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GM Henry Fortuna's page

15,486 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Zombie virus.

Yeesh. Hope it calms down.

Tesia doesn't notice anything off about the machinery, most of it far beyond what she knows. As Sādhanā attempts to activate the device, she feels a tugging at her magical powers. Before she can pull away, the machine absorbs the spells she had prepared for the day. The machines make a distinct sound and glow a brilliant blue for a moment, lighting up the room. However, the machines stop soon after, the blue light turning into a dull grey.

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There were 3 statues in each box.

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So parmesan cheese, eggs, milk, fruit and breakfast shakes, right?

Paizo is my new grocery list maker :P

There were only 6 statues.

Nothing happens as Arista touches the table, except for her disturbing the dust on it.

Ancient machinery lines the room with a strange, smooth table occupying the middle of the chamber. Two indentations, which appear to be hands, are the only feature on the surface.

You hear the sound of ancient gears grinding and the doors begin to part. You see a darkened chamber beyond the door and it smells of really, really old dust.

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Hehe. Thank goodness for a search function, eh?

Breath of Life sounds good.

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Leaving the three tieflings behind, the rest of the group ascends the stairway. After leaving the spirit's abode, there seems to be no more rooms until you reach the highest point of the tower. One grueling climb later, you stand before a door that has a relief of the heavens carved into it. You see figures of some of the gods carved into the door with several empty slots.


I prefer the Cranberry Red Bull...or the Blue Full Throttle.

Geez, living life on the edge, huh?

"At the bottom of the Tower, defending the Shard of the Sky which allows them passage into this world," the spirit answers. "The Shard is in Vencious' laboratory."

"The Anizari are immune to the effects of the Tower, despite their intentions," the spirit answers.

"They prepare to march on Valwick. They will be ready in two days time," the spirit answers.

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"That'll be thirty-five gold," Halfpocket says, after getting everything together.

Halfpocket begins gathering Rajni's desired items together.

"You were forcefully expunged from the mind of Cyna and given a corporeal body which manifested here," the spirit of knowledge answers.

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"A fair question and one I shall answer freely," the voice replies. "I am a spirit of knowledge, bound to this Tower, like my brethren are bound to the other two. I only can speak of the present, whereas my brother you met in the Tower of Chaos can speak of the future. In the third Tower, the third spirit can only speak of the past."

"No, you were created by Elder Sister to help control Cyna," the voice answers. "However, the strange energies of the Shard of the Sky have given you a new existence."

"The tiefling, Sienna, is beyond this plane of existence. You must journey to the Plane of Shadow to find her," the voice answers. "She is at the shadowy reflection of the Wall of Nicae."

Rest is always good.

It doesn't take long for the tiefling on the floor to come around. The voice answers Rhadaya's question as the others tend to the stranger. "Nothing guards the Chamber, only the figurines will allow entry."

*cue Cynafae*

Halfpocket waves as the three women enter his shop. "Ah, welcome. Anything I can get for you? Still wanting a third blanket, Toni?"


"The Chamber of Order is at the top of the tower," the voice replies.

I feels like The Flash writers hate Robbie Amell...

Cyna believes the woman took a fall here in the room, judging by the knot on her head the size of a bird's egg. The voice addresses Tesia. "I only answer one question per person, Druid. So...I ask again: What do you want to know?"

Tesia take a good look at the body and notices that it looks almost exactly like Cyna, even more than Lea. The woman appears to be unconscious but unharmed. A soft whisper fills the room. "What do you wish to know?"

Sādhanā is pretty sure that the garden is simply cosmetic, but stands as testament of the power of whoever occupied this tower before Vencious. Upon opening the door, the group sees a dark room, lit by orange wisps floating about. The party notices a body in the middle of the room.

Ylrhea finds no traps and the door is unlocked.

The next landing leads to a closed door.

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Ylrhea and Tesia see nothing on the stairway to bar your progress. You ascend one flight and come to a large garden. Unlike the one outside, this one is free of corpses. Arcane energy falls from ceiling of this room like multicolored snowflakes, seemingly nourishing the plants. In the center of the garden is a fountain, but it is devoid of water. Again, this room is silent. Passing through the garden, you see another staircase ascending upward.

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Two can ascend side-by-side.


The door opens to reveal a large room with stairs spiraling up and down. The room is clean and the floor is a fresco depicting the creation of the world. As you glance at it, you see the image moving. Torches line the walls that glow with golden light. It is silent here as well.

Roughing It:
Asha nods. "I need a little bit more rest to process all these changes going on with my girls."

She gives Rajni a smile. "Be safe, my daughter."

Roughing It:
"I love you, Rajni. Never doubt that," Asha says, finishing her tea.

Roughing It:
"Farron can't hurt you, you have a family now and Dillon," Asha says. "You survived. That's what I mean by winning."

Roughing It:
Asha smiles. "Then I think you won."

Roughing It:
"Then the gods have saved us all," Asha says, taking a sip of tea. "Oh, I'm going on about all this depressing business. Never mind that...we have a lot of time left together. And I will make sure you know your way around a kitchen before I let Dillon take your hand in marriage."

She smiles warmly. "If there's anything any of us can do to help you get through the past that haunts you, just ask."

Roughing It:
Priya smiles as Rajni leaves the kitchen. "One day, you will be ready."

Asha takes the cup from Rajni and has a sip. "That's good. I appreciate you getting this for me."

She looks at her daughter for a moment. "I am thankful for the day you came into our house. You've made our lives better, Rajni. Never forget that."

Roughing It:
"My sister never fails to amaze me sometimes. I think she just likes playing dumb," Priya chuckles. "After it's done steeping, you can add a little sugar to it, though Asha really doesn't like it sweet. You can also add honey or lemon, depending on your tastes. But, yes, that's all there is to that."

Roughing It:
"Of course, dear," Priya says. "It's very easy to make tea these days, so I'll show you."

Priya takes a small box out of one of the cupboards. "Halfpocket carries these handy little things: bags of tea. So, you set the kettle on."

She puts the kettle on the warming stove. "All you have to do is wait for the kettle to whistle, then you pour the hot water into the cup. Simple as that."

She takes one of the bags of tea out of the box and sets it in a cup. After the kettle whistles, she pours the hot water in. "Now you let it steep for a couple of minutes and then it's done. Pretty easy, no?"

Roughing It:
"Some tea would be nice," Asha answers.

Roughing It:
"No, you came at the right time," Asha says. "I'm a better person than I used to be."

She sighs. "I love you too, Rajni. Hopefully Kama and Elena will be back soon."

The lock snaps back almost instantly.

Ylrhea finds no traps but the door is locked.

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