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Serpent God Statue

GM Nix's page

209 posts. Alias of Nix Tharel.


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Jayem finds a hole down to the lower decks, though the ladder appears to have broken off. Whatever is down there must have noticed you, as the sounds get louder as something works it's way through the water covering the deck below.

Staying around to see what comes:
A rotting human form looks at you, looking up from below the hole. As you still hear shuffling n the back, there must be more somewhere, but at least they aren't climbing up.

Perception DC: 15:
While up on deck, you hear some scraping and bumping coming from below.

Perception checks for searching.

Covering the distance at low tide isn't a serious challenge. You can carefully pick your way across the rocks.

You can try to climb up the side, or use a grappling hook if anyone has one

Jayem wrote:

Jayem will cautiously approach the ruined vessel, making his way carefully along the beach.

[dice=Perception 1d20+4
Is the ship rocking with the waves, or is it fully run aground?

It is firmly lodged in place, perhaps by a storm with big waves.

Any details on how you want to handle the approach?

As you scout the north coast on the first day of your trek, you spot a old shipwreck lying just of the coast. A closer inspection shows the faded letters "Tattooed Lady" across the side. The ship looks weathered and well rotten, but it could prove to be rare source of supplies. It lies stuck on some rocks by the beach.

Ug, long week.

General consensus seems to be a 2 day trek, will you attempt to set up shelter on the way (which will take a while) or rough it?

What do you mean by back to full strength? Nngara gets well again?

As for the rest of you, what do you plan on doing? The next leg of the exploration looks more like a 2 day trip.

Chainmail, are you ready?

Harper Montajay II wrote:
My diplomacy have any effect?

Yes, they'll get a bonus on the next check

You made yesterday's save, so 2 nights healing at double rate (one of the NPC's is in the medic roll). So you were up to full when it hit again.

You head feels woozy through your headache. 3 Int Damage

The camp mates nod in reaction to Harper's comment, taking him seriously.

You are unable make an effective remedy for whatever is afflicting Nngara.

@Nngara: Fort save vs. disease.

Luther Lightblade wrote:
The cleric will probably use this alias when I rebuild. But I will be ready when needed.

I would like to introduce your character this game day, as the characters explore. Are you ready?

Diurn Selestro wrote:
I will pop in with my cleric soon if you are back in the saddle. It is somewhat humorous, but Diurn's group is back together. I will be making a cleric very similar soon using a different alias.

Do you have the alias ready?

Ishirou thanks Kalis for his words, looking a bit more respectful in return.

Jask passes Jayem a slice of raw meat, "Are you sure you wouldn't have it cooked? The smoke gives it flavor."

Sasha says, "I will need a few days to prepare some materials for the lesson, and then I can teach the secrets to you."

The night passes uneventfully, but in the morning Aeyres seems to be jumpy again, almost as much as Gelik, but doing better than Ishirou, who is visibly shaken. They are a stark contrast to Jask and Sasha, who are relaxed, and speak to the others in calm voices.

Plan for today?

Any NPC interactions for today?

You slowly hack through the jungle on the way back to camp. You arrive back to camp to find Jask working on some kind of stew for dinner.

Sasha arrives a few minutes later from her trap work. When she sees the baby Dimorphodons, she drops her tools and runs over to you all. She coos at the babies for a minute, then gives each of you a big hug. She quickly takes a few strips of Jask's mystery meat and starts feeding the reptiles, then starts working on making a makeshift nest.

That night, Sasha tells her story around the campfire. "My mother is one of the infamous Red Mantis Assassins, the bunch of over-tight ******* that they are. They didn't like me questioning their orders. My mother might it quiet clear to me that I wasn't... welcome on Ilizmagorti anymore, and that it wouldn't benefit my health further to return there." She holds up her left hand, on which the left pinky finger is missing. "So I set off for elsewhere, were I can act freely."

She looks around at all of you. "Thank you again for your help. If you like, I can teach you some of combat secrets in how to react faster. It would take a day or so to teach them."

Kalis and Jayem work to carefully extract the babies. However, as Jayem is working on pulling the last out, he gets nipped. Take 1d4 ⇒ 4.

The rest of your days exploration doesn't turn up anything useful, although there is the lively squeaking from the Dimorphodons.

Post any actions you want to take while exploring, or after initially getting back to camp. I'll have to write up Sasha's reaction tomorrow.

Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia wrote:
Are we on the third round?

We were, but the last one is over. For the active spells, it's 2 rounds later, in which Jayem and Kalis can use their enlarged state to reach their hands into a nest of snappy reptiles, without making a climb check to avoid falling.

Kalis and Nngara can (carefully) reach the nest in their enlarged state without any exceeding great risk. As they approach the nest, they can see 1d3 ⇒ 3 small Dimorphodons in the nest.

It takes two rounds to get there and into position.

Make a handle animal check if you want to try to coax it out, or an attack with the net if you want to try to snare one, or Grapple (CMB) check if you want to grab it outright.

The last one takes Nngara's and Valeria's arrows, and it too falls down into the sea.

It is suddenly quieter without the screeching from the Reptiles. You can see what appears the be the nest a little in front of you, but it is in a tree branch that extends over the cliff edge. 5 feet of branch, then the nest.

Harper Montajay II wrote:
Harper grabs his arm as the sting bites into his flesh. Once the creature leave melee range, Harper lets two more arrows loose at the target he already damaged.

Harper's second shot sinks deep into the Dimorphodon, and it falls from the air down into the sea below.

Jayems swing goes wide, failing to connect.

We still need normal round actions for everyone except Harper.

The two Dimorphodons charge down at Kalis and Harper. One takes a tentative snap at Kalis, but doesn't try to hard in light of Kalis powerful swings. Harper doesn't fair as well, taking 5 points of damage, getting a stinging bite wound.

Nngara and Harper still have AoO's to take

Harper Montajay II wrote:
Waiting for the others to post.

Go ahead and post, I'll update for the next round tonight. This round has been open almost a week.

Nngara Erebrian wrote:
I cast Enlarge Person, I thought it was in round 2.

That was in the first (proper) round of combat. They've turned around and are coming in for another pass.

Harpers first shot misses, bit he scores a solid second hit.

Kalis waits for the reptiles to come into range.

Updated the map with rough positions.

Anyone else going to act in round 2?

Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia wrote:
Vita takes out her longbow and shoots at the middle one

Valeria shot also goes wide.

I short on time right now, so I'm not really looking at the flying rules. If you really care about how long they take to come back, let me know, otherwise I'll just assume the two survivors turn in one round.

The two surviving reptiles disappear into the forest, then emerge again as they come back for a second pass.

Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia wrote:
Are they air born?


Kalis's and Harper's attacks shoot past the reptiles without doing any damage.

Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia wrote:
Can't see the map.

Cliff.png. It looks like it has sharing to the 6 players.

Jayem wrote:

Jayem will take a swing at one of the beasts as it flies by him and attacks Valeria.

Then, with the flying lizards momentarily away from the party, he will toss the Sunstone in his offhand at the same one he attacked previously with his axe.

Jayem slices deep into the Dimorphodon as it passes by, then quickly tosses his 'Sunstone' after it, lighting the creature in a flash of fire. It instantly falls to the ground, letting out one last final screech.

Map: Green is Jungle, Brown is the 100 foot cliff, the sandish stuff is the beach, and the tan/black thing is the nest, sitting an a tree branch over the edge of the cliff.

Edit: Also, Animal Archive had a small paragraph on Dimorphodons in the center fold.

The cliff map should be uploading.

After squawking at you in the jungle for a minute, 3 Dimorphodons swoop in from the sea to the south, snapping at you as they pass by.

1 (attack on Kalis): This one's bite comes so close it might have gotten some of Kalis's clothes, but doesn't do any damage.
2 (attack on Valeria): This one bites Valeria shoulder as it flies by, leaving a small stingy sensation. 4 points damage.
3 (attack on Harper): This one snaps at Harper as it passes, but doesn't come anywhere close.

You all get an AoO if you have Melee weapons, otherwise they are 15 feet away

The Dimorphodons fly on into the jungle, starting to turn around for a second attack.

Valeria, Harper: Do you have courses of action?

Harper: Are you still here? You haven't posted in a while.

Looks like the boards ate yesterday's post. Everyone should put in their course of action, as Kalis "sneaks" loudly ahead, and then well start combat. I can hopefully make a map once I'm home, Sunday perhaps.

I'll be back in the hospital, (scheduled, this time,) so my posting will be a bit erratic the next few days.

Kalis is able to search the area, finding other signs that you are in the beasts territory. You slowly advance through the jungle undergrowth, eventually reaching the cliff face overlooking a scraggy beach and overlooking the inner harbor on the island.

Perception DC 15:
The last island in the chain on the other side of the lagoon is a dull gray, in stark comparison to the vivid green of the rest of the island.

You slowly proceed along the cliff ridge, until Kalis spots a Dimorphodon landing just a few hundred feet ahead. If it wasn't for all the trees and bushes, you could probably see exactly where it was, but you must be close now.

You all set off through the Jungle, After two and a half hours, Harper notices some droppings, which he things marks a Pterosaur's territory

Nngara is able to form a crude net.

Night comes and goes without any excitement.

The lights at the edges of your vision aren't strong today, but you still have a headache. No new Intelligence damage, you should heal some overnight.

Gelik looks to be less panicky today, though he still looks to be frightened.
However, when Ishirou comes back to camp from his watch, he looks to be as bad as Gelik was yesterday. If asked, he quietly says, "There was something out there, flying around."

Need a round of Survival checks for the exploration.

Edit: Make a second Survival check too, for tracking, if you can.

Kalis Daen'ith wrote:
Kalis' eyes grow cold as he glares at Ishirou, "Then you should break that sword and throw it from you. The Aspis makes slaves of women and children. It kills warriors while declaring it's peaceful intentions. The gods themselves revile what the gold snake tribe does to the trees and rivers of the jungle."

Ishirou looks shocked by Kalis's comment, and perhaps a bit ashamed, saying only, "I've paid my debts, and I'm done with them"

Sasha says "A bit bigger. If something really big comes, it won't help. If it's in between, then it's down to luck."

Kalis Daen'ith wrote:
Kalis nods to Sasha in passing as they enter the camp, "Your traps are good. Rats will get into everything and make us all sick when they leave their filth everywhere."

Sasha flashes you a smile, "They'll catch more than rats too. Just wait until something bigger comes along."

Kalis Daen'ith wrote:
He spends another early evening with Ishiro mostly in silence. Eventually, he nods at the man's sword, "With your people, you are a warrior?"

Ishirou says, "My people do not know me. My father was a trader, my family never stayed in one place. I received my katana from the Aspis Consortium, while I was working for them."

Jayem wrote:
He will inquire how the gnome came to be on the Jeniviere, and ask for his help refining his mastery of Taldane, which he struggles with.

Gelik says, "I decided that it was time to explore the world a bit more. I am a member of the Pathfinder Society, and it's past time I find something new to document. I boarded the Jenivere at Magnimar, setting off for adventure and treasure." He motions around at the wilderness. "It looks like adventure found me instead. Hopefully the treasure does likewise." He gives you a winks.

Sense Motive DC 13:
You get the impression that Gelik isn't stating the real reason he left, though he doesn't seem untruthful.

Jayem Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 + 4 ⇒ (11) - 1 + 4 = 14

The Gnome helps Jayem with the basics of Taldane, and helping him improve his vocabulary.

My son was sick, so I'm behind today. I'll have to post tomorrow morning.

Will update tomorrow.

Chance for NPC interactions for the day.

Zyren Zemerys wrote:
B1 ist doch schon recht gut - wie lange lernst du denn schon Deutsch?

Ich lerne Deutsch seit die letzten 7 Jahre, aber habe ich nur 2 Deutschkurse gemacht.

Meine Frau (eine Deutsche) wollte in Deutschland blieben, und ich wollte nicht in Michigan zu blieben.

Map updated

You set out to continue your exploration, going north, then west, then back to camp. The day is uneventful, you only get close to bugs, lizards, and birds. While at the cliff top overlooking the sea, you can see the occasional Dimorphodon fishing, but not near you. You lose sight of them as they fly south, over the canopy.

Back at camp, Gelik is very jumpy, almost panicky. The Gnome no longer quips at every opportunity, staying silent, and huddling down in the corner of the shelter.

Linard will cast Remove Sickness tonight, for +4 morale vs. disease.

Jayem's examination reveals that Nngara is suffering from an affliction with affects the brain.

I haven't found rules for identifying disease through the skill Heal, or even figure out if it's a disease, curse, or poison. There is a spell Diagnose Disease. You should still be able to use 10 minutes of time to try to use Treat Disease, though. (That would provide +4 to the next check, though it's not revealed if you are successful in treating the disease until the Fortitude Save is rolled.)

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