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Elvish Fighter

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I second that request. I'd love to see this.

Hi All

On average, about how many article ideas do you submit per query, and how much detail do you provide for each one? I've read the submission guidelines, but I'm not sure how much info to include. For example, an Ecology article is supposed to be 3,000 words, and always has the same subsections (Origins, Physiology, Psychology, etc). So in a query for that type of article, do you just put in a quick blurb (like a sentence or two) about each subsection?


Here's one I got back from the last submission meeting. Any and all feedback is appreciated!


“Panthophobia” is an Eberron adventure for a party of 1st-3rd level adventurers. While characters of any class will be suitable, a cleric and a bard will be extremely helpful. The adventure is approximately 9,000 words and has 6 maps.
A never before seen virus is brutally ravaging Sharn’s population. While clerics of the Sovereign Host and members of House Jorasco struggle to combat it, the virus’ creator waits patiently for the infection to wipe out the city. This man, Arlad Dacks, is a monk/cleric dedicated to the Mockery, who was thrown out of his temple when the other monks could no longer tolerate his incessant phobias. Dacks hopes that by killing off Sharn’s populace in the Mockery’s name he will be allowed to return to his temple.
The PCs are recruited by clerics of the Sovereign Host to investigate the cause of the disease. The clerics tell them that the first victims came to Sharn via First Tower, and they all ate chicken while they were there. The players travel to First Tower and learn that a strange man was seen feeding the chickens dark green berries. By making Gather Information checks, the players learn that these berries only grow in a certain marsh nearby, so they continue their investigation there.
Upon reaching the marsh, the PCs discover a sanctum where Dacks conducts his work. Being paranoid, he split his research across four sanctums, confident that the puzzle rooms protecting each one would keep intruders out. Since Dacks is athazagoraphobic (afraid of forgetting things) he has left a reminder in certain sanctums to help him bypass the puzzles. In this sanctum, the PCs enter a large foyer with a doorway leading to an antechamber. The doorway is blocked by a permanent wall of force. Tucked into an alcove in the foyer is a set of six 4” tall figurines, each of which stands on an octagonal base. The set consists of a dwarf, a werewolf, a gnome, a human paladin of the Silver Flame, a kobold and an orc. Adjacent to the figurines is a pedestal with two octagonal depressions in its center. Etched into the pedestal is the following riddle: “Mortal enemies til their dying day/ Yet side by side/ They show the way.”
The first line of the riddle is written in gnome, the second in dwarven and the third in common. When a figure is paired on the pedestal with its mortal enemy (gnome-kobold, dwarf-orc, paladin-lycanthrope) a letter shimmers in the air above the pedestal. When arranged correctly, these letters spell a draconic command word to bypass the wall of force and enter the research chamber beyond. The key to arranging the letters properly is in the language of each line of the riddle. Thus, the gnome-kobold pair should be placed first, followed by the dwarf-orc pair, and then the paladin-lycanthrope. If players do not speak the correct command word, a summon monster I trap is triggered. Players can then try arranging the letters again until they succeed. In the research chamber PCs find notes about the virus, a map indicating the locations of the other sanctums, and several trinkets thought to ward off frogs. This provides the first insight into Dacks’ mind – he’s batrachophobic (afraid of frogs).
Players may then journey to any of the other remaining sanctums. Along the way, the DM may choose to run random encounters to add more combat action to the game. In the second sanctum, characters must bypass a Guardian Eyeball. The eyeball is a construct placed over a doorway that can see everything in a 180 degree radius. When a creature enters its field of vision, the eye fires a blast of force that hurls the creature backwards and stuns it. Each time the eye fires, a pair of medium monstrous centipedes is released into the room. The eye is shielded from ranged attacks, so PCs must figure out a way to blind the eye in order to bypass it. This can be done by casting darkness, by being invisible or by moving light sources in the room so that the eye is immersed in intense shadows. In this sanctum are more of Dacks’ notes on the virus, along with a journal detailing his expulsion from the temple. The journal also mentions how much Dacks hates loud noises, which allows clever players to realize that Dacks is ligyrophobic.
At the third sanctum, PCs find a 10 ft. x 10 ft. chamber with a 50 ft. vertical shaft leading up to the research room. PCs can fly, levitate or use rope trick spells to reach the room, or they can attempt to operate a primitive elevator. The elevator consists of a buoyant platform that detaches from the floor while the room fills with water. When the water level rises, the platform carries the PCs up to the research room. The elevator is controlled by a series of ten levers, each of which is labeled with a single letter. Above the levers is an illustration of a man who’s been flayed. Embossed below the illustration, but above the levers is the phrase “Raise my realms.” The illustration represents the Mockery, and players must put all the levers labeled with the first letter of the Mockery’s domains in the “up” position in order to activate the elevator.
Failure to raise the correct levers causes the room to fill with filthy water. Characters can make Swim checks to stay afloat as the water rises, but they must also make saves against filth fever. Inside this research room are more of Dacks’ notes, along with a few of his personal effects, including a bar of alchemical soap and several vials of cologne. PCs can glean from this that Dacks is autodysomophobic (afraid of having a foul odor).
Upon entering the fourth sanctum, the characters must cross a narrow bridge over a flaming chasm to reach a door on the other side. This is complicated further by a group of stirges who attack the PCs while they are vulnerable on the bridge. However, the fire is an illusion and the door a fake. Players who successfully cross the bridge without falling find the door opens on a stone wall. PCs can make checks to realize the fire doesn’t give off any heat, and to notice the handholds that are carved into the chasm. Players who descend below the illusion find the true research room, and the final piece of Dacks’ research. Among Dacks’ personal effects, PCs find herbal treatments intended to keep joints limber and resist paralysis. Clever players can deduce that Dacks is ankylophobic (afraid of paralysis).
Regardless of the order in which the PCs visit the sanctums, Dacks is found at the last one they reach. When players confront Dacks, they can subdue him without violence by playing on the phobias they’ve learned about during the course of the adventure. For example, Dacks is afraid of frogs, so a silent image of a frog is sufficient to panic him; prestidigitation’s smell affecting ability puts him into fits; and shatter, bardic music or thunderstones cause him to become shaken. Hold person spells, tanglefoot bags or similar effects also incite tremendous fear in Dacks, and spells with the Fear descriptor are especially potent against him.
Once the players have apprehended Dacks and pieced together his research, they return to Sharn and present their findings to the Sovereign Host. The PCs are rewarded monetarily and can keep any treasure they found during the adventure. Characters who survive the adventure should receive enough XP to advance one or two levels.

Actually, I received word for the query on 3/3. I had originally submitted the query on 1/31. Sort of inadvertently misrepresented things there... sorry about that.

drunken_nomad wrote:

Anybody else besides Talion09 sitting on a proposal that got past the render?

I've got one in from 3/3, and I'm really psyched about getting past the render. Congrats to everyone else who has as well, and good luck to everyone who's still waiting!

Just curious, does anyone know what the cutoff date was for submissions for this round?

Good luck to all!


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