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GM_Verdigris's page

2,680 posts. Alias of verdigris.


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"Oh. Yes, Sir. Of course." The man takes a step back and turns on his heel to go find Cole.

"Liam Fretz, Sir. Sorry to interrupt, but the uhhh, I mean, Sir Syrup said that I should ask you... is it to be a full camp, Sir? With tents and fires? Or a cold camp? The men were wondering." The man stands overly erect and at attention as he awaits his Leader's response.

Serra Iondri Phaer wrote:

"Sounds good, Cole," Serra quickly accedes. "This is as good as any...and we know we can't expect it to be this nice on all our journey."

Serra circles on Dinner, looking around for a close place to encamp.

Know (Local)=16

While there is little cover, Serra is able to find an area that will suit.

A young man with old eyes approaches, asking about the possibility of fires for cooking. "...And will it be a full camp, Sir? With tents?"

With the delay from the messenger, and then re-organizing of the wagons and knights, the sun is almost entirely gone by the time they are moving again. To the East, stars begin to dot the sky and the moon rises pale in the sky, giving the land they pass through an almost magical appearance. Not truly a portion of the World wound, this last seems like home for those from places further south and not infested with demons. Thin tufts of grass whip at the legs of the horses, taunting them with the taste of a succulent meal.

knowledge local 12:
The area they are passing through is one of the few remaining fertile agrarian areas near Kenabres. Vala's Gift, the small hamlet that is scheduled to be their first stop is an ideal place to rest. The river meanders to the West here, leaving a broad terrace of arable land; perfect for growing grains, which has been invaluable to Kenabres.

Cole is surprised to find very little of the ash mounds here. It is only after thinking about it that he realizes that the river meanders widely to the west, leaving a triangular wedge of good land. Apparently, the demons didn't come this far across the river. The river meanders further to the East further up, and they will meet up with it just past Vala's Gift.

The horses plod fairly easily even in the dark, though the wagons move slowly, lugging down the troop's progress.

How long into the night do you plan to travel?

The knights to a man turn and move forward, protecting the supply wagons. In the 'wound, the loss of those could mean death, or worse...

The cloud of dust soon gathers detail. A horse head first, then hooves, then finally the person atop the beast. "Irabeth sent me." says the messenger, gathering her breath. " 'Quednys requires one of the Paragons for a mission of grand importance. The queen agreed on her way out of town.' She does not say what the mission is, but did say that you should choose, Sir."

The Company sets out with Cole near the front, the other Paragons scattered throughout and the supply wagons bringing up the rear. The suggested route is due north to Vala's Gift.

The way looks somewhat familiar as it is just a little West of the route he and Laina took on their last day of travel. They did not go quite north enough to hit Vala's Gift, a small farming town that has looked to Kenabres for its commerce in the past.

Laina tries to get accommodated to riding a horse, but only stubbornness seems to keep her in the seat.

Nurah draws near to Beagan, calling to him over the rumble of this many people on the move, "Well now, Sir Beagan, if it's songs you want song, perhaps you could part with the stories of your Victory in the Gray Garrison for me, and I may sing you into History."

Suddenly, a "hail! " comes from those in the back, then another closer to the ears of each of the Paragons. "There is a cloud of dust approaching from behind us, from Kenabres. How would you like it handled, Sir Cole?"

The girl blinks...then blinks again at the aforementioned horse. "Uhhh... my apologies, Mistress uhhh, Ma'am. I uhh, don't know very much about horses, you see. So I'm didn't realize." She nods, wondering why Klarah couldn't come on the trip if Jurin gets to be Quarter Master General.


When all and sundry are ready, the expedition begins to move out. If you have preferences for where you are riding in the train, let me know.

"A pur-ple dra...." Laina shakes her head, preferring to focus on the important things. A horse.

"Alright. I will not feed the horse too many carrots. Uhmm.... which one is she and what is her name again?"

Laina stalks off fuming only to realize she'll need to explain to Cole why she's not riding. She paces near his tent for a few minutes, but cannot convince herself to fail in front of him. Finally, she returns to the madness QuarterMaster's area. "I *will* need a horse, General. But I won't wear a carrot. I can feed it carrots, but I'm not wearing one!. Uh, Sir."

Poor Rhobely. He counts for at least .5 of a knight.

Rhobely offers up the fistbump, though it seems to lack conviction, or experience. Still, he seems fine, until Serra mentions his late mistress. "I...Yes, Sir. If I s-s-see her, I will definitely let you know!and uhm... if your squire needs help with his pony, I am happy to help. I know what that's like."

The man startles then straightens, "Sir, it is my hope to follow in Lady Lusila's boots steps. I-if the opportunity presents itself, if you need a volunteer or or or anything, I hope you will remember me." He stands at his best for a moment, then remembers he left something out, "Rhobley, Sir. My name is Rhobley, and I volunteer, no matter how dangerous it might be!" Eli... That's one. I hope you are keeping count. ;)

Serra Iondri Phaer wrote:
GM_Verdigris wrote:
@ Serra "The Lady Lusila is no longer with us, Sir. She died in combat on our way to Kenabres. It was a small skirmish, and an unlucky blow. I....I was her squire, but the Queen has seen fit to allow me to continue on this journey in M'Lady's stead."

Serra pats the other, less-good squire on this back, knowing the pain.

"That's okay, son. I'm sure you'll do fine, making her proud."

Serra walks away, lost in thought.

"Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir." The man, if only just barely, calls after Sir Serra. He nearly calls after, him, wanting to introduce himself, but such a busy knight would have little time for a rank and file man such as himself.

@ Serra Serra is met by many disconcerted stares as he searches for information on Lusila and Daisy. Finally, one of the younger warriors nearly tears up. He bites his lip then reports, "The Lady Lusila is no longer with us, Sir. She died in combat on our way to Kenabres. It was a small skirmish, and an unlucky blow. I....I was her squire, but the Queen has seen fit to allow me to continue on this journey in M'Lady's stead."

As Beagan and the young woman take their leave, Mrs. Whatsername nudges Jurin's shoulder, "She wouldn't have been so bad, would she? She looked lighter than the knight. The other night. The rounder knight. I don't have to have carrots. I like Apples. And doughnuts. I think she's afraid of carrots."

Ack... Sorry, I didn't and then I did. and now it is bedtime. It will be first tomorrow!

Sure, these can be going on simultaneously...At least in Jurin's head.

Laina's draw drops open, then closes, then opens and snaps shut again. "I-I'm not strapping a carrot to myself so a I can be chased by a-a-a a rabbit! No offense, Sir Beagan! But I am pretty sure My un... uhh, that Sir Cole just wants me to have something to ride up and down the lines, for speed. But I run pretty fast. I'll just run, ok? ok." Laina gets more and more upset as she talks, stepping back once, then twice from Jurin. Finally, unable to take much more, she turns on her heel and disappears into the crowd.

Beagan Berelcar wrote:

GM AA - What type of mount did the Queen get Beagan? Will he be a tiny form atop a heavy warhorse? Or did he get a war pony?

The Queen picked out a Fell Pony named Boris for Beagan. Sturdy and sure footed, They hale from Amaans, in Ustalav and are difficult to frighten. Even though Boris is technically a pony, he is still nearly twice Beagan's height at the withers. He has dark brown fur and pony eyes that are large and gentle.

Jurin Kreedsön wrote:

Rubbing his chin, he returns to the lass.

"Maybe you'd like to ride in the wagon? Be softer on the rear and you can help these layabouts find the missing flour."

"Oh, that won't work, I'm afraid. I need to be quick, he says. To deliver messages from the front to the rear and back again" Laina's chin juts out as she reiterates, "I need to have a horse."

Beagan Berelcar wrote:
She's here to sing, so she seems to have her priorities straight. "Do we know anything of who or what is currently in Drezen? That's the place, right? I assume cultists. And their Demonic masters. And maybe even more allies? Their slaves?"

Nurah nods, answering honestly, "Well, Oh, I would expect some minor demons, perhaps, and cultists definitely. but intelligence says that most of the really heavy hitters are down south. That's why were going. As far as the slaves, well...I am sure they will have some. They always have some." With a smile, she excuses herself to go get ready.

Elyanias Myoch wrote:
Locating Marcy and Saul, Eli relaxes somewhat. "Before you say anything, I will not respond to title, either of you." A finger waggle reinforces the threat. "We march to Drezen, in hopes of sieging the city, and reclaiming a Banner. It's our way of proving ourselves to those who blame us for the destruction of the Wardstones."

"Of course not, Sir Elly. We wouldn't dream of such a thing." The priest's eyes dance while relief rushes through him. Whatever crises he feared seems to have passed, for now.

Saul, however, seems less relieved. "It seems like a lot of work for some fancy curtain. But, since it needs doing, I guess we'll make sure you get it done, Yani."

Cole Zeff wrote:
"So find something you can ride and quickly. Talk to Jurin if you have trouble. I'm sure he can scrounge something for you."

Laina swallows hard, but does as she is told. The young woman slips through Jurin's brood of assistants and waits until they are mostly busy, before clearing her throat and tapping him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, Master Quartermaster. Cole, uhh, Sir Cole, says that I'm to have a horse, for taking messages and keeping up with him." She eyes the closest beasts dubiously, but squares her shoulders and waits.

@ Cole
"A h-horse?" Her voice rises a little at the end, she hadn't considered having to deal with one of those large beasts. "No, I... I need a horse?"

@ Serra

Amber grins at the new knighted, "Thank you, Sir Serra. That is very kind. I have several optional crates that, if we could find space for them."

Laina isn't hard to find, nor are the rest of the Kenabraen folks that are joining the Campaign. Laina stands next to Graeme and Darien, Aravasnyel isn't too far away from Amber and Berne is talking to one of the Jurin's assistants regarding getting his healing chests loaded onto a wagon.

"Graeme here says that they've arrows for when we run out."

"I have a wide range, Sir." Nurah says, but she ducks her head and rubs her nose as Ely continues. "Well now, I am sure that the troops will follow the Queen's command, and by extension, Sir Cole regardless of what their personal feelings might be."

Beagan Berelcar wrote:
"I like music. I miss the ballads of Kyonin and the jigs of the River Folk."

Nurah smiles, promising, "Stay where I can see you, Sir, and I'm sure I'll have music for you."


"Siege tactics? I thought we needed to sneak in quickly, take them off guard." If we have to lay a siege, every Demon in the Wound might know exactly where we are.

Aron nods, "The Citadel was built by dwarves, and we need to be ready for that, I think. The secrecy, as I understand, is in getting there."

"Is there any way to keep such a large group obscured from the enemy? Or least to disguise our destination? Our true target?"

Sosiel agrees, "There are some spells that might help a little when the time comes, but for a force this size, it would take many priests to cover us all."

Aron Kir ducks his head a bit, but answers as well. "I'll be helping with siege tactics, traps, infiltration, scouting, that sort of thing; I also have the map to Drezen proper."

Sosiel responds next, "I had the good fortune to have a few words with Sir Cole earlier today. He's requested that should Shelyn see fit, I aid in the provision of food and water along the way. As well as help with healing when needed, of course. I will also lend my knowledge of the demonic hordes." He says with smile.

Nurah responds first, smiling lightly, "It is an honor to meet you. Along with working to keep the troops morale up with music, I'm also somewhat of an expert in the area we will be passing through, so I will be working to ensure the survival of the campaign as we make our way to Drezen."

One by one, Jothinra introduces the others to the queen's specialists. The first is Aron Kir, a Taldan man in his mid twenties, or perhaps younger. His eyes have the gaze of a man that has seen much, in a face that seems far too young to have done so.

The next is a taller man, Sosiel Vaenic. Impeccably clean and well groomed, he wears well made plate mail armor adorned with a multicolored songbird.

The last Nurah Sandiwar, is a young female halfling with long blond hair plaited into a braid. Her size and her large blue eyes belie her years of experience in the field, giving a child like impression to anyone not accustomed to dealing with her race.

The squires and apprentices that were flocked around Jurin stare open mouthed as he just *grabs* up the large, newly knighted Sir Serra. Their quills still for a moment, then hastily begin to scribble again, one of them muttering, "...must find more horses."

We will miss you in the Abyss, but your place will be here when you come back.

At the appointed time, the companions join the queen and her army at the North Gate. Others interested in the proceedings have also turned out, though it is not nearly the theatrical circus one might expect on such an occasion.

"Thank you for your ever quick response to Mendev's call." the queen says with a smile. Standing in strict formation, 40 knights wait to one side with their horses. An additional five horses are readied at the front.

"While they won't speed you up by much, as such of the support staff will not be able to move at such speeds, should you need them, the five you will have have mounts to suit your requirements."

"Now, I am not much on ceremony, but there is something I would see set right. Cole Zeff, child of Kenabres and defender of the Realm. You may approach."

"Don't be silly, Laine. I can take care of Dad while she goes with you." Klarah offers, helpfully.

Maurice sips from a cup of tea and answers for himself, "I did. I told her to go right up to her room and think about what I'd said." He looks at Laina's bag and bow then back to his son, " I think she gets her listening from your mom's side, because you see how well that went."

"Thank you, Mama." Laina says, brushing a kiss into Klarah's hair. "We should be back in a few weeks, but you take good care of Maurice and I'll keep an eye on Cole."

Standing back up, she hitches up her pack and waits.

She stands, swinging the bag onto her shoulders before picking up her bow once more. the quiver she picks up last, and awkwardly tries to figure out just where to put it. Finally, she steps past him into the small hall.

"I'm going with you, of course."

Cole Zeff wrote:

"So I'll be gone a little while."

Laina listens, nodding in the appropriate places. "I understand perfectly." she says, putting the bow she was busy polishing down next to her packed bag.

Cole Zeff wrote:
"So you're going to have to finish cleaning up the house without me I'm afraid."

"Uh-huh." He says with a nod. "I figured this was your way of getting out of the work" His grin is slight, but clearly meant to assuage any guilt Cole might have on that part.

"You best go upstairs and explain it to Laina. She was sure you were going to teach her how to use a bow. at least, I think it was a bow. it could have been a sword. The girl mumbles."

Elyanias Myoch wrote:
"You've arrived just in time, too. Whereas we've been witness to the destruction in Kenabres, we're no longer tasked here. Judging by the light, we're due to depart for Drezen in just a few hours. If you're lucky, Marcy, I'll introduce you to the Queen of Mendev herself."

Both men share a glance, their brows furrowing. Suddenly Marcus laughs, and Saul follows suit, though there is a slight desperate hollow to his.

"Consorting with queens are you now, Elly? Next thing you know, you'll be dancing with angels and kissing gods." the two men join Eli and Avery at the table, though the engineer stays only as long as his current cup holds. With a nod, he excuses himself, leaving Eli to his Greengold companions.

Cole Zeff wrote:
He heads out to look for his family before time runs out.

Maurice looks up as Cole comes in. Klarah sits nearby, sorting brightly colored rocks. "I had hoped we'd see you today. Rumors are on the wind, son. Why don't you sort them out for me."

Elyanias Myoch wrote:
"Saul, if Marcy talked you into this, I am sorry. Is Bettyanne well? She let go of you long enough for you two to travel this far north, eh?"

"Bettyanne is fine, and better than I deserve, but she understood better than either of us when the dreams came. T'was BettyAnne that sent you this, in fact, though you don't deserve this anymore than I deserve her." The large man draws a dusty bottle from his bag, swathed round and round in rags to protect it. Pulling it free, he hands the Applejack to Eli with feigned reluctance.


"Marcy, I understand you've come to worry for my soul. You could have done that in relative peace in Greengold. What was so important you had to find me, and risk running into demonkind to do so?" Eli looks relaxed in posture, but the look of concern on his face is evident enough.

"Would that I could, for Greengold is a balm to my aging bones this time of year." His blue eyes twinkle, but something other than humor peeks from their depths. His glance pops to Avery and he hesitates, " but enough of our silly travel tales. There'll be time enough for that on our way to...where exactly are we going?"

Avery pats Eli's shoulder as he coughs, then sits back. After a moment his eyes grow wide and he whispers with a coarse cough. "There they are! Right there, talking to Byrgitte and Breye- oh! They're coming this way!" the short statured engineer takes keen interest in his drink, though Eli can feel that his true focus remains on the men coming up behind him.

"It seems the Sisters of Mercy over there have a better ear for description that you do, my friend, the smaller of the two offers jovially, as one hand falls on Eli's shoulder. "For they recognized our description of this reprobate right off."

The other's shadow falls over the table as he joins the first. "And so they did, Marcus. So they did." His meaty hand on Eli's other shoulder, and gives it a squeeze. "Though how, I don't know. He's an even sorrier sight than when I last saw him."

Avery continues to watch from beneath his brows, a murmur of something or other just on the edge of his tongue.

Elyanias Myoch wrote:

"These men, Avery. What did they look like? Were they armed?" Eli wracks his brain, starting to wonder about the possibilities.

"No, I think we need to settle our affairs before departure. I wouldn't mind your company... helps even the odds, and keeps us out in the open. And one more drink would be good for my constitution."

"The one was a big man, for all his years. with fists like huge hams! Not much hair, and I think his eyes were green. Called you "Yani" til the other corrected him. I'm not sure his wits are there, if the truth be told, but I wouldn't want to be tellin' him that. His friend seemed a happier sort. Shorter, full head of hair and oddly piercing blue eyes. Said he had to find you, he was 'worried for your soul' which made the big man laugh. I don't like it, Eli. A trip to the pumps won't hurt them any, and it'll keep your soul where it should be, right there in your body." The man pours Eli a drink from the good stuff, ready to keep an eye out for such fearsome ghosts from the past.

"After talking with Serra, I've decided not to take everything. Just what I need for my research, and my crafting supplies. I'll talk with Kimroth about storing some of it here. Thank you for the offer, though. I would not want it said that I was slowing down her Majesties men."

Elyanias Myoch wrote:
Eli turns his head, a light frown angling his eyebrows. "Kenabres no longer needs your services? Well, two out of three ain't bad, I suppose, but... it doesn't feel right, separating family members. Are you sure? I won't discourage you. It is not my decision to bring you, but likely Cole's. I..." "...will welcome your company."

"I will talk to Cole, then. It does not seem that such a force turn down any offer of healing. My sisters will continue to help here in Kenabres, but the worst of things are over here. That cannot be said for those leaving this evening."


Elyanias Myoch wrote:

Eli looks at Avery evenly.

b]"The Wound is trouble enough, Avery. We don't need trouble at our backs. Would you care to elaborate?"[/b]

Avery leans closer, lowering his voice. "Two men came by, looking for you. I'd never seen them before and they talked a bit like you." he pauses, then continues, even lower. "They weren't small men, Eli. They'll be back later, but I can send them out to pumps looking for you, if you'd rather head out today before meeting up with them."

Beagan Berelcar wrote:

"I know you are talented, but are you ready to... can you... I mean, it will be dangerous beyond belief..." Possibly a whole city of them, not just a cultist camp or even a well-fortified keep.

"This is what the Big R' wants me to do, so it's o.k. if I don't make it out." If I die serving the Cause, it would be a worthy death. "But I've already lost friends, I'd rather not lose more. I would hate for you to face such great danger, if you don't have to." To not just "normal" demonic danger, but to a possible, if not probable, fate worse than death death.

"From what I've heard, I was thinking of getting some blessed scrolls to help with the elements, and water, and food. Do you think those would be appropriate? Do you have any of those available?"

Amber draws herself up to her full height, nearly twice as tall as Beagan. "Sir Beagan, this will not be my first foray into dangerous lands. If I die in search of knowledge - knowledge that can be used to defeat the demons - then I will have fulfilled *my* purpose. Surely you can see that."

Cole Zeff wrote:

Cole waves the man down, "It's just Cole, not Sir anything. I just needed to talk to Sosiel here a moment, and, uh, you're here, so, uh, hello. I look forward to your suggestions and plan to talk to you a great deal on the road to Drezen."

"I'm sure Jothinra Verathorne can manage the tactics necessary for our march there, but once we're in the city, well, it's not my turf you understand. House to house combat is new to me."

The talk of the operation ahead changes the man some; a competent thoughtful soldier over taking the too eager recruit. "We'll have to take the citadel first, of course. My understanding is we will not just dance in. Hopefully we can draw them out to us; that's a safer thing all the way around. We've equipment, of course, for the siege, but it's a balancing act, speed for firepower."

Elyanias Myoch wrote:

Eli says his good-byes to the healers, glad for his time in the ward. He wanders into the mess hall, hopeful to encounter Kimroth and Avery, and say his good-byes there as well.

"Avery, take good care of that cask. It took care of us, well enough. I hope your activity in the restoration of Kenabres goes smoothly. Who knows, perhaps once we've finished what work lies ahead, we'll return here for a while."

Unsure as to where he's required to meet with the departing army, Eli head's to captain Irabeth's office, interested in learning her part in any future marches.

As Eli says his good byes, the triplets look at each other, then one of them steps forward. "Eli, it will be a dangerous undertaking for all of you. We have discussed it, and think it would be best if one of us went with you." The others nod behind the first.


"Oh, Aye, I'll take good care of it." he says, patting the cask. He takes a long look at the man, his eyes narrowing.

"You know, some men come to the 'Wound to get away from some trouble." He nods, "And sometimes, that trouble follows them." He watches Eli, looking for some sense of understanding of his cryptic words. "Do you see what I'm getting at?"

"A few knights, Sir Beagan? I heard there were 100 at least. Not to say that many can't move quickly, though. Yes, I hope to do so. I can only imagine the research I can accomplish if I go with you and study Drezen, a citadel HELD by demons for so many years. This is, as far as I can tell, the singular group headed in."

Amber smiles one of her rare smiles, "This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. I hope the commander will agree."

Serra Iondri Phaer wrote:

"How...wha...uhm...what are you going to do with all these boxes? How can we bring them all? I had thought this was to be a military expedition? Did Irabeth approve? Who is going to manage the arcane affairs here?" Serra breathes, trying to catch up. It's clear he's still a bit fuzzy/worried/confused about the ennobling later.

"Oh...I haven't the faintest idea. I've been working on something but I don't think it will hold everything. Perhaps Kimroth will store some of it for me." She watches him examining the wand. "Lovely work, isn't it? It's a remove disease wand...only 10 charges left on it, but I love the workmanship. I did not think to ask Irabeth, though I suppose I should. I had hoped to convince the leader of the operation to let me go."

Cole Zeff wrote:
When he's invited in he hesitates, but finally joins Sosiel inside.

The inside of the tent is much like the outside; clean lines, with light colors and tasteful touches of beauty that most people wouldn't think about.

Most things have been packed already, but even then, the symmetry and thoughtfulness of the furnishings is apparent in their packed state.

A young man with a curly mop of hair busies himself gathering up several bags.

"Sosie, do you want these..." he cuts off at the appearance of their guest.

"Oh! I didn't realize we had company."

"Aron, This is Sir Cole Zeff, the leader of this endeavor." Sosiel announces; a bit of humor dancing in his eyes as Aron eyes grow wide and he furtively checks his appearance.

"Sir! Yes, Sir!" the man answers, drawing himself up and trying to look more soldierly.

Serra Iondri Phaer wrote:

Serra looks over the boxes, up and down.

"Where are you going? Back home? No, I don't need anything in particular..."

Amber brushes some dust off her hands briskly, "What? Oh no. I told you before I had to go where the demons are to continue my research. Rumor has it....Oh, hello Sir Beagan.... She stops for a moment to address the small night behind Serra..." I was saying, rumor has it that a large contingent is going into the World Wound,and I will be going with it. " She nods, as if that subject is settled. "Now, what was it you were looking for? The triplets brought in an interesting wand the other day, a gift from one of their patients, I hear. "

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