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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 426 posts (494 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Anguish wrote:
Gambit wrote:
Jeremy, just wanted to let you know, I am an Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter backer and I still haven't received my book. I am a reasonable and patient man, so no worries, this is just an FYI.

Stupid question Gambit... did you back at a sufficiently high level that you're getting the limited edition hardcover? If so, that doesn't exist yet. They're still finishing up the Psionic Bestiary. Once PB is complete, it can get compiled into UP and the print order for the limited edition gets issued.

If not, I'm sorry but I can't help you.

No, I backed at the $100 color hardcover level.

Jeremy, just wanted to let you know, I am an Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter backer and I still haven't received my book. I am a reasonable and patient man, so no worries, this is just an FYI.

An archetype will work. I'll look into it, thanks Insain. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well for one, many DM's dont allow things from 3.5, they want it Pathfinder specific. I know one who will allow Ultimate Psionics all day long but if you went to him and asked to play a prestige class from Complete Arcane he would just flat out say no.

Glory seeker, mercenary, tactical genius, the fluff can be mutable, ideally what I'm seeking is a class that is offensive focused and doesn't bother with teamwork feats or marking.

This was somewhat mentioned somewhere earlier in the thread, but I would really like to see a class that emulates the role of the Warblade, something that neither the Warlord or Warder really does. A glory seeking, tactical minded, intellect based class that uses his abilities, maneuvers, stances to obliterate his foes.

Bill Webb wrote:

It can be "beat"--if you destroy all 3 (spoilers so not saying), and you prep up right after going through 13A--it COULD be done.

Not bloody likely though. Realistically its a repeat business adventure where you can set goals and targets each time (e.g. kill the lich on level 10A, wipe out the gorgons on Level 9, kill the overmind on level 7...) etc. Clearing the dungeon is unlikely.

That being said--like I wrote--Level 15 is for reading--not really for playing. The other levels are for playing (I put those 5-6 pages in for folks to enjoy the read).

So basically a level 20, mythic tier 10, hyper optimized, fully geared, max buffed party of 6 PC's has about a 99.7% chance of TPKing....sign me up! ;)

20 point buy

Str 14
Dex 18
Con 13
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 7

Level 1 feats: Weapon Finesse, Power Attack

You were wanting Improved Initiative, take it at level 2, then after that take whatever feats tickle your fancy, you will have a very solid foundation for your character. I would recommend Improved Critical for your weapon later on when you qualify for it, possibly with some critical feats added on (they are fun). ;)

Your damage at 1st level with power attack: 1d10+6 with a +4 to the attack roll, that is solid my friend. Play the character you want and enjoy. :)

Anyone? There has to be someone here with fond memories of playing EQ back in the day. :)

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Excellent map of Ansalon

Hopefully that helps you some.

Lord Soth: CE Human Fighter (or Antipaladin) with the Death Knight template. ;)

Depends on the group, do they use the Complete Handbooks, Combat and Tactics, Skills and Powers, etc, or do they use core only? If its the former it might be pretty easy to get them to try it out, if its the latter you'll likely have an uphill battle ahead of you, as one thing many people like about AD&D is its simplicity (which isn't really a word that could be used to describe Pathfinder).

One thing to consider would perhaps be to run them through the beginners box, that might make for a smoother transition.

I'm going to say a good ole dwarf. Bonus to your casting stat, and who doesn't love more HP. Has darkvision, and other pretty useful racial abilities. Plus axes, beards, and ale, what more could you want? ;)

Does 6 years of U.S. Air Force service in a communications/IT field and an honorable discharge = 1 bachelors degree?

RedRobe wrote:
Gambit wrote:
I know you said location neutral, but Southern Ergoth might be a good place to locate the adventure. It is diverse, with many different cultures, and has a variety of geographical features.
Actually, location is what I need to focus on quite a bit so I can capture the feel of where the AP is set. I was considering Northern or Southern Ergoth as well. I am leaning more toward Northern just because it isn't overrun with ogres as Southern is. I could just use all of Ergoth as a whole as well. Thoughts?

Well actually only about a quarter of the island is Ogres. Southern Ergoth can basically be divided into quadrants, NW is Solamnics, NE is Ergothians, SW is Elves, and SE is Ogres, and the mountains are in the middle. But there is also lots of vast wilderness in between all that many places of interest can be set. Northern Ergoth is similar, in that its Ergothians to the west, kender to the east, barbarians to the north, and goblins to the south, although overall it just feels a little more "tame", whereas Southern has that frontier feel.

I did also like the idea for the Northern Wastes and the City of the Lost Names to be used and the Runelords are why they are actually "Wastes" now. Kalaman could fill in as Magnimar in that scenario.

*shameless plug time* I also share your loathing for what happened at the very end of Summer Flame and what came after....therefore I actually made/expanded a timeline of progression to follow events as if the gods had never..."departed". Perhaps you will like it, or at least get a bit of inspirations from it.

Here is the link: Age of Dragons timeline

Have fond memories of your travels through Norrath? Long for a time of more classic, less hand-holding MMO's? Missed this gem back in the day and want a chance to experience for the first time? Come join Project 1999, a free emulation server, and experience EQ in its classic form, where the game is as it was from 1999-2001. Currently the server is set to the first expansion, Kunark, with Velious somewhere on the horizon, the developers have said it wont go past the Velious expansion.

For my own experiences I can say this nostalgia trip down memory lane has been everything I'd hoped it would be, when I started I worried that it couldn't live up to my memories of the game, thankfully that was absolutely not the case. From orc groups in EC and Crushbone, croc groups in Oasis, undead in Befallan and Unrest, giants in Kunark, dark elves in Mistmoore, and of coarse trading and hanging out in the EC tunnel, I've been having a blast. The server has a healthy population and regularly has 1200-1300 people logged on at peak times. There are groups to be found at all levels and people tend to be friendly and helpful (for the most part).

The purpose of this thread is twofold, one was to share the knowledge of its existence on here, while the other was to see if any other Pathfinders are currently playing, if so, feel free to share your experiences too.

Useful links:

Project 1999 main page

Project 1999 wiki (this is great for all kinds of info, from details on races and classes, items, quests, etc, also has a helpful newbie guide)

Project 1999 forums

Hope to see you in game.

I know you said location neutral, but Southern Ergoth might be a good place to locate the adventure. It is diverse, with many different cultures, and has a variety of geographical features.

Quite possibly, but only if I can play my Solamnic Knight Paladin, the one that was BFF's with your overwhelmingly compassionate and easy-going Silvanesti Wizard. ;)

I've been well my friend, got some time off of work for the holidays. How is your DL campaign going?

So I've been reading over Castles & Crusades recently. I have to say, that system seems that it would run and support a pre-Age of Mortals campaign VERY well.

It has 13 classes, only 4 of which cast spells (Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Illusionist), a Bard class that could easily work well as the Noble archetype, and even sports a core Knight class.

Also, just wanted to throw my humble two cents in on something, I think Warlord and Warder sound too alike. Warder is definitely better than Knight though. I dont really know what to suggest, maybe Marshal instead of Warlord. Tactician could have worked instead of Warder if it hadnt already been used in the psionics material.

So will there eventually be a book to collect all of this plus any further support material into a massive beautiful full color hardcover with WAR cover art, ala Ultimate Psionics, either with or without a Kickstarter?

I am definitely in support of all the material, but I absolutely love the complete nature of such products.

Georgia Bulldogs fan say +1 to this.

Oh Mighty DM, did you mean Law or Luck for his domain choice? I was just curious because btb Reorx is TN, not LN. And his 5 available domains in the Holy Order of the Stars sourcebook are Earth, Fire, Forge (now Artifice), Luck, and Strength.

I like gully dwarves as a plot device, not a traveling companion.

Goblin Squad Member

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Good lord at the ridiculousness.

Personally, I loved original EQ. I played from Classic to shortly after Ykesha, though Planes of Power was where most of my interest waned. My character was a Wood Elf Druid, I made a fortune with my taxi service pre PoP.

For me, no game has been able to capture the sheer immersion EQ provided. Exploring a was both exciting and dangerous, you were always on your toes, as death was something to fear. I think lack of serious death penalties in most modern MMO's has taken a great deal of that immersion (and enjoyment) away.

The game encouraged us to be sociable, from boat rides, to groups, to EC Tunnel trading. And the best part was, everyone made a name for themselves and had a reputation. There were no server transfers, no name changes, so if someone developed a reputation as a douchebag word would get around quick, and then they were going to feel the consequences of that in the game. A game that encourages people not to be douchebags is a good thing.

I am very excited by the potential prospects of EQ Next and I'm anxiously waiting for the full unveiling on August 2nd.

With that all said, Keovar is definitely the one in the wrong here, his first post is him unprovokingly quoting the OP and basically saying "no, you're wrong, because I say so". He could have just responded in general and said "I personally wasn't fond of EQ, it was too grindy and too punishing for my tastes", but instead he decided to go another route.

Torald, where is Griffonstone? I am unfamiliar with the location of that city/area on Ansalon.

Winwaar that would be kind of cool. I've always had a character idea for a kender cleric of Branchala personally. It would be Kender Songs instead of Kender Tales. ;)

Gully Dwarf Cleric of Reorx (with the above racial adjustments)

Str 13 Dex 13 Con 17 Int 8 Wis 16 Cha 10

Nothing unplayable about that good sir. :)

I think a case could be made to lower the Int penalty to -2, but thats up to the DM, although I think it would be fair. I do think the Cha negative needs to stay at -4 though personally, I mean if a normal dwarf has a -2 then a gully has to be at least the next tier worse than that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Indeed good sir, but there is a big difference between a novel and a cooperative group based game. ;)

I mean I could play my Knight like Derek Crownguard, but what fun would that be for anyone. :)

Gully Dwarves
+2 Dex, +2 Con, -4 Int, -4 Cha
Small: Gully dwarves are small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, +1 size bonus on attack roles, a -1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Slow Speed: Gully dwarves have a base speed of 20 feet.
Survival Instinct: Gully dwarves are driven to survive. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Stealth and Survival checks. Gully dwarves may use Survival checks to forage for food and basic necessities, even in cities. Survival is always considered a class skill for them.
Hardy: Gully dwarves are resistant to the effects of disease and poison, receiving a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves to resist the effects of poison and disease. They are immune to the sickened and nauseated conditions.
Pitiable: Gully dwarf diplomacy consists of flattery, begging, crying, cringing, and pleading. They’ve honed this ability to a fine art. Gully dwarves receive a +4 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks used to convince an enemy not to harm them.
Cowardly: Gully dwarves are extremely susceptible to Intimidation and fear effects. They suffer a –4 penalty on level checks to resist Intimidation checks made against them and on saving throws against fear effects.
Auotmatic Languages: Common and Gullytalk. Available Bonus Languages: Dwarven.

Obviously I am not the DM, but thats how I would do it. This is almost a direct translation of gully dwarves from the Races of Ansalon sourcebook, with even a couple extra perks thrown in. Personally I think the large negatives to Int and Cha are necessary to portray the race properly.

Shalafi, you sure aren't making it easy to get along with your character, my friend. ;)

Algar, you should totally play a Knight of Solamnia. ;)

I'm going to submit a NG Qualinesti Elf White Robe Wizard.

Question, will the campaign follow the book exactly, or is it possible for the PC's to alter the events/world?

And come on man, you pretty much stole my campaign intro wholesale. :P

Hey guys, I just wanted to stop in and clear the air since it had been hinted at, I will not be taking over DMing duties for this game. Crazy busy at work right now. It's a definite possibility that I DM a Dragonlance campaign on here sometime in the future, but if I do I will be starting a new recruitment/campaign.

Also, Rizz went a different direction than I would have, cause I'll be honest, killing Laura Majere and half the town of Solace in the first 5 mins, definitely not something I would have done. Plus I couldn't figure out how one 5/6th level cleric, with a few lower level lackies, massacred an entire Solamnic garrison. Not saying Rizz was bad or wrong, just different styles.

Good luck to you all and good gaming.

High God of Krynn wrote:
Now as for taking the Knight of the Sword class, you have to meet the requirements of the class but you don't need to take levels in Knight of the Crown to get it (But you have to be a Crown Knight first). You can be a member of an organization and hold rank in it without taking the related prestige class. Examples in the book was Henry Crownguard who had levels in fighter/noble and was a Knight of the Rose. In addition Dalamar the Dark has NO levels in Wizards of High Sorcery but but still is the head of the black robes. Taking the prestige classes just provide the class benefits by taking the prestiege class levels. I will allow the Sword Knight class to stack with your Cleric Levels for purposes of your Channeling Power.

Oh I'm well aware of the mechanical difference between the DLCS Knight PrC's and the KOoA Knight PrC's, in that the latter dont require to have levels in one to advance to the next, whereas the former do.

Honestly I usually go for some sort of primary spellcaster character, wizard, cleric, etc, so instead I am going to relish my time with the greatsword this time and stick with the Paladin, who will be striving for Knight of the Rose, in RP only though, not actually taking the Rose Knight PrC. But thank you for answering my question.

In the Towers of High Sorcery sourcebook it stats a young, lower level Dalamar (set during his time as Raistlin's apprentice) who has taken the WoHS PrC. Also in alternate timelines of the Legends of the Twins sourcebook, in which the Age of Mortals never happens and the gods and wizardly magic doesnt disappear, he is statted as Master of the Conclave and has a full 10 levels in WoHS. The only time he doesn't have it was during the pre War of Souls Age of Mortals, where it was impossible for anyone to have.

And I think you mean Derek Crownguard....who you are indeed correct had the title of Rose Knight but didn't have any levels in any of the PrC's, mainly because he was LN and didn't qualify for them since you have to be LG. ;)

Woot for out of game lore discussions. :P

agnelcow wrote:
The Mummy's Mask? I seem to be vaguely recalling something involving Osirion and Masks...

What is that Great One....yes Your Worshipfulness, right away

The Mighty Cthulhu has informed me that a letter of ceasing and desisting will soon be on its way from the entity known as "Chaosium". You may now resume your pathetic mortal lives.


Well it looks like the racial class restrictions don't make it possible to play my Red Mage. Have fun and good campaigning all.

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Great to hear! Did you ever get the PM I sent you?

I did, and I pretty much agreed with what you said.

This should be fun, and it seems like we have a lot of hardcore DL fans with us, I think it will make for a great group.

DM, I'm curious, (note: I'm completely happy with my character and not asking to change it) would you have allowed characters to take levels in any of the actual PrC's from the DL books? Another Knight of Solamnia character idea I have is for a Clerist, going Fighter 1/Cleric of Kiri-Jolith 7, then taking the Knight of the Sword prestige class from Knightly Orders of Ansalon, with the Clerist substitution levels. I was just curious if that would have been possible if I had decided to go that route (and thats what the party had needed).

Shalafi2412 wrote:
SOOO, Remy is xenophobic? How did the move go?

LOL, how am I being xenophobic when I want more races in the party?! Bring on the dwarves and kender (in addition to elves), although another human would be nice. :P

It went well, thanks.

Lol, no Shalafi, that wasn't my character speaking, he harbors no ill will towards other (non-evil) races. That was just me joking about the lack of racial diversity. ;)

There are FAR too many elves in this game, how about a little diversity people! :P

Is this game already full? I would like to submit Drake Steelwind, a LG Human Paladin of Kiri-Jolith and Solamnic Knight aspirant looking to eventually become a Knight of the Rose. His personal life goal is to see Palanthas liberated and a wholly reunited Kingdom of Solamnia under the banner of goodness. I am very well versed in the world of Dragonlance and the lore of Krynn.

I'm thinking a silver haired Half-Orc Fighter/Mage/Cleric, who wears an all red outfit, a red cape, and a red pimp hat with a white plume feather. :P

MrSin wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:
ciretose wrote:

So to be clear, the increased cost of backward compatibility = bad decision.

The cost of making the kinect a base feature raising the price point = Good decision.

Now, this might sound silly(or completely reasonable), but why would I want to pay for something I don't want to use and have no interest in? In this case, I am interested in backwards compatibility because I have a games library and I love the feeling of nostalgia, but I dislike Kinect. If my 360 dies...(which 3 of the ones in my house have!)

Scott wasnt saying it's better for you or I, he was saying it's better for Microsoft and the developers, more pointedly, better for their bank accounts. Microsoft doesn't care about the little guy (or the troops), all they care about is the quarterly profit margin.

I have one of the original fully backwards compatible PS3's, I still throw my PS1 disks of Final Fantasy 4, 6, 7, and Chrono Trigger in there from time to time. Also the original PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament is pretty much mine and my group of friends favorite fighting game, so we rock that on occasion too. Three generations of Playstation games on one machine is a nice thing to have, and one of my fears is when that thing eventually dies.

It seems like this series loves to kill anyone with a G in their alignment, meanwhile all the E’s (and N’s) have free reign and pretty much run the place.

Scott, I will take your lack of a response to my earlier post (considering you responded to posts after mine) as a declaration of concession, and that you possess no counterpoints to argue. Pleasure debating with you. ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kthulhu wrote:
I'm in the Air Force, an there is a HUGE amount of individuals in the service who take their consoles with them when they deploy. The MWR usually has dozens of consoles set up for service members to play in their down time as well. Internet access for these places, when it actually exists, is horribly slow and extremely unreliable. I have a feeling that many military members won't bother with the XBOne. And those dozens of consoles in the MWR? They'll all be PS4s and WiiUs.

As a former Air Force member who was deployed to Al-Udeid, I can personally attest to the validity of this.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Scott, I have seen you use the term "par for the course" a few times in this thread to justify various things. One could say that ability to play offline and the ability to take my copy of Mortal Kombat over to my buddies house so we can play are things that have been "par for the course" for decades. I guess that term only applies when used to your advantage though.

Also I would like for you to fully address the numerous valid and legal points Irontruth has raised on the the right of first sale (other than one sentence saying you "feel" it will be revisited). Although I guess it is most likely that you have avoided the subject because you don't have a valid argument against it.

Personally I don't reward greed, I don't support projects and companies that attempt to squeeze every nickle and dime out of customers rather than rely on the quality of their goods and services to up their market share (unless said company is a necessity, like a utilities company).

I used to love Bioware, and happily bought all of their games, the Baldur's Gate trilogy are some of the greatest pieces of gaming ever created. Unfortunately Bioware (in personnel, business practices, and spirit) is not the same company anymore that made classics like BG2, NWN, and KOTOR.

Thankfully we have wonderful options like GOG and Kickstarter to utilize, personally I am more looking forward to Torment and Project Eternity than I am anything a AAA studio has on the docket.

Finally, the true beauty of capitalism is that these companies excessive greed opens up a spot for a new company and console to come in and offer great features like the ability to play offline and the ability to lend a game to a friend. This is my biggest hope, someone new will come along and offer a gaming console and service based completely on consumer (gamer) satisfaction, and THAT is what will drive it to success, that it treats its customers with respect. The ideal scenario is that it would be so successful that it decimates the competition, causing the large nickle and diming companies to relook at the their business practices.

Although how sad is it when the decades old practices of offline gaming and portability would be touted as "features"...

Things aren't looking too good in ole Solace. One can only hope there are some brave heroes around to right these vile wrongs... ;)

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