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Gilbrok the Tongue

GM Eazy-Earl's page

256 posts. Alias of graypark.


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I saw lower fares, but had no intent to fly back that day (unless the savings had been substantial); I’ll be staying until late Tuesday afternoon.

I was actually seeing slightly lower airfares were I to fly back on Monday.

David Byrne just announced the dates of his world tour and he’ll be performing in Seattle at the Paramount Theater on the night of Thursday, May 24. That’s something which interests me. Anyone else?

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You can take the light rail from the SeaTac/Airport Station downtown to the Westlake Station. From there, you can take the monorail from its Westlake Center Station to its Seattle Center Station.

At Seattle Center, you can visit the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Children's Museum, and Chihuly Garden and Glass. There may even be a concert or some other event happening there that weekend.

Once downtown, you can also visit Pike Place Market. Argosy Cruises has a few short cruises (1-5 hours) that depart from the waterfront. I've done the Tillicum Excursion and Locks Cruise.

If you like baseball, the Mariners will be in town Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (hosting the Twins first, then the Rangers).

Azothath wrote:
The DoubleTree is themed disney-esque rustic(think 1970).

I always felt the decor had an Asian vibe.

Azothath wrote:
I stayed out on the lake which is as far from the convention as possible (lol). The first two near branches or the tower would be okay.

I've stayed both in the tower and "out by the lake". The walk from the lake isn't bad, but I do like to walk. Instead of paying any upgrade fee for the tower (as I did last year), I'll just take whatever room I get regardless of location.

Azothath wrote:
There is a shuttle to the airport which is essentially across the highway.

The walk from baggage claim to the hotel is actually shorter than the shuttle ride. But, as I said, I like to walk.

Azothath wrote:
Costco is nearby (head up to 176 ST and head east) for shared ride as it's a very long walk.

If I remember correctly, the hotel offers shuttles to Westfield Southcenter Mall. I might be misremembering that, as I've never used it, but I thought there was a sign about it near the concierge. The light rail station is within walking distance (though the old folks I walked there with last year may disagree; I've probably mentioned I like to walk) if you have time and want to head downtown for some sightseeing or beter eating choices.

Azothath wrote:
Chain eateries within 1 block are; Denny's, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Subway.

Coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Jack in the Box before your first slot is quick and inexpensive. The Denny's scared me (went there for pie late one night; they have no pie). Subway appears to be packed between sessions; expect a wait. Taco Bell is cheap, fast and close... but it is Taco Bell.


Tallow wrote:
So essentially, what you are advocating, is either A) remove online as a legal option for Pathfinder Society Play or B) remove the need to prove you own a book or have the book present at any table (on-line or face-to-face.)

It’s obvious that online play needs to make allowances or adopt a different rule in regards to bringing one’s resources to the table. Because of that, I’d be inclined to advocate spinning online play off into a separate campaign. An added benefit of such a move? An additional way to play a scenario for credit without needing to burn a replay.


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

In general, we take ownership on trust in PBP. I think the same is true at conventions.

But we still want to have a way that GMs can spot check assets. For pdfs, one can show a screenshot of downloads. But if a GM wants to do a spot asset check, how do you propose we prove ownership of hardcovers?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but as long as PbP is part of the same campaign as any face-to-face game, I believe such games should follow the same rules. If “trust” is an acceptable method for proving ownership, why isn’t that good enough for a face-to-face game? If one is gong to argue “convenience” and say that the rules need to be loosened for PbP, why can’t those same rules be loosened for conventions? If one type of games needs different rules, perhaps it’s best those games become a separate campaign.

Regardless (returning to the OP’s query), remember proof of ownership isn’t enough; one must also be able to show that the AR document allows a rule and show the GM the text of said rule.

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Dates are May 25-28, 2018.

At the same DoubleTree again, yes?


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I'm free May 23rd through June 1st. I may as well go. What else am I going to do with that time?

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As someone who regularly works an overnight shift, I am excited about the overnight slots.


I was able to download the scenario boons on my iPad and open the individual PDFs with GoodReader.


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How about...

“Old” multi-parters require the expenditure of only one replay for all parts, but only if all Chronicles are applied to the same character?

This could solve the problem of small lodges having difficulties offering older multi-part story arcs to newer players.

And could help those players who may have played some, but not all, parts of such an arc (on a character that has now leveled out of the missing parts) get Chronicles for the whole series on a single character.


Kevin Willis wrote:
Try actually downloading the file (right click) and then open it locally.

I tried that. I also tried a different browser and a different computer. Sometimes I get an unknown server error; sometimes I'm told the file is password protected. If others are able to download the scenario boons without issue, the problem must be on my end. The only thing I haven't tried yet is a different network; I'll try that later today.


GM Tyrant Princess wrote:
I'm guessing that they can't muster enough players to make a table without their old-timers.

That's a valid point. And one I hadn't considered.


Sandra Wilkinson wrote:
I would love to see this. As a small lodge, there are a couple of great trilogies that my newer players will never get to play.

I'm not sure I understand this. If these newer players haven't played something, they don't need a replay in order to get credit.


Don't know if it's just me or not, but the Scenario Boons can't be downloaded; all I see in that folder is a generic Adobe Acrobat icon.


And thanks!



3 people marked this as a favorite.

Doors. I wish it had some 1x2 doors. Sometimes, it's hard for my players to see where the doors are on a map. A standing door pawn would be great to show location... and could even be "turned" to indicate its opened or closed state. Maybe the next collection Pathfinder Pawns: Doors & Dungeon Dressing? Regardless, I'll probably pick this up... and I don't usually buy the pawn collections.

In addition to the "fame" issue described above (which I, too, am seeing), it also appears that reporting Incident at Absalom Station did not grant me any credit toward my GM novas. I double checked the reporting and it was reported as part of the Starfinder Campaign (some locals suggested the issue could be caused by the game incorrectly being created/reported as part of the Pathfinder Campaign; it wasn't).


ChaosTicket wrote:
I sincerely want to play Pathfinder, just not with all the bans

There are many ways to play Pathfinder and the Organized Play Campaign is but one. However, it does not sound as if the Organized Play Campaign is a good fit for you. I suggest you organize your own home game and allow any rules you like, even those in third party books. You can use the Organized Play Campaign as a “recruiting tool” to find players for your game (maybe even someone willing to GM). It’s been my experience that many players involved in the Organized Play Campaign are hungry for more opportunities to play and would happily join a home game that is “less restrictive” than PFS Play.


DesolateHarmony wrote:
Campaign Mode still applies the chronicle sheets to a character. Otherwise, you are just playing a home game, not connected to PFS.

Correct. But the character that played through the AP is not a PFS character and is not the character to which the Chronicles will be assigned. Two posters (you included) stated that the prestige penalty for drawing evil cards is paid by the "original" character... the character that actually played through the AP.

In Campaign Mode, that character has no prestige with which to pay the penalty. Who pays it... or is it simply ignored?

Or are you saying that the cost is paid by the character to whom the sheets will be assigned? If that's the case, James's original concern is valid; the PFS character getting the Chronicles probably can't afford to draw more than two evil cards.

Unless the intent is to note how many evil cards were drawn, but not pay the cost until that Chronicle is actually assigned (between levels 16 and 18, I believe?). The character should be able to pay that prestige penalty then and, if not, the character is very close to running out of playable content anyway.


DesolateHarmony wrote:
The prestige is taken from the character that actually played CotCT.
MrBear wrote:
I'm pretty sure you resolve the card draws on the character who went through the adventure path... The cost is paid by the original character.

How is this resolved if the AP was played in Campaign Mode with non-PFS characters? Is the prestige penalty for drawing evil cards simply ignored?


Here's that link I mentioned above:

3up (1/3 sheet) SFS Scenario Tracker


maldar wrote:
Those are nice, wish they had 1/3 sheet as I like to keep mine in an envelope and these would not conform to my system.

I have a 3up sheet that has a similar look and feel to the PFS sheets we used to be able to download. I will get it uploaded to the shared prep drive later tonight and post a link once I have.


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The original blog post wrote:
Finally, you'll note that this boon has a limited period of validity. This is intentional, as we hope to swap out the races on this boon to make more available to the general player base. Given this shortened period, it seems appropriate to issue an immediate ruling: previously played Starfinder Society scenarios are considered valid and can be applied to this Chronicle sheet immediately, so long as they follow the required rules listed in the Chronicle sheet. For some of you, this might mean you've already completed the Tier 2 requirements and now have access to the associated races—enjoy!


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Sandra Wilkinson wrote:
The issue I have with this is that the ONLY people who can not unlock a race boon is the GMs of non-RSP locations. I would like to see the current player race boon to be extended to those people, then everyone wins.

I haven't seen the SFS RSP GM boon yet, but if it's similar to the PFS RSP GM boon, it would take twice as many games for a GM to gain access to a new race as it would for a player. While I don't need to see the same races offered to both GMs and players, I would like to see parity in the time it takes to earn those rewards.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Why can’t that boon say something like, “The first time you apply a Chronicle from any qualifying adventure, check one of the boxes on this Chronicle.”?

I’m not sure I understand why this reward was designed to be limited to players only.

Due to my GMing, I believe I’m the only one in my little Starfinder group that hasn’t earned those first two races. That isn’t going to change my commitment to GMing Starfinder; however, it does make me wonder why my commitment isn’t being recognized in a comparable manner.


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Edenwaith wrote:

Method 3: How about fan loyalty? Such as the On-going Subscriptions in a tiered chronicle? If you have 1 on-going subscription, you qualify for this race..., 2-this race or race 1, 3...

Having multiple subscriptions, I like this idea. But then I think it has a taint of "pay-to-win" on it and I stop liking it.


Yes. What KapaaIan said above.

Why do the two need to be "balanced"? If one doesn't want to pay for expendable ammo, buy an energy weapon powered by a battery. No one is forced to use kinetic weapons, so no one is getting short-changed.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

There are GM boons for the Haan and Sarcesian. There are GM boons for the Legacy races (I traded mine, so I know at least one such boon is in the hands of someone who doesn't GM). I believe a boon for the Contempletive was auctioned at GenCon. As Shaudius said, there should be another race boon available to GMs in a few months (and I'm guessing that it would be one from Alien Archive). I believe the rate of new races being opened for play in Starfinder will be similar to the rate they're currently opened for Pathfinder. I just hope Eoxian is opened sooner than later.


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Bob Jonquet wrote:
However, if a GM uses the same methodology of clever tactics or optimized abilities, we cry "badwrongfun" and call them an adversarial GM. We seem to expect GMs to only play bad guys well enough to inconvenience the players without actually killing them. Now, I'm not saying I disagree with that, but some would say it is unfair to expect experienced players to turn off their tactics/rules mastery whenever they are GMing.

I see your point (and think I agree). I would argue, however, that an adversarial GM is not one who runs the NPCs and monsters to take full advantage of said creatures' stat blocks (within the tactics as written, of course, when applicable) and offers a true challenge to the players, but rather one who tries to find ways to shut down the players' tactics/rules mastery through metagaming, "questionable" rules interpretations, and unfavorable table variation.



14 people marked this as a favorite.
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Why should a GM feel that they have to 'beat' players (or at least compete)?

In my opinion, organized play is an outlier of gaming and, as such, certain allowances must be made and certain expectations must be altered.

As a GM in organized play, I always (or at least, always try to) tell the players at my table that my job is two-fold: to adjudicate the rules and provide an entertaining game. I tell them that as much as I would like to present them with a challenging game, that isn't really my responsibility; that is the responsibility of the scenario's author.

I rarely (I hesitate to say "never") get frustrated if a group or individual is able to defeat or neutralize every encounter effortlessly.

Most players (I hesitate to say "every") build their characters to do something really "cool", to take advantage or make optimum use of some rule or combination of rules. I try to let my players know I will do everything I can within the scenario as written to let them show off their "cool thing". I will find ways for their cool thing to work, not ways to shut it down. All I ask in return is that they're respectful of the other players at the table and that they allow the other players the same opportunities to show of their own cool things.

If the players barrel through a scenario, but everyone got to do their cool thing and have fun doing it, does it matter to me if the NPCs and monsters I'm running get shut down? Of course not.

And if the table finishes early as a result, it just means we can either go home early or have more time between slots to grab food or drink.


It was my understanding that one earns only Fame, which can then be assigned as Reputation to an appropriate Faction (the Faction for which one has a Champion boon slotted, most likely).


Gamerskum wrote:
becareful though or they will likely get hit with the same ban hammer nonhuman Aasimar did in PFS.

Just make sure you don't try to gain (or give the appearance of trying to gain) any sort of advantage or mechanical benefit from looking other than "human". I always inform the party and GM that my character is very obviously a medium sized android and cannot be mistaken for anything but an android, even though its body has been constructed with the head of a jackal (no bite or enhanced senses or anything like that, of course; purely cosmetic).


Given the release schedule for Starfinder content, the earliest one would be able to apply this Chronicle to a 4th Level character is sometime after October 18th (after the second book of Dead Suns is released, sanctioned and played), yes?
Since playing a pregen in this scenario is mandatory (at least for now?) and not a choice, if the Chronicle could be applied to a 3rd Level character, players could be applying it and benefiting from it now (without having to apply it to a 1st Level character with the reduced benefits/rewards, of course).


YinYang1st wrote:
If you wish to apply the chronicle to an existing character, you do have to wait until level 4 to apply them in spite of Claim to Salvation being subtier 3-4.

Does this apply to GMs running Claim to Salvation, as well? Or can GMs apply the Chronicle at 3rd Level? Reading the GM Rewards section of the Organized Play Guide, I could see arguments being made for either interpretation (but I would assume the developers intended for GMs to follow the same rules as players).


All armor includes a personal comm unit. I'd assume it's recharged at the same time the armor's environmental protections are recharged and, if I'm not mistaken, I believe those can be recharged for free.


On page 42 of the CRB, the authors wrote:
...some androids are constructed or customize themselves to look like other races...


Dead Suns rules for Starfinder Society wrote:
Playing each distinct adventure of the Adventure Path from beginning to end earns a character 3 XP, 5 Reputation, and 5 Fame. Reputation must be applied to a faction you possess an associated champion Faction boon for.

Thanks. That was the answer I must have missed in my reading.


GM Eazy-Earl wrote:
What happens to the Fame one earns when one does not have a faction slotted? Does any of it become Reputation and if so, how?
Damanta wrote:

As far as I understand it, you get the Fame, but not any reputation.

There is one exception, and that's the quests, where the chronicle sheet explains how to deal with the fame and reputation that you earned.

So, for instance, playing a sanctioned AP in campaign mode would earn the associated characters 30 Fame, but 0 Reputation after all six books?


I looked over the Guide and back through this forum and I'm still unclear on how Fame and earning Reputation for Faction(s) are meant to work.

Fame is earned through completion of scenarios (or other sanctioned content) and is spent when a purchase has an associated cost in Fame. Reputation is accumulated by earning Fame and is not spent nor does it ever decrease. I believe I have that correct, yes?

However, to accumulate Reputation in a particular faction, one must have that faction slotted when the Fame is earned. Is that correct?

What happens to the Fame one earns when one does not have a faction slotted? Does any of it become Reputation and if so, how?

At the beginning of an SFS scenario, when the scenario tracker is filled in for each of the characters being played, does one note that character's faction, even though no faction has been slotted yet? If the character slots a different faction after the mission briefing, can the scenario tracker be changed?

Since a GM is not slotting any boons, how do they apply the Fame they earn to Reputation?

Obviously, it's possible to have less Fame than Reputation (due to the exenditure of Fame), but is it possible to have more Fame than Reputation (because Fame was earned, but no faction was slotted for its assignment)?

I haven't seen the SFS-specific scenario tracker nor have I reported a scenario yet (though I'll have reporting to do very soon), but what gets tracked and/or reported? Fame or Reputation?


ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:
Well we don't really know till the people at paizo respond to this, and put a clear sign in play.

I'm sorry, but is an argument really being made that using a ship's Drift engine is an alignment infraction that will earn the ship's crew a point of Infamy?


Using a ship's Drift engine is no more evil than driving a car with an internal combustion engine or getting electricity from a coal-burning plant.


It's only "evil" if "good" society deems it as such. The society of the Pact Worlds certainly doesn't consider Drift travel to be evil.


Additional research/reading has shown my understanding of batteries was flawed, at best. It's obvious now I misread some information and just plain missed other information. I will, however, stand by my belief that batteries used to power weapons and/or armor should not, in most situations, be rechargeable for free in organized play.


Alanya wrote:
Batteries are not just for guns. And if we allow free recharging of non guns, players will want to know how their gun batteries, which use the same recharging source, are any different

The batteries listed in the chart on page 179 of the CRB are just for guns and powered armor (at least, I believe that's the case). They're ammunition (or consumables, I guess, in the case of powered armor). I believe the cost to recharge them needs to remain in place. An ultra-capacity battery costs 445 credits (or a little over 220 credits to recharge). Spread across multiple batteries, that could be quite the cost. I don't think we want to give that to players for free. I'm fine with incidental items (personal comm units, e.g.) being free to recharge. But I do agree that we need a ruling/clarification from Campaign Leadership; table variation may cause a disparity between PCs' wealth and could lead to some unexpected "gotcha" moments in game.

It's also possible that items like the personal comm unit are meant to be disposable and designed to be replaced when their charges are spent (like the healing kits in Pathfinder; consumables with a limited number of uses).


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I look at a battery's charges as I would arrows. They're ammunition and should be tracked as such. I don't believe energy is free, so there should be a cost to recharge them... even in the Lorespire Complex. After all, archers aren't given free arrows at the Grand Lodge between adventures. If Campaign Leadership does NOT go with some sort of "free recharge" between scenarios, whether or not ships to which the PCs have access during a scenario have onboard charging stations should be clarified and codified (the CRB leaves that up to GM discretion, but this is probably something for which we don't want table variation).

Also, the environmental protections of armor can be recharged at the same locations batteries can, but for free (per page 198 of the CRB). Could one use Sleight of Hand to "sneak" a free battery recharge from such a station while recharging one's armor for free?


Regarding the selling of any used gear, it's on page 166 of the CRB.

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