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GM Henry Fortuna's page

5,317 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Clara rests her head on Sādhanā's shoulder. "I'm sure things will settle down after the ceremony and the reception."

Clara strips off her clothing and sits in the warm bath. "It's almost time and my heart feels like it's trying to jump out of my chest."

We really don't want to because it involves going to a buffet of some sort.

Clara holds on to Sādhanā for a moment. "I love you with all my heart. Now, how about that bath?"

Clara smiles. "I'd be delighted. I was meaning to ask you the same thing, since I didn't know your last name."

She blushes furiously. "Is that bad?"

"What's wrong, love?" Clara asks.

No comment. She knows where I sleep.


Clara holds onto Sādhanā's hand as they venture out into the crowd once more. "Hey, Arista, Sienna and Cyna are watching after Alethiro now."

Clara nods. "Oh, yes, we definitely should."

Cyna and Sienna enter the tavern as the other girls prepare to leave.

Michael nods at Arista, then turns toward Skaar. "It'll take me a few hours to prepare what I need. It should be ready by this evening. Now..."

He retreats inside the house and returns moments later with a small pouch jingling with coins. "Here you are, Arista."

You receive: 939 gold pieces!

Michael takes the wand and his eyes flash for a moment. "Hmm, it's not exactly what I would call useful...I can probably make something of it though. I can give you three hundred and seventy-five gold and not one more."

He then looks over the scroll. "Ah, this is quite a find. I'll pay five hundred and sixty-three gold for it."

He then looks up at the orc. "My, I'm popular today. I suppose all people are today. What can I do for you, Skaar?"

"Ah, yes...Just a moment..." the wizard mumbles from somewhere in the house.

He appears at the door, covered in dust. "Sorry, I was trying to arrange some furniture, with mixed results."

The door to Michael's home stands open, but the wizard is nowhere to be seen.

"That will be 5 gold for all those," Priya says. "I'll pick it up when I come by later."

He's at home.

"Yes, it will be done," Priya says gently. "Go on and enjoy your day."

"You should trust your own eye, dear," Priya says warmly. "If you must have my opinion: They look good."

"Suit yourself," the woman says. "I see you here on the fringes of everything. I can empathize but I'm not going to waste my time if you think my mistake is worth bearing a grudge over."

She wanders off toward the tavern.

Like she needs the sugar...

The blonde woman from yesterday approaches Nicatha. "I really am sorry about thinking you were a slave."

Priya simply smiles at the aasimar's explanation. "One can never remember everything until they need it. I have a few things that might be of use to you."

She shows Arista a few shifts of varying color and pattern. Then she directs Arista to the more lacy garments.

Asha nods. "Yes, I understand. Priya! Can you come help Arista?"

A couple of people come forward to purchase some finery as Priya touches Arista's arm and beckons her. "Is there anything in particular that you would like?"

Asha smiles at Arista as she comes in. The aasimar has to push through several people to get inside. "Ah, blessed day, Arista. Business hasn't been better! How can I help you?"

Well, at least, the bride is here.

Ah, fun.

"Aye, I'll get right to it," the dwarf says.

Heh. I just have to be awake at my job for it to count.

Everybody decided to be responsible today :P

Kierk leads the girl's into the mine and fishes through an assortment of swords. "This one's a bit plain, definitely not good for fighting, but I can heat it up and get it etched in just about thirty minutes. Would that be okay?"

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Arista's suggestion: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

"Ah, I have a few pieces that I can work on. Any sword in particular?" Kierk asks.

Hehe. Imperial March, Somebody Kill Me from Wedding Singer, and some medieval wedding song I stumbled across.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Let's see if I can find an appropriate wedding song:

This is not the Wedding March you are looking for...

Not quite...

This will do.

Kierk spots the girls as the approach. "Mornin', lasses. Busy day, isn't it?"

"Tell me your name so that I can say a prayer in thanks," Clara asks the Jinzhi man.

"Ah, Uchida Ieyasu," the man says, beaming at the paladin. "Oh, but you can just call me Ieyasu. Things are different here than in my homeland."

"How so?" Clara asks, curious.

"Uchida is my family name. Ieyasu is my personal name. In Jin Zhao, we refer to people by their family name," Ieyasu explains with a smile. "In addition, we add honorifics based on status. It'll take some getting used to."

"As long as it's not offensive to you."

"Not at all. It makes me feel welcome here in Valwick," Ieyasu says, before bowing once more to leave the group to their meal.

"Ah, I can get a fair bit for that powdered minotaur horn, so it'll be fifteen gold all in all," William says.

I think I'm set to call it a night.

The Jinzhi man returns with food for Alethiro and Arista. He looks to Sādhanā. "Don't worry about money today. Let this by my gift to you and your friends."

Good night, Mr. Orc!

Skaar looks over the polished horn, the wide end and the horn tip gilded in gold. It gleams in the sunlight pouring through the shop's door. William hands it to Skaar, the lacquered horn much lighter now.

It looks quite elaborate.

Some unmarked building near the other shops.

William stands at the counter, polishing the gilded horn a bit. "It's done."

Clara thinks for a moment. "Eggs sound good and maybe a bit of that fish stew."

The man bows again. "Very good. I will be back shortly."

"Three gold," Asha answers. "A flattering dress, may I say."

Clara smiles. "I don't know if that's a good thing."

The harried Jinzhi man rushes to the girls' table. "Yes? What can I get you this morning? Oh, it's you!"

The man bows politely. "How may I serve you?"

"Thirty gold," Asha says.

"Ah, ten gold will be fine for that one," Michael says.

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Well, if said native american drives a Datsun to the Cleveland Indians game...

Well, you've listed your race as "City-born orc". It was bound to happen.

"Hmm, I do have a few spellbooks that are a bit weathered and of no further use to me," Michael says with a grin, opening the door to his home. "Come in, it should only take me a minute to find something appropriate."

The wizard's home looks as if imps had been throwing things around. Papers, objects and books lie strewn about his floor. "Excuse the mess, it's only been about a week since I got moved in. Aha!"

He pulls a medium-sized tome from one of the plentiful bookshelves. "This one will do."

The book is bound in a light brown leather cover, a little worn. "This should be a fine gift."


1st level spells - Burning Hands, Feather Fall, Lock Gaze, Mount, Silent Image
2nd level spells - Acid Arrow, Bull's Strength, Scorching Ray

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