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GM Henry Fortuna's page

17,390 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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The group rows up on shore without incident.

Vishanti, likewise, isn't able to find where the man went.

"Charity seems to be open to the idea of leaving. However, that does not rule out Basir doing something in retaliation."

Charity nods. "I...I don't want to go back inside...could...could you lend me some money to buy some necessities?"

"Where can I go?" Charity asks in a timid voice.

Derika and Eldan find no clues.

"How quaint," Basir mutters. "The barn owl speaks. Tell Drago that he should find better company if he wants to be a worthy Summoner."

"I've become tired with this 'polite chat' and wish to go back to sleep. You know where the boat is," Basir says, turning and heading back inside the house with his eidolon with a slam of the door.

"Yet, I am its ambassador, nonetheless," Basir chides. "If you subjected all foreign dignitaries to your homogeneous standards, you'd find that Valwick would be a dull, lifeless place."

You head down the alleyway and find it to be a maze of dead ends and roundabouts.

"I do as I please," Basir says. "As a House Summoner, I needn't concern myself with the consternations of lesser folk."

He glances briefly at Charity. "If people don't agree with how I conduct myself, perhaps it would be prudent if they leave me be. Toni and Rikali found it exceedingly easy to remove themselves from my presence. I don't see why it should be a problem for others."

"So what?" Basir asks. "Have you come to arrest me? I've done nothing wrong."


Marla comes out of the kitchen. "Alethiro, what a surprise! I wasn't expecting you."

"Our son seems to be full of surprises these days," Celenon says, rubbing his leg.

"We'll see," Queten says, going to the washroom.

"Do I, Ally?" Queten asks. "Not like I see much of you anyway."

An airy leonine creature emerges from the house with a blurry humanoid shape behind it. "What is the meaning of this?!"

"You think you're so clever," Queten says, walking into the house.

"I'll think about it," Queten says, holding the door open for Alethiro. "Ladies first."

Queten shakes his head. "Why give up the rest of my youth?"

Stronger than beer, weaker than sake.

Alcohol by volume.

Vishanti manages to see a man with a green armband look around suspiciously before darting down a dark alley.


Maybe I should get Warcraft to get you off that damn Dolemite movie.

"Nah," Queten answers. "Just for self-defense and to give me something to do when I'm bored."


"Find out for me," Charity says. "But I can't leave...he'll find me..."

Before you leave:

Charity looks up at the magus'. "Really?"

Celenon nods. "Every time I have to focus."

Celenon takes Alethiro's hand and smiles at his son. "Looks like you have improved."

Queten finally picks himself up without hitting himself. "See? It's easier with two people."

Derika finds nothing special about the armbands and Vishanti doesn't determine anything unusual about their remains aside from being disemboweled and portions of them being broken and smashed.

After a short trip back to the bath house, Derika indeed finds a trio of green armbands on the corpses.

Charity plainly ignores Tesia and goes about her business.

"If you'll excuse me, I have laundry to finish," Charity says, picking up her basket and resuming her chore.

"I was drinking and I ran into the door," Charity says. "Just a stupid mistake."

"Golga kin make you feel like creamy butter when she's done wit' ya," Klara says.

Golga grins. "So how about those massages? I'll even throw in a group rate."

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"Who is that zombie, Smithers?" the lich asks, its voice dry and raspy.

"Homer Simpson, sir," the deranged ghoul answers. "He's served you for over ten decades."

"I've never seen him before in my unlife," the lich says with a glower.

"Just plain green," the half-elf answers.

Tesia sees Sādhanā, Ylrhea, Clara and Celia talking to Charity near Basir's house.

"I'm fine," Charity says. "Basir is sleeping, so I'm getting some laundry done."

"They came from the north side of the Warrens," a pale homely half-elf sitting at the bar says. "Was a group of ten of them with those armbands."

The halfling looks at Sādhanā. "Since this is our home, yes. You can't just run around as you please."

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Klara shakes her head. "They didn't say anythin', except they were spreading around gold like they were kings or summat like that. Tried to take Golga to the back like a dumb animal."

She nods at the half-orc, who grins. "I woulda pulled off their peckers if Louis hadn't shot 'em."

Charity looks up as the magus and her retinue approach. "Hey, wait a minute! What are you doing here?"

Derika only sees Louis' employees around.

"Not that I heard of," Louis answers. "Last night was strangely quiet."

1d100 ⇒ 53

Queten slips as he scrambles to his feet and hits himself with the staff again as he falls. Celenon shakes his head. "Looks like you're fighting this one alone, Alethiro."

Celenon pushes down on Alethiro's staff with his own and follows up with a quick attack to Alethiro's side.

Louis simply nods. "I'll leave you to your investigation. If you find out anything, let me know. I don't want a repeat of this event myself."

Klara returns with another glass of wine for Derika, as Louis gets up and heads back to the rear.

"Feel free to ask any of them any questions," Louis says. "All I aim to do is keep my place up and running. If anyone interferes with that, they meet with the business end of this."

He pats his rifle. "I've lived here a long time...four hundred years by my reckoning. I've never seen these green armbands before."

1d100 ⇒ 51

Queten rushes in at the same time as Alethiro but trips over his own feet and whacks himself in the face with his staff. Celenon quickly parries Alethiro's attack before chuckling at his younger son's misfortune.

Louis nods. "I had a few customers a few nights ago. Unfortunately, they decided to get a little rough with my employees and I put a few holes in them. They all wore green armbands. That's the only clue I have for you."

Celenon laughs. "Let's see if you still have those old gaps then. And see if you can get Queten to coordinate with you."

"It's not hard when you have two people," Queten says.

"We shall see if you're right," Celenon says, readying his staff. "Come on, Alethiro, show me what you've learned."

Just a couple more hours.

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I think it's weird that I had an Arnold Palmer yesterday because the actual Arnold Palmer passed away yesterday.

Celenon hands Alethiro a spare quarterstaff that was leaning against the wall. "How long has it been since you've handled one of these?"

Yeah, it was fitful sleep.

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