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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 7,185 posts (8,559 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Silver Crusade ***

So apparently, I haven't GMed this in the 2 years since starting this thread. Now I'm getting ready to run it again for the first time in a while, and I came here looking for threads on the updated faction talk, only to discover that I'm the one who started this thread. I had forgotten that.

So does anyone have written faction speeches I can borrow for the modified versions, or do I need to write my own?

Silver Crusade

Ventnor wrote:

Here's something I've come up with recently: a Paladin who absolutely despises the concept of honor because of the way he saw "honor" used to justify all kinds of horrendous actions when he was growing up.

Don't get me wrong, he still treats others with courtesy, doesn't use poisons, etc. But when people say that he's honorable, he'd reply, "No, I'm acting like a decent person should. There's a difference."

I'm reminded of my lawful good battle oracle who hates all the gods, even the lawful good ones. His oracle curse got him banished from his homeland as a child, and he refuses to worship any gods that would allow his life to be ruined as an innocent child. He has discovered later in life that Iomedae is responsible for cursing him, so now he's trying to reconcile hating her for that against all the good she's supposedly done throughout history, first as a paladin herself, and more recently as the patron goddess of many paladins and other warriors for good.

Silver Crusade

Pirate Rob wrote:
Mark Moreland says I should post about this here.

Yup. The organized play subforums really need to have the words "Pathfinder" or "Starfinder" in the name of each subforum, to avoid this type of confusion. I started that thread in the SFS section, but people responded about PFS, because the subforum name just says "Roleplaying Guild", without specifying which one, so it was easy to get confused.

Silver Crusade ***

Gary Bush wrote:
I am concerned that they will sell out the core book before I can get there to buy it.

They haven't worked out the details yet, but they've said they'll try to find a way to let people pick up preorders there. In that case, I'd think your copy would be reserved, and they wouldn't run out.

Silver Crusade

Andostre wrote:
In the second panel, what is it that Andi could've sworn she saw?

In a previous comic, she chose this path to take at a fork, because she thought she could see plains between the mountains, so she thought it was a way out.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mark Moreland wrote:
No one sleeps on Saturday night anyway, so why not?

Actually, I'd say it's the earlier nights of Gen Con when we stay up too late. Saturday night is the "collapse so you're awake enough to drive home tomorrow" night.

Silver Crusade ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.
RealAlchemy wrote:
An adventure where instead of "You travel uneventfully by boat to X location" the boat is attacked by something (pirates, sea serpent, etc) on the way as one of the scenario encounters.

*whistles innocently*

You obviously haven't played all of season 8 yet.

Silver Crusade ***

Scenarios 9-00 and 8-99 are both described in the blog post as "multi-table", so that means big group event, with all tables playing together.

Starfinder special 1-00 looks like "We Be Starfinders" to me.

Silver Crusade

David knott 242 wrote:

This 3rd party product has a Medium archetype that might be exactly what you are looking for.

The original post said this is for Pathfinder Society, so no third party sources are allowed.

Silver Crusade

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
Medium would be an amusing way to do this. Channel the spirit of your character, possibly from different plays/episodes. It's Cha based so you have room for Perform and face skills.

I really like that idea. I'm a huge fan of the fluff for the Medium class. I just wish it was better mechanically. But if you stick to the Champion spirit, it's a pretty good martial class.

Silver Crusade

The Steel Refrain wrote:

What about a bard who multiclasses into a swashbuckler as he starts to transform into the character he only pretended to be before?

Sure, maybe it isn't super-optimal, but it could still be fun. His inspire courage ability could be oratory-based, as he calls out some of his character's famous lines as he attacks!

I was thinking something similar, but since he's more supposed to be his own combatant, not inspiring others, go for a "selfish" bard archetype, like Dervish Dancer (not to be confused with the similar Dawnflower Dervish) or something like that. It seems like the type of fighting style that would be flashy enough for an actor, and the Inspire Courage only works on yourself (but at double bonus, IIRC). Stick to the flashiest spellcasting you can get, like Silent Image, to suit his former acting career. Then multiclass into swashbuckler as he really becomes good with a sword. Or some other martial class (fighter, unchained rogue, monk), if you want a different fighting style, but swashbuckler seems most appropriate for a stage combatant.

Or just go straight swashbuckler. I don't know that much about the class, so I don't know how badly a single level dip will slow down its progression. But I think the one level of a selfish bard archetype that can buff yourself in combat and give you a couple of spells could complement it well. Plus, taking a round to buff yourself while saying "Wait, wait, I wasn't ready! Give me a moment to get into character!" just seems appropriate to the concept.

Silver Crusade ***

James Anderson wrote:
Absalom. Sure, we've done tons of stuff there, right? Well, we used to; there's been nothing there in season 8 yet. Season 7 had 3 games near the start of the season that were there, (School of Spirits, Blakros Connection, & Consortium Compact) but it feels like we're abandoning our home base a bit.

From the upcoming Gen Con event schedule:

Scenario 9-00 Assault on Absalom wrote:
Glorious Absalom has stood against the greatest armies, yet 2 extraordinary forces have allied against the city. The Pathfinder Society & its factions unite to aid Absalom in its hour of need!

It's possible that helping the city pick up the pieces after a major battle could be a major theme for season 9.

As for my own requests, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Orcs!!! I just remember back in 1st edition D&D, they were the default humanoid enemy that you saw all over the place. Full blooded orcs have only appeared in 2 or 3 PFS scenarios, but apparently, there are half-orcs all over the place.

Also, we haven't seen many goblins recently. We've had the We Be Goblins series, but nothing like Frostfur Captives and Rise of the Goblin Guild in a while.

Silver Crusade ***

wellsmv wrote:
so what aboutvishkanya and grippli with poison- can they craft poison and sell it ?
FAQ on Alchemists and Investigators crafting alchemical items in PFS wrote:
Alchemists and investigators may never sell any of their created items
FAQ on poison crafting in PFS wrote:
Alchemists, investigators, slayers with the Poison Use slayer talent, and some archetypes of other classes listed in the Additional Resources can use Craft (alchemy) to produce poisons that are legal for them to purchase. Use the rules listed in "How can alchemists and investigators craft in the Roleplaying Guild?" in the Character and Class section of the FAQ.

So nobody can sell crafted goods in PFS, regardless of what they're crafting. This entire conversation is about crafting goods for your own use, not to sell them.

Silver Crusade

Thurston Hillman wrote:
sanwah68 wrote:

hear, hear....

That said, I am hoping to get hold of some of these to play with my locals. Even encourage people to play the quests with different pre-gens before they create a character to see if the mechanics match their vision.

Do we know if we can select any one of the 7 iconics for 1-00, or are they pre-selected?

You caught me at a good moment...

1) Claim to Salvation will debut at Gen Con, and will be available afterwards for local lodges to run. Expect more information on the roll-out of this closer to Gen Con. It won't be like previous exclusive specials and we hope it to be a great way for Pathfinder Lodges to introduce their players to Starfinder Society.

2) We're going to have all 7 pregenerated characters available for the special! Take your pick on which iconic interests you the most.

Glad to hear it.

I actually have more questions about Starfinder Society, one of which relates directly to that scenario.

1. Will the level 1 rebuild rules be the same as in Pathfinder Society?

2. When you play a pregen above level 1, will you be able to reduce the monetary reward and apply it to a level 1 PC like you can in PFS? For this scenario, you have to play a level 4 pregen, and I'd think it would be nice to be able to apply it to a level 1 immediately, to start with more than just starting cash.

3. For that matter, is SFS going to operate on the same xp system as PFS (1 xp per adventure, 3 xp per level)?

Silver Crusade

Derek Dalton wrote:
I won't allow Unchained mostly because I see no point in them. I've read them and came away with the point of unchained was players don't understand how to play the game and or classes.

While I haven't read all of the unchained classes, but from what I've heard, you might be right about some of them.

But unchained rogue is the exception. In that case, the rogue class has long been considered a sub-par combat class. The unchained version is a straight upgrade that brings them up to the level of other classes, assuming they stick to dex based melee.

Silver Crusade

Please provide the usual information:

Player name
PC name
Day Job Roll
Have you played this scenario before?
Anything weird/special I need to know about your PC?

As I said, it'll take me a couple of days to get everything set up and ready. I'm shooting for starting the game this weekend. In the mean time, I'll set up the game play thread, and you can all introduce yourselves in character there before the adventure begins.

Silver Crusade

This thread's under the Starfinder Society subforum intentionally. Maybe we should start a similar thread under the Pathfinder Society subforum for discussion of those scenarios.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
wellsmv wrote:

all it takes is a ninja finding 1 poisons creature in quest.. and then you have the whole party with poison coated weapons..

and there are a few creatures with some pretty nasty poisons.
are we only going to let them craft certain posions-the ones on the list ?

is it fair that they get them cheaper than others?

Its much simpler to have any class ( or archetype) that has " poison use" can buy the poison- from the list

Bear in mind that four other classes already have what's being requested here. The question isn't whether or not ANY characters should have this ability. The question is whether it's fair that ninjas are excluded from stuff that other poison users can already do.

Silver Crusade ***

As I said, the vendor room isn't open evenings, so I'd keep one afternoon open for that. Maybe make that your afternoon activity on the day that you're playing a special in the evening, so you're not playing three sessions in a row that day (which can be tiring).

As for what fills up, get your tickets early for the multi-table specials. From past experience, I'd say you can usually get into just about any other PFS sessions on generic tickets.

The introduction of Starfinder could throw things out of whack, though. We have no way of knowing if it'll be popular enough to sell out, or how many players it will take away from PFS tables.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For what it's worth, I'm in favor, too. IMHO, if you're going to let some classes craft poison in Society, then it should be allowed for any class that gets it as a standard class feature, but maybe not those that only have optional access to it (like the slayer talent mentioned above).

Silver Crusade ***

Davor Firetusk wrote:
First time truly attending. I'm not asking for guarantees, but I'm going with a small group of somewhat distinct gaming interests and planning on doing SFS/PFS in the morning and afternoon slots all weekend along with the Special Saturday night. What I'm wondering on is are there any insights for what to try and sign-up for when? My biggest interest is getting the newest PFS scenarios in and a nice chunk of the SFS scenarios in. That makes it easier to help out GMing at SkalCon for folks.

While it's great that you're so dedicated to the Paizo games, I highly recommend that you take some time to go explore the rest of the convention. The vendor room can easily take an entire afternoon to explore (and it's not open evenings). True Dungeon is worth doing at least once, just for the experience. And there's always other stuff going on.

For anyone's first Gen Con, I'll recommend that you don't spend more than half your time in the Sagamore Ballroom (Paizo's home base). You'll miss the rest of the con that way.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Paizo's Gen Con schedule is now online, and it includes four SFS scenarios, numbered 1-00, 1-01, 1-02, and 1-03.

1-00: Claim to Salvation is a level 4 pregen-only scenario that seems to be the setup for the setting and the Society in game. I don't know what I'll be doing at Gen Con yet, but I'm likely to make playing that one a priority.

Hopefully, this won't be restricted after Gen Con, so anyone will be able to GM it, even outside of conventions. I really don't want to see the stupidity like we've seen with some of the PFS specials in recent years when it comes to that. (setting up an entire season's plot line in the Gen Con specials, and then making it nearly impossible for people who can't attend big cons to EVER play them)

Anyone else have anything to say about the SFS scenario descriptions or anything?

Silver Crusade ***

Cyrad wrote:

Dexterity-based melee characters.

I want to play any number of dexterous combatant concepts without having to resort to Dervish Dance or unchained rogue. Slashing Grace is a horrifically designed mess (even before it got errata'd).

I'm trying to build a kitsune vigilante that's like a ninja, but I'm struggling to pull it off due to the feat tax of Weapon Finesse. A lot of times, I feel like it's mandatory to play a human just to endure all the feat taxes for anything that isn't a two-handed fighter.

I keep complaining that the Medium class doesn't live up to its billing as a versatile class, but if you stick to just the Champion spirit, it makes for a pretty good martial build. It even works well for dex based melee. The spirit bonus and seance bonus to damage make up for not having dex to damage.

You just need to take Weapon Finesse at first level, and you're already at +3 on top of your damage die, even with 10 strength. That goes up every 3-4 levels, and there's a feat to boost that spirit bonus by another +1 (which affects both attack rolls and damage). The spirit bonus makes up for lack of full BAB, so you can take Pirahna Strike safely, which is Power Attack/Deadly Aim for dex based melee. And you can get Enlarge Person and Bulls Strength as known spells to boost your damage even more.

So it's the one dex based melee class that doesn't care about adding dex to damage. Picking up an agile weapon at higher levels is a nice bonus, but not strictly necessary. For my single class Medium, I'm doing Weapon Finesse, TWF, and Pirahna Strike as my first three feats, and heading for a pair of keen kukris as soon as I can afford them. Agile can wait until after they're keen.

And as added bonuses, you give everyone in the party a permanent +2 to their damage rolls from level 2, and can take Haste as a known spell at level 7. So even when you're not front lining, you've got other stuff going for you in a fight. And as a charisma based caster, Mediums make good social characters outside of combat.

It's not going to win the DPR olympics, but it's effective enough, and all PFS legal.

Silver Crusade

Kileanna wrote:

Worse than playing with pregens is playing with characters generated by the GM when the GM has a clear idea about how you should be playing the character.

Have you ever been handed a character created by your GM, who told you to «roleplay them however you want» and «give them your own interpretation» and then said everytime you did something: «no, you shouldn't do that. That's not what the character would have done.»
It's frustrating.

I actually had an interestingly opposite experience of that last year.

I met up at a gaming convention with some friends that I normally only see at Gen Con every year. It's a few different groups of us who live in different areas, so we don't see each other more than once a year these days.

One couple has gotten into D&D 5th edition, so one of them volunteered to run an organized play adventure for the rest of us, outside of the official games of the convention. A couple of people made their own PCs, but I didn't have time to look at the 5e rules and figure it out. So one of the regular 5e players handed me one of her organized play PCs to use.

At one point, when we were talking to some NPCs, I don't remember what exactly I said, but I gave the character a fairly strong personality and had her say something to the NPCs. Surprisingly, the PC's usual player just laughed and told me that's exactly what she would have done when playing that PC, and I had nailed the character's personality exactly. It was one of those things where I was surprised, since I thought I was being weird, and it was funny that she would have done the same thing.

Silver Crusade

First Steps 1 is actually the adventure I've done the most - played it 4 times, GMed it 7. Other scenarios I've done 6 or 7 times include The Confirmation, Consortium Compact, and the now retired First Steps 3 (which was actually my first ever PFS game).

Can First Steps 1 be applied to a level 2 PC these days, or is it still just level 1s? Been a while since I've done it, so I lost track.

I've only GMed PBP once, but I suppose I could run a table of this if people are looking for it. I was thinking of running another PBP soon, anyway. I'll just need a few days to prep. Being new to GMing PBP, I still need extra time to figure out setting up maps, minis, etc.

If you're interested in joining, sign up in my recruitment thread. I'll do a lottery this evening (maybe 10 or 11 hours after this post), giving priority to those who posted here about it before I started recruiting.

Silver Crusade

Thurston Hillman wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Fromper wrote:
My own question: Will there be a prd with the Starfinder CRB before Gen Con, or will all Starfinder Society tables at Gen Con be played with only pregens, since we won't have the info to make PCs in advance?
This earlier question was ignored. Anyone at Paizo care to weigh in?

The question wasn't ignored. In this case, the Starfinder Society team is lining up a lot of things and just don't have an announcement on this front yet. I would expect to see more information about the Starfinder Society's Gen Con launch coming out of PaizoCon, in just about 2 weeks time.


Oh gosh, only two weeks!

*gets back to madly working on all the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild things*

Thanks for responding.

Silver Crusade

7 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't really remember how we got on the topic, but I think it started with talking about a small dragon from an adventure we recently played. Someone said it was like a big bird, or something like that. Anyway, it led to me making this statement, which one of my friends thought would make a good t-shirt:

Dinosaurs + Evolution = Birds
Dinosaurs + Magic = Dragons

Silver Crusade

Fromper wrote:
My own question: Will there be a prd with the Starfinder CRB before Gen Con, or will all Starfinder Society tables at Gen Con be played with only pregens, since we won't have the info to make PCs in advance?

This earlier question was ignored. Anyone at Paizo care to weigh in?

Silver Crusade

Wrong John Silver wrote:
Well, everything 2e was still better than the Dragonlance Adventures hardcover from late 1e.

I'm trying to remember if I have that one. Not at home right now to check the book shelf. I remember the book, but I never did look through it or use it at all. My group never played Dragonlance at all.

I never did see 2nd edition. My group had so much invested in 1e books that we just shrugged off 2e when it came out, like "Why bother with a new version?" Instead, when we wanted new stuff, we tried other games. We were into Star Frontiers, West End's original Star Wars RPG, and Shadowrun back when 2e was new.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I was still new to Pathfinder, I wanted to make a sorcerer. Because they have high charisma and good social skills, I tried to find a mini that would look more like an unarmed noble type than a casty wizard type, but I couldn't find any male human minis like that. So the character ended up being female, just because it was easier to find a mini of a human woman in a nice dress.

Silver Crusade ***

Grumbaki wrote:
A rogue. Haven't seen one in PFS yet.

That's surprising. There are plenty around here. Not as many as there used to be years ago, but still quite a few. Mostly unchained these days, but still.

Personally, I have two of them, out of 27 PCs. They also happen to be my only two multi-class PCs.

One was a weird hybrid bard/rogue/halfling opportunist that I designed to be a pure dex based front liner long before there were easy rules in place to pull that off.

The other is a newer unchained rogue with a single level dip in medium, just because it's a good dip for TWF types. +3 damage on every shot is pretty solid when you get lots of attacks per round.

Silver Crusade

GRuzom wrote:

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me why the core book is so expensive? It's 10 dollars more than the core book for Pathfinder...

Inflation? It has been 8 years since the Pathfinder CRB was published, after all.

My own question: Will there be a prd with the Starfinder CRB before Gen Con, or will all Starfinder Society tables at Gen Con be played with only pregens, since we won't have the info to make PCs in advance?

Silver Crusade ***

Andrew Shumate wrote:

I believe that I have the only cleric* of Aroden left in Golarion.

** spoiler omitted **

I have a friend with a paladin of Aroden who got all the way to level 14 in PFS before the rules change that requires paladins to have a legal patron.

Silver Crusade ***

I'd rather tell people who my PC is and what he does than what he is in game terms.

Pretty much all my front liners are described as wearing armor and carrying weapons. Whether their class comes out when I introduce my PC "in character" depends on the PC.

As long as nobody's lying about what their PC contributes to the group, what does it matter?

Silver Crusade

Huh. I never noticed that FAQ before. Thanks for pointing it out.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't know mythic, so I can't contribute to that part of the conversation. But I do have two TWF characters in PFS that use options that haven't been mentioned at all in this thread yet. They may not be "best", but they're certainly fun.

One is a Druid with the Nature's Fang archetype. That's the "I wanna be a Slayer" archetype from the Advanced Class Guide. The archetype gets Studied Target, some Slayer talents (Ranger TWF fighting style!), and a 1d6 sneak attack that never improves. In my case, I carry a quarterstaff and do TWF with both ends of a Shillalegh, so 2d6+1 weapon damage on each attack, right from level 1, and that's before strength, Studied Target, and sneak attack dice. I took the Monkey domain for a monkey familiar (fun for RP), and bonuses on acrobatics to get into flanking position, along with the Rice Runner trait to make it a class skill.

Because of the 3/4 BAB, I may not hit as often as other builds discussed here, so this may not be "best", but it's still good enough to be effective, and it's a fun and unusual build. I will say that this build is great at low levels, due to the high damage output, but I'm not sure if it'll keep up at higher levels, since I won't be able to upgrade my weapon with magic. He's only level 3 so far, so I'll see when I get there how he does.

The other is an Unchained Rogue with the Knife Master and Scout archetypes, and a single level dip in Medium, always channeling the Champion spirit. I've got the River Rat trait for +1 damage with daggers, dex to damage, and the Medium dip gives +3 damage to every attack. The Knife Master makes my sneak attacks use d8s instead of d6s as long as I stick to daggers, and Scout gives me ways to sneak attack when I'm not flanking. As with most Rogue archetypes, I had to give up trap finding, but this character is built to shiv people, and does it pretty well.

I'd actually say that the single level Medium dip is worth considering for any martial build, since you get quite a bit for a one level dip, as long as your GM is ok with you channeling the Champion spirit pretty much anywhere. That +3 bonus applies to EVERY damage roll, which is why this dip is even better on TWF types than other martials with less attacks per round. And the spirit surge ability will let you add a d6 to a failed attack roll, fort save, or strength check 5 times per day, after you find out that you missed. That's on top of the +2 Will, +1 on Fort, +1 on Strength checks, +1 on attack rolls (makes up for the 0 BAB), and a couple of cantrips. Even if you dump charisma (the class's casting stat), all you lose is the cantrips, so it's still worth it.

Silver Crusade

The Core Rulebook equipment chapter has a chart titled "Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage". Use that for figuring out what happens to damage rolls when resized.

In this case, it says that 1d10 medium damage becomes 2d8 at large size.

Silver Crusade ***

I think it's $10 per session GMed, with no minimum. So even though I've never GMed enough at Gen Con for a top tier boon or hotel room, even I have gotten some good store credit the couple of times I've GMed 3 or 4 sessions per year.

Silver Crusade ***

Steven G. wrote:
There is no need for the aggression I've read in this thread.

"Anger, fear, aggression. They dark side of the Force are they."

Been watching the movies again since May 4. Not quite through all 8 yet.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, I'd have to reread the boon (don't have it in front of me). It says you apply it to one character. I thought that was the PC who got to replay a scenario, but it had to be a scenario you played with a different PC the first time.

Silver Crusade ***

It seems pretty obvious to me that the boon gets applied to a single character, so both benefits would have to go to that PC.

Silver Crusade ***

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Fromper wrote:

I'd like to be able to play some of the race restricted archetypes without having to be the associated race, especially when it's a boon race that I can't play. This seems like it would be a cool boon that would help Paizo sell more copies of "Blood of Beasts". Doing a Prowler at World's End without having to be a Catfolk, or a Fiend Keeper without having to be a Grippli would be nice.

Some of the race archetypes just don't fit with other races, but for those that do, I totally agree with this idea. Should be allowed for those that fit.

I don't know about making them generically allowed for everyone. I just think it would be a cool boon.

For instance:


Adoptive Race: You were adopted by members of another race, or maybe your family just lived among that race's society when you were growing up. Either way, you learned some of the talents and skills unique to that race.

Choose one of the following races: <insert list here>. You count as a member of that race for the purposes of qualifying for anything in Blood of the Beasts which is legal for Pathfinder Society play.

And yes, there would have to be exceptions for things that shouldn't be physically possible, like preventing other races from getting the shapeshifting or extra tail stuff from kitsune.

I think boons like these that open up restricted content could be almost as popular as race boons, definitely more popular than the very minor boons that just give small stuff, and could help Paizo sell specific books shortly after they're published.

I'm actually surprised I've only ever seen one boon tied to a specific book this way before, as it would be a great marketing opportunity. That was a boon back in season 3, when they were doing Tien theme everywhere, that allowed PCs to start with a third trait, as long as it was from the Dragon Empires Primer. I used that and my nagaji race boon on the same PC at the time, back before nagaji were available for anyone to play.

Silver Crusade

Just one problem with that story: You can't crit while blinded. Your target still has cover against you, so no crits or other precision damage (sneak attacks) while blinded.

Silver Crusade ***

There were a lot of decent season 8 scenarios, but only one that jumps out at me as being great, and that was Portent's Peril. But because that was the first scenario of the season, it may not be available at Paizo Con. I don't know how that works. I know it was a Gen Con scenario last year, so won't be again this year.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to be able to play some of the race restricted archetypes without having to be the associated race, especially when it's a boon race that I can't play. This seems like it would be a cool boon that would help Paizo sell more copies of "Blood of Beasts". Doing a Prowler at World's End without having to be a Catfolk, or a Fiend Keeper without having to be a Grippli would be nice.

Silver Crusade ***

Been there, done that. And in the same adventure, no less.

Mike Brock previously ruled that cannabilism is always evil in PFS. I disagree with the ruling, but abide by it.

Silver Crusade ***

So my group kicked this adventure's butt. We only had 4 PCs, and they were well optimized for the combats... including the monkey swarm. So the porters didn't like them very much after they started that fight.

The most memorable part of the adventure was the tiger hunt. They didn't see it coming, but the Baron made his save to avoid being lured out of the tree. So it managed to climb up in the tree to go after him. One of the other party members told him to climb down out of the tree, to give them all more room to fight it. So the Baron fires a shot, and climbs down the ladder as requested.

On its turn, the beast follows him down. The other guy hiding in the same tree with the Baron follows by JUMPING down, going for a flying tackle on the creature. One acrobatics and grapple check later, and he's riding the thing's back. The group managed to finish it off pretty quickly after that, but the flying attack was an epic moment, especially from a PC that's really not built for that sort of thing.

Silver Crusade

GMing PFS yesterday, the toughest monster of the adventure rolled snake eyes on a pair of d20s while attacking the party warpriest. That was my one and only chance to scare the party with a fight that wasn't pathetically easy (season 0 adventure with stupidly easy combats), and I failed to hit in epic fashion. At least we all got a good laugh out of it. This is why I always roll out in the open.

Silver Crusade

I just estimated how long the trip was, rolled for random encounters each day, and pulled generic flip mats for the right terrain type when they had an encounter.

Silver Crusade ***

James Anderson wrote:

The survey has a problem. There's no shadow lodge. Or Lantern Lodge or Sczarni or...

I mean sure, they're not legal now, but when the character retired...

Or do you only want current characters?

I was going to say the same thing. My most experienced character (retired as a Venture-Captain at level 14) is still Shadow Lodge.

Dan Tharp wrote:
We're trusting everyone to stick to six characters. We're not going to bust you if you messed up and did seven. :D

"Messed up"? I did 7 intentionally, because I couldn't pick just 6 favorites. And even then, I easily could have done another 6-8 before getting down the ones I don't consider favorites.

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