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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 7,114 posts (8,394 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Silver Crusade ***

Gary Bush wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:

Will we get to see Tonya play her new PC?

How about a charity table with Tonya playing her new PC and John as GM!!!

I doubt if either of them will have the time for that at Gen Con.

Silver Crusade ***

Obviously, I was exaggerating just a little.

Still, mid-May isn't 3 months in advance. Event registration goes online at the end of May, so the schedules last year only went out a week or two before we all had to decide what we were doing during sessions that we weren't GMing. For those of us who aren't doing tier 1 and spending the whole time in the Sagamore, that's important.

As long as they go out a week or two in advance again this year, everyone will be fine. But it sounds like at least one volunteer hasn't heard back about their initial application yet. As I said, when dealing with such large scope of people, it's tough. But Paizo has gotten better since the first time I volunteered for them at Gen Con, 5 years ago, compared to last year.

Silver Crusade

Torbyne wrote:
Hill Giant wrote:

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Dear Lord! That's over 150 atmospheres of pressure!

Fry: How many atmospheres can the ship withstand?

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Well, it's a space ship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.

Easy fix, someone give the ship a potion of Planetary Adaptation... so, where is it's mouth?

My first thought

Silver Crusade

Daffy Johns wrote:
Fromper wrote:
...but only one person capable of using a cure wand
Two, right? Oracle and Bard?

Yup. My mistake.

Silver Crusade

I know they've said table counts for GM stars will be different, but I think D_GENNEXT was asking about total table counts at conventions, for stuff like Paizo prize support.

Silver Crusade

Torbyne wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Fardragon wrote:
for those situations when Scotty is off on a bender.
I couldn't help but think of this.
Spoken like a true PC.

Ok, here's a better version.

Silver Crusade

I have a nagaji battle oracle. Not the most creative, but the stats fit the class well.

That str/cha bonus would obviously make a good paladin, too. Or ninja as someone else above mentioned. I hadn't consider that one before, but it could be interesting. You just don't see many ninjas these days.

Silver Crusade ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I thought the primary purpose of a Wayfinder was to make NPCs hate us. You mean they have other functions?

Silver Crusade

Kileanna wrote:
I don't know if my town is big enough for organized play. And I'm satisfied with my actual gaming group anyway.

Well, my point was that you can play PFS with the same gaming group, if you want. If you're having trouble getting a campaign to work because not everyone can show up every week, then organized play would let you play with the same people at the same place. Don't worry about whether or not everyone can show up every time, and just play with whoever's there. It's just easier to coordinate.

Silver Crusade

Kileanna wrote:
I'd rather know my players and add some personal stuff for they characters and plan my adventures in advance according to what I know they like. I don't think organized play would be for me, even though I admit it has some advantages.

PFS play doesn't have to involve meeting up with strangers at a local store or convention. You can do a home game for just your friends and just play with PFS rules.

That's actually how I got into Pathfinder at first. I met a couple (fiances at the time, now married) who recruited half a dozen players and invited them to their home. We'd play with whoever showed up that week, take turns GMing, and be able to start new low level characters once in a while, but still play our higher level characters most of the time. We ended up having a core group of 6 of us who were there almost every week, and a couple of others who came and went far less frequently. So we usually had a GM with 4-6 players every week, which is exactly what PFS is designed for.

And even though PFS rules say that you have to run everything exactly as written, we would occasionally customize some of the "fluff" to our specific characters. For instance, my highest level PC was the rebellious son of a retired Pathfinder, so one of the GMs would occasionally have my character's father show up with the official Venture-Captain at mission briefings to glare at me disapprovingly and warn me to follow the VC's orders this time.

In another example, we played the Ruby Phoenix Tournament module, which is set in the Asian themed continent of Tian Xia. One of my friends had a PC from Tian Xia, who was coincidentally from the major city near where the tournament takes place. So the GM had that PC's mother show up to cheer us on in the tournament, and annoy her daughter as only a mother can. The GM for that one is actually Chinese-American, and just channeled her own mother, so it was eerily realistic, and we all had fun with it.

The fact that we could also take those PCs to conventions occasionally and play the same characters with strangers was just a bonus. When I moved away from that area, it made it easy for me to jump into playing regularly at my new home, since PFS is a lot more common in Chicago than where I moved from. So these days, I mostly play PFS at public stores, though I also have a Rise of the Runelord campaign going at home with a small, stable group.

Silver Crusade ***

Gary Bush wrote:

Information will come out before event registration, which is about 4 weeks away.

Yup. Expect your emailed schedule roughly 4-6 hours before event registration opens. If you don't have it 23 seconds before, then it's time to email the coordinators in a panic.

I really hate GMing at GenCon. All the last minute planning makes it stressful. They really have improved the process over the years, but given the scope of what they're dealing with, it's really unavoidable that things will be tough to coordinate and lead to lots of last minute stress.

Personally, I'm waiting to volunteer at all until after I see what my friends and I sign up to play this year. I'm assuming Paizo will have the usual panic over the summer when a couple of GMs cancel on them, and then I can step up to take a few sessions. I doubt if I'll end up GMing more than 2 or 3 sessions, but that's all I'd want anyway.

Silver Crusade

This is actually the biggest positive of Pathfinder Society (or other organized play campaigns). It's modular, so you just play with whoever shows up that week, and don't worry about assembling everybody each time. Yes, it means shorter missions with no long term plot lines, but you can still do character development and stuff on your own.

Silver Crusade

Fardragon wrote:
for those situations when Scotty is off on a bender.

I couldn't help but think of this.

Silver Crusade

One of these days, I need to get back to GMing PBP. I did it once in the game day last year, and found it tough for me to keep up with. But I was also playing a few PBP games at the same time. I'll probably start another table of the same adventure (since it's an evergreen, and I already did the prep work) in the next week or two.

Silver Crusade

So assuming the bloodrager, ninja, and battle oracle are all front liners, then I probably shouldn't bring another front line type. And based on the classes, we should have plenty of charisma for social skills, but only one person capable of using a cure wand.

My 3 PCs at level 1:
Salagadoola - Gnome Wizard (illusionist, other misc spells, some bluff skill)
Grrprr - Grippli Fiend Keeper Medium (finesse/light armor front liner, diplomacy)
Skivrik - Ratfolk Trap Breaker Alchemist (Bomb thrower, trap finder/disabler)

I have to bring Skivrik for Consortium Compact, since the other two already have GM credit for it. Metagaming, since I've done all these adventures multiple times before, I'd lean towards Grrprr for Wounded Wisp, and Skivrik for The Confirmation. But I'd like to play Salagadoola at some point, so I may bring him for The Confirmation, just to play each of them once.

Which adventure are we doing first?

Silver Crusade

My grievance: I rushed to finish prepping a Pathfinder Society to GM on Sunday. Despite having a rough week at work last week and collapsing on Saturday, I managed to get everything ready, maps drawn, etc, on time for the noon game on Sunday.

And then only one player showed up for my table. So my player and I ended up playing a different adventure instead of GMing that adventure for her and the people who didn't show up.

On the bright side, at least I got to play. And I talked to the organizer about putting that adventure back on the schedule for some future week instead, so I should still eventually get to run it.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

At a Pathfinder Society table, just before doing something risky:

"It's just a pregen."

"Famous last words."

Silver Crusade ***

Selvaxri wrote:
as per season 8- we can't divvy up Prestige to revive characters.

That's not a new rule in season 8.

Silver Crusade

I'll be switching PCs along the way, since I don't have any single PC that can do all 3 of them. Which adventure are we doing first? And what's everyone else bringing?

Silver Crusade

Stupidity. It's always the leading cause of death.

Silver Crusade

MattZ wrote:

In re: any combat involving up to 3 points of interest can be modeled as a plane.

Could a 1 on 1 combat then be modeled as just a line? All motion then boils down to Approach, Retreat, or Maintain Separation. The more mobile combatant would have near complete control over the separation distance.

No, because the direction your ship is facing matters, so there's more to it than just how close you are. There's also which way you're moving. So besides the two ships, you'd want to track the starting and stopping point of the moving ship on each turn (or possibly point of closest approach or some other interesting point before you reach the end point), which gives you 3 points of interest again.

Which makes me wonder why that also wouldn't create 4 points of interest when dealing with 3 ships, thus bringing us back to 3 dimensions.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In space, no one can hear you fly by.

They can hear you screaming, however, if they're in the same ship as you with atmosphere, so that iconic tagline never made any sense.

Silver Crusade

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

I can't wait to try my favorite Star Wars dog fighting manoeuvre!

"I'll try spinning! That's a good trick." - Anakin Skywalker, Age 8.

Yeah... dumbest, most annoying line of the movie. And coming from the movie that featured Jar Jar at his worst, that's truly saying something.

Silver Crusade

thegreenteagamer wrote:
My grievance is that this has become a thread about pooping accessories.

Yeah, I'm not entirely clear on how that happened, but it seems to be my fault. All I did was followup someone else's movie reference with another reference to the same movie. It just sort of went downhill from there.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Raven Black wrote:

Captain = Bard

Science Officer = Rogue
Engineer = Cleric
Gunner = Fighter
Pilot = Wizard

I understand better now :-)

I think you have the wizard and rogue backwards. Wizards are the brainy know it alls, like the science officers. Rogues are the ones doing the tricky acrobatic stuff, but in this case, pilots do that with an entire ship.

Silver Crusade

Opsylum wrote:
The Vesk being a thing also likely explains why Gorum mysteriously disappeared from the lineup, despite being what you'd think a shoe-in for Starfinder job placement for deities. A Vesk war god sitting on top of an entire star system-spanning empire? I can see why Gorum might have started to feel a little inadequate.

What makes you think Gorum wasn't a vesk all along?

Back on topic, I like the shirren. I was unimpressed with the vesk being another stereotypical muscular warrior race with a code of honor (klingon wannabes). But these guys are different enough to be interesting.

But I do wish they had more legs. I think my first Starfinder PC might be a shirren named Vrusk.

Silver Crusade

I'm also wondering when you're going to start. I have three PCs at level 1 on paper character sheets that I need to enter into the computer, and I don't have a ton of spare time right now. If we're not starting until Monday or later, I'm fine, as I should have time over the weekend to type at least one of them in.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, it does seem like dungeon crawls work better OTB than PBP, while more social scenarios are the opposite.

Silver Crusade

My grievance is that there's no toilet paper in the bathroom. Just these seashell things where the tp should be.

Silver Crusade

Terquem wrote:
I have no idea what everyone else is talking about right now

Me neither. I suspect that's a good thing.

Silver Crusade

Firebug wrote:
Flutter wrote:
Muse. wrote:

Heck, just have them "Attack" it! Though that does take two tricks...

Teaching an animal to attack all creatures (including such unnatural creatures as undead and aberrations) counts as two tricks.

..Druids Local 704 would like to know what exactly are you making those steaks out of that they require 2 tricks to attack...

With 2 attack tricks, the animal companion will attack any creature... But that doesn't say anything about objects. I would say attacking an object is typically a sunder combat maneuver, however the maneuver trick will only allow it to use the maneuver on creatures it can attack.

I disagree. The entire point of the second attack trick is to get the animal to attack things that it normally wouldn't think are creatures. Why wouldn't an inanimate object be included in that?

Silver Crusade

Azothath wrote:
Again, this thread is in the ADVICE forum, so mark replies with PFS if it's PFS specific.

This thread started in the PFS subforum. All posts are PFS specific. I don't know why it was moved.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Starfinder Society

Silver Crusade

Coquelicot Dragon wrote:


- Feather Fall
- Hold Person
- Gentle Repose
- Water Breathing (be careful when drinking)


- Read Magic
- Feather Fall

Feather Fall won't work as potions or scrolls, since those take a standard action to activate, and you'll probably have reached the bottom before then.

Silver Crusade

Would that be a nirate or a pinja?

Silver Crusade

I can't think of any real world pantheons with even 1/10 as many deities as Golarion.

Silver Crusade

GM Granta wrote:
@Fromper: Scroll to the right, there should be a second signup area for regular campaign.

D'oh! I'm an idiot. I looked at it in a small window, and didn't notice that. Signing up for standard now. I kind of want to play Core in Wounded Wisp and Consortium Compact, but both of my Core PCs have already done The Confirmation, and I do Core infrequently enough that I don't want to create a 3rd.

Silver Crusade

They already said they would be different GM stars between the two games.

Silver Crusade

GM Granta, is this for core or standard? Your post doesn't say, but the spreadsheet says Core, so I just wanted to double check.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is a playtest, but it just isn't public. So they aren't getting quite as many eyes looking at the product, but at least they'll have some. Paizo isn't stupid.

Silver Crusade ***

Here's a question that came up yesterday, and we couldn't find the answer, though we probably just missed it some place obvious. How long does alchemical crafting actually take?

I ran a scenario where you get a mission briefing in Absalom, then take a ship to the location of the actual mission, which would take at least a few days, possibly weeks. Given that they were headed to a jungle, the party alchemist took the opportunity to make some anti-plague and anti-toxin to carry for the group. Rather than spend a long time researching the answer when we couldn't find it right away, we just handwaved it and said he had time to make 4 things of that low value level (one for each party member) over the couple of weeks on board ship.

Silver Crusade ***

TOZ wrote:
Kevin Willis wrote:

The ones I don't recommend (though don't worry, someone will jump to explain why I'm wrong shortly):

  • Urgothoa
Here I am! :D My warpriest should really take ranks in Bluff so he can better lie about his worship of "Pharasma".

My inquisitor of "Pharasma" *cough*Norgorber*cough* was intentionally built so that the one thing he's best at in the world is "keeping secrets" (bluff).

Silver Crusade ***

Part 3 would be simple to change. Just remove the second mission briefing, and merge that information into what they learn in the initial briefing, without the faction intro that used to come with that second briefing.

Part 2 is a little more complicated, since there's a minor "faction mission" (not an official faction mission, since the PCs are assumed not to have chosen factions until after they complete all 3 parts of First Steps, so EVERYONE gets this mission) from a faction that no longer exists. That section would have to be reworked, but I don't think it would be that difficult.

The tougher part, IMHO, is rewriting the faction intros to be relevant today. That includes for part 1, which is still currently legal.

Silver Crusade

Most of my standards have already been mentioned.

Not obscure, but I think everyone should carry these scrolls/potions/wands, even if they can't use them. Just pass them to someone else who can:

Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Comprehend Languages
Oil of Daylight by level 3 or 4

Another good one that I rarely see anyone bother with is Identify. For when your initial spellcraft check to id an item rolls low. You can get a wand for 2 PP.

Silver Crusade ***

Scott Howland wrote:
You're a table of 8s and 11s and the 11s all want to play down.

Or worse: the 8s all want to play up. And it's a season 4 adventure.

Back when we could choose to play up or down, I had a table like that once. I think the levels were 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 10, so we had our choice. It was a season 4 scenario. I was the level 8, and I voted to play down, but everyone else wanted to play up, especially egged on by the level 7. That same level 7 was the first to die. I was the only one to get out alive.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Cole Deschain wrote:

I haven't flown with those clowns in... gosh, has it really been that long?

Yeah, something like twenty years.

Basically ever since they stopped flying to my town's airport. We're a pure Delta/Alaska show most of the year, and even when I'm flying within the Lower 48, I tend to stick with routing that doesn't force me to change airlines.

So, you know... my ability to make a meaningful gesture on this subject is sorta nil. ;)

You've got to put the right spin on this. Tell people you were boycotting United since before it was cool.

On a related note, I still want one of those shirts that says "Vegetarians: Boycotting Chick-Fil-A since before it was cool".

Unfortunately, I haven't been boycotting United before. In fact, I just flew them a week and a half ago. I only fly every year or two for vacation, and my sister booked most of the stuff this time. She travels for business and routinely flies United, though that should be changing now.

Silver Crusade ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Kerney wrote:

Waay back when Season 1 was the new cool thing.

1st round: Shoot my Bow at one of two BBEGs. I crit.

I roll 10, 10, 9 on damage.

Me: That's 38 points of damage (16 Str).

GM: He's dead.

Other Player(horrified): That was my Prestige point!

Me: Oops.

Something similar happened back around season 3.

It was a low level adventure with mostly level 1 PCs. It was my first time playing Seamus Luckleaf, halfling cleric of "Lady Luck" ("Tha's th' godd'ss Desna t' mos' folks"), with the Luck domain. He insists that he's no good at the fisticuffs, but he'll make everyone else in the party very lucky.

So we're walking through the forest, when someone snipes at us from a tree. Roll initiative. Seamus slaps the gunslinger on the back and says "Go get 'im" (Luck domain power, so he can roll twice and use the better roll). Gunslinger crits for 4d12 or whatever, easily driving the level 1 enemy down below their negative con score. The GM gives a description of the gunslinger shooting directly into the enemy's eye socket and blowing his brains out.

We get up close to examine the body and realize that it's the contact the gunslinger was supposed to meet for his faction mission. Apparently, the adventure wanted you to yell to the person to stop attacking, and try to make peace, but murderhobos will be murderhobos. So the gunslinger just shot his own prestige point to death.

As soon as the GM tells us that, I respond in character, "See? Ah told ya Desna'd bring ya luck!"

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Quentin Coldwater wrote:

Not sure if this fits better here or in the "you know you're in trouble when..." thread, but:

For a low-level module we all made new characters. Two independently had the idea of making a Skald. A third player joined in, then decided we should all be Halflings and be a travelling band. One player joins in as a Slayer, one player has a Demon Eidolon, and the last is a Ratfolk Investigator playing the manager of the band who's at his wit's end. We called ourselves the Beat-Alls and we stacked three different kinds of songs (vanilla Skald, Wyrm Singer, Urban Skald going to DEX). Once we all got our songs going, things got scary. One Skald was TWF-ing with a Weighted Spear, one was playing a Ledford clone, and one was acting as the party tank.
When we arrived in town, we started at the bakery and things went downhill from there. We fought a lot among ourselves (big egos, short tempers), one got possessed by purple goop, and the Demon Eidolon was played as barely having any restraint and almost fighting his own master. It was a mess.

Sounds like the band members' personalities were turned up to 11.

Silver Crusade

thejeff wrote:

And now the local media seems to be mounting a smear campaign against the doctor.


Yup. Just read that the guy lost his medical license on a felony drug conviction in the early 2000's, and just got it back in 2015. I don't know for sure, but for a doctor, I'd guess that type of conviction probably means that he gave out drug prescriptions to people who were addicted to them.

And you know what? I don't care. He's not perfect. Who cares? It doesn't matter if he's a doctor or not. It doesn't matter if he's an ex-con or not. He just got the crap beat out of him for sitting on a plane minding his own business, and refusing to leave the seat he paid for on the whim of the airline.

And after all this, the airline is refusing to admit they did anything wrong. And the cops are saying he "fell" and hit his head on the arm rest (when video available from several angles shows that this was clearly police brutality).

Silver Crusade

Technically, Fergie is probably right that United acted in a lawful manner. That doesn't stop them from being an atrocious company, and the law from being ridiculous.

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