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GM Henry Fortuna's page

7,688 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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"Do I need to repeat myself?" Jerryl asks, no humor in the question.

"No," the halfling says.

"Hold it, you two," Jerryl says. "Neither of you have eaten. Get back here."

So, these are the ones we have left to choose from for the coveted third spot:




They've still got six hours to finish, but I'm going with 3 at the moment. Input?

Jonas takes the offered money. "This'll get us started in Valwick, but I'll earn my keep here. My sons are doing the same. Speaking of which..."

Gregor and Johann bound down the stairs with an almost childlike enthusiasm. "Johann, do you think they'll let us hunt today?"

"I think fishing is more your speed, Gregor," the goblin says, yawning. "Besides, you kept me up all night in your excitement."


The approach Arista and their parents. Gregor smiles sincerely at them. "Good morning, ma'am, Mother, Father."

Jonas puts a hand on his son's shoulder. "Gregor, take this seriously. This is your first job and you should do it well. Be proud and help where you can. Johann, keep an eye on your brother."

The goblin laughs. "I'll do that, Father."

The two boys leave and Jonas turns back to Arista. "I know you'll have that feeling. Being proud of your children. It's a good feeling."

He kisses his wife on the cheek and gives her the money. "I'll see you for lunch, dear."

"No, he's settled on Aliethia, even if she breaks his heart," the halfling sighs. "He's trying to find himself and love in the same go. He'll probably only find one but not the other."

Jerryl shakes her head as she finishes with the aasimar's hair. "There you go. My, these little rituals are exhausting."

"You're welcome, Arista. Ah, I need to get to the temple," Niccolo says before rushing off.

Jerryl laughs and starts brushing Arista's hair. "We'll get you together yet, Arista. And thank you, Niccolo, your knowledge has improved her day."

Niccolo blushes. "I've just read a lot of books. Dottere Giordano should be the one to thank, if he were still alive."

Niccolo moves behind Arista. "Sit up straight, Arista. It'll help. There. Now raise your arms over your head, that relieve some of the pressure you're feeling."

He glances at the tea cup. "No more of that today. Drink water instead."

Arista feels much better as she does what Niccolo suggests. You automatically succeed your next Fort Save, but you still need an hour of rest to shake off the fatigue now.

The dhampir puts a glass of water in front of the aasimar. "Just take it slow today. And buy a couple extra pillows for yourself, so you can prop yourself up when you go to sleep tonight. Sleep on your left side."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that," Niccolo tells the magus.

Niccolo smiles. "Yes, things might go our way yet."

We walks downstairs and sees Arista resting her head on the table. "Arista, are you unwell?"

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Niccolo rolls over in the bed and looks at the wall. His mind was whirling with thoughts. When they arrived in Siphas, he spent a little time talking to Aliethia about nothing in particular. His heart thudded nervously as he looked into her elven eyes. He seemed to swim in them, lost in their beauty. What was it about her that drove him so? Was she right and this was just a fleeting fascination?
He believed he had some part to play in her redemption. That it was he who truly saw her and she who saw him. There had to be something there! When she took him from Laenid's spire, she debated on whether to take him to Chalandra or not. Then she decided he had another lure Drago back to her.
In their travels, he learned much of her obsession about Drago. She was not angry about the murder, but missing a part of her heart. Aliethia wanted to know about what might have been. She was truly sorry about what she had done to him when he had been in his mother's dungeon, it gave her no closure and a couple days were spent with her crying constantly.
Niccolo tried to comfort her, to tell her stories and about things he had learned. He tried to forge a connection to the lost vampire and find the soul she denied herself. The former librarian hoped that Drago was completely set against Aliethia and that he would reject her. But...his brother did a greater service for Aliethia than he could. And he saw his eyes when Drago looked at her...There was still something there, even if it was a faint glimmer of a dying flame.
He pushed himself out of the bed, feeling useless, unneeded, unwanted. When he returned to Valwick, he knew things wouldn't change. Divitia would probably become more overprotective and keep him sequestered in the room at the Common House. As for the time being, he'd work in the temple, organizing their scrolls and literature. He'd be close to Aliethia, but never close enough.
Then a thought occurred as he was getting dressed, these heroes, his brother included, fought for what they wanted. Why couldn't he? He wasn't delusional enough to go out and fight a monster to win the heart of his love. That was a fairy tale and, if anyone tried that in real life, it would be a messy affair. He knew a bit about the elven dhampir from their conversations. Now, he just had to piece that together and come up with a strategy.

He walks out of the room he shared with his brother and sees Sādhanā and Ylrhea emerging from their room. "Good morning to you."

Jerryl emerges from Arista's room, the aasimar's effects in hand. "Good morning all. It seems we're all ready to get this day started."

Jerryl nods and smiles at the dhampir. "I think you'll move past that problem soon."

She touches Drago's hand lightly. "Go see to Arista, she's having difficulty this morning."

The halfling goes into Arista's room and gets her brush and hairband.

Jerryl nods at Arista and passes Drago along the stairs. "Good morning, Drago. You worked hard last night."

Woke up sick, huzzah...

Jerryl snickers. "I'll get them for you. Where are they at?"

-Posted with Wayfinder

Will do.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Sleepy now. Gonna enjoy some darkness. Have a good rest of the night and get home safe, guys.

Jerryl tsks. "Just sit there and relax until the others get down here."

"Oh, hiding things has never been your strong suit," Jerryl says, smirking and crossing her arms. "Don't put on a brave face because you're worried about slowing down the others. Pushing yourself doesn't accomplish anything."

"And you?" the halfling asks.

Jonas comes downstairs dressed in some ill-fitting armor, Mina following behind him looking fretful. "Jonas, you don't have to do this..."

"If my boys are going to join up with the rangers here and help out, I'm sure I can do a little guard duty."

"When was the last time you even held a weapon, Jonas?" Mina asks.

"They're letting us stay for free and feeding us. I oughta do something," Jonas says, getting some cider from the bar. "It'll be safe, Mina. I won't be alone."

Mina sighs and looks at her husband. "Alright...just don't come running to me if you hurt yourself in that armor."

Jonas laughs. "I love you, Mina. Yeah, I ought to look into something a bit more...accommodating."

Mina pats her husband's stomach. "I suppose I've treated you too well."

Jerryl walks downstairs and sits with Ylrhea and Arista. "Good morning. How are you both this morning?"

Ah, sorry. Well, I think it's an off night for the game tonight anyhow. Arista's trying to finish up a post and then get her dhampir up. Gunslinging gets expensive.

Acid Splash? 1d3 points of damage on a successful touch attack?

Added a pin for Ian.

Since Drago's probably asleep, we'll go ahead and move forward and retcon further training later.

Wheel of Maternity: 1d8 ⇒ 6; Ugh, shortness of breath. DC 15 Fort Save or be fatigued.

Looks like.

Drago's waiting on an answer about more training, Sādhanā. It got lost in the romantic novel I wrote there :P

I was thinking of linking that Lonely Island song as Ylrhea's morning theme song...but it doesn't really fit.

I did say I want to test people's creativity.


@CYna: Yeah, I'll keep an eye out, but GMV's put a lot of thought and work into this so I'm not going to a premature ass about it.

Since GMV hasn't said anything about my warning, I'm taking silence as consent. If he pitches b*%## kitties over it coming up in game, we'll handle it then. I think I'm going to go with 6 total, in case we have any dropouts.

No, I meant it still said 'diaapointing' on my screen too.

*group hugs*

Jerryl parries with ease, using the center of the quarterstaff to hit Drago a few times. She dodges a few blows that come close to hitting. After a little while, she sets the staff down. "Very good. You've got some good techniques and solid footwork. You even surprised an old veteran."

The halfling smiles at Drago. "You can take over if you wish, Sādhanā. If you haven't had enough, Drago."

Same here.

Soul Calibur IV is my favorite 3d fighting game.

Exactly! (I have no idea...)

Unless he can beat down a red dragon with items from its hoard, I'm not interested in the story :P (Min-maxer I used to know, but he had funny stories)

Jerryl looks at Drago with stoic glance. "Get rid of your fear, Drago. Enemies like that. This is a friendly spar, but, in battle, you must be merciless."

The halfling bounces the quarterstaff off the dirt and grabs it, twirling it around. "Come at me. Remember that I have plenty of weapon to block with, you'll need to work around that."


-Posted with Wayfinder

Woo! I'm gonna have some food, watch Knights of Badassdom and then return. In the meantime...

Will it to appear!

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Jerryl tells Sādhanā to take a seat. "I'll handle your training tonight, Drago."

The staff Spellbreaker resizes to accommodate her smaller frame. "You'll need to learn more than fighting against a sword."

Alright, just get to feeling better. We'll be here.

Dr. Gideon

I'm not sure of the reference.

OT, when a character plagiarizes my intro for their backstory, that just ticks me off.

"Around back, I would think," Jerryl says. "Many inns had a training or sparring area for adventurers back in the day."

Surely enough, around the rear of the tavern is a twenty foot by twenty foot square of soft dirt amidst the cobblestone of Siphas. Torches line the sparring area for late night fights.

-Posted with Wayfinder

10 minutes to freedom...if my relief is on time.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Jerryl nods. "Wise advice."

-Posted with Wayfinder

"Good night, Cyna," Jerryl says. "I suppose you'll feel a little better when everyday isn't life or death, Arista."

-Posted with Wayfinder

Jerryl nods. "Ah, I forget people do that...This is going to take some getting used to."

The halfling's face grows somber. "One day at a time, eh?"

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