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Yossarian wrote:

Just print one - then see how it came out. If it needs to be bigger , make it a bit bigger.

Once you've done a couple you'll figure out the right setting.

This is how I did it. The nice thing is you don't need to print out an entire map on large paper to get the size right, just print a portion of it on regular size paper and measure the squares. If they're off a bit then reprint at a different scale, rinse and repeat. Once you find the scale is perfect (or close enough) print out the entire map on the paper size you want.

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King of Vrock wrote:

Actually, if you remake the Condition Cards for PF2, you really should include Poisons, Diseases, and Curse. I know they're afflictions now, but they happened enough that having a Card for a player under their effects would have been super useful. I mean my table uses the Condition Cards so much I need to buy a new deck already!


I sure hope they make condition cards for second edition as they're incredibly useful.

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Berselius wrote:
I'm grateful for any free content put out by Paizo even though I was kind of hoping for a non-goblin based module this time around. Still, thanks for the effort that went into this. ^_^

That right there is the correct attitude to have when people put time and effort into providing things for you to enjoy for free, folks.

I would say no if you're not in the water. While sound does travel very well underwater, this is only the case if the sound originates in the water.

Is it just me or is the scale of the ship different on each side? The side showing the interior shows the entire length of the ship from nose to tail, but the side showing the exterior does not. They're almost the same, pretty close actually, but the difference when viewed side by side stands out to me.

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Also Mark I didnt feel your nonsense work example was a parody, i found it a very neat little demonstration of the difference in complexity.

Same here. It's a nice way to demonstrate to folks that are already familiar with a system just how confusing that system can be to an outsider.

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Mark Seifter wrote:

Success You throw a big party for everyone with cupcakes.

Critical Success As success, and the party also has ice cream.

Were critical results to be listed first, would it really be so terrible to reference the very next line in the spell description? It's not like you're having a person reference a different part of the book or something.

Critical Success: As success, and the party also has ice cream.
Success: You throw a big party for everyone with cupcakes.

That works fine for me, and listing them by degree of success (or failure) is much more aesthetically pleasing.

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Tangent101 wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Tangent101 wrote:
It's a nice-in-theory concept. Using Reactions for it helps it become something that doesn't just waste the Wizard's actions. But in practice it is not nearly as useful as the alternatives.
This implies that you have experience using counterspell as a wizard using the playtest rules.
Your response implies you know all the spells Wizards will have and have learned they will be massively limited so there's only a half dozen spells for each level so a Wizard could easily have memorized the spell... oh wait, that's not how magic in Pathfinder works, is it. There's dozens of spells for each spell level. Nearly a hundred for the low level stuff... so. How do you know which ones to memorize to counter them? Any Wizard worth his books will avoid the common spells so to avoid being Counterspelled.

My comment wasn't about wizards or their spells. I haven't taken a stance on counterspelling as to whether or not it is a good or bad thing. I'm simply pointing out that your comment implies practical experience of playtest counterspelling. If you did, in fact, have said experience I suspect you would have confirmed as much; the absence of such comments speaks for itself.

No one in the valley of the sun is looking for a game?

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Tangent101 wrote:
It's a nice-in-theory concept. Using Reactions for it helps it become something that doesn't just waste the Wizard's actions. But in practice it is not nearly as useful as the alternatives.

This implies that you have experience using counterspell as a wizard using the playtest rules.

I like the new format of the stat block, especially breaking it out into three sections for before combat, during the monster's turn and during a player's turn. This should make combat faster to run, especially for encounters that I did not plan ahead of time.

One thing I will miss though is the monster's organization and environment being listed in the block. I loved seeing at a glance what the collective nouns for monsters were! Of course, I can read the body of text to get this info, but I feel like something small but important will be lost with this seemingly minor change.

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How often do the heroes spend days, weeks or months out in the wilderness without access to civilization's finer things? Let's call it Bathfinder.

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By far the biggest hurdle was coordinating the schedules of six players and myself, in addition to the space in which we were playing as it needed to be reserved.

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The new action economy is by far the thing I am most looking forward to. Having to know all of the previous types of actions was a huge pain; simplifying this system should make combat go much smoother.

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blog wrote:
Spears pierce the target and weaken its attacks. This makes a spear a good option for someone using a more defensive strategy built around negating enemy attacks.

This looks promising. I've always been a fan of spears but alas, they don't show up too often.

I too like the idea of having two separate books for players and GMs. I'm not attached enough to it to make a big deal of it, but I was surprised when I first read the CRB to see that it encompassed everything.

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ryric wrote:
Here's a bit of a extreme "looney theory" about spell essences...what if spells are grouped into essences and tier levels within those essences? Perhaps wizards start out Expert in Material spells but druids only start Trained, and spells have both an essence category and a minimum tier? And then as class feats caster classes can up their tier level with a specific essence or possibly even add one at Trained they lacked before? This would mean as a caster advances they learn more spells, but they'd have to choose between getting "harder" spells, or branching out, or possibly taking neat tricks to do that don't expand their lists.

That's how MERP (Middle-Earth Roleplaying) did it. It wasn't a bad system at all.

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Lots of people seem to be assuming that spells can only belong to one spell list. Has this been explicitly stated?

I'd say skip her altogether. My players weren't particularly interested in NPCs helping them, so other than a bit of action in Thistletop and giving some exposition, Shaleleu has been absent from our game with no ill effect and we just finished book three.

TwoWolves wrote:

Make drawing and nocking an arrow an action (instead of a free action).


If "readying a shield" (which is literally just lifting your arm) is enough to qualify as an action, reaching into a quiver, pulling a long arrow out, putting it across your bow, and finding the string with the noc sure as hell shouldn't be free.

Then you run into the problem of drawing and nocking an arrow being an equivalent action to simply releasing the bowstring.

Wicked Woodpecker of the West wrote:

Or it could be changed into 5x5 alignment chart with weaker mortal versions and absolute ones - like AXIOMATIC - LAWFUL - BALANCED - ANARCHIC - CHAOTIC.

In such situation various detect and smite abilities would work only on extreme beings.

That's a pretty good idea, though I would swap the positions of anarchic and chaotic. Jumping from nine to twenty-five alignments would take some getting used to though. Perhaps for the Good/Evil axis we could add Virtuous and Nefarious.

Nope, I love the look of the site and think it is a huge improvement over the old version.

JaWS470 wrote:
Will the Flip tiles also come with the PDFs if I subscribe?

Any official response to this? The tiles are not listed above as including a PDF, so I would assume no PDF is included, but then the first product in this line hasn't shipped yet so that may be old information. Clarification would be appreciated.

Bellona wrote:

Very dramatic! And a session which I'm sure that the players will never forget. :)

(Some interpretations of the Malfeshnekor's situation conclude that he is trapped in that room even if the door is open.)

As written it is absolutely the case that Mal cannot leave the room.

RotR Anniversary Edition, page 64 wrote:
Although the binding keeps him from physically leaving this room, nothing prevents him from assaulting anyone who enters it.

That being said, an epic story is more important than anything else, so if it made a good story for that table then kudos to the GM.

I've recently moved to the Phoenix area and am looking for a new group. I'm down for most any day of the week as my social calendar has yet to be filled. I'd prefer to play, but could GM if necessary. I've been playing since the late '80s so have plenty of experience.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles Case subscription. Thank you.

It's not during play that text on the tiles would be distracting, but instead after the fact, as my players love taking photos of our games, and they can often be quite artistic. Text on the tiles would really detract from that.

Hopefully, it will be on only one side, that would help somewhat.

The Shifty Mongoose wrote:
Lucrecia was with Barl when I ran it, as well.

Turns out no one died in our encounter, but Lucrecia did get the party warpriest down to -13 by dealing 57 damage to him in one round with her twin daggers. Ouch.

Milo v3 wrote:
KingOfAnything wrote:
You only use one table each time you level up.
That's the first time I've heard that interpretation of Paizo saying "you'll still be referencing only one advancement table". Especially since that interpretation requires more than one advancement table.

I suspect that it means all feats gained will be listed on one single table. Meaning you would not need to use a table like 3-1 Character Advancement and Level-Dependant Bonuses (page 30 in the first edition CRB) in addition to the table for your class, as all of that information will be on each class advancement table (level 2 wizard feat, level 3 general feat, level 4 wizard feat & ability point, etc.). No doubt most of us* have all played long enough that we forget to use table 3-1 as we just know you get a feat every odd level and an ability point every four levels. Multiclassing could make this a bit more complicated though.

* two of my players in their very first game of Pathfinder did forget to add feats and ability points, so that is likely why this change was added, and I think it is a good thing

That's disappointing that there will be text on the tiles. Hopefully, it is as unobtrusive as possible.

ryric wrote:
Pedantic math note: 12500 XP would be halfway between 13 and 14 in this system. If 1000 XP is level 2, 12000 XP is level 13.

In case this was a reply to my post - That's why I said I'll start my players with 1,000 XP at level 1 when they make their characters, to keep the first number (or two numbers at higher levels) the same as their level. So 12,500 XP would be halfway between 12th and 13th level. If this somehow confuses them when I tell them their XP I'll just drop the relevant integer(s).

Logan Bonner wrote:
Dαedαlus wrote:
"Okay, so I have 12,500 XP, so I'm halfway to level 13"
Actually, it's "Okay, so I have 500 XP, so I'm halfway to level 13." ;)

What I will likely do for ease of calculating XP (I use a spreadsheet for my players and wouldn't want to redo the calculations every level) is to start everyone at 1,000 XP and just increment every level by 1,000. So in my games, 12,500 XP would be halfway between 12th and 13th level. It works out the same but with less effort by me as the GM.

Boxers or briefs?
Coke or Pepsi?
Burger or taco?

Erik Mona wrote:

Thanks, Kitsune! It was a blast to play, and as the event unfolded I was almost certain someone would comb through it for all the little rules details before the end of the first day, and you are the winner!

Thanks for listening so attentively!


Grellun the Green

You misspelled Brown. :)

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I for one look forward to the new edition. Having only gotten into Pathfinder about a year ago, it was daunting to learn everything that was in the game and financially unviable to boot. Now getting in on the ground floor (much like with Starfinder) I will be able to cope much much more easily.

People complaining about 10th level spells would do well to remember the lesson of that iconic scene from This is Spinal Tap.

I for one like Pratchett's take on elves from Lords and Ladies:

“Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder. Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels. Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamorous. They project glamour. Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror. The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning. No one ever said elves are nice. Elves are bad.”

Two in a row for Barl? That's good to know as my players will be facing him in our next session. It will likely be even tougher than normal as Lucrecia will be at his side since the PCs accidentally alerted her to their presence in Rannick before engaging her. I expect it to be a tough fight for them, especially if they do not prepare appropriately.

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Wrath wrote:
Azalah wrote:

Now see, if party members actually cared about each other and weren't greedy, then they would all chip in to buy that spellcaster some spell gems to make sure he can do his job properly.

Too bad all adventurers are greedy and would never do such a thing unless they got something in return at that exact moment.

Another way to look at it - my soldier wants to constantly lay down Burt fire on full auto..

Burt fire?

CrystalSeas wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
I then adhere the paper to a piece of chipboard using a glue stick, or simply stick the label to it.
Which thickness did you use, and how well does it fit the bases? Chipboard comes in several sizes (thicknesses), and I'm not sure which you're talking about.

The chipboard I used is 1/16" thick, and as BV210 mentioned it can be hard to cut, especially the corners, though this may depend on the quality of your scissors. I had just standard scissors that are meant to cut paper. A razor could also work, but I didn't try that.

They fit snugly enough to the bases that I noticed if the glue used didn't extend all the way to the edge of the paper, repeated use will eventually cause the paper to come undone from the chipboard due to the pawn base pushing it up. This means a label sheet would be better to use as it is likely to form a better seal, though of course this makes the homemade pawns more expensive to create.

I don't have photos handy of the finished products, but when I get home I'll see if I can remember to take some.

edit - I just remembered that I do have a photo of the Black Magga pawn I made for Rise of the Runelords. I didn't round the corners, but you can see it here.

I *love* the look of that dwarf. I suspect every dwarf I make in the future will be equipped with a rope and grappling hook, even though he might find it impractical.

I've made pawns also, but instead of printing on 110# I instead print on regular 20# paper or 1-up label sheets. I then adhere the paper to a piece of chipboard using a glue stick, or simply stick the label to it. I then trim to size and glue two sides of the pawn to each other. They look OK, though trimming the rounded corners with scissors sometimes isn't that great.

Nefreet wrote:

I didn't know there weren't any map packs included with the Starfinder subscription.

Good thing I randomly stumbled across these while sorting my collection.

Any chance Paizo could email Starfinder subscribers when something "Starfinder-esque" gets released for Pathfinder?

Subscribing to the Paizo newsletter should take care of that need.

Rick Kunz wrote:
Print version now available!

Is this correct? All I see is the PDF.

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That was a fun read. I sent the PDF to my players and if they should choose to use it I think I will allow it.

Ooh, this looks wonderful.

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Melee: "Dance Partner" Your swing was so wild your target easily sidesteps it. You swap positions with your target unless this is an advantage for you, otherwise you become prone.

Ranged: "Ricochet" Your attack ricochets off of your target and comes back at you. Make an attack roll against yourself at double the range to your target.

Magic: "OMGWTFBBQ" You miscast the spell and the magical energies ignite the air around you. You take 1d6 damage and gain the burning condition.

Samy wrote:
The resolution for the maps of the locations in the APs will always be a little fuzzy when blown up to one real life inch per square, but they're still perfectly playable. And it's the best and only thing we're gonna get.

They are indeed perfectly usable. You can see a photo of Docking Bay 94 here. I printed it at 800% using the artist's image, freely available here.

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Great recap and I love the photos. I'm tempted to show them to my players but no doubt they'll start to think their GM is of the inferior sort. Perhaps one day I can attain such immersion for my players.


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I finally caught up to the podcast last week, just in time for all of these changes. It would be quite unfortunate if their success caused the podcast to change dramatically, as I pretty much love it as it is now. I guess we'll see how things shake out once the second and third podcasts get fully underway.

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