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Soulbound Doll (Bear)

GM Helaman's page

4,687 posts. Alias of Helaman.


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There are no worries and you are through to the other side. Some time with the lock enables you to enter the next part of the Schloss.

The large workshop is crammed with alchemical equipment but an explosion of some kind has ripped away the western wall, leaving a large gap in the floor and wall open, now wreathed with with scaffolding.It looks as if a stone bridge once connected this building with another on the far side of the gorge but only a slender rope bridge now hangs between the two.

The passage of one of you is safe and able to traverse the bridge safely. No traps or other hazards are detected.

[edit]Bridge is 40ft long and 10ft wide

Map has now been updated... definitely worth a look. My bad for not fixing it earlier

The bridge is 20ft long and the river surges below it, leading to a series of raging waterfalls.

The bridge terminates in another landing of sorts and a door similar to the one on this side of the bridge.

It appears to be of solid stone, seamless and without signs of mortar.

Not surprisingly, after Emmett has picked the lock and opened the door you can see (and hear) the roaring waterfall below.

Stretching before you is a long stone bridge, without handrails, that leads to a new section of the castle.

Heading back to ensure that you've seen all there is to see you find the rest of the residential wing of the Schloss to be unoccupied and filled with expensive fittings, as well as a kitchen and cold cellar that includes a sizeable wine collection. There is even a billiards room.

It costs nothing to come back another day - we've blunted their clan and destroyed their guardians. We can always come back.

It opens up to a corridor which terminates in a locked heavy wooden door - outside the door you can hear the roar of the river and the waterfalls.

Just responded to your post over on the WotW but be well!

The door springs open leading to a corridor. The sound of water and the faint roaring of the waterfalls grows louder.

The opens into something totally unforeseen... a dining area!

Map updated

The vaulted ceiling of this large room is adorned with gilt. A pair of impressive halberd are mounted over the fireplace. A great table and 12 chairs take up the centre of the room.

As you move about the hall you can hear the faint sound of water and feel a slight draft from the upper side of the chamber. You are able to investigate and find a passage.

The golem of wood and wire follows you into the room, scratching at its slate.

You wish to sit and eat?

Blackened area revealed... Apologies - the floor has been explored

You move past the Automatron into the rest of this part of Schloss Caromarc.

You find a library with shelves crammed with books, wall to wall. A comfortable leather chair sits in the middle of the room.

The books seem to be both medical texts and texts on engineering - as a collection they'd be quite valuable.

The next room along is a smoking room, with two plush chairs facing an unlit fireplace. Numerous jars of tobacco are on a stand as well as a number of pipes and a fancy calabash set.

The rooms to the south of the library and smoking room are both trophy rooms. They are crammed with taxidermied animals and stuffed heads, including a crocodile and an elephant head.

Map should be updated

Emmett notices a concealed door in the smoking room.

Been furiously ill for the last few days. Bear with me for another 24 hours.

I am afraid Lord Caromarc is indisposed, the automatatron writes.

The books are of a specialist nature and would be worth a hefty sum of gold if sold. The booked marked and open pages seem to be on the subject of bridges.

Heading downstairs you find the golem construct with a plate of Cheese, fruit (wrinkled apples and pears) and dried nuts.

I hope you have not disturbed anything, it writes.

No, you've not had any other engagements with him. The letter may reference another tome or maybe not...

A search of the master bedroom reveals the wardrobe full of rich nobleman clothing. The books on the bookshelf to be mundane, fiction for the most part and feel as though they have not been read or opened for many years. The credenza desk holds some mundane correspondence with an engineering firm but also a letter.

My Dear Count,
I have enjoyed our most recent discourse on the nature of the spontaneous creation of certain types of undead. In my many years of study on the subject, I have also attempted to discern the secrets from my own study of Osirian remains, those hulking mummies so prevalent in that desert environ. Perhaps when I travel back to the north country I will regale you with stories of my exploits in that dusty land. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed your company in person. Although I have grown greatly from the student I once was, the time I shared with you and Petros in study and event disagreement is one I shall always cherish.

However, I digress from the purpose of this current missive. Some retainers of mine have business in Lepidstadt in the coming weeks, and I was hoping to impose upon your intellect and unique point of view. They will be carrying a rather curious Tome, and I would love to have your learned opinion of it. If it is not too much of an imposition, please expect visitors toward the end of the month.

Adivion Adrissant

You head up the stairs and faced with a number of doors proceed to the furthest one In the interest of speeding things up, and find a very spacious and well appointed guest room. It looks clean but unused.

Moving to the next door on its right you find another guest room but the expensive fittings and bed have been replaced by 3 cots. On a table in the room are spread a number of books which seem to be technical manuals on the subject of engineering. Valuable to the right people. The table also supports a gold inlay drafting set, silver inkwell and a silver writing set. Again, these would be valuable to the right people.

Another guest room is revealed, this one also clean but unused and it opens onto a stone balcony, lacking handrails, that affords a fantastic view of the falls.

Finally you enter what you feel is the master bedroom, a large chamber that holds a resplendent four poster bed and many items of fine oak furniture. A warddrobe, credenza desk, dressing table, chest and a tall dressing mirror are the more noticable items. There is a small bookshelf along one of the walls holding a number of tomes. Silver candlestick holders are throughout the room. On one wall, above the desk is a large oil portrait of a beautiful noble woman, smiling shyly.

Post to go up shortly

I am afraid Lord Caromarc is indisposed

I will bring the fruit and cheese.

It trundles away to where it went before.

I can fetch fruit and nuts if you wish , it writes.

Vengeance? I don't know anyone by that name

If you require food I can supply some fruit, nuts and cheese and if you wish provide something more substantial given time, it writes.

Lord Caromarc has not departed Shloss Caromarc. I am afraid Lord Caromarc is indisposed. He had visitors some time ago and they have departed. Lord Caromarc has not told me to prepare for other guests but he would not turn away visitors who have come to his door.

Elidal opens the door and finds it to be wood and coal storage.

The wood golem trundles back into the room with a pitcher and a glass, not something commonly seen, and pours out a glass. The water is clear.

Using its other appendages the golem writes Here is your water, I hope it is to your taste as it presents it.

How else may I serve you?, it writes.

Cool - thanks for the heads up

Looking closely everyone can see what Elidal saw. Simeon believes the figure reflected in the mirror is another sort of flesh golem.

There are two doors, one on each wall (the side of the fireplace), and the door the thing with the chalk board trundled through.

Let me know if you wish to wait for its return or go exploring

With the automation leaving the room and no immediete threat you have time to review this room at leisure.

It is a large reception room, with a few comfortable well made chairs off in front of a fire that has a large hod of wood as well as a coal bucket. A side table has multiple glasses and a collection of spirits and fortified wines.

Above the fire hangs a picture of a man with aristocratic bearing, surrounded by objects as if in a museum.

Elidal can notice a window behind the count that shows a bridge connecting the buildings outside the window. More curiously yet, it shows a mirror where a large four armed apelike figure with stitching stands. For those for whom art is more than mere 'pictures', it is painted in a stiff but efficient style, capturing a myriad of tiny details and would be worth a considerable sum of money.

The construct scribes on the slate again.

I am afraid Lord Caromarc is indisposed. May I offer you a beverage or a snack while you wait?

He turns to Elidal and gives a small bow. He cleans the slate and writes, holding it up to Elidal to read.

Water. Very good. I shall fetch some immediately. Please stay here

It then trudles off and out of the room.

Simeon can attest, this is unusual Golem behaviour. It seems very intelligent albeit automatronic in it its responses and approach. This is no simple golem but it doesn't seem to have that 'spark' of life that The Beast had.

The thing, a creation of timber and wires is restored to its upright position. Looking closely it has multiple appendages that seem to fit a multitude of purposes.

It uses one arm attachment to gather chalk, another pulls out a rag and wipes the slate clean.

I am afraid Lord Caromarc is indisposed. May I offer you a beverage or a snack while you wait?

Sick for the last 36 hrs... gimme to tomorrow

Please help me up. I am caretaker of Lord Caromarc's residence.

The 'thing' just lies there for the moment. Looking closer you can see organs almost stapled to the exterior of the wooden frame, each suspended in a metal and glass case.

The slate reads Welcome to Schloss Caromarc. Can I take your Cl , in beautiful copper plate script.

It's a golem but of what sort?

It stirs and manages to push itself around into an even more awkward position. A claw grabs at a box on its body, spilling chalk onto the ground and secures a rag which it uses to wipe the slate clean. It then fumbles for chalk and writes a simple word.


I forgot the trip but for story for purposes lets say it does

The thing is dragged to the ground, arms windmilling for balance, one of its smaller arms losing a stick of chalk but it still manages to hold onto the slate.

Sterne is unable to do much to the wood and steel structure but he does his best, meanwhile Emmetts axe goes whisting past it as it holds out the writing slate desperately.

Just waiting on the rest

A huge portrait hangs above an enormous, lit fireplace in this large entry chamber. A set of steep stairs rises to the right.

Night vision shows a contraption of metal and wood in the far corner of the room which animates as you enter, flailing arms at you while other arms clasp a slate board. It rolls towards you on wheels, arms whipping about.

Let me update the map. You can have initiative

gimme around 12 hrs. I am on holiday ATM but being held up on a few work things

Lets say time from fighting the hound, walking across the bridge, waiting at the door and combat? 2 minutes

... and at that point the door clunks then creaks open.


Elidal strike home feeling resistance before the blow passes through the wind storm... and Emmett hews the miniature tornado and it dissolves into a gentle breeze before disappating completely.

Simeon - save your MM scroll

just waiting on Emmett and Simeon

Emmetts second shot seems to catch on something in the flurry of winds before the arrow is tossed away... maybe it hurt it? Who can say when it comes to a creature of air? Jaru's bolt also seems to pass through something before it is snatched away in a torrent.

Again Simeons glowing bolts of energy appear to strike into the midst of the maelstorm of winds... and the creatures eyes turn on the wizard...

It takes a 5ft step and then reaches out with long arms. buffeting the wizard.

Slam 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (5) + 14 = 19 for 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12 damage
Slam 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (10) + 14 = 24 for 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8 damage

We'll run this one mapless- you can be melter range or just outside it depending on what you wish

Jaru Toth wrote:

I don't think cat's grace is still up, at least mine isn't since it's been over half an hour since the troll fight when I got it.

Also, note that the elemental can't make standard attacks or threaten when in whirlwind form. Also, i don't think it is clear in the description, but I believe assuming that form is an action so the elemental may have double dipped there.

Yeah, you maybe right. Ok, just Elidal then... There are 2 results that would have had her flipped off the side of the bridge but she dodged a bullet.

Also 30 ft falling is 3d6 - my home rules it would be 6d6 but let's keep it base for here.

Sooooo instead of 6d6? 3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 4) = 6

Yeah but those guys had big budgets.

Sure - its on

All the attacks seemingly do no damage to the creature - whether this is due to the quality of the attack or if it is due to the weapons itself is not clear but Simeons missiles strike home.

It reaches out in a twisting torrent of winds to strike Jaru.

Slam: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25 for 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10 damage
Slam: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16 for 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9 damage

With a roar as if winds were being drawn through a funnel the creature moves into a whirling vortex that pulls at Elidal...

Reflex Save DC18: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

It sucks the Changeling inquisitor into the air and shoots her upwards.

1d8 ⇒ 4

1d4 ⇒ 3

Lucky girl!, it spits her 30 feet into the air by diagonally back away from the door... where she comes down on the bridging walkway close to the edge.

6d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 2, 5, 4, 1) = 23 damage.

Simeon Plavini wrote:

Simeon watches the large figure climb the far slope, "Indeed, not many could follow such a path."

His eyes slide to the gathering storm, then to the door that promises shelter and danger in equal measure.

He steps back as the whirlwind forms around Elidal, eyes narrowing...

Hmmm, doesn't have knowledge planes...would arcana work?


Sure, why not for this case as its a summoned entity. Simeon identifies it as a summoned air elemental - a large one!

A door panel, very narrow and hard to spot (if not for Elidals' perceptive nature) opens for a brief moment before it slides shut... and then the storm seems to whip up around Elidal forming into a large whirlwind which is lit from within by a pair of glowing eyes!

DC15 Know: Planes:
It is an air elemental

You may have initiative as the thing forms but it doesn't count as flat footed... party up!

Round 1! Fight!

The long stone bridge, bereft of hand or safety railings leads you to the first part of Schloss Caromarc. You can see the castle is cunningly built to hang over the river with seperate portions linked by bridges to make a disjointed whole.

Thunderstorms start to roll in and between their rolling booms and the roar of the river crashing over the rocks below the noise is nearly deafening.

In the distance and across the other side of the river a large figure climbs up the rocks in an amazing feat of pure strength - is it your old friend The Beast?

You turn towards the castle itself and its large wooden door bound in blackened iron.

Okby baby!

Hi everyone.

I am on annual leave at the moment which means my stress level has just dropped 90%

In my job leave means 4 hours a work a day :( but its a hell of a lot less than the 12-14 hours I put in most days.

I'll crack the module open tonight for a re-read and re-read my copious game notes.

Hoping everyone can check in here.

PMs have been sent.

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