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GM Tordek's page

622 posts. Alias of Tordek Rumnaheim.


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Over a week has gone by, I still can't find any time to post. I'm afraid I have to put this game on hold beginning now. I do hope to restart it sometime in the spring.

Private messages sent to Elias, Owen and Nyxalia for initiative. Will wait a day before continuing.

The librarian's actions appear to be part of their normal routine.

The source of the footsteps now make themselves apparent. About 20 librarians enter the room. They arrange themselves through out the room with wands pulled out and ready.

"Do not be alarmed," one of the floor librarian announces. "These librarians are merely resetting the dimensional lock that protects our collection. They will be completed shortly and then you can resume your browsing.

Map with new librarians in position

Roll for initiative, pleaes

"Hmmm" the man strokes his beard. "I am not familiar with that particular tome. You may have better luck on the 5th floor." He runs his finger across the spines of several books before pausing, and then retrieving a book. The man pages swiftly through a few chapters and then begins reading.

After reading a few pages, he turns and slowly begins walking to one of the study tables still reading as he walks.

A few of the patrons leave the floor and some new patrons arrive on the floor.

The growing sound of a dozen or so footsteps coming up the stairs can now be heard through out the room.


Savendir Inaris wrote:

Oh yeah, not trained.

Can we surmise that Nyxalia has filled us in on that Perception spoiler?

Yes, in regards to Nyxalia's spoiler.

Owen has also been studying the magical aurus and attempts to identify the school. spellcraft: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13 Unfortunately, the magic is more powerful than he can identify.

Savendir Inaris wrote:

Savendir quietly whispers what he has found to his companions.

Am I able to discern any other information about them?

You can make a knowledge arcana check to identify the school of magic.

Savendir detects that there are about 28 magical auras in the room. Also, several of the patrons emit magical auras as well. The 28 auras associated with the green hue are centered about 5 feet off the ground and seem spaced in regular intervals.

Detect Magic can help you with identification of the green hue.

Zarine moves to the office at the north end of the library. She is stopped at the door by a closed door with a sign hanging on it.

the sign wrote:
Please do not disturb. Rare book examination in progress.

Zarine is stopped at V8.

Remaining perception checks:
Owen: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
Ilias: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13
Nyxalia: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (17) + 10 = 27

Nyxalia hears the muffled sounds of several people coming up the stairs. She estimates nearly 30 people climbing the stairs.

The rest of the group does not hear or see anything unusual. The other library patrons continue to peruse the stacks of books. The green hue fades even further.

Zarine's bluff to convey her message succeeds. Everyone within sight of her understand which patron's she believes are suspicious (patrons #1 and #2)

The shimmering field that casts a green hue over the room begins to fade. Everyone please make a perception check.

I placed Ilias at AE10 and Owen at AB13. Here is an updated map with everyone placed.

The man looks up from the pamphlet. "I picked one up from the lobby downstairs. You didn't see them under the information sign? I'm just getting a feel for the library. It's my first time here," He answers. Continuing, he says, "I'm finished with it now, You may have it. I'm always willing to help beautiful women such as yourself." He hands Zarine the pamphlet and moves toward one of the book shelves.

As you look about the floor, the one patron that looks suspicious is the man standing near the stair case (#1)

Zarine and Savendir notice that a shimmering emerald barrier radiates through out the room.

Zarine makes her way to the Northern wall. She passes a man (12) looking at an information pamphlet on the library as she approaches the glass office. Another patron (2) is casually studying some books on the shelf.

Zarine as you make your way to the office, you get a feeling that patron #2 and patron #1 are not there to look at the collection of books

I rolled a sense motive check for you. Savendir makes his way to the south passing patron #1 and #9. Both appear as if they are not here to look at books.

If everyone could let me know where you are located on the floor.

#2 bluff: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (8) + 13 = 21
#12 bluff: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31
#1 bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
#8 bluff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
#9 bluff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17
#11 bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Savendir sense motive: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

The sixth floor is laid out in a similar fashion as the first and fourth floors. It is full of book cases. To the north is a room with glass walls where new volumes that enter the collection are inspected, catalogued, and prepared to be put into circulation.

There is more activity on this floor then the others. About a dozen patrons are perusing the shelves. 2 librarians are circulating assisting customers, while a third sits at a table in the office studying a large book in front of her.

Rare book floor.

A few more visitors enter the room. No suspicious activity can be seen on this floor. Near the stairs, the sound of several people can be heard climbing up the stairs.

Savendir and Zarine lead the group up the stairs to the 4th floor. The 4th floor is filled with book shelves. There are several tables and chairs tucked into corners to allow places to study. 3 librarians are working on this floor. There are 4 visitors looking through the shelves.

Typical layout of each library floor

The rest of the group pays their entrance fees and follow into the library. Upon entering, you see a sign outlining the organization of the collection. Each floor seems roughly dedicated to a particular school of magic. A librarian is seated at an information desk.

The first floor has several shelves of books along with tables and chairs for studying and note taking. On this floor there is one person seated at a table with a book open, two others perusing books on the shelves and 2 more librarians walking around available to assist.

Information Sign wrote:
  • 1st Floor - Abjuration/Conjuration
  • 2nd Floor - Divination/Enchantment
  • 3rd Floor - Evocation/Illusion
  • 4th Floor - Necromancy/Transmutation
  • 5th Floor - History/Geography/Nature
  • 6th Floor - Rare Books

The woman takes Savendir's money and slides a ticket back to him. "You will find librarian's on every floor that can help you find any texts you are seeking. As you enter, you will see more information regarding how the collection is organized. Thank you for visiting our library."

Led by Savendir, the group makes their way up the stairs to the entrance. Two people are left in line when Savendir arrives. The daily entrance fee of 15 gold pieces per person is posted along with the hours. The library is open until dusk (6:40 pm, today) every day of the week.

An elderly looking woman sits behind a glass and passes an entrance ticket to each paying patron.

The group keeps watch on the tower. Nothing out of the ordinary can be seen. As the sun begins to rise, people start to gather outside of the entrance of the library.

Just before the library opens, a group of about 20 people have gathered. They appear to come from all over Golarion. Some stand alone, while others stand in groups of 2 or 3. Promptly at 8 am the doors open and the visitors begin to enter the library.

It is about 5 am in the morning. Sunrise will be about 7:40 am. The library opens at 8:00 am

The entrance of the Therassic Spire is marked by a wide stair case rising about 15 feet tall. The two sides of the stone steps are flanked by stone gargoyles. Two large wooden doors sit atop the steps. The entrance appears to be on the second floor. The first floor has no windows or other entrances at ground level. Beginning with the second floor and continuing with the upper floors, there is a ring of windows 15 feet apart on each floor.

A single candle can be seen in one of the windows on the 4th floor.

So, what's the plan? You are now gathered outside the Therassic Spire in the early morning.

Savendir and Nyxalia take Dreth and the body of Zinnastina to the guard station. The watch captain listens to Savendir's tale. In accordance with Kaer Maga's Laissez-faire attitude to all matters that do not pose an overt threat to the status quo, he merely notes the facts down without comment. He agrees to take Dreth into custody and take possession of Zinnastina's body and bids Savendir and Nyxalia adieu.

The evening passes quietly.

If you want to do anything in the evening to prepare for the next day, go ahead and post those actions.

21 Lamashan 4711

Before dawn, the group gathers in the Highside Stacks district of Kaer Maga. A cacophonous hive of steeples and minarets, 16 stories high, define one of the wealthier regions of Kaer Maga. This is the home of the wealthiest residents of the city and they have managed in their sky scraping abodes to sever their direct ties to the "groundlings" of the city. They prefer to conduct their business indirectly through servants or magic, and only associate themselves with those of equal station.

The lowest levels of the towers are inhabited by well-paid servants and small boutique shops. Both groups are happy to cater to the extravagant tastes of the residents in the upper levels of the towers.

In the southwest quadrant of the district, the Therassic Spire stands regally above a fork in the river leading away from the lake at the center of Kaer Maga. It stands 6 stories high, no light appears from any windows at this pre-dawn hour.

It's evening now. Are you going to the spire tonight or in the morning?

Making a knowledge check on Owen's behalf in his absence.

knowledge(local): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

Owen shares his extensive knowledge with the rest of the group in regards to the Therassic Spire. He also reminds you that he heard a rumor about a recent tome discovered in the library that describes an powerful artifact. He suggests that this book may be the target.

Everyone is welcome to read the three check results that are 23 or below.

Make a knowledge(local) check if you want to learn more about the Therassic Spire. Also, recall that Owen heard a rumour about ancient book describing an artefact being found recently at the Spire.

Knowledge(Local) DC 10:
Known as the "The Great Library" it located in the Highside Stacks district in the south central part of Kaer Maga. Some scholars believe that it is the oldest repository of knowledge in Varisia. The tower is 6 stories tall. It closes at dusk.

Knowledge(Local) DC 15:
The tower extends at least 6 stories underground as well. Care of the books is left to a nameless, and monastic sect of librarians. They nominally worship Irori and Nethys. The librarians live on one of the subterranean floors of the spire. Scholars are willing to pay the hefty admittance charge (15 gold pieces/day) because the library constantly acquires texts without bias or scruples. No knowledge is forbidden, no matter how powerful or profane.

Knowledge(Local) DC 20:
It is rumoured that the librarians actually worship a mysterious being called the Peacock Spirit. While thieves are welcome to come and sell their ill gotten texts, security is high and it takes a master thief to successfully extract a tome from the collection.

Knowledge(Local) DC 35:
The Therassic Spire is actually only a satellite of a much greater Thassilonian library whose location is currently unknown to the librarians, despite their constant search through their texts for clues.

Here is a recap:
It is now the evening of 20 Lamashan 4712.
You found a ledger at Carthon's Warehouse that listed the coming and goings of wagons. The last departure was 2 days prior on the 18th of Lamashan. Also, as Savendir said, you have a charred letter that mentions a book, Therassic Spire and the 21st of Lamashan. Here is a link to the original posted letter.

Savendir's suspicions prove correct. As Savendir examines her, he discovers a broken false tooth inside her mouth. A residual of the poison still remains.

Are you ready to proceed? You still have one prisoner, unconscious and he has no tongue.

A minute passes and then Zinnastina's eyes begin to dilate. She starts to gag and within another 30 seconds she is dead.

if anyone is interested, go ahead and make a heal check, otherwise how do you want to proceed? You have one more prisoner and other leads as Savendir has pointed out.

Lady Zinnastina's sneer grows wider. "Ah, your true nature is revealed. You were going to extract what information you could and still dispose of me. We are not so different. I shall not give you the pleasure."

Lady Zinnastina quickly clamps her mouth shut as if she is biting on something.

A wicked sneer crosses Lady Zinnastina's face. "Perhaps we can bargain together to find a mutually satisfying agreement. I trade in secrets. If you provide me information that is better than what I possess now, I may be willing to trade the information you seek in return. This of course is contingent upon the safe release of myself and my compatriot. Your information is no good to me if you kill me moments after you have delivered it."

LZ sense motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Lady Zinnastina considers Zarine's offer. "Even if you are willing to let me go, I will never betray my order. I will tell you nothing."

You sense that Zarine believes there is a possibility that you may let her go as you say, but her loyalty to her organization trumps her own life.

DC 10 Sense Motive:
Lady Zinnastina seems unmoved by Zarine's comments.

A stern look crosses Zinnastina's face. "Nothing you can do will be worse than what I have already endured. Do what ever you wish, I will never reveal my secrets."

"Fool! You have seen to what ends I will go protect my secrets. I am not afraid to die. My Lord, Norgorber has prepared a special place for those willing to martyr themselves for him. If I am truly blessed, I will see you again after death." Still bound, she stares back defiantly.

You are correct, I meant Zinnastina. Its been a long week already and its only Wednesday.

Lady Zinnastina's smile grows wider. "So you say, elf. I see you've quickly found another lot to fall in with." She glances at the others before continuing. "Yes, fine specimens. They will make wonderful additions to my collection. Tell me, are your new friends aware of what happened to your last set of comrades?"

Cerpera's eyes flutter a bit as Savendir's healing magic flows through her body. Sufficiently healed, her eyes open and she scans the room to ascertain her current state. One by one her eyes pause on each person watching over her. She lingers for a moment when she recognizes Savendir, and a cold smile breaks briefly across her lips.

She remains silent.

Savendir, examines Zinnastina. He can tell that while her wounds have been stabilized, she needs additional healing to bring her to a conscious state.

No need for an attack role.

The skin in the cleric's cheek begins to redden where Owen's hand struck it, however the cleric remains unconscious.

Make a heal check to determine the cleric's current condition.

No, she is still unconscious.

fortitude save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Zarine trickles the poison down Lady Zinnastina's throat. The cleric coughs as the liquid slides down her throat. 10 minutes pass, but she does not seem to suffer an ill effect from the poison.

You connect the worship of Norgorber and the missing tongue to a rumor you have heard about a very secretive cult of assassins. The assassins all have their tongues cut out to keep the cult's secrets. They always work in pairs and one of the assassin's tongues is magically restored for the duration of the mission. Very little is known about the cult because it is feared that talking too much about the cult leads to being placed on the assassin's list.

Make a knowledge (local) check to possibly learn more related to the missing tongue. Owen, with this new information, you can make another knowledge check.

Zarine examines the prisoner carefully. She discovers the reason for the odd look of the man's mouth. He has no tongue.

Unfortunately, Owen's knowledge of local legends and religion are not sufficient to learn anything from the unconscious man.

Dreth is human. Knowledge(Local) and Knowledge(Religion) may yield some helpful information. I'll provide and in game description below.

Cerpera manages a weak smile as Savendir bids her good bye, a monk comes in with a warm herbal drink to help her sleep. The group proceeds to the basement where the prisoners are held captive.

Owen goes up to Dreth's bed and looks at down at the prisoner. The man is a middle age human. The only discerning feature is the odd way he holds his mouth and jaw in his unconscious state.

Cerpera gives a small shrug. "I'm not completely sure. The visions Pharasma sent me were confusing. First it was an image of Lady Zinnastina putting something in my drink each morning, then it shifted to Dreth sneaking around at night and causing people I don't recognize to fall over somehow. Finally, it was an image of several people bound and gagged in a covered wagon. I think that Lady Zinnastina realized that I was about to reveal her treachery when she silenced me."

A mixed look of sadness and betrayal crosses Cerpera's face as she answers Savendir. "When Lady Zinnastina arrived with Dreth, she told us that Pharasma had sent her to assist me as I communicated Pharasma's words to the people of Sirathu. However, shortly after her arrival, I found my connection to Pharasma waning and often I found my waking hours to be very clouded. On the day that I disappeared, I had a vision from Pharasma just before I spoke. She showed me Lady Zinnastina's true nature and when I began to tell everyone in the square, I blacked out. When I woke, I found myself tied in a chair in some large building."

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