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Dalviss Crenn

GM Lamplighter's page

4,198 posts. Alias of Scott Young.

About GM Lamplighter

Here are a few notes on how I run PbP games, and the expectations for everyone (including me).

1. Posting frequency - post as often as needed, but at least once a day. Even when we're not in combat. If you read the thread, post something, even one line. If you don't respond to my post after 24 hours or so, I will NPC you so we can keep things moving. If you're going to be away, let me know and I can do this as well, or follow some standing orders you leave me.

2. Combat - I will roll Perception, initiative, and Knowledge checks automatically. Once I post the initiative order and list the PCs who are "up" next, you can post your actions in any order. I will go through and resolve the actions in initiative order, so don't assume someone else's action has occurred just because they posted before you. If people don't post within a day when they're up, they'll go on delay until they do post.

3. Actions - when posting your actions, please include your movement plans - "2 squares W and 3 squares NW" or similar. I will move the icons in initiative order as well. I find this less confusing than having everyone move their own icons on the map - it's hard to tell what path PCs take that way.

4. Maps - I'm using Google Docs for maps. Make sure you can access Google Docs.

Here are some hints on PbP etiquette:
Painlord's Guide to PbP
Doomed Hero's Guide to PbP

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