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GM Mug's page

3,431 posts. Alias of Mug.


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Looks like she has posted in another game as recently as last week. I'll just bot her until she notices this one's back up and running again.

Lemme see when Angjela's last posted...

Good reminder, what should really worry you is that he's actually moving at less than half speed! :)

Round 1
Kimberly screams as the monster starts to climb toward them. "STOP!" her voice seems to carry with the storm and charged with Pharasma's power. The spells rolls out with holy power, but the monstrous creature below doesn't even seem to notice the spell to any degree.

A faint whimper from the dying man can barely be heard faintly over the crashing of debris and wrenching of metal from above. "...ous form..." is all that's audible, the rest is lost in the din. Above her Anna can see the ladder leading up to a small door, several sections of ladder missing where the Promethean has passed too wildly. Through the webbing, Anna can see the immense form of the Promethean pull itself out onto the roof. It's 60' from floor to ceiling. The two sections of ladder ripped out will require a Climb DC of 20 or an Acrobatics of 18 to jump and grab the next section of ladder.

Tolvans summoned Archon flits away from the huge monster, sending harassing beams of light which would surely pierce it's natural armor, had they hit at all. The monster just shifted its bulk quickly to one side, the beams passing by harmlessly. However, the aura of the archon did reach the monster, and it did appear to be affected by the archons menacing aura. Then the glitterdust hits, covering its eyes and face with a thick coating of magically created dust. As Tolvan touches the apparatus he's able to instantly sense the Beasts proximity and that it's asending the tower.

Danica can tell the Beast has begun his ascent, moving with reckless speed and urgency to reach his friends, seeming to respond to Danicas silent prompting.

Angela stands in a ready stance, not taking any actions yet. Delay.

The Promethean swats with incredible speed and amazing reach towards the Archon, it's arms extending a full 15', but still shy of the Archon. It roars in fury and starts climbing towards the group, intent on reaching the foes it can actually reach. It scales the side of the tower easily, tentacles whipping at the end, and causing alarming groans from the metal structure upon which you stand.

Promethan: Blinded, Aura of Menace. Please post for Round 2!


  • Kimberly
  • Anna
  • Tolvan
  • Danica
  • Andjela

  • Promethean

Thanks guys. I had an update ready to go last night and my laptop died.

It'll get posted today.

This is Round 1. Angela, would you like a Round 1 action?

As for my favorite encounters, it'd have to be when Kendra did her 'reading' for the group. I just had fun writing it and having Kimgald burst in like a crazed lunatic was especially enjoyable for me. :)

Hello my fellow Paizoers,

I hope we didn't lose Kimberly, or anyone for that matter.

As Tolvan said, he'd reached out and had some good suggestions which I'm going to try to implement.

My baby boy is getting cuter and less useless each day. ;) I'm plugging along in my MBA program, which is harder and more time consuming than I'd hoped. The troubles at work have faded from urgent to a dull annoying hum, which I can cope with.

So instead of doing school I'm sneaking onto the boards for a short while to breath gently on the smoldering embers of this game, and we'll see what can be brought back to life.

Round 2
Caladius begins to draw an arrow back but thinks better of it as he considers how much of his previous arrow's effectiveness had been lost. Instead, he intones a rudimentary spell and a purple glow flashes in his eyes before snaking around and then suffusing his bow with a vibrant power.

Ava continues her barrage of jabs, thrusting into the flames with her crystalline blade. Small gaps appear in the monstrous body with each thrust, though the elemental seems to ignore the damage done.

Enko tries in vain to do damage to the elemental, although he reasons correctly that it's ineffective. "We need a large bucket of water," he says in apparent seriousness, ignoring the heat rolling off the nearby monster.

Lucon takes another stab at the creature, but the dancing flames of it's body and natural resistance turn the blade away to no effect.

Corneleous's attack with his acid dart once more, this one managing to find its way through the doorway and into the fiery creature despite the slight cover its granted from said doorway.

Sabinus reels with surprise that the simple minded elemental was able to shake off his hex. He redoubles his effort, staring intensely and quivering his hand towards the creature, again trying to disrupt the flow of reality in the party's favor. The time the misfortune hex hits home, and elemental stilling for a moment and it's entire writhing frame quivering slightly as the hex takes effect.

The hexed elemental isn't faring well, but isn't smart enough to turn from it's present course, the instincts which guide it driving it into greater fiery fury. Its two arms swing in great fiery arcs, but Lucon turns both attacks away without much difficulty.

Ongoing Effects: (Caladius) favored community, gravity bow (4/10), magic weapon (1/10), (Ava) Divine Favor, (Enko) Magic Weapon.


Please post for Round 3!

  • The Group

  • The Elemental

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
SoE2 Attack1: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (5) + 12 = 171d8 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 91d8 ⇒ 2 - Attack2: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 151d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 51d8 ⇒ 7

This is my shout to the universe that I am still alive and kicking! Just clawing my way out from under a bunch of rubble. :)

So things are good with me. School is harder and more time consuming than I'd hoped, but I keep telling myself it'll be worth it. Baby is growing cuter and less like a door-stop every day.

Just wanted to stretch my Paizo fingers, shake off some cobwebs and give a shout out to my lovely group and see who's still online. My current goal, as they've obviously gone through several revisions, is one post a week. As I feel that's doable and as I meet that pitiful goal I'll try increasing it slowly.

Missing my friends!


:) Yeah I gotta keep my job at least till that's done so they pay for it all with Tuition reimbursement! :)

Yeah, I've been doing just that Tolvan. I wanted to quit almost immediately when they told me, cause I feel like I've been working hard. But I decided I don't want to go out like that, disgruntled cause they didn't like me type thing. Plus they're paying for my school.

So I'm going to completely rock it at work till they understand what they'll be losing, then quit! (after finding a new job of course). :)

I wish games. Probably shoot for an IT director type position.

lol. I miss you guys though. I got put on probation at work about a week and a half ago, and have been in a bit of a fight to keep my job. That's taken up a lot of my RL lately, long hours, early mornings, short lunches, etc... I'll be back as soon as I can.

Your ever-present but not here GM,


lol. I miss you guys too. I got put on probation at work about a week and a half ago, and have been in a bit of a fight to keep my job. That's taken up a lot of my RL lately, long hours, early mornings, short lunches, etc... I'll be back as soon as I can.

Your ever-present but not here GM,


Hey all! Work has really kicked me in the kibblits last week, and this week will likely be no different.

Plus someone thought it'd be a good idea to start my MBA program... which has started so I'm doing some fast tap dancing. I'll get back in here as soon as possible.

Thanks for (hopefully) being patient!

Hey all! Work has really kicked me in the kibblits last week, and this week will likely be no different.

Plus someone thought it'd be a good idea to start my MBA program... which has started so I'm doing some fast tap dancing. I'll get back in here as soon as possible.

Thanks for (hopefully) being patient!

In the interest of moving things along...

Two more lightning strikes hit the roof, one a platform, and the other strikes the now fully emerged monster down below you. The shock of it jolts the creature a moment, but then it relaxes as the volts course through it's body, seeming to almost enjoy the attack from natures fury.

It's then that Tolvan's spells completes.

Danica can sense the Beast closing fast now, able to tell he's nearly reached the base of this building far below. But the closer monster will surely reach them before the Beast can.

We'll probably handle things in combat mode now. I'll see if I can't get up a map, but the monster is 30' down at the base of the tri-level tower you're standing on.

Danica can immediately sense the Beast response, but not due to her words, but to her will. You can immediately sense him coming closer. The others on the roof don't can see Danica concentrating at times, but otherwise she seems the same. The shutters down on the roof, thirty feet below the platform the group sits on, are smashes apart with incredible force. A huge creature, similar to the Beast, but more terrible and monstrous in nearly every way, without any apparent effort for the humanity as the Beast was constructed with. Massive arms, jaws, claws, tentacles, mandibles, insectoid, crustacean, all muscles and razor sharp edges seem to make up this abomination. It's evident the thing will tear through the roof in a matter of seconds. The monsters eyes of various shapes and sizes stare balefully upwards towards the group on the tower, and it roars in a grotesque display of bizarre teeth and purple spittle.

Other than bashing at the idol, no other options seem clear as to how to open this torture device. The debris raining down intensifies, and a huge metal shutter -twisted and bent- falls right towards Anna's head.

Damage from shutter: 2d10 ⇒ (5, 10) = 15 DC20 reflex to avoid entirely, DC15 to take half damage.

The whine and humming seem to mask her words to Caromarc, as it doesn't react from what Anna can hear. Indeed there is a great wrenching of metal and several pieces of ceiling begin to rain down towards the floor of the room as the Monster starts tearing at the shutters and roof.

Caromarc gasps loudly, "You are real! Thank all the gods. If it wants to get out there's no stopping it, it only ---- stayed behind to destroy me if it could, and it knows nothing else than this place. The Beast ---- is the only thing I know of that can stop it, but he could be a week away for all I know... We could be doomed."

Round 1 - Resolved
Caladius unleashes the arrow from his bow, catching the creature off guard and the arrow slips past its defenses. As the arrow passes through it, it doesn't seem to find much purchase in the things body -giving the impression the monster wasn't damaged as much as it 'should have'.

Ava pushes forward next to Lucon, narrowing her eyes as she brings her glaive to bear on the creature, delivering a keen-eyed strike through the door frame. The elemental is unprepared for the attack, and a large chunk of it's flaming body is torn as the glaive strikes it. Ava can't help but feel that, against a less powerful foe, this strike would have been doubly as potent.

Enko takes a defensive crouch and lashes out with the rope dart in a series of short whipping motions. "Back to your plane, burning one," he says softly. The rope dart does manage to land both times, but whatever damage the dart might have done is swallowed up in the creatures intense flaming body. Enko's not sure how much it even felt the attacks.

Lucon keeps his weapon readied, and see's he'll still be able to strike the elemental through the doorway. He does so, another chunk of flaming body dissipating from the strike.

Corneleous's attack with his acid dart smacks the doorway, not a threat to the burning monster.

Sabinus's familiar cackle rings out in the room, heard over the roar of the self-fueled fire elemental. It seems to listen to the cackling a moment, but then burns it off in a distinctly elemental way.

The mindless elemental is reeling from the several attacks which caused it harm, and reaches through the doorway with large flaming arms flailing, trying to slam Lucon. The carpenter easily avoids and bats away the flaming arms with ease, getting a little warm, but avoiding taking any real damage. Well that was anti-climactic


Please post for Round 2!

  • The Group

  • The Elemental

Yeah I like it! I feel like I'm watching the chaos of the situation like it might actually happen. It's great!

Anna can't see too well, but from her observances of the idol, now and before, she doesn't think there was any locking mechanism. The only way to open the thing, as far as she can tell, is to break it or force it open.
After a few moments of observing, Anna hears a high pitched whine accompany the deep humming coursing through the tower. The menacing monster seems to hear it too, and it's attention turns upwards. It suddenly rushes upwards to the top of the room, and the closed shutters in the roof, with a focused ferocity that is frightening to behold.

As the secondary device is activated, a high pitched whine accompanies the deeper humming of the first electric device. The purple liquid inside the secondary device can be seen to start boiling and reacting almost instantly. Even as Danica's fingers start to remove themselves from the device, she straitens quickly, her gaze far away.

Danica senses several things very quickly. First, she knows that by touching the device, the Bondslave Thrall, she's able to sense the Beast. Second, she senses he is close, almost thirty seconds away on a nearby rocky crag. Third, she can feel the thoughts and feelings of the Beast, as could several others if they were also touching the same device. He seems very sad and miserable. Lastly, and perhaps most important, she knows that the Beast will respond to her will, doing whatever she wishes him to.

... Outlaws are -- I give up. :)

We aren't stalled again. :) My in laws have been town all last week and this. I'm just trying to get rid of them at this point. So I can have more free time and walk around in my underwear again. ;)

Their visit coupled with my newfound business is slowing us down though. blah.

Will do Lucon, my in laws have been town all last week and this. I'm just trying to get rid of them at this point. So I can have more free time and walk around in my underwear again. ;)

@Tolvan, why don't you ask it when you see it why it didn't leave on it own? :)

I feel like we've been watching 'The Quiet Man' for some reason.

While Tolvan was away, the main device remains inactivated, but the lightning has been getting more and more wild. Two strikes have hit during the interim.

1d2 ⇒ 21d4 ⇒ 4
1d2 ⇒ 11d4 ⇒ 4

The first bright strike zips through the air with impossible speed, right at Kimberly!

Give me a reflex DC16 or take 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 4) = 11 damage

The second hits a nearby tower rod, causing the air to crackle and temporarily blind everyone for a moment, but causing no physical damage.

Tolvan comes flying back into view, Anna still not with him.

You manage to avoid getting caught in the webs as you enter the room, the monster not in sight, but you can sense his presence.

No, it just sensed motion/smelled your fear type thing. Also it saw the trapdoor opening/closing. You weren't 'seen' per say. In my mind, the rope didn't make sense since the lever was within reach when you moved to the ladder. Then you had that moment of indecision, which could also have been before making any preparation to pull the lever. Basically, to me you have the rope and the level was not pulled. That work for you?

Wormwood points out and up to indicate where the rest of the group went, and starts ineffectually brushing dust off of Anna's clothes.

Roofgroup, perception 25 to hear Anna calling out from 90 down below in a rising lightning storm. :)

He can certainly try! There will be some cover involved, but an attack can certainly be made.

It's easy to activate once you know how, and can be easily explained to someone else.

Corneleous & Sabinus knowledge check results:

Has elemental immune traits, and is immune to fire. Weak against cold. Its attacks will burn in addition to regular damage.

It can't enter the room yet, it may try to on it's turn, or it may try some other attack. And no flanking bonus, correct.

Correct, he made the save. Rolled rather high actually. I was surprised. As for his knowledge check, yes he'd be aware they're immune to sleep. I forgot to include what they learned. Hmmm.

In her panicked state, Anna still manages to quickly twist through the webbing and ducks through the trapdoor. Just behind her come the impossibly long arms, pincers, and tentacles of the monster. Only the slamming of the adamantine trapdoor saves her, as the apendages all shy away from contact with the metal at the last instant. The moaning howl of the monster lingers however, and the sounds of insane rage can be heard through the thick floor. Even above the sound of the creature, in the back of her mind Anna registers an even deeper, louder noise -mechanical in nature- from high above her. The sound of it reverberates through the entire tower, causing a small tremor to run through the floor. Waxwood flits around in extreme agitation, tugging on Anna clothes to try and calm her down or get some answers, it's hard to say exactly what the mute creature wants.

1d2 ⇒ 21d4 ⇒ 3

As the lightning device is activated, the lightning rods emit a deep humming sound, and the entire building starts to quake with a constant vibration. The first device starts shooting sparks and tossing tiny bolts of electricity in all directions. Within seconds a lightning bolt flashes across the sky, striking one of the platforms below them. The group feels no ill effects from the strike, other than the hair on their bodies standing on end, their hearing impaired from the proximity of the lightning, and a coppery taste tickling the backs of their throats. Several small diodes on the main device light up, showing it's ready to be activated.

Danica doesn't see or notice anything new in the increasingly chaotic situation.

The handle to the eastern door turns red hot and then just melts away, as the fire beast -quickly identified as a Fire Elemental by Sabinus and Corneleous- tries to squeeze it's flaming form into the room, but it realizes too late there's no room for it's bulk. It's 'head' regards the intruders for an instant before the temperature increases yet again and it makes to charge.

Into combat and we'll just go in the order you post (or posted), as you were waiting for it. Lucon, it can't 'charge' per say, but I assume you want to step forward to attack? I'll wait to hear back on that for your action.

GM Screen:

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

Round 1 - Start
Caladius unleashes the arrow from his bow, catching the creature off guard and the arrow slips past its defenses. As the arrow passes through it, it doesn't seem to find much purchase in the things body -giving the impression the monster wasn't damaged as much as it 'should have'.

Ava readies her powerful weapon from her position across the room.

Enko has his readied rope dart in hand.

Lucon keeps his weapon readied, but can see the elemental isn't going to get through the door with him in the way, unless it tries to rush him out of the way...

Corneleous's attack with his acid dart smacks the doorway, not a threat to the burning monster.

Sabinus's familiar cackle rings out in the room, heard over the roar of the self-fueled fire elemental. It seems to listen to the cackling a moment, but then burns it off in a distinctly elemental way.

Those who haven't had a combat action yet; Lucon, Enko, Ava, please let me know what you'd like to do for Round 1. Then it'll be my turn. >:)


Gah, the worst kind of day today, a busy one! :)

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

Anna moves to the lever at the base of the ladder, ducking and twisting carefully to avoid getting caught in any webs. She considers pulling the lever for a moment, but stays her hand as she struggles to formulate a plan of action. From the idol, Caromarcs weak voice carries faintly, "H-Hello? Are you still there?! Is this all ---- in my mind??" the mans voice carries an edge of hysteria to it.

The volume of the mans voice is too strong, and the Abberant Promethean comes rushing down through the webbing, completely unaffected by the sticky substance. A stitched abomination made from the parts of at least half a dozen creatures, the Aberrant Promethean seems to be a mixture of a half dozen of the most monstrous beings Anna can conceive, all blended together into a disgusting mass of unlife. All teeth and claw and mass, the thing rushes at the idol, but stops just short of the adamantine prison, clinging to the webs above and roaring its fury. The creature is even larger than the Beast, with no spark of life or intelligence in it's black eyes. Tentacles attached at odd places lash the air constantly, moving like independently minded appendages in search of food. It's roar changes in pitch and becomes a terrible and mind-consuming moan. Caromarc screams with fear and you can hear him retching horribly from inside his prison.

Anna, Give me a DC14 Will save or become panicked for 2 rounds.

Tolvan is able to work out some details, using what little information could be gleaned from the wiped-away scribblings downstairs, and his own understanding of the things he sees before him. The device connected to the rods can be activated by a certain combination of thrown switches -which Tolvan recognizes- this will almost certainly begin a lightning storm, with lightning hitting the lightning rods, as well as the platforms and possibly any beings up here while the device is active.

Once activated, the necessary power will then be in place to activate the brass device, and communicate -in whatever fashion designed- with the Beast.

Tolvan also notices that the area under and around the main device has shielding in place which may protect those from the worst of a lightning bolt, should one strike them. Being in contact with the main device (Bondslave Thrall) gives that person Evasion should lightning hit them.

Those on the roof notice a faint noise coming from below them, but it could've just been an odd gust of wind.

Greed? Oh yes I did!

The man doesn't speak, but starts crying quietly, the cry of a man who lived without hope, but now suddenly has a lifeline in the darkness. It's nearly enough to break a mans mind, the sudden relief of it all. After a little while he composes himself enough to speak, his voice nothing more than a tiny whisper, "Yes ---- yes I see it. Waxwood must have given you the ---- ring, or else you're a ----- wizard of no small skill yourself perhaps?" A wracking cough comes out, from a voice unused to speaking so much, and the webs above tremble with sudden movement. But it subsides as the echoes of the cough subside, and the room is still once more. [smaller]"I am Alphon Caro--- Caromarc. Beware! There is an Abberant Promethean above us, and it will ---- surely destroy you if it finds you. It can't get past ---- the adamantine or it would have killed me ----- long ago. I don't even know how long ----- I've been in here. There is but ---- one hope I have. You need to summon ---- a creature to fight it. It's called the Beast, but it is ---- actually a good and obedient creation. It can fight ---- the Promethean. Can you get to ---- the roof? That lever ---- by the ladder opens the ceiling, but you will ---- free the Promethean if you do so. It's a narrow hope ---- probably a useless waste of life. But with that ring ---- maybe you have a chance."

Kimberly notes the shutters on the base level of the roof top, 30' below her, but doesn't see a means of opening them. If the shutters can be opened, perhaps there's a means of getting to Anna from above.


After a sufficient period Anna tries again to get the delirious mans attention, "Waxwood! Darn you Waxwood! How many times have I told you ---- not to shove things into my... eyes?" The voice trails off to stillness, for so long it seems as if the man may have fallen asleep. But suddenly an intense whisper issues out, "Hello!? Is --- oh gods above let it be so ---- is someone out there?!"

Giving the others a chance to respond before moving ahead with the inferno-death.... ahem I mean, the encounter. :)

On the rooftop (all except Anna):
Tolvan sets Danica down without incident and Danica quickly scans the area. The height is dizzying, and it's hard to ignore the huge metal device beckoning to the clouds above. Danica doesn't notice any enemies, but is able to recognize this area of the tower corresponds to the crude chalk outlines sketched on several of the walls downstairs, with the tall spire and the strange device with multiple cables connected to it.

Tolvan makes it back to Andjela without a problem, but it's becoming clear the wind is increasing in the area.

@Tolvan, you can make the trip to get Kimberly without needing to hassle with the extra post.

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (14) + 13 = 27
I meant CMB earlier, but wrote CMD, my bad. Also, this is not safe enough situation where taking 10 is possible. However, let's use my roll for your initial movement to the idol, but any additional moves will need to be rolled by you with CMB or Escape Artist. Thanks!

Anna's slow and careful progress is done safely, not disturbing any webbing or catching the rogue in it's sticky embrace. The woman could be sleeping or dead, Anna is not sure. Heal check?

After rapping on the idol, she is met by silence, but then the voice rasps out, weak but excited, "Waxwood? What is --- the matter with you? Do you wish to bring the ---- Promethean down upon us?" and subsides in coughing. He gasps and speaks again, "Are you bashing your dense ---- head into the side of the misery doll?? Your never gonna get me out of here that ---- way. Stupid monkey!" his voice becomes weaker still.

The deliberate movements high above pauses as Anna raps on the idol, the faint vibrations traveling along the points of web attached to the adamantine figure trembling slightly. There is a sense of waiting and eager watching from above.


1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

As you slip silently through the trapdoor, you immediately notice this tower room is choked full of huge webs, as the room below was. The opening of the trapdoor starts several of the unnatural webs quivering from the motion. Two curious objects—a large iron idol and a glass bell jar of the same size—stand against the eastern wall. The jar is filled with fluid and contains a human woman, while the idol has only two openings for eye holes, through which blink a pair of watery and terrified human eyes looking towards the now closed trapdoor with fevered despair. The idol appears much like a fat doll, engraved with sewn lips and a representation of a man being crushed to death, the idol is an iron casket bound in the same material as the trapdoor, which was earlier identified as adamantine.

Though the sheer volume of webbing makes it difficult, you notice several other things about the room. On the south wall is an iron ladder leading up into the webbing and next to it is a solid-looking metal lever.

Despite the stealth of moving invisibly through the trapdoor, the quivering strands of web set off a flurry of furious motion high above Anna's head, the source of the motion unseen through the choking web. There is a sense of something both immense and violent nearby, and that this something is searching tirelessly for prey.

From inside the idol a voice calls out feebly, weak and quavering with fatigue and exhaustion. "Waxwood?! Waxwood! You stupid little monkey. I don't want anymore, *the voice wheezes for breath* rats I said! Go and fetch some caviar, and again an agonized pause, or don't come back at all!" There follows some hysterical giggling, which ends in a fit of wet, weak coughs.

You're currently in a small 'safe' area of the web, but it's a CMD or Escape Artist DC17 check to move through this web. If you fail you become grappled in first square you start at.

Tolvan & Danica:
The elf and human zip upwards with speed, buffeted slightly by the wind. Though there are windows on the side of the building, they are murky and dark, offering no clues as to what sits above the rest of the group. The tower opens onto a flat platform high above the raging waters. A spire of twisted iron rises from the tower’s roof in a series of three triangular iron platforms. Perched at the very top stands a huge lightning conductor and numerous lightning rods.

The tower roof is 350 feet above the river below and has no guardrails. The triangular iron structure rises a further 30 feet above the tower, each of its three levels (10' each) connected by an iron ladder. The center of the roof 'base' is blocked by iron shutters, with no apparent means of opening them from the roof.

At the very top of the iron structure sits a peculiar brass device, studded with dials and protrusions and filled with a strange purple liquid, attached to a huge silvery conductor by thick, rubber coated cables. Mounted on the spire next to the brass device is a huge lightning conductor and the likely power source for the device, surrounded by numerous lightning rods.

All these things are taken in quickly as the flight reaches the top, and it's also apparent by the condition of the sky, that lightning strikes to this tower (and the area near it) are regular and likely expected occurrences.

Where are you landing on the roof? Is the plan to ferry everyone left up to the roof quickly?

The clumsy homunculus frets as Tolvan and Danica, followed quickly by a now invisible Anna, depart from the room. It looks around, suddenly unsure of itself and apparently forgetting the assignment to guard the room. It instead flits over to Andjela's shoulder, rests an elbow on it suavely and gives her its best smile. Which looks similar to a shark attempting to lock lips with an ogre... it's not a pretty sight.

**Rooftop Scene**

Hey guys! I'm sure we'll all have to get caught up, but lets get this party started back up!

Ava's sly glance around the corner goes unnoticed, but she winces against the heat and light suddenly filling that room. A huge(Large) creature, wreathed in -and seemingly created from- the living flame glides towards the eastern door of the room with the stairwell. It will reach the door in a matter of seconds (like 1 round or so).

lol, sometimes I just can't help it.

Thank you :)

I can't understand why you don't remember where we left off! It's only been around 2 months! Sheesh. teehee.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

All is great for me and the muglets! :) I hope you all are great!

My goal is to get at least one post up today. Glad we still got the patience to get this pbp going again!

i'm currently typing one handed with a baby in the other, so that post may not be till later. Better late than never, right?

Also props to Anna for wanting/trying to continue posting in Flex. Everyones desire to continue the game and patience with me has been very encouraging.

Anna examines the solid metal trapdoor carefully, but detects no traps and hears no sound from the other side.

@Tolvan I believe you meant "ring" not "right", right? :)

The homunculus nods enthusiastically at Tolvan's question, the delight on it's hideous face is plain as the plans to rescue his master take shape. At the request to guard the lower room, it frets momentarily, but nods and assumes an exaggerated 'watching' posture, hooding it's eyes from non-existant glare and scanning the room obediently.

At his second request however, the creatures eyes fill with tears and it clutches possessively at the small magical ornament. Its gaze turns upward, towards its master, and then back to the party, as if gauging their trustworthiness. Fighting down the tears it shakes its finger at Tolvan in a cautionary manner, as if to warn him to care for the apparently precious-to-it ring. That done it carefully removes the ring, and -quickly flying closer to the wizard- hands the ring to Tolvan.

Tolvans Spellcheck results on Ring from Mummy:
You identify the ring found on the Mummy as a Ring of the Ram, a very powerful magical item. It seems to be nearly completely full of charges. (49 charges left) Feel free to dispense with this ring in Flex, before you flew up to the top of the tower.

@All, if having the ring of invisibility changes your plans at all, feel free to discuss before I continue Tolvan's flight outside the tower. I'll wait to see what y'all decide.

Hey guys!! don't leave :)

Im typing one handed with a baby in my arms while my wife goes to the gym. What used to be prime postin time is now like this. Today/tonight i Will get a post up. Thats my goal.

Seriously jonesing for my pbps!


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