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Great adventure for PFS games or campaign

****( )

I bought the product about a year ago but did not get the first opportunity to run it for Pathfinder Society about a month ago. We had to shorten the adventure to fit within two sessions, the players still had a blast. There were plenty of role-playing opportunities and encounters to satisfy a diverse group. (Note to those who do run this for Pathfinder Society games -- I estimate that 3-4 sessions would really give the adventure justice). Regardless of the number of sessions ran, the adventure flowed pretty well for the group.

Two of my players asked if this could be ran again for an online campaign that I am running. As a GM, I would welcome the opportunity to run the adventure again in its full glory.

As for the encounters, they seemed to fit will for the recommended level and was very challenging to the group. The last encounter with Queen Rhoswen did prove difficult for an unprepared group but seemed to be their favorite part.

Overall, I was pleased with the adventure's structure and would highly recommend it.

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