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Sunlord Thalachos

GM Fireclaw's page

1,366 posts. Alias of FireclawDrake.


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"Ace" wrote:
Just curious if Ace may or may not be close enough to have heard some of the shouting

It was probably muffled enough that Ace might not have caught exactly what it was about, but he would've definitely recognized Aananda's and Vai's voices.

Aanandareavekki wrote:

"My way might have killed a hundred-odd people....your way would have for certain. Aegythrax wouldn't have destroyed your village, no. He would have made Vai do it. He would have made her kill all of you slowly and laughed while it happened. That's the kind of creature he was. I'm not irresponsible....I'm just better at recognizing monsters. I've had plenty of practice," she said, her voice breaking a little as she remembered Chan, barely ten years old, smiling and laughing as they played in the waterfall near the temple. He hadn't always been a monster...had he? She pushed the thought away. It wasn't the time.

"Well, to be fair....once they start asking for...

Neither of Vai's birth parents seem to have anything left to say, neither of them making eye contact with this woman whom their daughter is hiding behind...

Writing a response to this...

Aanandareavekki wrote:

"You fight anyway, even if you don't think you can win! You change the rules! You find the enemy of your enemy and make alliances! You realize that a powerful dragon has better things to do than chasing down villagers! Sure, he'd get a few, but not everyone, and you had to know he wasn't going to stop until there was no one left no matter what you did! Or you die trying to save your child, because that's what parents do! It doesn't even matter if you think you can win! You don't hand your child over to a monster! That's not what you do to someone you love! You can't do something like that and still call yourselves parents!" she snapped, trying and not entirely succeeding at reining in her temper.

She took a few deep breaths and continued in a softer, but much more frightening voice. "I'm sure you think I don't understand. You'd be wrong. Maybe I am stronger than you, and I have more resources, but I didn't get them from doing nothing. I had none of those resources to start with. Aegythrax is not the scariest thing I've ever had to rescue one of my children from. I understand fighting a hopeless fight...

It was Vai's father's turn to speak, though no because Elsa lacks words - his temper had flared as well, during Aananda's speech. "Your solution would leave everyone dead!" he bellows, his voice quieter after that outburst but continuing on in a heated tone, tears drying on his face. "We don't have any idea what magics monsters like dragons have! For all we knew, he could've just cast a spell and killed us all! I love my daughter, and my heart broke the day I did what I had to do. But the alternative was the slaughter of the village! A hundred-odd people! A hundred people who are still alive to this day, who would not be if we had elected to take your path!"

A slight sob from Vai can be heard as she cowers behind Aananda, holding on tight to her.

Vai's father calms slightly at that noise, no longer shouting or being heated. But he does look directly into Aananda's eyes, making a passionate motion with his hand. "If it had just been our lives at stake, then I would've died a hundred times over for Vai's sake. But it wasn't, and I'm not so irresponsible to risk the lives of a hundred more innocent people. Maybe you are." he finishes, and looks away, the stout resolve on his face broken only by his lip quivering.

Aanandareavekki wrote:

"Then you understand why she doesn't want to speak to you right now."

"So I'm going to ask you the question she's dying to know the answer to. Why did you do it? You had to know nothing good would happen to her. Why did you chain her to that rock so Aegythrax could take her? How do you justify that so you can sleep at night?"

"What were we supposed to do?" comes a strangled reply from Vai's birth mother, who is fighting tears more and more as Aananda speaks. She is shaking with emotion as she speaks. "We hadn't the resources to fight a dragon, and he told us if we fled the village that he would hunt us down." the woman's voice broke, but she continues after a moment. "And.. if we don't sleep well at night. We haven't since the first day that monster came to our village."

The pair are both sitting up at this point. If Aananda checks their chart, she will find that they were found to be in good health apart from traces of a powerful sedative in their bloodstream, which has been purged.

The blonde haired man almost immediately breaks his gaze on Aananda, shame-facedly looking away, while the elvish woman's expression is full of gentle sadness, glancing at her daughter behind this strange woman.

"Yes, we know." The man replies in a barely audible whisper, the only response forthcoming from the pair.

I'll just leave this here.

"Ace" wrote:

Upon hearing Vai shout, Ace looks to Ginni and Tami. "Vai looks like she needs a friend. You two seem to have things in hand with Morrivan, and you're both much closer to her than I am. The staff here can help her, but Vai is beyond their reach. Let me see if I can calm her down."

He moves off to where Vai is standing and talking to her parents. Then, suddenly, she disappears in a flash of light. Ace strides over to the spot she teleported from and manifests the same power he used to track her dark twin. Trace Psychoport

Vai is still somewhere in the school, somewhere nearby. Ace could follow the signature there, in a few minutes.

"Vai, we..!" Avery begins, before Vai cuts him off again.

"Vai..." begins Elsa, laying on the bed as the scanning begin to work on detecting exactly what kind of sedation to which the pair had been subjected.

GM Fireclaw wrote:
Ginni wrote:
They'd barely convinced her to eat anything, and Morrivan was definitely not in good shape. Ginni and Tamina debated in whispers for a bit, but eventually decided that for her own good they needed to take Morrivan to the infirmary. She didn't even argue when they suggested it. She just sat there listlessly until they practically dragged her with them.
Across the infirmary as Ginni, Tamina, and Morrivan enter teleports in Vai, quickly pulling her hands away from the two adults she had seemingly brought with her. The adults are a human man and a elf woman, both blonde haired and... it's pretty obvious their relation, even at this distance. Having arrived in the receiving area of the infirmary, a beleaguered looking nurse hurries over, and Vai can be seen saying a few words to the nurse before the pair are whisked away to beds in the non-critical section, followed closely by Vai.

And Ace, since he's with them.

Ginni wrote:
They'd barely convinced her to eat anything, and Morrivan was definitely not in good shape. Ginni and Tamina debated in whispers for a bit, but eventually decided that for her own good they needed to take Morrivan to the infirmary. She didn't even argue when they suggested it. She just sat there listlessly until they practically dragged her with them.

Across the infirmary as Ginni, Tamina, and Morrivan enter teleports in Vai, quickly pulling her hands away from the two adults she had seemingly brought with her. The adults are a human man and a elf woman, both blonde haired and... it's pretty obvious their relation, even at this distance. Having arrived in the receiving area of the infirmary, a beleaguered looking nurse hurries over, and Vai can be seen saying a few words to the nurse before the pair are whisked away to beds in the non-critical section, followed closely by Vai.

Monkeygod wrote:

If I bomb David from orbit, do I still get cursed?

Yes. If you are on another plane and cast Wish and wish for David to take damage, you will have to save. Same as if you had done that to slay a linnorm.

Such is the retributive nature of the Linnorm's curse.

Re: curse and range. I'm sorry but "A curse on all those who harm me" sounds much cooler than "A curse on all those who harm me, but oh right only of they're within some arbitrary distance".

Which one sounds cooler? ;)


While Tryko'Sam is waiting for the signal from the priests to begin trasnport, the mysterious stranger returns with fresh meat from his hunt, looking to assist in feeding the villagers and aiding in their recovery. The stranger is told not to build a fire though, as the villagers would be moved shortly anyway.

Meanwhile, Vai asked Tryko'Sam not to move two specific villagers, as they would be coming back to Avalon. When questioned, she explains quietly to Tryko'Sam the details of why they come to Belsayv in the first place - the identity of the school's attacker, and her own fear that her parents would've been the next target. Avalon is at least more able to respond to potential threats.

The signal is eventually given from the priests of Pelor that they are ready, and Tryko'Sam begins to transport the barely conscious villagers to a more proper long term care solution. The transportation itself is done and over fairly quickly, and the priests and priestesses begin their work in earnest to begin the healing process.

Back at the camp, Vai looks around at the gathered group, and there is a small smile on her face. At least she knew she could count on her friends. She sets about getting the Starcasters ready for use, re-programming their locations to return them to the green just outside of Avalon's front doors. She introduces herself to the mysterious stranger, and tell both him and Vickory that Avalon is a school, and welcomes everyone who does not wish harm on another. She offers them a Starcaster each. The number of Starcasters isn't really a restriction as the Champions could simply go to Avalon and bring the devices back.

Eventually, everyone is arrived at Avalon safely. Vai thanks everyone profusely once again for putting themselves at risk and devoting their time to help her. Up to this point, she hasn't spoken a word to her parents, and they've stayed quiet as well, having been among the first to shake off the effects of the sedative.

Vickory West wrote:
Vickory frowns a moment, not knowing why the negativity towards dragons,"We are the dragon clan cause we killed a dragon of the Eastern Empire and Sorenson made its bones into one of my kind, though she is dragon shaped. As for those things, they feed on pain. Not sure what it was, but something attracted them here. My guess is it was something tied to that ghost girl that Vai knows, the monsters had the ghost girl trapped in a device, though we destroyed it along with the monsters."

Despite the haze of the sedation, the man does at least pick up on one thing that Vickory said, though the rest seems to simply go straight over his head. "Vai? You're here with Vai?" he asks, looking around and seeing his daughter away some fifty feet. The fear seems to fade from his eyes as he looks back to Vickory. "She.... you saved us?"

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:
Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

The young man, seeing how worn down and in need of food the villagers are, disappears into the forest. An hour later, he returns carrying the carcasses of several large prey animals Deer, caribou, whatever that he felled with his bow.

He clears a large space, and gets to building a fire pit, while also starting to clean his kills.

Repost for FCD, this is my mystery man helping out the villagers with dinner

If he's gone for an hour, I worry that the group might not be there when he returns. He definitely won't be back before Sadie and Tryko'Sam. That's mostly why i had left this for now.

Vickory West wrote:
"I am Vickory West of the Dragon clan, fourth of the clans of Sorenson's children. I come from another place and am a stranger to these lands."

"Dragon c-clan?" he says, the fear in his eyes only seeming to increase at Vickory's mention of dragons. He shuffles away as much as his state allows, which is to say, not very much. "What? Which dragon? What about those... things?"

Round 2, Celestial Eagle

The eagle comes into being and, at Augustus' orders, strikes out against the kidnap-attempting rider, it's Celestial talons and beak trying to rip at him!

Talon #1: 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 3 + 2 = 10
Talon #2: 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 3 + 2 = 21
Beak: 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 3 + 2 = 8
1 Talon hit: 1d4 ⇒ 4

The Eagle tears a long gash in the rider's shield-arm, casuing him to cry out, but not lose his grip yet on Seirin.

Round 2, Rider's turn

In spite of this new assault, the rider maintains his strong grip on Seirin, attemping now to pull her onto his bear, to be held in front of himself.

CMB: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

Seirin is indeed pulled up onto the bear's back, and is now laying on her stomach with one half of her body slinged over each side on the bear. The rider appears to be pressing his shield onto her back, the weight still keeping her held, though she may still attempt to struggle against this.

Again, I'm sort of ad-hocing these rules since this kinda stuation doesn't reaally fit into a standard grapple, but is definitely conceivable. Let's say that Seirin is still considered grappled now, but gains +5 on any checks to break free as she's not actively being held, though her position is still difficult.

Meanwhile the bear swings a paw at the eagle which has struck his master.

Claw: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10, Damage: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

While the eagle sustains a greivous wound, it has not yet been dealt enough damage to be unsummoned.

Round 3 - PCs turn!

Vickory West wrote:

Vickory having completed what she was doing, starts asking some villagers about the local world (as far as Vickory knows this is the world she will be living in for awhile) she will start with the two Vai is avoiding.

The family resemblance goes unnoticed as most reaplings look related, though she partially understands the type of relationship, though it hasn't been mentioned yet to her, so she will ask the couple about Vai, (out of curiosity why Vai is avoiding them. This is her reason for asking, not her question.).

Most of the villagers appears to be still fairly non-responsive, thanks to whatever sedation they had been under, though they do seem to be gradually coming out of it, quicker now that they are being hydrated.

Of the two in particular which Vickory has selected to address, the man appears to be more cogniscant of his surroundings, though when Vai's name is mentioned, he seems to appear to gain a little more lucidity, sitting up slightly before returning to a laying position. "Vai?" he says groggily, before his eyes fall on Vickory's lower half and she can see the fear in his eyes, though numbed. "Who arrr youu?" comes the numbed-sounding voice of the middle-aged human.


Belyu, Adon, Yrrin, and the as-yet-unamed stranger all easily spot a pair of the stirring villagers which Vai appears to be specifically avoiding - both fair haired, a man and a woman. The woman is the only elf among all the mixed-race villagers. It's pretty clear, these are Vai's parents. Alive, if still extremely groggy. Depending if Vickory understands such relationships (and has finished what she was doing with her cloak), she also may spot the family resemblance.

The goal for which they came appears to have succeeded. Vai's parents are alive. Mission success.

As Anahita's life energies flow out around her, villagers who were only groggily noticing her or paying attention slowly begin to heal. Even those still unconscious feel a trickle of the life energy, and begin to mend.

I'm going to assume Yrrin is also channelling here, so the villagers are pretty much all healed of their wounds.

Despite the healing energies present, most of these people are still decidedly very groggy, a likely after-effect of whatever was keeping them sedated.

And I'm out of time now. Most posts later!!

Hey folks - Belsayv obviously isn't very well defined and you're free to make things up about it as you go along regarding the cities and such, but there are a few important notes regarding it that really shouldn't change (to keep continuity).

-Belsayv is typical fantasy-setting planet. It is populated by all the normal fantasy types, as well as any magical beasts and so on you might expect to find in any other full 'campaign setting' planet.
-Belsayv was in fact surveyed by the Empire to become a member world, but it's distance from the core Empire worlds and lack of anything that made it stand out means that it is low-priority, and so it has not yet been folded into the Empire proper.
-The tech/magic level here is roughly equivalent to Golarion, and I imagine if any Imperial level tech ever did crash, it would be akin to Numeria in that setting (technic league, etc).
-Belsayv also has dragons of it's own, but it's unknown whether or not those Dragons have ever made contract with the Empire. (Aegythrax was Imperial.)
-At very least they have Pelor as a deity, not sure what Temple Tryko'Sam has spotted but it could be non-greyhawk if you wish Dami.

Vickory West wrote:

Vickory mostly ignores the newcomer given that Vai was expected to return with something or someone. She does continue to examine the machine, in particular the material it is made from. If she can manage it, she will salvage what she can looking for good amouts of the alloy to make stuff with it.

When directions are mentioned by Vai and Tryko-sam, she will get their attention and an image forms in front of her which looks like a miniture of the path they took, she points at a hill, "This is where I met your group. If this is the right direction to the village, it is that way. The map orients itself to the proper direction. As you can see, it is not that far. Will this do for your teleporting?"

Given the nature of the material, Vickory may be able to harvest if she has something with which to seperate pieces from the machine. An adaminatine tool - weapon or otherwise - may be able to easily seperate pieces for later use/study.

Ephebe wrote:
Ephebe smiled as she watched the children run off to play. It was good to see them enjoying themselves. Children with powers so rarely got a chance to just be kids.

A few minutes after the children had all left, Ephebe's senses pick up a miniscule rustling in the undergrowth nearby. Probably just a squirrel or other rodent moving through the brush... no wait... there it was again. A twig snapping... too heavy to be a rodent then... Someone might be trying to sneak up on her.

Phaezeriel wrote:

Phaezeriel points with one hand and a thin green ray springs forth from it, striking the machine.

Manifesting Disintegration. It destroys a ten foot cube worth of materiel when used against an object.

Phaezeriel's spell vaporizes a chunk of the machine, and along with it, much of the threading that was working it's way through Jan's body.

With an audible sigh, and what sounds like a slight sob - either of joy or sadness - the ghostly form of Jan quietly fades away, leaving nothing left. Her soul has passed on from this plane, put to rest through the knowledge that her torturer had been dealt with.

Sadie Jhiwoon wrote:
"Well....smashing things isn't usually my forte, but this seems like a good time to try something," she said, focusing on forming a forcefield in front of her and smashing it into the machine.

Hmm... the machine has Hardness 20. Can Sadie deal enough damage to overcome that?

Jan seems to be at least momentarily at a loss for words at the news that her tormentor in her previous life has passed on.

Meanwhile, the other members of the group are trying to figure out what, if anything, they can identify about the monstrous machine which seems to be keeping the ghostly figure hostage.

Knowledge: Arcana (DC20):

Upon closer inspection, the machine appears to be at least partially made up of the gemstone onyx, somehow alloyed in with whatever other metals make up the machine. Onyx is often used as a material component in Necromantic spells and rituals.

Knowledge: Arcana (DC25):

Everything listed under the DC20 check, plus...
There have been theories that if one was able to use magic alloy the onyx gemstone with adamantine (this is not possible using typical metallurgy), you might create a non-magical material which would be able to touch incorporeal creatures, such as ghosts, similar to a weapon/armor with the Ghost Touch property.

Knowledge: Arcana (DC30):

Everything listed under the DC20 & DC25 checks, plus...
You know that the theories regarding the alloying of onyx and adamantine are in fact true, but research has shown that the rituals required to craft such a material are dangerous and have a corrupting influence, akin to the darkest of magic. As such, most research surrounding this topic has been abandoned.

Knowledge: Religion (DC20):

Given the way the light in the room reacted to Adon's antimagic, and the nature of the light that the machine had been giving off, it's likely this machine is doing /something/ with ectoplasm - the essence of incorporeal creatures.

Knowledge: Religion (DC25):

Everything listed under the DC20 check, plus...
It is extremely likely, given some tiny flickers in the ghost's luminescence (which are barely noticeable), that the machine is actually leeching ectoplasm directly out of the ghost for some purpose. Literally draining it's soul. If it went on indefinitely, it is likely that the ghost would simply fade away and vanished, the soul permanently removed from the lifestream, destroyed entirely by the process.

Combined Total of 50 on both Knowledge: Arcana & Religion checks:

Given that ghosts are generally held in the world by some negative emotion from their previous life, and the information Vai just gave to Jan, it is entirely probable that the dark machine is preventing Jan's spirit from finding it's final rest. Releasing her from the machine would allow her to move on. It would be somewhat difficult given the resilience of the metal, but it would not need to be delicate work.

Headmaster Ryo wrote:
school' shi gets ranked faculty member

Translation from autocorrectenese: school's highest ranked faculty member.

Midha Yamauchi wrote:
So yeah, the forum dice continue to hate me. Holding my move action until I know what my immediate surroundings are - things she could climb, hide behind, or otherwise get a tactical advantage from.

Oh ye forum dice. The Betrayers.

[i]Midha had retreated towards a narrow passage between two larger buildings. Constructed of stones of various shapes and sizes, Midha might recognize this as a building built to withstand earthquakes, given her life underground. Fortunately for her, this means she could scale the 15 or so feet with relative ease if she tried (DC10 Climb checks).

Augustus you have finished your casting. Smite Evil is ineffective against these foes (the rider is not Evil), but you have a Celestial Eagle now.

Vai Sunwake wrote:

"Thanks guys." she murmurs to her nearby friends, before looking at Jan, Vai's wavy blonde hair shimmering slightly in the light. She pushes that one piece back behind her ear, standing tall.

"Jan? It's me, Vai." she says levelly, though she has yet to remove her hands from the shoulders of her friends - aversion to physical contact or no.

The ghost seems to calm down as there's no longer something directly triggering her memories of her former life,, and finally take stock of her surrounding, and more importantly, the half-elf girl. "Vai! You're here to rescue me from Him?!" The ghost says, and despite the fact her screams have discontinued, she still seems frantic. "He might come back any second! Quick, get me out of here!" the ghost cries, struggling against the bonds of the twisted machine which holds her.

Vickory West wrote:
After opening the cage and glancing over the captives for severe wounds, Vickory then goes to examine the machine rather closely.

Anyone inspecting the machine proper will need to make both a Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Religion) check. Make both, even if you don't have ranks.

It comes down to this:

Power Attack wrote:

You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls.


Sadly, Swallow Whole isn't a melee attack, it's a combat maneuver.

This does mean, however, that Power Attack works on things like Inflict Wounds and Shocking Grasp. I like to imagine spellcasters punching people with spells.

Deadly Aim specifies that it does not work on Touch Attacks, but Power Attack doesn't. :)

Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

For the most part, the desert looking girl, with her thick, raven black, wavy hair did little more than spectate as people unloaded their violence upon the remaining N'gathau. Impassive, was the expression on her features, while her intense gaze peered around them exploring the surroundings.

Glancing into the cage, once it is popped open by one of the two new found persons, Anahita looks the villagers over briefly to gauge their state of being.

If anything, she doesn't seem to engaged in the situation, occasionally peering off as if hearing someone or something catching her attention.

Anahita's assessment of the villagers seem to match what she had learned back at the village proper - they were taken by force, but not intended to kill. What is easily visible to the Keleshite's trained eye is: various bruises and cuts, along with the trauma of being dragged along for some distance in a giant sack stuff with all their peers. All those which she observes with her Champion abilities appear to be alive. Again though, given that none of them roused at the sound of the battle, it is possible they have been drugged, poisoned, or otherwise kept unconscious.

Adon Derro wrote:
adon raises an eyebrow. He walks up to the machine, unnaturally calm as ever, practically blind to the ghost's suffering, and shoves antimagic at it, in case it had a magical feature to it.

Adon's attempt does have an effect, though perhaps not the one he is seeking - ghoulish green light which had lit the cavern previously is doused, plunging them all into the deep darkness of the underground, with only the slight glow of the ethereal Jan illuminating the scene. She still seems to struggling and unable to free herself.

Round 1 - Rider's Turn

With a powerful volley from Jericho's weapon and the fire from Seirin's hands, an ordinary bear might have taken that moment to turn tail and flee, especially given the pair of bullets that just embedded themselves into it's side. This is not a normal bear though, and it obeys the commands of it's rider, and charges forward.

With all of Seirin's allies having scattered from around her - Jericho 10 feet to the left of her, Augustus similarily on the right and Midha having retreated backwards a considerable distance.

The man atop the bear charges in... and strangely, does not immediately use his axe. Instead, he aims to grab at the Seirin herself, aiming to pull the woman in front of him onto his mount - perhaps taking himself an early prize.

Grapple check: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

The rules for this kind of maneuver obviously are being a bit ad-hoc'd, but if he succeeds on a move to pin, that'll be scooping Seirin onto his bear.

He manages to grab onto Seirin's outstreched hand. His hands are strong and quick. A warrior through and through.

Round 2 - PCs may act!

The ghost seems unwilling or unable to believe or maybe even hear Vai, and her shouts of dismay slowly begin to turn to begging, pleading for the pain to stop or be released, no doubt reliving the last days of her life....

Alright, gonna stop there and give people a real chance to react. Sorry. xD


Vickory's quick skills are able to get the lock on the cage open, and the door swings slowly open. Most of the villagers still seem to be unconscious - drugged perhaps, as the sound of battle did not wake them. There are a few groggy sounds and movements, but nothing substantial.

Jan's eyes trace the movement of the dragon descending upon her, and something clicks, and she throws her translucent hands out towards Vai in what might have been an attempt to protect herself. Another scream rings out from the ghost. "No! Stay away! Stay back! Please Lord!" Despite her incorporeality, Jan does not appear to be able to free herself from the machine, struggling momentarily against it's bonds.


Unfortunately for Vickory, the creature with which she was conversing was not long for this world as the wrath of her blue dragon ally is now directed towards it. Aided by the timely arrival of Belyu, Adon and their mysterious companion, the dual-sided spellcaster falls quickly to arrow, tooth and claw, aided by guidance from the holy power of Yrrin.

Meanwhile, a shining bastion of righteousness, Yrrin calls forth on all the powers at his disposal, and dispatches his foe with a telling blow, striking straight through his armour and almost splitting the N'gathau in two.

The remaining N'gathau's invisibility wears off shortly thereafter, and is slain more in what is more akin to an act of mercy than combat. He was doomed anyway.

There's a long moment of silence in the cavern as the echoes of the battle fade away.

A few things remain to be done - the cage which holds the mostly villagers must be opened, and there is still the question of the monstrous machine, which appears to have a ghost caught in it's midst - the source of the screams which had propelled Vai onward so recklessly before.

And of course... who is the stranger accompanying Belyu and Adon?

lynora wrote:
Also, in Kuros, was there anything else you guys were wanting to do specifically or are we just going to handwave/narrate the rest of the cleanup? I don't want to drag things out past the point that people found things interesting. And who was supposed to be showing up with that demiplane? Also, what happened with the whole request from Ghalen to the headmaster about contacting Tyrrin's mom to help determine if the virus was able to be contained in Kuros or not?

I had Tyrrin come in and fill people in. Other than that I'm good to move forward. I thought we were waiting on Ryo for the last bit with Denulia.

Sadie Jhiwoon wrote:
GM Fireclaw wrote:

Belsayv (Combat)

Sadie & Anahita
[Lots of Damage]

Before Anahita is able to carry through with her threat, Sadie's expert bladesmanship cuts their foe down, and he falls, dead. His poisonous blood pours out of his body onto the stone floor of the cavern.

Across the cave, the ghostly girl seemingly attached to the dark machine stirs noiselessly, her undead and supposedly incorporeal form seemingly trapped within the confines of the machine's dark clutches.

New round has begun for anyone still waiting on me

Belsayv (Combat)


Sense Motive vs. Bluff: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (16) + 12 = 28
So very close Vickory, good attempt nonetheless.

Vickory's attempt at diplomacy does give her attacker momentary pause, before a twisted smile crosses the face of the side closer to Vickory. And then in response he utters a word, laced in darkness and evil.

Hearing this word causes Vickory to make a Fortitude save or take 2d3 ⇒ (1, 1) = 2 Charisma drain, (in the highly unlikely event that Vickory speaks Dark Speech, she is immune to this).

After the piercing and twisting word is uttered, the N'gathau's unnatural smile only seems to intensify. "Yes, I know the place very well. Are you offering yourself as a subject? It is very rare that mortals offer themselves to the delicious ecstacy of pain." It seems that Vickory has at least managed to stall her opponent for the moment, except for that single uttered word that still seemed to twist in her psyche, as he waits for her response.

Sadie & Anahita

While fighting Sadie was frustrating, this new cotton-dressed girl who had cast a neutralizing spell seemed to the axe-wielding and bloodied N'gathau a much easier target than the blade-armed and force field-wielding girl. The pain of his wounds was glorious, and he wanted only to share that ecstacy with the mortals here. Between the sword blows and the burst of shrapnel which had caught him, the N'gathau is barely capable of standing.

Despite his severe wounds, the N'gathau darts quickly to Anahita and reaches out to her with a bloodied hand, seemingly intent on spreading his poisonous blood onto the Keleshite.

Grapple attempt vs. Anahita (this will provoke from both Sadie, and Anahita if she has a weapon (or natural attack) available for attacking: 1d20 + 27 ⇒ (1) + 27 = 28

The wounded N'gathau is stumbles slightly as he reaches for Anahita, making it very easy for the Keleshite to sidestep his grasp.


Yrrin and the hammer-handed N'gathau continue to battle, neither has yet to strike a telling blow, and Yrrin has yet to call on the holy powers available to him to drive the Outsider to his knees...

Phaezeriel's burst of shrapnel has weakened the Hammer-handed one though, since he is slow and wasn't able to dodge the blast.


The archer is confused at best. It wasn't /pain/ he was experiencing, it was as though his insides had revolted against him, unable to do anything but stagger around and vomit, the ionizing radiation of Vai's blast making him feel sicker and sicker as his body tried to adjust...

Just giving this another poke for Orthos - might send him a PM and we might have to move on without him otherwise. It's been almost a month since his last post. :(

Belsayv (Combat)

Reflex save vs Eradicate Invisibility: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (20) + 18 = 38


Reflex save (Axe) vs Shrapnel Burst: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (14) + 13 = 27
Reflex save (Hammer) vs Shrapnel Burst: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Out of time right now, but this will help me finish up a bit later.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
heatless light.

Vai's gamma rays do acid damage to living creatures! (since that's what makes the most sense).

Belsayv (Rear Guard)

Adon's blade strikes and strikes, landing mortal blows for a quasit... and then the quasit's body is simply gone. Whether it was a Summoned creature, or perhaps some sort of Contingency spell was triggered is not completely clear.

Knowledge (Arcana/Planes) DC18:

Typically, if a creature is Called to the plane and bound, it will actually die and leave behind a corpse. Only Summoned creatures vanish completely when they are slain.

I'm going to have to move on without Yrrin's actions shortly, simply because it's been 2 weeks since my last update. Will update that combat later tonight.

Additionally Lyn, have Ardiente and Fieri come back whenever you feel they've 'finished' their task. (Yay Ardiente's gonna get to do stuff again! xD)

Adon Derro wrote:

adon lashes out, black aura surrounding his arm.

touch attack disjunction 1d20+22
"Heh. You don't scare me. You never will. You're weak, pathetic, Like most of your race, and i intend to prove it."
Belyu Shardae wrote:
"You know what I like about qausits? They're basically like the flues of the fiendish realm. You can try to turn me inside out, but that's not something even a pit fiend or Blair could do, so...." She shrugs, smiling, and as far as Adon or the Quasit can tell, she's telling the truth...

As Adon's anti-magic strips the Quasit of his illusions, he once again flickers back into a non-shaded state. If Adon or Belyu could read quasit expressions, they might think he looks a little nervous at this point, flanked by these two teenagers, one of which had eaten his spell and stripped him of all his magic... and the other was unsettling in other ways...

Despite this, the quasit attempts to draw himself into a somewhat dignified position. "My master would rip you to shred no matter what you are." he sneers, boasting, and trying to be intimidating, which of course is somewhat ludicrous for a creature so tiny.

Naw, Greater Invisibility has offensive advantages, whereas mirror image grants none.

That being said, Mirror Image is the single best defensive spell in the game in my opinion, and should be at least level 3 or 4.

I believe I am still waiting on Phaeze and Yrrin's (I think) actions (and Vai's, but I'm kinda waiting to see if anyone will dispel the archer's invisibility).

Anahita bint Tariq wrote:

Appearing next to Sadie, without much fanfare or visual display of light, is Anahita. A few small leaves and insects spring to life off her upon doing so. Upon arrival, she reaches out and touches Sadie whiles casting a spell to neutralize the poison. An strong scent of jungle wafts off from Anahita, for those with keen sense of smell.

Neutralize Poison 1d20 + 16: Anything DC equal too or lower is neutralized, though any prior damage/loss, is not restored, per the spell.

Anahita is, as before, still dressed in her desert cotton outfit, white, standing some five foot eight feet in height, glancing around taking in the situation.

::I shall restore your health further, give me but a moment, Sadie. I would appreciate anyone able hearing this, to give me a quick over view of what has occurred.::

That action completed, she stands ready for combat, peering about at the room while assessing the situation.

Sadie takes another 1d4 ⇒ 3 Con damage for the failed save., but Anahita has neutralized the poison, so no more saves required.

As Anahita takes in the scene of the rather humongous underground chamber, one thing should be immediately apparent - her allies are in the middle of a battle! Across the room, the draconic bulk of Vai is crouched and ready to strike at an unseen opponent. Meanwhile, within some 40 ft of her, Yrrin battles on against a foe who who appears to have had his hands replaced with hammers. Opposite the room from where Vai is, standing the slithering member the group has picked up - backed against a cage - which appears to be housing the villagers that were sought - by another twisted humanoid-like being, though this one appears to have once been two creatures, now sewn together along their backs to form one.

A curious thing to note is a ghostly image of a teenaged girl sporting draconic wings similar to those of Vai, and apparently caught up in some impressively massive machine of dark metal. Everything about Anahita's being screams that the machine holding the ghostly girl is wrong. Wholly unnatural, an abomination if ever there was one.

All this though, may be irrelevant, as there is a foe much closer to home - another of the twisted creatures, badly wounded, standing nearby and engaging Sadie. His eye has turned to this apparently unarmoured newcomer. He looks as though he's about to engage Anahita...

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