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Priest of Asmodeus

GM Blood's page

7,498 posts. Alias of David James Olsen.


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GM Blood:

Perception Rowena Lordail: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (14) + 23 = 37
Perception Trevor the Yellow: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28
Perception Rauno Redpath: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30
Perception Kelkzar Redjaw: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (16) + 21 = 37
Perception Quintus: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

I'll assume Kelkzar uses the sandals for a second time to get back across

You move through the doors away from the bridge and close them, muffling the sound of the river flowing by. Moving to the south side of the room, Kelkzar investigates the doors before opening them.

A set of dusty and archaic armor rests in front of a small shrine, apparently long abandoned. The weapon stand before the armor lies empty except for flakes of rust. Behind the armor is a small altar loaded with dusty offerings from years past. A statue of a regal Wind Duke sits in a small nook above the altar, and a door is painted on the wall to the right. To the west

It obvious to everyone but Quintus at first sight from the door that another item once rested in a recessed spot on the shrine that currently has little no no dust compared to the rest of the shrine. It is the size and shape of the object that Flycatcher said was stolen (The one depicted in the Ooze room).

With the way Rowena described the river, crossing first would not be an advantage. You would either need water walking/air walking/flying, swim, or a boat of some kind. The oozes and the ice are off the split in the river, and the end of the river is where it drops off down below (which leads to the underdark according to the Xorn and to Moreto, the guy Flycatcher said took the stone)

There are also some more places to check out here, a room to the south of the room you are by, and the area past the globe with Allustan in it

Yes move along so we can eat in peace. Down stream the river falls deep below reaching the realm below ground you call the Underdark. That is where we came from. We left and came here because of those nasty gnome creatures down there who kept taking our food. svirfneblin you assume. So we came here and found this red ore and it is the best thing we have ever tasted.

As Rauno and the Xorn talk 4 more pop out of the ground at the mention of the mithril.

We will take the food now and you will keep your word and move along.

This is our yummy ore deposits, leave this area now or we will use force to defend it!


Round 1

Initiative Order - Rauno, Quintus, Kelkzar, Trevor, Rowena, Monster

Monster AC 21 T 10 FF 21 CMD 20

GM Blood:

Stealth: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20
Stealth: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28
Perception Kelkzar: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (11) + 21 = 32

Initiative Rowena Lordail: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Initiative Trevor the Yellow: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Initiative Rauno Redpath: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (6) + 13 = 19
Initiative Kelkzar Redjaw: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
Initiative Quintus: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9
Initiative Monster: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Kelkzar lines up a straight path at the bridge and after moving 10' his boots hover in the air as he continues to move across the gap making it just over to the other side. As his feet touch the ground, the earth opens up and two squat beasts that are strangely symmetrical, has three arms, three legs, three eyes, and one huge mouth burst out.


Knowledge (planes) DC 16:
This bizarre creature is a xorn, a native of the Elemental Plane of Earth. This is an outsider traits and an earth subtype.

Knowledge (planes) DC 21:
Xorns have all-around vision and can glide through earth and stone as if they were swimming -- they do not leave behind any trace of their passage. Xorns can sense the presence of creatures by the small tremors they produce on the ground. You gain no advantage flanking this creature.

Knowledge (planes) DC 26:
Xorns are immune to cold and fire, and they are resistant to electricity.

Knowledge (planes) DC 31:
Xorns ignore most creatures (since they cannot digest meat), unless they carry substantial amounts of metal or stone on them.

Ok so the plan is for Kelkzar to cross the bridge to the other side (usiung his boots) and re-check the area that Rowena was at gaseous before she went down the river. Assuming it checks out then the plan is to head down the river in some way. (Flight or whatever)

Do I have that right?

OK, so what is the plan? Want to make sure I understand it correctly

Kelkzar thinks it sounds like an ooze of some sort, though one he never heard of before. It is hard to say by a second hand account from a gas cloud.

Hope to have a post soon. Sorry been a busy and weird week for me.

Message will not work while gaseous since she cannot talk or whisper

You take the fork and the river run slower as you go further into the branch of the river. It splits again. To the north east the river flows into a dead end, emptying into small cracks. In this area you see two huge pools of blood on the walls. (By huge I actually mean the size of the creature 15'x15'). You search your brain on what it could be, but nothing comes to mind. Being gaseous, however, seems to make them uninterested in you. There is nothing else that seems of interest in here so you decide to use your time to search the other branch.

Knowledge (religion): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Searching the other branch that flows east leads to the languid river actually turning to ice as the temperature here drops at an alarming rate.
You begin to turn back when something catches your eye. On the ceiling, which is also covered in ice, there is a 7' diameter patch of ice that appears to be only a few inches thick and leads somewhere above. No cracks are there to allow you to check it out however.

Perception: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (15) + 23 = 38

I worked out the travel and investigation into about 5-6 minutes so taking a couple minutes to follow the main river, after about 50' it curves to the south where it keeps moving for another hundred feet or so before you reach the end of it. (Or at least a change in the river)

The red river plummets over the edge here, cascading down a thirty-foot-diameter pit with a roar. There’s some room to maneuver around and climb the walls on the far side of the waterfall, where many narrow ledges beckon, but the stone is all very slick. The spray and mist make it impossible to tell how long the waterfall descends into the darkness below. Above, the vast cavern arches upward into darkness.

You figure this is about as far as you can push it and make it back, so you head back at this point and make it back with less than a minute to spare.

You can have them read this or tell them in your own words

There is the main river you can follow, or check out the branch (you can see the split at the right of the map)

Rowena turns gaseous and slowly flies over the river and investigates the tower.

She takes her time making sure everything is ok. Basically she discovers the complex is just a ruse, and there is nothing really there. and it is safe on that side. Mainly a time waster for tomb raiders.

She has used up about 3 to 4 minutes of her gaseous time, and it will take another half minute of time to fly back over. So that leaves 10 minutes left of the spell that you can use, or you can just fly back, dispel it and return to the party to tell them what you found.

You could take about 5 minutes and fly down the river to investigate just leaving enough time to get back.

Kelkzar, it appears abandoned, no movement seen and it looks like it hasn't been maintained. You are quite a distance away, so it pretty much impossible to notice footprints or anything from this side of the river.

Sorry I have had a crazy week, I will update as soon as I can!

Kelkzar, Remember the river is 30' below. However if my calculations are correct and Quintus is too heavy, moving at 20' speed I think you could move 10' before the bridge started and make it mostly to the other side with the air walk, in conjuction with your expeditious retreat would ensure that. I put two red X's on the map to mark what I think your movement could be.

Then it just would be what order you would go in, or if your are going to try and go over at the same time

Rauno, it is not magical. It is some sort of red silt deposit. Most likely called the River of Blood because of how it looks, not what it is made of.

The doors appear to be safe so you open them up. A river surges through the tomb here, its red water as bright as blood. A stone bridge crosses the river, but the pilings have been undermined by erosion over the centuries, and the bridge tilts dangerously to the side. On the far side of the river is a fortified gatehouse, dimly visible and secured by enormous rusted metal doors. Several arrow slits pierce the wall next to the doors. Map updated at the link at the top of the page

The river surges from the west flowing east at a rapid pace. The river is below you about 30' flanked by steep slick cliffs, and you are not sure how deep it is due to its coloring. The bridge looks treacherous to cross due to the angle it is sloping and it being wet, though it does look possible.

So assuming everyone else agrees to explore, if you back track to the room before, there is a single door to the south, and a double door leading north.

You also can tell there is a passageway on the other side of the electricity room, but you would have to get over there (Pro from Electricity, Evasion, Dim Door)

He does not, is absolutely safe while inside the sphere, and that is also the reason all of your divination spells back in Magnimar/Diamond Point failed, FYI.

So the options right now are: Check other areas of the dungeon, dispel magic with around a 20% chance to succeed per spell that would give you 1-4 rounds to get Allustan and get back out, disintegrate spell on the spike using the protection of the temporal stasis to keep Allustan safe, or protect someone from electricity that can sunder the iron spike (probably with an enlarge person or fly to reach it).

You know this device catches anything and everything in it range. Not sure if the temporal stasis would pause the summon duration or not.

The way Rauno remember the device, yes that is the case. Rowena could dance around the lightning with evasion (potentially moving through the room, though Allustan would still be behind the electricity ball/stasis effect

Also don't forget Rauno does not have his spell book currently

Disintegrate Spell says "When used against an object, the ray simply disintegrates as much as a 10-foot cube of nonliving matter."

So can do you less than a 10-foot cube because otherwise you would have to include the ceiling and that could cause structural issues, or target the 10ft below the iron spike which would include Allustan. However he is inside the temporal stasis which would protect him from harm, and since disintegrate is instantaneous he shouldn't be hurt. (If you trust that)

An excellent idea! In a normal temporal stasis spell, the anti magic field would suppress the spell until the anti magic field wear off. In this case, the stasis is done by the magic device, so you would disable the device, hence stopping the stasis and lightning. However, Allustan would require instant healing so you may would need to use the heal skill to stabilize him immediately and then have Trevor lay on hands outside of the room and the anti-magic field to make sure he doesn't die. The spell lasts 110 minutes for Quintus, so he doesn't have to hurry otherwise, but he could also dismiss the spell anytime he wants. (Though may want to keep it around to pass this room if he chooses)

The only way Rauno knows on getting them out is to temporarily disable the device via dispel magic (though a 9th level spell freedom would help get the subject inside out as well but that is way beyond anything you can do right now) or permantly damage the device by destroying the iron spike.

You decide to ignore this room, at least for now, and openthe doors to the south after Kelkzar gives them a once over.

This room is full of flickering bluish light and a breeze that smells like thunderstorms. The floor slopes down toward the center from all directions, like a funnel. At the bottom crackles a sparkling globe of lightning. A metallic spike protruding down from a stone block in the ceiling touches the very tip of the globe’s upper curve. Inside the globe floats a human figure, a man with a long dark beard wearing torn and stained red robes. You instantly recognize him as Allustan, and that he is severely wounded inside the sphere, but appears to be held in some sort of stasis inside it.

Knowledge Aracana Rauno: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (20) + 21 = 41

Amazingly, Rauno has read about this device in the past, called a tempest globe. It shoots out electricity at anything near it, hurting the creature and teleporting it inside the globe for future study. Allustan is trapped inside the globe and does not need to eat, sleep, and doesn't age at all while inside. Rauno knows of a spell that has a similar effect called temporal stasis.

The only way to free Allustan would be to destroy the iron spike on top of the globe, very tricky as you most likely would have to get close or use a dispel magic to temporarily dispel the device. Rauno guesses that the chances are against him or Quintus succeeding, and if they did Allustan would begin bleeding out immediately. Also, a success would likely only gain them a handful of seconds before it would activate again, likely trapping someone inside once again. (1-4 rounds if dispel magic works).

There is a passageway to the south or someone could run in and back to the north out of the room as well.

Combat map link has been updated with this and the other room, though no combat at this time

Finding no traps, you proceed through the doors to the East

A small statue of an armored Wind Duke, his left hand resting on a sword, his right held up to shield his eyes, stands at the far wall of this room as part of a small shrine. The statue seems to be made of gold, with sparkling blue gems for eyes; a beam of bright light shines onto the statue from above. The walls are carved with bas-reliefs of Wind Duke servants bowing and soldiers saluting. An elaborate carpet covers the floor, but it is badly worn and the colors have faded—only small patches of the complete pattern remain.

Rauno Appraise: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24

The statue is done in the style that Wind Duke Icosiol has been depicted. Rauno guesses that it is gold plated and the gems in the eyes are real blue topazes and would value around 1,000gp each if removed.

The bas-reliefs on either side of the statue show Icosiol triumphant over the Wind Dukes' enemies. The reliefs also show many Wind Duke soldiers attending Icosiol.

Kelkzar Perception: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (10) + 21 = 31

Allustan's footprints come into this room, he paused to admire the statue, then turned to the south and went through the door there.

The Wind Warrior statues all look the same and match others you have seen before. They were the soldiers to the Wind Duke generals.

Waves back! Enjoy your weekend!

I'm not sure if it was stated you rested or not, but I am ok to say you had.

There is no magic detected, and a closer inspection of the statues reveal they are only statues. The architecture and carvings are consistent with the theme of the complex. The warrior statues do look like the ones you have seen depicted in other rooms.

After that last statement you decide it is time to move on. You make your way back to the room with the black pudding, and continue to follow Allustan's footsteps down the ramp.

It eventually levels out and leads into a room. (No map yet at this time)This rectangular room has small columns around the edges that partially hide the carvings along the walls. Pale white light glows from two large wheel-shaped chandeliers, casting overlapping shadows throughout the room. Blue metal double doors stand at the top of a flight of stairs opposite the main entrance, guarded by two warrior figures with raised double swords, as well as a single doorway to the south and double doors to the north, also guarded by warrior statues.

Allustan's footprints continue through the center of the room, past the warrior statues, and through the east doors.

"I'll be here with the book when you need to get past the river of blood"

"I'll be here when you change your mind and need your book."

It almost feels as if Quintus feels a light buzz from circlet after he says that...or was it just his imagination?

I forgot to update that. This is Icosiol's tomb. Zosiel was a sub-chief to Icosiol. The Wind Duke generals would connect their tombs to their sub-chiefs by tradition.

Also, Flycatcher wants you to go below which is the direction of Allustan's footprints

So need a decision. Promise to bring the head back to get Rauno's spellbook? The impression you get from his rambling is that there is much more ahead of you to find him, so Rauno would be stuck with his current spells if you don't agree.

Kelkzar is right, the crystal was stolen. What I re-pasted in was what you saw on the frescoes in the room with the black pudding. The frescoes were not magical if that is what you meant

Back from vacation

In his rambling way he describes stumbling upon this place by accident and deciding to protect it. He says it is a tomb of a long dead general named Icosiol. What the crystal was for he doesn't know, but he knows it is powerful and was on a platter on a pedestal next to a statue below. He is telling the truth here, though at times seems very confused

The way he describes the crystal sounds like what you discovered on the frescoes in the Black Pudding room, see below

The frescoes and wall decorations show a lumbering inevitable with three ancient Vaati runes spilling from its mouth while reaching for a square stone covered with symbols on a platter carried by small glowing creatures. Rauno translates the runes from Vaati as Aaqa (The ancient civilization of the Wind Dukes), Icosiol (The Wind Duke General), and Pesh (The site of the final battle of the Wind Dukes vs the forces of Chaos).

"There is no one else but you. It must be you. It has to be you. Surely your deities would want you to wipe this undead scourge off the face of the earth and return what was stolen?"

"He stole from me! From my tomb that I guard! It is mine to keep secure and he stole it! I found this place and I keep it safe! But he and his undead minions took the crystal went below the Falling River before I can stop him. But I can't leave this place alone, I have to keep guarding it! Someone else needs to get it back and it has to be you!"

Flycatcher rambles on about how Moreto has tormented him for ages and he wants revenge (Both lies) but he does talk about how Moreto is evil and undead and that Flycatcher knows that Moreto has done horrible and evil things (all true). Once again it is done in a rambling stream of consciousness way that clearly indicates that his thinking patterns are very foreign to regular humanoids or that there is something wrong mentally with him.

He also does not detect as evil by Trevor and does detect as Lawful by Kelkzar.

"Kill the Marquis for me and bring his head and I will give it back to you. If that one," He motions to Trevor, "swears an oath to me by the warrior woman he follows I will give it to you now, as I know he will keep to his word. Moreto is evil so it benefits us both!"

Hope I nailed the stream of consciousness discussion vibe I was going for! ;)

"They ask me questions of which I have answers. Interesting that you should ask. I have been watching you and I 'borrowed' something from that person that you call Rauno. Something nice, something very special, yes special. A special little book of his that I know he covets.He loves it so much and reads it every day, yes very interesting that book! Remember to tell them about the other plane. Oh yes and before you try to take it back know that I have stored it on another plane, the ethereal plane. And the one known as Rauno knows if I don't retrieve it, it will be lost forever. Yes I know he knows that!"

"Flycatcher, tell him about the Marquis of the River. Yes of course I will hang on one second while the Rauno realizes I have his book and he needs me to get it back. Ok, looks like he has figured it out. Ok so Moreto the marquis of the River needs to die. He is an unliving evil being that has come from the White Kingdom in the Underdark. Now tell them where he is. Ok I know he dwells somewhere in a cavern deep below the tomb. You can get there by going down down down via the River of Blood. You kill him and bring me his head, and I will give you your nice little book back! Yes, that is a fair deal isn't it?"

Rauno your spell book is missing

Making your way back through the room you approach and open the doors to the east. There is a small room with fake doors to the south and another real set of doors to the north and open those. This rectangular room has small columns around the edges that partially hide the carvings along the walls. Pale white light glows from two large wheel-shaped chandeliers, casting overlapping shadows throughout the room. Blue metal double doors stand at the top of a flight of stairs opposite the main entrance, guarded by two warrior figures with raised double swords, as well as a single doorway to the south and double doors to the north, also guarded by warrior statues.

As you walk in you hear a raspy voice say, “Welcome to the Hungry Prince’s domain. Can I help you?” You can see a shadowy spider-like figure that sometimes seems your size, but sometimes bigger appear all over the room. You are not sure whether it is one spider or many in the room.

Awesome! Congratulations!

There are red X's on the fake doors. There is one set of doors you have not checked out yet (upper right corner). Also remember along the dotted line you cam through a one way portal to get here.

]ooc]I'm assuming Kelkzar means the room that you fought the Black Pudding[/ooc]

The doors to the west are also fake.

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