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...but the House only benefits from the success if BOTH are done?

Just making sure.


Don't mind the cranky bird, he's just stressed because he's preparing for a Special that got dropped yesterday. AT LEAST HE SHOULD BE! *whipcrack*

We Got This!


So how is that supposed to work, when the NPC asks them if they want an 'either' 'or' sort of situation?

Do you choose to test your
speed or might?

It SOUNDS like an 'either/or' not a 'must do both'. Should a 'first' be added after might?

Thank you for adding it at 7PM on Wednesday.

I'll wait down in the lobby area for a half-hour for enough people even if they haven't listed on the Warhorn for it.


I'd prefer not to completely hose over my players if they've made a concerted effort to invest in the skills in question, and if it can streamline play in some regards versus having to roll a d20 every 5', it makes EVERYONE's lives a bit easier.


I have heard some initial reports about #9-16 being a bit slow compared to some other Quest packs.

As a result, I kinda need to get a 'feel' for the bunch before I run them 'in prime time' Friday morning.

I'm arriving Wednesday evening, and as provisioning appears to have been pushed off until Thursday, I'm strongly considering running a 'practice run' for credit on Wednesday night.

Would folks be interested?



The Stat Blocks for 1-2 have the 3-4 stat blocks in them on the .pdfs in Part 5, at least according to their headers?

EDIT: The *Initial* text says 3-4, the encounter blocks are the right blocks.


*internally debates the ethics of a Quest Speed Run...*

That sounds freaking amazing!


I tend to give my players a circumstance modifier if they can prove in a quick fashion (or let me know in advance before play really begins) that they may have information that might be pertinent to given Knowledge rolls.

If they have IC documentation it may be a larger modifier, and if it really tickles me it may be larger still.'s happened a couple of times, it wasn't 'quote from Bestiary X' but rather things like "Fought a Mouthy thing. It got Clyde Sick and was really noisy" for example.


And in addition, who is going to secure these Boons 100% and ensure that they are distributed in a timely fashion to all of the conventions in a fiscally responsible fashion?

Huge thank-you to staff for getting my GM stuff listed!


No pressure or anything, of course!

Seriously, GenCon is one of the bigger RPG conventions out there in the 'traditional' sense (not like say, PAX or such).

There's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into making the convention and all events within it go off with as little disruption as possible.

Having seen two sides of the beast (organizational/HQ volunteer last year, GM for the Special the year before) I can say that it is an ever-evolving thing that tries to learn from the previous lessons and move forwars -- unlike some other organizations who have remained FIRMLY mired in out-dated paradigms and antiquated means when easier and simpler methods have grown.

Two years ago, I was assigned a Special table less than two weeks before and was able to make a go of it, though I did feel afterwards that I could have done a MUCH better job with more prep time.

This needs to be balanced,of course, with the logistical implications of such a thing -- scenarios don't magically spring into being moments after their announcement. Development time under optimal situations could take as little as weeks... or as long as years depending on what is being developed for scenarios.

Overall, the quality of scenarios in recent years has really improved.

The OrgPlay leadership team does try to get information about maps out as soon as possible, and some VOs even work together at times to put together print run packages to help out with custom maps for a modest investment.

Goblin Picture from Blog

There was another one from an interview that had the hobgoblin in it, and that one looked rather lanky angsty teenish?

TWMIGM: That picture was of a hobgoblin, from my understanding, not a goblin.

No ideas on what to do if anything yet.

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Has anyone heard anything about scenario drops, in particular Solstice Scar C?


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I had a table recently at a convention that was horribly o/p for the scenario I was running.

Despite that, and without deviating from 'as written' we were able to have a great time with the scenario -- BECAUSE the table Explored, Reported, and Cooperated with each other.

And I think that gets lost in these discussions.

The team working together is the primary (non-prestige point) goal of any PFS table.

If a random table of three to seven folks can sit down, work together, and have fun and make it fun for the GM rather than a chore, that's when everyone 'wins at Pathfinder Society'.


Status on Part 5 Maps for C? (Since it appears to be using 3, 4, 5)?


Meant as far as the maps for Part 5?

How soon will the maps be known for this, I have an order standing by but I don't want to execute it until I can get any ones I need for this.

And the window for shipping inexpensively is closing rapidly It has to be at my place no later than the 22nd

Alternatively, purchasing at PaizoCon will be an option, IF they have the maps available...




Is it acceptable as a GM if you have a phobia with a particular statted creature to use a surrogate description that has the same stats/weaknesses/etc for a given encounter?

It's 'reskinning' in a way, but it'd make my mental health a lot better?

It was rough when we played it at GenCon. Too much in too short of a time.

It's a shame but also understandable that it's gated behind stars, it's that complex.


What is the status on C?

Yes, kind of crucial. If we can find out SOON I may be able to order them in time for the event!

Is there any word on Scenario drops for PaizoCon 2018?

I'm travelling to Seattle on the 23rd, so I'll be unable to prep past the 22nd with home resources, and I work in retail on the mundane side of things.

Thank you very much for your time in advance!

Shifty, it's not PbP that is the 'boon factory'.

It's VTT.

However, because Online is treated as a region as a whole...


...tries to remember what they allocated for GM time and what they allocated for sleep/game/relax time...

That's *part* of the issue.

The other part is that with PaizoCon (among others) coming up at the end of the month, there's a concern about getting 'locked into'/being unable to give a game justice.

I am signed up to run three events and got the same message twice as well.

It's my second PaizoCon (first was two years ago) but first time GMing and want to make sure I don't mess it up.

I just got two emails to check my account for "Pathfinder Society" for action I needed to take.

I have no such thing, and Org Play only brings up things I've played.

Am I having a Gross Conceptual Error?

Where DOES that one come from?

I don't remember hearing of it before for PFS?

At the same time, it is important to respect the boundaries that GM volunteers have set for themselves, and realize that not everyone has the same mastery or comfort level 'out of the gate'.

For PFS, to give an example, it took me nearly two years to feel 'comfortable' enough with play before I took up GMing. I suspect it will be something similar for Starfinder -- I don't want to take on the duties before I'm ready for them.

Imagine an area about a foot wide by about nine inches deep in front of each player.

That's all the space a six player table provides in most good conditions.

Unless the laptop is really small, it will get clumsy really quick.

In addition, laptops are kinda bad because they block line-of-sight to players and when players are using laptops they talk down 'into' them (at least, that's been my GMing experience with them at the table?) EDIT: Not saying they'd be unwelcome, and in fact there are at least a couple of folks in the local area I GM at that NEED the laptops because they have disabilities that make it difficult for them to read a 'normal' character sheet.

Tablets are much better, but be sure to have some sort of 'hard copy' of at least the characters/chronicles you're using, just in case your battery dies -- access to power is exceptionally limited in the main room.

We will see what the vagaries of fortune bring us.

Currently there is only one focus, and that is to prepare for two slots of the new Quest and one slot of the Special on Sunday night.

Everything else beyond that, as they say, 'is gravy'.

*shakes a fist at the gorram TOZ-Man* "NEXT TIME, TOZ-MAN! NEXT TIME I SWEAR!" *coughs*


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I'm clearly in the wrong line of business.


DrParty06 wrote:
Gary Bush wrote:
That is not a lot of time to prepare.
I ran a table of PFS 8-99B last weekend getting the scenario when the slot started, because we needed an extra GM. It worked out fine and the players said they had a good time. Granted, I’d previously prepared to run 8-99A, but ended up playing it twice instead. Moral of the story is sometimes prep time is overrated.

Your Mileage May Vary.

I typically need a month before a scenario to 'prep' it well (including playing if possible in a 'Slot 0'), and when I don't have that much time to prep around the job my GM performance degrades dramatically.

I do NOT run 'cold' as a result.

Burnt that shirt years ago and have no desire to acquire a new one.


Selvaxri wrote:

"Pssst... Shouldn't we tell them that's a bull's-eye for a "we need another table" volunteer GM target?"

Ironically, the triggering table was a last-minute addition to the schedule as a 'just in case we had overflow' at a local convention, then we pushed it back a slot because we had a table full of folks with nothing to play and I had it prepped and handy (and one sign-up in the slot it was going to go in initially).

That allowed me to do an 'overflow' table of something else that was running in the mid-slot and get that one sign-up seated.

Thank you for everyone that's chimed in here!

And so it was, that the hard-working GM Wageslave did verily and directly recieve direction from the leadership, and Quests were determined the Order of the Weekend, starting the Convention off and ending the Convention.

Yea, forsooth a Scarred Solstice of the tertiary was also forecast for the eve of the Sunday!


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*peers upwards* SERIOUSLY? Eeesh. Get a grip, worry-bird.

Thank you to the many players and coordinators who have made this small thing possible!


Good work to everyone on the 5-Stars, congratulations to Michael on joining the team, and wow, the convention I'm going to be GMing at (hopefully) this weekend is official.

This is like a trifecta of Awesome!

Thanks for all the hard work!


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Personal experience: Better a table does not fire than firing and being a horrible play experience for the players and the GM.

No gaming > Bad gaming.

And every time I forget this, it bites me in the butt.


For my GM prep process I kinda need to play a scenario through first, so I have an idea of pacing and what things to emphasize and what things are 'not as important' to carrying the scenario.

It also allows me to look at a scenario and go "Yeah... this could be a rough one for this table, how do I run this as written with the characters being brought while still keeping it a fun experience for everyone?"


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No argument here, the imagery of a bunch of GMs arm-wrestling or throwing Rock-Paper-Scissors to *get* the chance to run a table just brings a smile to my face, based on years of GMing for various campaigns...


So we could see *yeah, right!* a hypothetical situation where there are far too many GMs and not enough players to fill tables?

It's an amusing thought-experiment, at least?



This was part of why I volunteered HQ rather than GM'd last year.


Bob, how soon before the convention?

Trying to absorb a system in less than a month is sub-optimal, even for folks who are experienced GMs. We saw that last year with the Starfinder release, if memory serves?


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

Absolutely put out an evergreen Expanded Narrative. Reward the GMs who continue to support 1E play by making tables happen, allowing them to build up more replays without making it a free for all.

Unlimited replay means I finish running/playing 1e with my home group and move on to other things.

This would also have an additional side-benefit of incentivizing 'up and coming' GMs to GM more.


There are GMs out there who, through no fault of their own, have had a significant number of tables that 'don't fire'.

I'm one of them.

I've been GMing for almost three years now, but due to workload (work in retail) and personal health reasons I have to sort of pick and choose carefully how much I load up my personal schedule.

I burnt out on two GM 'grinds' in a different organized campaign.

I don't wish that fate on anyone, but it would and has happened.

If we went to the Option 2 Metric, in light of the above, the humble request would be 25% of whatever the identifier is for every ranking. (Yes, that includes 1 Star).

If we factor in Novas (another organized campaign that GMs are showing a committment for) then let's reduce for those folks who have both Novas and Stars the table cost by 50%.

Whatever option is ultimately decided upon, please consider the fact that there are those people who are devoted to the campaign but cannot push the hundreds of tables that are required currently in 5e to reach the ranks of the elite.

Shouldn't we also be focusing on quality as well as quantity? How can we make this happen as an organization moving forwards?


Are all GMs now going to be required to wear bodycams at all times, roll all dice in the open, and show the players the creature statblocks? And make nifty notes about awesome things the players did on the chronicle sheets so everyone can remember the awesome play time will be prohibited?

At what level do we micromanage the job to the point that it'd be better done by lousy MMO-logicking processes?

Does this mean that when the GM looks at the clock and GM 101/102s it and goes "This isn't an important fight, we're moving the action along since you've got this" they're 'cheating' to try and provide a better play experience for the players?

Does this also mean that if the player characters completely invalidate the tactics of the opponents but leave few other options, the opponents cannot (for example) surrender if their morale condition allows for it?

I've been in campaigns that have tried to micro-manage GMs. I'm not affiliated with them anymore for those sorts of above reasons (well, except the bodycam -- the tech wasn't there yet).


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