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Cayden Cailean

Gambit's page

Goblin Squad Member. 769 posts (859 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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I'm looking for stats for a bear animal companion that starts medium and then improves to large at level 7 in the same vein of a tiger, wolf, elk, dino, etc. This could be from some obscure Paizo book, a 3rd party source, or somebodies homebrew. Any help is greatly appreciated.

An interesting tidbit from Margaret Weis on ENWorld:

Although we didn't know a lot of what was happening at the time, TSR was going bankrupt. Summer Flame was originally supposed to be three books involving the search for the magic that is lost at the end of Summer Flame. Management decided that SF would only be one book and that since Tracy and I were no longer with the company, DL would pass to an in-house team and it would be tied with the new RPG card game the company was developing to take advantage of the craze with Magic. And so, DL went a different direction.

What no one foresaw was that this would split the DL community, with some fans liking 5th Age a lot and others not so much. When WoTC took over, Peter wanted to see DL come back together again and he brought me and Tracy back on board to work with the 5th Age design team to bring the two together. Tracy came up with the idea that Takhisis had stolen the world--which I thought was absolutely brilliant. And we went from there.



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I love Dragonlance, but I always thought the whole "we're going to punish everyone for the actions of one man and his sub-sect of followers" was downright petty. Throwing down the mountain was overkill, but if they were going to do it, they should have destroyed only the city of Istar, not half the continent, it would have had the exact same effect. And Takhisis's I'm-going-to-take-over-the-world machinations got kinda old after a while.

What is dead may never die.

DM Beckett wrote:
Andoran influence/reaction/instigation also seems to be surprisingly absent

This is true, one would think Andoran would go all in on joining forces with the Glorious Reclamation. Perhaps that is a story element we will see when it gets to that point. It just makes too much sense for it not to happen.

I quite enjoyed this players guide, well done again guys. However I find myself wishing the next two APs were swapped, an evil campaign where the PCs take over a single city, basically using it as their personal playground, seems more intriguing.

But more importantly, I want to take part in the Glorious Reclamation, to sing the song of valor, freedom, and unity as we remove the fiendish taint from Cheliax, and cast down House Thrune into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

For an AP to actually have a great and lasting change upon the official setting. This would be my most anticipated AP since Kingmaker (and probably my favorite since Runelords) if that were the case. As it stands now, it feels like a "we are going to let you cause a little benevolent anarchy in one isolated location, followed immediately by a grand sweeping campaign to return things to the status quo" type situation.

I think the reason why I like Elaith the most is that he is one of the relatively few Forgotten Realms characters who showed actual character growth as things went along, and it was pretty well nuanced. You can tell there is this gradual progression towards possible redemption for him. I dont think we would have ever seen him cross over into full "good" territory, but I could definitely see him settling in nicely to a TN alignment.

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Hama wrote:
Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

"The Crystal Shard" was a pretty decent book (as far as RPG novels go), and so was "Homeland". It's just that all the others got progressively worse.

I'd much rather see pretty much anything of Elaine Cunningham's stuff on screen, though.

Oh god no. Her books were horribly written, had incredible mary and marty stus and she didn't even read the player's hadnbook before writing mixing up many things including schools of magic.

I hope that not a single one of her novels ever gets translated to the screen.

Well Elaith "the Serpent" Craulnober is probably my favorite Forgotten Realms character (though Blackstaff is a really close second), so I liked a good bit of her work. However, your complaints aren't completely without merit.

As far as on topic, please god let this be a good and worthy representation of the hobby we all love, my heart cant handle another debacle like we got in 2000, hopefully we get a talented, stellar director.

I think they will be watching the development, reception, and turn out of the Warcraft movie very closely.

Philo Pharynx wrote:

You've got a huge error in your post

LoneKnave wrote:

+you are like gambit


+you can be like gambit, if you want

You put plus signs next to "be like gambit". Big mistake. They should be minus signs. Flashing red minus signs.

Bite your tongue sir!

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Have your plans changed now that the new adventure path has been announced?

For your original idea, I would leave out the Kineticist from the rest of the Occult classes available, Human Torch flying around throwing fireballs doesnt really fit the theme. ;)

Regarding the other classes, I would say yes to Alchemist and Witch, maybe to Oracle, Inquisitor, and Shaman, and absolute no to Wizard, Cleric, and Arcanist.

I'm thinking a drow warder/psion, possibly a member of the black thorn knights...but the temptation to play a mind flayer is really strong, looking forward to seeing the stats on those.

And no insults were meant or given, that is a serious question I posited to Gorbacz, one I am keen to see the answer to.

One thing is for sure, whether you are an old school man-bearded grognard or a transgender pansexual 20-something, Paizo wants your business and money.

Or are you looking for them to exclude a section of their playerbase Gorbz?

As for on topic, this was the AP that caused one of my friends to finally dip his toe into AP buying, though he hasnt started it yet as we are knee-deep in a campaign another DM is running.

Schadenfreude wrote:
Juda de Kerioth wrote:
i know this is an old post, but how it went? did this guy have done already the conversions? im embarking in the same trip too. Only that i need to do two things: converting it and translating it to my language
Since then, this has come out, which you might find useful. There's also a huge monster compendium, and darklord stats.

Good man, you beat me to it. In case you need the rest of the material, here's the link to the forum post where you can get all 3 books, including the book of darklords and the monster book.

Lol, an interesting concept no doubt.

Are you using the new 7th Edition (not that it really matters with CoC)?

If I were a betting man, I'd put it on a GenCon 2017 release of the Curse of the Crimson Throne anniversary edition hardback. That will be the 15 year anniversary of Paizo as a company and the 10 year anniversary of the Adventure Paths, and it will have been 5 full years since Runelords AE was released.

Are 3rd party classes allowed? I'd love to be a NG Hylian Warder, classic sword and shield style.

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Krensky wrote:

I have little patience with people gushing about how great VII was and how much worse they think the later and better games are.

The story is head scratchingly obtuse because it was unfinished. The characters are lazy stereotypes with no real depth or indviduality, well other than Cait Sith. The battle system is boring and basically the same as VI.

Plus, chocobo breeding.

You spoony bard.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally its VI > IV > VII >>> all the rest.

I love 7, and this will be a day one purchase for me, but if they ever do a full HD remaster of 6 I would squee like a nine year old girl who just got a pony for her birthday.

It's still the best story of any FF game ever.

I read about half of the first page before I noticed this thread is 4 years old. It was almost comical too because one of the first few comments is some guy saying he was checking E3 for news, which just started today, and then some other guy was pining over a Baldurs Gate style game, to which I was going to reply "dude, have you been under a rock, check out Pillars of Eternity!"...and then I noticed the date, lol.

Anyway, so Paizo, what is going on with that Obsidian deal*, hmm?

I'm going to laugh when Vic replies with the exact same thing he said 4 years ago.

*Other than the virtual card game.

Rathendar wrote:
Hopefully one of these can beat Saint Kargath in cool factor, or come close to Lord Soth. Ungarato has some cool to him based on history bits posted so far. Looking forward to this article.

The original Death Knight, causer (or at least non-preventer) of the Cataclysm that befell his world, owner of his own castle of horror on Krynn, and a Dark Lord with his own Domain of Dread in Ravenloft...thats gonna be tough to beat. ;)

Even Arthas is number 2 on the all time Death Knight list behind Soth, and I loved Warcraft 3 something fierce.

Rynjin wrote:

I alway liked Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Of course, it's the only one I played. But watching a stack of clerics pimp slap dragons to death was funny.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is Master Race. Love and embrace it as the best or GTFO.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just wanted to give some praise for doing your part to keep Ravenloft alive. May the mists be in your favor good sir.

Awww, I thought this thread was going to be about a character for a Dragonlance campaign. I got all excited to talk about pious knights, color coded wizards, and everyones all time favorite PC race, kender.

Character concept seems solid, everyone loves a well played bard.

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Looking at the different options for the wizards and cavaliers and other classes, in a DL world are the PRCs even necessary?

I really like the Knight prestige classes from Knightly Order of Ansalon, but I wouldnt necessarily take them on every single Knight character I played. I would probably take Sword Knight (clerist) on a clerical focused Knight, and theres a good chance I would take the Rose Knight on top of the Cavalier class, but I most likely wouldnt with a Paladin.

The way I see it is that the PrC isnt needed to achieve the heights in the organizations, but its another option for those who are members of said groups to utilize if they so desire.

Basically a Fighter 20 could be Lord of the Crown as easily as a Fighter 10/Crown Knight 10, as long as he has roleplayed it properly.

If 3rd party material is allowed I was going to suggest a Warder, the only Pathfinder class I've encountered that makes playing a "tank" actually feasible and viable.

Cap: Shield Champion Brawler, maybe a couple levels in Paladin.

Iron Man: Aegis

Hulk: Hulk has two separate character sheets, one as Bruce Banner, an Alchemist, and one as the Hulk, a Wild Rager Barbarian. He only has access to his current set of abilities in a given form, the others are locked out to him.

Paizo only, or is 3rd party acceptable?

Shalafi, I'm thinking a Fighter/Cleric, mostly Cleric, who takes the Knight of the Sword (Clerist) prestige class from Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

IIRC I was like the 3rd one to step away, and by the time I did it was pretty much a moot point anyway as the campaign was already in its death throes. But good luck and whatnot, hopefully this one makes it farther.

Drake Steelwind, Paladin of Kiri-Jolith and Squire of the Crown, reporting for duty (again). :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

For the Stalker I'd rather them have a good base Reflex and either get rid of the Wis to Ref ability, or swap it out for something else.

For the Warlord it's probably less needed overall, but I liked it for uniformity and symmetry between the classes.

If you decided to implement it, it would work out like this:

Warder: Fort and Will, Int to Ref
Warlord: Fort and Ref, Cha to Will
Stalker: Ref and Will, Wis to Fort (this is what you could swap out its Wis to Ref for).

Yay symmetry.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Errant, there was discussion a while back about saving throws in the first book being off. Can you please give me some official confirmation...are the Stalker and Warlord supposed to have good reflex saves, yes or no? And if yes, will that be released as official errata?

Morgan definitely leveled up a few times in Monk.

Most of the Infinity Engine games were pretty darn faithful incarnations of the 2E rules, aside from Planescape (which was awesome for separate reasons).

Can anyone kindly do one of those lists compiling all the active character submissions?

DM, could I play an Outlander who's just trying to get the hell home?

And I don't know what link was originally posted but are you using Ryan Naylors Pathfinder conversion from Fraternty of Shadows?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
KenderKin wrote:

The people on the show are so dumb. I am now rooting for the zombies to win!

My friend told me the show was good. Now I watch an episode every few months, just so I have more to tell him about how dumb the show is.

Way to roleplay your character, you've got the quintessential annoying Kender nailed!

I was going to suggest a Slayer as well. I have a buddy who loved multiclassed Fighter/Thieves back in the 2E days and he thinks the Slayer class is the best thing since sliced bread.

Whenever we do gestalt we play it similar AD&D multiclassing, in that you take two classes at level 1 and those are locked in for the rest of that characters career, no multiclassing, no PrCs. This isn't as big of a deal in Pathfinder as it was in 3.5 but it still makes things simpler and neater.

Im running a normal campaign in Rise of the Runelords right now, but I'll be doing a gestalt campaign when I get around to running Rappan Athuk. One of my buddies is already itching to play a Soulknife/Stalker.

I actually don't mind Fox keeping ahold of the X-License, that universe is large enough that it can support multiple movies and characters interwoven into a seamless whole.

I want the F4 IP back at Marvel not so much for the F4 themselves, but for Doom, Galactus, Silver Surfer, and all the rest that goes along with it. Doom and Galactus will make for excellent MCU villains for future Avengers movies.

Then we have 3 studios going full steam:

Warner Bros: All of DC
Fox: X-Men Universe
Marvel: All the rest of Marvel minus the X-Men

That sounds about perfect to me.

MMCJawa wrote:
Now we just need the grim-dark Fantastic Four reboot to bomb, so Marvel can buy back that property (or at least Doctor Doom and the cosmic elements).

This is the great hope. And it is entirely possible.

Sadly, what Marvel will never get back is X-Men, Fox will keep that to themselves until kingdom come.

I'm thinking instead of a Stalker (lots of rogue types so far) maybe doing an Aasimar Warlord who's goal is to be Ringmaster.

Pan wrote:

I disagree.

I'm thinking a CG Human Stormborn Sorcerer. His struck by lightning count is currently only at 4.

Bards Gate or Endhome sound good to me. I'm thinking I would rather enjoy a Stalker who plies his trade in one of those fair cities.

So absolutely zero 3rd party material? I've been dying to play a Warlord in a Kingmaker campaign. Focus would be on Golden Lion and Scarlet Throne disciplines, and he would have ties to the Aldori and nobles of Brevoy.

Reign of Winter might be one to check out. It has the PCs working somewhat with a notoriously "evil" figure and a bit of (rather interesting) plane hopping.

If you also love Ravenloft then Carrion Crown is another to look at.

Sounds like a fun party concept. THIS might also prove useful to you in this endeavor.

Which is why Deadly Agility is the superiorly designed feat. Slashing Grace is wonky with silly wording. I agree with the house ruling it to work with any light or one-hander NewXToa.

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