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Danse Macabre

GM Kip's page

543 posts. Alias of Kip84.


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" Ha! Look who's all high and mighty! Been in Razmir's fold 5 minutes... You won't have to worry about leaving for days. All you have to worry about right now is doing as Krant says. You'll get to the fun stuff later. Now scram. "

1d100 ⇒ 51

You make your way back up to the temple climbing the same stairs you took before on the way to the ceremony. As you reach the top of the stairs coming out into the waiting room you see two grey robes standing between the benches talking. They stop as they notice you approaching and look you over.

" Your one of the new ones right? " One of them says pointing at your hands. " What do you want? " he asks his voice a little aggressive.

Temple Map

@ Marcus: which way do you go in your search for a grey robe? You're currently in the acolyte quarters, T8 on the basement level.

@ Quinn: There are a few masks hanging on hooks or sitting on beds but every time you go to make your move and whisk one away you find one of the other acolytes watching you or at least looking in your general direction.

@Cora: noted ;) I'll skip to morning after I've resolved what Markus and Quinn are up to. As you look about you see that most of the other acolytes are keeping to themselves. Two men stand beside a bunk in the corner having a whispered conversation.

Elvar lets out a loud sigh and plonks down on a bed rubbing at the dark circles under his eyes.

Map of Razmir's Temple

" All Hail Razmir! " the crowd chants.

The black robe on the stairs holds up his hands and the rest of the priests fall silent.

" Welcome into Razmir's fold new initiates! " He says. " Krant? " A large, wide set, grey robed priest steps forward from the crowd. " You will be in charge of these new initiates and teach them the tenets of Razmir! " The grey robe bows.

With that, the ceremony comes to a close and the other cultists file out of the room. Krant waits for everyone to leave before explaining all of the rules that an acolyte must follow in a deep grating voice.

" • Razmir is the god above all other gods. Those who would claim otherwise are jealous of His glory and spread lies in an attempt to tarnish his mask.
• Those who follow the steps of the Living God will be rewarded with glory and riches. Those who turn from His path shall have neither.
• Razmiran, the realm of the Living God on this world, is sacred ground, and it is the duty of every believer to protect and enrich this sacred place. Every temple to Razmir is an extension of this sacred realm.
•Those who have ascended the steps speak with the authority of the Living God. Failing to obey them is akin to disobeying the will of Razmir Himself.
• Tithing to the faith is a holy responsibility. The faith of Razmir must have the resources to fight against His enemies, who use their vast sums of ill-gotten wealth to spread lies and deceit.
• Those who do not believe must be converted to the faith of Razmir by showing them the glory and wealth that awaits them in His service. Those who refuse are corrupted by the unfaithful and should be denied such luxuries.
• Only those who believe in the Living God deserve a life of plenty and pleasure. Others must suffer and toil until they see the light of Razmir.
• The mask of the Living God is a divine vessel. Behind its protective embrace, His followers can speak the will of Razmir without fear of rebuke. His followers must wear the mask whenever they deal with nonbelievers, so that they might come to fear His image. (You must wear your masks and robes whenever you are on the first floor or outside the temple.)
• The followers of Razmir act as one. Through anonymity comes solidarity, with each part working together to further His glory. "

After this, Krant leads you out into the yard for a series of exercises, drills, and other relatively boring manual labor.

" Tomorrow I will show you your chores teach you your prayers Anderson you further in the ways of the Living God. Follow me and I'll show you your quarters. "

Krant leads you back down the stairs into the basement but instead of back to the cells he leads you to a large room 15ft by 40ft.

Eight wooden double bunks rest in this room, each outfitted with simple straw mattresses and a thin blanket. A communal table sits in the center of the room, flanked by four chairs. Two chests lie open between the bunks, each one loaded up with fresh white robes. Pegs are mounted to the walls above the chests for the acolytes to hang their masks on when they are not wearing them. An everburning torch rests in a cloth-draped frame hanging from the ceiling above the table.

" Pick a bunk, I'll be back for you in the morning " then he marches out of the room leaving you to settle in. Several other acolytes watch you from their places around the room.

" All Hail Razmir! " the congregation chants as a grey robe presents Cora with a halfling sized mask.

GM roll:

1d6 ⇒ 2

Marcus still has his hat of disguise. Are you still keeping up the Drow disguise?

After about ten minutes or so a white robe opens the door and waves you through into a hallway to double door immediately to your left. The white robe opens the doors and leads you into the temple proper.

A large crowd of masked priests waits in the temple. While white robes shroud most of them, some wear gray, and a few wear black. In the center of the chamber rises a gigantic staircase, atop of which glitters a porcelain and gold mask, the holy symbol of Razmir. On the eighth step of the stairs stands a black-robed priest, who says gravely,

“Come forward.”

Priests part to form an aisle towards the stairs.

"Ascend to the first stair! " The black robe continues pointing at Elvar first.

Elvar steps up shakily,

" All Hail Razmir! " The entire congregation chants as a priest hands him an iron mask. Indicating that he should don it and step down.

The black robe on the eighth stair now points to you each in turn.

Yeah sorry Cora. The module actually stats that the poison is tasteless and odourless.

Secret GM roll:
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27 So close!

One by one you slump over slipping into blackness.

The next thing you know is the feeling of cold hard flagstones as you come to and the sound of footsteps approaching. You have been stripped of armour, weapons and anything else you were carrying. Cora still can feel the comforting weight of her holy symbol inside its concealed pouch.

You find yourselves in separate cells as you wake having slept off the poison. The footsteps get louder and then a black robed priest and a grey robed priest walk down the hall of cells.

The masked, black-robed priest paces down the narrow stone hallway, looking in each of the cells. “I must apologize for the way that you were brought here,” he begins with a calm, even tone. “We must be sure that you are pure and properly prepared to join the faith. Today you shall fast and meditate on the glory of Razmir. On the morrow you shall be sworn in and given your masks, made one with the body of Razmir; one piece of the greater whole. You shall become acolytes, and be allowed upon the first step of enlightenment. Rejoice! The path of glory and fortune shall be open to you.”

They present you each with a set of white robes and a bowl of water. Then they leave.

Some time later, your not sure how long a black robed priest comes in and offers everyone another bowl of water. You hear Elvar's voice: " How long are we gonna be stuck in here! " followed by the slosh of water on stone as the priest empties Elvar's bowl onto the floor.

Any one else who speaks up or asks questions gets a similar treatment.

Another long wait and another bowl of water, then another span of time and another bowl.

Finally hours after the last bowl of water a group of priests (one black robe, and five grey robed priests) walk down the hall of cells.

" The time has come for each of you to ascend to the first step. Follow me to the hall of worship. "

Each of your cells is unlocked by a grey robed person and you are led down a hall at a t intersection you are taken left then through a door down another hall to the right and up some stairs. You find yourselves in a room 20 feet by 15. Two plain wooden bench seats are the only furniture.

" Wait here until you are summoned. " The black robed man says and then the priests leave you and Elvar to sit on the benches.

sorry for the massive post.

@Cora: You don't smell or notice anything wrong with the food.

GM rolls:
Cora 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21
Faunra 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24
Markus 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14
Quinn 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

The priests and Elvar raise thier cups to Jovil's (Markus's) toast.

Elvar swigs his ale back and takes a few more mouthfuls of lamb. As he chews his food his eyes glaze over and his eyelids droop and slowly as you all feel a wave of nausea and fatigue.

Just after Elvar slumps off his seat. Jovil (Markus) slumps forward onto the table unconscious.

Quinn, Faunra, Cora: You all have one round to do something if you like. Please roll a Fortitude save as the last roll of your post

Elvar stands up from his seat in the corner, " Me too, I'd like to join. "

" Excellent, you've all made a wise decision! " The black robed priest says. " Join us in a celebration, have some wine, some food. Barkeep?! Some food and drink for these people on the temple! " He indicates the large table at the back of the room. Another priest moves to the table and evicts a softly snoring drunk who seemed to have slumped under the table.

Elvar moves to take a seat as do the grey and white robed priests. The Barkeeper comes around and takes orders from everybody and platters of roast meats and vegetables are quickly brought out along with ales, wines and spirits depending on what each individual orders. The atmosphere is somewhat merry and the priests talk of the many blessings that await you all.

So... Who's partaking of Razmir's wonderful bounty?

Elvar orders another ale and starts tucking in to some roast lamb and baked potatoes. He eats a little greedily like he hasn't had a good meal in a while.

Hey everyone, wow, rough weekend. It was my birthday and my eldest sprained her ankle. None of the littlies slept well last night and then this morning I had the staff meeting from hell. I'll try to get a post up tonight.

Ps: I've also been training a new guy at work leading to less time for extra curricular activities ;)

" I'm in it for the money like your friend Quinn there. " he says and then he moves back of to the corner and sits avoiding your gaze.

Over the next five or so minutes a few more people drift in quietly taking seats.

Soon after, a group of six masked cultists arrive, three dressed in white robes, two in gray robes, and one in black robes. They look about the room and move toward a small stage (North East Corner)

After stepping up onto the stage, the figure in the black robes turns to the audience, his face hidden behind an iron mask. With a strong voice, he calls out, “You have come here to seek the power and glory of Razmir, and I am here to tell you that he has found you worthy!” At that, all of the other priests chant in one voice, “All praise the Living God!”

“He is proud of you,” the black-robed figure continues, “for taking this, the first of 31 steps to enlightenment, the path of righteousness, the stairs to power and glory. Razmir is the one true god. What other god so richly rewards those who follow him? What other god lives among his people, guiding them with his wisdom and his might? What other god can lead you to true salvation? None of them! Only Razmir can offer you the power, the fortune, and the glory that you desire. Will you join him?” He folds his arms and looks about the taproom waiting for an answer.

Elvar looks a little jittery at being approached by the drow, his frown turning into a grimace.

" Oh I just... Well... "

Roll a diplomacy check Markus

@Quinn please roll me a diplomacy check.

" Once your in the priesthood... Or so I've heard. " Elvar orders an ale and takes a sip.

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

" Mm, the priests seem very powerful here and all those tithes have to go somewhere, right? That would be nice. I'm Elvar " The half elf replies.

Sense Motive Dc22:
It's seems like Elvar is holding something back. He's very guarded, maybe a little nervous.

The barkeep looks a little wary of having a Drow in his establishment but he pours an ale for Quinn and responds to 'Jovil' " Here to see the Razmirans huh, don't worry you're in the right place. These nights can sometimes be a bit quiet, sometimes they are not. The Priests will be along shortly. "

The half-elf looks at Quinn, and after a moment shrugs and walks over. " Are you here for the meeting too? "

Haha, pay no mind to the map. I've just included it so you can get the layout of the place.

" Oh, I brew my own ale and I've got some imported wines and some Dwarven spirits. There's a dark ale that I tapped just this afternoon, gave it a try and I think it's particularly good. "

You find the young Half-elf a little hard to read. He sat down in the corner furthest from the bar and has just been looking about and tapping his fingers on the table occasionally.

Cora, what a great idea!

1d20 ⇒ 18

With Quinn's sense of the streets and Markus's negotiating skills you manage to find what your looking for and not pay and exorbitant price.

You find a man who fashions special equipment usually employed by pick pockets.

2gp for a small pouch that can be worn on the thigh. It's not exactly skin tone though. +2 to slight of hand checks made to conceal small items.

You have plenty of time and may take 20 also one other person can assist you. I think that a holy symbol would be smaller than a dagger but larger than a coin or ring so have a +2 bonus for the size. Basically 26+your slight of hand or dexterity.

I'm aware that I didn't specifically say this but in my head the Library research took place the morning after your meeting with Reginar.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

That evening the party approaches the Rangers Lament.

Sitting in the shadow of the Temple to Razmir, the Ranger’s Lament is a simple establishment. Made from solid wood timbers, the one-story building is comprised primarily of a large common room, with a bar and a kitchen off to one side. Although open for business, very few people appear to be inside, despite the fact that many of the other local establishments seem quite full.

Assuming you go ahead and enter:

" Welcome! " The barkeep booms. " Seems to be a slow night... Take any seat in the house as doesn't buck you off. Can I get you any drinks? "

The barkeep is a middle aged man, bald with a black goatee and a big beer gut.

Shortly after you're seated another young man arrives. His slightly pointed ears give him away as a half-elf. He has short blond hair and a little downy fluff resides on his chin. He's frowning as he enters and takes a seat in a corner ordering an ale.

Ranger's Lament Map

So, where to from here? Trying to find money for tithe? Skipping ahead to the meeting at the Rangers Lament? Something else?

Reginar gets up to leave.

" There are libraries at the temples to Erastul and Iomedae. I suppose they might have something there on other faiths. Remember meet me back here in one week. "

You spy some well dressed men that seem to be having some kind of celebratory feast and you manage to overhear them toasting the profits they've made on their trip. Tomorrow they plan to buy up some trade goods and set sail again on the lake. By the time Reginar leaves, these merchants are all looking very drunk and two of them get up to leave, shaking hands with the others and stumbling out onto the street.


The Temple of Erastul turns out to be a bit of a waste of time. You're greeted by a plump middle aged man wearing plain brown robes with thinning brown hair. Brother Grant. He shows you to the library but their section on other faiths is quite small and you're quickly able to search through and find nothing on the faith of Razmir.

At the Temple of Iomedae Cleric Kiana greets you. A young lady dressed in white vestments. Her blond hair is cropped short. She shows you to the temple library which is much bigger and after lighting some lanterns leaves you to your research.

Perception DC 22:
After a long search you manage to find a small scroll tucked away at the back of a shelf. It appears to belong to a larger work and the page isn't signed by any author.

There is a small paragraph about The Living God Razmir that is very vague. Talking about how he ascended to god hood by completing a test through the Starstone around 50 years ago.

Then there is a list of some of the faiths tenets:

Razmir is the god above all other gods.

Those who follow the steps of the Living God will be rewarded with glory and riches.

Razmiran, the realm of the Living God on this world, is sacred ground, and it is the duty of every believer to protect and enrich this sacred place. Every temple to Razmir is an extension of this sacred realm.

Those who have ascended the steps speak with the authority of the Living God. Failing to obey them is akin to disobeying the will of Razmir Himself.

Tithing to the faith is a holy responsibility.

Those who do not believe must be converted to the faith of Razmir by showing them the glory and wealth that awaits them in His service.

The mask of the Living God is a divine vessel. Behind its protective embrace, His followers can speak the will of Razmir without fear of rebuke. His followers must wear the mask whenever they deal with nonbelievers.

The followers of Razmir act as one. Through anonymity comes solidarity, with each part working together to further His glory.

Sorry everyone. I'm having a very busy week at work. I'll try to get a post up tonight.

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" I'd like to know more about them, a good count of thier number, what thier plans for the future are. Any hard evidence that could discredit them in the eyes of the town something that would force the guard to act. I'd be very grateful if you could meet back with me here after a week to go over any information you've found on the inside. "

He chews a few mouthfuls of deer and then wipes his mouth.

" Well good luck! "

" Getting masks and robes and sneaking in might work but there might be a better way. They hold meetings every so often to take in new members. If they continue with the schedule I've observed for the meetings, the next one should be tomorrow. The last two meetings were held at The Ranger's Lament, the tavern across the road from their temple. If you get in that way and play along with their initiation you'd be able to get a lot more information on what goes on in there. "

" It's dangerous to move directly against them, there seems to be so many of them now. " Reginar looks about the Forest Bounty, then continues. " I did ask around at the docks but no one would even tell me the name of the ship let alone where it was headed and not even I can follow spor across the waves. "

" Members of the cult go out frequently to aid the poor and proselytize. that is how they've fooled the gullible here but I know this is just a cover for more illegal activities. I've seen priests beat a man to within an inch of his life while the guards stood by. They claimed the humble cobbler had stolen from the temple. "

" A way inside? They don't hold any open services and the temple is heavily guarded day and night. The only real way in would be to pretend to join them. "

" My you are blunt, " Reginar replies to Cora. " there is a temple of Razmiran Cultists here in Tamran. They've been here for about two years now and their power here has grown very quickly. Too quickly, even the local guards now turn a blind eye towards them dismissing any reports of wrong doing. "

" Hmm, I do recall that a group of them left town a few months ago heading north. They could be the group that raided your treasure hoard? Are you from the north? They returned about a month later, minus a few of their number, hurrying through the streets back to their temple. About a week ago another group left the temple. This group was led by a blue robed female. I think she's the leader of the temple here in Tamran. They boarded a boat. "

The venture of the first group seems to line up with the time frame that the amulets were stolen from Kassen's Crypt and Kassen is north of Tamran.

She smiles back, still looking a little nervous. " Of course, follow me, " she turns and heads in, threading her way through the tables and craning her neck looking around. " I didn't see Reginar come in yet but maybe he came in the oth... Oh there he is. This way. "

She leads you over to a table near the corner. At the table sits a robust man, wearing green and brown leathers and cloaked in a large bearskin. A longbow rests against the table next to him. He looks up and with a hearty laugh says, “Welcome, friends. I heard that someone was looking for me. I am Reginar Lacklan. Please sit— I'm sure we have much to discuss.” He sweeps out his arms in an inviting gesture as another serving maid places a tray of roast boar and forest vegetables on the table before him.

The waitress looks at you group and gives a nervous chuckle. " Would you like a table? "

Quinn ends the night 2 GP up.
Markus does considerably well. Making 6 GP and and 12 silver.

Markus and Quinn, Please include a diplomacy roll in your next post.
The nights stay at the inn costs 2 gold, and 3 silver. Any drinks are a silver, though Puglas's own Honey Whiskey costs 2 silver.

The following afternoon you all make your way to The Forest Bounty on the northern edge of town. Made from enormous timbers, the Forest Bounty is a long hall, open at both the front and back, filled with wooden tables and benches. Dozens of people gather here, eating, drinking, and laughing. One table of patrons even carries on with a bawdy song that seems to have most of the folk smiling. A serving maid stands at the door waiting to seat people as they come in.

" Wha! I don't? Agh. " he throws a small pouch onto the table. The other sailors laugh. Clapping the man on the back, one of them says, " how about we play different game now? Dice? "

The sailors whittle the night away with laughing, games and drinking inviting all of you to join if you wish.

Anyone who joins in the games roll me a bluff, intelligence check or a straight roll of a twenty (your choice)

If no one has anything else to do after this we'll skip ahead to looking for Reginar at the Forest Bounty the following afternoon?

" Haha! " the sailor exclaims taking the gold. Looking very pleased he holds it up and most of the others laugh along. " Alright let's go again. 5 gold. " he says smiling.

The number:

let's use the will save from my previous post as he didn't need to make one at that time.

As he's asking about ranges he's also thinking of his number.

The number:

I'm guessing he'll need a Will save : 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

" What! Come on? " one sailor says chuckling. Another says " Alright... Any number or is there a range I have to pick from? "

" My favourite drink? Try this. " he takes a bottle down from a shelf behind the bar and pours an amber coloured liquid into a small mug. " Take small sips, eh, it's strong. " the drink has hints of sweet honey but burns on the way down the throat.

Over at the sailors table one of the others pipes up. " Don't mind Aglas here. He gets like this after a run in with the damned Razmiran faith barges. "

@Quinn This guy doesn't look wealthy at all. Old stained clothes and a depressingly small coin purse...

@Markus No one here seems to fit Reginar's description. So you head over to the Sailor's table.

" What can I do you for... fair lady? " Slurs one of the men as you sit at the table. He seems very intoxicated and seems to be having some trouble maintaining eye contact. Though not all the men and women at the table are so drunk.


Puglas strokes his chin for a few seconds. " A pathfinder? You know I do know one in thier ranks. He comes in here every now and then and I've heard him mention the pathfinders more than once. What was his name? Reginar I think. I haven't seen him in over a month but I believe he can be found most nights at a place called the Forest Bounty. It's a feast hall of sorts. "

" It's two gold and three silver for a room and a meal. Those drinks " he points at Markus's drinks " are on the house. " he winks wiping the bar with his one arm.

I'm going to sum up things here incase it's needed. You've come to Tamran to investigate the bandits that raided Kassen's Crypt. They took two amulets that belonged to Kassen and Asar. Cygar the pathfinder was concerned about the interest in these amulets as there were items in the tomb that weren't taken that would have seemed more valuable. Cygar has a pathfinder contact in Tamran who might be able to help or give useful info on the bandits. He's called Reginar, a tall human with light brown hair and a goatee. The bandits were all dressed as priests of Razmir

" Why thank you. " he says before looking about the room at the rest of the customers. " Mostly. " he answers " Those sailors over there came in last night. I don't remember seeing their faces before but everyone else is. Dock workers over there, sailors from a regular merchant ship there, The Amaranthe I think their ship is called. They come through every couple of weeks or so and they always stay here. The rest are mostly local fishermen. Were you looking for someone in particular? "

" Indeed it is my catch and there is a story behind it. " Puglas says, " Wine or Ale? " he asks the Elven lady (Markus) before pouring the drink expertly with only one arm.

" It was six years ago, " he begins and the other patrons in the taproom all drop there conversations to listen to the familiar story. " I was out fishing on the lake I'd been dragging this fish in for what seemed like forever. I'd finally dragged it up to the side of my boat and it seemed like it had given up the fight. I reached down to pull it in over the side but, CHOMP! " he makes a snapping motion with his good hand at his missing arm. " the blasted fish ripped into my arm. Took it right off in two bites. Luckily as I fell in the water I managed to grab my knife from my boot. Stabbed it in the guts. After that I had to have it stuffed and mounted. "

The Gar’s Last Meal is a fine inn if you can get past the smell of fish. The innkeeper, Puglas Tamall is a grizzled veteran of the lake who is missing his left arm. He asks few questions of those who stay at his establishment. Mounted on the wall behind the bar of the taproom is a giant gar.

" Puglas is the name. Looking for a room or meal and a drink or two? What brings you to Tamran? "

Experience Points!

Crab Exp: 360 each
Pirates Exp: 320 each

The Pirates all look about frantically and continue to hold a course taking them further out to sea. The half Orc stares back at the Blavk Mist from the back of the ship until the ship fades out of view in the rain.

About 2 hours later, the city of Tamran draws near. In the dark, Tamran glitters with hundreds of tiny lights, emanating from the windows and lamps that dot the city. It has the look of a new town, built primarily of wood, though some older buildings linger here and there, many showing signs of damage from the war with Molthune to the south. Cracked walls and burnt remnants can be seen even from this distance, fresh scars from the long conflict.

As Ewem ties the Black Mist up at the docks Captain Walren helps every one disembark. " Well, thank you all for your assistance. It certainly was an eventful trip. The way you sent those pirates off... Just great! If your looking for somewhere to rest your heads for the rest of the night I suggest Gar's Last Meal. A good, safe establishment on the docks here. "

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. I've been having migraines all week.

The illusion has been very effective though.

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
1d100 ⇒ 9 Miss
1d8 ⇒ 6
Cora fires her crossbow at the Halforc but the bolt skims past him barely missing.

The two pirates continue to squabble over the wheel.

GM rolls:
1d20 ⇒ 11
1d20 ⇒ 17

The man at the wheel throws off the Halforc and yells at him. The Halforc yells back but he moves over to a water barrel and fills a bucket.

The helmsman yells some more in a different direction and the guy that ran comes back out on the deck. Still looking up into the clouds for the dragon he dashed over to the flames and starts beating at them with a blanket.

More GM rolls:
1d20 ⇒ 19

He turns to the helmsman laughing. He puts his hand in the flames and still laughing speaks to the helmsman.

Back in the Black Mist

" Ha, ha! Ya got em! Look at them run! " Captain Walren exclaims as he picks up and loads the crossbow Brayken discarded.

  • The ship is now about 90ft away from the Black Mist to the rear and left. It's heading out to deeper waters at almost a right angle.
  • There is 20 percent concealment due to the rain. Please roll a d100 with any attack rolls. Rolls above 20 hit.
  • To cast a spell will require a DC 5 + Spell level Concentration Check
  • Everyone is up.

GM tracking:
Old helmsman: 13 damage, AC 13
Pirate below deck: 3 damage, AC 13
Half Orc pirate: 13 damage, AC 13
New Helmsman: DEAD, AC 13

Captain Walren bursts out of the cabin carrying crossbows and quivers of quarrels.

" Quick! Grab a crossb... " his mouth hangs open as he notices the flaming ship already running away.

Brayken grabs a loaded crossbow and fires at the Halforc pirate.

Atk : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
1d100 ⇒ 80
1d8 ⇒ 5

Feel free to grab a crossbow if you want Quinn. They are all loaded. I guess that's what Walren and Ewem have been up to for the least couple of rounds.

GM tracking:
Old helmsman: 13 damage, AC 12 (grappling)
Pirate below deck: 3 damage, total cover.
Half Orc pirate: 13 damage, AC 12 (grappling)
New Helmsman: DEAD, AC 13

Cora Montajay wrote:
I think the force rapier gets MVP for this fight.

Nice job. It certainly tore through the two guys at the wheel.

This has been one of my favourite battles ever guys. Thanks a lot :)

Nice use of the silent image spell Markus.

Apologies to those who don't have a ranged weapon. I've just now thought of something that would have been good to do a round or two a go...

Brayken wrote:

Happy Easter!

As some of you might have heard from me here, or in other campaigns, I have found a job in Japan teaching English. I have been packing and busy tying up loose ends for the past week/week-and-a-half and I apologize if this has screwed with my posting rate. I am posting this because tomorrow I am heading to Salt Lake City and will be boarding a plane to leave the country the following day. When I arrive, it will be flurry of moving in and starting my new job As such I may not be able to post until next weekend. I don’t however know what the situation will be like until I am there and may not have access to the internet for personal use for longer, though I highly doubt that will be the case. I will get a post (or may already have one) into the gameplay thread, and if I am holding up combat or role-playing please feel free to bot me! I’m sorry if this causes any problems and I hope to be able to post again soon.

Wow congratulations. Sounds very exciting. Good luck settling in.

Actually they turned away last round.

Cora's force rapier slams through the new helmsman's back and then disapates just as her crossbow Bolt slams through his eye. He sags, collapsing onto the wheel

Both Faunra's arrows find there mark one slamming into his shoulder and the other into his thigh.

The original guy from the wheel staggers to his feet feeling a little safer now that the rapier was gone. For the first time he notices the dragon. He screams as the flames billow out, grabbing the dead pirate off the wheel and yelling at the Halforc to put out the flames his eyes search the sky for the dragon.

The Halforc yells right back at the helmsman he runs towards the wheel and they start fighting for control of the ship.

  • The ship is now about 80ft away from the Black Mist to the rear and left. It's heading out to deeper waters at almost a right angle.
  • There is 20 percent concealment due to the rain. Please roll a d100 with any attack rolls. Rolls above 20 hit.
  • To cast a spell will require a DC 5 + Spell level Concentration Check
  • Everyone is up.

GM tracking:
Old helmsman: 13 damage, AC 12 (grappling)
Pirate below deck: 3 damage, total cover.
Half Orc pirate: 8 damage, AC 12 (grappling)
New Helmsman: DEAD, AC 13

Quinn sees the small ships crew in chaos.

The helmsman is stabbed in the shoulder by Cora's force rapier and then knocked aside to lie bleeding on the deck by one of the other crew members. That guy grabs the wheel and starts hauling on it to turn the ship.

The ship starts to turn, one of the other crew is shot by Faunra the arrow whipping past his face drawing blood and taking his ear. He throws his crossbow down and runs below the deck while the last guy, a burly half orc screams at the dragon in defiance as he loads and fires his crossbow again. His scream turns to a burly laugh and he yells something back to the man at the wheel. The new helmsman just yells right back at him as he continues to turn the ship.

GM rolls:

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
1d100 ⇒ 78
1d20 ⇒ 20
1d20 ⇒ 17
1d20 ⇒ 12

You are able to make out the words that are shouted. The half orc yells " It's not a real dragon, my bolt went right through! "
The new Helmsman yells back " Keep shooting you crazy #&@% ! "

  • The ship is still about 65ft away from the Black Mist but now it's cutting away to the left.
  • There is 20 percent concealment due to the rain. Please roll a d100 with any attack rolls. Rolls above 20 hit.
  • To cast a spell will require a DC 5 + Spell level Concentration Check
  • Everyone is up.

GM tracking:
Old helmsman: 13 damage, total defense: AC 17
Pirate below deck: 3 damage, total cover.
Half Orc pirate: 0 damage, AC 13
New Helmsman: 0 damage, AC 13

The small crew of the other ship wail as the dragon swoops out of the clouds and rain. They fire at it screaming at the helmsman to veer away. Back at the wheel however the man there is desperately trying to use the wheel as cover between himself and the force rapier.

One of Faunra's arrows thunks into the hull and the other goes wide into the sea.

GM rolls:

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11 1d100 ⇒ 12
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18 1d100 ⇒ 54
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21 1d100 ⇒ 44
1d20 ⇒ 1
1d20 ⇒ 19
1d20 ⇒ 15
1d20 ⇒ 8

After they fire one of the men starts running back to the wheel.
None of them react in any way that would suggest they realise the dragons true nature.

The boat keeps coming towards the Black Mist though it cuts this way and that a little.

  • The ship is about 65ft behind the Black Mist.
  • There is 20 percent concealment due to the rain. Please roll a d100 with any attack rolls if you roll above 20 you can hit.
  • To cast a spell will require a DC 5 + Spell level Concentration Check
  • Everyone is up.

GM tracking:
helmsman: 9 damage, total defense: AC 17

Happy Easter everyone!

Gm rolls:
1d20 ⇒ 17

Ewem moves over to the rail and stares out into the rain for a moment before nodding and racing to the Cabin.

"Pirate, Pirate!" He yells as he bursts into the cabin doors.

Faunra can just make out three people standing on the small ships prow, another stands at the wheel. The three at the front have noticed that you have seen them and level crossbows at the Black Mist. Two of the bolts thunk into the hull and one goes wide into the sea.

  • The ship is about 80ft behind the Black Mist. It will come alongside in ten rounds.
  • There is 20 percent concealment due to the rain. Please roll a d100 with any attack rolls if you roll above 20 you can hit.
  • To cast a spell will require a DC 5 + Spell level Concentration Check
  • Everyone can post one rounds actions now.

"Alright, ok then... But next time warn people... and maybe don't turn into an orc, aye?"

Ewem and the Captain get the Black Mist under way. The Captain tells you all that if the winds are favourable the barge should reach Tamran by night fall.

As the day wears on and the sun starts to sink in the horizon Walren starts to look edgy, letting Ewem take the tiller as he stares out across the water with his spyglass muttering under his breath. About an hour after dark clouds have rolled in unleashing a steady downpour of rain onto the deck. By this time Captain Walren has ordered Ewem to keep sailing for Tamran and retired into the cabin to take a break and get dry.

Anyone staying on deck after dark and in the rain can make the following perception check/s.

Perception DC20:
You spot a boat coming up behind the Black Mist on the port side. its about a minute away from catching up and doesnt have the normal running lamps lit.

Perception DC15:
You notice a boat slipping up right behind the Black Mist on the port side. There's only seconds to prepare! One Round

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