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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,825 posts (5,102 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade **

Fromper wrote:

I'm reminded of the time I GMed a scenario and didn't notice that there were 10 foot squares. I thought the building was just half it's actual size, because I thought they were the standard 5 foot squares.

I think it was pointed out to me in the GM prep thread here before I actually ran the adventure. At that point, I realized that the GM I'd played it with previously made the exact same mistake.

Since we're talking about how to actually play on the 10 foot square grid, I'll point out that when I GMed this, I used the map as drawn (10 foot squares), but just told everyone to treat them as 4 squares of 5 feet each. It meant overlapping minis squeezed into squares, and constant questions about "Which corner of that square are you in?", but it played just like any other 5 foot grid otherwise.

Silver Crusade **

Finlanderboy wrote:

Ok, let say a DM understand something differently. They know what th eplayer is intending to use the item for. Then they surpise the player by making that ruling.

Now I disagree with many ruling Mr. Mortika makes, but what makes me think he is not being a jerk(and is quite an awesoem guy) is he stops you and lets you know how he would rule before it happens. He does not snicker and say your turn is wasted.

I have seen too many DMs use their rulings to ambush players and I sorry I read that into nosigs post.

And there I completely agree with you. If I'm a GM, and a player tries to do something that I don't think should work, I'll give them my ruling before the action takes place, and give them the chance to do something else instead.

Silver Crusade **

You're ignoring the "as appropriate for the item in question". Putting manacles on yourself isn't appropriate. Drinking a known poison isn't appropriate. The whole point is that the item has to be something that's appropriate for a person to use on him/herself.

Silver Crusade **

I live in Illinois, in the Chicago area, so it's not that far a trek to hit things in northwest Indiana. Unfortunately, you guys seem to only have week night stuff announced around here that I've seen. If you ever do things on weekends, be sure to post on the forums, and maybe I can come and visit.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tempest_Knight wrote:
I really wish they would reprint a few of the older maps.

Unfortunately, Paizo has a strict corporate policy against reprinting anything other than core hardbook books (stuff that's on the PRD). They've also got a strict corporate policy against questioning any of their 10+ year old policies, to see if they still make sense. I'm assuming the people behind both of these policies have pointy hair and look like Dilbert's boss.

Silver Crusade **

Jiggy wrote:
Is there a way to get a necklace of strangulation...?

There is one in a PFS scenario.

When I GMed it, we had a player at the table who didn't pay much attention to the non-combat, non-looting portions of the adventure. So while the rest of the party knew that one of the cursed items they were supposed to recover was a necklace of strangulation, she completely missed that detail. After they killed some enemies and found the necklace, she was all ears when I said that the necklace they found had a magic aura, so she went to put it on. Luckily for her, the rest of the party stopped her.

Silver Crusade **

I'm reminded of the time I GMed a scenario and didn't notice that there were 10 foot squares. I thought the building was just half it's actual size, because I thought they were the standard 5 foot squares.

I think it was pointed out to me in the GM prep thread here before I actually ran the adventure. At that point, I realized that the GM I'd played it with previously made the exact same mistake.

Silver Crusade **

Jiggy wrote:
Mojorat wrote:
The problem is the term seems to be shifting as younger players don't actually know what it means and think it just means monster.
Really? I've mostly seen the older crowd use it.

I've never actually heard that term at a table. Come to think of it, THACO is the only one that I have heard from Jayson's list. I don't even know what some of those are.

Silver Crusade **

Finlanderboy wrote:
nosig wrote:
Brigg wrote:

I just discovered another handy item right in the Advanced Class Guide...

...Vomit Capsules. They are only 12 gold a pop, too. 600 gp for 50 of those, track them like a wand on the inventory sheet. And proceed to make targets spend a full round barfing. Yup...that is tactical comedy gold right there. And no GM can argue the rules on that one.

By the way, that Giving the steel shield to the druid idea...thats pretty bonkers. But as I saw in the thread, there appears to be a rift dividing those who find it as a legitimate tactic and the people who would want to beat you over the head with the Core Rulebook for even trying it.

So, to save myself and local GMs the headache, I'll probably forego trying that one unless its a last resort.

yeah, that's why I was advising you "... talking the spell over with your judge before the Judge and finding how he is going to run it... " because of the reactions not just to the steel shield thing, but when it was suggested to use poison (one judge stated he would have the target use the poison on you... "that's the way you use poison"), or manacles ("...hang them on his belt..."), etc.

This is why I have just removed the spell from all my PCs who could cast it (even retraining it off my Bard who took it at 1st level). Too much YMMV with the spell...

This is adversarial DMing. They are looking for creative ways to punish creativity. Squashing creative ideas at the table makes removed any kind of fuin at my table, and if I know a DMs does this kind of things I would not want to waste 4 hours of my time having them upset me.

I disagree.

If you use Beguiling Gift to hand someone a bottle of liquid that's obviously intended for drinking, then they'll drink it. But clearly marked poison isn't normally used by drinking it yourself. And who puts manacles on themselves? The point is to put them on someone else.

There are plenty of good uses for this spell based on items whose usage is overwhelmingly obvious. Handing any sort of potion (inflict spells, plain water just to make them provoke, etc) is an obvious one. Or if you're willing to spend 2500, the Apple of Eternal Sleep from Ultimate Equipment is awesome. I intend to get that one eventually on my Prankster Bard with Beguiling Gift.

For less obvious things, expect some table variation. Sometimes, players come up with ideas that they wish would work, but really shouldn't.

Silver Crusade **

David Bowles wrote:
My summoner's eidolon has a single attack. So with my summoner cowering and my one attack, my turn is often the fastest.

That's pretty rare for a summoner. In my experience, most eidolons have multiple attacks, even at low levels, plus the summoner does something most rounds, whether it's a real spell, cantrip, or just firing a crossbow.

Silver Crusade **

The new faction sequel to the earlier thread asking the same thing. How many characters do you have in each faction?

Mine, from most to least:

Silver Crusade: 4
Grand Lodge: 3
The Exchange: 2 (1 former Sczarni, 1 former Qadira, but Lantern Lodge before that)
Liberty's Edge: 2 (both from Andoran, but 1 was Lantern Lodge before that)
Shadow Lodge: 1 (level 14 and retired - he's trying to get the SL restarted with himself as the new leader)
Qadira: 1 (probably switching to Liberty's Edge, but maybe Silver Crusade - I haven't decided yet)
Sovereign Court: 1
Dark Archive: 1 (formerly Sczarni)
Scarab Sages: 1

If no faction changes are mentioned, then they were always in that faction or its analogous former faction.

What about the rest of you?

Silver Crusade **

There was another thread recently with "toon" in the title that set off a whole discussion about internet gaming terms being incorporated into table top gaming. That was (hopefully) a joke based on that, along with a couple of terms that come up here on the forums a lot.

Silver Crusade **

Since you have such a high charisma, you should be good at intimidation. Demoralizing an enemy through intimidation is something anyone can do as a standard action, which gives a -2 on saving throws, among other things. Do that one round, then cast the spell the following round when the enemy's saves are down.

Silver Crusade **

Here's a money saving use of Beguiling Gift that most people don't think of: Hand the enemy a potion vial full of plain water when they're next to your melee allies. Drinking a potion provokes attacks of opportunities, so even though your "potion" doesn't hurt them, it still makes them waste a turn and take some hits.

Silver Crusade **

I keep expecting them to retire First Steps, Part 1 now that the factions are changed. Once they do, I totally want to make Auntie Baltwin as a PC.

Silver Crusade **

From the original list, be sure to define both in game and out of game Venture-Captains.

Also: boon. Explain boons that are part of an adventure chronicle vs chronicles that are nothing but the boon (race boons, etc).

For this type of PFS-newbie intro packet, you might want to give the faction leaders, and maybe a brief history of the main storylines of earlier seasons, including changes to the factions and faction leaders. This will help older scenarios make more sense out of their original context.

Silver Crusade **

Based on the wording in the Guide to Organized Play that gives all PCs Common for free, I don't think it's possible under PFS rules to make a character without it.

But as others have said, problems communicating can sometimes be fun to RP, as long as you don't take them too far into "Don't be a jerk" territory. From what the OP described, this guy may be bordering on that.

I know a guy whose monk has a vow of silence. He says that the character wears a small chalkboard around his neck, and the player actually brings a small white board and wet erase markers to every game. He usually only uses it once or twice a session, and it's usually hilarious when he does.

I have an oracle with the tongues curse, so I can't talk to most teammates during combat. This has made for a couple of fun jokes, and I occasionally have to force myself not to metagame coordinate with my teammates during battle. Again, it's a fun bit of RP, but I try not to let it be disruptive.

Silver Crusade **

The Morphling wrote:

]Ban the Slayer. Their class title says they slay things. They're murderers, and have no place in PFS.

You're obviously completely misunderstanding the Slayer class. Death is their gift. That's not a bad thing.


Silver Crusade

Iammars wrote:
Grand Lodge & The Exchange

That figures. I've got PCs in 4 of the 7 factions in the level 5-9 range, but not in either of those.

I'll probably end up just seeing what everyone else is bringing, and seeing what abilities the group is lacking, anyway. I'm leaning towards my level 7 controller (conjuration focused) sorcerer who I played in The Silver Mount Collection, just because he already knows a member of the Technic League.

Thanks for the info.

Silver Crusade

I actually have the "My Pathfinder Society" page bookmarked, because I can never remember how to get to it from elsewhere. But once I'm there, I know how to do everything (report events, modify characters, etc).

Silver Crusade

Any faction missions in this one? I have a couple of characters I could play, and that could factor into my decision.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Definitely identifying a weakness in the vamp, but I don't know how that would qualify as a plan. It'll definitely come up later, though.

Silver Crusade

I'd settle for the existing shirts being reprinted in the popular sizes once they sell out the first time. I haven't looked in a while, because there's never anything worthwhile available, but when I looked for shirts previously, most of them were only available in hobbit and tent sizes.

I don't know why Paizo refuses to reprint any product other than hardback books. There are lots of flip mats I'd love to buy, too, because they come up in several PFS scenarios, but they haven't been available in years. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Silver Crusade **

I need to re-read this. I played it once and GMed it four times, but it's been over a year, and now I'm scheduled to run it again soon. I'm looking forward to running it again - it's one of my favorite PFS scenarios.

Silver Crusade **

Woran wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

Anyways, back to the original topic.

Remember the CRPG Icewind Dale 2? It was the first Infinity Engine game to use the 3.0 ruleset. You could forgo leveling ("level squat") and artificially boost the xp gained. Then level individual characters strategically when the challenges rose. You'd have a party of all L4s squatting into the midgame, run into a mass of melee monsters, then decide to spike your fighter to L8 cut through the horde while the rest remained L4 and soaked up xp.


Also, I loved doing that...

Old??? You yungin's and yer newfangled computer games. Back when I started playing, there were only paper and pencil RPGs. The first computer games didn't even exist yet.

And when we wanted to play, we had to walk 3 miles through the snow. Uphill! Both ways!

Silver Crusade

Misroi wrote:
I honestly believe that ending the session right as Aldern Foxglove walks down the steps from the second floor of his townhouse is one of the best cliffhangers for any game I've run. The look on the players' faces is priceless.

We kept going and had the fight, rather than ending with that as a cliffhanger. But their initial reaction was awesome.

They figured out pretty quickly, both in character and out, that this wasn't the same Aldern they'd met before. And they were pretty sure the undead version they'd killed was the same one they'd gone boar hunting with. They quickly jumped to the conclusion that this was an imposter, but they really didn't have a good reason for that conclusion. As I pointed out afterward, how did they know the one they'd previously been dealing with wasn't the imposter, and this wasn't the real Aldern?

But I had the stalkers go on the offensive as soon as they got a squishy looking caster into a good sneak attackable position, so the PCs didn't get to be the ones to start the aggression.

Silver Crusade

NobodysHome wrote:

You know I'm sure if we looked around we could find a "Slow Gamers at Play" sign for you...

Is 10 months to get through Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders considered slow? :P

Silver Crusade

My group is just about up to that point, too. Last time, we got as far as facing the fake Aldern and Iesha at Foxglove's townhouse, which was fun to role play a little just to see the looks on their faces.

They'll be hitting the Seven's Sawmill tomorrow night, and probably the clock tower, too, though our group does tend to be incredibly slow.

Silver Crusade **

I thought you had to be within one alignment step total of the familiar, like with a deity.

But I also thought you only needed atonement to kiss up to a deity, or to avoid going over into evil territory, not just to change your alignment and qualify for non-divine mechanical changes.

Silver Crusade **

Followup question based on the FAQ quoted twice above (though perhaps this should be a new thread).

FAQ wrote:
A character may only worship one deity at a time; the character may change which deity she worships between sessions at no cost. If this change requires the character to change alignment, the character is required to pay for an atonement.

Does the bolded sentence mean that any alignment change requires an atonement? Or only in relation to worshiping a deity?

I've changed the alignments of PFS characters before, and as long as it had no mechanical impact, I thought it was just a free change that nobody would care about.

For instance, my first PFS character started as a chaotic neutral barbarian, but not wanting to be disruptive to other players, I ended up playing him much less chaotic than I'd originally expected, so I eventually changed his alignment to true neutral. He doesn't worship a deity. In fact, he very proudly rebels against the concept of deity worship, though he ironically has a personality that would fit in perfectly with Gorum worship, loving a good fight and not caring too much about the reasons for fighting. I never thought this alignment change would require an atonement.

A more recent example is that I currently have a true neutral Tattooed Sorceress, who gets a familiar from her archetype. I will be taking Improved Familiar soon, and probably have to change her alignment to chaotic neutral to qualify for a chaotic good familiar. This fits her personality pretty well, so I'm not doing it just for munchkin power gaming reasons. Again, this one doesn't worship any deity, although her dedication to magical power would make her a perfect candidate for Nethys worship. If she's not intentionally worshiping a deity, the alignment change doesn't require an atonement, does it?

Silver Crusade **

Kazumetsa_Raijin wrote:

So all I really have is the 1,536GP gained from the session, along with 4 Prestige. Those items listed, are items I have access to and can buy, but otherwise those aren't part of anything I gain.

Is that correct?

Correct. Plus whatever gold you had leftover after spending your starting 150 gp, which as as others have stated, is what you write into the "starting GP" slot on the chronicle sheet.

Silver Crusade **

Woo!!! Congrats Garrett!

Silver Crusade

Just FYI, I made some pretty big changes from what I said earlier about that aasimar paladin of Shizuru.

First, I ended up switching genders and sticking to male after all. I'm not sure why I got the idea to do this one as a female character, but the personality I came up with is based on a male character, so I switched him to male.

Second, his name is Yoshi Yamamoto. Yoshi means good luck, righteous, or good. Yamamoto means base of the mountain, reflecting the fact that he was found near the Zi Ha Mountains, which brings up...

Third, he's from the elven nation of Jinin. So even though aasimar live much longer than humans, they don't live as long as elves, so he's considered young and immature for 71 years old. The nation has no immediate threats to it, so the back story idea of sending him out to see the world before returning to protect his homeland seems to work.

Fourth, in searching for a personality, I struck on the idea of basing him on the character of Hiro Nakamura from the TV show Heroes. He's young, idealistic, and likeable. I have him talk with a bad Japanese accent and yell "Yatta!" when he does something right.

Since this is for PFS, and I have several PCs, I've only played him once so far. I think it could be fun playing a paladin with that type of personality in the long run, though.

Silver Crusade **

Finlanderboy wrote:

People do not do the exact things I want in the exact way I want them and my OCD is out of control!

I know I will say I offended by those difference so everyone will have to conform to my comfort level!

Ahh, the old Sheldon Cooper approach.

Silver Crusade

There's also lots of little stuff just in the core books. There are spells like Blood Transcription and other such magic that go along with that side of things.

Silver Crusade **

VOTOZ wrote:
Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Are there any other common phrases for which PC is an accepted abbreviation?

Parental Control

Privy Council
Prime Cost
Press Conference
Pancreatic Cancer
Probable Cause
Process Control
Panama Canal
Panama City, Florida


Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Another time saving tip for GMs: Tell the players not to do any math unless you ask for it.

I've seen lots of people sit there and spend 30-60 seconds adding up their attack bonus, temporary buffs, flank bonus, etc every single turn before they roll the d20 to see if they hit. Half the time, they roll so low or so high that it just doesn't matter. Have them roll, and if it's really obvious that they'll hit/miss based on the die, then the details of the math become irrelevant.

Silver Crusade **

So I ran this last night. I was very worried about running low tier, but these guys were uber-prepared. I suspect some metagaming.

We had a Dwarven Stonelord Paladin (can ignore hardness a few times per day), a sunder specialist with an adamantine weapon, a witch who had some electricity damage mixed in with the other spells, and a summoning focused cleric who really likes Lightning Elementals. There was also a more normal paladin with Power Attack who got a little damage past hardness, but not a ton.

It was also the only table I can ever remember playing where every PC had a lawful alignment.

It was a long enough session that we skipped the optional encounter, and I scared them a little with the damage in the first fight, but it wasn't terribly difficult for them. But they also had about as optimized a group for that subtier in this adventure as you can get. I'd still be afraid to run this at low subtier for any sort of average group.

Silver Crusade

That's what I meant - he had to roll a save vs the potion. Usually, it was a cure potion, so he still got half healing even after making the save. I rarely bothered with non-cure potions with him, since they'd mostly do nothing if he made the save, which he usually did.

Silver Crusade

Nope. My superstitious barbarian was able to drink potion, he was just mad about it. And since he almost always made the Will save, he only took half healing.

Silver Crusade **

The Disappeared is my favorite, although there have been plenty of other good suggestions here. Just remember, you need to download the Mission Impossible theme song to play during The Disappeared. And remember to end the VC's mission briefing with "This Venture-Captain will self destruct in 20 seconds."

Silver Crusade

Today's blog post announced the new scenarios (6-04 and 6-05). Nothing about this or anything else.

But as BNW implied, you just use the old names to represent their corresponding new factions for now. I'm assuming that's why Paizo doesn't have any sense of urgency on this.

Silver Crusade **

Dorothy Lindman wrote:
On a Pathfinder board, you should only assume that 3.5 and Pathfinder jargon is "normal talk" for your audience. Anything d20 RPG terms outside of that system is iffy, and any terms from any RPG other than a d20 system probably need to be explained. For example, I would not randomly use terms like "DCV" and "PD" and "rPD" without any explanation, because that's jargon from a specific game system instead of "normal talk" for the audience I expect to frequent these boards.

I agree, except for one detail. The assumption around here that all Pathfinder players know 3.5 has been a pet peeve of mine since I started.

I used to play D&D and AD&D 1st edition, back when those were two separate games, along with some other RPGs of the time. Then I went 20ish years without playing any table top RPGs, and when I returned, 4th edition and Pathfinder were the newest versions of the game. I ended up sticking with Pathfinder for the past 3 years, but I've never seen or played 3.5.

So when people mention things that are 3.5 specific and missing from Pathfinder, I notice instantly, and it bugs me.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Woran wrote:
I have always seen him as a coward that refuses to be held accountable for his own mistakes.

That's definitely how the writing of this scenario portrays him. It also portrays Drandle Dreng as over-estimating Nigel.

So I was doing last minute prep to run this tonight, and I had a question I wanted to post here, but now I can't remember it. Expect me to be back in this thread in the next couple of hours.

Silver Crusade **

You're allowed to loan someone a printed copy of a scenario, but not the electronic PDF. I'm not sure about giving them the printed copy to keep.

As has already been stated, only venture officers, who are the main regional coordinators, get scenarios for free. Everyone else has to buy them.

As for reporting, who was organizing the events when you GMed? You're supposed to pass around a sign in sheet to all players at the start of each session, and then someone (possibly you, possibly an event coordinator who isn't you) logs on to the web site and reports the session afterward.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Start by downloading the free Guide to Organized Play and reading that. It'll tell you what you need to know to build a character - point buy, legal races, starting gold, etc.

Silver Crusade **

trollbill wrote:
I guess she didn't expect her statement to draw Agro.

"Aggro" is another pre-MMO term from MUDs. I've never played an MMO, but I do know a few of these from my mudding days.

Silver Crusade **

She never said MMO players aren't "normal gamers". She said "treating MMO jargon as 'normal gamer talk' really bothers me". And I kind of agree with her.

I've seen a lot of MMO players who seem to treat all gamers the same and assume that everyone knows their online slang, as if it's universal among gamers just because MMOs are the most popular type of game right now. They need to realize that there are different groups of gamers, each with their own jargon. Online gamers and tabletop gamers are two different groups. There's some overlap, but when one group assumes that everyone from the other group knows their slang, there's going to be confusion.

Silver Crusade **

So I know "mob" and "toon", but should I feel old for never having even heard of some of these other terms you guys are throwing out there? Maybe it's just because I'm not a video gamer any more.

Silver Crusade

Some of my PCs are inspired by specific fictional characters, some by generic archetypes that come up a lot in fiction, and some aren't based on either.

Here are my "generic archetype" type of characters:

  • Mash - Barbarian based on the generic "dumb barbarian" fictional archetype. I know, not that original, but it was my first PFS character thrown together at the last minute for a group I wasn't sure I'd stick with, so I didn't put much thought into his initial creation.
  • Seamus Luckleaf - Halfling cleric of "Lady Luck" (Desna), based on the generic friendly leprechaun fictional archetype (short, Irish accent, spreads the luck around)
  • Yzarctihstab Garblenarf - Gnome sorcerer based on the generic ADHD Pathfinder gnome :P
  • Qassir - Halfling Dawnflower Dervish Bard/Rogue/Halfling Opportunist - looks and personality based on a generic Arabian style swordsman, but half as tall. His name is the Arabic word for "short".
  • Green Beard the Pirate - Half Orc cleric of Besmara, the pirate queen. Generic pirate, but green.

Here are mine based on specific (fictional) people:

  • Azkadellia - Tattooed Sorceress - Looks and name based on the character of the same name from the SciFi Channel miniseries Tin Man. It's a steampunk-esque version of the Wizard of Oz, and Azkadellia was their version of the Wicked Witch of the West. But instead of being ugly and green, she was a beautiful sorceress who carried the winged monkeys as tattoos, which is why I thought of her when I first heard about Pathfinder's Tattooed Sorcerer archetype. My version is borderline evil, but other than that, her personality really isn't based that closely on her namesake from the TV show.
  • Erikenzira Mensah - Lore Warden fighter with an arrogant know-it-all type of personality based roughly on Eric from the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, which is also partially the inspiration for his first name.
  • Wizzlefarb - Gnome Prankster Bard - One third generic Pathfinder ADHD gnome, one third Jokey Smurf (Beguiling Gift FTW!), and one third Cyrano de Bergerac. I once used Cyrano's speech about "Is that the best insult you can come up with?" and then making fun of his own huge nose with dozens of insults as an audition speech for performing at a Renaissance Faire. That's what I have in mind for this guy when he debuffs enemies with his Mock bardic performance.
  • Yoshi Yamamoto - Aasimar (Tien-Min) Paladin of Shizuru, goddess of swordplay, honor, and ancestors. Personality based on Hiro Nakamura from the TV show Heroes, including the bad Japanese accent and yelling "Yatta!" when he accomplishes something.

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