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Full Name





Barbarian 2/Oracle 1




6' 200 lb.



Special Abilities

Fast Movement, Uncanny Dodge, Mystery [Battle], Curse [Speaks in Tongues], Revelations [Battlecry]






Land of Song


Common, Celestial, Giant



Strength 16
Dexterity 11
Constitution 13
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15

About Galstak


Feats: Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Furious Focus
Traits: Resilient (+1 Fort Saves), Suspicious (+1 Sense Motive), Highlander (+1 Steath Checks, +2 in Hilly area)

Init: +4
BAB: +2

Melee Attack: +5
Ranged Attack: +2
CMB: +5
CMD: 16
Hit Points: 34
Armor: Chain Shirt
A/C: 15

Fort: +5 Will: +2 Reflex: +0

Weapon: GreatAxe+5(1d12+3, x3); Longsword +5(1d8+3, 19-20/x2); Unarmed Strike +5(1d3+3, x2)

Rage Mods:
Rounds - 7
A/C - 13
Modified HP - 38
Modified to Hit - GreatAxe +9(1d12+7, x3)); Longsword +9(1d8+7, 19-20/x2); Unarmed Strike +9(1d3+7, x2)
Saves - Fort: +7 Will: +4 Reflex: +0

Starting Money: 3105gp
Acrobatics: +4=0+3+1
Climb: +7 = 3+3+1
Intimidate: +7 = 2+3+2
Perception: +6 = +1+3+2
Sense Motive: +5 = 1+3+1
Stealth: +5=0+3+1+1
Knowledge Religion: +7= 1+3+3
Knowledge Nature: +5= 1+3+1
Knowledge The Planes: +5= 1+3+1
Knowledge History: +5= 1+3+1

Oracle Stuff:
Specials – Mystery [Battle], Curse [Speaks in Tongues], Revelations [Battlecry]

0-lvl – Guidance, Detect Magic, Light, Stabalize
1st- Cure Light Wounds, Command, Shield of Faith

Spells per day – Unlimited - 0 / 4 - 1st

MW Great Axe
MW Longsword
MW Chain Shirt
Winter Blanket
Grappling hook
Rations (2)
Silk Rope
Ring of Protection +1
Cold Weather Outfit
Religious Symbol
torches (3)
Flint & Steel
Heal Potion [Light] (3)
Coin Sack - 44gp

Galstak was a strange boy. Born of two Shoanti Barbarians of the Tamiir-Quah in Varisia, he grew up in a small village within sight of Rimeskull. His grandfather left the Tamiir -Quah way of life many years ago after a run in with the resident White Dragon of Rimeskull. He moved to a small village outside of Brinewall.

Galstak’s father, Kordant, took the trade of scavenging and processing metals and gems found naturally in the area processing and making them ready for jewelers as far south as Riddleport. Kordant met and married Abinta who gave him his first son, Galstak, a year later. Abinta shortly found the boy strange and immediately proclaimed him cursed.

Galstak, to all appearances, seemed to be a normal Shoanti youth, but something was different. He seemed to know when bad things would happen. He also had the strange ability to speak a foreign language. This happened when he was scared or angry. He was able to speak this foreign language from a very early age speaking it better than his native tongue.

Galstak’s odd behavior put a lot of stress on the family. His younger siblings exhibited none of the strange behavior. They were normal Shoanti kids. Galstak loved his little brother and sister. At least they thought he was normal. But dark visions of his little brother’s fate would change Galstak’s life forever. He warned his mother about the accident that would take his brother’s life. Abinta kept a watchful eye from that point on. It mattered not, as one day when Galstak’s father was away his little brother fell from a rocky formation near the village breaking his neck, just as Galstak predicted.

Abinta had had enough. She blamed Galstak for his brother’s death saying he pushed him off the rocks to make his prediction come true. Abinta demanded that Kordant do something about their cursed son. They decided to send him away to his estranged grandfather.

Galstak’s grandfather Tarrock was an odd fellow. A Shoanti of the Tamiir -Quah also, he was a dedicated warrior for years, although he was little undersized. At 8 years of age Galstak was only a hand shorter than his grandfather. Tarrock was a radical in the quah due to his risk taking and fascination with the White Dragon of Rimeskull. He was very intelligent and took to reading tomes of knowledge from all walks of life. His over obsession with the dragon and the expected knowledge to be gained from it could he make contact, made Tarrock a sort of outsider in his own quah. When he finally did make contact with the beast, things did not go well. Tarrock was wounded both physically and mentally. He fled the quah certain that the dragon would seek him out to finish him off.

Tarrock welcomed Galstak making him the son he never had. He taught Galstak that he did not have to feel different, his abilities were a gift. He said that the tongue that Galstak spoke when under stress was a form of celestial. Galstack still did not know what that meant.

When Galstak was 10, Tarrock’s mental disorder grew worse and he feared the dragon would seek him out endangering small village and nearby Brinewall. He packed all their belongings and headed North figuring that if the dragon followed at least it would not harm the peoples of Varisia.

Tarrock found a small fishing village in the Land of Song far to the north. He had changed his public name to throw the dragon off the scent. He took to calling Galstak Stak hoping to further re-identify themselves. He built a small cabin in the mountains near the village.

Being a big boy and a Shoanti in a new land, Galstak would have to learn to defend himself. Tarrock taught Galstak the martial arts and Galstak grew big, strong and smart. He read uncle’s tomes, at least the ones that interested him. Religion and the ways of the Shoanti interested him the most. He was hoping to find answers to why he had visions. Uncle warned Galstak that his visions may just go away someday. Or… they may manifest into something bigger. He hoped they went away.

Tarrock used his intellect and talents as a warrior to provide for himself and Galstock in their new land. He learned the local history and geography and became familiar with all the inhabitants around their new home.

One day on his 13th birthday he had a vision of his uncle wasting away from some disease. His uncle warned him that not all visions are best relayed to the people they are about. That doing so could create too much stress on that person leading the prediction to come true. Galstak thought of his brother.

By his 17th birthday, Galstak’s vision had come to fruition. Uncle lay dying of something he could not name. Galstak left his uncle to find help. When he returned with a healer from the village they were too late. Uncle had passed. He burned his uncle’s body in the traditional Shoanti way.

Galstak spent the next several months wondering what he should do. His supplies were running out and he needed to get on with his life. He gathered his grandfather’s items, keeping the most valuable (mostly books) and the rest he took to the village to sell off at the market.
His visions have intensified recently also. A Valley with Carns and tombs of long lost kings. Foreboding Shadows reaching down from the north. A large fortress with wooden palisades assailed and its guardians taken.

Whispers in the village speak of evil in the North. Fields that won’t grow crops and herds that die unexpectedly. He had had similar visions. He spoke to the locals describing the fortress and palisades. “Yngvar’s Hall” he was told.

Galstak gathered his belongs, made some purchases with whatever money he received for Tarrock’s legacy and headed off to see what his visions meant.

Attitude: Galstak is angry at his situation. From his early childhood, life has been against him. Even his own parents disliked him. Now his only friend and relative is dead. He is running out of money and becoming desperate. This further angers him. When he is angry, his visions increase. He views his speaking in tongues and visions as a curse and disability.

Religion: Galstak follows the traditions of Erastil as Tarrock did, but religion is not his thing. He is Chaotic Good. He may change to follow Gorum once his inner Oracle comes out (See below)

Appearance: Galstak is of normal appearance. Although clearly of Shoanti decent he has none of the tattoos and fetishes his people normally adorn themselves with. He has taken to dressing himself as a local. Galstak usually goes covered up and hooded wherever he goes due to his slight Xenophobia.

Personality: Dark, brooding, and quiet. He tends to be a little Xenophobic around people he does not know. This is from his upbringing, lifestyle, and “disability”. If he has an important vision about someone he opens up to them though. Sort of like a bonding thing.

Future Plan for Galstak – Galstak is obviously a warrior first. But at level 3 his inner Oracle manifested itself. From then on he will take alternate levels of Oracle/Barbarian until he can reach the Prestige Class of Rage Prophet.