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Danse Macabre

GM Kip's page

710 posts. Alias of Kip84.


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Before I forget, everyone gains 200 exp for the negotiations with the felucian chief.

Exp: 1787/3000

The mushrooms are very tall, the heads are forming a sort of forest canopy above the battle field. They are too tall to climb/Kybuck jump onto.

The river is shallow but is difficult terrain.

For mounted combat, let's say you can use your actions but the mounts speed (12). Ie. If you double move you can't attack etc.

Avizzi, looks like you moved about thirteen spaces, so let's call that a move action this round so you can still attack...

Also, in Saga diagonal moves cost double for each square.

Avizzi directs his Kybuck into a position of cover taking one more shot shot at the scout trooper. The slug hits punching a hole through the smoking bikes hull.

One of the stormtroopers (blue) crouches down, and starts operating the controls of the comms station, the satellite swivels slowly, searching for a signal perhaps...

The others grab their carbines and start laying down fire at Russel and Taril. The shots fly everywhere streaming past but none come close to hitting thier mark.

Rolls :

Green vs Russel: 1d20 + 2 - 7 ⇒ (13) + 2 - 7 = 8
Red vs Russel: 1d20 + 2 - 7 ⇒ (4) + 2 - 7 = -1
Pink vs Taril: 1d20 + 2 - 7 ⇒ (12) + 2 - 7 = 7

Kalus (misses this round)
Nomi <--------------------------- (Any action After your move Nomi?)
Scout troopers

Nomi, Russel and Taril are up

Combat Map

Tracking :
Taril: 13/21 Hp
Scout trooper Blue: 19 dmg

Russel, Kalus and Nomi have received first aid today.

Russel and Avizzi chase the scout trooper into a large clearing, with Taril and Nomi close behind and Kalus bringing up the rear. The two men in the lead fire off their weapons. Red laser and hot lead slam into the speeder bike and smoke starts pouring out of the engines... Massive mushrooms tower over the area and a shallow river runs through the valley. Across the river you see a tall computer system with a satellite dish surrounded by a few barricades and some stormtroopers. Over near the outpost another Scout trooper kicks his speeder bike into gear as he sees Avizzi and Russel break into the clearing and the stormtroopers scramble to grab their weapons...

Initiative rolls :

Avizzi: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20
Kalus: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26
Nomi: 1d20 + 8 - 5 ⇒ (15) + 8 - 5 = 18
Russel: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17
Scout troopers: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Stormtroopers: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20
Taril Sha: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

Kalus (misses this round)
Avizzi <---------------------------
Scout troopers

Combat Map

the map is another big one... Sorry. You'll probably need to zoom in to really see what's going on. The storm troopers are maning the imperial outpost in the left hand bottom corner (and have cover) the pink circles in the mushrooms represent the trunks. You can take cover behind them if you like.

Tracking :

Taril: 13/21 Hp

Scout trooper Blue: 9 dmg

Russel, Kalus and Nomi have received first aid today.

Oh man, Kalus and Nomi!

Russel, Taril and Avizzi.

Taril, Russel and Avizzi errupt from the underground tunnels back into the light and the mushroom forest. Before you can get your bearings on the sound of the speeder ahead a massive claw sweeps aside a giant mushroom followed by the head of a mighty Rancor! The beast, bleeding from a massive wound in its side, lashes out in pain, swiping at you all with its claws!

Ride check DC 15 [/spoiler:
You easily evade the dying rancor's claws and speed ahead catching sight of the scout trooper merely 50 meters away!

You can make an attack. The trooper is a mere 20 squares ahead and and only obscured by light foliage. -2 from concealment to attack rolls. (Russel and Avizzi would be 40 squares away and take another -2 penalty for range with a pistol.

Ride check DC 10:
You manage to duck just under the sweeping claws of the rancor barely scraping through! Up ahead you spot the scout trooper riding through some light foliage.

You can take a shot. -2 penalty from concealment and -2 for range with a pistol. (Russel and Avizzi would be at -5 for range)

Ride check DC 5 :
As you duck under the rancor's swiping claws you take a glancing blow! You manage to cling to your Kybuck as it speeds you away from the dying beast!

Damage: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Ride check less than 5 :
The rancor's claw slashes across your torso! You manage to cling to your Kybuck as it speeds you away from the dying beast!

Damage: 2d8 + 5 ⇒ (8, 7) + 5 = 20

Kalus and Nomi

Nomi gets back on that flatulent Kybuck and rides after Kalus. Emerging from the thick foliage you both come upon one last trench to jump. Ahead and to your right you see your companions dashing past a flailing Rancor! Ahead you can hear the sound of the troopers speeder through the jungle.

Ride Dc 15 :
You make up a little bit of lost time leaping the trench and speeding ahead.

Kalus could take a shot at the trooper at -12, (-10 range, -2 concealment)

Nomi would still be out of range with a pistol. But would catch sight of the trooper. [/Ooc]

Ride DC 10 :
You leap the trench and manage to hold on as the Kybuck tries to get into a good gallop. Up ahead you spot the trooper but you've fallen far behind to get a shot off at him...

Ride Check DC 5 :
The Kybuck balks at the trench and swerves to the side, going around it and costing you more time

But your through to the next "zone"

Ride check less than 5 :
[ooc] I'm sorry... As your Kybuck leaps the trench you lose your grip and slide out of the saddle falling into the trench!

Falling damage: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 1) = 4

Next round you'll need to climb out of the trench...

Avizzi, Russel and Taril

1-2-3, Your Kybucks zip into the hollowed out trunk of a giant mushroom, and you find yourselves traveling through a series of hollow logs and underground tunnels. The heroes and their mounts must lower their heads to prevent scraping the ceiling of these natural passageways. As the kybucks zip through the underground tunnels, chunks of moss and other fungi droop down from above, while breaks in the ceiling let occasional rays of light shine down on the you.

Ride check DC 15 :
You duck low and manage to weave through the moss and fungi hanging from the ceiling, making good time. You don't spot the trooper up ahead but you must be closing the distance...

Ride check DC 10 :
You make it through the tunnels just fine, though your pretty sure you have moss and some sticky fungus stuff all through/ over your hair/head tails...

Ride check DC 5 :
as you ride through the tunnels you come to close to a grasping set of roots that hang down into the tunnel like tentacles.

That hero must succeed on an opposed grapple check (versus the roots, which have a +2 grapple bonus) to continue to the next zone.

Grapple: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

A failed check means that the hero and his or her kybuck becomes stuck in the natural tunnels, and on the following round the hero can take a standard action to disentangle from the roots.

Ride check less than 5 :
Any hero who fails the Ride check by 5 or more runs into some hanging roots at full speed and is knocked off the kybuck. The animal stops and waits for the hero to mount up again the following round, but the hero is delayed in advancing until the following round.

Kalus and Nomi

Kalus and Nomi dart left, their Kybucks ducking and weaving through thick foliage, dashing around sinkholes and leaping over trenches!

Ride check DC 15 :
You feel you're really getting the hang of this as you sink low in the saddle and lean into the corners. Up ahead through the fungi you spot the scout trooper weaving through the vegetation.

The trooper is 60 squares from you. You may take a shot or use a force power.

A shot with a pistol is at -10 (-5 range, -5 concealment)

Any hero who succeeds on the Ride check by 5 or more also gains a +5 circumstance bonus on Ride checks in the next round.

Ride check DC10 :
You manage to stay in the saddle as your Kybuck darts and weaves through the thick foliage and leaps over a chasm.

Any hero who succeeds on the Ride check by less than 5 manages to help direct his or her kybuck to the next zone without any difficulties.

Ride check DC 5:
You panic a little as you come upon a trench, pulling hard on your Kybuck's reins it comes to a halt and then turns going around the trench instead of leaping it, costing you precious seconds.

Ride check less than 5 :
Your Kybuck lands a jump awkwardly and you fall off. You get to your feet and manage to get back in the saddle of your Kybuck, urging it forward to make up the lost time.

Fall damage: 1d6 ⇒ 2

Kalus and Nomi, Healing rolls :

Kalus : 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (15) + 9 = 24 Kalus would gain 11 Hp putting him at max.
Nomi: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29 Nomi gains 16 Hp putting her at max.

Gm rolls :

Initiative : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15
1d2 ⇒ 1

The Kybucks spring forward racing after the trooper's speeder bike through the swampy area around the village. Their feet send up huge splashes of swamp water as they run through and then dart into the dense jungle. They duck and weave through the enclosing fungi that drops low over the terrain. You can all make out the whine of the speeder's engine up ahead, but for now you've lost sight of the trooper...

Everyone make me another ride check. Russel, Taril, Avizzi and Nomi get a +2 bonus to ride till the end of the chase. (for succeeding at the first check by more than 5.)

Roll another DC 10 ride check.

Success 10-14 :
You manage to make your way through the dense jungle, following the sound of the speeder bike.

As you reach the end of the game trail there seems to be two paths ahead one that leads through some thick foliage and another that travels through a an old hollowed out truck of a massive felucian mushroom.

Success 15 or above :
Your Kybuck pulls ahead of the others through the jungle. Every now and then you catch a quick glimpse of the trooper and you seem to be gaining on him. You're at Long (pistol) Range (72 squares) from the trooper. If you wish to take a shot you'd be at -15 due to range and cover/concealment.

As you reach the end of the game trail there seems to be two paths ahead one that leads through some thick foliage and another that travels through a an old hollowed out truck of a massive felucian mushroom. Unfortunately you didn't see which path the trooper took.

Failure 6-9 :
Your Kybuck falls behind and you've lost the others... Roll a DC 10 perception check to avoid becoming lost in the thick undergrowth of the jungle.

Perception check success: You manage to middle your way through he foliage and back onto a trail.

As you reach the end of the game trail there seems to be two paths ahead one that leads through some thick foliage and another that travels through a an old hollowed out truck of a massive felucian mushroom.

Failure 1-5 :
Your Kybuck takes a wrong turn and within a few seconds you're completely lost in the undergrowth of the jungle... Stand by for next round.

if you succeed on your checks please indicate in you're post which path you take... Don't worry to much as the separate paths rejoin later.

Tracking :
Russel, Kalus and Nomi have received first aid today.

Healing Russel: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29

The Felucian shaman treats Russel's wounds with a storage smelling poultice and bandages.

You get your character level + 14 hit points back.

I'll roll your initiative and ride check. (I think you posted as I was editing my post. )

Initiative : 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23
Ride : 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

Apologies everyone, turns out I needed a week to catch up with the backlog at work.


rolls :

Avizzi: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
Kalus: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
Nomi: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Russel: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
Taril Sha: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Mandrake follows Kalus and Nomi out of the Chiefs hut after a moment. He looks around at the group. " Well follow me and I'll get you all saddled up on a Kybuck... "

He heads to the edge of the village where there is a penned area with a small herd of the strange mounts .

As Mandrake saddles up some of the creatures for you a few felucian shamans approach offering to treat your wounds.

Looks like Russel, Nomi, and Kalus have some wounds. If you want the felucians to heal you let me know and I'll make the rolls.

" Don't worry, these animals are well trained and quite gentle. " Mandrake says.

Just as everyone is getting settled on their mounts, including your felucian guide, you all notice a low whining noise of a speeder bike. Looking about you spot a lone scout trooper watching you all from the seat of his speeder bike. He starts as you notice him and shoving his electrobinoculars away, he throttles the bike into motion and starts to zip away.

" Oh Frag! " Mandrake exclaims. " If he gets a message back to the base the village is done for! " Mandrake swings up onto another Kybuck and urges the animal into a run. The Kybuck leaps forward at an amazing speed chasing after the scout trooper...

If you'd like to help Mandrake chase down the scout trooper roll initiative and then a DC 10 ride check.

Tracking :

Russel: Hp: 12/26
Nomi: Hp: 22/34
Kalus: Hp: 20/24

Sorry for my absense this week everyone. I'll be back at work on Monday and I'll have more time to post. Thanks for your patience.

In the hut :
The chief replies to Kalus, " I have opened up your connection, you can sense it. With practice you'll be able to keep it open and perhaps even learn the ways of a shaman, healing, attacking with your mind from afar... "

@Kalus: the chief has used the Force Regimen: Awaken Force Sensitivety on you. For the next 24hrs Kalus can make untrained Use The Force checks as if he had the force Sensitivety feat. (Thought I'd pop this in because of your PM about taking the feat.)

Valus has a little trouble translating Nomi's words. The felucians not really having a concept of cheating at pazaak, but eventually the chief seems to understand and bows his head to her. " I understand... I hope you can find your trail again. Watch over this one, " The chief points at Kalus " That he doesn't become lost in the shadows. Now I will rest. "

The chief stares into the fire and Mandrake sort of indicates that the meeting is over and begins heading for the door.

Sorry, very busy atm, things will settle down in a few weeks. I didn't get a chance to sit down yesterday...

The chief speaks with Mandrake for a moment then with a last look at Kalus, shuffles back into his hut.

" Ahh, the Chief would like to see you, and ah, you inside for a minute, is that alright? " Valus says looking from Kalus to Nomi. " Everyone else should make any preparations they need. If you need your wounds looked at head over to that large hut there, where one of the shamans can help you out. Then meet us at the Kybuck pen. It's over that way, on the edge of the village. " Valus then follows Nomi and Kalus into the chief's hut.

Kalus and Nomi, Inside the hut, if they agree to enter:
The inside of the hut is iluminated an eerie green, the light mainly supplied by glowing lichen that grows on the walls. Around the circular room is a large cot, a throne like chair and some shelving that holds what seems to be trophies, some massive teeth, a storm trooper helmet and some other technological nick-nacks. The chief crouches next to a small fire that flares green and blue occasionally. He looks up and gestures for you both to take a place next to the fire.

Looking at Nomi the chief speaks. " I feel your connection to the Great Tribe, " Valus translates, standing off to the side. " Your companion has the potential to join as well. " He turns to Kalus " but I sense the shadow as well. You must be wary of your trail. " He shuffles toward Kalus and places a hand near your temple. Kalus is suddenly more aware of the abundant life surrounding the village and a second later he hears faint guttural whispers speaking in the felucian tongue.

Looking back at Nomi the chief continues. " You're connection to the Tribe is strong, maybe there are skills we could learn from one another? "

Tracking :
Russel: Hp: 12/26, Ct: -1
Nomi: Hp: 22/34
Kalus: Hp: 20/24

1d20 + 17 ⇒ (4) + 17 = 21

Sorry, I'm working on a post. Things have been a little busy these last two days.

The old felucian bobs his head in a slightly circular motion and replays in his guttural tongue. Mandrake continues to translate.

" Yes they take many, they have taken some of my people as well... I have scouted the area myself a time ago, when the first scouting party did not return. I sensed so much pain, the pain of my people. It emanates in waves from the western side. Please, if find any of my people imprisoned there, release them as well. "

" Trouble for the evil ones is good. If they could be driven off, we would owe you much. Yes if they find the village we must move but with the sick Young this would be difficult. "

" The tribe is with you, I will instruct one of my shamans to guide you to the facility, but he will not enter... "

" Hey, Kybucks can move at quite a clip, you know. " Mandrake says to Kalus. " Come on let's go meet the chief. " He walks out of the hut, and heads back toward the centre of the village. " This is great, ever since the Imperials set up that base things have been tough for the tribe. I tried to convince the chief that we could take it out but, well they don't like to go there. They call it the vanishing place. Felucians that have gone scouting out that way have never come back. The others say they can sense he pain of those that never returned. " he reaches the Chiefs hut. " wait here... " he steps through the doorway and you all hear him speaking with the chief in the guttural language of the natives. A minute or so later he emerges, the Chief right behind him. Obviously extremely old, the tendrils around this felucians head appear to be shrunken and damaged. His body is covered in scars, and one arm looks withered and blackened as though infected with some kind of shrivelling disease.

He looks the group over, slowly walking past Taril, he looks Nomi in the eyes for a moment, stopping as if noticing something. Then moving on, his gaze passes over Avizzi and Russel and comes to rest on Kalus. The withered tendrils around his head writhe and then droop a little. Finally he addresses the group speaking in the guttural Felucian language, Valus translates. " So you have come to Felucia, and are planning to attack the evil ones at the Vanishing place. Why do you do this? "

Nomi :
When the old Felucian meets your eyes you feel a strange connection, and seem to hear guttural whispers in you mind.

. A Medical Kit is required to treat diseases with the treat injury skill. It seems no one has one.

When informed of the equipment that you'd need to treat the sick felucians Valus looks a little crestfallen. " The only place around here that would have that kind of gear would be the Imperial prison. " He shakes his head. " Listen, I want to level with you. I can only think of three reasons you'd be traipsing around the swamps here. One, your ship crashed and you're stranded here. Two, you're on the weirdest tourist trip ever or Three, you've come here to raid that facility for some reason. Now if you are here to make some kind of attack on the prison, I'd like to help. I've got a small herd of Kybucks, you could use as mounts and I'm sure I could convince the Chief to give you a felucian guide and maybe in return you could bring back any medical supplies and show the felucians how to use them... "

" Really? Ah, yes these four, at the moment. " Valus speaks to the older felucian that is tending the sick young and then turns back to Nomi. " There were to others but they, passed last night. What kind of equipment do you need? "

The thick drink is sickly sweet, then leaves a slightly bitter after taste, Nomi watches as Avizzi and Taril take sips. Nothing untoward happens but the felucian seems pleased.

Valus emerges from the large mushroom hut, smiling he takes a long drink from the bowl and then is about to say something when Russel comes back and asks about the sick children. He frowns " It's very worrying, it was only a couple of days ago that they started to get sick, it's something new and the healers have not been able to find a cure. It seems to be affecting the youngest and weakest first but it's spreading. If you'd like to talk to the healers about it I could translate. "

Anyone inspecting the sick felucians can make a Treat Injury check

Treat Injury DC10 :
This disease seems similar to one you've heard of before and you think you could treat these sick children if you had the right equipment.

As per the treat injury skill treating a disease takes 8 hours. An untrained character can treat one person at a time, a trained character can treat up to 6 people simultaneously. A medical kit is required.

Things have been a little busy for me too as we've been preparing for the arrival of baby #5. She could be born anytime now :)

I'll post an update tomorrow.

Lol, I post from my IPad mostly. I guess my auto correct has learnt a little too much about Star Wars...

Russel steps away from the group, following the sound of the cries he comes to the door of a smaller mushroom hut off to one side of the village center. Inside four small felucians, who must be only children lie on cots, thin and frail, their skin a sickly grey they lie still except when they cry out with pain. An adult felucian sits in a chair of sorts next to one of the cots trying to get one of the sickly children to drink.

Meanwhile at the village center one of the felucians from the cooking fire approaches the rest of the group a little cautiously, holding out a bowl with some kind of thin soup or perhaps a thickish drink.

rolls :
1d20 ⇒ 17

Valus Mandrake snorts stifling a chuckle as he trudges north through the swamp a little way ahead of the group. " Heh, Electrician. " he mutters.

After 15-20 minutes walk you all reach the edge of the swamp, the mist parts and you find yourselves on the edge of a copse of large mushrooms that seem old and petrified. Strung up from a smaller mushroom is the effigy of a Stormtrooper, the armour arranged on sticks and held together with vines.

As you follow Mandrake in you see that the Felucians have carved out the insides of the old mushrooms, making them into large huts. In the center of the village, a number of native Felucians gather in a half circle, squatting by a cooking fire and turning to look at you as you enter. While others look at you curiously from doorways. Though the village area has been cleared, small mushrooms and other plants still rise up from the ground, as though the jungle itself resisted any attempts at civilization.

" I'll go speak with the chief but you all should be alright to have a look around. That's my place over there, feel free to have a rest if you're tired. " Valus moves over to the group around the fire and after talking to them in their strange language he moves off into one of the larger Hutts near the central fire.

Perception DC 15 :
You hear faint cries and moans of pain coming from one of the huts.

" No, I'm sure that if I speak for you, you'll be made welcome. So if you want to rest up, maybe get a guide or at least some useful information about the surrounding area, follow me, the village isn't far. If not I'll leave you to be on your way. "

Valus turns and sloshes off through the swamp, the felucian scout picks up one of his fallen friends and turns to follow the old man.

Knowledge Galactic Lore DC 25 :
Though the man's cloths are so ragged and worn and there are no longer any insignia on them you recognise the uniform of a separatist soldier.

Kalus, Knowledge Galactic Lore 20 :
Though the man's cloths are so ragged and worn and there are no longer any insignia on them you recognise the uniform of a separatist soldier.

" Yeah I guess you think it's weird. " He replies to Kalus " I was stranded here after the war. So I've made a life for myself, here with the natives. "

Then he answers Russel and Taril's objections.

" Yeah, well, I could tell right away. To the Felucians though we all just seem alien and the only people running about the jungle usually are imperials. I've won this tribes trust, but they've had a rough time with the Imperial occupation. We've managed to keep the nearby village hidden so far but there have been some close calls. "

He clears his throat. " Please, you should all come rest in the village and get your wounds looked at. I'll explain what happened to the chief. What are you folks doing out here anyway? "

The old hermit holds his arms up, in a pose of surrender, and the remaining felucian holds steady, leaning on it's sword, breathing heavily.

" I'm really sorry, this has been a terrible misunderstanding. I think these scouts have mistaken you for imperial agents. I ah, I'm Valus Mandrake. I've been living here with the felucians for a while now... Since the war... " the old man says, keeping his eyes locked on Kalus but adressing the whole group.

No worries Russel :)

Everyone gets 160 exp for trekking through the felucian jungle and 160 exp for the fight with the Felucian scouts.

Bringing the total Exp for everyone to: 1587/3000

Focusing on the Force, Nomi slashes her lightsaber through the Felucian's torso. Taril's blaster bolt ricochets off the lightsaber blade as the native falls into the murky swamp. Dead

Using his rifle to parry sword blows Avizzi brings his pistol up and fires a slug round into a Felucian's belly. The being screams ferociously the slug rips through its belly and out its back. Severely wounded but still up

Russel takes a few steps to the side and fires at one of the natives attacking Avizzi.
Attack vs Blue: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
3d6 + 2 ⇒ (2, 2, 6) + 2 = 12 Crit 12x2= 24 damage.
The red bolt slams into the Felucian's head throwing the creature to the ground. Super dead...

Kalus steps under a jawbone sword swing and puts the muzzle of his blaster directly on his foes chest. Squeezing the trigger he sends the native splashing into the swamp. Stepping over his dead foe Kalus moves to help Avizzi. dead.

" Peace! Please, stop fighting! " comes a call in Basic from the mist. A human man with a scarred face and stringy grey hair sloshes through the swamp towards the fight. He calls out in the felucian tongue and the wounded felucian fighting Avizzi steps back leaning on its jawbone sword.

The fight is over if you decide not to continue.


Felucian Scouts
Nomi <-----------------------

Tracking :
Russel: Hp: 12/26, Ct: -1
Nomi: Hp: 22/34

Kalus: Hp: 20/24

Felucian Scout (Red) Damage: 10

rolls :
Green vs Nomi w two swift actions for mighty swing : 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
2d8 + 2 ⇒ (4, 6) + 2 = 12
Red vs Avizzi w two swift actions for mighty swing: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16
2d8 + 2 ⇒ (2, 7) + 2 = 11
Pink vs Kalus: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Blue vs Avizzi: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Nomi ignites a lightsaber standing on the light of the bronze blade for just a moment before swiping at the Felucians jawbone sword. The native manages to angle it's weapon under the lightsaber so it doesn't get hit.

Taril reacts quickly drawing her blaster and firing in one fluid motion the shot wings the felucians side just missing.

Avizzi blocks the jawbone sword with his rifle, drawing his pistol he fires at the felucians belly, but the felucians manages to knock his pistol hand with an arm making the shot miss,

Russel draws his blaster and fires back at the Felucian that attacked him from afar. The shot flashes through the mist sizzling as it goes flashing past the felucians shoulder.

Kalus gives the natives a piece of his mind while he draws his pistol and fires at one of the felucians, the shot goes wide.

Round 2

The felucians continue thier assault swinging thier Jawbone swords viciously.

The felucian fighting Nomi slices under Nomi's lightsaber and up scoring a nasty hit on her arm. @ Nomi: 12 Damage

Avizzi ducks under a Jawbone sword and then blocks another attack as a Felucian charges from his left.

The fourth felucian charges at Kalus. Kalus steps away from the blow but catches the flat of the Jawblade on his leg. @Kalus: 4 Damage

The swamp is difficult terrain, though the felucians seems unaffected.
All the felucians are now close enough that the most is no longer giving them concealment.


Felucian Scouts
Nomi <-----------------------

Tracking :

Russel: Hp: 12/26, Ct: -1

Nomi: Hp: 22/34

Kalus: Hp: 20/24

Hey guys, I've had a couple of long days at work and haven't had time to get a map sorted...

Initiative rolls :
Avizzi: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12
Felucian Scouts: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22
Kalus: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
Nomi: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Russel: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Taril Sha: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

rolls :
Attack vs Avizzi: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9 miss
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10
Attack vs Nomi: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7 miss
1d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

1d10 ⇒ 7
1d10 ⇒ 4

Attack vs Kalus: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13 miss
2d6 ⇒ (5, 3) = 8
Attack vs Russel: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21 crit
2d6 ⇒ (4, 3) = 7 x2= 14

Nomi raises a hand to stop the group, " Hold up, Company. " Taril bumps into Nomi's arm and looks around " Anybody speak mushroom? " She quips. Just ahead of Nomi, Avizzi looks around the misty swamp. " What, Company? I would have noti... "

" Yaya, qua matra! " Seeing they've been spotted the felucians rise up and yell a challenge. The two closest charge at Avizzi and Nomi swinging their rancor jawbones wildly. Avizzi and Nomi both manage to dodge out of the way.

The other two, further away glide through the swamp with ease, thrusting out their left arms out, one towards Kalus, and the other at Russel. Kalus feels nothing, but Russel is hit square in the chest with some invisible force.
@Russel: 14 damage (and drops a step down the condition track)

The swamp is difficult terrain, though the felucians seems unaffected.
The two Felucians who attacked with their rancor jawbone swords are right next to the group. They have no concealment.
The two Felucians further back have concealment due to the mist and are 6 squares from the party.

Felucian Scouts
Nomi <-----------------------

Tracking :

Russel: Hp: 12/26, Ct: -1


Actually with a few assists, Avizzi is able to lead everyone through the jungle without running into some of the more nasty hazards of Felucia.

Gm sad face :(

Cue walking music...

As the party begins the long slog through the jungle of over large mushrooms, lichen and other fungal growths it quickly becomes apparent who is accustomed to such a landscape and who is not. Avizzi feeling comfortable, takes point and begins to lead you all along a twisting path. The first hour of the trip goes smoothly and its seems you're all making good progress but during the 2nd hour the path leads into a large patch of florescent pink fungus that has bright green pods growing from them. Avizzi recognises them and throwing a stone into the large patch shows everyone why it would be to dangerous to cross. The stone hits a couple of pods which explode violently...

The group has to backtrack a fair way before finding another path that looks viable, trekking down this path leads to a large swampy area. Avizzi is about to start crossing the area sticking to the sparse drier areas when Nomi recognises the smell of acid...

After a bit of discussion it's decided the acid swamp would be to dangerous to cross and the group starts circling around it. Once around the swamp Avizzi starts blazing a trail again and the group starts to make good time again.

In the fifth hour of traversing the jungle everyone is starting to get rather weary, and rather sick of some small biting insects you've run into a couple of times when the group comes across a field of decaying mushrooms. The area stinks even worse than the rest of the jungle and Russel notices that the ground feels a little unstable and after a bit more discussion and testing the stability of the ground the group decides to circle this area as well.

The afternoon is getting on when Avizzi finds another path and the party starts to make good time again. After about six hours of walking all up Avizzi estimates the group has made about four and a half hours of actual progress towards the Imperial base when the thick jungle parts into another wide swampy area this time there are no pools of acid however and it looks reasonable safe to cross. A faint mist hangs over the area and the cacophony of noise made by the insects and other wildlife makes it almost impossible to hear the sound of your own feet sloshing through the shallow water. Narrow islands poke out of the swamp here and there, looking like giant stepping stones.

Everyone please roll perception:

Perception DC 18 :
You spot four strange beings lying in wait on various islands as if trying to ambush your group.

Tall and muscular, these bipedal beings seem to be a members of the native Felucian species. A long, slender form of a rancor’s jawbone juts down from each Felucian’s right hand, and their bodies are barely covered by a leafy loincloth. A tangle of tendrils around their faces makes it impossible to see thier eyes, and the mud and other foliage plastered to their bodies camouflages them against the backdrop of the swamp.

" Uh, yeah we should have the hull air tight and the engines operational in a day or two... " the Captain says, inspecting some cooling pipes behind a nearby access panel. " Ah, you should take some ration packs from the ships stores. "

Sirona and Crash get some survival supplies out from the ships storage, even managing to find a spare light blaster pistol for Nomi to borrow, and you all begin a long slog through the marshy, fungal terrain.

Can everyone please make six survival checks as you trek through the fungal Jungle...

Sirona pulls up a screen and reviews some sensor data from the ships records.

" looks like roughly 30 clicks... Maybe a days hike to the north east. " she slots a data card into the ships computer saves the relevant data and then passes the card to Kalus so he can load it on a datapad. Standing up she starts out of the cockpit. " Crash, are you alright? We'd better go out and check out the hull. "

As the Captain opens the boarding ramp a rush of thick humid air enters the ship. Giant mushroom stalks stretch up into the sky, towering overhead, their overhanging edges creating a canopy that blocks out much of the planet’s sunlight. Every step on Felucian soil turns up insects and other fungi just beneath the surface. The noise of the jungle is loud and alien, full of the sounds of a hundred insects and animals moving through the mushroom swamps, all part of a living and vibrant ecosystem.

After a little while the Captain meets everyone in the lounge of the ship wiping sweat from her forehead with a rag. " Well, we should be able to get the Banshee operational again, patch the hull up and clear the swamp gunk out of the engines... It's going take some time though, at least a day. Probably longer... "

Captain Okeefe comes up behind Kalus and Russel. " Ah you're up, you've been out for more than a day! Uh, Crash, can you er, clean that up? " she says pulling a face. " Everyone should strap in, we're about to come out of hyperspace and there's a slight chance there could be some imps patrolling. "

Okeefe moves back through the ships lounge " Taril you're in the copilots seat... "

As the blue tunnel of hyperspace fades away and the pinpoints of stars fill the windows of the cockpit, you get a brief glimpse of the planet Felucia hanging just below your ship. Almost instantly the sensor board in front of Taril lights up. Everyone's eyes are drawn to the dagger-shaped starship looming ahead of the Banshee—an Imperial Star Destroyer. “Hold on,” Captain Okeefe says, “We’re in for a bumpy ride.” With that, the captain slams the control stick forward, sending the ship tumbling rapidly into the atmosphere of the planet. As the Banshee passes through the thin cloud layer, you get a good look at the fungal swamps and jungles of Felucia, where towering mushrooms reach up into the air like skyscrapers. It would be beautiful if it weren’t rushing up at you so quickly.

Eventually, Captain Okeefe pulls the ship out of its dive, a move accompanied by the sounds of metal shearing from somewhere in the rear of the ship. The transport lurches, nearly throwing each of you to the ground, and dips sickeningly down toward the fungal canopy. Another massive bump jostles the ship before the captain brings the vessel to a screeching halt, resting deep within the mushroom jungles.

" Ugh, is everyone in one piece? " Sirona asks, extracting herself from the pilots seat.

" His nickname is just my little joke... Crash is top of the line. " Okeefe says chuckling.

When the loud cry is heard she calls after Kalus and Russel. " Hey, it's alright just the other passenger wake up. Probably has a wicked hang over, from what Organa told me. "

Nomi dashes around a corridor in the somewhat unfamiliar starship, the droid following but quickly falling behind " Ma'am, I think it would be best if you'd take a seat back in the medical bay. I'll get the Captain to come see you. "

As Nomi rounds the corner at the end of the corridor she almost runs into Kalus and Russel coming the other way.

rolls :
1d20 + 12 ⇒ (4) + 12 = 16 1d6 ⇒ 2

Russel :
" No, no that's fine. Just get some rest. " Organa smiles, stands shakes your hand and then strides out of your room.

The night passes away, with some resting in the luxury of the palace and others carousing in the city. In the morning each of you are given a wake up call by one of the senators staff, and after you've dressed and had a quick breakfast you're all chauffeured to the city spaceport and back to the Banshee. If anyone asks about the new team member they're told there's been a complication and that you'll meet them aboard the star ship. Once everybody is aboard, Sirona and Crash take the ship out of atmosphere and into the inky blackness of space. Crash is interfacing with the navicomputer, piloting the hyperspace coordinates when a couple of Lambda class shuttles drop out of hyperspace nearby Sirona watches them glide past uneasily, telling the droid to hurry.

The shuttles seem to pay the Banshee no mind, gliding past they head down to Alderaan.

Nomi awakes in a dark room. It smells of bile, but also there's also a backroad smell of disinfectant. It's quiet and you can hear a faint hum of machinery coming from all around. Theirs a faint beep, then another and then a door slides open and light floods into the room silhouetting a thin droid. " You are awake... Do you feel well? You were heavily inebriated and have been unconscious for some time. I was instructed to give you this when you awoke... " the droid holds out a small holo recorder for you to take...

On the holo recorder :
Share this if you wish...
When activated a miniature blue Organa coalesces above the device, frowning. " Nomi, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this in person, but due to your... illness I didn't have time. My latest intel has warned me that you may have been compromised. Members of Darth Vader's inquisition are on their way to Alderaan or possibly even already here as you listen to this message and it has become clear to me that I can no longer keep you safe on Alderaan. Again I'm sorry but I felt it best to send you off world, for your protection. You are on the Banshee, headed to Felucia with a group of operatives working for me. Now you have a choice, I believe you could use your abilities most constructively working with this group. But I understand that you object to missions, or adventure. If you decide not to help just stay with the ship and you can make your own way after the mission is complete.

As the Banshee glides through hyperspace Sirona's voice comes over the comms from the cockpit. [B]" We've made good time on this trip. We'll be dropping out of hyperspace in about half an hour... "

Sorry everybody, I've been smashed at work these last two days, really long days. Tomorrow should be quieter so I'll get a post up in the morning.

@Avizzi Yeah you are able to purchase your Camo gear. Most anything can be found somewhere in the city. The only thing that's hard to find are weapons.

@Taril No worries, me too...

Organa nods " It gives us somewhere to start, I'll get in touch with my contacts on Bothawui and Corusant and see if I can turn up any more information. "

As Taril laps up the luxury of the palace, Kalus and Avizzi head in to the rough looking cantina for a well earned drink. As they enter they pass a dark haired woman with a cybernetic eye, who gives Kalus a wary look and then slips out onto the street. The place is full of starship crews drinking and laughing, enjoying some time out. In a corner a Sabacc game is in full swing, two Duros, a Sullustan and a Ryn hunched over cards in a smoke haze.

Out on the street Nomi-Rae finds a pop up cafe, selling some questionable meatballs cooked in a doughy pastry that look appetising. Halfway through her meal her commlink chimes with an incoming call. The Senator, requesting a meeting...

A speeder comes to collect you (assuming you agree to meet the Senator.) " Nomi-Rae, thanks for coming in. I think I may have found a team you could work with... " He gives you the same mission breifing as the others. You are to travel to Felucia, to infiltrate an imperial facility to locate an imperial admiral who had defected and was feeding the senator information from the inside. Organa believes this Admiral Varth has been imprisoned in the facility on Felucia. You're to find out what has happened to him and rescue him if possible.

He stands up, " So on completion of the mission you'll be payed 2000 credits and the guarantee of more work to follow. Now would you like to meet the rest of the group? "

Oh wow! You can't type the name of A popular form of music in the Star Wars universe on the Paizo forums...

Russel :
The Senator frowns, " The GeoHaradan... Well I'd heard rumours, but to be honest I had thought the GeoHaradan were wiped out or disbanded quite some time ago. If your mother was working on a contract for the Rebublic it's very possible she ran afoul of one of Palpatine's schemes. " he pauses and sighs. " I'm not sure what I'll be able to find out, not sure enough to take credits from your pay, but I can put some feelers out, talk to some contacts in the senate... If I find any leads I'll let you know. If you want me to look into the leads further we'll talk more about credits then. "

He takes any information you're willing to give him, but doesn't pressure you. (Things like any known alias's of you're parents and the locations of thier deaths.)

In a seedy Spaceport Cantina...
The thuggish spacer behind Nomi removes his hand and folds his arms glaring at the woman as he waits for the drinking contest to finish... " Probably cheating here too! " he mumbles.

The Askajian, Lubo, frowns, burps and scratches himself unsteadily before reaching past his own pile of empty shot glasses for a full one. He takes one and throw a his head back to down it, overbalancing he falls backwards of his stool, crashing to the floor. The area around the bar falls silent for a second. Lubo pushes himself up on one arm awkardly he attempts to look Nomi in the eye... And then vomits magnificently. A roar of lighter erupts from the onlookers. The bar tender, Deesh, a large human man in his late forties laughs. " Ha, haa! You sure can drink girl... Looks like we got a new champi... " he's cut off as the thug from before moves around to get at Nomi, knocking over a stack of spent shot glasses in the process. " Hey, " yells Deesh. " Don't be messing with the new champ! " a Togorian bouncer grabs the man at a nod from Deesh and starts dragging him towards the entrance.


Kalus and Avizzi head out into the city, driven in one of the palaces unmarked black landspeeders. The buildings of the city are mainly made of white synthstone and are widely spaced to give an open feel, with plenty of parks and gardens interspersed between them. All this is set against the back drop of snow capped mountain peaks.

The landspeeder stops at an upper market clothing boutique where Kalus purchases a replacement coat and then heads further out towards the edges of the city to an open air market near the spaceport where thier driver, a business like human male with short cropt grey hair, says they'll have better luck locating the camp gear they're after.

Instead of heading back to thier transport after the markets, Avizzi and Kalus head for a drink at one of the spaceport Cantinas, as they approach a burst of laughter erupts from the place as the doors open and a spacer is thrown out onto the duracrete side walk.

In a smallish smoke filled cantina out near the city spaceport, starship crews sit in booths drinking, laughing and playing various games. One of the old classic J+@z hits pumps out of a jukebox. A couple of unsavoury looking spacers approach a young woman sitting at the bar from behind.

" I don't care what you say, I swear she was cheating, " one says under his breath to the other. " theres something weird about the way she was looking at me like she could read my mind kinda. Are you gonna back me up or not? "

They walk right up and one places a hand on the woman's shoulder while the other stands on the other side.

" Well Hi there, Nomi isn't it? We just wanted to have a little chat about that Sabacc game the other night... "

Kalus "The Red Hawk" Arrhun wrote:
"Alright, I'm in. How are we getting there?"
Avizzi wrote:
The togruta nods, a primal look in his eye. "I'll take your offer."

Senator Organa smiles " Great, as for transport qI will have Capt. Okeefe transport you on the Banshee again. It's ideal because as a private vessel there's nothing to link it with me. I can't stress enough that no one should know you are working for me. Not even Admiral Gilda Varth, the man you are to locate and rescue. "

Russel wrote:
Russel nods in agreement with the proposal, "The credits and another shot to scramble the Empire's plan has me convinced. Senator, is there some way we could speak in private? I am willing to take less credits if you could look into something for me..."

Senator Bail nods " Of course, after this meeting I'll hear your request in private and if I think I can help, I will. "

" I have one more request to make of you all. I'd like to add another member to your team. A capable woman, who I met in similar circumstances a few weeks ago. I will make introductions a little later. For now I'll show you to some guest quarters. "

He stands and makes his way down a hall and up some stairs into a guest wing. Pointing out rooms for everyone he says " Feel free to head into the city and take care of any business you'd like to. The Captain Okeefe has informed me that the Banshee will be ready to fly at 0600 galactic standard time tomorrow, so you'll have this afternoon and this evening free. I'll make contact with you all once I've uh tracked down Nomi-Rae... Now, Russel did you want to have that private chat? "

He steps into Russel's quarters.

All the guest quarters are spacious and luxurious, with a lounge area, a bedroom, a bathroom and a small bar. The furniture is all finely crafted and expensive looking art prices adorn the walls and tables.

Russel :
Senator Organa shuts the door once you've stepped in and takes a seat in the lounge area of your quarters.

" So, what is it you think I can help you with? "

Hey guys I've had a rough couple of days. I've had a brief look at Nomi-Rae and I think she'll be a good fit.

Yes everyone gets an extra trained skill that doesn't have to be a class skill. I believe that was my only skill houserule. I felt it was fairer to give everyone a free skill rather than to give Jedi the Use the Force skill for free (Which I believe was Warhawks houserule)

Let's continue with 5 PCs for now.

Great Green God, I'll Pm you tomorrow regarding introducing your character.

I just figured Big Hard was some slang for a paizo monster I didn't know about : /

Ada Nigh wrote:

So I read through it all. I can play a force sensitive but I think it might be safer to play a beatstick (aka something with lots of soldier levels). If only because you never want to play the wizard your first time out in a system and while I think I have a handle on Ada's character I think I'd be doing a lot of reading to get the mechanics down. That said I'll play her (or someone like her) because having someone strong with the force is a good thing in a campaign whose mission statement is to provide the definitive Star Wars experience.

So do you have a number six yet?

So Your going to play Ada Nigh then Great Green God?

We don't have a sixth yet. I had PM'd Sir Longears another person who missed out when I was recruiting but they're to busy with other Pbp commitments to join at the moment.

Kalus if you know of someone interested direct them to the discussion thread :)

Ah man I hate when you re read a post and find a silly typo : / " The imperial facility is secret base... All your base are belong to us! :D

" Well, what do you say? Any other questions? Will you take the mission? "

I think we have. I've PM'd them both with no response. It's a shame I really liked both their characters.

I've now PM'd a couple of folks that missed out on recruitment. Is there anyone you know of that would be interested Kalus?

That Zero Range feat looks nice Taril! Might have to pick that one up for my Rodian Soldier...

Kalus :
whoops! Sorry! I was umming and arring on whether to give you a dsp, and then I completely forgot to put in a spoiler for you... I'm fine with you killing the officer and the unconscious Stormtrooper.

Take a Darkside point

On route to Alderaan

Capt. Okeefe is quite pleased to talk shop and show off her ship to Taril. Taking her on a tour pointing out various things.

" Well, I took out the original light laser cannons and replaced them with some quad lasers. Put in a second gun well too. Don't worry though I didn't just turf those original cannons. I linked them with a second set and put hem under the bow so I can operate them from the pilot seat. Modified the engines of course, and put on some extra thrusters, so now the Banshee handles more like a snub fighter than a transport. " she says patting one of he walls.

In the Royal Palace Alderaan

Kalus Kn Galactic Lore results:

Felucia is a planet on the Perlemian trade route with slightly lighter than normal gravity and 27hr days. It's mostly covered with a fungal jungle.

The humid fungus forests covering the worlds surface glisten in the sun, creating a fantastic, multicoloured landscape during the day. Most plants and animals on Felucia have adapted specialised defences to protect them from each other, making them particularly hostile to offworlders.
During the Clone Wars, Felucia was a major stronghold for the Seperatists, particularly the Commerce Guild.
Since thier defeat, Separatist remnants, including the planet's Gossam settlers, have taken shelter in small enclaves in the fungal wilderness, joining forces with the fugitive labourers, outlaws, and smugglers they formally persecuted.

Taril Kn Galactic Lore results :
Felucia is a planet on the Perlemian trade route with slightly lighter than normal gravity and 27hr days. It's mostly covered with a fungal jungle.

The humid fungus forests covering the worlds surface glisten in the sun, creating a fantastic, multicoloured landscape during the day. Most plants and animals on Felucia have adapted specialised defences to protect them from each other, making them particularly hostile to offworlders.
During the Clone Wars, Felucia was a major stronghold for the Seperatists, particularly the Commerce Guild.
Since thier defeat, Separatist remnants, including the planet's Gossam settlers, have taken shelter in small enclaves in the fungal wilderness, joining forces with the fugitive labourers, outlaws, and smugglers they formally persecuted.
Imperial forces maintain a presence in Kway Teow (the planets Capital city) primarily to gather Gossam slaves for export and to research biological agents taken from the diverse and abundant plant life.
You have heard a rumour that a Jedi knight escaped order 66 and hides out somewhere on Felucia.

Checking the Balance readout on the Credstick Kalus finds it loaded with 1500 credits.

Kalus wrote:

Frowning, Kalus says, "Wait, we just got finished angering the Empire, and now you want is to go do it again? And on a planet covered in strange fungi? I'm not saying I won't do it, but I need to know what we're talking in compensation here."

Taril wrote:
Taril nods , slidling up beside Kalus, "Yeah, I've got no love for the Empire but as Kalus said, you'd better make it worth our while."

" Better to strike while the iron is hot, hmm. You will of course be fairly compensated. Each of you will receive 2,000 credits, and if things go well, I will guarantee more work when you return. Additionally, if the Admiral has as much information as I believe he does, this could be an excellent chance to strike a blow at the Galactic Empire. "

Avizzi wrote:
"This sounds like a truly dangerous outing, a hunt among more deadly beasts. Just how do you expect us to get inside and find your Admiral?"

" The Imperial facility is secret base, small and isolated, they do not advertise its presence with large numbers of troops, many within the Empire do not even know of its existence. Our knowledge of the facility’s existence is our greatest advantage. Additionally, you shouldn’t be going anywhere near the planet’s major cities, so you should be able to travel largely undetected. You all proved very resourceful over Brentaal IV according to Maya's report, so I believe you should have little trouble carrying out this mission. "

Rolls :
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
1d6 ⇒ 6

In the cargo hold

Kalus wrote:

"It was a lot trickier than we thought. The Empire was actively searching for it," Kalus says to Maya as the cargo gets loaded.
Taril wrote:
Taril nods at Kalus' comment, "Yeah, that was some hot cargo...hope it was worth the trouble."

" I know what you mean Taril, I hope my frozen colleague has some important intelligence. Things must have been pretty desperate for him to freeze himself for transport. I have no idea who could have tipped the Empire off. I don't think Switch would... I'll make sure you're properly compensated. Don't worry about that."

In the cockpit
Sirona, a beautiful middle aged woman with wavy auburn hair, hops out of the pilot seat as she's introduced. " Take the helm Crash " she says to the droid sitting in the copilots seat.

" It's always a pleasure to meet me... " She replies to Kalus, raising her eyebrows " Maybe that's cause I'm always swooping in and getting people out of tight jams. "
She nods to Taril and then replies to Russel.

" Alderaan... Though we'll be making a few jumps, just to make sure we're not followed. So settle in... "

Captain Okeefe shows you to the passengers quarters where you can make yourselves comfortable.

After 10 days the Banshee drops out of hyperspace with the blue green world of Alderaan beneath it. Okeefe is cleared to land at the Royal Palace and Maya, along with one of Bail Organa's servants escorts you from the docking bay into the palace and to the Grand Hall, an ornately decorated chamber where the royalty of Alderaan holds court. Maya rushes off to debrief with Organa while a servant organises refreshments for you while you wait on Organa’s arrival.

After about half an hour the doors to the Grand Hall open, and in strides a middle-aged man who has a well-kept goatee and is wearing Senatorial robes. Easily recognizable as Bail Organa, he smiles and nods to the servants before turning to you. “Welcome to Alderaan,” he says. “Thank you for your patience and for the assistance you gave to Maya. , I am glad to see that the . . . difficulties at the spaceport above Brentaal didn’t impede you too much." [/B] He takes out some cred sticks and passes them to each of you. "I hope you'll find this payment adequate for your trouble.

“Maya is very grateful for your rescue and seems to think you can be trusted. Since you worked hard to help her, I believe I can put my faith in you as well. I have a task that needs to be completed, but unfortunately my status as a Senator prevents me from taking care of it myself, or even from sending someone directly associated with the Royal Family.

“The planet Felucia was ravaged during the Clone Wars, but once the fighting was over, the Empire set up a permanent facility on the world. Nothing large—just a small garrison where they could keep prisoners out of the way. Some months ago, I was contacted by an Imperial Admiral who was disillusioned with the way the Empire had twisted the once-great Republic, and he began feeding me sensitive information. A little over a week ago, that communication stopped. My agents tell me that the Admiral has been taken to Felucia, where he is being held against his will. I’d like you to learn what has become of him, and rescue him if you can.”

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