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Agate Ioun Stone

GM chadius's page

1,961 posts. Alias of chadius.


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| 8-02 Ward Asunder (Table A) (Table B)

About GM chadius

PFS # 133608

PFS Sessiontracker shows all of the scenarios I've played in.

Pathfinder Character Folio

(I'm awake between 8 am to 10 pm EDT (UTC-4 hours) so roughly 1200 to 0200 hours, GMT.)

Howdy. If you're a member of one of my games, then here are a few rules I'd like you to follow:

1. Please post at least once a day. If you are absent for 24 hours I'll send you a PM. If you're missing for 36 hours I'll mark you inactive and your Player Character will simply delay - that's not fun!

2. Under your name, please add a stat block, so I can quickly find your stats and keep the game moving. You can edit your character's Race, Class/Levels and Gender fields to include information such as:

- Hit Points
- Armor Class (also include touch and flatfooted AC)
- Saving Throws
- Combat Manuever Defense
- Perception bonus
- Initiative bonus

For example, you could use this format:

statblock wrote:

HP 30/30 | AC 15 T 11 FF 14 | Saves: 4/5/3 (+2 vs Evil) | CMD 18 | Perception +9 | Init +1

3. I'll have a link to a Google document you can edit. Please put an image in there to represent yourself and any combat companions.

  • Right click on your avatar.
  • Select "Copy Image URL".
  • In the Google document, select Insert -> Image...
  • Select the "By URL" option and paste the Image URL you copied in step 2.
  • Your icon should appear - please resize the icon as appropriate so it fits into one of the squares on the map.

4. Can you make a post in the discussion thread signaling you're ready? Please add your:
- Player Name
- Character Name
- Initiative Bonus
- Day Job
- Progression Speed (Optional, I'll assume it's normal speed)

Feel free to make the Day Job roll immediately, or wait until the end to make it (before you level up.) This check is a Perform or Profession skill check (you can take 10 instead of rolling.)

5. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the discussion thread or PM me directly. I'll answer within 24 hours at the latest. I am currently in a GMT -4 timezone (sometimes GMT -5, US Daylight Savings Time is weird.)

6. When the scenario is almost complete, I'll ask who you want to apply the chronicle to. I'll need all of this information:

Player Name:
Character Name: (Most likely who you're playing as now)
Initiative Bonus:
Perception Bonus:

(These values are probably on your last character sheet.)
Chronicle Number:
Starting GP:
Starting XP:
Initial Prestige:
Initial Fame:

Total GP and PP costs for any equipment you purchased in this scenario.
Day Job
Progression Speed (Optional, I'll assume it's normal speed)

Day Job Rolls:

DC Result -> GP Award
5 -> 1
10 -> 5
15 -> 10
20 -> 20
25 -> 50
30 -> 75
35 -> 100
40 -> 150

Max Purchases by Fame:

Minimum Fame Required -> Maximum Item Cost (in gp)
Under 5 -> 0 gp
5 -> 500 gp
9 -> 1,500 gp
13 -> 3,000 gp
18 -> 5,250 gp
22 -> 8,000 gp
27 -> 11,750 gp
31 -> 16,500 gp
36 -> 23,000 gp
40 -> 31,000 gp
45 -> 41,000 gp
49 -> 54,000 gp
54 -> 70,000 gp
58 -> 92,500 gp
63 -> 120,000 gp
67 -> 157,500 gp
72 -> 205,000 gp
76 -> 265,000 gp
81 -> 342,500 gp
85 -> 440,000 gp
90 -> 565,000 gp
94 -> 680,000 gp
99 -> 800,000 gp

Using a CORE character?:

Please make sure your character was created following CORE creation rules, and you created the character as a Core Campaign (and NOT Standard) character. I've been unable to credit some PCs in a few of my core scenarios because they were built as Standard characters.

If you're confused on what's a CORE character,
you can read the announcement here and the CORE FAQ here.

Warhorn dashboard.

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