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Shalelu Andosana

GM Wageslave's page

35 posts. Alias of Wei Ji the Learner.


How do you get that to work, Ryan?

I mean, how do you send the maps along to Staples?

*is trying to figure out a Plan B for an upcoming scenario because the originally lined-up maps have been eaten by the postal service, apparently*

So I am considering during the Laktharis encounter of emphasizing to the players that they are playing for children, who have notoriously short attention spans, and if things get too 'boring' the kids will 'tune out'.

Does that sound like a reasonable way of conveying the message that they need to try different things without giving all away? Thoughts?

Please come on down! (Or up if that's the route of travel?)

Plenty of things going, plenty of space to play, and really excited to run stuff for folks, but we need players as David noted above!

Sometimes GMs vanish because of RL issues.

Sometimes they vanish because they see the group they're dealing with, and realize that even if they came straight out and told their table that they were having issues the table would try ANYTHING to keep them... not realizing that they may be part of the issues the GM is having.

This particularly becomes pertinent when one is trying to build a table for the 'long haul' of an AP, and either personalities, characters, or RL impacting posting rates factors in.

Seems I've got my work cut out for me...

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TOZ: Nah, the Worry-Bird isn't that kinda tengu.

Me, on the other hand? I'm the taskmaster keeping them on-track.

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Running Lyrics of Extinction at the pre-GenCon slot, I pulled a real quick 'What sort of wonky things do you have' audit on my players, and was able to use a rarely-used class feature on one of the characters to impart information that they would otherwise have had no way of knowing, and do it seamlessly to preserve immersion.

If I had not done the quick spot-check, I never would have seen that option available.

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I would *much prefer* to have a table that may not have 'the best of knowledges' have a crack at some information by Cooperating with each other as indicated by the Society mantra than withholding said information because they didn't make it a priority to put all their skill points into one knowledge skill, and praying they sit down at a table with others that can 'cover the difference'.

After all, if I have to prep and reread the information blocks a dozen times, I want my players to have access to them if it is reasonably feasible -- and not have most of the party looking at their smartphones for the most recent play in the local sportsball game because they've tuned out feeling they cannot contribute. This has happened to me once, local team was in the playoffs, and getting the party to engage was... a challenge.

Just a reminder, about another couple of days at most for submission deadline...

Shut it, worry-bird.

You keep sticking me with the GMing duties!

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BlackOuroboros wrote:

3.) Quiet Room: This is a bit pie-in-the-sky, but I noticed there were some Green Rooms behind the Sagamore. It might be nice to have a GM "quiet room" where we can crash between slots and get away from the noise/visibility to recuperate. I know a lot of people thrive on the "always on" nature of GMing back-to-back-to-back slots but I could use 20 minutes to just center myself without a ton of noise and people around and I don't think I am alone.

3: Even a designated hotel room or something close where *Volunteers* AND GMs could go would be exceptionally handy.

Problem I kept running into was I'd try to go to break/lunch and then realize "Oh, crap, there's a thing that needs doing and I don't think anyone else knows about it gotta head back before I forget!"

Having a dedicated spot somewhere close where no phones/text/whatnot were allowed, a purely quiet area to regain focus and recharge (not sleep the entire convention away) would be ginormous.

I could be mistaken, but if I remember correctly part of the reason the tiers are broken down is to prevent folks from 'up-farming' the chronicles from Specials, and denying space to folks that are *at* a given Tier, while leaving the lower Tiers pretty empty and unfilled?

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So a mad belated shout-out to the folks who came to play Lyrics Of Extinction on Wednesday.

You folks were great, and whoever was playing Shardra... man, you were even more terrifying than any time I'd ever played her.

Thank you for making my first GM run of a 7-11 scenario an amazing one!

James Risner wrote:
Sin of Asmodeus wrote:

James, was there any official reason for the denial? That seems pretty crummy?


Lots of talk, on balance it comes down the right thing to do. We don't want to outshine GenCon with a little GenCon adjunct event from me.

I have a huge folder of boons, I'll pick two and throw them in the pot. I only use mechanical boons (free reroll, dayjob +, bonus trait) so all the other boons sit in my binder forever.

I'll see if any from my meagre 'available' stash (less than half-dozen) are worthwhile for when I run on Wednesday.

Tallow wrote:

This is pretty much it. And one of the reasons I haven't GM'd hardly anything for PFS since November of 2016.

I'm a huge fan of PCs and a huge fan of players getting to enjoy their character's abilities. But I'm also a storyteller. And part of telling stories in roleplaying games, is experiencing the encounters. When all the hard work I put into those encounters to help tell a riveting tail goes for naught, because players constantly build characters that can't be hit, kill in one shot, and often before I get to do anything as a GM, then that ceases to become fun for me as a GM.

I haven't GM'd a lot for PFS.

Part of the reason was due to a previous campaign having a level of power-creep that makes PFS look downright tame in comparison, even with all of the options available. Much like Tallow mentions here, it's not a lot of fun if one has players that 'attempt to shoot the block text', and then grumble because they have to 'sit through a waste of time'.

On the other side of the token, part of the 'arms race' has come from increasingly difficult encounters and scenarios, and even a person that holds closely to the ideal of 'character development' over 'mechanical development' will be able to point to points in their character's career where 'this' thing or 'that' thing became important to know and have.

As a GM, if a player has a means to shut down an encounter shortly after it is introduced, I'm glad to see it, because it makes up for all the other combats that last for hours on end with things like Obscuring Mist, Stinking Cloud, Mirror Image, Blur, etc, that usually get dropped in the *last fight* after three to four hours of play.

One of the benchmarks I've used, particularly in GMing PFS, is 'is the party working as a unit' as per 'Cooperate'.

If everyone is working together, and the TripMaster 3000 is holding one flank and the blaster is taking care of the right, the healing support is keeping everyone standing and the martials have made themselves either into a wall or a solid harassing force to handle opponent casters (for example), even if I barely get to do anything as a GM, that's a table that 'gets it'.

What is also good to see as a GM is when the 'tried and true' tactics *don't* work, and what players and their characters do to make up for that.

When it's just one 'superstar' that's doing 'everything', well, it's pretty easy as a GM to adjust generic tactics to 'All Firepower on That Target', and it's a legitimate GM tool, as the PCs have brought creative means to the encounter and that opens things up a little.

This also takes the heat off the other PCs in some circumstances to give them a chance to shine, and perhaps excel.

Thank you very much for the update.

Folks that are playing in Lyrics, please be ready to get started ASAP, as I will need to pack up and hustle over to play at 7PM at Wabash.

Thank you in advance.

Hey, you went and had art done of your character: +10

You know the weapon and you know the style and you have the sources you need to use it: +3

Your artist took some liberties with the artwork according to their Muse: -.25

Seems like a positive total to me, I'd accept it at my table.

Just so I have an idea of what I'm working and prepping for, what kind of group load-out am I looking at for Lyrics of Extinction?

GM alias for Wei Ji The Learner

"Don't mind the worry-bird. We'll get you to the goal. Whether your team is in one piece or not will depend on the preparations and teamwork your party shows."

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Grandmaster TOZ wrote:

From across the aether, Pathfinders hear a booming voice...

"Behold, the POWER of the EFREETI!"

Someone just met a horrible fate...

The World's Most Interesting GM wrote:
Do the pages work there too, or are they supplied via a temp service?

Surely the Most Interesting GM realizes that they aren't via a temp service, but rather a concierge.

I think I need some non-rushed PbP GM experience before I take on something like that.

Upcoming I have physical table preparations in the next few months for a local convention, Phoenix ComicCon, as well as working in retail.

I don't think I could do Captive justice, even though my goal would have been to run it on CORE.

That being said, I'm not adverse to playing it in CORE, at any tier up to 7-8.

Will Save Vs. Deeper Slumber: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Well, if one attained enough Plotonium it would be possible to collapse a world into a Story Singularity...

Murdock Mudeater wrote:

Really? Wayfinders strike me as a classic tool for any adventurer. Like something to pair with a swiss army knife. They'd be more common on pathfinders, if only because pathfinders buy them as discount, but I'd expect them for most adventurers.

I mean, just the basic one functions as a compass, holds an ioun stone, and provides the user with a light source. And there are variations for every situation. Seems weird that only a single organization would put them to use.

It is noted in *several* places that the Society tries to guard the ancient Azlanti magitech behind the Wayfinder Principle harder than Karzoug holds onto a coin.

As a result, they should be *exceptionally rare* outside of the Society, and it's more likely to run into other items (anytool, burnt ioun torch, etc, etc) than the comparatively expensive Wayfinder, imo?

CheeseStalker wrote:

I have been to GenCon several times but this year was thinking about volunteering as a GM for Society Play. I just want to make sure I don't miss or haven't missed anything, when/how do we sign up for that? And what are the requirements (as in a star level minimum)?

Thank you!

I'm pretty sure that the sign-ups haven't gone out yet, and there are no star minimums (that I am aware of, at least) to judge at GenCon...

...after all, if that were the case I wouldn't've been able to judge last year myself.

When the sign-up announcement goes live, there'll be slots and times along with a commitment/tier level listing posted.

Each tier will have rewards, with more GMing rewarded with more things.

That being said, from personal experience, Know Your Limits.

Don't try to be a hero*, don't try to bite off more than you can chew, and focus on what you can to bring an awesome and fun experience for you and your fellow Pathfinders.

*you may end up being a hero despite a lack of trying...

Quit being obtuse!

Would a more 'seamless' method be to require players in such a predicament to play at 'slow' speed for the first installment, thus putting them even with their counterparts?

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Gisher wrote:
Voadkha wrote:
Perhaps I'm still suffering from the psychological scars caused by the destruction of LG but the new Starfinder button showing up filled me with dread.
What is LG?

Living Greyhawk, I believe?

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
You should also see the Online Collective. They're voracious.

I've had the privilege of playing with that esteemed crew a few times.

However, as an old-school gamer (and having a need to get out of the house and buy more material when it becomes available as a Resource from the convention retailers) I still have a warm spot in my heart for conventions.

In the Chicagoland area, we have some local conventions.

Unfortunately, lately the breakdown has been *bunch of high-level scenarios/modules* and *handful of low-level scenarios/modules that don't fill*.

If it weren't for online play (which isn't an option for everyone) there's the possibility that I as a player could be down to one or two scenarios every couple of months.

In addition, due to the diminished lower-level numbers, the local conventions have been scheduling a great deal more 5e (almost to the exclusion of PFS).

This makes it very difficult to play/run/schedule anything at a convention.

Do not know what the solution is, I've been volunteering when able to run things, but I steadfastly refuse to run 'cold' after horrific experiences in a different campaign, and local convention group isn't making a lot of evergreens available...

BigNorseWolf wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Then that potentially gives my GM an adventure hook, since in our current campaign we have had no contact with the Pathfinder Society at all -- and my PC definitely wants to possess a certain Ioun Stone and have it in a more secure place than orbiting her head.

You can always implant them.... They have to take it OUT of your cold dead hand that way.

Orrrr your cold dead head... or your cold dead shoulders... the possibilities are only limited by bodily real estate...

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Good to know. I'll have Eddie join up with the Pathfinders at some point, and get the job of sending notes back to Sheila of his progress. Considering that his notes will all have gruesome anatomical sketches* of the monsters he's killed, this will be fun.


*It's a home game, and he's a vivisectionist alchemist. He's very serious about his monster anatomical studies!

Perhaps that's what drives her over the edge and makes her start doing seriously shady things?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As far as 'incorporating resonant powers'?

RotRL Equipment Spoiler:
One of the things that was dropping like candy from a pinata when we did our run were these things called 'Sihedron Medallions'. Given that the BBMG Big Bad MisUnderstood Guy *cough* has gone to the length of *implanting ioun stones INTO HIS BODY*, it's probably not too far of a stretch to imagine that there could be Sihedron Medallions out there with a gem socket for an ioun stone for 'worthy' followers (in old times).

This also could make adventurers more likely to wear such things, which in turn gives the GM some... useful information that said GM can use to ensure some NPCs are prepared for the party...

PFWiki Scribe wrote:
Oh, I forgot to mention, I've also included the various Map Packs and Flip-Mats used for all the PFS scenarios I've updated (now through #4-08 The Cultist's Kiss). They're listed under "Available Resources" at the bottom of each product page.

I haven't taken a look yet, but are the maps noted as to which ones are out of print or the like?

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