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Sunlord Thalachos

GM Fireclaw's page

1,443 posts. Alias of FireclawDrake.


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Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

There's a slight smirk of bemusement at the threat, the wild within nearly rising up to the rush of challenge, but Anahita keeps herself contained.

"I must profess you are perceptive. You saw through my attempts to lead the conversation elsewhere. I shall not pry further on your history without consent. I am concerned with my well being, however, I accepted, willingly, where I am today and thus, am solely responsible for it. Given the pause and our talk, I realize that I am over taxed, augmenting my natural sleep with magic, as glorious as that is, is the potential result of my state. It is likely too, that my ethereal self, the non-physical, soul side, may be equally tired. I do not believe my magics can affect that -- just the body. I need rest. I need affection and distractions, moments to commune with the glory of nature as before, and better social ties than what I have now. Yet, I am torn-- the things I have seen lately, done, simply magnificent. Worlds visited, places travelled too, impossible to describe without taking time to collect one's thoughts. To do otherwise would be insulting to the wonder and awe I feel."

She does have a slight spaced out expression at the recalling, then her focus returns to Illithia. "It's ...nothing like I've witnessed before, and I felt old. I feel renewed, but, physically, I'm as healthy as I can be. I assure you of that. I am well versed in medical situations."

Then noticing the sushi there, perhaps way tepid, she reaches over to pick one up and eat it.

"So, how have you been? Anything new since we last met?" Not an overt change of subject, as much as, perhaps that last one's done.

Illy's grin only finds more fuel at Anahita's responding smirk, and the colour is slowly draining away from the embarrassed pink shade and towards the earlier playfully purple colour when she sat down.

"Sorry Ana, but that ain't how friendship works! You aren't solely responsible for yourself. I'm responsible for you too. Duh. It's like you've never..."

Illithia stops short in her speech, her grin faltering for just a moment, with a whispered. "Oh. Damn."

"What I meant is that friends look after each other." Illithia tries to save her sudden trailing off, eagerly waving her hand. "Sounds like maybe you're just overstimulated. And if you need rest, you should friggin' rest, geez. Magically keeping yourself awake for long periods sounds like a good recipe for a short life."

While her tone is a little deprecating, and the purple colour is somewhat subdued, she holds steady with her grin. The colour begins to warm again as she carries on. "I've got sleep magic if you can't get to sleep yourself. Don't make me use it without permission! I'd hate to have to serve detention every time you need to sleep."

"You're trying to change the subject again. I'll indulge you if you let me escort you to your room. Deal?" Illy's grin has gotten wide enough to be considered 's!*$-eating' at this point, clearly thinking herself crafty and witty.

Damiani wrote:

Considering the question for a moment, Anahita then replies after a nod of affirmative, "If you mean the abilities I am a master of, years of experience-- hardly new. If you mean the recent boons I have been bestowed, perhaps two or three weeks at this time. I've come to lose track of time, perhaps some physical method to track would be best, though I'm ... not sure when I, no wait, I know when I started caring about these details. My apologies. The clarity of wakefulness, without the rushing wall of thoughts this time, thankfully. I believe this is the first time I've slept naturally without augmentation via magic though. Well, there was, perhaps there was last night. The night here, that is, in the woods. I'm beginning to think I might have some manner of mental illness, though I suspect I'm a poor subject of analysis given my recent experience. I'm not concerned though. Your concern is noted, and appreciated."

She leans in and gives Illithia a firm, warm hug at that, without thought and purely feeling induced.

"Does this remind you of yourself, perhaps? Something to do with your colorful display?" Anahita's warm and smooth finger tips brush, ever so lightly if Illy doesn't flinch from the touch or hug, along the exposed points of coloring. "The grey does not suit your person. The purple was a delight."

She smiles at that.

Illithia is listening intently as Anahita rambles on, and her eyes widen at her proclaimation that she might indeed be mentally ill, but that she doesn't really care about it. She opens her mouth to fiercely object, but Anahita startles her once again with a hug. The grey colouration in her ink shifts wildly between pink, red and navy blue as her emotions fluctuate wildly. The colour finally settles on a light pink as Anahita lightly runs her fingers along the extensive colouration.

"Y-yeah." she replies, blushing slightly. "I... wasn't at Avalon when my powers first started to manifest. It... can we not talk about it?" Her expression changes slightly, her slightly embarrassed grimace changing to an approving smirk quickly, though her colours and cheeks retain the light pink shade. "It took some time for me to get used to wearing my emotions on my sleeve." she says, holding a tattoo'd arm up with the same colouration.

"'Sides! You're changing the subject! Why aren't you concerned about your own well-being?!" she continues, the arm that was held up coming down to point accusingly. "Don't make me march you into the infirmary!"

Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

Anahita was doing anything but being alert to her surroundings, and Illithia's greeting rouses her sharply from what appeared to be a slumbering state.

Her reactions are of disorientation, surprise, quickly turning into awareness and her intense gaze once more.

"Illithia. Illy. Lovely colors. How fare you? I appear to have dozed off."

Anahita sounds oddly surprised at that, though apparently fully alert now. She gives that Cafe a quick glance as well.

Anahita then returns her gaze upon Illithia fully with her warm smile and serenely gaze. Nothing physically suggesting that the dark haired teen should be passing out, let alone in a seated position.

Illithia seems to deflate slightly upon hearing that, returning Anahita's intense gaze and warm smile with a similarly intense look, but her own mouth has creased into a thin line of worry, and the playful purple vanishes instantly, the ink shifting to grey.

"Anahita, did you actually doze off? I'm worried about you, this could be something serious. How new are your powers?" Anahita's expert empathy tells her that Illithia's worry is both genuine and intense... and perhaps even borne of personal experience.

GM Fireclaw wrote:
GM Fireclaw wrote:

Elsewhere on Agartha...

A man leans back in his chair. It had been four months of long, hard work, but it was done. Now he just needed a power source...

The plan was in motion... he had his power source and enough magical protections to prevent any Divination or Seer Sight from interfering... probably anyway. It was very difficult to fool a High Seer after all.

The man hefts a weary sigh. The Firebirds had been unexpected, and a little troublesome, but in the end it had been worthy: it had kept the High Seer's eyes focused away from him and any of his activities.

He slowly fingers a piece of paper on his desk, a smile creeping across his face. He takes a deep breath, allowing the scent of pine to permeate his being. Less than a week now.

Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

Even with the din of the cafeteria being what it is, this does not appear to pull Anahita out of her silent ...sitting there, eyes closed, listening to things that no one else hears.

Her expression though, is one of peace-- not contemplation. Her breathing even, relaxed. It hadn't been too long yet, though it could be thought that she'd doused off, seated there.

What was left of her early started lunch remained, nearly complete in front of her.

Disrupting Anahita's tranquil contemplation is none other than the halfling from this morning's conjuration class, landing heavily (for a halfling) in the seat next to Anahita and clumisly enough that she jostles the Keleshite somewhat roughly.

"BOOM! 'Sup Ana?!" Illithia says loudly, her marked skin flickering to a playful violet colour, a big grin on her face. Her silent companion - Marsalli - is nowhere to be seen.

On lunch skiing now, just wanted to post that I'm still alive! *wave*

Phew. Broke 400lbs for deadlifting at the gym today. So tired. Will try to get posts up when I get home.

The Doomkitten wrote:


I'm panicking right now. Tomorrow, I'm about to GM my first game ever-Doctor Who: Adventures of Time and Space-with an adventure of my own design.

I'm nineteen pages into it, and although the rest of my players have never played a TRPG before, and probably won't get very far, I'm still panicking.

Just remember, if at any time you feel nervous and uncomfortable, you can just tell your players that. Tell them you need a moment or a break to compose yourself. You're already a badass for hosting a game.

If they're worth anything, they will be patient and they will forgive you.

If you're going completely by RAW - the only way to "interfere" with a grapple is to use the Aid Another action which as you said "only amounts to a +2".

Of course, that's kinda silly IMO. I allow my players to initiate grapple on already grappled opponents, with a few caveats.

  • The third party entering the grapple must commit. If they fail the initial grapple check, they join the grapple but the opponent is automatically the controlling grappler.
  • Treat them as separate grapples. On the turn of the person who is being "double-teamed", he must make two separate grapple checks to main (or break the grapples). Penalties from the Grappled condition stack.
  • If at any time the person being double teamed loses control of either grapple, he can be forced to release the other grapple entirely.

    This gives grapplers a way to dive in a "save" less grapple-worthy party members from grapples, and can also give larger mobs the ability to "pull down" a more powerful foe. Also, it means that a particularly large monster is very difficult to wrestle someone else free of (I'm pretty sure there's a TVtrope where someone dives in to save someone and is also immediately grappled).

    These are just my house rules though, since the actual RAW is so limiting.

  • NO CAPES!!

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Staring at Elsa for a few moments after listening to her speak, Anahita's impassive mask let's up a moment in resignation at some internalized thought that does slip through, followed by the question, "If it would assist you to share of your daughter's plight, I am willing to listen. If it is her tale to share, however, then perhaps in time she will do so with me."

    She then moves towards her clothing, casually tossed atop a piece of furniture, proceeding to clean it and don it, first with arcane magic, then with her hands.

    Hm? I was fairly certain Vai shared at least part of her past with Anahita when they were discussing Champions?

    Elsa fidgets uncomfortably at the question, glancing away from the young woman, her clasped hands tightening until the elven woman's knuckles turned white. Anahita's superior skill at reading people can easily detect the stress at the suggestion of sharing.

    Her voice cracks slightly as she speaks. "If... if Vai has not shared it with you, I don't... I don't think I should." she says, her voice laced with guilt and pain.

    As Anahita begins to dress herself, Elsa fidgets once more. "Thank you again, Anahita. I will excuse myself now." there's another bow, and unless further questioned, Elsa backs out of the room and closes the door behind her.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Taking a moment to consider, Anahita then says, "We are what we are in the world due to experiences. It is good that you have a daughter that wishes you to be healthy and well. The mark of a family with affection and concern for one another. Do you not have the means to protect yourself? Surely your daughter is in some way learned from you in her abilities? I will admit that I do not know her history, or yours, well, at this time. I am a relatively new arrival here at this"

    She takes but a moment to dwell on the last word before stating it. After that though, a slight thought appears to cross her mind, and she relaxes her face going into an impassive expression.

    Elsa shakes her head at Anahita's comment, her waist-length blonde hair shimmering slightly in the light pouring into the dark room from the hallway. "We are farmers, not warriors. Vai's... abilities are not learned from us." she replies with a somewhat pained expression. "They are the result of evil that has been done to her."

    Sorry for the short post, on my way to work!

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Anahita returns the bow, while wrapping the towel around herself, clearly able to read the woman's disturbed state with ease.

    "I apologize, ma'am. I did not think of your cultural issues with my state of dress. As for your thanks for our efforts, you are most welcome. Creatures from the external planes have no place disturbing the balance as they do. Yet, they will continue."

    Considering for a moment, the teen then says, "When will you intend to return to your home world? Do you miss your fellow villagers? I am uncertain what more there is to be discussed."

    Elsa seemed a bit unsure of herself after Anahita's brief apology regarding cultural differences.

    She was briefly encouraged though by the fact that unlike the other girl Elsa had spoken to, Anahita seemed considerably less standoffish.

    "I... I'm not certain what path my husband and I will take yet. Vai--" there's a pause here for Elsa to collect herself. Memories of the previous evening's heated arguement are still fresh in her mind. [b]"Vai thinks that we will be in danger if we leave the school, at least for a little while yet."

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Looking at the Elven woman, while still in her towel, Anahita merely nods and greets her in response, then steps back to give Vai's mother access to the stoic room.

    "I recognize you as the mother of Vai. Is there a concern? Your fellow villagers are in good health, and your village should be restored in time, given the assistance assured me by the religious order they are currently with."

    She continues the drying off while allowing Vai's mother to step in if she wishes, the gold-silver links of a chain, wrapped around her left forearm, from elbow down, shine brightly their masterwork craftsmanship against her dark skin. The room itself is primarily dark, as if someone neglected to turn on any lights. Illumination comes from the window looking out into the fields.

    "I would offer you food and drink, regrettably, my quarters has not been prepared for visitors."

    Elsa visibly blushes as Anahita continues toweling herself off. She averts her eyes after a moment, trying to at least preserve some of the girl's dignity, even if she didn't seem to care for it.

    "That's... quite alright. I just... I just wanted to thank you for your help in rescuing us yesterday. We'd all be dead... or worse, if it weren't for you brave young people."

    She bows shallowly to accentuate her gratefulness, hands folded gently in front of her. It also helps to hide the fact that Elsa is pretty freaking embarassed that this mostly naked girl doesn't particularily care for her state of dress.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    One simple cantrip later, clothing discarded in a cleaner state than before, a shower commenced, she reckoned she would feel somewhat restored after that last orgy witnessed.

    If her Patron's goal was to cause Anahita to become indifferent to procreation rituals across the spectrum of life, she was starting down that road. The alternative, however, did dawn on her too. So far, no luring yet in that direction.

    A quick few soaking minutes later, while not cleansed to the soul, her form certainly was cleaner. She felt slightly restored while walking out combing her thick mane, wrapped in a towel.

    The room reminded her of some caves she'd been a dweller in, but it still lacked the touch of natural she always preferred.

    Shortly after Anahita has finished her shower, there comes a quiet knocking at the door to her room.

    Should Anahita choose to answer it, she'll find standing there an elvish woman. While she sports the eternally young face of all elves, this particular woman's expression belies a certain deep rooted sadness, though her bearing is upright - no slouch in these shoulders.

    Anahita may note the family resemblance between this woman and the (late) Champion of Light, the same blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. She may also recognize that this is one of the vilagers whom she assisted in rescuing the previous day from Belsayv.

    "Hello." she says with a small bow of her head. "Am I speaking with Anahita bint Tariq?"

    Dami, is Anahita on Schoolgrounds at the moment?

    Vai's Mom is going around to everyone who was part of the Belsayv mission and thanking them personally. Dunno if you want to bother playing that out or not.

    Actually, for those who want to play that out, let me know. She still has to visit:

    (Sadie has already been visited)
    Probably somebody else I'm missing.

    I give people the option because it could be boring, but it could be interesting too. I dunno.

    Krays wrote:

    "Yes. It will help."

    "Let me talk to Vai for a bit, and see what she has to say."
    He walks over to her still form lying on the table. Raises his staff and raps 3 times on the floor, and seems to zone out.

    ** spoiler omitted **

    Krays can feel Vai's spirit out in the ether, and it responds to his call...

    Imperial Chronicler wrote:
    Understood. To get to the meat of this, then...Is there anyplace Fei can see from his current position that he could teleport to that matches his aforementioned parameters? He's not trying to get closer to those two (he'd prefer not to at the moment) - he just needs a better view.

    Not trying to block the scene, just trying to add to/remind Fei of the danger of his position. I'm sure such a place could exist, especially with the two lovely ladies distracted with their... ahem... bath. Geez Fei, peeper much?

    Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:

    Fei's brow (hidden though it is) furrows at the mention of demons. He does briefly wonder why so many of Avalon's troubles seem to stem from demons...but it is only a fleeting thought as he continues his dual tasks of determining what the dragons' plans are, and what this place is for...

    If he can see a means to remain out of direct sight, he will very slowly try to reposition himself so he may see the two of them as they speak.

    If Fei knows nothing else from his time spent around his sabumnim and meldanya's family it's that whatever flaws dragons possess, poor senses are not among them. Even his own Vai's relatively untrained senses are quite sharp, and this Vai has a thousand years experience on her. Any attempt at movement from his current position is going to be extremely risky.

    In other words, Darth Vai has a fairly monstrous Perception score. ;P

    Tamrin - Gunslinger of Tomorrow wrote:
    He moves away from the table and toward the banks of lab equipment nearby, stopping at one of the multi-function analyzers. He takes the small book from his duster pocket, and gingerly places it...

    I'm afraid DB3 will have to be the one to answer this... ;P

    Suddenly, Kezzin feels another presence in his mind. A female presence that is initially full of rage, but quickly receeds to panic. These emotions bleed slightly over to Kezzin himself as the panic sharing his mind begins to mount.

    Taron Sunwake wrote:
    Evil Vai.

    Sorry, to specify, my PCs are only these: Ardiente, Ehos, Lily, Midori, Rena, Repp, Tyrrin, Vai, and (to a lesser extent) Vare.

    Evil Vai is an NPC, and a villain. She destined to die eventually. ;)

    While we're on the subject of the Sun, I'm taking bets on a pool for which of my PCs is gonna die next. First Ardiente, then Ehos and now Vai.

    Any bets? 100 "Whose-Line" points to buy in.

    If Vai's wound is inspected, it appears to be a direct and precise strike into Vai's brain stem from the back of her head. It would've killed her virtually instantly and painlessly.

    Tam's scan pulls in all the details of the surrounding area, saving it to his memory banks without trouble. As he flips the book open, something inside causes it to fall open to a particular page...

    The page itself is completely blank (as is the rest of the tome, if checked), though resting inside is a single, orange feather. A primary flight feather from a young adult Firebird, almost unmistakable.

    Settro wrote:
    Settro teleports to whenever he can get to.

    Settro appears inside one of the school's gardens near the west border of the school grounds - a walled section to prevent hapless animals from stumbling into the occasionally dangerous gardens. After a few moments spent looking around, he spots a man teleporting in atop the wall bordering the school. The man seems very oddly dressed - in combat fatigues - but one thing definitely sticks out to Settro: he has a firearm drawn, and looks prepared for combat as he pulls a set of goggles into place.

    Aanandareavekki wrote:
    ** spoiler omitted **

    Proving time and again that there ain't no rest for the wicked (and that the righteous don't get any either), Aananda's security feed bleeps at her. If she checks the blip, it comes up as:

    "CODE GREEN: Infirmary Patient Elopement.
    Patient Name: Vai Sunwake."

    Jacob Forgehand wrote:

    Out of curiosity... how long has it been since Alton revealed the Truth on the Sun?

    @Ed.... Thanks for the tip! And, I thought this feat might appeal to Melody...

    ** spoiler omitted **

    I think it's been 3-4 days since that event. I'd actually have to go through some of the logs for a more accurate answer.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Anahita considers the Halfling for a moment then leans over, when available to whisper closer, "I appreciate your concern, however, I have yet to be ill in any fashion. I doubt there is an issue with my mind either. I'm not quite certain, to be honest, what checked means along with some of your words. I do not have the one sickness, nor am I familiar with the latter in any manner. My well being is, I assure you, quite well in hand."

    While leaning there, she looks back to Vare, then whispering to Illithia discretely, "I do, however, believe that investigating this demi-plane of mine further, needs to cease at this time. That was my last thought before some time was lost.. delving into that again may be the cause of my just recent loss of time. I remain more curious though, and thank you for that."

    She smiles after that, then leans back and looks on at Vare's teaching.

    Illithia sighs slightly, sitting back in her chair, seemingly defeated by Anahita's stubbornness. Her tattoos remain the same sickly green colour as they were previously. "Stubbornness isn't a virtue, y'know." she mutters, her gaze returning to Vare and his lesson.

    Sorry for the short post, out of time and trying to keep going!

    Illithia sits back down, her ink still the same sickly-yellow-green colour. Her whisper as turned into a slight hiss. "It's really not a good thing Anahita. You could have epilepsy or porphyria or something. You should be checked."

    "Ace" wrote:
    "Fei, Professor Sunwake, would a blood transfusion help Vai recover her white blood cells? I can change my shape to try and match her blood type, though I am uncertain if it would be exact." Ace asks, worn out from all the healing he had to do.

    This may or may not be possible, given Vai's rather unique genetic structure. Vai is still technically humanoid though, and so Ace should be able to copy her form, right? Or does he have to eat her brain first?

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    She immediately narrows her gaze at Illithia, who'd been poking her, then around the room.

    "I have lost track of time, what has happened and for how long?" She frowns after speaking this, realizing full well where she is, and how she is not affording her Professor, regardless of their association, her best behavior.

    The thought of that washes over her expressive features, and she looks downward, self-chastised at her manner.

    Glancing towards Illithia, she whispers, "I apologize for my lapse, I'm unclear what happened or for how long." Even when out of control, she's polite.

    Illithia frowns, and glances at Vare who is also looking worriedly at Anahita's outburst in the middle of the lecture.

    "Anahita, you just had an absent seizure." Illithia responds worriedly, looking at her, though returning the whisper. "That's really not good." Her black ink has shifted now towards a yellow-green, sickly colour, and she's standing raising a hand and looking at Vare, who has yet to resume his lecture. "Professor, permission to take Anahita to the infirmary. I think she just had an absent seizure, and she should be checked."

    Melody's plan appears to be working - the electromagnetic field within Vai is softening and softening... and then is snuffed entirely. Melody gives the signal that the field is clear, and the gathered healers pour healing energy into Vai. The burns all across her body vanish, and she tenses, her back arching slightly at the massive spike of positive energy. Her heart rate spikes for a moment, and the medical equipment bleeps angrily. After a moment though, she relaxes. Her face is serene and peaceful, and no more burns are forthcoming...

    Unfortunately, this isn't the end of Vai's problems. The nanites in her bloodstream are reporting an extremely low white blood count. As Fei feared, the ultraviolet radiation has completely decimated her immune system. She will recover with rest, and the nanites can substitute in the short-term, but the medical staff will have to carefuilly monitor her, lest she succumb to an infection and develop Immune Reconstitution Syndrome or another auto-immune condition.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Anahita takes a moment to glance over at Illithia, scanning her features briefly, then looking back up at the board and Vare's lecture.

    After a moment, she nods and says, "Your recklessness is noted. I will investigate and share what I learn, in fact--"

    She promptly goes quiet, looking straight ahead, mostly unmoving save for the basics required for indicating she is alive still.

    After a few moments of this stillness, Illithia glances up at Vare, then back at Anahita. She delivers a few pokes to Anahita's ribs, which increase with intensity the longer the girl.

    If Anahita remains like this for more than 10 seconds or so, Illithia begins to be alarmed...

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Giving Illy a non-verbal look of warning, including Vare, Anahita adds discretely, "Beware of your voice, lest we are heard. I ... am not certain this is another plane of access by anyone save myself. I have the means, and willing can go, though I appear to travel there in fashion ...oddly. I do not wish to deny the opportunity to practice or use magic, however, what if you are rudely rejected? The danger is unknown to me and I sense there is a threat there."

    At this point, she unconsciously toys with the silver metal looking chain on her left wrist, entwined with her fingers.

    Illy nods at Anahita's chastisment regarding the voice volume, leaning in just a bit closer - so that her shoulder was touching Anahita's arm. Her voice is once again low and quiet, and the tattoo remains the same green colour. "Pft, I'm more interested than ever. A bit of danger's never stopped me before. What's the worst that could happen, right?" she says, with that same impish grin. She seems a bit reckless, perhaps. Or maybe just too brave and curious for her own good (which is pretty much the same thing).

    BTW, Anahita and Illithia's conversation should pretty easy for Lim-Mor to hear, if he wants to be involved.

    Reviarti wrote:

    after taking repo outside, riviarti produces several small white orbs, and commands them to search for ginni within a mile, and if found, to return to her, and they fly off.

    "Well, that's done."

    Bumpity bump!

    Illy just nods to that, listening to Anahita speak to her experience. Illy's tattoo's flicker briefly with a rainbow of colour which seems to race along the lines of 'ink'. "Well, you're definitely leaving here, so you have to be going somewhere else. That makes sense, right?"

    "Well, maybe we could try using a spell to reach it? Even if you can't take me with you, I can Plane Shift on my own." she offers in response, excitement clearly growing on her features, as the black ink shifts once again towards the green colour from before. Her voice is losing some of it's discretion too. Even Vare isn't deaf.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Glancing over at Illithia, Anahita looks back at Vare while he's speaking and says quietly and discretely, "I .. that is, if you are referring to me, seem to have access to tomes, which I'm at times unclear if are visual representations of my memory and what was provided to me, or given, before arriving here. I was never skilled in the arcane, but, now, it appears trivial and familiar, much in the way that the smells and sounds of home would."

    She furrows her brow a moment then adds, "I would be delighted to assist you, if you have questions-- the details of these planar beings, however, is new to me. Only some of them are known due to my adventures. Their interactions, do not appear too complicated."

    She keeps her attention on Vare, while trying to answer Illithia.

    After a moment, "There may easily be a Research Demiplane. I can check, after class, if you wish, or when we have a few seconds." She offers the Halfling a smile at that.

    "I'm talking about wherever you keep blinking off to, duh." Illy replies, once again having an impish grin on her face, though her tone and volume stay low. "Is that the place with the tomes or whatever?"

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Anahita appears to listen to the lecture.

    With any reference to something specifically non-magical, she just sits and listens, though when any arcane topic arises, per the skill, depending on the exotic or degree of obscurity to it, her eyes flutter and take on that distant look, or she may actually vanish utterly, the first time the topic is brought up.

    Regarding discussion of the planar topics, this oddness does not occur. It seems to primarily occur with regards to 'magic', i.e. the arcane, and only the once.

    When the various races of planar beings are mentioned, however, she will occasionally peer to the side, as if someone where speaking into her ear to her right.

    Her expression, for the most part, however, remains neutral or pensive. She does occasionally between speaking, peer out at the others in the room.

    Midway through the lecture, Illithia - still seated next to the Amazing Vanishing Girl - leans in to whisper to Anahita. "So, is there like some kinda Research Demiplane or something I should know about? It would save alot of studying time."

    Vare is as clueless as ever, continuing on with his lecture seemingly without noticing the whispering girl.

    Lim-Môr Azair'vialys wrote:

    "Fair enough. Good to know it's not for the usual reasons."

    He says, fairly ambivalent about it.
    "There /is/ always magic, though."
    He offers.

    "Magic is amazing, isn't it?" Illy replies to that in a low and sultry voice (or, at least, as low as a Halfling teenager can manage), and looks like she's about to continue on when Vare finally turns around clears his throat. Whatever the tattoo'd halfling was about to say is cut off, as she glances to the front. She gives Lim-Mor a wink before turning to face the front.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:
    Opening her eyes after the zillion runaway thoughts shot through them, she looked over toward Vare, seeing what he'd written. Trying to keep her thoughts silent, proved to be as much a failure as silencing Jivana.

    As she examines Vare's handiwork on the board, he appears to be drawing a design of some kind, in white chalk. He's being very meticulous in his drawing, careful of even small details.

    The device Vare is drawing is most definitely a summoning and binding circle, and could be used to draw Outsiders to be trapped within it, were the appropriate magic brought forth upon it.

    Lim-Môr Azair'vialys wrote:

    "Eh. I'd rather wait really. More fun getting the full experience the first time. Just gotta wait for someone to come along that doesn't mind some extra stuff."

    He flexes his wings when referring to extra stuff.

    "Hey, wings can be totally hot." she replies with a smile, and a thumbs up. "I'd totally be down with you, but you're probably like, way too big for me, if you catch my drift. Big is nice, but painful isn't, y'know?"

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Glancing once more between Illy and Lim-Môr, Anahita continues her study of any visible magic Illy is using.

    She contributes nothing new to their conversation.

    Anahita's analysis reveals that the tattoos are indeed magically active, and giving off a faint aura of both Transmutation and Conjuration magic.

    Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:
    Melody Waverider wrote:

    Mel rushes out of the room to where fei and vai were taken.

    she pulls out her sonic, already set to scan Tybs from earlier.

    Fei, what happened? she assks as she scans Vai

    Fei looks up from the nanite dock where he just locked in the tank. Stepping away for Aananda to begin the programming, he stops by Melody briefly.

    "She her Patron for speaking of something it did not want her to speak of at all," the young monk replies after a deep, steadying breath.

    "They all have the ability to harm their Champions when they do not...cooperate. And they can do so to such a degree that all types of healing are reduced to the slowest rate possible."

    Melody and Aananda:

    Both Melody's Sonic and Aananda's scanning equipment can pick up short-lived bursts of Electromagnetic radiation in the Ultraviolet band within Vai's body. The light, somehow, simply ceases to be a centimeter outside of Vai's body, vanishing entirely. The bursts are powerful enough to badly burn skin, and also to severely compromise Vai's immune system. This EM radiation may hamper Aananda's nanites, unless they've been hardened since the attack.

    [i]The three gathered here to tend to Vai suddenly become four, as Ace is succinctly deposited here, rather unceremoniously on the floor, and without warning. He had been sitting quietly in his first class of the day, when he found himself instead dumped into an infirmary room, with Fei, Melody, and Aananda present, along with a very crispy looking Vai.

    As Fei has let up his energy treatment of Vai, he'll note that her burns are slowly reforming where his energy had worked to heal his meldanya.

    Sorchan del Sol wrote:
    "Thank you. Is there anyone else who hasn't turned in their completed paperwork? If not I thought you lot might like a brief tour of the school while your schedules are being processed. Although I should warn you that the building has a tendency to rearrange itself so you'll need to use the arrows even after you learn your way around."

    The scribe has taken all the antics of the teenagers (and non-teenagers) in stride, merely watching impassively. He smiles slightly when Archena thanks him, but beyond that he's pretty serious and professional in his demeanor.

    "I believe I have all the papers that were handed out, Professor. In about twenty minutes I shall have these all processed, as long as my peace is maintained." With that, he glances at the occupants of his office, before moving to sit at his desk, sorting through the forms with a frightening speed, magically aided.

    This is me saying, you're free! Go forth Firebirds, and ruin the school instead of the Poor Scribe's office. ;P

    Lim-Môr Azair'vialys wrote:

    "Well, that's not... where I'm from that's one of the worst kinds of shame. Elves aren't as fertile, so fooling around is normal and almost encouraged. So, no I haven't uh... assisted myself before... that's even worse than having no experience."

    He raises his eyebrows up and down in quick succession at the wink, unphased by this kind of subject due to his uprbrining.

    "Pfft, how're you gonna know what you like if you don't help yourself out once in a while? Whatever your home culture tells you, there's nothing shameful about it. We're at this school to learn, right? Just think of it as another homework assignment. Except you actually want to do this one." Illy adds, continuing her wide-eyed grinning, leaning forward onto her desk so that she can more easily look past Anahita to Lim-Mor.

    Meanwhile, behind Illy, Marsi has once again rolled her eyes and turned back to the front of the class, trying to catch a glance of what Vare was drawing on the board. Class should be starting any minute now...

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Looking at Illy, "Illy, as you wish."

    She studies the hands and tattoo turned snakes, then after a half moment of thought, casts Detect Magic to aid her study. Her attention kept on the manifested power once complete.

    "Neither of those terms carry the weight of terms I'd appreciate, and I am not presently a boy nor toy. Their meaning seems to convey a casualness of the act of life creating that is lacking. Is this a standard teenager mind set?"

    Her tone is clinical, merely sharing her thoughts while remaining somewhat curious.

    "I will applaud my first teacher, a female, that shared the finer points of the female anatomy, which did help contribute to my personal and external studies, however, I'm more curious in the thoughts and motivations here. Self experimenting seems ...not appropriate yet, nor am I curious enough. Is it Lust? Romance? Power play? Domination? A twisted climb of the social structure? Perhaps a way to ignore an inner fault with the act? Hence my suspicion this might be an addiction. Why not do the act vigorously for the health benefits and bonding that could occur between mates? Or the development of intimacy and trust between a chosen ...partner? Does that not enter your thoughts, Illy?"

    Regardless of her words, she is a living and, apparently, breathing, young woman. Rather impressive human specimen too.

    I think I gave the wrong impression with my description. Just meant to imply that the tattoo winds up her arms and hands, not that it's currently moving.

    Unabashed, Illithia continues on grinning away, eager to share what she knows. The tattoo has begun now to subtly shift towards a light green colour. "Well, what about 'friend with benefits'? And it's not just the act of creating life. In fact, most of the time it's definitely not that."

    "Like I said though, what sex is, is up to the people doing it. It can be any and all of those things. And I definitely prefer it done vigorously." she adds with a wink, glancing at Lim-Mor to see his reaction to this discussion.

    Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

    Anahita's eyebrows raise up at the various tones of voice and their strife filled conversation. A slight change of expression after the fact as well.

    Then, after his wave and such, she offers, "Perhaps you should seek out a brothel? There are places where such an act, bestowed upon someone, is considered a duty and honor. I have heard of such, though never partaken. Are you saying you have yet to experience an orgasm, and thus, cannot contribute to the discussion? I fear that may stir Illithia playfulness." She glances over at the Halfling.

    "Is he a fitting suitor? or ... what is the appropriate term? Casual partner?"

    Apparently Anahita might be turning into a relationship matchmaker.

    As if on command, Illithia's eyes seem to gleam with joy, and her grin widens to practically manic glee. She raises her hands up - the black 'tattoos' snake along up to her fingers. "Call me Illy." she says to Anahita, before continuing on. "You guys, come on. You don't need someone on the other end. No brothel needed if you've got these babies. Just need to find what you like. Just a little..." Illithia makes an extremely crude jerking motion with her hand.

    "And.. casual partner is a bit clinical. You could go with something like 'f#%*buddy' or 'boytoy'. Those are fine too." she replies to the second question without answering the first.

    Damiani wrote:
    FireclawDrake wrote:

    Is Ash Haired Guy reacting to the scene with Vai? Any senses or extra information you need?


    Maaaaybe, who's asking? :) More importantly too, how/what ability employed?

    Happy to respond though.

    Mostly asking as the 'GM' who's running that bit, if there's anything special you need to know other than what's already been posted. :)

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