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GM Henry Fortuna's page

18,027 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Sādhanā is unsure of how much strength will be needed to open the doors.

The next room appears to be an office repurposed into a small study though there are only two books on the desk.

The doors do not move.

Not magical.

Sādhanā fails to make the doors budge an inch.

Make a DC 20 Engineering check.

Morgor doesn't pick up the scent behind the door.

Strength check.

Sādhanā doubles in size without any mishap.


Also, Pepe?

The handles are ten feet up.

Tesia doesn't perceive any locks of traps and Sadhana doesn't detect any sort of magic on them. The doors don't seem to have any historical significance but she is sure they are at least five feet thick and probably able to withstand a disaster of grand proportions.

Derika finds the following in the ledger:

"Lord P. Igrams to pay no less than five hundred thousand gold for the following:

48 vials of virulent ghoul plague
3 flesh golems
approximate timetables of guards
clear visual directions of entry point

Payment due upon the delivery of the last two items. Securities for first two."

Ascending the stairs, you come to a landing several floors up. Two large piles of bones sit outside a massive set of adamantine doors. The necromancer continues on ahead, soon gone from your sight.

It takes Corda about half an hour to put together the counter-agent.


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I'll be okay.

Corda believes she would have to create a counter-agent for the substance in the beakers. The rest could be safely burned.

Morgor determines that the scent he had been following came from the two slain men.

Corda finds several hundred gold pieces worth of components that could be used (around 500 gp worth of various components). Corda is sure the rest of it should be destroyed along with the contents of the beakers.

The beakers on the tables smell foul and Derika noticed that the two alchemists did their best not to break any of them.

2 mwk daggers, 4 potions of CMW, 2 potions of invisibility, 2 potions of displacement, 2 robes of bones, 2 amulets of natural armor +1, 2 belts of mighty constitution +2, 2 cloaks of resistance +2, 2 goggles of night, 2 headbands of vast intelligence +2, 2 crystals worth 100 gp each, 2 spellbooks, a collection of onyx gems worth 600 gp, 1246 gp, a ledger.

The necromancer leaps up to Sadhana and the magus can feel her energy being sapped. "One day, we will live in a world where magic is forgotten and it will survive."

She then continues up the stairs and the Anizari can feel some of her power return as the distance between her and the necromancer widens.

"I know about all the Anizari. She is a couple of floors above, holding council with her infernal allies," the figure says. "There is a staff in the room at the top of this tower. It is an ancient artifact...perhaps the greatest the Predecessors created. My mask will feast on its power and it will die like all magic should. The gate is useless for the time being."

She taps on her mask before readying herself for another jump. "If you don't mind..."

"I must feed..." the mask whimpers, almost pathetically.

The man crumples to the ground.

Combat Over.

Oh, and Tes is still Tes, your spell just conjured an eagle as well as the intended effect.

The figure laughs. "No, I mean to put an end to this tower, once and for all. The gods buried it beneath the sea and, look, here it is again. You imperil the world by merely standing here and trying to stop me. Did you not feel the land shift beneath your feet? This tower will draw all lands towards it, until Vesaria is one continent once more. But only the land...walls will fall, homes will crumble, people will die. Hold to your beliefs that magic is a tool meant to help, but this magic is meant to harm, destroy and control. I will not stand for it and, if you get in my way, I will kill you."

Sadhana doesn't know who this person could be.

Only Arista met her.

The figure artfully does a backflip as Sadhana attempts to cut it off. "You had best pick your battles carefully, Bladebearer."

The figure looks up at the magus, the necromancer's mask emanating an aura of hunger. "I want to taste your magic."

"Quiet, you accursed trinket," the figure says. "You seek Jarrah. I do not. Go your own way."

*pokes Corda*

1d100 ⇒ 92
1d8 ⇒ 4

As Rhadaya finishes her spell, an eagle appears beside her and looks at the sylph expectantly. The figure pays no attention to Sadhana and continues its ascent.

The figure is about seventy feet ahead of you.

The figure continues to bound up the stairs using the wall to catapult its way up the stairs. It seems to acknowledge the summoner and eidolon's approach but pays them no mind.

How close do you get, Drago?

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So we rolled 1's on our perception check to find the Christmas lights. Then a shoebox rolled a better bluff than my sense motive, until Karen went to recheck it and found the lights in that shoebox.

The interior of the tower is grandiose. Its time submerged beneath the waves has done nothing to destroy the structure. The room is massive, littered with the bones of several colossal creatures and five freshly-killed Anizari. There is a massive stairway winding upward, each step about ten feet high. You see the shadowy figure from before slowly scaling each step.

Cue the music!

Arista sees a blinding light beyond the door for a moment before it closes again.

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Well, it was established a little earlier.

Sādhanā recalls that the White Tower was the seat of power for the Predecessors. It is quite possible that there may be more artifacts inside that have strange and wondrous powers. Magic may have unforeseen effects if used within.

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@Drago: I'm making them up.

@Cyna: Be careful getting around.

Arista and Jerryl come to a decent-sized room with two benches in front of a stone basin filled with cold water. The only exit is a golden door. On the golden door, the duo can see the words: "Ní fhéadfaidh ach ceann amháin pas, tú féin a athnuachan agus a athnuachan do anam."

"Only one may pass, refresh yourself and renew your soul."

Karen's setting up the Christmas tree...I'm just trying to relax after my hellish day.

Arista and Jerryl reach a turn in the hallway that wasn't there before. The child is gone.

Arista and Jerryl can hear some grinding stone from back near the stairs. The child picks himself up and walks down the hallway without a word.

Arista is pretty sure of which stars to press and in what order.

The alchemist takes a step back and reaches out toward Derika.

Vampiric Touch: 1d20 + 5 - 2 ⇒ (8) + 5 - 2 = 11; Damage: 5d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 5, 3) = 16

The alchemist seems to be more vigorous after damaging the bloodrager.

Round 4: Eldan, Vishanti, Alchemist, Morgor, Corda, Derika

GM Notes:
A1 hp: 24; 16 temp hit points.

Arista can make out small scratched numbers beside each star.


Suddenly, the gate stops assembling as a shadowy figure passes by, paying you no heed. The figure proceeds into the tower.

Jerryl notices small shapes like stars on the ceiling arranged into three rows of three.

* * *
* * *
* * *

"For one, there are monsters that ate the other children. My home is among the stars," the child says softly. Arista believes the child is trying to give her a clue.

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Cyna Singer wrote:
They signed me up for mandatory OT right in the middle of my prime sleep time next week. Good luck with that people.

That's some bull.

"I've never seen anything like this before. This something that is quite ancient. If anything, it may be tied to the tower."

The magical aura from the gate is almost overpowering but Sādhanā can discern a strong conjuration aura. To Fae and Drago, the gate is an enigma.


"T-t-take me h-h-home," the child blubbers, not looking up. "I-I-I'm scared."

The alchemist still stands despite Derika and Eldan's assaults.

Round 4: Eldan, Vishanti, Alchemist, Morgor, Corda, Derika

GM Notes:
A1 hp: 24

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