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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,947 posts (5,229 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

My group is mostly balanced, they just don't have those particular spells. The arcane and divine casters are a sorceress and oracle who just don't have Raise Dead or Teleport.

But they do both have Fireball (flame oracle), and the sorceress has the metamagic feat to convert it to acid, which gives her an extra point per die of damage from her draconic bloodline. So troll regeneration won't be a problem.

Their bigger concern while a man down is whether they have enough tanks to keep the bad guys off the casters. They're used to having a cavalier and paladin both tanking in full plate and high HP, but now the cavalier is dead. They do have a ranger, but he's archery focused, and the ranger's badger companion is three levels behind what a druid's companion would be, so it's probably not quite tough enough to tank at this level without getting killed. Besides, they really haven't invested heavily in armor for the badger, since they figured they didn't need it up front very often before now.

Silver Crusade

My party did pretty well prepping for emergencies, except for this. They were actually walking around with 3 scrolls of Restoration, which the party oracle can use, that they bought in Magnimar before heading off to Turtleback Ferry. They've also got scrolls of stuff like Remove Blindness, Remove Curse, etc. One of those actually came in handy already, when a foe (I think it was the ogrekin sorceress, but I can't remember for sure) successfully hit the party archer with Blindness/Deafness to blind him.

They returned to Turtleback after retaking Fort Rannick, and I had the flood kick in. The party paladin got 2 negative levels from Black Magga's bite, so they'll need one more scroll of Restoration, plus one of Raise Dead for the cavalier who died at the fort. And maybe extras, in case they need them again in the future.

So besides offering them 1000 gp to investigate Skulls Crossing and find out what caused the flood, Mayor Shreed also said he'd send messengers to get a scroll of Raise Dead for them, if they provide the similarly valued goods to trade. So all those +1 Ogre Hooks they got at Fort Rannick will be sent with messengers (probably to Magnimar), and it'll happen while they're fighting trolls at the dam. There will probably be some waiting around time after Skulls Crossing before the messengers return, which is why I was trying to find some place closer that they could get what they need.

This also means they're a man down for Skulls Crossing, but it was a 5 PC group plus companion animal, so it should be ok. One of our players left a while ago, so we had one guy controlling two PCs since then, and it's his first one that died. So the player still has the backup PC to play in the mean time. I'm debating if they could use help from the two remaining Black Arrows and/or Shalelu at Skulls Crossing. Jakardros, Vale, and Shalelu are back at Fort Rannick and don't know about the flood yet, but it's on the way, so I could imagine the PCs stopping in there to let them know and asking for help at Skulls Crossing.

Silver Crusade

And after all that, they didn't cast Divination in tonight's session.

They chased down Kaven using ranger tracking skills, and accidentally killed him too quickly, so they didn't get a chance to interrogate him. They consider that a lost opportunity, but he didn't know anything.

Then they went back to Turtleback Ferry, and the flood happened. The snake was no problem, but Black Maga scared the crap out of them. They all failed their will saves vs the breath weapon, so they were all confused. She managed to grapple three party members and knock them down to low enough HP to scare them all, but not knock anyone out. The flame oracle managed to fireball her for a little damage during a round when he was able to act normally despite the confusion, and the paladin got a crit on his attack of opportunity with a magic cold iron longsword as she was fleeing. So they did a total of 30 HP damage to her and considered themselves lucky to not have any more deaths.

The mayor asked them to check out Skull Crossing, so that will be our next session.

So my first and fourth poems, above, will never get used. The second and third could still happen, though.

Silver Crusade

So one of my party died retaking Fort Rannick, and nobody in the party can cast Raise Dead. They've got the loot to pay for it, but I'm trying to figure out where the nearest city that would have that service available would be.

Kaer Maga's the closest big city, in straight line distance, but it'll be tough to get to. Magnimar is further than Kaer Maga or Korvosa, but it's a direct boat trip, so that's probably the fastest.

Is there a small town closer than those big cities where a scroll of Raise Dead might be available? I considered having the church in Turtleback Ferry have one available to buy, but that just seems too contrived.

Silver Crusade

Name of PC: Beramy Rollswagon
Class/Level: Human Cavalier 9
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Jaagrath Kreeg

Story: Went toe to toe with the top ogre in Fort Rannick for two rounds. If Jaagrath's weapon hadn't had the Human Bane quality, he would have survived, but the extra 2d6+2 on top of the normal damage from three hits was too much for him to survive. If he'd gone unconscious after the second hit, Jaagrath would have switched targets to attack the paladin standing next to him, but he was at single digit HP after the first two hits, and the third hit easily took him past his negative Con score.

Oddly, given how deadly I keep hearing this adventure path is supposed to be, this was our first PC death. I guess I'm just a "soft" GM. We also lost Kibb the firepelt cougar in the fight against Lucrecia in Fort Rannick, but that's it for good guy deaths so far. There were two earlier fights where I could have killed PCs, but I let them get away with a daring rescue that probably shouldn't have worked in one of them, and I messed up the enemy tactics in the other.

Silver Crusade

So I'm GMing a group where the party oracle took Divination as a known spell.

They just finished retaking Fort Rannick. Kaven the traitor of the Black Arrows got away, but they killed Lucrecia and all the ogres. Their top priority seems to be tracking down Kaven, and they've got clues that will lead them to Commander Bayden's fae lover, but they seem to think they should have more leads about who Lucrecia serves. They got the name Mokmurian from her, but that's all they know, not where to find him or who he is or anything.

So I'm expecting some Divination castings, and I want to be prepared with intelligent (and rhyming!) answers.

Here's what I've got so far:

1. If they ask about Kaven (where he's going, who does he serve):


No master served, Lucrecia dead,

he flees south to save his head.

2. As I mentioned in another thread, they seem to think the Brothers of the Seven are more crucial than they are. They don't realize that they already killed that entire group in their sawmill in Magnimar. So I would expect at least one question about them. Given that they didn't get my vague hint about them being "gone" in an earlier divination answer, I figured I'd be more explicit this time:


Brothers of the Seven are all dead,

in their sawmill, lost their heads.
For Father Skinsaw, they did their murderous deeds,
'til Xanesha used them, for her master's needs.

3. They found Bayden's love letters, and no sign of him in the fort itself. Plus, they heard rumors in Turtleback Ferry that he was seen heading into the woods where the fairies live. So they might ask about him, and here's what I'm thinking as a response to that, though I'm thinking this answer might be a little too detailed:


Good Commander Bayden,
ice upon his head,
lives on inside Hook Mountain,
though he's already dead.

4. And if they just ask a general "What should we do next?" type of question:


Go south to Turtleback Ferry,

a village doomed to flood,
save them from a watery grave,
before the town sinks in the mud.

Any other thoughts? I'm trying to think of what other subjects they're likely to ask about at this point. And after the flood scene in Turtleback Ferry, they're likely to try another Divination for info on Skull's Crossing, so I'll have to come up with something for that.

Silver Crusade

So we just finished the retaking of Fort Rannick in Hook Mountain Massacre. My group entered from behind the waterfall and secret passages, and came upon Lucrecia as soon as they entered through the basement. Kaven ran away while the group was distracted fighting Lucrecia, and they discovered his treachery, though they don't know exactly how far it goes.

They've since finished killing all the ogres and clearing the fort. Since there are no obvious clues to pursue as to the bad guys' plans, they're all assuming that hunting down Kaven is their top priority.

The book (anniversary edition) says that he'll try to rendevous with Lucrecia, but that's no longer an option. Where would he go at this point? Should I make it possible to track his movement once he left the fort, or would the heavy rain in the area wash away footprints?

The oracle of the group also took Divination as a known spell, so I'm assuming they'll find useful questions to ask and track him down one way or another. I'm just trying to figure out how that should play out.

Silver Crusade

Skeld wrote:

I've had several instances now of my players trying to connect the dots and coming to hilariously incorrect conclusions that are very entertaining for me. :D

Yeah, me too. We just finished with Fort Rannick. My party is convinced that The Brothers of the Seven are a larger, more powerful group than they are, and that they're behind everything. Somehow, they missed that the brotherhood was just that group of losers they killed at the Seven's Sawmill in Magnimar. They're assuming that the judge there was one of the seven, and that there are six more still out there. LOL

The sad part is that the oracle took Divination as a known spell, used it to ask about the Brothers of the Seven being in Fort Rannick, and I gave them a response that pretty much told them outright that they were asking the wrong question. They still didn't get it. Apparently, they thought "The Brothers of the Seven are gone" meant that they'd already left Fort Rannick, not that the organization was all dead. I only used that wording because I wanted my answer to rhyme. :P Next time, I'll make it more clear that they're chasing the wrong enemies.

Silver Crusade

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Apparently, she still has some dexterity.

Silver Crusade

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I'd call this confirmation that it's Bozzok. That storyline is definitely back, in a very unexpected way.

Silver Crusade

Or it could just be a no name goblin spy sent by Red Cloak.

I agree that it's probably not Thog, though. Subtlety isn't his style.

Silver Crusade

Misroi wrote:
To be fair, if they plan accordingly, she's a lot easier to deal with. Even pre-nerf Xanesha can probably be taken down fairly easily if you don't climb up the Tower, but go in from the top. Personally, I'd reward them for thinking tactically about things rather than just kicking in the door and taking their lumps. They should be rewarded for smart play, after all!

Yeah, my group considered flying to the top of the tower, instead of entering through the door and working their way up. They decided that would use too many of their spells, so they might not be ready for what they faced (it would have taken all of the sorcerer's 3rd level spells for the day). But it probably would have made the whole thing so much easier that her lack of level 3 spells wouldn't matter.

As is, the tower offered some minor challenge until they got to Xanesha, which was a tough enough fight to scare the heck out of them. I could have killed a PC, but I had Xanesha attack the most immediate threats to her instead, which was a mistake on my part. She should have targeted the healer first (after seeing him heal someone), even though he wasn't the one hurting her. So there should have been a PC death, but I messed it up, and they just barely escaped with no deaths, despite 2 of them hitting -10 HP at least once during the fight.

And the petrification mask was a bust. That DC 15 (IIRC?) save is just too easy at that level, especially since I had her try it on the healer, who she had no way of knowing would have a better fort save than most of the others.

Silver Crusade

Well, the adventure path says she joins the group. And obviously, the Black Arrows join long enough to help retake Fort Rannick.

How long are these NPCs supposed to remain part of the group? I was assuming they'd help with the giants at Skulls Crossing and beyond, but now I'm thinking that after retaking the fort, maybe they'd stay behind to work on rebuilding there.

I'm not really good at judging adventure difficulty, so I'm not sure how to judge whether the PCs will need the extra help against the giants going forward.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, the faceless stalkers are pretty easy. So is the sawmill.

The judge has the potential to be tough if he can join the fight before the PCs are all over him. When I ran it, my group tripped and grappled him, so he couldn't cast. Remember that using his mask to cast Confusion is just a verbal action that doesn't provoke or require concentration. That was the only thing that made that fight even remotely interesting, due to our cavalier's smart use of combat maneuvers.

Silver Crusade

So my group is up to Hook Mountain Massacre (Anniversary Edition). Shalelu is tagging along, and I printed her page from the book to use as reference as a character sheet.

After clearing most of the ogrekin out of the farm last time, they're about to check the barn and rescue the Black Arrows next session (tomorrow).

So two questions. First (copied and pasted directly from the Community Created Stuff thread, where it didn't get any answers):


Anyone have the Anniversary Edition stats for the 3 rescued Black Arrows in an easy to print format?

I don't want to have to keep referencing that page in the AE, since they'll be participating in the adventure for a bit. But I also don't want to just print the whole pages with all the background information, and a big section header with a major spoiler in it, if I'm going to be leaving these sheets sitting on the table in front of me regularly where the players might see them.

I just know cutting and pasting stat blocks from Pathfinder adventures always takes time to reformat to make them work, so I was hoping someone else had already done it.

Second, the group will be leveling up soon, which now includes Shalelu. What do you all recommend for her advancement? The group already has an archery focused ranger, so she's kind of redundant, not to mention being nowhere near as good at archery, since the archer PC is just better built. It's probably about time for me to copy her to a real character sheet, so I can level her up easily when needed.

Silver Crusade

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NobodysHome wrote:

The scariest part of my driving lifetime: I got sent to Boston to run a training course. Everyone told me not to drive. I drove around anyway. I felt right at home.

Don't underestimate the San Francisco Bay Area for aggressive driving!

(I felt out-and-out bad driving in Chicago. The drivers were so timid I felt like a bully.)

EDIT: To avoid further derails I'll just add here: Yes, Captain Yesterday, I also dislike Chicago. I got sent there many, many times. I have a friend who teaches at the university there and tried to show me the "best of Chicago". I still don't get it. Just seems like a dingy, unfriendly, uninteresting city. I'm sure natives will pipe up with things to do there. But after visiting it around a dozen times, I also have no idea why anyone willingly lives there. There's got to be SOMETHING there that's nice... my friend just didn't manage to find it for me...
Ottawa, on the other hand, is a true hidden jewel...

I love living in Chicago. It has all the advantages of a big city (tons of good restaurants, museums, live music, summer festivals, public transportation, more Pathfinder groups than I can count, etc), with a friendlier midwestern attitude than most big cities. And as mentioned, the drivers here are pretty tame compared to what I'm used to (just moved here from Florida two years ago).

Worst drivers: Florida. And the further south you go in the state, the worse they get. Miami drivers are just downright scary, and that's coming from someone who learned to drive and spent 2/3 of my life living in the 2 counties just north of there. I was amazed when I first discovered that as bad as the drivers are in Broward and Palm Beach counties, they're actually MUCH worse in Miami.

Back on topic, I've found that most of the maps for Runelords don't quite fit on a single flip mat. You can tell that Paizo started publishing those 24x30 blank mats after they published this adventure path, because there are so many 26x32 maps in the adventure, which I'm assuming was some sort of standard size at the time. As mentioned by someone else above, I just broke Thistletop into two sections, separated by the bridge in between.

But now we're up to Hook Mountain Massacre, and that Fort Rannick map is just huge, if you try and give them the overall map with the exterior, moat, outer wall, courtyard, and all inner buildings. I have a big rollout map (48x36), and I was thinking of using that and just telling them that each square is 10 feet instead of the usual 5. But combat might not occur there, depending on how they handle it, or only in certain sections, so I may refrain from drawing it and just draw small sections as needed when we play that part.

I'm also worried about the start of the 4th book, with all of Sandpoint becoming a giant battleground. Not sure how I'll handle that.

Silver Crusade

I had Xanesha go invis and climb down the side of the tower to heal herself during the final fight. Ran her as written from the Anniversary Edition, and it was challenging for my group that's plowed through most of the AP easily. I had a chance for her to kill someone in that fight, but I mis-played the tactics a little, so nobody died.

Silver Crusade

bugleyman wrote:
Fromper wrote:
What's on the flip side? Just plain grid?

The "plain grid side" seems to be a thing of the past.

Which is why the single sided sample preview kinda surprised me.

Silver Crusade

What's on the flip side? Just plain grid?

Silver Crusade

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So what do you think Belkar will do with that Protection from Evil clasp? Slap it on the vampire? Or sell it to someone else in the party and claim he intentionally picked it up just for them?

Silver Crusade

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Looks like Belkar's still evil... but maybe starting to grow a conscience.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Dun dun DUN!!!

So we're starting to see Durkula's angle in visiting the temples. I'm sure we'll see soon what it is he's really after.

Silver Crusade ***

Good stuff, for the most part, but I'll make one suggestion.

I don't like the idea of a two sided faction "card". The fact that everything in Society play can be printed single sided on standard sized paper makes the paperwork easy and straightforward. Please keep it that way.

Silver Crusade ***

I have noticed a lot of tables where the GM doesn't ask people to introduce their PCs. I always go around the table as a GM and have people describe their PC, and introduce themselves in character if they want. If I'm playing and a GM doesn't do intros, I'll request it, and I've never had a GM resist.

As for being pigeonholed for being a race and class, I'll occasionally lie and/or be vague about what my character's class, but always do so in character.

For instance, when I introduce Green Beard the Pirate, I describe him as a big, ugly half-orc with a tri-corn hat and a necklace with a skull and crossbones, wearing a heavy wooden shield, mithral breastplate, cestus, and a whip on his belt. I then start talking in character and sound like it's "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Nobody realizes he's a cleric until he starts casting. And when they do realize he's a cleric, they'd better not ask for healing. His only healing is a wand of CLW, and he'll try to charge people for using it on them (not really, but I'll RP his being a money grubbing pirate looking for loot).

I also have a paladin who introduces himself as a samurai. It's not a lie. Samurai is his official position in his native country, and Common (Taldan) isn't his native language, so he truly doesn't understand the confusion this causes. This goes along well with his dumped wisdom (I wanted the points for str, con, and cha).

Silver Crusade

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Fromper wrote:

One of my players (an archery focused ranger) took the campaign trait that says he came to Sandpoint specifically to hunt the Sandpoint Devil. Since they're level 8 now, just leaving Sandpoint to head east to Hook Mountain, I'm thinking it would be about right for a random encounter in the wilderness at this level.

So... funny story. I decided to just go with it tonight. They were in Sandpoint for just one night on their way east from Magnimar to Turtleback Ferry, so I had a farmer report spotting the Sandpoint Devil, and they went out hunting. With two rangers in the group now that Shalelu joined, they were easily able to track it to the Devil's Platter and confront it.

First round, Shalelu wins initiative, rapid shots, and only one arrow hits, for 4 points of damage after DR.

Next comes the devil, and it howls at them (its bay ability). EVERY SINGLE PARTY MEMBER, including horses and an animal companion, misses the save, except for the paladin, who ironically rolled high enough but would have been immune regardless.

So they and their horses run away in a panic. I decided the devil had just eaten a cow that night, so it wasn't particularly hungry, and didn't bother chasing them down. They decided not to try again immediately (the paladin and ranger who really wanted to hunt it got voted down), but they promised to come back and try again after they're higher level.

Silver Crusade

One of my players (an archery focused ranger) took the campaign trait that says he came to Sandpoint specifically to hunt the Sandpoint Devil. Since they're level 8 now, just leaving Sandpoint to head east to Hook Mountain, I'm thinking it would be about right for a random encounter in the wilderness at this level.

Silver Crusade

Anyone have the Anniversary Edition stats for the 3 rescued Black Arrows in an easy to print format?

I don't want to have to keep referencing that page in the AE, since they'll be participating in the adventure for a bit. But I also don't want to just print the whole pages with all the background information, and a big section header with a major spoiler in it, if I'm going to be leaving these sheets sitting on the table in front of me regularly where the players might see them.

I just know cutting and pasting stat blocks from Pathfinder adventures always takes time to reformat to make them work, so I was hoping someone else had already done it.

Silver Crusade ***

trollbill wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:
What would constitute a violation of a PC's chaotic alignment?
Well, that is part of the problem. In reality, any character that, in a given scenario, consistently follows the laws and his mission orders is acting in a lawful way and should get dinged. But, as GMs, having characters that follow the laws and mission orders makes things easier for us, so we have a hard time punishing people for doing what we actually want them to do.

My first PFS character was a barbarian who started out chaotic neutral. But I'm not the type to be disruptive at the table, so I ended up playing him as more of a team player than originally intended, and I eventually changed his alignment to true neutral instead. No GM ever intervened though - it was entirely my own RP decision.

Ironically, the one time I deserved an alignment warning from a GM (but didn't get it) was actually when I played Dalsine Affair with that PC, and I committed the blatantly evil act of torturing the faceless stalker. Mash is fiercely loyal to his friends, and the stalker had gotten one of them alone to start his ambush against us, so Mash was pissed off about it. My intimidation check when questioning him got a little overly physical, and some of the stalker's body parts didn't stay attached.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Snorter wrote:
So, a paladin may have sworn an oath, but unless that oath is to 'uphold the demands and wishes of whichever here today, gone tomorrow, inbred, spoilt brat psychopathic despot might be sitting on the throne of Taldor right this minute.'

Respecting the inbred spoilt psycopathic despot IS part of the paladins oath.

then little king Joffrey McMurderpants will have to get to the back of the queue. Behind the more deserving recipients of his deity's mercy and protection.
He has to be in the queue somewhere. If all you care about is doing the right thing then you're neutral good. Lawful Good is trying to hold onto two seperate ideas at the same time, so they are going to conflict on occasion.

I agree that obeying the laws of the "inbred spoilt psycopathic despot" is on the paladin's list, but any mortal laws will be down below obeying the lawful and/or good GODS, and probably even the neutral gods who aren't too far from lawful and/or good. So obeying an unjust Taldan law probably falls just below respecting Asmodeus on any paladin's priority list.

Everyone keeps talking about paladins of Sarenrae in this thread, but even paladins of Erastil or Iomedae should say that respecting the worship of Sarenrae is a higher priority than obeying a clearly unjust law of Taldor. And as a paladin, protecting good (though unlawful) Sarenrae worshipers from unjust oppression and needless death is a moral imperative.

Helping Pathfinders with illegal smuggling? Not so much. But paladins in the Society have sworn an oath to the Society, so whether or not to turn the Venture Captain over to Taldor authorities isn't nearly as clear cut a decision as the OP and the paladins at his table apparently made it seem. It's a moral conundrum of enforcing Taldan law (which isn't the job of those paladins) vs breaking the law to help the Society. And there is a compromise solution that doesn't do either of those extremes.

If I was playing either of my PFS paladins (neither of whom have any personal connection to Taldor or Sarenrae), they would certainly help the Sarenite cultists get out of Taldor alive.

But as for the smuggling part, and hiding evidence of it, they'd probably refuse to help their teammates, but wouldn't actively hinder them or turn the Venture Captain over to the Taldan authorities, either, especially not knowing if these are among the corrupt authorities who have been killing Sarenites for no reason. My paladin of Iomedae, who is just really gung ho about smiting evil and only obeys the lawful side of being a paladin because she's supposed to, would probably let it end there. My other paladin would probably file a formal protest with the Society after returning to Absalom, and try to get the Taldan VC demoted and removed from his post. But he'd work through Society channels to get the guy punished, not through Taldan legal authority.

Silver Crusade ***

Shasfowd wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

The animal companion is so pimped out it has spinners

One thing: Racer Walrus.

For the home Rise of the Runelords campaign I'm GMing, the cavalier's horse carries much of his useful equipment, leading to some awkward moments when they're in the middle of a dungeon and say things like "I left my rope and grappling hook outside on Wilfred". They've joked that Wilfred has a cell phone, so they can call him to come in and help when needed.

Silver Crusade

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Latrecis wrote:
Strange juxtaposition - your post references Local Heroes. Nothing heroic in what happened in that hotel room.

Or accidental, from the sounds of it.

Silver Crusade

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New update: Craft Wondrous Bauble

Best zinger V's ever gotten on Blackwing. Luckily, Blackwing was too distracted to notice.

Lot of good little details on this one. Love the hat stores in the first panel, and the fact that the gnome's standing on an elevated platform, which is why he's almost V's height.

Silver Crusade

So we played this out last night.

They had her tied up and blindfolded in a prison cell with weapons pointed directly at her and readied actions to fire arrows if she even hinted at trying anything. They even thought of bags of flour, since they know she can go invisible. And they had permission from the Lord Mayor to execute her without a trial, mostly because the mayor was upset that he'd been targeted for assassination.

They also made a point of interrogating her the same day (in game time) that they'd captured her, in the hopes that she'd be running low on spells for the day, despite knowing that their own spellcasters were similarly low on spells after battling her.

So the oracle made his caster level check to overcome her SR with a Cure Light Wounds to wake her up, and the interrogation began. Because of the blindfold, she couldn't target anyone with Charm Monster or any other spell-like ability, and the tied hands prevented spellcasting with somatic or material components. I'm pretty sure her shapeshifting only lets her become human, and her human upper half is the same size in snake form, so shapeshifting wouldn't get her out of her bonds. I did roll an Escape Artist check, though, but it didn't stand much chance untrained, despite her high dex.

The conversation was longer than it probably should have been, but it can be summed up like this:

"Are you going to tell us anything?"

"Are you going to let me go if I cooperate?"

*coup de grace*

Silver Crusade ***

Tom Mannering wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
When the VC says "it'll be easy".

I have a rep for this, except I usually say;

"I picked this scenario because I thought it would be fun."

Cue TPK.

I swear it's unintentional.

We had something similar the other day. We were playing sub-tier 1-2 of a season 1 adventure, which myself and another player at the table had both GMed before. So most of the table knew this is an easy scenario, even for only 4 players, like we had. We even mentioned that this should be pretty easy to the other 2 players, who hadn't played it before.

Cue the axe crit (x3 damage) in the very first fight against the level 1 squishy wizard, played by the relative newbie to Society play who didn't "know" it would be an easy adventure.

Silver Crusade ***

Jayson MF Kip wrote:

"I've traveled forward in time from the year 1983 to be here today."

You traveled forward from 1983 to be here, too? So did I! The trip only took 31 years.

Silver Crusade

They specifically said they were going to make sure she was bound, gagged, and well covered by armed guards from the start. They're aware she's a spellcaster. I'm not sure they're aware she's a shapeshifter, though. Can she do more than just switch to human form? I'll have to look that up.

Silver Crusade

The module "Feast of Ravenmoor" takes place not far away, and makes a decent unrelated side quest. You may have to up the difficulty a little, since it's a level 3 adventure, though the final fight is pretty tough for that level.

Silver Crusade

So my group just beat Xanesha last session. And surprisingly, they captured her alive.

Per the tactics in the Anniversary Edition of the AP, she jumped off the roof to Feather Fall down when she knew she was beat, but looking at the spell description, I realized it would take 3 rounds for her to hit the ground. With an archer and blasting focused sorceress on the roof, it was no problem for the PCs to knock her unconscious. The group's main healer was already flying faster than Xanesha was falling, so he got to the ground and stabilized her immediately, and they took her alive.

So the big question is... now what? The published adventure doesn't take this possibility into account. Once imprisoned in Magnimar, how much will she say? They already have proof that she was involved with Justice Ironbriar and the earlier murders, as well as plotting to kill the Lord Mayor, so there's really no way the authorities will cut her a deal that would let her avoid the death penalty. And she has no nearby accomplices that might break her out of prison.

So how much information do you think the PCs should be able to get out of her? I'm actually thinking she won't talk at all, unless offered a deal for her life, which just won't happen. I wonder if my PCs would come up with the idea of using the Detect Thoughts spell to interrogate her. I doubt it - they aren't that game savvy, and I won't bring it up. That could get them too much information too early.

I'm thinking maybe she'll make a threat just before her execution, and mention some other bad guy names to put the fear of Mokmurian and/or Karzoug into the PCs before she dies.

Is it too early to mention Karzoug? I think the group already heard his name once, in Thistletop. Malfeshnekor was talkative after charming one party member and trying to entice the others into his room so he could eat them, so I think I gave them the names Karzoug and Alasnist, but without detailed context. But hearing that someone from thousands of years ago is now Xanesha's boss would likely have the desired "oh crap" effect. But I might just give them Mokmurian's name now and save the big reveal on Karzoug for later.

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Muser wrote:
We have a local gm who insists on playing pregens as bloody idiots. It's a hoot to see Ezren run into melee and eat aao's instead of fireballing mooks!

Believe it or not, that's exactly how I got my first PC kill as a GM in PFS. It was an experienced 3.5 player who had never played Pathfinder before, rushing into melee with level 1 pregen Ezren, failing the acrobatics roll to get past the halfling barbarian in First Steps 1, and taking a crit to the face.

Silver Crusade

You know, it's a good thing I wasn't in a rush to get this. It's been 26 real days and 18 business days so far.

I worked in the mail order industry for a lot of years myself, on the computer software side of things, so I know the dangers of a business taking orders faster than their ability to deliver. This is a good example of that, and it's a sure way to lose customers. It's actually how a lot of companies went out of business in the dot com bomb over a decade ago (including some of my clients at the time).

I like Paizo's products enough that I'll continue buying them, but from now on, I'll stick to buying PDFs or buying hard copies from Amazon if my local game store doesn't have them. After this experience, I'll never buy anything that needs to ship from Paizo's warehouse again.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Fromper wrote:

What's Durkula's angle with the Resurrection bit? He's obviously going out of his way to convince Roy, but how is he planning to avoid actually being resurrected?

Does he just happen to know there won't be a cleric in town high enough level to do it, or that they won't be able to afford it because of the airship repair bill? Given the proximity to dwarven lands, I'm guessing maybe Durkon passed through this city before he met Roy, so Durkula knows there isn't a high enough level cleric around, but that's just a guess.

I think it's just an excuse to go to the temple ward. I doubt he's even going to attempt to go into one of the good aligned temples.

If he were going alone, that might work, but it seemed like Roy (and possibly Belkar) might be going with him.

Silver Crusade

What's Durkula's angle with the Resurrection bit? He's obviously going out of his way to convince Roy, but how is he planning to avoid actually being resurrected?

Does he just happen to know there won't be a cleric in town high enough level to do it, or that they won't be able to afford it because of the airship repair bill? Given the proximity to dwarven lands, I'm guessing maybe Durkon passed through this city before he met Roy, so Durkula knows there isn't a high enough level cleric around, but that's just a guess.

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Bardez wrote:

Inner Sea Gods' variant spells are legal, FYI


Additional Resources wrote:
... Spells: all spells on pages 228-245 are legal except ghoul hunger, spawn calling, and transplant visage. All variant spellcasting on pages 19-171 are legal except page 99 ...

Huh. I totally missed that. Given that it's NOT true for Gods and Magic, (which I asked about years ago), I never thought to look at that for other books.

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Jayson MF Kip wrote:

A memo to Clerics: Prepare [i]Remove Fear[/]. Even just one.

Being able to keep the heavily armored meleer in the front despite his/her sub-5 Will Save is worth the price of admission.

It doesn't come up often to be a prepared spell, but I'd agree that it's a good scroll to have.

While we're on the subject, all spellcasters should carry scrolls of at least 10 times as many spells as their character level. If you're level 1 and played your first adventure, then you've got at least 400 gp to spend on level 1 scrolls for 25 gp each. By level 5, you can easily have scrolls of 40 or 50 different "utility" type spells that aren't worth having as prepared spells, but could be useful to have around once in a while. Comprehend Languages should be near the top of that list for almost any casting class.

And if any non-caster wants a buff spell cast on them, bring your own scrolls, potions, and/or wands.

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Kadasbrass Loreweaver wrote:
I like what I hear. But one thing I wish I heard was that the border at the top and bottom of the pdfs was removed to help save ink when I print the PDFs out. Don't mind the pictures and the maps but the texture at the bottom and top I could live without.


Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
silverace99 wrote:

I can easily see why replay would be not allowed normally. What has really bothered me is the insistence that GM's who put in all those hours and money to make PFS a success only get one replay per star per LIFETIME.

I hardly think GM's being able to replay on average a couple scenarios a year would ruin Pathfinder Society. I sincerely hope that was discussed in your meetings and that something will be done about it eventually.

That's why they made the Expanded Narrative boon to recharge replays once per year.

Some people don't like that it requires a boon. While boons may get widely distributed in some areas, it's really only a small percentage of GMs with one or more stars who will end up with them.

nosig wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:

Mine too! And I still have this idea in the back of my head that the girl from Black Waters should become a serial killer that hunts down Pathfinders. Just saying....

please not.

This is one of the few "save the little girl" scenarios where the "little girl" is really just a little girl that needs saving.

And I really like that.

Agreed. Though she is a character I think would be cool to see again. it's been 6 years - she's old enough to grow up to be a Pathfinder! Put her as the newbie Pathfinder NPC you're supposed to work with/protect in the next "Confirmation" like scenario.

Actually, the NPCs I'm still waiting to make a return are the ones from The Devil We Know in season 1. As far as I know, they haven't been seen since.

Silver Crusade


Am I the only one who has no idea what this is? This just seems like the type of thread that will be ignored because nobody understands the question, let alone knows the answer. Or maybe I'm just not in the loop.

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trollbill wrote:
I think this is a great tactic if you can get the party to cooperate. Most of the time, however, when I try to set up something that requires the monster to come to me, the rest of the party moves out in front of me before the monster goes.

Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. Waiting for monsters to come to you works in home games, because you can coordinate with your team and use it as a regular tactic. In PFS, there's guaranteed to be at least one guy at the table who took Improved Initiative and Reactionary on his fighter just so he could charge in front and get in the way of the rest of the team's tactics.

Back to the original topic, here's a combo suggestion based on two spells that everyone knows about, but rarely uses together: Entangle + Liberating Command. Toss that Entangle spell at the enemies even if one of your friends is in the area of effect, and immediately help the ally get out of it.

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nosig wrote:
and here I was thinking this was going to be a thread about PCs of advanced years... you know, "old characters".

Yeah, Ezren's getting kinda old and crusty.

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coriolis wrote:
redward wrote:
Are you looking for Pathfinder Society (the RPG) or the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild?
As I understand it, they are effectively the same at the moment, since this is the inaugural "Season 0" for the Card Guild.

While that may be the official party line from Paizo, I'm not sure how that actually works in practice. There's a ton of PFS play in Chicago for the roleplaying game, but I don't know of anything for the card game, and I'm not sure how much (if anything) our PFS leaders even know about it.

LazarX wrote:
Download the campaign guide, In the back, you'll find email addresses for the Pathfinder officers nearest your location.

He said he already emailed 4 people, so I'm assuming that's who he's talking about. I'm surprised nobody responded, as our PFS community is very active around here, though I don't know of any activity for the card game.

For info on playing Pathfinder Society with the roleplaying game in Chicago, check out my response to this thread back in August. The Monday night group always has a low level table that's newbie friendly, so we'd be happy to have you.

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Bakaninja wrote:
Anyone who's run Foxglove Manor, did you have the issue that the PC's start opening the doors to the rooms and refusing to enter any of them?

I had the opposite problem. I gave people slips of paper with info of what their PC experienced that the others didn't see. The one guy playing the cavalier with the lowest will save in the party didn't get any at first, so he got jealous and started rushing into every room just to be the first one in and hopefully get haunted. Then he failed the will save on the misogynistic haunt and attacked the party sorceress.

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Jayson MF Kip wrote:
David Bowles wrote:
I did something similar for a season 5 tier 5-9. I saw multiple pregens and just left.
Isn't that pretty much exactly the elitist attitude we don't want to show new players?

Hopefully, new players will be told that if they don't know what they're doing, playing level 7 pregens is going to be tougher than sticking to lower level stuff, and they will be smart enough to see the point.

I'm all for handing a newbie a level 1 pregen just to get them at the table and playing, in the hopes that they'll get into it enough to come back. But I cringe whenever we hand a level 7 pregen to the newbies and tell them to go play at a higher tier table, which does happen regularly at the store where I mostly play.

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