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GM Henry Fortuna's page

17,643 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Gonna call it a night myself.

Mustard? *shudders*

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Umm...hookers and blow?

Well, I hope you have a decent enough night at work.

Karen may or may not post, depending on what Donna has her doing.

Again, Vishanti sees the two men struggling against the disease, but otherwise still alive.

Hope you slept well, Mark.

I'll be here.

"Baby gifts are usually given at a baby shower," Halfpocket replies. "Stick to something for them."

Renault nods, leading everyone to the infirmary.

"I don't know what to suggest," Halfpocket says. "A wedding gift is something personal, even if it's something ridiculous. Generally, something for the home would be nice."

"Will sixteen thousand gold be alright?" Halfpocket asks Arista after looking over the weapons.

If someone would total that up for me, please.

"I see that," Halfpocket says.

"Of course," Halfpocket says.

"Good morning," Halfpocket says as Arista enters the store.

Karen is dyslexic...actually, really, for real...

She's trying to hint that she cut open her hand with a broken broom...

"Nothing new, for good or ill," Renault answers.

"You as well, Lass," Hobb says, walking up the gangplank. "Hoist the sails!"

Hobb looks out at the water, holding all the potions in his arms. "Ten minutes. Swabby! Come get these potions and put them in the storage locker."

A younger sailor, barely out of the days of his youth, runs down the gangplank and lightens the captain's burden. "Aye, Captain."

He then runs back up the gangplank.

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"And we like having you around too," Priya says.

"Summoner business?" Priya asks.

Priya nods and points at the counter. "It's still warm."

Juhi takes a couple of bites. "I will stay here and help Auntie Priya clean up."

Captain Hobb nods and stows the letter in the pocket of his jacket. "Depending on where they want to go, I'll try and send you notice of their safe arrival."


Priya finishes preparing breakfast and serves it to Rajni and Juhi. She takes a little for herself after pouring herself some water.

Arista and Celine reach the docks as Captain Hobb and his men help the refugees aboard.

"I'll have some juice, if there's any," Juhi answers.


The area outside Barclay's home is quiet and no one is around.


Ulli is busy at the temple preparing for morning services.

Renault is running drills as the group approaches.

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I'm just going to assume Corda finishes.

Some time later, Corda returns with the vial of antiplague and you all head to the barracks.

Juhi shakes her head. "Eggs and leftovers are fine."

Priya nods and starts cooking.

Priya gives Rajni's shoulder a squeeze. "No one is born knowing how to cook, Rajni. Don't be so hard on yourself. So, what would you like for breakfast?"

One more day of freezer work, two days off and then two more days of freezer work...

Juhi giggles before Priya walks into the kitchen. "I thought I smelled something burning."

Cat burglar...lmao!

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Rajni and Juhi come downstairs to find Asha trying to console an almost hysterical Jelks. "It'll be alright. I can adjust it in about an hour or so. Good morning, Rajni and Juhi. I'm sorry but I need to help Jelks right now."

Juhi nods and takes Rajni's hand.

"It's fine," Juhi whispers. "I'm hungry anyway."

"I slept well," Juhi says, opening her eyes. "I was just meditating when I heard you groan."

"Good morning, Rajni," Juhi says, her eyes closed.


Arista receives a short reply: Thank you. We are waiting in the appointed place. Daphine.

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The night passes uneventfully.

Wheel of Maternity (Arista): 1d8 ⇒ 7; Mood swings.
WoM (Amélie): 1d8 ⇒ 6; Shortness of breath.
WoM (Yulia): 1d8 ⇒ 1; Nauseated.
WoM (Elena): 1d8 ⇒ 5; Frequent urination.
WoM (Jelks): 1d8 ⇒ 4; Breast swelling and tenderness.

Have fun, girls...

@Ammon: 5 silver.

Damn, I forgot all about Ammon...

Ieyasu brings Ammon's food and drink to him.

Rikali nods. "You as well."

She departs and heads back to the Common House.

Rikali sighs. "I would rather return to my homeland, Konstantyná. I appreciate the offer, but my place is not here."


Time for bed.


She can, but she won't give herself the chance.

Ulli nods and Barclay heads back home with the report.

Ulli smiles. "I am Ulli. Brother Ulli, if you prefer. We are all honored to serve Sarenrae, so please don't think of me as anything other than a fellow servant."

Barclay nods. "I'll talk to Jelks about getting some houses set up for them soon."

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