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GM Henry Fortuna's page

9,559 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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We have a Google+ community. GMV and Alton from OWO are a part of it. You're welcome to join. I'm setting up a Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands game for those interested.

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The book in Drago's lap once again turns to another page, an illustration on the right page this time. The illustration depicts a man standing upon the ground with his arms outstretched. The sun sits on his left and the moon sits on his right with stars in between. The man's expression is one of solemn contemplation.

"The Summoners are children of earth and sky. A mortal and an eidolon bound by a just cause to protect both their homes. Yet earth and sky do not make a world. The glory of Aroden, gifted to the world in the form of the Anizari, add to the cycle of life. Yet this does not make a world. Where there is light, there must be darkness. Yet darkness is not evil but a counterpart to the light and a bringer of balance. The Green Circle is this balance. Where there is balance, there is naught but glory and good.

"The greatest of goods is the shedding of mortal desires and failings to bring mercy, kindness and hope to those who have none. To this end, there exists a stone of power, meant to strip away the selfish and supplant it with selflessness. Despite the noble purpose, it can be used for evil. The god, Norgorber, is proof of this. Realizing his mistake, our benefactor, Aroden, has granted the Summoners, the Anizari and the Green Circle three parts of a key to find the stone. If the three groups would cooperate, then the wisest and most balanced among them would assume their place among the divine."

Right. I'll probably go back to bed soon with Arista.

A bit.

-Posted with Wayfinder


You were granted your second trial when you opened the locator. Story trial :P

Everyone is even.

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The book flips pages again. This time it is two pages of text. It recounts a tale of the First Summoner, a man named Styrkur.

After the fall of the Predecessors, Styrkur lived among the giants, the name he bore granted by them. While many clamored for the power left behind, Styrkur sought his own path, speaking to the stones of Zahvroma. To his surprise, they spoke back to him. They told him of countless worlds and countless realities, revealing to him that his path was not a static one or one confined to Zahvroma alone. Styrkur journeyed the length and breadth of the land, searching but not finding his answer. It was then he came to a land far to the north, where the voices of the stones seemed loudest. In the snow of the north, he found a blackened coronet of the savage tribes, which had been decimated by the Predecessors. He named the land Blackcrown and listened to the spirits of the stones and the spirits of the barbarians gone before him. Styrkur learned of a magic circle deep underground that led to other places and he searched beneath the earth for seven years before finding the circle. It shone like amber in firelight and called to him with many words. Styrkur spoke the strange tongue granted to him by his commune with the spirits and a door opened before him. What happened next, no record exists. But Styrkur emerged from the door two years later, a strange creature in tow. A winged serpent followed Styrkur back to Zahvroma, its name was Hyggindi. Styrkur built the realm of Blackcrown with Hyggindi's help, a haven for those who were lost and sought their own path. Many came to Styrkur and many grew in power equal to the First Summoner. Styrkur founded the Five Houses and ruled with those who showed the same strength and wisdom as he. Styrkur took up his second name then: Bok. As the ages passed, Styrkur and Hyggindi were forgotten, but the wisdom of House Bok always lived up to his legacy.

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As Drago thinks, the book flips open to a page, seemingly at random. On the left hand side is a striking illustration of what appears to be a Summoner and a draconic-looking eidolon standing on top of a mountain beset by a host of shadowy foes. On the opposite side, there is a passage.

"A Summoner brooks no tyranny
A Summoner is a slave to none
A Summoner breaks the shackles
Upon himself and upon others

In the darkest of nights,
A Summoner is a beacon of hope
A Summoner is the shepherd of the Lost
A Summoner is the virtue others lack

There is no obstacle a Summoner cannot face
There is no opponent who is stronger
There is no utterance of surrender
Or the hopelessness of despair

A Summoner takes his strength from others
He does not stand alone
Whether it is in the company of others
Or in the sole company of a Traveler

A Summoner's destiny is to build
To unearth that which has been buried
To create a world where the past lives with the present
To always acknowledge what came before but strive for more

A Summoner is the future
A Summoner is the past
A Summoner is the present
A Summoner is all things"

Called in.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Going to bed.

The ER won't do a thing.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Drago studies the book, though most of the spells and incantations make little sense. While magic was esoteric enough, the contents of the book seemed far more complex than anything the dhampir had been exposed to. It seems a mystery how Kara was able to understand it, having no connection to the Anizari or the Summoners.

Rivell goes about setting up the fire downstairs and filling the copper tub with fresh water. He takes Drago by the arm and heads to the left room. "Let them have their privacy."

Good night.

The half-elf fixes the beds in the left room. "You girls can take the right room. I'll fix up the bath if you like."

-Posted with Wayfinder

The trip back to the bath house is uneventful. Rivell looks to the group, but says nothing. The sun begins its descent under the horizon.

The giant puts down his pickaxe and lays a hand lightly on the aasimar's shoulders. "Humm, I have lived a long time. Patience never hurt anyone, humm. Go and rest, humm."

"Humm, before the abyss appeared, before Malfeliax was bound to the earth, this was my home. I was a guardian of the Tower of Order, along with my people. I built the bridge you crossed to get here. These smaller ones were villagers from the southern places. The dark dwarves would kidnap them in the night. Many of them grew up in these mines, not knowing what became of their families, hummm," Birgir answers.

"Humm, Birgir," the giant answers.

Sādhanā has cut almost an inch into the three-inch thick chains. "Humm, don't wear yourself out on my account. Come back tomorrow, humm."

I guess we're also going to have to save up quarters to use the dryers here at the apartments until we can get ours fixed.

Sādhanā's blade leaves a groove in the chain, but is nowhere near breaking it. It would take at least a dozen attempts such as that one to even break one of the five chains.

Ah, well, when you gotta sleep...

"Humm, very well," the giant says, seemingly sighing. "Humm, but I do not speak of Vencious. I speak of a dark dwarf skilled in bending metal to his will. His magic is powerful, but your friend is free to try to break my bonds, hummm. If it does not work, I doubt you will find us in this place again the next time, humm."

It also isn't helping with scheduling my meds.

-Posted with Wayfinder


-Posted with Wayfinder

lol. This'll make tomorrow night a hassle.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Once again I slept until some ungodly hour.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Decided against roll20. It really doesn't fit our needs.

"Humm," the giant says, looking at the group. "It seems as if you had a hard fight, but I suppose the sorcerer wasn't among them, hummm."

Better maps and actual tokens for you guys.

Yeah, but the alternative is a bit expensive...It seems to be working fine again, so I'll still work on it and see.

I'm just watching the tutorial video so never mind me on roll20.

I'll see how this works. I'll let you know when it's up and ready.

I don't know whether to let this go for a day or look into another place for us to play. Paizo's been very kind to us considering that this has been a very mature game. However, this isn't the first time that I've been seeing that error.

There are some perks to switching though.

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And she e-mailed the webmaster so we might as well pack our bags ;)

The dwarf smiles, then turns and heads toward a large encampment.

We'll be here.

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As the last of the energy drains out of the juggernaut, you feel your bodies tingle with a divine power.

1 mythic trial down.

I will look into some stuff.

Out again. Ugh...seriously considering taking this game elsewhere...


Sādhanā dismantles the juggernaut, while Arista bisects the first duergar, setting each half of his body ablaze. With a swift and powerful attack, she decapitates the other putting an end to the combat. In the distance, you see a heavily armored duergar looking at the scene, his eyes smoldering.

It was the filter.

We're too popular...

I'm wondering if Arista's super killing spree killed the gameplay thread.

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Arista (NSFW)

Be careful going home, Mark.

Well, I guess there is a flank.

Damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Alright, you're unconscious then.

Tarja fails to connect against the dark dwarf.

Round 2: Cyna, Arista, Sienna, Tarja, Drago, Sādhanā, Ylrhea, Juggernaut, Duergar

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