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Drazmorg the Damned

Frozen Forever's page

121 posts. Alias of Ash Baker.


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Anything they can do, you can do better.

Just make exact copies of their characters (adjust how they look for effect) and throw in some henchmen. How can they not be challenged by themselves?

Barbarians and Rogues are only flat footed when you are four levels higher than them. A bunch of other archtype classes and prestige classes get this ability as well.

I think it's fine.

Also, I seem to remember seeing that Monks can never be denied their AC bonus.... but can't find where I read that.

Anthian wrote:

Hey all,

Thank you all so much for the positive feedback, I do intend to complete the whole book. Each panel takes about three weeks to flesh out, between the wood block carving pieces and the acrylic, it has been nothing short of a labor of love. I originally undertook the project as a tip of my hat and a thank you to the creative genius of the pathfinder team, as they have supplied me with countless hours of jaw dropping art and fun. Having gamed since I was eight, this kind of work has always been a calling, I only hope I can do James and the rest at Pathfinder justice. It's a tall order to fill, but I'm aiming to give this my all. I'm in mid process on page three and should be to page five by December, as I am creating the work for a class, I have to balance the rest of my senior portfolio work with this project. That said, I should get back to work, page three is calling.


Anthony Ian

Wood... block... carving...?

How on earth are you creating this?

(I'm not familiar with this technique)

tomf wrote:

To frozen forever is that info in the bestiary? so when i pull them up I can show them the text.

Urk, I don't have a page number. But in the PRD just search for "Forced March." It's in that section.

It's not good to push your horses too hard!

Also, in case you went there and weren't able to comment, the site owner fixed that and you should be able to comment now.

So get commenting! Send those positive waves!

tomf wrote:

My group and I started the campagne last night and as thought they wiped out the banits and at Olegs post and they managed to get all the horse's they are now double moving though the Hex's at 100ft (hourse speed being 50 ft )

taking about a day to explore a hex, will this have much of an impacted on the game?

Horses can't double move all day, or they'll die. They take 1 damage the first hour, 2 the second, 4 the third, 8 the fourth, 16 the fifth, 32 the sixth, 64 the seventh, and 128 the eighth hour (and it's lethal damage for horses).

So, if the horses have 256 or more hit points, it shouldn't be a problem.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This is the best I've seen. But he's only on page 2 so far.

Go there and start supporting him with positive comments.

I always thought it should completely negate falling damage (or reduce it to 1d6 or something). You aren't moving down when ethereal, right? So your movement is stopping completely every second or so.

Meh, whatever.

DoomCrow wrote:

I had all the events running but they chose not to go to some, so they skipped the candy apple, the sleigh rides and vacant tent event. The drunken lumberjack fumbled his swing at my PC and fell into a table of prepared ale mugs, so the PC let the drunken bystanders beat him until he was dying before they stabilized him, so I didn't award them a VP for that event.

They had 10 VP total by the time the fireworks started. They needed 11 or more.

Ah... okay. The Vacant tent event is the one with the girl being assaulted right? Did you say "you hear a struggle, a girl whimpering, etc" or something? I don't know any PC's who'd ignore that!


You don't have AC against a swarm... they just do damage to you if it ends its movement on top of you.

So, technically, Dodge doesn't work on swarms! :)

DoomCrow wrote:

IMC, the party wanted to celebrate their 1 year anniversary as a kingdom with a Founder's Day Festival. I decided this would be a good time to use PFM Carnival of Tears and tie in the evil fey with the main story.

SoI timed the arrival of Quinn's carnival to coincide with the festival. Quinn, having arrived a few days before the festival, said he heard about the event and wanted to provide entertainment for the people, and offered to hold off on opening the doors to the carnival until the day of the festival.

Things were going well, with the party having their events first and then the carnival opened afterwards. The party took their time looking around but never gained enough virtue points to meet with Syntira (I considered changing Syntira's race to something other than what she is in the Module; having too many of those might be a bit confusing since I am also planning on using Fellnight as well, however I also thought of Syntira being the good sister of Nyrissa who was trying to oppose her's sister's plans).

Without meeting with Syntira, the party was left exposed to the Eye of Rapture, and at 5th level all of them failed the saving throw, and I rolled max on the duration in hours. Seeing what they wanted to see, they were allowed to drift back to the castle for a feast with the River Kingdom dignitaries who were visiting at the castle. They spent 3 hours in the castle before they went up to the roof for a fireworks display and I took pity on them and allowed them another saving throw, which half of them made. They looked on in horror below as hundreds of people lay dead in and around the festival grounds (350 people per hour killed according to the table, that's 1/3 of their town's population) and began breaking their compatriots out of the illusion.

Now they are all free of the eye's effects and are en-route to combat this terror. I know in the module it says at 700 the fey retreat into the woods, but the town in the module is much smaller than my party's town. I figure the fey will stay...

I can't believe they didn't get enough Virtue points. Did you run all the events?

I'm game.

droid101 at gmail


Am I missing something? Where's the speed of the creatures?

How is Cartigan not banned?

There's a difference between being a playful devil's advocate, and being a hardcore, deliberate, and extremely condescending troll. It's the same nonsense in every thread he posts in.

Jeremiziah wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
I removed some posts and replies to them. "Don't be a jerk" is not a complicated rule.

I'm trying, Ross, I promise.

I'm failing increasingly frequently, though. I'll just take some time off this thread. Sorry to make work for you.

This is what I don't get about this forum.

Jeremiziah is being pretty level-headed and only calling out the jerks. Whereas some people are blatantly trolling, tossing passive-aggressive insults, or being condescending jerks outright.

Why do the people who call out the jerks have their posts removed, but the jerks who worded their posts carefully (to skirt the "rules" of the site) have theirs stay up in all their condescending glory?

james maissen wrote:

If for some reason you wanted to go with this enervation route, might I suggest a little here? Properly invested 4 wizards own him in one round in this route, it's just a bit extreme.

First you have better than a 3 DEX mod. You easily can have a 5 (14 DEX plus belt). Next you have a heroism (if not greater heroism spell) active for another +2. Boots of speed give you haste for another +1. You have a +18 to hit. Last either you act before him, or you block his LOS so either way he's flatfooted. His touch AC is now 12, even with cover and into melee you hit on a 2.

Feats taken by each of your wizards: quicken spell, spell penetration, greater spell penetration, allied spellcaster, trait: magical lineage (via extra traits if traits aren't given), maximize spell, empower spell, spell perfection (enervation), improved init, dazing spell, SF:...

Cool. So, what about the four nalfeshnees and 12 hezrous he has already summoned?

Mods, if you're going to delete my post, please delete my dot, too. Not interested.

HappyDaze wrote:
if the GM isn't up for continuing but most of the players are, the GM can step aside and someone else can pick up that role.

Hm. I disagree with this completely.

Nobody else gets to see my notes, my maps, my story arcs, my NPC's, etc. Those are trade secrets which I may use in future campaigns.

When this story is over, it's over. The next story will be good, too.

If someone else wants to DM their own campaign that's fine. But it won't be in the context of my world, my characters, my story.

If players continued to somehow play a campaign that I ended, I'd get all nerd rage about "canon" and how their new additions to the story aren't!!

I'm going to post Cibet44's post from the other thread here because I thought it was interesting and relevant:

cibet44 wrote:

Actually if you look at Imbue Arrow it says "When the arrow is fired, the spell's area is centered where the arrow lands, even if the spell could normally be centered only on the caster."

This is the only mention of an arrow that "lands" not one that "targets" something.

Look at the other Arcane Archer abilities:

"Seeker Arrow (Sp): At 4th level, an arcane archer can launch an arrow at a target "

"Phase Arrow (Sp): At 6th level, an arcane archer can launch an arrow once per day at a target"

"Hail of Arrows (Sp): In lieu of his regular attacks, once per day an arcane archer of 8th level or higher can fire an arrow at each and every target"

"Arrow of Death (Sp): At 10th level, an arcane archer can create a special type of slaying arrow that forces the target"

Imbue arrow has no target. An imbued arrow must land in a space. It can't be used to target a creature. That's why you don't have to worry about the arrow breaking as is argued about above.

This is how we have always interpreted this ability in 3.5 (we would fire it a creatures feet, not actually try to hit the creature). In PF what is confusing the issue is the addition of the text "If the arrow misses, the spell is wasted." This text does not exist in the 3.5 version of the ability. This text gives the impression that you can fire an Imbued Arrow at a creature when in fact you can't. This text should be omitted or changed to "If the arrow does not land, the spell is wasted."

If you do target a creature with it I would rule that you strike the target (according to the hit roll) and the arrow does it's normal arrow and bow damage then the arrow is destroyed. Since it never lands the imbued effect is wasted. Or (if you were a generous DM) you...


But... I'm on the fence about telling them.

Make it big, fun, and climactic. Then end it. No need to fill them in.

Underground and Urban should both benefit you about the same. Maybe slightly more toward Urban. That's my pick.

ProfessorCirno wrote:

I don't need rules to roleplay.

Oh, okay! So your monk will just take a Vow of Poverty and not take any bonus to go with it.




Archmage_Atrus wrote:

Not trying particularly hard:

Fighter 6, Human.
Base attack +6, Strength +4, Weapon Focus +1, Weapon enhancement +1. That's +12 already.

Throw in Haste, Bull's Strength, Bardic inspiration, you've got yourself a +16 at least. Hitting on a 14 or above for a creature that only has 40 hit points is pretty nice, especially since you only need to hit it about four times.

Aid-another, flanking... AC 30 isn't insurmountable.

Plus, as stated above, Willies only have an AC of 26 in Pathfinder. We aren't in 3.5 anymore, bretheren!

Valandil Ancalime wrote:

Isn't it middle of the page where it says, "Click here to start download from MediaFire.."?

PS; I'm not being sarcastic. Sometimes these sorts of pages are very busy and confusing.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a 102 year old stumbling around the internet.

The problem was, parts of the page were blocked at work, so there was essentially just a bunch of seemingly random text with no links.

At home, the link looks as you described.


Zoetrope wrote:

Here is v3.1 of the modified Kingdom Sheet, which:

  • Updates all the city tabs to the new format, removing the error
  • Corrects a couple of calcs on the Overall sheet
  • Adds a simple House Rules tab you can populate
  • Updates the Instructions

You can download it from here.

As always, any comments/suggestions/errors please let me know.

I'm confused... where is the download link once on that page? Very strange.

Abraham spalding wrote:

Yeah actually we do -- it's not cheese -- it's playing smarter.

Sundering the quiver? Good luck with that -- which one?

It's called cheese.

Which one? All three, I get three attacks.

I'd have you suffer the -2 on attacks with the bow for using the cestus. And I don't think I'd allow you to threaten with it since, y'know, it's on your bow firing arrows.

I also wouldn't allow a locked gauntlet to work with a bow. It doesn't specifically say, but I think it's intended use is for melee weapons. But I could probably be talked into it. Meh.

But you just keep on cheesin' that cheese train, bronado.

Abraham spalding wrote:
Frozen Forever wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Sundering is harder than it use to be. A human fighter can be all but immune to sunder attempts rather easily, and you can't even damage a weapon unless your enhancement bonus is equal to the weapon you are trying to sunder. So if it's a +3 bow and you have a +2 keen great sword you are wasting your time.
Maybe, but disarming is pretty easy when the person you're doing it to can't get attacks of opportunity off. :)

Unless they are holding that bow in a locked gauntlet.

And I can AoO you just fine with the Cestus on my other hand.

Oh, more stupid cheese? Then I'll just sunder your quiver.

Seriously, do you or your players actually play like this?

Abraham spalding wrote:
Sundering is harder than it use to be. A human fighter can be all but immune to sunder attempts rather easily, and you can't even damage a weapon unless your enhancement bonus is equal to the weapon you are trying to sunder. So if it's a +3 bow and you have a +2 keen great sword you are wasting your time.

Maybe, but disarming is pretty easy when the person you're doing it to can't get attacks of opportunity off. :)

One of my favorite NPC's ever was a kobold sorcerer named Muki di Crookshank.

I had him get affected by "wild magic" type variant stuff for extra bonus fun.

Kyle Olson wrote:

I'll have the CMD,CMB, and enlarge spell mod fixed up for the next release. The HP is a little weirder because blank characters don't have HD and I don't have a way to add that. I hadn't thought about the issue before, but clearly CON bonuses won't work without HD so I'll need to look into it.

The HP thing really isn't important as far as I can tell. It's much easier to see on the character itself anyway.

But again thanks for this!

Kyle Olson wrote:

Combat Manager update to 1.2.2

Save custom conditions added by user
Allow bonuses on custom conditions
Add list of "favorite" conditions to context menu, allow user editing of list
Cause blank characters to function the same as DB/Imported characters
Fix crash when adjusting dexterity on some characters
Fix minor settings bug

Custom conditions is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Now... for some reason I'm trying to edit the CMB and CMD of characters in the "Party" section, and it's setting them to 0 no matter what I type in there.

Also, the "HP" in the right summary side when I'm clicked on any character shows 0 unless the character was an import from PCGen. The HP shows fine in the "Party" Column on each character. (Edit: I've been playing around, and it gives some weird results in that right screen... I have someone with 97 hp max showing as 1d1+2 as their HP on that right column).

Edit again: Enlarge Spell doesn't seem to subtract 1 from AC and attack rolls due to size (it correctly deducts the Dex and Adds the Str though).

There's an ability like that from a Paizo module. I don't know if I'm allowed to quote it, so let me know and I'll remove it:


Shadow [the sword] may be used to cast invisibility (CL 10th), or the blade itself can be turned invisible for one round, making it incredibly difficult to parry and dodge. If your opponent cannot see invisible objects and does not succeed on a DC 25 Spot check to follow your arm motions, he is considered flat-footed against all your attacks with Shadow that round.

Conflict resolution? Really?

DM made a decision and it's over. Just move on.

Kyle Olson wrote:

Add stat changes for some spell conditions

Win x10

Whatever. Gigantic win. I love it.

Next ridiculous demand: Android Honeycomb App. ;)

So, I did searches and only found threads about enchanting a wand with a metamagic feat.

What I want to know, is if my character finds a wand of scorching ray, can I apply my personal empower spell metamagic feat when using this wand? Or are they not able to be enhanced in this way?


Purplefixer wrote:

My DM seems to agree with you, oh wise and eager MagiRodent. She's been working on a tone-down to strip the extreme power of the vampire out and dole it back in little teaspoons.

It boils down to a list of basic starting advantages, a one level penalty (skip the next level you would go up), and then -long- ass lists of options to pick up for each hit-die you have above 4. You basically start as a very strong vampire spawn, then gain abilities to bring you up to par with regular vampires around Level 12 or 15.... but you may be built entirely differently by then.

Have you tested any of that, Nightwish, or read anything to the contrary, or is that just rational thinking? I'd love to get away with a no-penalty vampire just because I joined the Whispering Way, got to level 7 with huge bonuses to my faction score, and then spent a mere 5CPA for the benefit...

Jeff, your PDF makes my eyes bleed a little bit, but I went over it with my GM while we were formatting this little (oh.. my.. god... huge...) blurb for the forum. We're actually fairly close here, except without the 'racial prestige class' mix-in.

** spoiler omitted **


Claws of the Vampire King and Energy Drain abilities both have the exact same description, other than Energy Drain being a prereq for Claws.

Did I (or somebody else) already suggest that when you add a condition it actually changes the stats? Such as the Fatigued condition (which would reduce Strength and Dexterity scores) or Sickened (reduce all save throws).

Anyway, I use this program constantly. The treasure generator is the greatest thing I've ever encountered. I've been rolling for treasure for 10 years. No longer!

Overreactionary thread is overreactionary.

GoldenOpal wrote:

Lol, what? Yeah, he could make the PC go crazy from getting pregnant – just not my experience I guess. Known some crazy pregnant women, but they were all crazy before that :P

So you're saying ALL women should have a low wisdom, eh?


GoldenOpal wrote:

I don’t think there necessarily should be any effects to the PC due to the pregnancy. Fighting normally while pregnant is well within the bounds of a heroic fantasy. But what is the fun it that, right?

My suggestion for a simple, impactful and still loosely simulationist way to do it…

Note: Pregnancy modifiers are cumulative.
1st Trimester: No modifiers.
2nd Trimester: +2 Wis, -2 Con
3rd Trimester: +2 Cha, -2 Dex
Two Weeks Before Due Date: +2 Cha, -2 Dex, -2 Str


After she gives birth those modifiers are gone, but gains the…

Note: Post-partum modifiers are not cumulative.
First Week After Birth: +4 Wis, -4 Con, -2 Dex, -2 Str
1d4 Additional Weeks: +2 Wis, -2 Con

Why are you bonusing wisdom? Pregnant women are crazy, which is the very definition of a low wisdom.

thepuregamer wrote:

Well, deeper darkness lowers the light by 2 steps. So even bright light would go down to dim. Normal light would goto darkness and darkvision does not work inside deeper darkness.

Only the "Supernaturally dark" function disables darkvision, and I don't think the arenas will be starting at dim light (one level down- darkness, one more- supernaturally dark).

Riku Riekkinen wrote:

As far as I read only when the station isn't all brighted up (like Colosseum in the summer)

I'll check on the lighting situation. That would be a killer combo.

Dragonsong wrote:

Deadly aim dosent work with the touch AC range incriment(per Stephen Macfarland)

Wait, what? So within 30 feet, you can't use Deadly Aim at all, or is this a Gunslinger only thing?

Riku Riekkinen wrote:

Assuming missile shield block also this one... phew..

I think you need a 13 dex for Missile Shield.

Either way, I can negotiate that without losing too much on the build.

Okay, so I got a spy on the inside who let me know the other characters.

"A gunslinger."

"A gladiator type, with a net and a trident."

"A wizard."

Kierato wrote:

Dust of Appearance (1800 gp)

So, you have to pinpoint the guy before you can use it. Sucky.

Is there a way for a non-caster to get around invisibility, then? Like magic goggles or something? The only thing I see is the Lantern of Revealing, but that sucker is 30,000GP.

SmiloDan wrote:

Human Fighter with Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Greater Sunder, Two-Weapon Fighting, and Improved 2 Weapon Fighting and a pair of adamantite weapons. Drink Potion of Haste and Potion of Invisiblity.

Win Initiative and close. Full attack and sunder weapon, shield, armor, amulet, belt.
Repeat Full Attack and sunder wand, ring, ring, handy haversack, headband.

This is my favorite cheese so far.

Also, each win gives 2000 gold, plus 2000 per previous consecutive win. 1000 exp, plus 1000 per previous consecutive win. As well as 1 hero point (so I can save these up too).

So buying more items as time passes will be an option if I keep winning.

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