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Soulbound Doll (Bear)

GM Helaman's page

3,520 posts. Alias of Helaman.


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Not without a kiss you don't, she says reaching across the table and grasping your head with determined hands. She plants a sound kiss on Naluns lips before he pulls away entirely.

Jaru Toth wrote:

Jaru continues staring at the weird little man attempting to separate out the auras.


The aura is that of illusion. It is faint. He appears to bearing a few items which also radiate a faint aura, likely potions. One radiates conjuration (healing) the other transmutation.

Unless someone stops Grine he leaves.

So handsome, you'll stay with me for a meal?, the woman asks Nalun in a husky voice as she reaches across the table to take his hand.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

Simeon you can tell Grines is worried by the mention of Doktor Brada and his "sharing" of the arrangement he had supposedly done with you. Its caught him off guard and rattled him.

Jaru Toth wrote:
Can I cast detect magic unobtrusively? If not, I'll step outside or around a corner for a moment to cast, then comeback in maintaining concentration to check out our visitor's auras.

Love the way you guys think sometimes. Nasty suspicious minds you have there

Samantha is fine. Grines however radiates magic. On concentration 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22 Jaru can tell it is illusion magic.

Simeon Plavini wrote:

Simeon chuckles, "Of that I have no doubt." Simeon answers, then gazing at the gnome contemplatively, continues "You must forgive me, Mr Grimes, but I have, of necessity, been forced to some prevarication on the nature of my business with your fine company."

Holding his hand up to forestall the gnome's anticipated indignation, Simeon hurries on , "I had a friend and fellow scholar in the late Dr Brada, a fellow with whom I shared a great many opinions. He had revealed to me that much of his 'work' at the Sanctuary on Karb Isle was only possible due to the quality of the alchemical formulae provided by Vorstag and Grimes. I would continue his 'work' and to be successful , I would very much like to renew whatever arrangements he had with your chemical works. "

Doktor Brada, he says flatly, Oh and he told you of his relationship with our company. Interesting.

He thinks for a moment.

Well I hate to cut our meeting short but this is something that I had not anticipated. I take it that you are interested in the same arrangement that we had with him then? Not sure about how long before your new enterprise is up and running but rest assured you will have my own and Master Vorstags interest.

With that he stands and gives Simeon a perfunctory bow.

Of Course. The little man maneuvers himself onto his chair and regards Simeon cautiously and with a faint smile. I was told that you have a need of large quantity of product, can you share more as to your needs and sales distribution intents? I thought we had a handle on the local market with our retailers and the university.

Nalun Phlithmira wrote:
Nalun gives the girl a winning smile Heya there. I'm Nalun, a student here at the University.

Has anyone told you that you have dreamy eyes? Join me. I'm Samantha. Stay and eat with me... who knows, maybe we may even take some time on a walk for you to show me your books, she says to Nalun with a winning smile of her own. She looks over to the corner booth where the rest of the party are sitting. What are you doing out with that group anyways? Is that one in the armour your girlfriend? Isn't she a bit old for you?

May as well flirt while we wait on Simeon :) Who knows what will happen if Nalun plays his cards right

Fast forwarding - assuming that you are dressed for action as you normally are, though the staff does ask that you leave large weapons such as axes and swords and staves checked in with them with assurances (and ticket) that they'll be returned when you leave. Daggers, walking sticks etc are fine

Meal time rolls around and the place begins to fill. Simeon asks about his allotted table and both Simeon and Emmett sit in wait.

One of the ladies in the bar seems to be batting her eyes at Nalun and waves him across to join her at her table May as well get some use out of your high Charisma. After some time a pale gnome with a shock of bright red orange hair makes inquiries with the bar and then comes to Simeons table. He gives Emmett a cool appraising look before giving Simeon a small bow.

Master Grine at your service - you are Simeon Plavini then?

He looks around the room, eyes lingering on the rest of the party for a moment.

I've levelled. Took power attack.

I am staying straight combat cleric all the way through. I'm at 17 Wis at the moment so I will need my level 8 stat increase to be wisdom to keep at par with spell progression. By level 8 I am hoping to be able to buy/find a headband of wisdom to get me to 20/22. I have magic vestment as a spell now so I'll be able to tank a bit easier soon.

I wouldn't mind a belt of strength either. One thing at a time.

Ned can be the hammer and leave me to be the anvil.

5 oclock rolls around with Nalun meeting you at the Lion Inn to share what he has been able to find out. The place is not particularly busy - the dinner crowd not yet rolling in and it affords you the leisure to talk among yourselves.

Does Simeon check for his alotted reservation?

Nalun finds just what you've heard before: Vorkstag and Grine are well-respected merchants. Grine is a peculiar-looking fellow, though gnomes are that way, you know. That No workers are ever seen going on shift at the chymic works, but the smoke from the chimney never stops. Odd that, and that Master Vorkstag has a great many friends in high places, and whenever any minor trouble comes his way, someone is always ready to speak up on his behalf.

Whats the plan?

sorry if my posting has been a bit off lately. Work issues.

ziltmilt wrote:
At this point, it's early afternoon on a gloomy autumn day. Where to next, folks?

Lets clear this farm and the fields - we don't want additional farmers wandering in to be caught or any more people with Ghoul Fever turning

The afternoon passes unless you want to do anything else? How are you showing up to the meeting?

Just fast forwarding some to get things moving for everyone

At length the 'spokesman' returns.

Master Grimes is busy at the moment but can meet you at 'The Lion' for a meal at 6pm. What name should I communicate to him so he knows who to meet? He'll arrange the booking under both of your names.

There are small scale businesses here and there - local alchemists but none nearly close to this enterprise.

what company - I'll talk to master Grimes.

Wholesale or retail? The bosses don't do retail, the voice sales as if speaking by rote.

Simeon rings on the bell... and rings again when there is no response. The activity of the suspected dogs on the other side of the gate increases, movement happening back and forth but curiously, no barking.

At length you hear a shuffling approach the gate and then a strange gravelly voice calling out from the far side.

Vorkstag and Grine - what do you want?

Jaru Toth wrote:

(there's no info under the links on the Obs portal)

Note: I'm on vacation the next two weeks and prob won't be posting much, if at all. DMPC me as needed.

Let me see what can be done on both counts

Yeah though I doubt it will hurt them much

Simeon feels that it is likely dogs.

Its not so much Simeon looking over the wall as much as up at the walls and what can be seen beyond

Your walk of the perimeter shows you not much more than what you can see initially but as you linger by the gate, talking there is movement on the far side of the study barrier and the sounds of "snuffling", something trying to smell the air beyond - dogs maybe?

Indeed Simeon does know where the 'Chymic' Works are.

A tall, iron chimney belches yellow clouds into the sky from this small brick factory. Large leaded windows arch in a dozen places on its outer walls, but they are so begrimed as to be opaque. A large gate opens onto an inner courtyard beneath a sign proudly proclaiming “Vorkstag and Grine, Chymic Works.” The building has two floors and a tower, topped by a lightning rod.

The smell surround the place is acrid and hard on the nose and throat.

A twenty-foot-high stone wall, topped with broken glass, surrounds a small courtyard before the workshop. A heavy oak gate bars entry beneath a sign proudly proclaiming “Vorkstag and Grine, Chymic Works.” A bell hangs by one side of the gate.


How do you wish to proceed?

Work issues again. Bear with me.

Certainly good master.

2 days but this day is almost spent due to sleeping for the morning and into the early afternoon... unless you want to travel late afternoon and into the night again. On the upside? The town is only 10 miles out of Lepidstadt. About 2-3 hours by horseback - 4 hours or so on foot

Simeon knows that the Burning Man has been an official legal punishment as a custom for the most serious of crimes for the last 60 or so years - it started roughly when Harrowstone burned down and was no longer receiving such criminals. The roots of the custom itself lie much further back when villages had their own trials and judgements.

The carnival has set up not far from a huge wicker and timber man off the town square - The Burning Man, in which they plan to burn the Beast "alive". From time to time some one will throw in some timber article or oil and gain a rumble of approval from the crowd. As you move through the crowd and notice that a lot of them seem to be drinking.

After some hussle and bussle you reach the caravans and Circus leader Hesse notices you.

Good day sweet masters, he says greeting you.

We're rather close to the crowds here in town and hear all sorts of things. One of the things that has met our eyes is the crowds here are growing into a mob. Something, sadly, we have had to deal with before. Word is also getting around that there are some new comers to Lepidstadt who are 'asking questions' of the Beast and seem to be doubtful of the Beasts guilt - rumour started from some blind man it seems. No one has connected anyone specific but if it is you who are responsible you may want to tread carefully and keep your lodgings secret lest you meet with something unpleasant. I was able to find Mistress Kendra's without a great deal of trouble - thankfully those who are loudest in the mob seem to be somewhat stupid.

It seems they are out of things to say.

Not that we know of

Am loving the Role play everyone - makes the game a joy to run

The woman speaking makes a sign against evil and storms off leaving her two sisters to face you.

We won't swear to Karrins death, you are right, but our minds are made up - it must have been the Beast

Jaru Toth wrote:
Jaru scoffs. " 'Complicate the issue?' A soul is at stake. You would be bearing false witness! It is obvious that the Beast had nothing to do with this and whatever malign presence is really behind it remains."

Karin and Ellsa are actually the only bodies recovered - we buried them. We never found the other bodies - only their ghosts. And we bear no false witness! It was the Beast that was responsible! We don't know how it did it but it is an evil evil creature!

Feel free to check her for wounds and a fever but do not allow her to scratch you. If she is not too far progressed she may be savable but we can not untie her now - we risk too much if we do. Ask her as to her injuries and question her on the events of the farm. She may just be saved.

Nicolae then goes on watch looking for incoming ghouls.

Well the beast set it all in motion didn't he? We didn't, any of the town, didn't feel that he was blameless here - why complicate the issue?

After I kill the fledgling ghouls

Simeon Plavini wrote:

Simeon looks up from where he was scratching some notes, "Ah, an incorporeal entity perhaps, most definitely not a lumbering ox such as our accused."

[dice=knowledge (arcana)]1d20+13

-Posted with Wayfinder

Definitely not the accused.

Jaru Toth wrote:

"Of course, the accused has become a scapegoat for anything bad that happens. He was seen with a child, but I doubt he was laughing. He seems to make that odd sound when he is under stress. It is peculiar that all the children became ghosts or some other incorporeal undead."

Jaru racks his brain for what sort of undead creature could have spawned 'ghosts'.

[dice=know religion ]1d20+6

With the generic 'ghost' terminology and not seeing the phenomenon yourself makes it difficult but it could be wraiths, spectres, allips and other incorporeal spirits.

It fits the 'ghostly' motiff.

They reveal that of the six children who died, one—a girl named Karin — died in her own bed 2 days after the Beast was driven from Hergstag. Her father heard her screaming but by the time he reached her she was dead, without a mark on her and with no signs of entry.

The ladies invite you to sit outside the windmill with them. They are all in their late forties, the three lived their entire lives in Hergstag. Each remembers the deaths. The village’s children vanished one by one only to return as ghosts. Then one day the culprit was found—the Beast of Lepidstadt. It boldly walked into the village with one of the dead children, a girl named Ellsa. The witnesses all recall seeing the Beast laughing as it carried the child’s broken body. As soon as the locals saw the Beast, they set upon it with pitchforks, but try as they might they couldn’t catch it, and the Beast escaped into the swamp. The poor innocents it killed continued to haunt the village, and before long became too much for the locals, who soon abandoned the cursed village... yet Elidal, to your trained ear there is something more. Something they are not telling you.

Thanks for that Elidal

That will wrap up last chapter nicely with Naluns post.

Without to much effort you can find the wind mill and the ladies.

Each are in their forties.

You all look rather serious, says one. What is the matter?

Go ahead and pray - Pharasma always is listening.

You can go up to 5 on your skills because you are bridging to 5th level. The 5th level bonus feat however will not land until you are completely 5th level.

Any one for a Journal entry?

Incidently I just love it when I pull you in different directions and run you all ragged. Its hard to build tension in PbP but I hope that this is helping.

Oh and on that note? Everyone can go up a spot level. Congrats.

Kendra passes Emmett a curious pastry or cake... round and filled with a jelly.

Kaleb - indeed it was. He said he had news for you - rumour is getting around that some out of towners were investigating the Beast. He said he has some news for you if it is you. He and his troupe can be found not far from the towns square where they have set up.

Currently Kendra has been your quarters. She is putting you up for now

Kendra can see your fatigue and asks no questions of you instead offering pillows and blankets and allowing you to rest.

Four hours later Kendra wakes you all.

Sorry to disturb you - Simeon said 2 hours but I tried to wake some of you and couldn't get you to stir. Come to the kitchen - I have a treat for you. Some Qadirian kafee.

After presenting the hot beverage she asks What has you running around so? Oh, that reminds me - there was a tall albino asking after you as well as that lawyer - that was before you came in.

I can... can... can't stress enough how im... im... importnt it is to hurry lest I am forced by cir... cir... circumstance to start the defense to... to... tomorrow - I must rush back to my off... office and to cou.. court now.,, Here are th.. the details.

He hands you a piece of paper with the directions on it.

Date updated to Moonday the 13th of Gozran.

Anyone up to earn a re-roll and do me a journal entry?

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