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GM Drachenfels's page

679 posts (929 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 18 aliases.

Full Name

Constant Drachenfels


The Great Enchanter








The Eternal Fortress

About GM Drachenfels

An ancient terror that has haunted the affairs of mankind for untold centuries, Constant Drachenfels manipulates the tides of Chaos from his eternal fortress that is said to reside (at times) in the Gray Mountains.

A master of treachery, the Great Enchanter extends his iron fist across the face of the known world, coordinating vile plans and dark plots.

There are madmen who cry to an uncaring sky that Drachenfels was never human, but is instead the last of an ancient void faring race known as the Old Slann.

Whatever the case may be, Constant Drachenfels is a blight upon the face of the Old World and a force beyond measure (oh, and he just so happens to be your Game Master. Enjoy!)

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