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GM Henry Fortuna's page

10,269 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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-Posted with Wayfinder

I don't know what the usual is. I'm almost afraid to ask now.

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Still fully clothed?

*shakes head* Alright, fire drill is over. It's probably going to be quiet tonight.

Did she do anything?


Yeah, gonna have a fire drill in about 30 minutes.

Well, they fixed the gate at work.

Were you worried?

I just posted :P

"You'd choose non-existence over a chance to build a life. This isn't about my empire. This is about making a change in the world for the better..."

-Posted with Wayfinder

"You have finally called," Hyggindi says. "I sense your insecurity. Can you trust me?"

-Posted with Wayfinder

Arista and Ylrhea find Magnus and his men sitting down to a meal.

I'm still debating the sock puppet idea.

-Posted with Wayfinder

The job's fine except for the two people who annoy the hell out of me.

Fine, I'll refrain from killing...for now.

Right now, murder > ice cream

I'm so tired, I might kill Birdman tonight...

@Arista: You act like I'm gonna run a sequel to this game...

It's a step up from sitting in the hallway. Apparently, we were supposed to have a fire drill but that got postponed.

So, the new desk is roomier but things aren't working right. Can't close the front gate and I don't know if the buzzer for the door is working.

Rikali moans a little as the tattoos reappear, but simply falls back asleep.

Sounds yummy.


-Posted with Wayfinder

Good night and sleep well.

"This is my power...the ability to break curses. Toni has drawn my power out of me is probably why the devil remembers his name now. I do not understand why...but she still cannot free Rikali from her bonds."

Rikali turns in the bed, the tattoos seemingly repelled at the moment but trying to reattach themselves to her body.

The devil nods. "I don't mind."


Yeah, it just froze during commercials, forcing me to start the show over twice.


Not enjoying all the freezing I've had to put up with on cwtv...I've watched more commercials than I've watched the Flash.

"Some sleep would be fine," Rikali says, getting to her feet with Arista's help.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Gonna go back to bed. Be safe going home, Mark. Have a good day at work, Nick.

"It will take some time for her to recover as it always does. Yes, if we break her curse, then she can free me from mine."

"Talk to Toni. I felt her drain some of my power, even if it was unwittingly."

"Since the Anizari 'took her in'. She was stronger then, but, after they inked those tattoos upon her, she has grown weaker and weaker. Afraid of the pain..."


The people are revolting!

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That's unamerican...wait, wrong game.

Well, maybe I can keep for screwing up my schedule too much.

Rikali soon stops crying, though you can easily smell what the tattoos have done to her.

Acid reflux is so unkind.

I'd settle for one that sees her on time, especially since we were an hour early.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Goodnight. Sleep well.

-Posted with Wayfinder

"It will go away in a few moments...The Anizari did this to keep her from transforming, but she can only become stronger if she changes. It keeps me from removing the curse upon her..."

-Posted with Wayfinder

As you grip the blade, you hear Gukinshi's voice in your mind. "Why would I punish Rikali for becoming stronger? I am angry as well...Those tattoos keep her from mastering me."

-Posted with Wayfinder

Gukinshi's aura turns red as Rikali wails in pain.

Sādhanā determines that her tattoos are a geas.

Rikali manages to keep up with Sādhanā, though the swordplay takes its toll quickly.

"Gukinshi wasn't forged. He was a kitsune noble who was tricked in to taking that form by a devious wizard. He has the ability to break the curse, but he requires Rikali to do it. She has to be stronger to unleash his true power."

Rikali drops Gukinshi as she howls in pain, her tattoos visibly burning her.

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