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GM Henry Fortuna's page

13,588 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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I'm definitely a bastard.

Arista also takes the 21k post in discussion.

Yep, that about sums it up.

I don't like having sad players who can't post when they want to :(

I think I need a glass of juice, some wrestling on PS3 and then bed. Thinking about this transfer is a little overwhelming.


Well, 40k is up for grabs unless we find a new site.

The assumption is that: a) people are curious and b) people are easily offended.

"I am beyond that, my niece," Nethys says. "I am a true god now. I must be going. Your friends will be looking for you. Hopefully, you can work things out."

Without making everyone feel like they're going to an adult bookstore.

Icathia = 'online smut'...Awesome.

So, what we need is something that is like Paizo but isn't Paizo...

Ugh, yeah. That's a nut punch to immersion.

As much as I'd hate to say that I need to sleep on this, I'll need to sleep on this. RolePlay onLine is a bit more restrictive than Paizo as to adult content...and we know how much adult content is in this game.

Nick? Any thoughts?

"Your mother is an elf, long-lived," Nethys says. "She was barely on the cusp of adulthood when she met your father. You have seen what has become of Orias."

Mark is suggesting this.

As much as I love being #2 on here, it's more important that we can all play when we want to.

I agree. We're not on at the same times, so it doesn't have to be something like Roll20. Phone app is a major plus too.

So...Paizo's been a little less accessible for folks lately. Here's the question again: do we move the game to another forum?

"Harakhty, yes. The others...they were pawns of a different game, but their disappearance still spurred you onward," Nethys answers. "Not everything can be attributed to Parthenia's influence, but a good portion of what you've been through was planned by her."

"To keep Cyna close to her, to train her," Nethys responds. "Regardless, Vencious should be put down. His mind is no longer what is was, my sister's death leaving him in a state of maddened confusion. He may unwittingly accomplish the task that Parthenia gave to him. That and he is still a murderer, but his morality concerns me less than the destruction of Vesaria."

Nethys waves away the interruptions. "Go to Valwick. There are two people waiting for you there, a sorceress and a druid. They are the ones who called me to put an end to Parthenia. Do not judge them harshly for they did what they thought was best."

Nethys pauses for a moment before continuing. He tells the group about Vencious' past regarding Parthenia. "She used him to draw you to the Tower. The Tower of Order is meant to do what she claimed it would, to drive out evil. Yet, she had planned for Cyna to die along with her great-grandfather, Baraxias, one of the Infernal Dukes of Hell. Their deaths would open a rift to Hell itself and, with the cleansing power of the tower...remove the Nine Hells from existence. This, of course, would mean the end of the world as we know it. What it would become is of little import, but it would end all life on Vesaria. Parthenia was obsessed with good, that it blinded her to the evils that she did. She used Jarrah of the Anizari to raise an army under her control as a failsafe, should you have ever learned the truth. She was the one who sent Oblivion to your home in Icathia, Sādhanā. She was the one that trapped you in the shard for five hundred years, Arista. She was the one who drove the carriage that crippled your mother before she became a vampire, Drago. It was she who alerted Siphas to your father's nature, Yulia. It was she who compelled Vencious to sell you to Chalandra, Ylrhea. She knew what would happen and did what it took to bring you all together. You were drawn here by fate, but now you can choose what to do from here."

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Nethys nods at Cynafae. "I don't know what you plan to do from here, but I do have something to tell you."

Nethys then tells Cynafae of her father and her mother and what became of them. "Your mother is in Valwick."

Cyna's Past (Minor Changes):
You see two figures standing in a grand hall. One, a handsome man with blonde locks of hair barely restrained by a simple golden crown, the other, a beautiful woman with pointed ears and long braided hair. The man goes to the woman and wraps his arms around her waist.

"It was a good turnout, wasn't it, Gwendolyn?" the man asks.

The woman turns, a baby wrapped in swaddling cloth, and give him a bright smile. "Yes, it was, Orias. Hard to believe so many showed up for the announcement of our daughter's birth...after the fact that she was born, on top of that."

"Well, with things going on in Alarion, it was hard to get them all together beforehand," Orias says with a sigh. "Cherrol is the right place for us to be and Tamarlane has become a better place for us."

Gwendolyn looks down at the tiny child in her arms. "You're not afraid of what they'll say, are you?"

Orias laughs softly. "Let them say whatever they want. She's my daughter, horns or no."

"Her name is Cynafae."

"Yes, of course, dear," Orias says, caressing the child's cheek with a finger.

The doors to the great hall burst open and a knight rushes to the couple. "King Orias, two men have come to see you. I believe one is your Uncle...Vencious."

Orias puts a hand to Gwendolyn's face, the fear apparent in his eyes. "Go and hide. If things...if things should go poorly, run."


"Go, Gwendolyn!" Orias says, his voice uncharacteristically harsh. "Go because I love you and I love our daughter."

Gwen runs to an open door on the side of the hall and closes it slightly.

"Milord, what should I say?" the knight says, his voice trembling.

"Send them in, Calvin. I'll not have your blood on my hands," the king says, taking a deep breath and licking his lips.

Vencious and a dark man walk into the hall as Calvin turns to leave. "Ah, my need to worry about sending your men to escort me in. I know the place quite well."

"What do you want, Uncle?" Orias demands.

"I am here to collect. Or have you forgotten?" Vencious sneers. "Orias, meet your grandfather, Baraxias."

The dark stranger gives Orias a bow. "Well met, my grandson. I'm sure your 'uncle' has told you the details of our arrangement."

"I have spent my life trying to live away from your dealings, Uncle. It doesn't matter that my power comes from the devils, it does not chart my course!" Orias says, heading to the throne and grabbing a sword. "I have become a kind man, a good man. A man who has led Tamarlane away from the cesspit you let it become."

"Fine words, nephew, fine words. But Tamarlane would not be in your hands if it weren't for me," Vencious says, drawing a cruel-looking dagger. "Where is your daughter? You think that word would not reach me? You were a fool to cower in a place I once lived in."

"I would not raise a daughter in the battlefields of Alarion. I'm not as heartless as you."

Vencious waves his hand dismissively. "You've done what I asked of you: taken a wife and sired a child. I've given you a roof over your head and enough wealth to see your widow through until the end of her days."

"My widow? What are you talking about?" Orias asks, his grip on the sword becoming shaky.

"My dear boy, I have promised Baraxias three generations of our line. Your father, you and your daughter. That is the price for my immortality. I am sorry you don't see that my continued immortality is in the best interests of all..."

Orias laughs. "The best interests of all?! You're a murderer, a torturer and a black spot on our family. You aren't even family!"

"My wife gave herself to Baraxias," Vencious says. "We are kin in some regard."

"You are nothing to me, Vencious."

"As you are to me," Vencious retorts, quickly making his way across the room to Orias' side and driving the dagger into his ribs. "You are a means to an end. Tell me before you die, where is your daughter? Else, I will kill every man here and, as your soul is dragged to the Nine Hells, you will know that their blood is on your hands."

"She...she is bastard..." Orias manages to get out before spitting blood on Vencious' mask. "Damn you and may the Heavens strike you down."

Vencious pushes Orias' body to the floor. "Not today, not ever. Baraxias, he is yours. Ransack the castle and take whatever coin you may find."

"You do not command me, Vencious. Remember that," Baraxias growls as he transforms into his infernal form, a horde of devils appearing from beneath his wings.

"We still have a deal, Baraxias. I don't need to be kind about it."

The devil sneers and grabs Orias' body. "I am sorry, Orias..."

Gwendolyn gasps as she watches the scene unfold. She hides her tears as she runs through the back passages of the castle into the night. The woman refuses to turn as the sounds of screams and the smell of fire fill the night. Taking a horse from the stables, she rides until she reaches a nondescript temple. Holding Cynafae close to her, she walks into through the double doors.

"Please," Gwen calls out. "I need help!"

A rather dour looking cleric comes into the apse of the temple. "What is it?"

"Devils...they have attacked my home and killed my husband!"

"Ah, Queen Gwendolyn," the cleric gasps, recognition filling his eyes. "There are no men but your own to fight them off."

"They are after my daughter, Cynafae," Gwendolyn says. "Take her and protect her. If there was any love in your heart for me or my husband, please honor my wishes."

"Yes, of course," the cleric says, taking Cynafae. He grimaces as he notices the horns on the child. "What will you do?"

"I...I will fight for my home until I or every last devil lies dead!" Gwendolyn says as she wraps her cloak around her. "I will find my daughter someday."

The cleric tsks as she leaves. "Poor, befouled child...We have no place for your kind here, but I will do as your mother has asked. Orias and your mother helped pay for this temple. For now, you are safe..."

"My sister and I have wielded considerable power," Nethys answers. "It allowed her to hide her motives from me. It wasn't until I took her power that I knew what she did."

"She is dead. I killed her myself," the figure says, removing his hood. "I am your uncle."

Possible reaction?


Nethys shakes his head. "It makes it more likely that your child will have great magical talents, but nothing more harmful than that."

"And what about your other half? Does she not have the right to live?" the figure asks. "Merely a question and not the real answer I am seeking. I am merely wondering if you have any plans to seek out Elder Sister."


Nethys nods at the aasimar. "If I can answer your question, I will."

Might have missed my post, Cynafae. Still can use it after your Honey Flash :P

For those who forgot about Cutie Honey.

"Come," Nethys says, leading the way to Hylan's inn. The inn is as quiet as the town outside and the proprietor is nowhere to be seen. Nethys waves his hand and produces a magnificent feast. "Eat and I shall share what I can. You too, Arista. You will find that a little nourishment will ease your fatigue."

The god sits at the head of a rectangular table. He waits for everyone to take a portion of food before speaking. "As you know, I have rarely interfered with the affairs of mortals. I seek balance and nothing more. But my sister's work seeks to undo that balance, despite her 'noble' intentions."

"She is not herself right now," the god answers. "She will need some time alone."

"I have slain Elder Sister, whether that is good or bad depends on what you know. I have a bit to tell you, her memories weighing heavily on my conscience," Nethys says. "I destroyed the shards. They were used to take people's souls through coercion. A secret Elder Sister shared with Vencious."

"You don't know me personally," the man says, pulling back his hood to reveal the mask of Nethys. "I am here to talk about Parthenia...Elder Sister."

A robed figure steps out of the trees in front of Cynafae, his face hidden beneath his cowl. But the tiefling notices his lips don't move. "What do you mean to do?"


You arrive in Siphas and the town is deathly quiet. It seems as if time itself has stopped and you see a single robed figure at the fountain. It beckons you.

"Alright," Kjell says. "We'll see you soon then. Don't want to hold you up."

He nods at Amareth and they continue walking.

The former merchant looks a little grim. "I suppose I ought to look into some horses as well. Do you want to take the money you gave me with you, Arista?"

It's alright that you did that, but I just don't know how or if I need to move that along.

We haven't been. Andrew's been doing it by himself.

The warranty for the bow has expired.

Spoke with one of the detectives. Seems it was an argument gone wrong, but they'll pass us over when they do their canvasing later since we don't know much of anything.

The party catches up with Amareth and Kjell on the way to Siphas.

Yeah, I better get some sleep myself.

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This game emulates real-life really well sometimes.

Hadrinn brings two bowls of a hearty venison stew and two tankards of a sweet smelling ale. "This one's on the house."

Are we trying to go for 30k posts tonight, lol?

Hadrinn lets out a relieved sigh. "Thank you both. I'll see him after I close this evening. Would you care for anything?"

As you head back toward Siphas, you hear Sienna's voice calling from a little ways off the road.

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I could always simplify it.

A wild bunny approaches!

What will you do?

So many twists and turns!

For the greater good. Whatever that might be, hehehehe.

"Only one thing, Sienna," Nocticula says, running her fingers through the tiefling's hair. "Then I will send you home."

She presses her lips against her daughter's until the tiefling slips back into unconsciousness. "Pazuzu, take her home."

The demon lord scoffs. "You only wanted to taste your daughter?"

"No," Nocticula says, getting off the bed. "Her human nature makes her more accepting to certain things. Malfeliax is called the Godslayer. His power shall slay one more when my daughter inherits it. She shall be a Queen of the Abyss when she triumphs over Lamashtu."

"That is quite treasonous of you," Pazuzu remarks, the faintest hint of a smirk on his avain face.

"I knew you'd like the idea."

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