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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 6,607 posts (7,784 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Silver Crusade

Yeah, with the 10 foot reach from the tongue and a racial wisdom bonus, they could be fun as a "bad touch" cleric, without having to tank on the front line quite as much as most. If I didn't already have a bad touch cleric in PFS, I'd probably go for that.

I really love the flavor of the Princely alternate racial trait. I'm just picturing this 2 foot tall frog walking around with a rapier and crown, charming people with his diplomacy skill. Given the dex bonus, maybe a swashbuckler or something, though that wastes the free rapier proficiency. The social skill bonuses are still cool, though.

Maybe a Princely divine caster (cleric, warpriest, inquisitor) with Weapon Finesse, to finesse the rapier and make use of the racial dex and wis bonuses.

The flavor of playing a humanoid frog is awesome - I just need to decide what to do with it mechanically.

Silver Crusade

The problem is that I won't have the stats to use a weapon effectively, or the armor to survive on the front line.

I'll probably end up carrying a light crossbow and hoping for the best, but without Precise Shot, and with a dex of only 12 or 14, what are the odds of hitting anything? At least for wizards, Acid Splash and Ray of Frost go against touch AC.

Silver Crusade

So I've been looking at the occult classes, trying to come up with my next PFS character idea. The mesmerist class seems interesting, but I'm trying to figure out how it plays at low levels, before you have enough spells per day to cast all day long.

Because I already have a few low level front line PCs, I'm trying to avoid doing a martial themed mesmerist, and stick to mostly casting and other class abilities. Against things with minds, I can do hypnotic stare + Daze all day long, and pull out more potent spells as necessary. At higher levels, trade out Daze, and by then, I should have enough spells per day to cast better stuff more often.

But before picking up psychic inception at level 3, to use mind affecting stuff on monsters that are usually immune, what does a mesmerist do in combat against undead, oozes, vermin, constructs, etc? This is pretty much the same question I had when I made a bard who specializes in debuffing things with minds, but at least bards always have Inspire Courage and wands of Cure Light Wounds to fall back on.

Even after level 3, until you get enough spells per day to cast every round (probably level 7+), I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the class should play.

Silver Crusade

I just picked up a boon that allows me to make a grippli PC in Pathfinder Society, and I've been debating what to do with it. The race looks awesome, but I can't come up with a good idea.

Silver Crusade

Is there going to be any fluff, for how each race fits on Golarion? It sounds like the original description focused more on that, but the updated version is all about the crunch. I hope there is a lot of mechanical stuff for the various races, but I also hope the fluff didn't get dropped altogether.

Silver Crusade

I'm looking for info on gripplis now, too. Just picked up two race boons to play them in PFS. I'll probably give one of them away, but I'm trying to decide what to do with the one I'll keep.

I have the Advanced Race Guide for the mechanical stuff, but I don't have Inner Sea Races. Does it say much about them? Where are they from, how do they fit in on Golarion, which gods do they worship, etc?

Those dex and wis bonuses have me thinking divine archery, since clerics, inquisitors, and warpriests are all wis casters. So that got me wondering what religions they might normally be associated with.

Silver Crusade ***

Given what a superficial aspect of the PC the name is, I don't see why you couldn't change it even after you're past the point of doing a rebuild. What's to stop a level 7 PC from getting a nickname or title, or just deciding to change their name? I even toyed with the idea of a gnome with such bad ADHD that even his name changes EVERY adventure.

Silver Crusade ***

Just ran this for the 3rd time tonight, and got my 2nd PC kill.

This is only my 4th PC death in 80+ tables as a PFS GM. Oddly, the other two were both in level 1 evergreen scenarios. Ledford with a greataxe crit is no surprise, but the other was a truly unexpected one in Consortium Compact.

But here's the twist: It wasn't Dalsine that killed the PC. It was the faceless stalker. My dice were just hot that fight, and he was smart enough to attack a flat footed PC to get his 3d6 sneak dice (at subtier 3-4). Against a level 3 alchemist, the fact that I hit both times, with a crit on the second attack, was lethal. Luckily, the alchemist is a Scarab Sage, so he is now Risen.

My dice went cold by the time they hit the final fight, so Dalsine was relatively easy for them, even down a man (party of 6 to start).

Silver Crusade ***

Funny you should mention that one. I'll be GMing it later today.

Silver Crusade

We played at subtier 1, because the majority of PCs were level 1. That means the level 2 PCs get the out of subtier gold, which is the average of the subtier 1 and subtier 2 gold.

Silver Crusade

Ok, chronicle sheets are posted to the handouts link. Let me know if you have any problem downloading them or anything.

Silver Crusade

And I just checked Ecum's stats, and she has no day job skills trained.

And I almost forgot the boon rolls. Just to speed things up, I hope you don't mind me rolling for you.

Durm: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (10) + (2) = 12
Ecum: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (2) + (2) = 4
Angrboda: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (20) + (3) = 23
Syl'las: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (11) + (5) = 16
Celstri: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (11) + (3) = 14
Chamius: 1d20 + 1d6 ⇒ (14) + (3) = 17

Angrboda has won boon #3. I have no idea what that actually means - I'll turn it in with the rest of the reporting results for the game day, and the organizer will send it to you.

Working on chronicles now.

Edit: Now that I'm doing reporting, apparently I need your email addresses. If you don't feel comfortable posting them publicly, you can PM me.

I also noticed that Angrboda's boon will have something to do with alchemists. I don't know the details. You can usually apply these things to any PC, so it doesn't have to apply to this one.

Silver Crusade

Yeah, this fight is halfway over, and that's the end of the adventure.

Have a good trip.

Silver Crusade

MeriDoc- wrote:
So you're saying all paladins have to wear corsets....hmmm

Good thing both of my paladins are female.

Silver Crusade

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CBDunkerson wrote:
Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
You can't use a Swift Action to use Lay On Hands on yourself and remove the Nauseated condition via Mercies,

So Paladins have an ability that cannot be used?

They can't use it on themselves, but they can use it on their allies. Just like the mercies for the Shaken condition and Diseases, which they're immune to.

Darksol is correct about the RAW rules.

Silver Crusade

I only recently started playing a witch in PFS, up to level 3 now, though I've only played her twice. I tend to use GM credits to skip first level, especially on pure casters that usually suck at low levels.

I intentionally decided to play against type with this one, both on the fluff and the crunch. She's essentially a cheerleader. She's a pretty teenage girl who specializes in buffing the team first, debuffing the enemies second. I thought about calling her Sabrina and giving her a black cat familiar named Salem, but I decided that was too obvious. I still named her and based some of her personality on a character from fiction, but it's MUCH more obscure. And she has a "cute widdle bunny wabbit" (+4 init mod!) as her familiar.

I used her human bonus feat to take Additional Traits, so she uses her int score for both diplomacy and UMD, both of which are class for her. I didn't dump charisma even though she's not really using it, just for fluff reasons. I play her 10 cha as her being somewhat pretty, but a little socially awkward, and using her intelligence to make up for it. So her diplomacy tends to come from being helpfully informative and presenting logical arguments to convince people of things.

Her other early feats are all Extra Hex. I've already taken it at levels 1 and 3, and will definitely take it at 5 and maybe 7. There are a lot of hexes I want for her. So far, she has Scar (so she can use her other hexes on her allies from up to a mile away), Ward, Fortune, and Healing. Cackle is next to extend the Fortune, followed by Tongues and Flight at level 5, and then I'll start on some debuffs with Evil Eye and Misfortune. I'm planning to retrain out of Ward at level 5, since it doesn't stack with cloaks of resistance and rings of protection, which everyone has by then, and that's the level Tongues and Flight both get really good. I'll probably never do Slumber, unless I run out of other good options at high level.

For spells, she has the Ancestors patron for more buffs, and I made a point of spending prestige for a wand of Bless right after the wands of Mage Armor and Cure Light Wounds. But after that, her prepared spells tend to be mostly typical witch debuffing - Ear Piercing Scream, Ill Omen, Command, etc. I don't remember off the top of my head what I grabbed for 2nd level spells, but I made a point of buying some extras as soon as I hit level 3, so my rabbit has 7 or 8 spells at that level for me to choose from each day.

Silver Crusade ***

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Are they legal only for goblin PCs?

Silver Crusade ***

Kevin Willis wrote:
Fromper wrote:

And Nosig and I both know that any GM that won't let you take 10 on the spellcraft check is wrong about the rules. But that won't stop them from being wrong and not allowing it.

Depends on what you are using spellcraft for. Once upon a time a designer said that using spellcraft while crafting or scribing spells was the very definition of "free from distractions" so taking 10 is fine.

That was the usage of spellcraft we were talking about here. Actually, if someone can find that quote from a designer here on the forums, a link to that would be useful.

Silver Crusade ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

True. Only sylphs can cast Windy Escape.

And Nosig and I both know that any GM that won't let you take 10 on the spellcraft check is wrong about the rules. But that won't stop them from being wrong and not allowing it.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tyler Reid wrote:

(Spellcraft checks will be assumed successful for now)

Just wanted to respond to this part, since nobody else did yet. You can take 10 on those spellcraft checks, so nobody should ever fail, or have to roll, as long as they put a rank into it every couple of levels.

Silver Crusade

That's part of why I don't want to play a sorcerer and be locked into a small set of spells. This guy will be an illusionist, and have a few illusion spells, but as a wizard, he'll have a LOT more spells besides those, and prepare something different for each adventure. Partially, this is to keep me from getting bored casting the same stuff over and over, as I somewhat have with my conjuration sorcerer, and partially it's to avoid just that problem with table variation on how illusions are handled.

I really don't get the whole shadow line of spells. They recreate stuff that you can already do with lower level spells, but giving the enemies a chance to disbelieve, on top of their normal save. Why not just cast the spells that the shadow spell was copying?

Silver Crusade ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I guess we can put that back on topic:

You know you're in trouble when...

... the GM makes you roll a perception check to notice that the rest of the party left without you.

... when one of the players brings his nephew along, who is new to the game, has ADHD, and just wants to bash monsters with a warhammer. (*whistles innocently and wonders if Wei Ji will notice this before playing at a table with my nephew and I tomorrow*)

Silver Crusade

Yeah, I'm still debating the opposition schools, but I think it's between divination, abjuration, and necromancy.

Leandro, I looked at the school familiar possibility a couple of weeks ago when I was first considering this PC, and ruled it out. But now I don't remember why, as I don't remember the details off the top of my head. Maybe I'll check the book again when I get home. I just really like the decoy idea - having a familiar who lies as much its master could be fun to play.

While Persistent Phantasmal Killer might be good for a campaign that goes to higher levels, this is for Pathfinder Society, which mostly ends after level 11, and that combo doesn't kick in until level 9. If I'm going to do Magical Lineage, I was thinking a level 1-3 spell with a metamagic feat that only adds a level. Besides, I've had good success in the past using a lesser rod to put Persistent metamagic on level 1-3 spells. My conjuration sorcerer dominates encounters with that on Glitterdust.

I actually toyed with the idea of using Magical Lineage for Threatening Ghost Sound, to be able to provide flanks to allies as a cantrip all day long. That would be useful for something to do at level 1, and occasionally later, but probably not worth the investment of a trait and feat.

Really, there are some metamagic feats that seem like they could be useful here and there, but nothing I'd want to specialize in for this PC. I think it's the whole concept of wanting to do a lot of different spells that's killing my enthusiasm for picking one thing to specialize in. So I may skip Magical Lineage and just go Excitable for +2 on initiative (gnome version of Reactionary).

So maybe something like this for feats:

1 - Spell Focus: Illusion (wizard bonus, replaces Scribe Scroll in PFS)
1 - ?
3 - ?
5 - Threatening Metamagic (wizard bonus)
5 - Shadow Gambit
7 - Spell Penetration
9 - Greater Spell Penetration
10 - ? (wizard bonus - metamagic or arcane discovery)
11 - ?

Effortless Trickery doesn't really seem worth it. For the level 10 or 11 feats, Quicken Spell seems like a decent possibility, and/or Opposition Research.

For the level 1 and 3 feats, more Spell Focus and/or Greater Spell Focus feats are always good. I'm actually not sure if I even want GSF on illusions. I'll use some of them, but I should be spreading my spells around so much that I don't want to overspecialize. I could totally see taking Spell Focus on 3 different schools, just for variety, without ever upgrading to Greater.

Improved Init or Combat Casting are always worth considering right from level 1, too.

Silver Crusade ***

Thomas Hutchins wrote:

So those GMs that wouldn't allow it. Do you allow someone to gain the normal familiar bonuses like the +4 init or +2 to saves if they had another combat pet?

I'm curious because I thought no to begin with. But I think I asked before and had a fair amount of people say they were okay with that, having a familiar grant its bonuses if not the combat pet, so I started considering a build for it.

I've never seen it come up. I've really never seen anyone have two animals this way in PFS.

Silver Crusade

So I've decided to do a gnome illusionist for my next PFS PC, just because it's an old trope that I've never done before. I know with their charisma bonus, they make better sorcerers than wizards. But I've already done a couple of sorcerers, bards, and other spontaneous casters, and I kinda got bored of casting the same spells over and over. I want to do a prepared caster just for the wider variety of spells.

So I'm thinking of doing an actual illusionist, even though there are schools with better powers, just because I'm more interested in being unusual than uber-optimized. The powers are actually pretty good, even if they aren't the best of the best. But there's also the shadow subschool, which also has good powers, so I'm a little torn between the two.

So I've been looking over the spells, trying to decide on opposition schools.

I know the obvious is enchantment, because single target save or suck spells tend to be worthless if the enemy saves, so that's an easily skippable school. But for an ADHD Golarion gnome that wants to use a wide variety of spells throughout his career, enchantment does actually have some fun options. I just wouldn't make it my primary offense, but I could see mixing one or two enchantment spells into my prep once I have a lot of spell slots per day.

I keep looking at divination for an opposition school. Especially in PFS, where the adventures are short, and you don't need to use heavy duty divination to find the plot, this does seem like an easily skippable school, except for screwing up Read Magic and Detect Magic. But magic items are easily accessible in PFS, so wands could easily compensate for those. So I think this could work.

I was actually considering abjuration for an opposition school. That one has a lot more spells I'll want, but most of them are still pretty good as scrolls and wands. This would mean giving up on Dispel Magic, though.

Another possible opp school is necromancy. I see this guy as a fairly silly character, so while this school has a few decent spells, it might be too dark for him. And really, other than maybe Blindness/Deafness, what would I miss?

For feats, I obviously want Spell Focus and Greater in illusions, and I'll need Spell Penetration and Greater eventually. I may also want more Spell Focus feats for other schools that I use a lot, but I'll have to decide which those will be.

I'm also looking at some gnome and/or illusion related feats that could work well for him like Effortless Trickery, Shadow Gambit, and Threatening Illusion. All 3 of those look like they'd occasionally be useful, but aren't good enough to build a PC around, especially if I'm going for spell variety, rather than a sorcerer casting the same illusions over and over.

To go along with the silly gnome theme, I'm taking a trait to get bluff as a class skill with a +1 trait bonus, not dumping charisma, and getting a familiar with the Decoy archetype. So the skunk will also have bluff as a class skill, and be able to speak all my languages (mimicking my voice perfectly) starting at level 5.

That could be fun to play with. And yeah, skunks look like cool familiars, so I'm definitely going there. It's worth it for the +2 fortitude and a twice per day stink spray that can nauseate (or at least sicken, even if they make the fort save) an enemy.

I haven't decided on a second trait. I'm trying to decide if there's a spell I want to specialize in enough to take Magical Lineage. I was thinking maybe Major Image, and using that to put Threatening on it for free, but I just don't think it's worth that big an investment. I might just end up with a generic trait for +2 initiative or +2 concentration.

So, anyone have feat suggestions? Traits? Ideas about the oppositions schools, and spells worth using a lot, or making sure to avoid in opposition schools so I can always cast them?

Oh yeah, and I need a recommendation for good, silly names for a gnome and a skunk. And suggestions for random ADHD, bluff-addicted silliness to throw at the table. I'm going for VERY chaotic neutral on this one. I'm actually tempted to have him change his name before every adventure, and change the skunk's name every time, too, until the skunk can speak for itself at level 5.

Silver Crusade ***

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

So what we're saying is 'it's okay to be creative, as long as you have the *resources* to be creative', then?

I'm not sure what what your motives to this line of thought are, Wei, but just to make sure:

Can we NOT turn this argument into Paizo and friends vs. poor people?

It is *not* an argument, Fourth.

It is a question of focus and community, and how to better serve the *entire* community.

What good does it serve the community if the very first thing we tell potential new members is "You need to buy all these books to be viable"?

That conversation probably deserves its own thread. Not that this thread isn't already so derailed that another derail would even be noticed.

But in my experience, new players tend to be given a pass on the owning books requirement. People will point out the rule that they need to own the books, and try to help them with builds using whatever books they already have, while maybe recommending another book or two to buy. But I've never seen anyone strictly enforce the rules about book ownership, especially with newbies.

Silver Crusade ***

My first instinct as a GM is to agree with Jayder22, but I'd be open to arguments either way. I wouldn't try something like this as a player without an official ruling from campaign staff, out of fear of table variation invalidating the build.

Silver Crusade

I have inquisitors of 3 deities in PFS, which is odd, since I only have 2 inquisitor PCs.

Julian Lightfoot is an inquisitor of Pharasma, who joined the Pathfinder Society to search for and destroy all undead in the ancient sites and hidden graves that Pathfinders tend to explore.

Except that he's not.

He's actually an inquisitor of Norgorber, in his role as god of secrets, whose goal in life is to find out all the world's secrets. To Galnorag's point, he has the Knowledge (Memory) domain, since it's useful in coaxing information out of people. He's a skill monkey, mostly focused on bluffing and knowledge skills, though he's not terrible as an archer in combat.

He used his Pharasman cover to join the Pathfinder Society. He wants to find out all the world's secrets, and the Society tends to unearth ancient secrets regularly, so he wants in on that. His ultimate goal is to find out who the Decemvirate are, though he has no intention of ever sharing that information with anyone. Thus, the Society's divinations to sense traitors don't ping on him, since he has no intention of ever actually betraying them, even though he wasn't honest about why he joined.

My second inquisitor may actually be weirder than that, since she's powered by a goddess who doesn't pay attention to Golarion any more, and doesn't really have a church or many other worshipers.

Adrianna is an archaeologist who happens to be big, tough, and good in a fight. She picked up a deinonychus egg and raised it from a hatchling to be her guard "dog", because she knew that tomb raiding in a world of undead monsters could sometimes be rough.

While exploring ancient Osirioni ruins, she came across artifacts related to the gods of ancient Osirion whose influence is almost gone on Golarion. Holding an old holy symbol of Isis, she wondered out loud, "Oh Mighty Isis, whatever happened to you and your family? Why did you leave our world, and let other gods replace you?"

Much to her surprise, the goddess actually answered.

With a flash of light and crack of thunder, Adrianna was knocked to the floor. When she awoke, she found herself imbued with the divine powers of a sacred huntmaster inquisitor, with her deinonychus as her companion animal. She spent several days praying to Isis, trying to discern what the goddess wanted from her, but received no further guidance. She decided that her new quest in life would be to uncover the true answers to the questions she'd asked Isis that night, while upholding the good and noble principles the goddess held dear.

Mostly, I just wanted to play a hunter or sacred huntmaster, and wanted to come up with something weird and creative for her back story and personality. Coming up with a tie to a Golarion deity that's rarely seen seemed like an interesting way to do that.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And despite all the negativity, there has been some positive discussion in this thread. For instance, before this, I never would have even considered a single level dip in fallen Paladin or int dumped wizard. These obviously don't work as full classes, but there have been suggestions here for how both can be used as a useful single level dip on an oddball, yet playable, PC.

And others (myself included) have shared similar build suggestions, like my single level dip in a charisma casting class with a 7 cha PC.

Silver Crusade

Round 2:

Enemy D (-11, down) - 5 ft step, swings at Chamius for 8 damage

Celstri - Magic Missile
Syl'las (-8) - Withdraw

Enemy S - Still unseen

Up now:
Chamius (-8)

Enemy I
Enemy M (-3)


Silver Crusade ***

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Neriathale wrote:

One question that intrigues me reading this - when you sit down at a table do you expect to know what class(es)/archetype(s)/race etc the other characters are?

Or do you assume that the guy in armour with an earthbreaker is some sort of warrior, and not an Int-dumping wizard, until he does something to demonstrate his weird build?

I like to introduce some of my characters without mentioning their class at all. We've had this discussion before, and I had some good examples there. From that thread, here's how some of my PCs introduce themselves (after I give a physical description). See if you can guess what class each one is.

1. "My name is Misaki. I'm a warrior these days, I guess."
2. "I'm Sister Isabella, priestess of Sarenrae."
3. "My name is Celia, priestess of Gozreh."
4. "I am Qassir, dervish swordsman from Qadira." (said in a vaguely faux-Arabian accent)
5. "My... name... is... Varg. ... Please... ac-cept... this... rose... from... the... church... of... She-lyn." *hands out small, hand crafted wood carvings of roses* (This is after describing him as a big guy in heavy armor with weapons)
6. "My name is Boon Sai Hong, and I am the greatest quarterstaff master in all of Golarion!" A monkey jumps on to Boon's shoulder and hits him on the back of the head. "Hey! Stop that! ... And this furball is Po Po. He helps... supposedly."
7. "I'm Green Beard the Pirate, because what else would you call a half-orc pirate?"
8. "My name is Erevel Heldanlissil, archer extraordinaire. We elves know how to shoot bows properly, unlike you... lower races, so pay attention, and you might learn something."

Hint: That last one is the only one that's Core.

Silver Crusade ***

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Quevven wrote:
Katisha wrote:
Edit: by the way, I personally would consider any wizard with an INT below 16 to be "dumb wizard"... it is below the level I would consider the minimum. But if someone asked about one, I would pull out a couple...

Side question: What do all of you think is the minimum useable casting stat?

Reason I ask is I tend to count out the attribute adjustments (the every 4 level ones) to figure out when I would need that 19 to cast the 9th level spells, and thus tend to use 15's...

As others have said, I'd worry more about save DC's than getting 9th level spells. Most PCs don't get to that high level, and a lot of casting classes don't get that many spells. Besides, you should assume headbands as well as 4 level bumps, so getting to a 19 casting stat really isn't that hard.

For any PC that's worried about save DCs, I've always put at least a 17 in my casting stat up front. I tend to min/max, playing races with the right racial boost to get a 19 or 20. But I'll settle for 17 or 18 if the race doesn't get the right race bonus for that casting class, and I've got a good reason for playing that race despite that.

But for buff/heal types that don't worry about that, and/or secondary casters (usually with less than 9 levels of casting), I seem to usually end up with 14 as the starting casting stat. For instance, my front liner druid, warpriest, and huntmaster inquisitor all have exactly 14 wisdom. It's enough to cast my buffs, and I can bump it up with a headband later.

I even have a 12 on one PC that just gets a little casting from multi-classing and doesn't really focus on it. And as mentioned above, I'll be dipping a level of a cha casting class for a PC with 7 charisma, but that dip is for other class abilities, not the spells.

This is mostly based on my 24 PFS characters, along with advice in helping others build PCs here and there.

Silver Crusade ***

That's what it says on the Warhorn site. Looks like you and I will be at two tables together on Saturday. It'll be good to see you again. Hopefully, it'll be as much fun as our Portent's Peril session at GenCon.

Speaking of which, I'm actually GMing Portent's Peril at this one, which will be my second time running it. I really like that one.

Silver Crusade

Another enemy, this one in medium armor with a longsword, repels down from the skylight, landing next to his ally. This motion provokes an attack of opportunity from Syl'las.

Assuming he survives that attack, he swings his longsword at Syl'las, slashing her badly.

longsword vs Syl'las: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
damage: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

Round 1:

Enemy D (-7) - Opened skylight, repelled down next to Chamius

Celstri - cast Mage Armor
Syl'las (-8) - moved and drew kukri

Enemy S - Not seen by the party yet

Chamius - Start inspiring courage
Angrboda - Moved up and slashed enemy for 7 damage
Ecum - Double move
Durm - Delay

Enemy I - Not seen by the party yet
Enemy M - Enters and attacks Syl'las for 8 damage

Up next:
Syl'las, roll your attack of opportunity.

I'm assuming Durm will come out of delay now. Let me know if you're still waiting.

Silver Crusade ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I guess this would be a good time to (once again) repost my PC building criteria:


When I make a new PC, I try to answer 4 questions (used to be 3, but I ended up with a couple of boring PCs, so added a 4th):

1. What's this character's specialty in combat? As long as the PC can do something that helps the party succeed in a fight, this can be anything, not just dealing damage, but make sure you're actually good at whatever this is. You don't have to be uber-optimized, but make sure you can contribute.

2. What does this character do in combat when they're specialty isn't an option? This is things like having a ranged weapon even though your character is a melee beast, or an enchantment based character having something they can do when facing mindless foes. Also, everyone should try to get some splash weapons for use against swarms, though that might have to wait until after your first adventure to be able to afford it.

3. What does this character do outside of combat? This isn't just for personality, this is also making sure you have something useful to contribute between fights. Sometimes, it's diplomacy or other face skills, even if it's just enough of a bonus to be the "aid another" guy behind the main face. Sometimes, it's knowledges, sense motive, stealth, or whatever other skills could come in handy between fights.

4. What personality traits will you be able to actively portray at the table? The above 3 questions are designed to make a playable PC by giving them something useful to do in most situations. This question was added afterwards to make a fun character. I had a couple of PCs that were mechanically interesting, but didn't have a personality. Or they had a detailed back story, but that didn't really give me something to role play at the table. This is about giving your PC personality, whether it's a distinctive voice, an obsession that you can play up, or whatever other quirk makes the PC fun to play.

You'll note that "Does this PC do what people expect from that class?" is NOT one of my criteria.

Silver Crusade ***

pH unbalanced wrote:
I rather specialize in casters with a 16 casting stat. Generally they are trickster types who specialize in utility and buff spells. If your spells don't have DCs, casting stat isn't that important.

Yeah, I have a few like that, too - archery focused bard whose dex is higher than his cha, cleric whose cha and wis are tied at 16 starting, because channeling is important to him, and he uses mostly buffs spells, inquisitor whose int is higher than his wis because he's a skill monkey who only uses buff spells. I've even got a bard with 12 cha, but he's mostly a rogue with only a single level dip in Dawnflower Dervish bard.

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I've got one with a lot of high powered boons, even though the quantity doesn't compare to above. He's got a race boon, extra trait boon, stat boost from [redacted], and he was Lantern Lodge when he played Way of the Kirin before the deadline. Ironically, his race boon is no longer relevant, since anyone can make a nagaji now. But his stats rock.

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I have a cleric with dumped charisma, because channeling just isn't his thing. He can still channel once a day - negative energy only. He's a bad touch cleric, so I went neg channeling for the spontaneous inflict spells.

I'm also planning a 1 level dip in a charisma casting class on a PC with 7 charisma. So my unchained rogue will take a level of medium, in order to channel the champion spirit and gain some pretty good bonuses (+2 Will, +1 Fort, +1 on all attack rolls, +3 on all damage rolls, spirit surge a couple of times per day after failed fort or attack rolls), but won't be able to cast the cantrips that most mediums would get at that level.

But neither of those are giving up the primary class abilities of their class, like a wizard with single digit int would be.

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Potion of darkvision - 300 gp. Great for any rogue that wasn't born with it.

Or pick up scrolls for only 150 gp, and hope you have a party member that can cast it on you.

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Nah... I don't do it every time. That's why it panics them when I do - they never get used to it, so the 10-20% of the time I do, it's scary.

But yes, being able to actually use a glabrezu in a 1-5 adventure was enough to make them wonder if I'm for real every time I do bring such a large mini to a low level table.

And in this case, I actually will get to use it, though they don't know that yet.

They'll be facing an enemy with Silent Image whose tactics specifically says he tries to frighten enemies away with an illusion of a dragon.

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Thanks for reminding me. I need to remember to bring a huge mini for a 3-7 adventure I'm GMing next weekend. I love psyching out players before the game starts. :)

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Brandt Welles wrote:
since it seems the Misgivings is pretty widely accepted as the least favourite part of Rise of the Runelords,


As a GM who has been running RotR for almost 3 years now (we're just starting the 6th part), I'd have to say that it's one of my favorite parts. I think my party really liked it too. There were two scary moments when PCs failed saves (once was the suicide compulsion, and the other was a front liner failing the misogynistic haunt and almost killing the party sorceress), but nobody died, and a fun time was had by all.

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I just noticed that the Acolyte NPC on page 27 is a cleric with the law and healing domains, but no deity given. The only major deity that has both of those that I can find is Irori. Should I tell my PCs that they see a holy symbol of Irori on him? Or is there a less well known god that this guy would follow (while possibly being a member of the Kortos or Aspis Consortium)?

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Jared Thaler wrote:
Kahel Stormbender wrote:
To be fair, trying to pick an electronic lock with a tension bar and L bar is probably not going to work very well. That I can see. And the DR issue, I can kinda understand that too. Reading one scenario I was thinking of GMing was making me wonder how a party in low tier were suppose to deal with the enemies.

Grapple. At least if it is one of the several scenarios I am thinking of. Grapple/pin/tie up is a really great way to deal with low tier enemies with DR.

Especially if the party is tactical. One person provokes an AoO, the next person grapples...

I had great luck with Create Pit in that one.

"Oh no! Those four mechanical men aren't taking much damage from your normal weapons, and could kick our butts? I'll just drop two of them in a pit, so we only have to worry about two at a time."

BigNorseWolf wrote:
.. and some of us predate the NES....

Yeah, I was using robots in 1st edition AD&D before NES was invented. Good old Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, by Gygax himself. That one also introduced what is still one of my favorite monsters - the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. I loved the illustrations for that one, and the written instructions in the adventure for how to bluff your players.

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GM only:

4d3: 5d3 ⇒ (3, 3, 2, 1, 1) = 10 Needed additional roll, since first two matched
2d6: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 4) = 7Needed additional roll, since 2 is undesirable result for this.

After moving some boxes around, searching the place, and setting up the bear trap, you settle in to wait.

Around sundown, the main doors on the west side of the warehouse opens, revealing a gruff looking man in a breastplate with a sword and crossbow, and a smaller half-elf in studded leather with a longbow in hand.

[ooc]Did you leave the guard room door open or closed? I'm assuming exterior doors were closed, but what about the door from the guard room to the main section of the warehouse?

Since none of you are hiding, the gruff man eyes you suspiciously, and his partner asks, "You there! Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

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If you're thinking of playing an aasimar or tiefling character, then Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends, respectively, are definitely worth getting.

There are a ton of feats and stuff for martials in the Weapon Master Handbook. I bought it while looking at how to make a viable thrown weapon build, and I almost went warpriest with it. I ended up going fighter instead, just to take advantage of the weapon training stuff, on top of the feats I'd have used as a warpriest.

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Quentin Coldwater wrote:
Ryzoken wrote:
And that is why I love my aetherkineticist. I leave the dungeon much like I leave my enemies: in pieces!
Yesterday I GMed for a similar Kineticist. She was a bit belligerent (she was an ex-convict who joined the Society as her community service, so her alignment was a bit... unusual), so as they entered an ancient temple she asked, "The mission briefing didn't say anything about preserving the place, right?" and proceeded to rip out every rusted-shut door in the complex. In the final fight, she collapsed a bridge to throw the rubble at the enemies.

Profession: Demolitions as a day job?

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Err... is there any way to see our own previous responses? I think I may have filled this out for some of my PCs back when it was new, but I don't remember. And I don't know how many I did. I wouldn't want to skew the results by answering again with some of the same characters.

EDIT: Nevermind, found them. I responded with 16 PCs when the thread was revived on August 26 of last year. They've changed so much since then, including two complete rebuilds and seven new PCs, that I'd love to have those entries deleted so I can redo all of mine.

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I'm a big fan of the Familiar Folio and Weapon Master Handbook.

I really want to check out the Armor Master Handbook at some point, but I just haven't gotten around to it. The Weapon Master book is great for my fighters, of which I currently have 3 in PFS at levels 1 and 2, looking forward to grabbing lots of weapon options from the WMH at higher levels.

The Familiar Folio has really inspired me to make more PCs with familiars, starting with a Chosen One Paladin. Since then, I've also made a witch, a druid with the monkey domain (monkey familiar), and a wizard. I now have PCs using 3 of the familiar archetypes from this book (decoy skunk!). Actually, the witch isn't using anything from that book, though her familiar does have options from the Animal Archive, which is also pretty good.

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D'oh!!! I can't believe I forgot 3rd PFS halfling PC. Actually, he's my first, but I just haven't played him as much, so he's lower level than the two newer halflings.

14. Seamus Luckleaf - He's my wannabe leprechaun - short, wears green, Irish name and accent, exists to spread the luck around. He's a typical buff/heal cleric of Lady Luck herself (Desna) who uses the halfling cleric favored class bonus to get more uses per day of the first level Luck domain power to buff his allies.

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