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GM-Grenfax's page

442 posts. Alias of Grenfax.

About GM-Grenfax

House Rules

DC 15 Appraise check will identify a MWK item

Heal checks to identify disease (including drug addiction), or poison:
Heal check vs the Save DC at -5 to determine the source.
Heal checks can still be made "blindly", but will receive a +2 DC circumstance penalty.

You may aid another, but not take 20.

For example - you find a commoner with some debilitating condition not caused by combat. You roll a heal check to determine what the source is.
If you roll a success of the save DC -5. You identify the condition as poison called King Sleep. The save is Fortitude DC 19. 2 Saves required.
If you roll below the Save DC -5 you have you not identified the poison, the DC would be unknown in game, but a 21 (19+2).

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