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GM Henry Fortuna's page

16,841 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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"Ah, I usually eat at home," Gaston says.

Renault nods. "Though I just eat rations or whatever the caravan brings."

The baron is outside his home, talking with Kyne and Astria.

Gaston grins before serving Renault some food and then himself. He takes a sip of wine. "This is very good. Where did you get it from?"

I liked the Wrecking Ball parody.

Gaston grins. "If I weren't a soldier...or a rabblerouser before that, I would have become a chef."

I think the thought was that you were going to go with True Res. Then you mentioned regular Res which requires different things, that's all.

I reread the description for res and true res, but, since you're calling me out, I'll let it slide this time.

Only if you still have her ashes because the hair in the locket wasn't with her at her time of death.

"Thank you," Gaston says. "My father taught me how to cook."

Renault takes the glasses and fills them each halfway, leaving a little wine in the bottle. "Let's eat and drink, then we can discuss your plans."

Renault shakes her head. "I know how to get a cork out."

She pulls out a utility knife, undoes the wax seal on the bottle then jams the small blade into the cork. With little effort, she pulls it out.

The captain nods. "I always appreciate a little wine before work."

"Oui, moments of relaxation are few and far between," Gaston says, opening the basket to bring out some sandwiches, herb-roasted chicken and various fruits.

Renault grins. "Well, I could almost swear you're a born and bred Valanian if you're bringing wine to lunch."

Derika and the others find Renault and Gaston already at the park, a checkered blanket spread out on the sparse grass.

Bhaverra narrows her eyes at Arista. "Yes, that's all I have to say."

She stands up and leaves. Vera shrugs. "I suppose I'd better go too."

The oracle follows after the gnome.

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Maury Povich says...: 1d100 ⇒ 99

After you finish eating, Vera has Bhaverra and Ylrhea sit next to each other. She lays a hand on each of their shoulders. Quietly chanting, her eyes turn a bright gold before returning to normal. "She is your daughter."

Bhaverra nods. "There you have it."

"Of course," Aldressan replies. "That'll be one gold."

Bhaverra and the woman sit at the table. "This is Vera, a seer."

"I prefer the term 'oracle'," Vera says, her voice warm and soothing.

"Anyhow, after you finish eating, we can deal with this familial issue," Bhaverra says as the proprietress returns to bring the gnome and Vera a glass of wine. She hands the proprietress a gold and sips on her wine.

While you eat, Bhaverra appears with a middle-aged woman in tow. "Ah, I forgot it was a festival day..."

The proprietress and two servers return with all your meals and drinks. "Enjoy. If you need anything else, I'll be in the front room."

"I'll let you go about your business," Cayden says, before disappearing in a puff of sweet-smelling smoke.

Henri? I'm not French, last I checked :P

Cayden nods. "It'll be a difficult task, but Eldan should be able to help you and redeem himself in the process."

The proprietress smirks. "I think a glass of wine for each of the gentlemen is in order. I'll be back shortly."

"I have a friend arriving here soon who will help you with your journey into Nimuz. He's trying to put his life back together and I'd like you to make sure he gets settled properly," Cayden answers. "He's a, kobold...well, he's in disguise right now, but I'll point him in your direction."

"Cayden Cailean," the man answers.

As you exit the shop, your attention is drawn to a man reclining against a wall, twirling an empty tankard around his finger. "I thought that'd get your attention."

Other people around the man seem to not notice him, but you see a radiant aura around him.

"The special today is roasted turkey with stuffing, smashed potatoes, corn on the cob and cranberry sauce," the proprietress answers. "I'd recommend the roast beef sandwiches."

Once your purchases are paid for, the three of you see a bright light outside.

"Of course," the proprietress answers. "Right this way."

She leads you to a private room with a large table and several chairs. "We usually reserve this for parties or meetings, but it's my largest table."

The group enters the tavern and the proprietress' eyes widen as they do. "Ah, welcome to the Ivory Hammer. Are you all sitting together?"

Aww, that sucks. I've only got 50-something Pokemon so far, mostly the common ones.

Sleep well, Mark.

I just need to find different Pokemon. Karen saw a 600-something CP Tauros but couldn't catch it.

Fictional, real or pets?

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Has the psycho left you alone yet?

"If I had a hand, I could count the dull moments on it."

Everyone reunites at the gate where Kaplan and Rivell are.

Tesia, Rhadaya and the rest leave the abbey behind and head to Kaplan's. Esia stands outside stowing her laundry. "If you're looking for the others, they're with Kaplan at the gate over there."

The elf points in the general direction and takes the basket inside.

Unfortunately, you don't go to the movies to see unrelated action sequences (i.e. Hardcore Henry), you go to see a whole movie :P

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Sādhanā wrote:

Just because I'm not proficient with one doesn't mean I can't wear it on my back. Or take shield proficiency as a feat and only use it when I'm out of spells or facing something immune to magic.

Besides, right now it's still broken.

In this universe, the shield isn't broken...yet.

Nope. Although it was based on Frank Miller's comic book and the ending was a given, it felt like an overly-long gimmick with all the slow motion and stuff.

And I definitely hated Sucker Punch.

The shield feels warm to Sādhanā's touch, but, other than that, nothing happens.

I don't like Zack Snyder films.


"I yield," the Marut says. You return to the hallway under the abbey. "Very well, Sādhanā, I entrust Aroden's shield to you."

The inevitable vanishes and the engraved door opens. The chamber beyond bears faded tapestries with Aroden's holy symbol. The Shield of the Winged Eye rests upon a marble pedestal.

Since Tarja's attack occurs before Sādhanā's...

The eidolon's attack bounces off the Marut before Sādhanā cleaves into the Inevitable.

It didn't move on the ice so it's not flat-footed.

Round 2: Marut, Tesia, Tarja, Sādhanā, Rhadaya, Ylrhea, Drago

GM Notes:
M hp: 117

Fae and Sienna return to the gate as Eldan appears through it.

Yes, it's five silver, five copper for your purchase, Corda.

I wrote:
After speaking with Rivell, the elf shows them to the gate. He turns to Fae. "I can keep it active for about an hour. After that, you're on your own until Eldan goes through. It should take you to an outpost outside of Nicae."

It hasn't been an hour.

Unless you use the gate.

There's some downtime coming up.

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