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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 6,102 posts (6,911 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Silver Crusade

Heh. Just checked over her spell list. Even tied up without a spell component pouch, she still has 5 spells left that she can cast using just verbal components, and they're all directly offensive (Blindness/Deafness and 4 stilled Magic Missiles, 2 of which are empowered).

I think if she's gagged when they heal her up to consciousness, I'll let them try to talk her down from hostile. If she's not gagged, or they mess up the diplomacy check, she'll blast them with everything she's got left.

Silver Crusade ***

UndeadMitch wrote:
First come first served? There are plenty of pregens, if one is in use pick another.

We were asking about the V-C who has a spiral bound book with all the pregens, where they aren't intended to be taken out, and he lets people borrow the whole book at once. If he's only got one book, how do two players use it at the same time?

Silver Crusade ***

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Ragoz wrote:
Echoing some other ideas I also don't like the idea of the pack-mule character who has everything the party needs but never has to accept the drawbacks of doing so. While they have to pay the upfront cost to obtain the items they never suffer the real costs because it is distributed among the rest of the party. It means a lot of utility for the entire party with no thought of resource management on the individual level.

I don't understand this comment at all. There's definitely a drawback of loading up on consumables. All that money is no longer available for other things like armor, weapons, cloak of resistance, etc, because it's tied up in your consumables.

Silver Crusade

I like variety. I go for unusual character types, but not so completely out there that it seems like a "look at me!" cry for attention.

Just to give you an idea, I'm up to 22 PC's in Pathfinder Society. I've got every PFS legal alignment (no evils allowed), 11 different races (all core races, plus aasimar, tiefling, nagaji, and sylph), and every Society faction.

While I do have a lot of classes, I have an odd tendency to stick to the Core Rulebook classes much more than others, for some reason. I have an oracle, warpriest, two inquisitors, and a Halfling Opportunist (prestige class from Halflings of Golarion), but that's really not that many non-Core classes for that many PCs. So 17 of my 22 PC's are core classes, and only the one with a prestige class is multi-classed.

But I do use a lot of odd archetypes, bloodlines, domains, etc to vary how those classes play, and tend to avoid the most popular stuff just because it's popular. For instance, how many PC's have you ever seen with the Knowledge (Memory) or Magic (Divine) subdomains? Or sorcerers with the Deep Earth bloodline? Or fighters that specialize in thrown weapons? I've got all of those. And while I've got two druids, both have odd archetypes, and neither has an animal companion.

My recent trend is looking through the Golarion gods for ideas when trying to come up with personalities and back stories for my PC's, so I've been leaning heavily towards divine casters lately. That's why I have two inquisitors among my recently created PC's, along with a rogue and fighter who are both fairly religious.

Silver Crusade ***

Matt Lewis wrote:
Randy Saxon wrote:
My VC had every pregen at every level printed up and spiral bound so he could just let people borrow the book. I thought it was a clever idea when I first saw it, until a few minutes later when my gm just straight out rips one of the Kyra pregens out. He didn't realize they're not meant to be removed.
How does he deal with two players needing pregens?

That was my first thought, too.

Silver Crusade ***

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Wow. I didn't expect this to blow up so much so quickly. I had no idea I had the power to summon flames this way. I must be a flame oracle! Praise Sarenrae!!!

So two comments.

First, I want to respond to a comment, but it's slightly off topic, so I'll put it in spoilers to make it easier to keep the off topic stuff separate from the main conversation.

Kevin Willis wrote:
The general expectations where I have played are that if you can raise yourself in any fashion without selling gear, you do so. If not, other players consider chipping in.

I've never heard of this. Any time a PC has died at any table where I've played, I've always offered to chip in for the Raise Dead and/or Restorations. Whether or not the player could pay for it him/herself doesn't enter into it, though that often comes up as we discuss details.

For instance, the last time a PC died at one of my tables, he declined the offers to help him pay for the raise and just spent the prestige to do it himself. I think the rest of us split the cost of the Restorations.

Second, and back to the main topic at hand. It seems there's a lot of people worrying about the expectation of payback for all consumables becoming socially mandatory, even if it's not rules mandatory. I can see their point.

So here's an alternative suggestion for how to make a change in this. It seems that the main reason this conversation keeps coming up is people wanting to pay others back for using scrolls of Breathe of Life on them. What if we just make a rules change to make that possible, but leave all other consumables out of it?

In other words, the rules currently say you can only split costs on getting someone raised from the dead. Also, when you buy spellcasting services, those spells don't have to be cast on yourself, so you can help each other out on condition removal and Restorations after a scenario. This new suggestion is to just add scrolls of Breathe of Life to the list of things that party members can pool resources for, but this can ONLY be done to replace such a scroll that was cast during the course of the adventure.

Maybe try that out for a year, and if it goes well, then ask the player base if they'd want to expand it to other scrolls/potions that remove permanent conditions. But don't expand it to all consumables, for the reasons discussed in this thread so far.

What do you all think?

Silver Crusade ***

This is why it's worth having the conversation. I'd lean towards requesting the rules change, but I could be persuaded otherwise.

But I'd definitely want specific conditions on it. The main one is that they'd only be allowed to replace the specific consumed item, not the cost of it, or any equivalent. So no worry about wand charges, because you can't replace part of a wand. We probably even want to narrow it to only being allowed for single-use consumables, such as potions and scrolls. Yes, that takes First Aid Gloves out of the conversation, but leaves scrolls of Breathe of Life.

The main reason I'd be in favor of this is that some players just don't bring well prepared PCs. Usually, it's newer players who just don't know about all the good "standard" consumables. This way, the better prepared players don't have to feel like they're carrying the new guys, because the PC who gets the benefit of the item can be the one who buys it in the end.

But yes, I could see there being arguments if a player expects to have their consumable replaced, but the beneficiary chooses not to. Some social standards would have to be talked about, as well.

Silver Crusade ***

Ok, I started a separate thread to discuss that.

Silver Crusade ***

So this has come up a few times before, most recently here.


What about this? I have a scroll of breath of life. You die, I use my scroll on you. Are you allowed to replace my scroll at your cost?

I know the answer is no, but I also know that enough GMs allow it that the rule should either be revisited or reinforced. Imo, the rule should be, "if I use your consumable, I should be able to reimburse your consumable (not the cost, but the item).

We all know that this is technically against the current rules of PFS. You can't buy items for other PCs. So if someone gives you their consumable, and you use it, you can't buy them a replacement.

How would everyone feel about requesting a PFS rules change to make an exception to the "no buying items for other PCs" to allow for consumable replacement this way?

Silver Crusade ***

Zarta Dralneen is confirmed as evil, and high enough level to ping as such if a paladin bothered to check. I think she's around level 9, going from memory, roughly half and half bard/aristocrat, and LE aligned.

I had a friend who played a paladin/Hellknight (prestige class) in the old Cheliax faction. She was a Chelaxian nationalist trying to make her homeland better. She also had 7 int and 7 wis, so the player intentionally played her as clueless enough to go along with Zarta's faction missions without realizing that they'd lead to evil things.

I'd assume playing a paladin in the Dark Archives would be easier these days. In fact, keeping the evil magic from falling into the wrong hands, while keeping a close eye on Zarta to make sure she doesn't abuse her position, is a pretty good motivation for any good PC to join.

But if you want to make it easier, just go Silver Crusade. That's where my paladin is, despite playing against type with a lot of my PCs. It's just too natural a fit.

Instead, I played against type by putting my chaotic good prankster bard in the Silver Crusade. He heard they wanted to make the world a better place and signed up, but his idea of making the world better involves spreading laughter, rather than smiting demons.

Silver Crusade

So going off topic here, but my party captured her alive, and I'm trying to decide how she'd react to them. They knocked her down to -9 HP and then stabilized her, took her stuff, and tied her up. That's where we left off last session.

They're planning to tell her they're enemies of Karzoug, in the hopes of getting her to help them. I haven't decided yet if that should work. Actually, it doesn't matter that much if it does. She can give them some background info on the areas in Runeforge, but she doesn't know enough to be useful in helping them get a dominant weapon.

She has some stilled spells left, but I have to see which of those can be cast without a spell component pouch to see if she'll have any chance of fighting back. I really wish she could use her fireball strategy to self destruct, but that still requires material components.

Silver Crusade

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Me too

Silver Crusade

I think everyone in this thread pretty much agrees: Wheaton's Law should trump Rule Zero.

Silver Crusade ***

We played this at my local store yesterday: 2 tables, one at each subtier.

Both tables only got 1 prestige, because the paladin died. Playing at low tier, we had an archer rapid shot him and get a "lucky" crit on the second shot after the first knocked him down to staggered, so he went down hard. The high tier table told us that he bled out after going down in their fight.

Overall, this is a pretty brutal adventure. We were right on the cusp of being forced to play up with the low tier adjustment, because half our group was level 5, but we still had a very tough time in that final fight with the allips, possessed paladin, and the ghosts.

It was a lot of fun, though. Our bard sang his way through the one encounter with the ghost lady, so we made friends with her. When she asked for her ashes to be spread out to sea, my cleric of Besmara (Green Beard - because what else would you call a half-orc pirate?) was happy to do it.

Green Beard needs to find adventures with less undead, though. This is his second in a row where he's faced undead that were immune to most of his best stuff. As a negative channeling cleric, he felt a little useless, though he had plenty of other useful spells and abilities, and he was the one wielding the wand of Ghostbane Dirge. Luckily, we also had a positive channeling cleric in the party, which helped a LOT.

Green Beard's biggest complaint is that even after proving his bravery and loyalty to the Society by visiting the Gloomspires twice, Venture-Captain Calisro Benarry still won't agree to marry him!

Silver Crusade ***

Thanks for the clarification, Bob.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm doing for a hotel (still). I couldn't get anywhere near the convention center during the initial hotel lottery, and I heard there were certain days when people would cancel reservations they didn't need, so I should wait and try again on those days. I've checked in occasionally since then, with no luck. Unfortunately, the friends I normally go with aren't going this year, and they usually deal with the hotel stuff, so this is my first time having to figure it out myself.

Silver Crusade ***

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Tonya has completed the email notifications for those accepted as volunteers. I am now in the process of assigning GM schedules. With 1800 tables to assign and upwards of 300 volunteers, it will take a little time. I am hopeful to have it complete and all GMs notified of their schedule prior to open registration on the 15th.

So everyone who was accepted as a volunteer should have gotten an email recently? I got an email from Tonya back in January when I first signed up, but I haven't gotten an email since. Does that mean I wasn't accepted as a volunteer?

I only signed up to run a small number of slots, so it wouldn't surprise me too much, if you had more volunteers than you need. I just want to know for sure.

Silver Crusade

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Wait. Which one's Statler, and which one's Waldorf?

Silver Crusade ***

Yeah, some people are jerks about the character choices of others. I still remember one time I had a PC die, and someone commented "Well what do you expect with only 12 con?" Not only wasn't I playing a front line character, but my PC had only died because I'd moved within 30 feet of the front line so I could channel heal the rest of the party.

Edit: Wow, ninja x3. I was responding to Bob's last paragraph.

Silver Crusade ***

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I think my last post came across angrier than I'd intended, so I just want to apologize to John and the Paizo staff. When I said we'd been lied to, I wasn't trying to imply it was intentional. I'm just frustrated that we were told repeatedly that the Sczarni types would fit in fine with The Exchange, and it just hasn't worked out that way. But I know you guys are trying, and I'm glad you're listening and planning changes for next season. Hopefully, my pirate will fit in better then. And my blacksmith.

And when I wrote that, I was annoyed at the accusation upthread that I was just being whiny because I'd built a PC that didn't fit his faction. My point is that when I built the PC, he did fit his faction. Then, the faction changed.

Silver Crusade ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I've had a tengu go from full health to original recipee extra crispy in one fireball from a 12 con...

Tastes like chicken.

Silver Crusade ***

I've never done those races as front liners, but as long as you're not tanking, you should be ok. I've got an elven wizard and sylph sky druid (casting focused) with 12 con each, and they've been fine, though they're still only levels 2 and 3.

I keep considering ideas for elven or tengu front liners, and not doing them, usually due to that con penalty. It's a shame, since their proficiency with elven curve blades could be great for many front line builds.

Actually, if you're doing a d10 hit die class, you can probably get away with them, even on the front line with 12 con. My problem is I keep considering them for ideas that are d8 front liners, and I just don't feel comfortable with a con below 14 on the front line with only d8 hit dice.

Silver Crusade

Aziraya Zhwan wrote:
As a sidenote, I was wondering if there was a section I could post a character background/bio/story and have people critique it? Would that be in the Gamer Talk section?

We've had threads like that in the advice subforums before. You can use that existing thread, or start one specific for your character.

Silver Crusade

Is he capable of scrying on them inside Runeforge? I thought the magic of the place protected it from that sort of thing.

Silver Crusade ***

My biggest complaint is that we were blatantly lied to.

Back when the merger of the Qadira and Sczarni factions first happened, we were told repeatedly that members of both old factions would fit in just fine, and nobody would have any issues. That was clearly a lie.

If they'd just told us "Sczarni faction is going away", I would have taken the free faction change and moved on. But because they lied to us, my pirate is stuck in a faction where he doesn't belong.

Instead, we're given a faction card that may as well say "If profession (merchant) isn't your highest skill, then you're in the wrong faction."

That's my second biggest complaint - the fact that the entire faction revolves around one skill that nobody would train otherwise. I can understand including it as an option, but there are tons of other skills that should similarly be included. For instance, I have a legitimate businessman PC that I created more recently and put in The Exchange, because he really fits the flavor. But his day job is craft (weapons), because the entire character concept revolves around being a blacksmith from a long line of blacksmiths. Why are there no options to do some of these faction goals by showing off his wares, instead of having to train profession (merchant) or bust?

Even among the old Qadirans, how many people actually had profession (merchant) trained before the faction cards? Yet it's in 3 of the faction goals, while diplomacy and intimidate only show up once each, and bluff doesn't show up at all. Do you really think there are any Sczarni types who don't have bluff or intimidate as their primary social skill? Those (and diplomacy!) should be in more goals.

I don't mind that doing faction goals requires some skills, and that characters with low skill ranks might have a harder time with them. This faction is no better or worse than the others in that regard, and that's not the issue.

I do mind being forced to train out of character skills just to fit in with this faction, which is problem for both of my Exchange PC's - the pirate (who would have left had he known the Sczarni side wouldn't really be reflected) and the blacksmith (who really does fit in perfectly with this faction's fluff, but not the faction card).

Silver Crusade ***

This was a security measure that I think came from conversations here on the forums, possibly even in this thread.

In order to prevent duplication of boons, you're supposed to mark the PFS # on it. They can still be traded, but you have to write that fact in ink on the boon. The idea is that someone trading for a boon, or auditing a PC with one, will notice if the same number keeps showing up.

Technically, I don't see how this helps. But it's the type of thing that makes it look like it'll be harder to get away with illegal duplication of boons, even if it's not really. So maybe it will dissuade some dishonest people who would consider that sort of thing.

Silver Crusade ***

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Ok, so you found one adventure that's perfect for this type of Exchange member. Now let me tell you about my pirate PC's last adventure.

We got sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere, so no major trade center. That means no merchant license to earn, and no rival merchants to undermine.

We met a couple of named NPCs in the village, but none of them were merchants, traders, or smugglers by any stretch.

We left town to go fight some stuff that required fighting. No way to talk down the wild animals or hostile natives.

In the end, my +9 profession (sailor) at level 4 wasn't enough to hit 50 gp on the day job check for this one.

And being non-int based and a class that's low on skill ranks, I doubt if I'll ever put enough ranks in linguistics to learn 7 languages.

How exactly is my Sczarni pirate with intimidate, sense motive, and profession: sailor as his top skills supposed to do these? There are at least 3 of these goals that I'll never stand a chance at, even in adventures that are perfect for them, because my PC isn't built for the very specific skills that are necessary (diplomacy, profession (merchant), appraise, and linguistics).

Silver Crusade

I was asking because I was looking for an unusual back story or quirk for a new Pathfinder Society PC. I decided to make her an archaeologist who accidentally stumbled into getting divine power from Isis and becoming a worshiper.

Silver Crusade

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I don't know the specific guides you're talking about, but here's the list of various guides, which might have them.

Silver Crusade ***

He doesn't have many skill ranks, so intimidate and profession (sailor) are his only "piratey" skills, besides punching people (with a cestus).

I didn't have much chance to play him in Sczarni before the change, but I do remember a couple of Sczarni faction missions that involved beating people up and/or intimidating them, and those were right up his alley.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, my Sczarni pirate PC is regretting sticking with The Exchange after the merger. He just doesn't fit in. But I don't know where he'd fit any better.

My other Sczarni type switched to Dark Archive when the faction changes first happened, and fits in well there.

Silver Crusade

I've GMed all 4 parts of The Devil We Know, and part 3 is the only part I haven't played, in pretty random order with a variety of PCs. It's been about 4 years since I GMed this part, so I don't remember it at all. I'll wait and see what everyone else is bringing before I decide which PC I'll bring.

However, if we've got a lot of people who haven't played parts 1 and 2, I'd recommend that you guys start at the beginning of the series and do it properly. I can sit out, and you can probably recruit more players pretty easily to make a full group. If GM Fuzzfoot doesn't want to run all the parts, I could probably GM part of it. I've been wanting to try PBP GMing for a while, but I haven't dived in yet.

Edit: FYI, my level 3-4 PC's are a level 3 controller caster, a level 4 skill monkey/archer, and a level 4 front liner with a little healing. They can all use cure wands, so they make good backup/out of combat healers. I also have some level 2 and 5 PC's I could bring, depending on party makeup.

Actually, my level 4 front liner is the PC I played in part 4 of this series. She's probably my first choice, just because she's fun to play in PBP.

Silver Crusade ***

Ok, signed up to play Siege of the Diamond City and Traitor's Lodge on Sunday, along with GMing Godsmouth Heresy on Saturday. Is there any way on the web site to see how many people are signed up for what games?

I'll bring a variety of PCs I can play in these. I just need to look and see which one got the GM credit for Diamond City when I ran it at GenCon when it was new, because I honestly don't remember.

Silver Crusade

Having played that special, I might be willing to GM it. My big concern is that I have yet to dive into GMing PBP, which is something I want to do, but I'd probably want to start with something easier to get used to GMing in this format.

Silver Crusade

I just came to look up the same question. I missed that Greater Magic Weapon was making it +3.

However, that still doesn't explain why she'd cast Keen Edge on a weapon for which she has the Improved Critical feat. The Keen Edge spell even specifically says "Multiple effects that increase a weapon's threat range (such as the keen special weapon property and the Improved Critical feat) don't stack."

I'm thinking I should trade out either that spell or that feat for her. I could give her Furious Focus, so she can use Power Attack and still hit on the first shot more easily against my party front liners with AC's in the mid-30s. Or to keep it simple and be nice, I could just give her a backup Haste instead of the spell, in case the party retreats and comes back for a second attack.

Silver Crusade

I just think the Advanced Players Guide adds so much essential stuff to the game that I'd include it up front, even if you skip the base classes from that book.

It adds archetypes and subdomains for the Core classes, and tons of feats and spells that are practically mandatory. For instance, I'd never make a barbarian without the Raging Vitality feat, and the metamagic feats in the APG are almost all better than the Core metamagic feats. Plus, it adds traits, which I recommend including in your game.

Silver Crusade

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I love the comment about Elan.

Silver Crusade

Definitely start with the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide. Those are the books that define the game. You can get away with just the Core if you want to keep it simple, but IMHO, the APG adds so much that it's practically essential.

After that, there's good stuff for customizing a wide variety of PC types in the Advanced Race Guide, even if you're just sticking to the Core Rulebook races. I also like some of the hybrid classes from the Advanced Class Guide. If you're dealing with relatively new players, that should be enough to overwhelm everyone sufficiently. But if anyone wants to play a summoner or rogue, I'd go with the unchained versions from Pathfinder Unchained (because regular summoners tend to be overpowered, and regular rogues tend to be underpowered).

The Ultimate line (Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Equipment specifically) has some good new feats, spells, and equipment, but I wouldn't use the new classes introduced in UM and UC for a new group. You're probably better off just letting people pick and choose the occasional thing from those, without emphasizing them too much. Also, Occult Adventures is pretty popular, but probably way too much for newbies.

Lots of the thinner splat books have good stuff, too. Seeker of Secrets has lots of good ioun stones for all occasions. Familiar Folio has great stuff for anyone who wants a familiar, even on classes that wouldn't normally get one (check out the Chosen One archetype for paladins). Inner Sea Magic has some nice options for spellcasters (Tattooed Sorcerer archetype is very popular, but there are other good options there, too). And Weapon Master's Handbook is great for fighters and other martial types, but especially the base fighter class. Those are my favorites from the softcover lines, though I'm sure others will have different suggestions.

But really, if you just want to keep it relatively simple, I'd stick to the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, and the Advanced Race Guide options for the Core races. Everything else is gravy.

Silver Crusade

Here's the guideline I use.


AC 'tiers':

10+Level: Stop minions from automatically hitting you.
15+Level: Reasonable AC - against most foes, you can be missed, but shouldn't expect to be.
20+Level: Most foes have trouble hitting you
25+Level: Most foes hit only on a 20
30+Level: Too High, all attacks automatically hit.

Silver Crusade ***

I still haven't decided how many days I'll be there, and whether I want to stay at the hotel or drive back and forth each day. I'm definitely looking to be there Saturday to GM and Sunday to play a couple of scenarios, and maybe Monday. It looks like about a 70 minute drive from home, per Google Maps.

When registration opens on Sunday, is that just con registration, or does it also include individual events?

Silver Crusade ***

A new "Deadly Courtesan" archetype? Where? There's already an archetype with that name in the Vishkanya section of the Advanced Race Guide.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

My gnome prankster bard uses perform: comedy as his intimidation skill, using versatile performance. And the archetype gets a bardic performance called "mock", where you can debuff enemies by taunting them. Needless to say, I've had fun with this one.

My favorite was telling an Earth Elemental (in Terran - my PC collects known languages just so I can insult EVERYBODY), "Hey boulder balls! Yo mama was a cubic zirconium!"

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll have to consider making the trip up there for this. From where I live in Chicago's northern suburbs, it should only be a little more than an hour drive.

I'll have to see if my family has any ideas for Memorial Day weekend plans, but if not, I'll probably sign up to GM Godsmouth Heresy for you.

Silver Crusade ***

So did we ever come to a consensus (or get a response from Paizo) about this?

I know I expressed an opinion above, but I'm not married to it. I could go either way on this, and it really doesn't come up very often, since I don't play many modules/adventure paths in PFS. But I'm doing one now and wondered if there was ever a definite ruling.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, I can't see letting a 6th level bard spell trump a 9th level wizard spell. Bards aren't supposed to be the superior casters. At the very least, I'd make it an opposed caster level check, like Dispel Magic.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I see - I was looking at the barding section and missed the "Armor for Unusual Creatures" table. Thanks!

Silver Crusade

This is for Pathfinder Society, so RAW answers only, and please let me know where you found the answers.

Stupid question about animal companions: Assuming you give them a feat (or two or three) for armor proficiency, do they always use the barding costs for mounts or would a biped use armor costs for humanoids?

And if it is barding, since barding cost is only provided in the Core Rulebook and Ultimate Equipment for medium and large mounts, what about a small animal companion before it grows up to medium?

Silver Crusade

The Chosen One archetype from the Familiar Folio is huge. You get a familiar instead of your mount or bonded weapon. Because you get the familiar at level 1, everything from levels 1-4 gets rearranged. But once you hit level 4, you pretty much have all the standard paladin stuff.

Put aside for a moment that the familiar can cast Guidance at will and use a 1st level domain power once per day after level 3, on top of the normal scouting and fluff of having a familiar.

The key reason this archetype is such a big deal is that the familiar can Lay on Paws and even Channel Energy, which adds an extra healer to the group. The paladin no longer has to choose between healing his allies or attacking the enemy that damaged them - The Chosen One can do both in the same round with the help of his familiar. It's not something you'll be doing constantly, but in the tough fights, that boost in action economy is game changing.

Silver Crusade

Let me start by putting this in context. The level 1 power of the Magic (Divine) subdomain says "Whenever you are the target of a divine spell". This obviously only applies to targeted spells, not AOE's, since it doesn't have wording about "or within its area" like the Persistent Metamagic feat, which intentionally covers both.

But what about area spells that only affect specific creatures in their area? The obvious example is Bless, which affects all allies within 50 feet of the caster. Somehow, the spell knows allies and non-allies apart, and targets only the allies. But does that count as being the "target" of a spell in game terms that doesn't have a "target" line in its spell description? Would that qualify for that subdomain power?

Silver Crusade ***

Finlanderboy wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:

Certainly some good stuff here. But Raistlin was all the way evil.

What about Zarta?

Lawful Evil. That's been confirmed in several published sources (just about any scenario she's appeared in).

She's not the only evil recurring NPC aligned with the Society, either. And I'm not even talking about those who have betrayed the Society.

Silver Crusade

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So what's the correct pronunciation of Yuelral?

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