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GM Sedoriku's page

50 posts. Alias of Sedoriku.


Rei UlSkadi wrote:

so here's my first question, if I am running the game and qualify for the rewards from the adventure as a GM, is my (same)character able to play that module then? or is she bared from playing through that adventure then as a Character? for example say my Almut wants to play 'the Frostfur Captives' and I have GMed it.... is she disqualified from playing it, or is she able to.. even though she has gotten rewards from it??

Edit: also will another GM need to Sign the Chronicle sheet for her to legally have access to the rewards if i GM the game she would have access to them in? just trying to make sure it would be done fairly.. planing on taking some friends through 'We b4 Goblins' on Saturday to introduce them to Pathfinder, possibly run through the rest of the 'We be Goblins' series if they like it... but with this info i am seeing about gaining rewards it has me confuzzled...

From the sounds of it, it sounds like you are more asking if GMing a scenario prevents you from playing it, which is a solid no. What TriOmegaZero said:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
No character may have more than one chronicle for the same adventure. So no, Almut cannot play that scenario unfortunately.

is true of course but this is assuming you have applied the GM credit to that specific character. For example if you applied it to Rei UlSkadi, Almut could play the scenario, assuming you haven't played it as a player yet.

Also I don't think you have to have another GM sign off on a character sheet if it's from a game you GMed.

Opps, that extra point of damage was exactly what was needed to put her down. She was going to go down if Fuskee made the save but that extra point was just enough to take her down. I'll move everyone's actions to Grank instead. Also no damage to Fuskee either.

Fuskee takes a shot at Maarbadvae, pegging her right across the chest, burning her horrendously and causing her to waver and almost topple over. before she grits her teeth and stands back up ramrod straight. She then slowly topples over backwards collapsing into a heap.

Glitch-702 decides to train her magical energies on Grank.

Reflex save: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Vahni draws her sword, dropping her gun as she rushes up to the ysoki and takes a swing at him.

At BAB 1+ you can draw a weapon and move at the same time, so take a free attack roll! Edit:... Next time.

Moktargarn also draws in closer to the ysoki and takes a swing of the taclash at him,catching the tiny man across the face and giving him a face full of electricity. The ysoki's hair stands on end as the electricity runs though his body before he drops like a ton of statically charged bricks, sparking slightly, but no worse for wear.

Behind the door L.E.O. is holding closed comes a sound of scrabbling, like the ysoki in back is trying to find a way in. Shortly the sounds of her running out of the back room sounds out. A minute later she appears in the front doorway of the tavern and taking a look at her fallen companions she just slowly backs out of the building before turning tail and running.

If you want to take a shot at her, feel free to roll it, but otherwise: Combat Over! Good job guys that was pretty fast!

Now is there anything you would like to do before hunting down Talbot? The next part is also a small dungeon crawl, so we should probably look at getting a standard operating procedure together.

Fuskee takes a shot at Maarbadvae, pegging her right across the chest, burning her horrendously and causing her to waver and almost topple over. before she grits her teeth and stands back up ramrod straight. And glaring at the ysoki causing him to feel a hot sensation across his chest.

DC 12 will save or take one point of damage.

L.E.O. takiung advantage of the opportunity, moves up to the back door and slams it shut, throwing a bolt across the door and then placing himself in front of it.  

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 2: Status: none

Vahni: (5 damage; Will Save DC 14 for half)
Glitch: (SP 0/6; HP 9/9)

Round 3: Status: none

Fuskee: (DC 12 Will save or take 1 damage)
Moktargarn: (SP 4/9; HP 13/13)
Vandor:  (SP 5/6; HP 10/10)
L.E.O. (SP 1/6; HP 10/10)
Maarbadvae (-16 or -17)
Female ysoki

Cool! I hadn't seen that yet! Make sure to download it and post it somewhere and I'll sign off on it when we are finished!

Glitch tries to fend off the sense of phantom pain from her attack, but the burning sensation overrides her reality processors, causing them to glitch and making Glitch-702 susceptible to the magic’s influence.

Vandor on the other doesn't even realize that magic is affecting him until a small round wound pops up on his arm and starts shooting pain signals out. The small amount of blood dripping down his arm makes the trigger slick, and he accidentally takes a shot at the floor when he brings his gun back up. He quickly cleans it off and takes a second, clean shot to the shobhad’s abdomen. Despite bracing for the pain, nothing happens as Maarbadvae gives a gurgle of pain.

Vahni’s pleas fall on deaf ears as the lumbering woman looks at them. ”There's no way I'm surrendering to you! Anyways it seems like your group is already using lethal force, “ She says while pointing at the bullet holes on her arm and abdomen as well as a burn on one of her other arms. As Vahni’s electrical discharge feeds through her system, Maarbadvae’s eyes narrow. ”You'll pay for that! “ She then stare deeply in Vahni’s eyes, causing pain bubbles and bursts to erupt in their mind as it feels like it starts melting.

DC14 will save or take 2d10 ⇒ (1, 4) = 5 damage. This is a mind affecting effect.

Moktargarn easily realizes the pain is just a spell and is quickly able to break eye contact, stopping the spell from working its full effect. He drops his pistol and rushes up with his taclash. Aiming at the large humanoids feet he takes a swing. Despite her attention being focused elsewhere, however, Maarbadvae easily jumps over the filament, completely ignoring the vesk and his tiny weapon.

I believe the game says to round down in general so only 5 damage not 6

Grank decides that targeting the wounded Glitch is probably his best bet for right now.
Laser shot: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17 A hit! Glitch takes 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 fire damage

The ysoki behind L.E.O. takes another quick shot at the Android before backing off into the back room.
Laser shot, vs. prone: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
This time an actual hit! L.E.O. takes 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 fire damage

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 2: Status: none

Vahni: (5 damage; Will Save DC 14 for half)
Glitch: (SP 0/6; HP 9/9)

Round 3: Status: none

Moktargarn: (SP 4/9; HP 13/13)
Vandor: (SP 5/6; HP 10/10)
L.E.O. (SP 1/6; HP 10/10
Maarbadvae (-11)
Female ysoki

No problems, good luck with whatever is going on, and I hope you are OK!

Don't forget you have a +2 from being an android, but that's still not enough to pass.

Correcting the attack vs. L.E.O.
The female ysoki takes aim at the Android and fires, but having trained for fighting enemies taller than her self, her hand jersey up and the shot goes over the bar where the android’s chest would be if he was standing. The laser pulse slams into a bottle of Castrovalian whiskey scattering around the room in an impressive but short lived light show.

Glitch, recovering from her near hits from her allies, brings her gun to bear against the large shobhad and takes a shot, again almost hitting her in a vital spot until she blocks it with an arm. The four armed woman stops and concentrates for a second and Glitch feels a phantom burning on her arm.

Dang so many almost crits. Also DC 12 will save or take 1 damage. This is a mind-affecting effect.

L.E.O. in a rush from the unexpected attack from behind fires two quick shots at the ysoki behind him, but his rush proves to be detrimental and both shots end up with a thunk in the wood. The last one though does take out a whisker or two as it passes.
So close but no cigar.

Edit because I just saw Fuskee's post.
Fuskee moves down the bar in case someone had the presence of mind to throw a grenade at him, and takes a mechanically enhanced shot at the large grey woman. It hits her square in the shoulder and she gives him a death glare as her robes start to smolder a little.

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 1: Status: none

Glitch: (3/6 SP 9/9; HP Will save DC 12 or take 1 damage)

Round 2: Status: none

Moktargarn: (11 Damage, Will save DC 14 for half)
Vandor: (Will save DC 12 or take 1 damage)
Maarbadvae (-6 to -8)
Female ysoki

Blah, Yes you are prone and therefore did not get hit! I'll correct the post in just a bit.

Ok, botting Moktargarn, and sorry I messed his name up on the initiative tracker...

Vandor scrambles from his ideal spot bhind the pillar to hide behind a table that provides less coverage but allows him to shoot without problems. He lines up his shot and almost hits the four-armed woman in the hear but she moves her arm in the way just in time.

Vandor, in play-by-post it is generally a good idea to roll damage with your attack rolls, unless it is an almost a guaranteed miss. It makes combat move faster.

Tactical pistol: 1d6 ⇒ 2

As his gun’s bullet hit her flesh, though he feels light headed for a second, as a phantom pain of a bullet piercing his arm overcomes him.

DC 12 Will save or take 1 damage from her share pain ability. It is a mind-affecting pain effect

Moktargarn line up his pulse caster rifle and takes a shot at the large woman, deciding that quickly bringing her to her knees is a good idea.

Pulsecaster rifle: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
Non-lethal electrical damage: 1d4 ⇒ 1

Maarbadvae gives a laugh at the pitiful attempts to hurt her, shaking off the pain of the bullet and tiny electrical zap she received. ”Pitiful traitors! You’re no match for the glory of Talbot and his trusted followers! Now feel the pain of his wrath!” She finishes her staring Moktargarn directly in the eyes. With a twisted smile she gives a slight squint and Moktargarn’s brain is racked with horrendous pain.
DC 14 will save or take 2d10 ⇒ (3, 8) = 11 points of damage.

Grank, the ysoki bedside her, scrambles away form the large target trying to get some cover from the group, ending up near the table. He uses the table to brace his shot, targeting the closer Glitch.

Laser pistol: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15 A hit! 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 fire damage to Glitch.

From the back room behind Fuskee and L.E.O. comes a small scrabling sound as another ysoki pops out from the back room! She trains her pistol on 1d2 ⇒ 1 L.E.O. and takes a shot at him!

I realized after posting yesterday there’s no clear rules to firing from stealth in combat if the enemy doesn’t realize you are there, but I’m going to say you are flat footed (-2 AC, no reactions) for this shot, and this shot only.
Laser pistol: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10 A hit! L.E.O. takes 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3 fire damage.

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 1: Status: none

Glitch (3/6 SP 9/9 HP)

Round 2: Status: none

Moktargarn (11 Damage, Will save DC 14 for half)
Vandor (Will save DC 12 or take one damage)
L.E.O. (3/6 SP 10/10 HP)
Maarbadvae (-2 poss. -3)
Female ysoki

Fuskee and L.E.O. both train their weapons on Maarbadvae, but their shots both go wild and nearly graze Glitch instead, messing up the timing of her shot. The needle and laser both hit the same spot on the ceiling well above Maarbadvae’s head. She gives a laugh and comments ”How fitting, the traitors to Akiton revival are also traitors amongst themselves!”

We'll say ducking behind the bar counts as prone for right now.

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 1: Status: none

L.E.O. (Prone)
Maarbadvae Group

I'm going to add Moktargarn and Vahni to the map. Also Vandor re: the energy field, the scenario doesn't say one way or the other, but I would say it's floor to ceiling and blocks incoming and out going fire, so you'll have to shoot around it, but it does grant cover.

GM Screen:

S: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26
G: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (3) + 0 = 3
V : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
L: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
V: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
G: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
F: 1d20 ⇒ 8


Garn Init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
Vandor Init : 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
Leo Init: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20
Glitch init: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
Fuskee init: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27
Vahni Init: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11
Maarbadvae group init: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11

Despite Maarbadvae and her companion's bravado and grandstanding at entering the bar, they prove to be rather unready for the fight, fumbling for their guns and not reacting quickly enough, allowing most of the group to get the drop on them.

Seeing as you had plenty of advance warning, feel free to start with your weapon of choice in hand!

Combat Map

Bold may act

Round 1: Status: none

Fuskee: Cover

Vandor: Cover

Maarbadvae Group


The group runs around and takes up their various defensive positions, only a few seconds pass by before the bar doors fly open, and a large lumbering woman with four arms trudges inside.  She stops a few feet in the doorway and scans the room. Behind her an almost comically small in comparison ysoki slides in behind her. When she notes the drawn weapons, the woman who can only be Maarbadvae gives a toothy smile. ”Oh good, you aren’t surrendering. This would have been boring if you had. Now prepare to die, you Akiton-hating intruders! Grank, Get ‘em!” The ysoki beside her trains its weapon on you and snarls.

Life Sciences  DC 11:

Maarbadvae is an over protective mystic shobhad
For every 5 you beat the DC, you may ask for additional information about the her. Or you can just leave it to me to share what I feel you are most likely to know.

Life Sciences DC 10:

The ysoki is a ysoki.
But for every 5 you beat the DC, you may ask for additional information about the creatures. Or you can just leave it to me to share what I feel you are most likely to know.

Philit nods sagely as Vahni explains who the group works for and why they are interested in Talbot. "Ah, so your woking for the Society. Can't say I'm too surprised, tere always seems to be groups of Starfinders every which way, but not so much since the Scoured Stars. You have my condolences on that. It's good to hear that Talbot wasn't intentionally duping us, but a fraud is still a fraud and we will still pursue it as such. It does however sound like your problem and claim precede ours and as such, it would only be polite if we let you go in first. If you should bring him to us though, we would be glad to tack the charge of theft to his trial as well. And I'll talk to headquarters about extending our usual finder's reward, but there is no garuntee on that end."

With this Philit gets up and stretches, before turning back to the group. "It's getting late and we should probably get off to bed. We'll give you until midday tomorrow to bring Talbot back before we head in ourselves. Good luck and try not to get hurt." With his last wrodds he gives the shirren attempt at a smile and silently calls to the two vesk who fall in line and behind him. The one who'd been glaring at Fuskee gives a slight snarl as he moves past the ysoki, but leaves Fuskee alone.

After the group leaves the place, a glance around shows the bar has started to clear out, many of the people from earlier having left in twos and threes, with the hour getting later and later. As the group bands together to discuss what happened with Philit a deep booming female voice echoes from outside the front of the bar. “Intruders! We know you’ve come to Tasch in search of our savior. I give you this one chance. Lay down your weapons and leave our town. You will not disrupt the salvation of Akiton, not when Reynald Talbot has come so close to saving our world! You have one minute to decide.”

As the voice rings out many of the people in the bar start to scrabble around, and flee the place. A few of the more astute giving you sharp glances as they head out the front door. Podswald gives a hearty curse, "F~@!! Maarbadvae, this is bad, very very bad. She then rushes into the back room disappears from sight.

Please feel free to place yourselves on the map, you have a few rounds to prepare if you'd like. I'll start combat in 24 hours.

Sigh at the locked door, Navasi moves to the top of the stairs. "Quig, We'll probably need you to figure out this door when we are done." She takes a moment to look around the battlefield before aiming her gun at the goblin in the white spacesuit and firing a bullet at it.

Pew pe Pewy, range increment 2: 1d20 + 5 - 2 ⇒ (8) + 5 - 2 = 11
bullet slam!: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Philit just watches as Fuskee takes a defensive position by the door. "I guess your ysoki friend over there has no interest in talking. That's a shame, I'm sure he'd have a unique view on things." The shirren does stop sending messages for a second and one of his Vesk bodyguards starts to watch the ysoki intently.

Philit watches the group as they take a moment or two to think of an answer to his question, but the older model android listening intently to his speech and so guilelessly watching the others puts him at ease a little. Philit turns his attention to Vandor as the man starts speaking. he takes a second after the man's question to start a mental response.

"We aren't embarrassed by the '"I can turn thasteron into cheap drift drive fuel" trick', the illusions on the mineral we so good it even fooled our microscopes and other equipment. We, however, are angered by the blatant fraud. If... When we get ahold of Talbot, we plan to put him on trial, with as much due process we can muster here on Akiton... But, if it is true he has betrayed your employers, like you and that other android have said, then we might want to work together in this, assuming you're willing to tell me who your employers are and what he has done to wrong them. AbadarCorp doesn't work with criminal organizations as a rule."


From what you know of Shirren, either he's telling the truth or he's one of the best shirren liars you have ever met.

Really don't worry about it! Your family and their well-being should definitely take priority!

The men and women trying to get Glitch nito a game of darts sigh as she turns them away. "Oh, well, we wouldn't mind the cheating if it wasn't blatant. I mean almost everyone here cheated before Talbot came. But if you insist..." They head back into the throng to leave the android alone.

The other android in the group, gets caught up in the attentions of the small boy, whose eyes go wide at the mention of being made not born. "Wow! What was that like? Did it hurt? Was it fun? did you start small and grow?" When his questions are cut short by asking where his parents are, he points out a pair of adults standing nearby watching the exchange with some interest, a bit of pride, and a little apprehension. "They're over there. And why is it dangerous? and why would I need help? and why...." His line of questioning continues on, but the parents catching a flash of worry from L.E.O.'s face hurry over and gather the young boy in their arms. "There, there , Gamin. Why don't we leave the nice man alone?" One of them gives L.E.O. a thankful look. "Thanks for keeping Gamin company, he's never met an android before and can be pretty inquisitive."

Moktargarn gladly sets up shop on a table and starts pedaling out pride wounding defeats left and right until a few of the larger miners step up to the table.

Arm wrestling:

There isn't really any system for this, but I'll just do a few strength checks.
Moktargarn: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20 vs. Strong miner: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
Moktargarn: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19 vs. Strong miner: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5
Moktargarn: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24 vs. Strong miner: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

He beats them all without breaking a sweat, and the men in awe offer the man a few credits and a drink each.

As everyone but Vahni and Vandor prepare to head out to the mine, the solarion and envoy instead move closer to the shirren and his bodyguard.

The shirren gives what might pass for a smile as Vahni wanders up to the table. In a voice that resonates in your head rather than your ears, he starts talking, "Oh, good you did stop by my table!" With this he glances to the vesk standing near the table, and then out towards the door. A few seconds later the vesk stand up giving his seat away, while the second one, who had moved to the door while everyone was distracted, gathers a few other chairs and brings them to the shirren's table.

The shirren refocuses his attention on Vahni and telepathically sends. "You do have a distinctive accent that marks you as being a local, though given the group you came in with, I don't think you're here for the 'new era for Akiton.' So, why don't you take a seat and call your friends so we can talk business with me having to tax my lobes?" He also sends a message to everyone else in the group, with a polite, if slightly unsettling, message to join their friend at the table in the corner.

Once everyone is gathered, the shirren gestures at the gathered chairs and wait for everyone to take up or turn down the offer. After a moment he starts to send to everyone again. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet everyone here. I'm Philit and I'm here representing AbadarCorp interests in a certain man called Talbot. The man sold us some new type of drift fuel that looked promising, but it reverted to basic thasteron. We purchased it in good faith and AbadarCorp does not tolerate outright fraud. However, given what I overheard of your conversations, it would seem you also have an interest in Talbot. Might I inquire as to why?"

Diplomacy checks please. Aid another is perfectly fine and acceptable, but let me know if you are making a check or an aid another attempt. Also don't be afraid to ask questions of the man if you want to."

The unusual atmosphere of the bar and town, while off putting, does make it easy to find out information about 'the stupendous' Talbot and his 'revitalizing transmutation process.' Often times just extending a question in neutral terms about the man or shy they are happy is enough to get them talking.

Glitch, after realizing that the dour men in the corner are AbadarCorp men, gets blindsided by a group of tipsy miners and an offer of playing poker for a few credits. "Hey there, you look like you could hold your own in poker! We're short a player and no one here is willing to play with us since Sarnial lost fifty credits over a game."

L.E.O. passes on his information about the 'Corp and their connection with Tasch before trying to make himself look less threatening. Apparently he does this too well as a small kid ends up wandering in front of the android and openly staring. "Hey, Mister, Why do you look so different?"

Vahni decides to plunge head long into the crowd and start talking with people. They soon find themselves in a group of miners, getting clapped heartily on the back and hearing all of the wonderful virtues of working for Talbot, the details of the transmutation process and even getting detailed, if slurred, directions to where the mine that the hard-working Talbot is probably still working hard at helping revive the economy of Tasch and hopefully Akiton!

Moktargarn just stays by the wall watching the proceedings but finding nothing out of place, he does have a few of the more burly miners challenge the vesk to an arm-wrestling competition.

Fuskee makes his way to the bar and places his order for a glas of whiskey. However, before he can even pull out his credstick, one of the particularly drunk patrons at the bar calls out in common, "Hey did the little ysoki order a drink? He looks like he's still too sober to be paying, I'll take his tab," before slumping over again. Podswald gives Fuskee a look and comments in ysoki, "Gods, it great to see someone who still seems sane ever since that Talbot man showed up in town. The credits are nice, but these men keep drinking me out of all my best alcohols. That an this revelry is just creepy; I liked it when everyone in town was more morose, and it wasn't this crazy." She quickly mixes up a whiskey and hands it off, before having to go off and deal with seven different orders.

Vador's order also gets picked up by another patron of the bar before he can even reach for his credstick. His line of questioning seems to meet more resistance, though more from a complete lack of knowledge than any unwillingness to talk. He finally finds someone who gives the comment a few seconds of thought. "We did just sell them a huge amount of transmuted thasteron, maybe there back to negotiate a second shipment. But I don't know. Maybe you could go ask 'em yourself?"

Okay, you know where Talbot likely is, and the mine he's been operating from. If you want to continueing roleplaying here, feel free to,b ut if you are wanting to move on just let me know.

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Woops, as I thought I was completely overlooking that rule! Thanks!

Can someone point me to the ruling for a single character being in a single game at a time? I've got a player asking about it and I've spent a couple hours searching for it but either my Google fu is weak or I'm misreading something, cause I am not finding it.

Vahni hangs out with the group of men a good thirty minutes longer until the bar door bursts open and an extremely excited young girl bursts in. Bedecked in what seems to be an ecclectic mix of what must have been her best clothes, the twelve year old scans the room before her eyes settle on Vahni and she makes a bee line for the vidgamer.

At the table, one of the men stands up and hollers out, "Susan, what are you doing here? You know it:s dangerous to go out on your own." She stops short for a second as she realizes her idol was surrounded by other people. She cocks her head as she realizes what is going on.

"Papa, what are you doing here? And why are you drinking with Vahni Dahawan? I got a message from them and HAD to come meet them!" With her eyes sparkling she rushes up even faster than before, givingher father a big hug before turning to Vahni and introducing herself. "I'm Susan and I'm a uge fan of yours. I saw your XenoCrypt playthrough a few years ago and LOVED how you empathized with the Monxia'lanian struggles. Since then you've become a huge rolemodel to me! I want to be just like you someday! Can I get a signature...." She continues on like this for a while, asking about minutia and even asking about how to become a solarion.

Fuskee, his fur luckily hiding the buning red paw prints on his cheeks, wanders up to the bar as Vandor starts talking about the mold in the corner. The bartender just smiles as the man rambles on about it, before retorting at the end, "But that's not mold it's my black scrubber, or a slime mold from Castrovel that has a bit of sentience." With this he gives a whistle and the black spot in the corner gives a shake and extends hundreds of tiny little appendages and surries down the wall to come at the bartender's feet. "See these little guys are great at cleaning mold and bacteria from the air and surfaces. They also love alcohol; this little one will rush right over and drink up any spills."

To prove his point, he reaches down and pick up the creature, and sets it on the bar. He spills a small amount of whiskey on he bar near the creature and it slides right over the alcohol and gives a shiver and almost purr of pleasure. The bartender then picks up the scrubber and sets it back on the floor and give it a pat to send it surrying elsewhere while Vandor orders Fuskee a Knuckle Buster. "Yup, that's a Shobhad Knuckle-Buster alright. If it doesn't taste like a knuckle sandwich to the mouth, it ain't made right."

Back at the tables with an unhappy but unable to extract herself from, the converstaion Glitch and Vahni, Frank, at his daughter's insistance, offers the solarion and thir friends the use of his grandfather's junker buggy. Gathering Fuskee and Vandor from the bar, L.E.O. from the door and Moktargan from the main thoroughfair, the two lead them to their home. They ivite the group to dine and spend the night, but the majority decide the group should probably push on.

With Fuskee driving the buggy that probably predates the war with Veskarium, but surprisingly has almost no rust, the group makes good time, making the two hour long trip in only an hour. The ysoki parks the buggy outside of town as everyone tries getting over the aftereffects of the ride.

With the setting sun at your backs, the group heads down the single long dusty road, lined with single-story dwellings, that runs through the center of Tasch. To the left a few powered vehicles rest chained to their owner’s homes. On the right a small general store stands near the center of town, illuminated by flickering white lights. Another building, full of locals, hosts a signpost that reads “Digger’s Dive” —clearly the town bar. Although the sun beats down on this desert town, its citizens meander around the bar in good cheer. Most are ysoki and humans, with the occasional lumbering fourarmed shobhad mingling among them. They greet you cheerfully, a very different reception from Maro, and talk amicably among themselves.

Deciding to try canvasing the bar for information, the group heads that way. Tossing open the doors you find yourselve in a room where faint electric lights dangle from the ceiling, while the open sky is visible from cracks between the planks that serve as a roof. The floor is solid wood, a rarity here from what you've seen. The interior walls and ceiling supports are mud brick, the latter being carved in a the bar's single attempt at ornamentation. The tavern is divided in two halves by an energy field with an opening on the northern end. The bar lining the southern wall is open to either side, with a wall of half-empty bottles behind it. The tables are wooden and makeshift, but solid. The east end has square wooden platform about a foot above the floor. Two sets of double doors are built into the northern and southern walls on the west end, both ajar. A single closed door provides an exit behind the west end of the bar.

Map updated!

The happy atmosphere extends into the bar, as it's quite packed and the men and women well and truly on the way to being drunk. Quite afew of them seem to be miners, but alot of spouses are present as well as more than a couple of kids scapering around the place. At the bar is about the only dark spot in the happy tableau, a female ysoki wearing badge saying, 'Hi, My name is: Podswald' on it. Attached to the badge is a small piece of paper tht reads 'And if you make fun of it I will punch your lights out'.

GM Screen:

Garn Perc: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (4) + 0 = 4
Vandor Perc : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
Leo Perc: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16
Vahni Perc: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Glitch perc: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20
Fuskee perc: 1d20 ⇒ 3

Taking a look around the room, L.E.O., Vahni, and Glitch catch sight of only other dark spot: a shirren and two vesk bodyguards sitting in the corner watching the revelers with a disinterest. they are all decked out in dark armor outlined in silver with a small mark upon their chests.

Picture in the maps.

Mysticism DC 10:
The mark is that of AbadarCorp, the largest company in the Pact Worlds.

This weekend was busier than expected! I'll get a post in in the next 12-14 hours. Sorry about that.

Moktargarn tries to apply his wilderness survival skills to the urban expanses of Maro, but he quickly decides it's a bad idea, as he finds hundreds of different shoe prints and traces of people's passage, but he doesn't have a clue which, if any, belong to Talbot.

I have to admit survival would have been a cool way to find Talbot, but not with that roll, sadly...

Vahni, despite their apprehensions, ends up joining everyone in the bar. Forgoing a drink, they instead find a small group of off-duty dock workers drinking in their free time, and goes over to see if they know anything. The process doesn't go well, as Vahni a complete stranger and, despite the Akitionian accent Vahni has, they are traveling with an obvious group of off-worlders.

Things improve, though once Glitch joins the table and asks if Vahni wants a drink on the Society's tab. One of the men looks at the two for a moment before asking, "Wait, you're Vahni, as in the vidgamer streamer that's joined the Starfinders, Vahni? My daughter loves your stream! She's constantly begging me for more allowance so she can be a platinum subscriber. But I hear you somehow made it off of Akiton and joined The Starfinders! How is it? It must be nice to leave this dusty place behind..."

Vahni Diploamcy time taken: 1d4 ⇒ 1

From there the conversation starts flowing and Vahni is able to slowly direct the flow of the conversation to Talbot. The dock workers mull it over for a bit, but once you show them a picture, their eyes light up. "Oh, him! He was skulking around the docks a few weeks ago. He got a ride out of town, I think. Hey, frank where do you remember where this guy went?" On of the other dock workers at the table, who'd definitely been hitting the alcohol too hard, pops upright from the slumped over position he'd been in with a "Wha-?". The first man asks him again, and Frank takes a moment to focus on the picture before going, "Oh yea, tha' creepy fella! Headed ou'ta Tasch. 'hough wha' he'd find 'here, I don' kna'" the man the shortly slumps over, passed out again.

You made the check before the aid, but I thought I should include Glicth's aid at least.

Vandor Dipl. time taken: 1d4 ⇒ 2
Bartender's Sense motive: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Vador quickly approaches the bar and tries to ply his charm and wit™. The bartender, however, proves a tough nut to crack and Vandor has to break out the Society credstick and buy a few drinks for everyone in the group before the man even starts using more than three syllables to answer Vandor's questions. But in the end the man listens intently to the story the envoy gives him.

The man gives a small snort at the preposterous tale, though. "I don't know why you're making up a stupid story like that. Look, I like you, not many off-worlders can handle a Shobhad-Knuckle Buster, but you even ordered a second. But, word of advice, don't go lying about my establishment, I know it's in s*~~ty condition and pretty words ain't going to make me think otherwise. But I do remember your 'friend' from a few weeks back. The man ended up on the floor screaming something about 'deserving that promotion' and 'showing them,' after only a couple of light Ysoki Whiskers. I think he mentioned something about Tasch when I was tossing him out. The man was an ass, I hope you can cut him down a few pegs!"

Another success!

Finally L.E.O. deciding the bar was not his place, quickly hunts down a public access computer bar. Getting a free hoalf hour at the terminal, the android tries to hunt down information about the Philosopher's stone, but almost all of the information on it has apparently been lost in the Gap or is classified by the Society. He does, however, find an interesting article on the homepage of the terminal done by one of the local Akitonian reporters. It talks about how a large AbadarCorp fleet is two days overdue for departure. It goes on to talk about how the fleet was picking up a huge shipment of Drift fuel that they had purchased from the small town of Tasch, following the extraordinary discovery of fuel deposits a two weeks ago. The author concludes it the article with the speculation that something might have gone wrong with the purchase, if the ships are still here.

Another success, but with different information!
Alright you guys should know where to go next but feel free to share, or hoard, your information; stock up on supplies; or do anything else you feel needs to be done and let me know when you are ready to leave.

A few of you go to the bar that Vandor pointed out. It proves to be up a few levels of the cavern walls. The inside is decorated in a style that was popular about a hundred years ago when this place was probably last renovated. The well worn seats and carpets speak of the long years of use, but the dim lights and seedy atmosphere helps to hide some of it's flaws. Inside are a few people, a couple of single drinkers and one or two groups of two or three. The bartender, whose skin is the ruddy red of the native Akitonian humans, stops cleaning a glass and gives you a quick judging glance that soon turns disinterested when he sees you aren't a threat. He goes back to cleaning the glass.

Meanwhile, a much more energetic Fuskee has almost no trouble finding a group of ysoki, as they almost seem to be thriving here. He starts asking around and almost everyone seems to know someone who'd seen that guy, but they in turn heard it from this other guy. After a few hours of hunting around he doesn't seem to have any answers. Whether this is because he's from off-world or just because the gossip lines are long, Fuskee can't quite tell.

Don't be afraid to make some rolls, or event take ten. Also Aid Another is an option, just let me know that's what you're doing.

Arvin gives Fuskee a cold glance, "Just the fact he was being considered for a Venture-Captaincy should tell you his capabilities, try not to underestimate him."

He then turns to Moktargarn. "Personally I wouldn't wan to leave him there either, but the Forum and I don't really care what you do with him. kill him or not, bring him back or not, it makes no difference. However if you do bring him back we won't press charges as extradition laws will likely make it a waste of legal money."

"Now that seems like it will be all. Good luck with your mission and blessings of whoever you venerate, if anyone." With this turns back to his display, and while you leave the room you can hear him reopen the channel to his digital assistant. "Ok, Croyd, now many calls came in while I was..."


You all go your various ways to prepare for your mission.

Fuskee get back to his quarters and collapses, only to wake to the mental klaxon that is Acid Burn's alarm.

Moktargarn gets a good sparring in with some of the Society's other fitness enthusiasts before going back and packing his things.

Glitch confirms that the message does indeed come from the captain, but sadly one of her glitches prevents her from actually opening the message for a frustratingly long hour.

L.E.O. gets to the hangar bay with time to spare, but gets detained by the security guards before he can leave the force field and is forced to sit through a 20 minute long battery of tests to prove he's actually an android, safety presentations about the dangers of the void of space before signing out a sheet and getting harnessed with a safety line.

Vahni gets back to their quarters and sends a few messages. By the time vahni's message to their family has been sent they already have a couple messages from their fans.

Message 1:
"That is ironic! lol! I hope you finish soon, I can't wait for the Dawnseekers stream!"

"Oh, oh, you aren't coming to Maro are you? I'd love to meet the Vahni in person! And who is this Reynald guy, he looks shady..."

"Happy and not starving people on Akiton? Impossible! But good luck with your first mission, we're rooting for you!"

All of you meet up in the spacious and austere Hangar Bay 215-D, a row of the same model of shuttles lines one side while on the other side is another of the same models with it's lights on and running throught it's preflight checks. Across the side is a bright pink advertisement for Strawberry Machine Cake's new album. In the blueish white glare of the station lights hovers a small delivery droid bearing the Starfinder symbol. It scans your face and hands out a small bag with the travel expense credstick, some foodstuffs for the journey, and a surprisingly cheerful note from Arvin, wishing you good luck. Joining another ten of so people of various races, you board the shuttle and settle in for an uneventful flight.

Time skip

Outside the observation windows floats Akiton, a world the color of blood, rust, and red clay. A thick shell of white caps both poles. The shuttle descends toward the planet, and a barely perceptible shift in gravity occurs as the ship’s artificial gravity begins to lessen and the planet’s natural gravity begins to take hold.

From suborbital heights, a handful of small towns, large complexes, and industrial sites that spew noxious fumes into the thin atmosphere surround the trench city of Maro. A spidery web of dirt roads scratched into the rust-colored ground by regular traffic connects these sites to the metropolis. Maro, the so-called City of Lights itself, comes into view as the ship begins its final descent. The city occupies more of a vertical space than horizontal, built into a six-mile-long section of trench that is half as deep and a half mile wide.

Entire neighborhoods and business districts are built into the walls, accessed by patio entrances. Lights, neon signs, and holographic advertising bejewel either side of this urban canyon, while an active spaceport and industrial zones occupy the ground level. As the shuttle lands, it does so beneath the backdrop of an immense mural of brightly glowing neon-green graffiti that reads in Common: “Git Out! Planet’s Broke!”

Despite the other passengers, you are the only one's who disembark. As soon as you are clear of it, the shuttle immediately takes off again. clearly not wanting to stay here longer that it has to.

Alright, you have made it to Maro. You're free to try investigating Talbot's trail as you see fit. Some skills that might work include Culture, Profession (Especially accountant, corporate professional, dockworker, merchant or miner), or diplomacy, but feel free to suggest other skills methods too!

Vahni Dahawan wrote:
Ah, I see. So you'll digitally sign the chronicle, eMail (or something else) it to us so we can print it, then report it normally?

Yup, though I still need to figure out that digital signing thing.

Vahni Dahawan wrote:

You guys are totally free to read what's in the spoilers, by the way. The letters are just kinda lengthy so I decided to spoiler them.

Also, I have a question: how will this session be recorded for when I bring Vahni to an IRL table?

I'm not sure I get what you're asking here. When we finish here, I'll make up a PDF of your chronicle and report the game on the Paizo website here, same as if you were playing face to face.

Vahni, you should know all of the information in the spoilers, but not the conclusions about how it relates to Talbot.

A slightly confused look appears in Arvin's eyes for a second before realization dawns on him. "Right, I had completely forgotten. Vahni thank-you for reminding me before I sent you off with out explaining anything."

Arvin stands up and moves out from behind the desk. He gestures for Vahni to stand up and join him, and starts speaking in a formal voice. "Vahni here has succesfully completed the correspondance course and should have all of the basic knowledge and skills she needds, but before they can graduate as a full fledged field agent, though, we need a confirmation of their abilities. Normally this would take the form of a battery of tests, but occcasionally the agent in question is sent on a mentorship, a mission with other agents that help judge the fledgling in the field. When I heard that Vahni has been living on Akiton, I requested that they be put on this assignment."

He pauses for a second giving everyone else in the party a good look. "As such, I need you to watch over them and make sure they are okay. Afterwards I would ask for an assesment of their abilities and a reccomendation if they should be allowed to graduate. I'll send you a datapack with the exact details later, but for now I hope this doesn't cause any problems. I'm sure Vahni here will prove to be an asset, they has a good understanding of the planet and it's people."

With that out of the way, he motions for Vahni to sit down, and moves back to his seat himself before answering your questions.

"As for what the artfact does, that's a good question, but the answer is complicated because it’s actually two questions: what the artifact doesand what Talbot thinks it does. We’re operating under the assumption that Talbot thinks he’s stolen an object from old Golarion called a philosopher’s stone. Legend has it that the stone could transmute matter, among other properties. What Talbot actually stole was recently re-cataloged as a charlatan’s stone. It does something similar, except the effect is a potent illusion and only temporary. We think ancient con artists used to make false gold. And that should tell you more than enough as to what he wants to do with it and where he's likely gone with it."

He turns to look at L.E.O., a small smile on his face from the look of concern. "Talbot was in the accquisitions department, but I can't say anything further about his work. He was a smart, capable, and a reasonable field agent, if a bit brash. Talbot is also self-entitled and ambitious."

His look then moves to include Vandor in it's field. "After the Scoured Stars, he expected to be promoted to venture-captain, but the Forum felt he needed more time. He got angry. We think this theft is in part a retaliation. He was a full fledged and experinced agent, so I wouldn't take hiim lightly. As for why he fled to Akiton, I don' presume to know his motivations, but it might have to do with the economic decline Akiton is in."

I'm going to have to take back something I said earlier, Arvin does not want Talbot back here.

Looking at the large vesk he explains, "Don't worry aobut lugging him back here. He's not worth the headache and expenses of trying to prosecute, so handle him as you see fit. I probably don't need to warn you, Moktargan," He starts to look around at the assembled faces, settling on Fuskee's for a second longer than everyone else's. "But I should warn you all this doesn't give you the right to go on a killing spree. Don’t make the Society look bad. It might be tough to do on Akiton, but don’t take that as a challenge."

"Now, unless anyone as any other questions or concerns, you should probably get going. Your shuttle is waiting in Hanger Bay 215-D, and will be leaving in about 2 hours. The details of the flight and maps for those who don't know the hangers yet, as well as the details of the mentorship, the travel documents and the instructions on how to use the travel expense credstick are in this," he presses a spot on his display, and a few seconds later your personal communication devices goes off with their message notifications, "message. If you need to pack or prepare anything, I'd reccomend getting a move on."

3, …2, …1, …GO!

You all responded to the… unusual call of the P.A. system, arriving in front of a plain door marked with a minimalistic “V.C. Arvin.” Pressing a button on the side of the door and a slightly distracted voice calls out, ”Oh, good, you’re here. Just a second.” As the man cuts the channel, the doors to the office slide open with a soft pneumatic hiss. Inside is a well-lit and blue-carpeted office. Venture-Captain Arvin, a handsome and determined-looking damaya lashunta, sits behind a desk, his eyes riveted on a glassy display. After a heartbeat, he glances towards the open door and motions everyone to enter.

I’ve included a picture of the man in the slides!

“Apologies, please come in. Be seated if you like, although this shouldn’t take long.” Arvin taps a button on a console and murmurs to a digital assistant, “Croyd, put everything on hold for a few minutes. If anyone calls, please explain I’m in mission briefing and I’ll get right back to them.” He then darkens the display and takes a moment to rest his eyes before giving you his full attention.

“Right. I've read your profiles and know you are a more than competent group of field agents, so I believe you can handle this assignment I have for you. This one is a little a different from others you might have received.” He pauses before he explains,“This time, it’s an internal matter.”

“You’re probably aware that after the Scoured Stars incident many of our still present colleagues elected to leave the Society. I know for some of you that this is hard to understand and it’s certainly unfortunate, but not too surprising, given the circumstances. We hate to lose good field agents, but they aren’t conscripted and have that option. Normally we would wish them well and that’s that. However, in this case, the defector, former field agent Reynald Talbot, stole an artifact from the Lorespire Complex before departing. Theft is where the Society draws the line; I need you to get that artifact back. Hold on let me pull up some pictures for you.”

He turns the display on again and quickly open two tabs, one with a picture of the man as well as what must be a redacted version of his file, the other showing a stone of some sort.

Also up in the google slides.

Turning the display to face you he continues, “Unfortunately, Talbot left weeks ago and we only discovered the theft in the last 24 hours. We launched an immediate investigation to determine the identity of the thief and their last known whereabouts. It’s our bad luck that Talbot was smart enough to get off the station and head to Akiton, where there’s no central government or law enforcement to easily call upon. I need you to track him down and recover the artifact. It would be great if you could also bring Talbot back to face justice, but if you can’t, don’t worry, the artifact is the priority here. We know Talbot caught a shuttle to the Akitonian city of Maro, so that’s a great place to start. The Society will, of course, cover your travel expenses. Now, do you have any questions for me?”

I'm going to put the information you can roll for in spoilers here, please don’t look unless you make the DC (or try not to metagame with it).

Culture DC 10:

You recall a class on the basics of the Pact Worlds, which covered Akiton as well:
It is smaller than the Golarion standard, with only one-third the gravity and a thin atmosphere. People who aren’t acclimated, such as people who have been living on Absalom Station, can jump three times as high and carry three times the normal weight, although they don’t move any faster. Likewise, unless one has some kind of environmental protections, such as the ones built into armor, it’s easy to become fatigued due to the low atmosphere levels.

You also recall a class that covered the basics of Akitonian history, such as how Akiton suffered an economic crash when the revelation of Drift technology rendered the numerous pre-Drift fuels mined on Akiton virtually worthless.

Culture DC15:

You recall the Akitionian History and Society 101 class you took before graduation:
Akiton is generally lawless, except for whatever laws a local authority might impose. Akiton survives on trade and commerce. Strangers find loyalty hard to come by, especially in the big cities. Newcomers are consequently likely to be observed and watched, especially if an organization believes it can take advantage of the strangers.

Thus if Talbot acted or did anything at all out of the ordinary, someone is likely to have noticed. To avoid being found, it is unlikely he stayed in Maro for more than a few days.

Culture DC 20:

Not only do you remember your Akitonian History and Society 101, but you also took the 201 class that included information on how hard money to come by on Akitom and how unstable the markets can be.
If Talbot fled to the red planet, he did so for a reason. It’s likely the ex-Starfinder had a plan, and that plan involved gaining a large number of credits. Given Akiton’s unstable economy, such a surge should be identifiable for those who “follow the money.”

Glitch-702 wrote:
just post with LEO in gameplay and GM can remove your forum handle to the inactive players list.

Thanks, that is exactly what I would have recommended!

Since everyone is here should we look at getting started?
Also please don't forget your tokens, initiative and perception modifiers on the Google slides page!

Tundran wrote:
Maybe it would be good to collect a list of good examples of pbp games, especially common scenarios like the evergreens. That way, prospective GMs have something specific to study.

Ooohhh, that could be very useful and enlightening!

Vahni Dahawan wrote:
We're just missing our Mystic, right?

Yup, Blurhy has checked into the gameplay thread but hasn't checked in with his character yet. He has a couple more days still.

That actually can be pretty hard to find on your own. The board divides and handles organized play aliases separately from other aliases, so you've found how to change regular aliases which is great! To change your pfs/SFS characters' you'll have to go to the my Pathfinder Society tab at the top and, once signed in, scroll down to the characters section and hit the edit button on the right. Then there will be a button in the middle of the page that let's you pick a profile image.

Yup! After that they cost the listed prices, but the first champion boon for a character is free, or you'd never earn any fame to be able to buy any boons!

Yup as long as you have a trained profession skill!

Also on a different note, Fuskee I know what some of those boons are but if you could get the details of them to me or in your profile that'd be great! But don't worry about finalizing them just yet, I forgot, but we'll have time during the scenario.

Moktargarn, something is wrong with the link to your character sheet. It keeps sending me to a blank paizo page. If you could fix that or get a copy into your profile, I'd be grateful.

And last but not least, don't forget about your faction boons! They are extremely important for you to receive both credits for completeing your mission, and the first one's free!

We'll be getting started Friday, unless everyone is checked in and raring to go earlier.

Sorry for double posting, but Paizo Fan, Maar the Volcano Monk, SolidSteve82, JAF0, Wildfire Witch, and Blurhy, The discussion thread is open and ready! Please check in!

Welcome to my PbP game for SFS Scenario 1-02: The Fugitive of the Red Planet! I hope you have a blast playing!

Before we start, I would to lay down some ground rules. (In spoiler tags to not take up space. Also, based heavily on GM Kuey’s rather extensive and detailed rules.)

Read me!:
PbP Matters
1. This discussion thread is open for all OOC matters, so no ooc tag needed. For OOC matters in the gameplay thread, please use the [ ooc ] tag.

2. Please post at least once a day on weekdays and once over the weekends. If you are going to be away, please let me know in advance if possible, and we can work something out. Otherwise, if you go missing, where necessary, I will bot your characters for the sake of keeping things moving. Thus, a good idea is to leave botting instructions for normal combat (with dice rolls) and some commonly used non-combat skills in your profile page. Separately, please forgive me if I’m a little slow at times, but I will try keeping to the once a day posting myself.

3. If you have any disagreements over some of my GM calls or interpretation of the scenario, please bring it here to the discussion thread or, even better, pm me.

4. If you have played and/or GMed this scenario before, please do not metagame or spoil the plot. And please let me know.

5. It might have to go without saying, but just in case, you should keep track of the game, including referencing the map on google slides. I understand that there are times where it is inconvenient to do so. In these cases, please be as specific as you can as to where you wish your character to move, what actions to take, etc. If you regularly have issues with accessing the google slides, please let me know and we’ll try to work something out. (Incidentally, Android and IOS has a Google Slides app in case you work off mobile devices.)

Normal Combat
6. Once surprise (if any) and initiative is determined, for the group of characters who can take actions, I will resolve actions in posting order, NOT initiative order unless you specifically and clearly state otherwise. It causes massive headaches if we try to follow initiative order. Also as much as possible, I will group enemies together.

Rolls and Skill Checks
7. I will do your initiative rolls, as well as perception rolls for the purpose of determining surprise (if any). It really does help PBP run smoothly.

8. On knowledge checks for general information, I would usually put them in spoilers with the necessary DCs. Just go ahead to roll, and I'll trust that you would resist reading them if the roll fails (or least not to metagame Really, please don’t!). (Don’t forget that you can make knowledge checks untrained for DC10.) There might be exceptions for plot-critical information though, where I might explicitly ask for knowledge checks. As for knowledge checks to identify creatures, I’ll put the most basic information in spoiler as well, i.e. identity and creature type. If your roll would reveal more, I’ll provide in the next post. If you wish, you can ask for what information you want, e.g. DR, resistances, special attacks, etc.

9. On skill checks where team efforts can happen, e.g. hacking a terminal with computers or influencing the attitudes of NPCs with diplomacy, please be explicit when making rolls whether you are attempting the check on your own, or whether you are aiding. There might be situations where only one character is allowed to attempt the check (and the rest to aid) – I’ll state so if that’s the case.

10. On skill checks in general, if I feel you have roleplayed well, e.g. gave a good description of what your character does to search for a trail, came up with creative ways to befriend a hostile NPC, gave a very rousing speech, I would give bonuses, or even waive the DC altogether. :)

Roleplaying Matters
11. The maps and handouts link (at the top of the page) would display all the maps, handouts, pictures, etc as the scenario progresses. The most current page would be right on top, while previous ones would be left there for your reference.

12. Please have your full character information up on your character's profile page for my vetting. Also, please have your stat block updated with the key information. For examples, feel free to look here, here or here. There’s also some templates for these, such as GM Hmm’s excellent one found here or one I tried to make based off of that combined my personal statblock styling, to be found here. But also feel free to create your own!

13. Finally, playing by pbp provides many advantages compared to face-to-face games, the chief one being having the time and space to flesh out your thoughts and actions. So please make use of this and have posts that are more than simply dice rolls. :)

Alrighty, now that that is out of the way, there's a couple of clerical things I need from you guys.

  • First, please Ninja-dot the gameplay thread. (There are more detailed explanations there)
  • Next, head to the maps and handouts page and fill in the information there.
  • Last, please answer/give me the following things:

    Player's forum handle:
    Character name:
    Slotted boons:
    Day Job Roll, if any:

    1. Are there any special rules, boons, or corner cases I should know about with your character?

    2. a few sentences about what kind of person your character is, such as 'Why are they in the Starfinders?' or 'What makes them tick?'

    3. I listed it earlier, but just in case, Do you mind if I occasionally bot your character for combat or a skill check? I'd want to try keeping things moving quickly if needed.

    4. As related to number three, What are your usual actions in combat?

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Blurhy wrote:
We also happen to have covered every class between the 6 PCs. How convenient.
Did somebody multiclass?

Not as far as I can tell. We have all but one of the classes covered.

Edit: Double checking it looks like it's the operative.

Please ninja dot this thread, by posting and then immediately deleting it. It'll keep the thread nice and clear but add the campaign to the 'Campaign' tab of your profile page; which is a great place to handle your games from.

Blurhy wrote:
I signed up! Pretty darn pumped. Gonna finish my character within a day or so!

Well then, I believe we have a full table! I'll get a thread up shortly for people to report in on.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cool! I'd be glad to have you!

We could even play it off as having one of the other characters doing a 'mission mentoring' type of thing.

I'm going to be starting a game of 1-02 The Fugitive of the Red Planet next Friday and we still have plenty of room. The sign-up sheet is here. And I have am perfectly happy with helping people with getting used to pbp or organized play, too.

I am going to assume the mentor program has filled completely, dangit. I'd been hoping one was going to open up after GameDay. Is there a possibility of getting a second group together with enough interest?

SolidSteve82 wrote:

@GM Sedoriku,

Hi, I put my name down on your sign-up sheet for Fugitive on the Red Planet. Very excited to play!! Just wanted to reach out to you and warn you that I am a complete newbie to PbP and that it has been 20+ years since my last tabletop RPG experience (AD&D 2nd Ed. was the last system I played, to give you an idea how long it's been). I've been looking for a long time for a good time to jump back into a role-playing game and Starfinder seems like the perfect opportunity.

I have been thoroughly studying up with the CRB, and I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the system, so hopefully I should be able to keep up with the group.

Thanks in advance, can't wait to get started!

That's no problem! Actually most of my experience GMing has been with people who have little to no table top experience. :D

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me directly or here in Castamir's

No worries, Fuskee, they did offer first!

I've seen a couple of suggestions for star ship combats including: collapsing the first two actions together, collapsing the last two, having a round go all at once and even having everyone give multipliers and a general course of action they take and then have them take turns to post a whole rounds worth of actions. I've played through two styles and we'll be trying the last one soon, but mostly I'm not sure about the time it'll still take, and didn't want to have to handle it the first time out the gate. Maybe later when there isn't a set end date.

Takes a deep breath before releasing it:
"Hello there everyone! Did you miss your chance to sign up for SFS 1-02:The Fugitive of the Red Planet? Wanting to explore the wastelands that is most of Akiton? Curious as to what the eponymous fugitive is up to? Don't mind working with a new PBP GM? Well then step right up and oput yopur name on this list right here! We'll be starting in slightly over a week!"

Spacefarer Redelia, Mind if I poach Fuskee? Assuming he's okay with someone new to GMing PBP, of course. :D

Chris Marsh wrote:
GM Sedoriku wrote:
Hello, I've been thinking about trying to GM my first pbp game for the second half of Gameday but I thought I should ask here if there's any advice people feel would be good to offer. Or to get more of a conversation going, what advice would you want to give the past you just starting to GM?

Awesome! There are a lot of guides and plenty of advice out there. The good news is that the community is happy to teach "on the job" as it were.

If you check out the campaign tab of this thread (or click HERE), you'll find a fair amount of solid information and links for new and experienced GMs.

Cool. Thank-you for pointing that out! I've read through some of it and it looks like really good advice.

GM Hmm wrote:

We'd love to have you GM something, Sedoriku!

My advice for a first time GM of PBP is to start small. Do one game, and give it your all. Which adventure were you thinking of doing?


I had thought about trying to play it first but I think I want to try running 1-01 The Commencement. 1-02 The Fugitive of the Red Planet also looks interesting. I believe both don't have a space combat portion and I'm hoping to avoid that the first time.

Hello, I've been thinking about trying to GM my first pbp game for the second half of Gameday but I thought I should ask here if there's any advice people feel would be good to offer. Or to get more of a conversation going, what advice would you want to give the past you just starting to GM?

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