvers come with defensive benefits (especially the stuff attendant with stances) and utility options that don't involved just doing more damage... while matching the damage benefits of psychic strike or being more effective. Plus it actually works on mindless creatures.
Just spit-balling here: Perhaps replace the blade skills learned at 4th, 10th, and 16th? It roughly lines up with when the War Soul would learn new stances and the lost blade skills are made up in utility from the stances/maneuvers.

I really like this, it feels somewhat closer to an even trade.

This game is screaming for a Paladin//Life Oracle.

But instead I want to take the opportunity to play something a little more off kilter. Im going to double up on Dreamscarred Press goodness and submit a Warder//Psion.

I will get him statted up tomorrow, and GM, I will PM you my personal background hook.

Ok, well thanks for letting me know. Is Kingmaker an option for APs, cause I would play the crap out of a Warlord in KM. ;)

Oh mighty GM, I mentioned it upthread, but I just wanted to get clarification if you dont mind. Are the Path of War classes open for this game? I am looking to play a true tank and protector of my companions, both in roleplay and abilities.

Is recruitment closed?

I have interest in playing a Warder with the Zweihander Sentinel archetype from Path of War. He originally hails from Brevoy where he studied his martial path, but was was shunned by his brethren for favoring the Greatsword over the Aldori Dueling Sword. His main desire in life is to find a group of companions that he can call true friends, and once someone has earned that status there's nothing he won't do to help or protect them.

I've been reading through Kingmaker recently and it has gotten me thinking on where a similar campaign could take place on Ansalon. My initial thought was possibly Abanasinia, but it is the focal point for so much of Dragonlance already, and I think a Kingmaker campaign would best be played somewhere in the gameworld that isn't as heavily traversed.

So after a bit of research I think the region of Kharolis would be the perfect fit. It's just big enough without being too large and has a prexisting city that would work well as a Capitol in Alsip. For the campaign I was thinking have any human characters start out as locals, and have adventures in the local area, running afoul of a local goblin tribe, investigate the blight Druids of Morgion in the Firecrab Hills, and several other low to mid level adventures until, around mid level, the menace to the south starts to become very active.

A massive army of goblinoids and thanoi are finally prepped and ready to attack the north. As a precursor to this, several goblin assassins sneak into the towns of Alsip, Pensdale, Windkeep, Hamlet, and Halter Wood and assassinate the duke/baron/mayor of each town, all in hopes of causing enough panic and confusion as to ease their conquest of the area. Then the PC's must step in and rally all the towns as a collective whole, organizing and army to fight the evil humanoids. First they have to route the advancing army, then retake the fortresses of Waw and Vash, and finally make a strong push to the south to end the threat once and for all while also reclaiming the southern towns of Than-Khal, Valens, and Swftwater.

The culmination of this would be one of the PCs would become King and rule the nation from Alsip, while the rest could become lords and rule the other cities, or take a royal position in Alsip, or do their own thing, depending on the characters desires. Then some kingdom building fun could ensue, establishing trade partners (Qualinesti, Thorbardin, and Tarsis all being good options) and rebuilding cities and fortifications that may be run down or were damaged in the war.

As a final high level adventure a red dragon moves into the area of the southwestern portion of the Kharolis mountains and is a threat to the Kingdom that the heroes will of coarse have to confront. If all goes well, they slay the dragon and end up with a nice dragon horde to build and refine their new Kingdom with, just in time for retirement.

What do you guys think? And has anyone else thought of a Kingmaker style campaign in Dragonlance?

Iot7FV build:

Abjurer 3/Master Specialist 6/Iof7FV 7/Master Specialist 4

For feats and other suggestions, google Logic Ninjas Guide to Wizards: Being Batman, and Treantmonks Guide to God Wizards (3.5 version).

Master Specialist is from Complete Mage.

Jeremy Smith wrote:
I would expect to see some reference to how the different Dreamscarred-published systems work in Third Dawn (both Path of War and Akashic Mysteries). The goal would be for them to be usable, not for them to be locked out.

Is the plan still to keep Third Dawn completely devoid of arcane and divine magic?

The (mechanically) perfect party, hmmm, I would probably go something like this, loosely based on the traditional roles.

Warder (from Path of War): The only class in the game that is truly able to "tank" (and not in a silly way, like Antagonize). Protects his allies like no other, and still able to deal out a lot of punishment.

Life Oracle: The premiere healer in the game, can keep a group going for quite a while. The "must have" clerical spells are fewer in number than the wizard ones, meaning an Oracle can get most (if not all) of the really useful ones, especially if they play a human (for extra cheese, go Half-Elf with Paragon Surge). Also can be the party face.

Investigator: Your skill monkey, scout, and disabler extraordinaire. Has skills, "spells", good utility, and pretty decent combat ability. For a more pure combat focused character and flanking buddy for the Warder, substitute with a Slayer.

Wizard or Arcanist (either will work): Your battlefield controller, buffer/debuffer, well timed blaster, and all around bender of reality. Nothing else really needs to be said about this one.

And if we are adding in a 5th

Bard: The classical 5th man for a reason. Utility, versatility, skills, spells, and I would make him an archer for pretty good combat capability too. A better party face than the Oracle, and everyone loves Inspire. With a Bard, the Slayer becomes much more of an option over the Investigator.

One of the nice thing about this party, everyone (except probably the Oracle, and Bard, if used) is really smart, makes for good tactics, and skill points will not be an issue.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Carbunkle, I think should be a Chaotic Good god of nature, and bunnies and the like.
Sissyl wrote:
And carbuncle should be a god of cuteness, antimagic and skin infections.

Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes.

Una hora until the crap hits the fan.

I've been getting a lot of love lately.

You rang?

GM Zed wrote:
Am sure those cookies are delicious...but I think I will keep it Paizo releases only this time around...

BLAST! You passed your will save against cookies.

How about a...CG Paladin of Freedom of Cayden Cailean? *whistles innocently*

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I was reading a gestalt thread earlier and now I really have a hankering to play a gestalt Warder (Zweihander Sentinel)//Psion (Egoist or Nomad). Cant decide on the Psion specialization, Egoist might be better overall, but I think Nomad would just be more fun.

You sure I cant talk you into letting me play a Warder from Path of War? I'm in a tank mood, and there's no better class at protecting his allies in the entire game.

I have cookies...

As an alternative to MT, I would recommend the Theurge class by Kobold Press. It functions gloriously in the roll that the Mystic Theurge attempts to fill.

Sissyl wrote:
Gambit wrote:
I love the Wheel of Time mythology and the overarching story of the series...but Robert Jordan was one of the worst writers of the female gender I've ever seen. He could've learned a thing or two from Joss Whedon about writing strong female characters who aren't complete as*holes/utterly unlikeable. Not all women are condescending brow-beaters, Robert.
According to an interview back in the day, he modeled his female characters off his wife...

If that's accurate then I truly feel sorry for the man.

I love the Wheel of Time mythology and the overarching story of the series...but Robert Jordan was one of the worst writers of the female gender I've ever seen. He could've learned a thing or two from Joss Whedon about writing strong female characters who aren't complete as*holes/utterly unlikeable. Not all women are condescending brow-beaters, Robert.

And then there was his hyper-over-descriptiveness, I don't need 6 pages describing the layout of the room, what books on the shelf, and the curtains on the windows. Highlight the important aspects and lets move on with the plot.

Agreed with others that 7-9 are not good and that Mat is the best character in the entire series.

Personally I think he was a much better world-builder than storyteller.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aegon, Aerys, Baelor, Viserys....oh wait, nevermind.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

River Tam before she went off "to school"

Human Expert

River Tam after she was rescued

Human Gestalt Dual Disciple Psion (Telepath/Seer)//Unarmed Swordsage

She has a really high Int (over 20), a decent Wis (12-14), and a semi-low Cha (around 10).

She is a gestalt character in a campaign where no one else is, a martial adept in a campaign where there are no other martial adepts, and is a psionic character in a non-magical universe where psionics are extremely rare. She also has severe drawbacks and is both a plot device and occasional deux ex machina.

Basically the guy playing the healer said to his DM "I want to have this super cool backstory where I rescue my little sister from an evil government facility" and the DM ran with it.

What is the full list of the prestige classes going into PoW1?

Goblin Squad Member

Thank you CBDunkerson, I will do so. :)

Goblin Squad Member

I (like many people) have two email addresses. One for my friends, family, and personal business. The other for every account, website, forum, offer, or anything else thats ever listed "fill out your email address here". Where hotels offers, concert announcements, gaming articles, kickstarter updates, and every other thing I've signed up for in the last 14 years goes to. I admit that I am guilty of not keeping up with that one as well as I probably should.

Anyway, this is all a moot and not conducive to resolving the current situation. I've laid out two solutions regarding this issue, neither of which is unreasonable.

Goblin Squad Member

Nightdrifter wrote:

From May, 2013:

Backer Update #49 - Fulfillment tool is LIVE!
Backer Update #50 - Some FAQs about the Fulfillment system

Thats well and good. I'm glad the people that read all the blogs, follow every update, and are regularly on the game forums had access to it at such an early time.

Goblin Squad Member

So I just hopped onto Kickstarter, saw that I had a rewards survey to fill out for Pathfinder Online (Kickstarter kindly puts them as nice, friendly notifications boldly at the top of the page), one that was sent out on thursday, I got excited and thought to myself, "oh cool". I proceed to click on it, where I was promptly informed that friday was the last day any rewards can be day after the survey was sent out.

I have backed many other projects on KS, so far all of them have used the KS website to fulfill any backer rewards. I havent been following this project closely since I knew it was still a good ways away from release, I wasnt even aware that PFO wasnt following the same procedure as all the others. I backed $95 over my selected tier specifically for add-ons. The survey should have gone out weeks or months before things were finalized, not one day.

Ryan (or other official personnel), I humbly request to be allowed to fulfill the backer add-ons I paid for, or failing that, to receive my $95 dollars back as a refund. Either will do to reaffirm my excitement for this game and put me back in the category of a satisfied customer eagerly awaiting my chance to roam Golarion in digital form.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

An AD&D Fighter/Mage/Cleric, clad almost entirely in red, complete with stylish red hat and white plume feather. ;)

(Naturally assuming 18/00 strength also)

Wholeheartedly in agreement with Ssalarn, especially regarding "ignores immunity to everything". Powers and abilities need to have specific uses for specific things, otherwise we will potentially end up with another "I end the sun" type situation on our hands.

I'm a fan of mega compendiums as well. One of my major motivations for backing Ultimate Psionics was the complete nature of the product.

Damn, my business of yesterday prevented my finalizing of my character. I was going to switch to a Human Justifier Ranger since there was already another Dwarf Champion.

Congrats to everyone who was chosen, hope the campaign is a blast. ;)

Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
I'm still not convinced he used Reach as much as fighting defensively with Acrobatics. He Dodged and Parried and didn't really thrust where the Mountain couldn't reach him. I think a one handed spear would work just fine and free up more options. I don't think he would need Ninja and Swashbuckler for the Ki since Panace can do the same stuff, Poisoner and Ninja would be interchangable, IMO.

Agreed, I dont think he was using a longspear (which are usually 8-10 feet long, basically a pike), but rather just a normal spear wielded two-handed, he was using his Combat Expertise feat to parry.

A ninja and rogue with the poisoner archetype are almost the exact same thing, minus a few Asian weapon proficiencies, and nothing about Oberyn screams "ki pool" to me, though he definitely has panache.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Being a member of the nobility doesn't preclude one from being a member of the Barbarian class.

Gregor Clegane

Read the part under Background and then tell me he isn't CE with levels in Barbarian.

Personally, as I listed above, I have him with levels in both Fighter and Barbarian.

I think I am going to go with Corran Thunderfist, NG dwarf fighter/cleric (champion kit) of Moradin, orginally hailing from Citadel Adbar, a member of of the prestigious Hammers of Moradin. Athough he has many classic dwarven traits, being a superiorly skilled crafter of weapons and armor, and a lover of a good beverage, he isn't as uncouth as many of the rest of his kin and likes to enjoy the finer things in life whenever possible.

Ah 2E, the origins of my RPG life. Are the specialty priests from Faiths and Avatars, Powers and Pantheons, and Demihuman Deities available?

Lets see what I get for rolls

4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 2, 6) = 20 18
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 3, 6) = 17 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 5, 6) = 17 14
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4, 3) = 16 13
4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 1, 4) = 13 12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 4) = 20 16

Edit: Holy crap!

exceptional strength: 1d100 ⇒ 91

Edit 2: HOLY CRAP!

Mbauers, while we are definitely on the same page regarding the mountains alignment, your 3rd point I would say is the difference between good and evil, rather than law and chaos. A paladin wouldnt do that moreso because hes good rather than because hes lawful, whereas a lawful evil person would murder Elia as ordered. What LE wouldn't do is gleefully torture her children, then rape and torture Elia (in addition to just killing her), that's definitely what CE would do though. And lets not forget he permanently scarred his brothers face for playing with his toys, chaotic evil. Tywin on the otherhand is the epitome of lawful evil, the perfect example for all LE stands for.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I also agree that GoT is an E6 world.

The Viper: CG Rogue (Poisoner) 3/Swashbuckler 3. Shown feats of Weapon Focus (spear), Dazzling Display, and Combat Expertise. The rogue levels account for his mastery of poison and give him the skill points to forge his Maesters chain. The swashbuckler gives him his Dex and Cha focused abilities and martial skills.

The Moutain: CE Barbarian 2/Fighter 4. Shown feats of Power Attack, Improved Sunder, and Diehard. Gregor is prone to fits of rage and it talks about how he is relatively fast and quick for a man of his size (hence rage, fast movement, and uncanny dodge), while also being a trained warrior.

I would argue heavily that The Moutain is Chaotic Evil, he literally revels in destruction and causing suffering to others. He only follows Tywin because he has to, not out of any sense of loyalty.

The Mountain: CE Human Barbarian/Fighter with Diehard, Improved Sunder, and Power Attack always turned on.

Holgan Holywood wrote:
Hrothdane wrote:
Also, the world doesn't need yet another human 2-handed sword fighter/barbarian with dumped mental stats.

Did you just reference John Cena whilst on a Hulk Hogan parody account...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:
In the military they run commercials on the Armed Forces Network warning about the dangers of speculation. I would have to say that same advice applies here. Why get upset before you even know a single constant? And even more so if you are not a 3PP?

Hercules should've used the special power of attorney.

Actually I'm scratching the Shi'ido Scoundrel, instead I would like to submit a good natured yet ferocious Anx Force Adept martial artist, who is aiming for the Force Warrior prestige class. He comes from a large family and is fiercely devoted to those he considers friends. He likes to see the beauty in small things. He has been troubled by the galactic going ons as of late, and wants to do his part to help restore some measure peace and serenity to the galaxy in these dark times. He is not a pacifist though and has no problem taking the fight to those who cause injustice.

Ahh RCR, good times. Played a full Old Republic style RCR campaign several years ago as a Human Jedi Guardian 5/Jedi Weapon Master 5/Jedi Investigator 3/Jedi Master 7, it was a blast. How would you feel about a Shi'ido Scoundrel force user who uses the shapechanging prestige class from UAA?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Agreed with the others, Ultimate Psionics is extremely well balanced and will fit in nicely in a crazy campaign like this one.

Regarding places where psionics is prevalent, it's funny because the first Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook (the 3.5 one) actually had 2 full pages talking about psionics on Golarion. Anyway, it is said that in the Empire of Vudra on Casmaron psionics are "well known and established". By that extension it wouldn't be farfetched that the PCs picked up their talents while growing up on the Vudrani emissary land of Jalmeray in the Inner Sea.

TL;DR: Jalmeray :)

Prince of Knives wrote:

This looks like a question for the PoW 2 design lead. Now where is that lazy bas-

Oh, right. That's me. Nothing to see here.

The Blade Mystic channels his native, but highly unstable, arcane energies through their swordplay. Not quite spells, but more than normal fighting techniques, the Blade Mystic enhances his allies and and strikes down his enemies with flame and frost. Their key initiation modifier is Wisdom, relying on perception, intuition, and the iron will needed to keep a lid on the dangerous energies within.

The Harbinger draws strength from sorrow and loss - anger, depression, fury, greed, grief, and other negative emotions are poured out into their supernatural curses and demonic speed. Harbingers control the battlefield with supreme mobility and malicious debuffs that visit upon their foes a fraction of the sorrow in the Harbinger's own heart. Their key initiation modifier is Intelligence, relying on dark secrets, enlightened understanding, and eldritch symbolism.

The Zealot combines swordplay with psionic potential, creating a seamless whole that drives them to acts of stunning violence. Zealots protect their allies by punishing enemies, laying down the law with psionic maneuvers and triggered curses. Their key initiation modifier is Charisma, drawing on their passion, the strength of their emotions, and their sheer ability to bludgeon you to death with their minds.

Thanks for the reply PoK. :)

Interesting that the Blade Mystic uses wisdom as its key stat, given the heavy ties to Int and Cha that arcane magic has and that no arcane class uses it. Honestly, if you hadn't told me their key stats in the write up, just based on their flavor I would have thought the Blade Mystic uses Intelligence, the Harbinger uses Charisma, and the Zealot uses Wisdom. At least thats the feeling Im picking up anyway...and Harbinger just flat out screams Charisma to me. Otherwise they all sound like very intriguing classes, I look forward to seeing more.

So ToB/PoW seems to have many parallels to the Wheel of Time series, from the spiffy named fighting maneuvers to the Warder class itself. I was wondering if we are going to get any other references in homage to WoT, such as a Blademaster PrC or a Heron-Mark Sword magic item?

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