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GM Elton's page

3,268 posts. Alias of Elton.

Full Name

Elton J. Robb




Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8







Special Abilities

Quantum Mechanical Engineering




The holy spirit.


Graphic Designer

About GM Elton

The GM of Elton's Curse of the Crimson Throne.

It's a time of great change. My youngest brother has been called to Afganistan (2nd time he's been deployed) and I'm seeking a way to move out of the Great Salt Lake Valley. Still, I'm play testing Alalea: the City of Psionics with this campaign.

The city is designed to be placed in a GM's campaign without much trouble. The Gods just need to be changed. It's a psionics setting that is designed to be "obscure" and exotic in the DM's Campaign World. That's why the confluence of oriental cultures.

If you need to reach me at home at any time for reasons dealing with the campaign, you can contact me at elton (dot) atlantean (at) gmail (dot) com. Otherwise, the discussion campaign thread should cover your needs.

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