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Morlock Slave

GM Tyranius's page

8,786 posts. Organized Play character for Tyranius.

About GM Tyranius

Steps to create digital chronicle.

1. Download PDF
2. Convert in PDF Converter (Link)
3. Select File; Mode create new PDF for each page. Just use
Chronicle pages.
4. Open in Adobe Acrobat
5. Click on Prepare Form to create editable fields
6. Adjust any brackets and complete form.
7. Upload into Google Drives once complete.


1. Print last page of PDF- (keep printout for own character
2. Scan in blank page as PDF at scanner
3. Create a blank copy for each character
4. Add text fields and save for each individual character
5. Upload to Google Drive.

Core Run
Level 1: Crypt of the Everflame
Level 2: Thornkeep - Accursed Halls
Level 3: Thornkeep - Forgotten Laboratory
Level 4: Mask of the Living God
Level 5: Thornkeep - Enigma Vaults
Level 6: City of Golden Death
Level 7: Thornkeep - Dark Menagerie
Level 8: Thornkeep - Sanctum of a Lost Age
Level 9: Cult of Ebon Destroyers
Level 10: Doom Comes to Dustpawn
Level 11: Curse of the Riven Sky
Level 12: Ruby Pheonix Tournament

Account and Character Creation

  • From the Homepage click on Pathfinder Society in the top left corner.
  • Scroll down about halfway through the page you will find a link called My Pathfinder Society Page. (You will need to create an account)
  • Just above the characters you will find your PFS # which you will need. Create a legal character and input all of the required fields. Example (LINK)

This should create a character or Alias that you can use for PFS PbP Play. For the PFS Guide to Organized play please refer to here on guidelines for legal characters:

PFS Guide and Legality Resources

Here are a few additional guides that will help your roleplaying experience within PFS. Painlord's page is the first link and below are a few key ones:

Additional Guides.

Looking for a game

  • Make a post or just dot in the Gameplay thread on this forum tab at the top of the page. This will add the forum to your campaign tab.
  • Watch for new posts in the Campaign tab by clicking on your name at the top center of the page. (Here you will find all of your PFS Alias and Campaigns.
  • Click on the Campaign tab to easily find all of your games.
  • Occasionally GM's will post in the Gameplay and Recruitment tab to recruit for games and will link their sign up sheet.
  • Sign up on their excel sign up sheet and watch for another post telling you to report for the game. The GM will provide a link to the gameplay thread of the game. (Which will now be found on your Campaign tab once you check in)

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