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GM Henry Fortuna's page

14,930 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Very nice.

The rescued folk nod and join the group at the large dining table. Donovan looks about as he eats. "So, what's the plan? We hole up here until you get back?"

Donovan and the others come down for breakfast. "Sorry for sleeping in. Captivity does horrific things to one's routine."

Esfer shakes her head. "We really could do without your witticisms, Donovan."

I get to work in grocery for the next two days, but I'll have Friday off.

Hang in there. Karen's gonna watch OUAT and I'm gonna take a little nap.

Ted Turner strikes again!

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I need an erotic word wheel now...

So I was scheduled an extra day but we're not supposed to have overtime...then they want me to come in early tomorrow...

Sorry. Hopefully, it gets better.

Oh, is that what I meant?

What about other reliable sources such as reddit and tumblr?

It's only fact if it comes from 4chan.

Karen says corgis are the official faerie dog...because she saw it on Pinterest.

It's Fallout 3 GOTY :P

Hmm and hmmmmmmm...

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Simple fix for the car and Karen saw a doctor. Everything is back to as normal as it gets.

"I'm always willing and I have time," Basir assures Drago.

We may (hopefully) be asleep by then. If we are, be safe going home and have a good rest of the night.

"So when will you undertake your training, Drago?" Basir asks.

"I'm not sure if it will work or not, seeing that our charge is not yet in charge of a House...or selected naturally," Basir muses. "Feel free to try though."

No, she wasn't flirty. Karen just has that trouble with waitresses.

I also think it's high time for an Advanced Race Guide 2.

A few. The names are definitely weirder than the concepts.

"Perhaps, but heading into enemy territory before our charge arrives wouldn't make matters any better," Basir cautions.

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We just had to go get the Bestiary 5...and to torment Karen over the girl that works at the game shop :P

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Nothing to See:
1d100 ⇒ 30
1d100 ⇒ 50
1d100 ⇒ 71

The night passes uneventfully and you awaken the next morning refreshed.

Wheel of Maternity: 1d8 ⇒ 8; A symptom-free day for Arista. Hide your kids.

"I have," Basir answers. "Apparently, we are to wait for the eidolons' chosen heir and train him to run a House. As well as disposing of the current bearer of Akulov's mark."

Yeah, quite a while ago.

Yeah, it went poof on the way from my work to hers and it's been steaming ever since.

As Drago approaches the collection of tents, he sees Basir and Toni talking. Basir looks up at the dhampir. "Back so soon?"

After you eat, you figure out the sleeping arrangements and the rescued folk head to bed on the upper floor.

Any watches for tonight?

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Which is woman-speak for no. We're just trying to figure out how to get Karen to the doctor without any of us missing work.

We all know that book :P

The rescued folk murmur their assent.

Asha gives Rajni a hug. "Well, get some more rest and we can talk later."

Priya and Asha are busy working on a few dresses. Asha looks up at her daughter and smiles. "Hello, Rajni, did you enjoy your breakfast?"

Or Fallout 4.

The lock pops open and the rescued folk go inside to start a fire and generally relax.

You return to the inn shortly after dark. It appears to have been undisturbed in your absence.

Time for bed.

The three rescued people get off of Tesia. They go and talk with the Donovan and the others.

Enjoy and be safe going home.

"That was fun," Seth says, helping the others off Tesia's back. "I guess we can wait here until you get back."

The way is clear for the group and you arrive at the beach in minutes.

"If you're ready to head across," Kendyll says. "Might as well go."

Everyone climbs aboard Tesia, with Kendyll holding onto Esfer. "We're ready."

Everything Sādhanā has encountered thus far doesn't seem to reveal any connected plot.

"I've got her," Kendyll says. "No worries."

"No, such things aren't really noteworthy in the grand scheme of things," Oblivion answers. "People think that weapons crafted from the blood of this or that gives them some sort of 'edge' against those creatures. But it doesn't seem like these serpentfolk are given to superstition...if they have the blade, they would most likely use it for another sacrifice."

Donovan and the rest join Tesia at the opening a few minutes later. Esfer seems a little unsteady and leans against Kendyll for support.

Donovan nods, taking the items. "Esfer's still a little groggy, but she should make it."

Donovan opens the door. "Great, we're ready to leave too."

You arrive at the pit with no incidents.

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