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GM Henry Fortuna's page

16,054 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Off Again:
Three hours.

Drago, Lea and Ylrhea head northwest toward Lysse, a chill in the air.

"Good luck to you then," Gloria says. "Perhaps we shall meet again."

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"Current condition? Are you ill?" Gloria asks. "Well, if you're searching for the Shard of the Sky, go to the abandoned abbey behind the Temple of Desna. We've seen a few shady characters going in there, but they've done nothing to warrant an investigation. We're a little hampered by the Baron in what we can do, so we try to stick to matters where we have proof. The abbey was built over the Shard and nothing but misfortune has struck that place. Many townsfolk have insisted on condemning the place, but there's a reliquary in the basement that houses Aroden's broken shield. So, it stands...for better or worse. You'll have to go below the basement into the catacombs...and I fear that's where you'll find the evil plaguing Lysse."

I'm going, I'm going.

The woman cocks her head then nods. "So, first things first: My name is Gloria and I am one of the Army of the Heavens. We answer to no one, neither god nor mortal. We only seek to do good and we accept none who bear chaos or evil in their heart."

Gloria pauses. "We try to avoid contact with those in the city since the Baron lets his mages roam free and they tend to invade others' minds with but a touch. If not mages, then there are Geoff's pickpockets. In public, we hide our identities, so that our loved ones are not put in danger. Many call us cultists and we do have abilities that other 'legitimate' spellcasters do not possess."

She smiles at Arista. "That's my story and that's who I work with. So tell me about yourself and we'll get to the heart of your problems."

About ten more minutes, I think.

The Ivory Hammer:
A few minutes after Arista arrives at the homely tavern, the woman from the alleyway walks in, dressed in commoner's clothing. She gestures to a booth away from the few patrons in the tavern. "You should be more careful about who you ask about things in Lysse. Not all of us have the best intentions for the city."

"There's a quiet tavern up the road, the Ivory Hammer. It looks a little rundown but that's to keep the uppity folk from the richer districts from dropping in," the woman replies, her aura not radiating the slightest bit of evil. "It'll be safe to talk there. I may not know everything you want to know, but I might have enough to help. I need to slip into some plain clothes and I'll meet you there."

The man closes the slot and a woman opens the door a moment later. Dressed in silver robes, her features are strong, her eyes the look of one who has seen many battles. She wears her chestnut brown hair up in a braid. It's hard to determine what color her eyes are in the darkness. She looks at the group before focusing on Arista. "An aasimar, eh? Perhaps you can lend credence to our cause."

She then chuckles slightly. "I kid. I've never seen you lot in Lysse before, so I'm pretty sure you're not here to join. What is it you want?"

"Yes, but I shall not speak for them. I merely serve them for the kindnesses done to me. If you are interested in their cause, I'll fetch one of the members," the man says.

"The interference is stronger up here."

Plus it was $20.

"I'm afraid the answers you're looking for are not here," the man behind the door says. He pauses for a moment. "Though the Army of the Heavens may be willing to speak to you, if you wish to become a member."

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Yes, had lots of fun on our date. Still a little queasy after everything though :P

A slot slides open, letting some light into the alleyway, and a pair of crystal blue eyes appraise Arista. "It seems you have the wrong address, Miss."

Proceeding to the door, you find it's locked.

You head down the alley after the silver-robed men, who disappear into a door on the right side.

Before you reach the weapons shop Anna mentioned, the silver robed men head down a dark alley.

Cyna and Tesia see a group of silver-robed people seemingly avoiding other people and heading in the direction Anna told you to go after reaching the fountain.

You head out into the city, following Anna's directions. It takes about ten minutes to reach the City Square with a large fountain that depicts a mounted knight. The muzzle of the horse is near to the water as if it were drinking. The knight bears a haggard look, his shoulders slumped.

Perception checks, please.

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You tug on its winky :P

She found a she needs to pull it out of the bottle.

Yep, and I dealt with the c***iest customer. She had the gall to say that I was harassing her, when I never even paid attention to her and she was opening cosmetics and applying them on herself. I hate lying thieves.

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lol, back when the Simpsons was a decent show.

Time for me to head to bed.

What the hell?

"Any time," Anna tells Sādhanā.

Nope, he is more commonly known as "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game".

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It's the attuning part that gets you. I'm sure there's no cost listed because it can be a simple forked metal rod and the attuning can be achieved through either roleplay or bartering with someone who can do that.

Cisco Ramon is not in this game though.

"I have plenty of incense, 2 copper an ounce," Anna answers. "As for clerical supplies, your best bet would be to head to the Temple District and check one of their stores. You'll just take a right out of my shop and follow the avenue until you reach City Square. You'll know it by the fountain. Then take a left until you reach Bardil's Armory, another right and you'll be at the Temple District soon after. I can't say I go there often enough to suggest a trustworthy place."

I rue eating so much...

I have to let dinner settle before I even think about crawling into bed.

Well, you kinda ignored Anna, but okay.

Anna looks to the browsing Fae. "Anything I can help you find?"

I'll look into it tomorrow. Today was just such a clusterf***...

Anna simply smiles. "Well, I haven't had company like this in quite some time. Thank you."

Seems like Paizo is having security errors.

It's Welfare Payday this weekend. Generally, they want department managers to work one weekend a month, but they hadn't been enforcing that until now. Usually, they get more uppity about it around inventory/holidays.

All department managers have to work this Saturday. If I miss, I can be terminated. Glad I asked one of the assistant managers...

Just curious, but why do you go so late?

His caster level is 16.

Wasn't Fae going to shop for some components?

"He reshaped the land, made it unlivable. Many strix died, unable to adapt to the cruel environments he made," Anna answers. "My family fled here to Lysse. The Baron let us stay here and helped us where he could. In the end, it proved too much for my kin and they died shortly after we came here. I suppose I was young enough to survive it all."

Yep and she doesn't read the terms and conditions.

@Drago: Yes.

Too bad I can't get paid like an IT guy when I fix things for my mother. Her biggest problem is clicking on free trials of things and then getting outraged when they charge her after the trial ends...

Esia smiles and hugs Tesia back. "Well, let's get going."

Sādhanā knows that very few strix have been seen in the world, their race hunted for numerous reasons. Chief among those reasons were being confused for harpies or being perceived as perversions of angels. Very few strix reached a venerable age and those that remain have a seething hatred for humans. Strix prefer to live in isolated communities, seeing one in the city of Lysse is rarity. Their association with the Anizari is not easily confirmed, but the white tattoos on Anna's flesh are quite similar to those the Anizari adorn their bodies with.

Anna sips on her tea. "When the Anizari were driven underground, the strix had lost an ally and a friend. Again we were subject to the depredations of the humans, but it was Ju'ok Kalokh who dealt the final blow to the last strix community on Zahvroma."

"You two must be tired," Esia notes. "We can meet up at some point tomorrow if you wish. I don't think Kaplan and I will be going anywhere."

Yup. And all it was was plugging in a cord.

It's kind of like the difference between Nirvana's Come As You Are and Prep School's cover.

I prefer the former...very much so.

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