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GM Idyll's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 863 posts (1,191 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 10 aliases.


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No. It's still alive!!

I apologize for the delay - life, work and, admittedly, GTA V have conspired against my getting the game started.

Please stick with me - I will get things going shortly.

Thanks for doing those, Sur. Feel like doing one more? :) If not, I can do it, I just won't be able to get to it till Sunday, probably.

Along those lines, everyone have a good, restful weekend - we'll get the game kicked off early next week!


As Sur said, Mel, not having Hero Lab is fine. If one of your fellow players wants to build your .por, that'd be appreciated, but I was going to anyway. I just do that so I can quickly and easily review the crunch without having to do any math or heavy-lifting.

So I've reviewed Jen and Michael's characters - anyone else ready for me to take a gander at their profile and is anyone willing to create Mel's character in Hero Lab?

We'll play encumbrance per the rules - but I'll try not to be a jerk about it. After I get everyone into Hero Lab, I'll see how many of you are at or above Medium encumbrance and make a determination of how best to proceed.

Oh, sorry. I forgot about drawbacks. I'm fine with them. I'll also be applying some additional mechanical "drawbacks" based on low attributes once everyone has their characters finished.

The two are fairly different. You two will just need to coordinate hitting things hard and protecting your allies - you're the two heavy hitters of the group, but you're also both dedicated to defending. I think it will be an interesting dynamic.

Glad to see everyone's checked in - I've invited one more, so he'll be checking in soon if he decides to join us.

All right, folks. The party has been selected. As usual, there were some incredible submissions, making my decisions harder than they should have been.

The selected party is
Suryani Chaitanya
Jens Varmodsson
Isaac of Steyr

Those selected can head on over to the Discussion Thread to check in and finalize their characters.

Thanks again to everyone who applied. See you all around the boards!

Happy gaming, all.

Hello, everyone and congratulations on being selected for this adventure. If you haven't already, please complete your character sheets using the character creation criteria below.

Character Creation Guidelines

1) 15-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Choose two traits. One must be a campaign trait.
 Keep in mind that your trait ties into your mythic background.
3) Max HP at first level

4) Max starting gold for your class

If you use Hero Lab, I'd love it if you sent me your .por files. Just shoot me a PM with a link to download it (if you use Dropbox or a similar service) or for my email address.

Finally, please put the following in your character profile under the "Race" field: Race and Class (archetype if any) (Armor Class / Hit Points / Saving Throws / Initiative / Perception)

How We'll Play
I like to have fun and err on the side of fun over rules. This is usually in your favor, so if you show creativity, we may be able to avoid a dreaded dice roll (the dice roller on this board often hates my players).

I will roll initiative and use your passive perception for you when necessary. This speeds up the game considerably. If you wish to make an active perception check, please state so and roll the dice. If I don't want to use your roll, I will simply reject it.

As for handling initiative, to start, I'd like to just use individual initiative. If we find that the combat portions of the game are moving too slowly, we'll adjust.

When doing a skill check, go ahead and state what skill you're using and roll the dice. Again, I might reject your roll if it is unnecessary, but it speeds thing up if I don't have to ask for it.

Let me know if you have any questions and when your character sheet is ready for review.

I'm looking forward to getting started!

Hey, folks. Friendly reminder that recruitment wraps up today at noon CST. If youve expressed interest or dotted, get your submission in soon!

Ok, as I was going through the applications, I realized that we should ideally only have one trait for each player (I know it's not necessary, but with a party this small, there's no need for overlap). As such, I updated the list with everyone's traits. There aren't any real surprises - the traits fall pretty well along expected lines based on class. But since I did the work, I thought I'd go ahead and post the updated list.

Again - the deadline for applications is noon (CST) tomorrow.

The Applicants

Maximillian Akorius - Human Diviner - Riftwarden Orphan

Melchesiech - Elven Abjurer - Riftwarden Orphan

Nenthil Wardcaller - Aasimar Abjurer - Riftwarden Orphan

Liliana Halse - Aasimar Sorceress - Riftwarden Orphan

Diurn Selestro - Aasimar Cleric - Need Campaign Trait

Kyra Banior - Half-Orc Inquisitor - Chance Encounter
Suryani Chaitanya - Human Cleric - Touched by Divinity

Jens Varmodsson - Human Cavalier - Exposed to Awfulness

Dorotea - Human Fighter (Lore Warden) - Exposed to Awfulness

Lizasha - Tiefling Paladin - Stolen Fury

Tikhon - Hobgoblin Cavalier - Stolen Fury
Michael Carenae - Aasimar Paladin - Child of the Crusades


'Tiny' Tina (Tabitha) - Human Alchemist - Chance Encounter

Isaac of Steyr - Human Bard - Child of the Crusade

Aaliyah - Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish) - Touched by Divinity

Wow - I've started going through the applications and there are some strong characters here. As such, I see no need to drag out recruitment longer than necessary.

I will be closing recruitment in 24 hours and will hopefully have the party selected by the end of the day tomorrow. If you've expressed interest, you still have time to get your character submitted, but you'd better hurry!

Now - back to reviewing the submissions...

@Jens - I'll let you know once I start reviewing the backgrounds. I'm sure it's fine, though.

@Feral - I intend to.

Here's an updated list of applicants. NOTE: I realize that your character may not fit neatly into the boxes I've included here. I'm revising my note in the original post - I'm not as worried about a balanced party as I am an interesting one.

The Applicants
Maximillian Akorius - Human Diviner
Melchesiech - Elven Abjurer
Nenthil Wardcaller - Aasimar Abjurer
Liliana Halse - Aasimar Sorceress

Diurn Selestro - Aasimar Cleric
Kyra Banior - Half-Orc Inquisitor

Jens Varmodsson - Human Cavalier
Dorotea - Human Fighter (Lore Warden)
Lizasha - Tiefling Paladin
Tikhon - Hobgoblin Cavalier

'Tiny' Tina (Tabitha) - Human Alchemist
Isaac of Steyr - Human Bard
Aaliyah - Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)

Glad to see some early interest - and thanks for the "welcomes back," friends!

@Maximillian Akorius - I wasn't planning on using the drawbacks system, but I don't know that I have a problem with it. Leave it for now.

The Applicants
Maximillian Akorius - Human Diviner
Melchesiech - Elven Abjurer
Nenthil Wardcaller - Aasimar Abjurer
'Tiny' Tina (Tabitha) - Human Alchemist
Liliana Halse - Aasimar Sorceress

Diurn Selestro - Aasimar Cleric

Jens Varmodsson - Human Cavalier
Dorotea - Human Fighter (Lore Warden)


Let me know if I missed anyone.

The Worldwound tore reality apart at the dawn of the Age of Lost Omens, murdering the nation of Sarkoris and unleashing a ravenous demonic horde upon the world. Only the quick action of several other nations of knights, barbarians, and heroes stemmed the demon army and contained it within lost Sarkoris, and for the next century, crusade after crusade tried to defeat the demons only to fail time and time again. Their greatest success, the line of magical artifacts known as wardstones that stand sentinel along the Worldwound's border, barely manages to contain the demons. So when one of the wardstones is sabotaged, a city falls and the demons within surge out in a massive assault like none before. Even before the Fifth Crusade has begun a city has fallen and some of the crusaders' greatest defenders and heroes are slain. Can anyone rise up against the demon host to prevent the armies of Deskari, the demon lord of the Locust Host, from swallowing the world?

As you've likely gathered, this is a recruitment thread for Paizo's newest AP, The Wrath of the Righteous.

Hello, Paizo friends. Idyll here, returning after a nine-month absence from the boards. The life events that took me away from you have subsided and I have the time, energy and capacity to run one PBP game. I love you all dearly, and I've missed you much.

Now, on to what matters.

Applying for the Game
To apply, create a character using the provided criteria and write a short backstory/character profile.

Character Creation Guidelines:

1) 15-Point Buy, 1st Level (I know, a 15-point buy is tough. But I've come to love the challenge it creates.)

2) Core races are preferred, but Featured Races from the Advanced Race Guide will be considered if the back story is interesting and the crunch isn't too overpowered.
3) All Paizo-created classes are allowed. We will be playing with emerging firearms (if there is a gunslinger in the party).

4) Choose two traits. One must be a campaign trait.
 Keep in mind that your trait ties into your mythic background.
5) No evil alignments. If you've read the Player's Guide you already know this, but the AP is really designed for good-aligned heroes. Keep that in mind.

6) Max HP at first level

7) Max starting gold for your class

No 3pp material will be allowed. I apologize if that causes any character development issues.

Submit a Background: Why is your character in Kenabres? Are they from there or visiting? What are his/her driving goals? Keep your background tight and focused. You can tell the full story in-game if you're selected.

Miscellaneous Information:

I'm looking for 4 (maybe 5) players. Because of this small number, it's important to have all major roles filled - martial, arcane, divine and skills. If you want a better shot of getting picked, don't apply with a character that already has a lot of applicants in that role.

I'm looking for at least one post per weekday, more if possible. If you can't post, just let us know. During combat, if you go 24 hours without a post, your actions will be botted.

If you lower an ability score to 8, there will be possible mechanical & roleplaying consequences, and it should affect how you play your character. No score may be lower than 8 before racial adjustments.

Recruitment will be open until I feel like I have enough characters/players to choose from - I'm not certain when that will be, so get the apps in sooner, rather than later. I'll try to give everyone 24 hours notice before final submissions are due so folks have time to wrap things up.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Awesome. Thank you!

I'm starting the campaign with that module. Not exactly sure yet if I'll let the players choose which nation they'll side with or if I'll assign it - I prefer giving them the choice, but they'll have very little context for making it.

I'd rather not do Carrion Hill if I'm doing Shore to Sea (or vice versa, I suppose, if Carrion Hill is better).

Hey there, Paizo friends. I'm going to be running a game for my group and I'm thinking of starting with Fangwood Keep. I'd like to make the adventure run longer than a session or two, but I'm not sure where to take things after they rout the Keep.

I could go homebrew, obviously, but with my schedule, I'd prefer a pre-written module that I have to tweak only minimally.

So, I'm looking for tips and thoughts on what we should do next.


EDIT: I did think about running From Shore to Sea, but it'd be nice if there was a level-five component we could add in between Fangwood and Shore.

Sorry if this is an obvious question, but having never purchased a physical map, what are the dimensions of these maps?


Hey guys - sorry to have gone dark.

My business was affected by Hurricane Sandy and today's the first day I've thought about logging in. I'm pretty sure most of you have moved on, but I wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, just a little waterlogged (figuratively speaking).

Hope to see you all around the boards again soon.

Hey guys - sorry to have gone dark.

My business was affected by Hurricane Sandy and today's the first day I've thought about logging in. I'm pretty sure most of you have moved on, but I wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, just a little waterlogged (figuratively speaking).

Hope to see you all around the boards again soon.

Noro's diplomacy check was sufficient. Also, untrained knowledge checks won't be successful, unless you're a bard.

Noro leads the way to the docks, nodding and speaking to a number of people she recognizes. She walks directly to an old ship. She looks around for a moment before spotting who she's looking for - a grizzled sailor missing an eye and ear. She speaks a few words and the man nods. A few words are exchanged and Noro returns to the group with the following information.

There's a rumor that that a pickup for a slave run has been scheduled for this very midnight at an old, boarded-up shoreline tavern. The tavern was once known as the Puffy Pelican - a faded painting of a fat pelican still graces the facade of the empty building, and the building's back features a half - collapsed wooden deck that hangs over the high-tide mark.

The woman hurries to follow you outside. "Yes. Yes I know where he is. There's an old, abandoned warehouse in Old Korvosa. I received boy is in serious trouble."

She describes the warehouse and its location and thanks you profusely. She informs you that she will head directly to the Citadel to inform them of your mission and await news of your success.

Do any of you need to purchase or acquire anything before you go?"

Zograthy notices nothing. He is too offended by Arasmes' accusations. He says quickly, "Oh, so you knew all this before you entered my tent? Well, did you know that Natalya was, at least
until recently, a member of a Sczarni gang known as the Tower Girls, a group of cat burglars? They are searching for Natalya themselves, and word is that when they find her, she'll regret not hiding better. I don't know why they're so obsessed by her, but I have heard them say that Natalya went mad before her disappearance."

Calming slightly, he smooths his robes before continuing. "There are so many names to name." He begins listing people that he personally knows - the names mean nothing to you. "The people of the streets whisper that the vanished folk are the victims of slavers who then
secretly sell them offshore at night to Nidalese ships. I don't know that I believe that, but perhaps you can take that little nugget of information with you as you leave. Good day."
He has clearly dismissed you and turned his attention to his shiny crystal ball.


There is nothing of value in the tent. Everything is a cheap fake of a fancier object.

You've earned 600XP for successfully interrogating Zograthy.

I don't mind, but I'd prefer if you did on an individual basis so we don't have to turn people away. I hate that.

"Gaedran and his thugs. Gaedran Lamm has my boy!"

You've all heard the name Gaedran Lamm, a despicable low-life who missed his chance at being somebody big in Korvosa’s murky underworld. Well past his prime, the decrepit thief allegedly abducts orphans and forces them to support his despicable lifestyle with petty crime. Many of Korvosa’s lower class have had dealings with Lamm, and even a few of the city’s middle class and nobility have had their lives complicated by this foul old man. Yet no matter what he does, he always seems to slip away from the guards and avoid answering for his crimes.


Gaedran is a name you're especially familiar with. You've attempted to locate him over the past few months, as your investigations have often raised his name - perhaps not as a suspect, but as someone who might be able to divulge some information.

Your reveries are broken are broken by a commotion happening near the door. A number of heads have turned to see the new entrant, an attractive young woman. Her face is ashen and desperate. "Please - are there any guards here. Please! I need some help!" The gathered group parts and all heads turn towards your table. She pushes through the crowd and approaches your table.

Addressing Pai, she says, " have to help me. He has my son! Please! I can't bear to lose him!"

You definitely can. This tavern is quite friendly to off-duty guardsmen.

"But of course," the young woman says.

She bows her head, raises her arms and prepares to dance.

Suddenly, her head snaps up and she begins to sway and move to the rhythm of her finger cymbals. She moves forward and back, spinning in circles and stomping her feet. The movement is trance-like.

Perform: Percussion: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Perform: Dance: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Her movement matches her beat flawlessly - she is very talented. The crowd enthusiastically begins clapping to encourages her. She does several more spins, bows and gestures to Edrebertil to take his turn.

Zograthy takes the coins and places them in his pocket pouch. HIs smile widens and he places his locked fingers under his chin. "Now, you wanted to know how to contact Natalya Vancaskerkin, yes? Unfortunately, I am of little assistance in that matter. Even her Scarzni associates are unable to locate her."

He senses that you're unsatisfied with this scant information so he adds, "Though I am uncertain where she has disappeared to, I have heard stories of many folks along the waterfront, both here in Beacon's Point and over in Dockway and Underbridge, who have been disappearing of late - a few each week, in fact, with many simply vanishing out of their very beds at night. I suspect that Natalya is among those who have disappeared in this manner." His voice adopts a slightly bitter tone as he continues. "As long as it's only poor Varisians and other destitute folk being targeted, the chances of the city doing anything about the disappearances are quite slim."


Angus received forgiveness from the Temple and was invited to return to their employ. Angus didn't want to leave you, but his love for the Inheritor and his frustration with the corruption of the guard witnessed on your initial patrols made the decision for him. Last you heard he had been sent to Magnimar for some secret mission.

You make your way to the nearby Aram’s Crown tavern and find an unoccupied table among the crowd. A young woman approaches your table and asks what'd you like to order.

GM Only Dice Rolls:

1d5 ⇒ 4

Who is still in their guards uniform?

Ok - I'm updating the post again. Hopefully it doesn't disappear on me.

Do you guys want to someone new? I won't slow us down while we find that person if you do, it will just affect the story a bit.

Is anyone else having issues with the boards? I can't get my posts to show up on the gameplay thread - I've had two posts go poof!

Yeah - I'm not sure what's wrong with the boards for me. I tried making some updates to all my games today and the only ones that are showing up are in my discussion threads. I'll try again tomorrow.

Is anyone else having issues with the boards at all?

Ugh...the boards are nasty. Be sure to check the actual thread and not rely on the "New" post counts. Glad to see everyone's still on board!

Unacceptable. I expect all of my players to forego wok to post. Only I am allowed to allow real life to trump gaming life.

Oh, that's true. We can probably forge ahead without another character. The cool dynamic of Angus and Graxlo was, obviously, the fact they were brothers. We probably don't need to fill his role unless one of your peers is dying to get in this game.

Did my infrequent posting kill this game? You guys still on board to continue?

I definitely understand that, Angus. You'll be missed.

To everyone else - do any of you know anyone who could fill the divine role? I'd rather go with someone we know than open up recruitment again.

You may use the gold however you wish. You've had ample to time craft, scribe and learn, so crafting rules apply to your purchases.

I'm going to advance the game, but don't let that dissuade you from continuing your conversations or tattling on Verik - we'll address any actions necessary in the next post. I just want to keep things clicking along.

2nd of Gozran, 4708 AR
It's been 8 months since you were officially inducted into the Korvosan guard. Your time here has been relatively calm, seeing to patrols, investigating crimes and serving the citizens of Korvosa. You haven't done anything especially remarkable or important, but neither have you mucked anything up. The six of you have maintained your friendship, but have seen less and less of one another of late, as your duties have taken you different parts of the city (more on that below). Even the brothers haven't spent a significant amount of time with one another.

The matter of Pilts and the "dead king" passed relatively quietly. You were reprimanded and forbidden from interacting directly with Pilts or attending a show at his theater - not that you'd ever want to - but that was it.

The issue of the little boy, however, did not pass as quietly. The boy's family, refusing to be run over, accused Verik of blackmail, coercion and intimidation loudly and publicly. Their boy was quickly released from jail as witnesses came forward - many anonymous - to confirm the story. However, before Verik was removed from duty the charges were mysteriously dropped. The entire matter was dropped. Some of your fellow guardsmen claimed that Verik had a powerful patron pulling the strings for him, but most just assumed the family got what they wanted - their boy back - and chose not to push things further.

Some of the notable people you've previously met have changed positions. Goldfist retired from the guard amidst rumors that he had developed an addiction to Shiver. Verik has - against all odds - been promoted to Watch Sergeant responsible for North Point. Through his increase in rank, his desire to meddle in your affairs decreased, so you saw very little of him (mysteriously, none of you have ever been assigned to patrol North Point). Soldado, meanwhile, has maintained his post, but has grown increasingly despondent of late. Though rumors of alcohol abuse surround him, they aren't as persistent or damning as those of Goldfist. He's continued inducting new recruits (of which there have been very few), so much like Verik, you've seen very little of him.

Now that you're officially members of the guard, you have received a wage over the last 8 months - 20G/month. If you've lived at the Citadel, you've only faced minor expenses and have saved up 140G. If you've moved out, you have incurred whatever cost of living you've taken on (let me know if you need to know average costs per district). You may purchase any additional gear or equipment before we move on.

Additionally, you each receive a bonus based on your individual patrols/duties.


Pai - you've honed your interrogation skills: +2 Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate (must choose one before beginning the interrogation) when questioning a suspected criminal.

Andre - you've spent every waking hour not on the job looking for information about your wife's fate. You've also given up smoking. You gain a +2 bonus to resist fatigue. (Unfortunately, your investigations haven't gotten you very far to this point. Everything you're finding is leading you to believe that the murderer was a desperate drug addict who botched a robbery.)

The rest of you have gotten to know the people of the district you patrol. You gain a +2 sense motive check whenever dealing with the individuals in this district.
Garridan - Midland
Angus - Old Korvosa
Graxlo - East Shore
Allysen - The Heights

Today, in a random chance, all of your patrols end around the same time. You decide to meet up at Eodred's Square in Midland before heading to a tavern for a drink.

First to post, first to arrive. Again.

I encourage the missle-support, simply because there are few things as frustrating as being tripped. And, as your "opponent" I'd prefer to not be prone in every single battle.

"Well, well, well! What have we here? The prodigal returns?" a female voice behind you says. "I don't suppose all that fancy learnin' taught you anything did it, Bert? Let's put those tests to the test!" Turning you see an attractive young Varisian woman cloaked in purple, orange and yellow scarves. "I'll wager a morning's worth of tips that I can earn more than you, Blackwillow."


You don't recognize her, but she clearly knows you.

"Who wants to see what our dear Blackwillow has learned at his fancy bard's college, shall we?" she asks loudly to the potato-watching crowd. There is a cheer of affirmation - the crowd is hungry for further entertainment. "You simply make your choice of who you prefer with your coin - winner take all," she explains. Turning back to you she says, "Shall we play, Bert?"

And the contest begins!

Totek: 43

Gorvi: 53
Ref: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (18) - 1 = 17
Fort: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Will: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Ven Vinder: 46
Ref: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21
Fort: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Will: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

The three of you tear into the potatoes. You struggle mightily to get the hang of transferring the slippery potatoes from the plate to your mouth, and you're never able to make up the ground. Moving into the second dish, no one looks as if they are going to slow down. Ven's lead widens, but his face begins turning bright red and he is sweating profusely. When tackling the third plate, Ven completely falters. He has lost all will to continue eating and simply sits there staring at the massive pile of potatoes remaining. You and Gorvi have no problem pressing on, but Gorvi, thanks to his lead on the first plate, manages to put away his last potato before you.

There is a loud cheer from the gathered crowd as Gorvi finishes. The woman who recruited you runs over and raises Gorvi's arm - another cheer goes up from the crowd. The man who announced the contest loudly says, "And we have a winner! Stand up if you can, Gorvi. You've earned our respect, a year's worth of meals from our fine dining establishment, Risa's Place and, as promised, a small prize of gold - you may want to save some of that for some medicine - we're not sure what will happen to someone who eats that many spicy taters…" He turns to Totek and Ven, saying, "And for you, our fierce competitors we have...nothing but our respect. Take it with our thanks."

You've not won, but you've increased your reputation in Sandpoint.

Holy cow - you guys have filled up the first page with only TWO posts from your DM. Well done!

Lanalee claps in delight. "Oh, good. Come, my good fellow, leave these less-adventurous souls behind and let us test the limits of your fortitude!" She leads Totek a few paces to a large table. Two contestants are already seated - one is a large half-orc, the other a large man

Local to Sandpoint:

You recognize the half-orc as Gorvi, Sandpoint's dung sweeper. The man is Ven Vinder, the owner of the Sandpoint General Store.

Totek takes his place at the table. "Ladies and gentlemen! Gather round for the inaugural eating of the Potatoes - Sandpoint's first ever Spicy Potato Eating Contest!" booms a man, who looks very similar to the girl who recruited Totek. "Today, we have three fine combatants, each gifted in the gastric arts. The first is our beloved dungsweeper, Gorvi. The second, Ven Vinder, owner of the General Store. Finally, we have, well, a newcomer…Totek is it?"

There is a loud cheer and a growing crowd as the contestants are announced. Gorvi definitely earns the most applause.

"Alright fellas, let's see what you can do. You each have three plates of Risa's Place's finest spiced potatoes. Whoever finishes fastest wins the grand prize - free meals at Risa's for a year and a small prize of gold. But most of all, they will win the admiration of all who witness their victory."

"All right then - get ready…and…CONSUME!"

Ok, first, give me a Reflex check - you're going to be shoveling the potatoes into your mouth and this requires incredible coordination. Next, give me a Fort check. This is your second plate and your stomach is getting full - can you push through? Finally, give me a Will check. You're on the last plate and at this point it's more mind over matter.

", please. No one else knows the city - or Vancaskerkin - as I. Please, surely we can come to a mutual agreement. You have the gift of a golden tongue - we could be great friends. I will give you my "friend" rate. How does 35 pieces of gold tickle your fancy?"

Arasmes and Volta:

It seems that he really does have information of value - but is unwilling to part with that information without receiving a fee.

"I am not disappointed in the least," Verik says. "Simply surprised. After proving to be so completely inept over the last couple of weeks, I didn't think you'd manage such an easy task."

After only a few more minutes, you find yourself at the local garrison. Verik takes the guardsman on duty aside and you're unable to hear what he is saying. Moments later, the man comes over and takes the boy from your care. He says quietly, so only you can hear, "The boy will be fine."

Feel free to continue any RP during this exchange, but I'm going to press ahead a bit.

The rest of the watch is completely uneventful and just as the sun begins to rise you make your way back to the Citadel. You don't see the other three, so they are either still out on their watch or have returned already.


You've heard the stories of ancient Thassilon and the various threats - giants included - that roamed freely. Most people dismiss them as merely fables, not historical threat. The major exception to that is Brodert Quink, Sandpoint's resident sage and historian. He claims to have have spent 2 decades of his youth studying with dwarven engineers at Janderhoff and 3 decades as a cataloger at the Founder's Archive in Magnimar - his obsession with ancient Thassilon, though, causes many to discount his theories.

"Well, what have we here?" a woman's voice says, interrupting your conversation. "Don't suppose any of you lot would care to participate in a little potato-eating contest, would ya'? We need a couple more contestants and you lot look like you could handle a bite or two." She eyes Totek in particular. [b]"A large gentleman such as yourself, why you'd have no trouble, I'm sure." She appears to just notice Edrebertil. "Well, well, well! Look who's home! Your mother was just in last night - she didn't mention you were on your way. Did ya' come home to surprise her for the festival?"

Local to Sandpoint:

You recognize the woman as Lanalee Magravi, proprietor at Risa's Place, a local tavern famous for its founder, Risa Magravi, an old, blind sorcerer, and its spicy potatoes and cider.

You guys don't even need me! Thanks for keeping things moving and sorry for the delay - we're launching a client web store this week and it's going poorly. Sorry for the delay. I'll get things updated in a bit.

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