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Retired Seekers
1-Omrax:12 - (retired) **AVAILABLE**
2-VC Hugo:15 - (retired) Iron Gods 15-17
3-Fendahl:12 - (retired) Eyes of the Ten
4-Dora:13 - (retired) Unleashing the Untouchable GD7
5-Grimdoc:9.2 - *** DEAD ***
6-Roland:10.1 - Fury of the Final Blade GD7, Assault on Absalom GD7.2
7-Wembly:7.0 - Solstice C GD7
8-Victoria:9.0 - Clash in Kaimuko Wood GD7
9-Roderick:6.0 - **AVAILABLE**
10-Waki Huro:5.2 - Faithless and Forgotten 1-3
11-Omar Posada:5.0 Jarlsblood Witch Saga GD7
13-Ecthelien 2.1 -**AVAILABLE** Shores of Heaven GD7.2
12-Lasaraleen(CORE):8.0 - Refuge of Time , Refugees of the Weary Sky GD7
xx-Dwalindor (AP) 10 - mummy's mask


Player: GM Aarvid
Character Level at start: 8
Pathfinder Society Number: 9884-X
Slow Track or Normal: Normal
Day Job Roll: [dice=]1d20+1[/dice]