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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 6,322 posts (7,311 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 23 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Silver Crusade ***

Paul Jackson wrote:
pH unbalanced wrote:

The GM should *definitely* go over the Social Encounter rules ahead of time. They even have a 2 page synopsis of the rules included which can be used as a handout, since it has no spoilers for the scenario.

I can definitely understand a group being confused and upset if the GM doesn't explain the rules first, and I wouldn't blame them one bit.

I haven't run or played this, but my immediate question for those who have read the scenario is :

How clear is it that, to Run As Written, you are supposed to explicitly tell the players the new rules that they are using?

If it is not CRYSTAL clear then that is a serious problem.

Are the GM's supposed to go over the mechanics with the players? Does it say that in the scenario? I haven't read or GMed this one, so I don't know.

But I can think of at least one other season 7 scenario I've GMed twice, where there's a specific mechanic for PC's to use their skills beyond just a single check, and I've intentionally hidden that mechanic from the players when I GMed the adventure. Instead of telling them, "You need to make this many skill checks at each step of this specific process", I've just let them improvise whatever they wanted to say or do, and told them to roll a skill check when it seemed appropriate. That meant more improvisation for me, to fit their random and weird actions into the specific process laid out by the scenario, but it made the whole thing seamless for the players.

In case anyone's wondering what I'm talking about:

The Consortium Compact:

In the bar scene, the PC's are supposed to do three phrases of a plan: 1. Plan it, 2. Do it, 3. Deal with complications. At each step, the DC for skill checks goes up, and at least 3 party members need to succeed at a skill check for each step (2 if there are only 4 PC's).

I never told them that. They tried to gather some information (both socially, and through perception), and that counts as planning. If they talked to the bartender early, then it counted as planning. If they did it later in the process, that might be part of actually doing their plan. It depended on what they were trying.

Again, it made the process seamless to the PC's, who didn't have to know or care what the scenario's oddball mechanic was, but it meant more work for me as a GM, to improvise the whole thing as we played.

Silver Crusade

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Kurald Galain wrote:
mourge40k wrote:

... In what universe is the Healing hex ever a good option?

It depends on your campaign. As you say, in party-vs-monster combat you should instead use wands. However, in a more sandboxy setting, this hex allows you to heal anyone and everyone you meet, for free. Try using it in a hospital or orphanage and make friends fast...

The Healing hex also combos well with the Scar hex. It's not going to be your primary healing for the party, since you can only use it on each party member once per day. That's what wands are for.

But if you scar all your party members in advance ("mark your minions"), then you can heal them from up to a mile away once per day. Usually, that means keeping the unconscious barbarian from bleeding out, even though he's 200 feet ahead of squishy healers in the back.

I really like Scar for a witch focused on buffing and healing hexes, and then use your spells for pure offense.

Also, why does everyone keep talking about level 2 for your first hex, and only even levels after that? Witches get their first hex at level 1, and I'd assume Extra Hex is a popular feat.

Silver Crusade

I just made a buff/heal focused witch, with the Scar hex very early. You can scar your entire team, and then cast your hexes on them from up to a mile away, including Healing and Major Healing. Granted, those are only usable once per day, but there are other buff hexes that work with Scar (Fortune, Cackle, Ward), so it's still a pretty nice option for your hexes, while using spells in a more offensive capacity.

Silver Crusade ***

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
You should read the scenario. It's quite good. The Handle Animal problem is a common misconception because people don't check the clause at the end of the skill description.

Yeah, that's a common misconception. Handle Animal CAN be used untrained most of the time. It's just for training an animal that it can't.

Silver Crusade ***

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Bob Jonquet wrote:

One huge piece of good news is, for the first time, we will be listing the interactive special by sub-tier in the event catalog. This means players will be able to buy a ticket for the specific level of their character (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 10-11). That coupled with some minor changes to the marshaling process, learned over the past few years, the seating process should be the smoothest ever.

It also means that since we will know precisely how many players are registered in each sub-tier, GMs will know what specific sub-tier to prepare. One of the struggles in past years has been we did not know the distribution of characters by level before the event. Typically we would see a small demand for Sub-tier 10-11. However, last year we experienced a spike in demand and were not prepared for it. Many GMs had to judge sub-tiers they had not prepared which led to some less than ideal conditions and poor experiences. By eliminating this uncertainty, the GMs will be better prepared to run their tables and can provide a better experience for the players.

I cannot properly express my excitement towards this development!

Houston, we have a problem.

Pre-registration badges and tickets were mailed out by Gen Con and arrived this week. I bought a ticket to play in the big special, and I just noticed: My printed ticket doesn't have the sub-tier printed on it. Apparently, the event name is too long, so the ending got cut off.

It's not the end of the world, but it's safe to assume this will cause some confusion. People will forget what tier they bought their ticket for. Some people might want to trade to switch sub-tiers, and not know what their ticket says. Some groups or families may have bought multiple tickets together for different sub-tiers and not know which is which. So the new, better system won't go quite as smoothly as we'd all hoped in its first year.

There is a game ID # on the ticket, and I checked to confirm that those are different for each sub-tier. So this will require educating the marshals and table GM's to look at those ID #'s to make sure players have tickets for the correct sub-tier.

Just thought I'd raise the red flag as early as possible, so plans can be made to deal with this.

Silver Crusade ***

The Will Call line is huge and intimidating, but it moves surprisingly fast. When I got in last year, it was around dinner time Wednesday, and my group decided to get on the line and get it over with before eating. It only took maybe 20-30 minutes, despite the hundreds of people in line ahead of us. The convention staff really know what they're doing. The DMV could learn a thing or two from them.

Silver Crusade

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm surprised a pair of paladins managed to be that sneaky, but it's not like the bad guys are paying much attention to their surroundings. They're in the middle of nowhere, and not expecting anyone to find them.

I just love how the friendship between O-Chul and Monster-San is becoming such a major plot point.

And from that final panel, I'm guessing we're done with this look at the bad guy camp and great white north for a bit. I suspect we'll be back to the Order, or the other Team Evil (Durkula), next strip.

Silver Crusade ***

Lau Bannenberg wrote:
It's not as obvious, but even the embassy in The Disappeared is fairly linear. However, during that one, you get to make a lot of choices in different ways to overcome each new obstacle. It's un-railroady in that the author tells you "you need to get there", provided several ways to cross the intervening distance, and left guidance to GMs for what if the players try something else.

This is a great example. When I first played The Disappeared, it looked like a sandbox adventure that you could tackle any way you want. Then I read it, and GMed it 4 or 5 times. Every single group has to go through the place in the same order. They have choices as to how to handle each section, but it's still an extremely well hidden railroad.

As for the complaint about Mists of Mwangi, the same problem existed in The Penumbral Accords... in the same map. I think this is why they changed up the layout of the Blackros Museum, starting with the Silver Mount Collection. My only complaint there is that they added a big, new building format that's mildly annoying to draw, and then waited a year to publish the flip-mat for it. And then didn't put out a second adventure in that new museum yet.

Silver Crusade

Any faction tie ins? I'm scheduled to play this over the weekend, and I have a choice of PC's to bring.

Silver Crusade

I've never had to scan chronicles. I just make sure I have my PC stats entered for whichever PC I'm playing.

Silver Crusade ***

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Rei wrote:
Mike Kimmel wrote:
As an occasional scenario author, I'm curious as to whether anyone has examples of good, fun, non-railroad scenarios. Ones in which you feel the GM and players have a great deal of flexibility. Which scenarios (from any season) should authors keep in mind so that we can deliver more content like that in the future?
Seeing an intrigue-influenced version of Murder on the Throaty Mermaid would be super interesting.

Agreed. A murder mystery like that can be fun, if done well. And actually, my big complaint about that one is the most railroady part.

Murder on the Throaty Mermaid:
No matter what's going on, the bad guys reveal themselves and attack the PC's in the end. So it doesn't matter at all whether or not they solve the murder - the murderers will reveal themselves. So what's the point of the investigation?

Silver Crusade ***

gnoams wrote:
sun orchid scheme:
so the forced combat stealth check example where it gives a distance the enemy see's you and doesn't allow for any other way than attacking the caravan, yeah, that's directly taken from this scenario. This was one of the worst railroad scenarios ever written, because it makes you think like you can plan your own heist, psych, you can't, you just roll checks and do it the way we wrote, there isn't enough info provided to actually let players be creative. When I ran it my players wanted to try sabotaging parts of the caravan as it was being built (not taken into consideration by the scenario). They wanted to join the caravan, make a distraction and break into the safe (the scenario says you attack the caravan, can't go with it as guards even though it just forced you to spend 3 days infiltrating and joining the caravan guard).How about sneaking someone inside to hide in the transport while it's being built (I duno, maybe, there isn't really enough info for the gm to have any idea if that would work). It was missing tons of crucial information like how many guards are there? What are their patrols, how do they respond to threats, you know, information you'd think any good criminal would research before starting their heist (seriously, the author should have gone and watched some heist movies before writing this) Even basic info like how long is the trip is not provided (I don't how long it is, but it doesn't matter because you have to attack them at this one map location we provided).

I only played this one, haven't read/GMed it yet. I actually plan to start reading this soon, since I'll be GMing it multiple times at GenCon. But I have a couple of comments about your complaints that I bolded in the spoiler above.

Sun Orchid Scheme:
Joining the caravan after training as a guard was possible when I played it. Not sure who got that wrong, but our GM allowed it, so we had one spy undercover in the caravan, and that meant one less guard to fight when we attacked.

As for sabotaging construction or hiding inside the platform while it's built, I'm not 100% certain, but that seems to go against the point of the mission. You're supposed to test the caravan's defenses after they're built, not stop them from being built in the first place. That's what the teams was hired for.

Not sure about your other complaints, but I did get a general feel from our GM that some of this stuff was covered, though he may have just been improvising and selling it well.

I really liked the scenario, though, even though it ended up being more railroady than I initially thought it would be. But again, our GM let us improvise on the spy stuff, and get good results from it.

As for the rest of the season, I've enjoyed most of it, having played more than half and GMed a couple of them. There are a lot more skill challenges, but they're mostly handled well. I have complaints here and there about some of the scenarios, but not of the type you're complaining about.

Silver Crusade ***

Yeah, my halfling dex based melee PC still has a 10 str, for the sake of carrying capacity. I don't track all the details too closely, but I wanted to be able to wear a mithral chain shirt, carry my primary weapon and 2 or 3 backups, and a handy haversack, while still being light encumbered.

I've never dumped any stat as low as 5. I do have a fighter with 6 charisma, but I play it up appropriately, and he's smart enough to stand in the back, shut up, and "let the pretty boys do the talking" if a social situation is important to the mission.

Silver Crusade ***

pH unbalanced wrote:

Yeah. when nosig put that one on his list I was like immediately like "huh"?

I'm probably oversensitive, but if someone tried to police the gender of one of my characters, I'd be unable to continue playing with them. I'm trans, and I am unable to put up with that crap. I wouldn't be loud, but I would be gone.

There's a big difference between "uncomfortable with particular details of the cross-gender play" and "uncomfortable with the fact of cross-gender play". I have certainly seen people playing cross-gender in a way that can be disruptive -- usually because they are being inappropriately sexual or playing up offensive stereotypes, but the problem there isn't the cross-gender play per se. If a player were making people uncomfortable with their portrayal of a Tien or Mwangi character invoking racial stereotypes, the issue isn't cross-ethnic play.

I feel like someone made uncomfortable simply by the fact of cross-gender play -- much like someone made uncomfortable simply by the fact of cross-ethnic play -- is probably not a good fit for PFS. I would expect that there would end up being a number of aspects to PFS that will make them equally uncomfortable.

That one struck me as weird, too. So many people play PC's that are different from their own gender that I just don't consider it unusual or noteworthy. The idea of anyone being upset about it, or changing the PC's gender for that adventure to accommodate them, just seems very strange to me.

I agree that anyone who has a problem with cross-gender play really shouldn't be playing in public.

Silver Crusade

I never said it was awesome. But they are better than nothing at low level. Not better than the really good options, but still usable.

I actually have two PC's in PFS that have domains with these types of first level powers. One is my casting focused druid with the Weather domain, mentioned above. The other is a cleric with the Fire domain, that I wanted to be able to do a little bit of blasting. Maybe they're not uber-optimized, but I did use these first level abilities on both of them at low levels, and nobody ever complained that my PC's were too useless to bring along on a mission.

Silver Crusade ***

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Mitch Mutrux wrote:
Woo! Stealth paladin alignment thread, everybody drink!

Stealth? Not at all. I took one look at the thread title and knew it would turn into a paladin alignment thread. I failed my will save to resist reading the thread anyhow.

Silver Crusade

The bottom line is that they give low level casters something to do when they don't have enough spells yet. People keep saying that's what Acid Splash is for, but many of these powers are on classes that don't get ANY direct damage cantrips (clerics, oracles, druids, etc).

If you need them to scale up so they're still useful at higher levels, then you've got other problems.

Silver Crusade ***

Ryzoken wrote:
Pete Winz wrote:
Mike Bramnik wrote:
Just posting this link in case people come seeking the same thing as you in the future :)
You can also use the Faction-specific traits found in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
Which is super revelant for my -34 who will be walking around with no less than 5 character traits, one from each of the five trait categories permitted in CORE.

How? I know there are boons to get an extra trait, but the Additional Traits feat is in the Advanced Players Guide, so not legal for Core.

Silver Crusade ***

Heh. I missed that it was in the FAQ now. That's newer than the conversation with Mike Brock I linked.

Silver Crusade ***

The last campaign coordinator ruled that it's ok to assign a pregen death to a new character number. As far as I know, that's still an official ruling for PFS that hasn't been contradicted since then.

Silver Crusade

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quibblemuch wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
Once, back in the 3.5 days, a GM wanted to run a ship based campaign. He immediately and rightfully became suspiscious when i built a character dedicating almost all skills, feats and race towards swim checks. i pointed out how brutal the drowning rules could be and how i was going to go every possible fight with "I rush the enemy leader, take the AoO and go overboard with them." I may have to adopt this tactic to spaceships...
They should probably get rid of the create water cantrip in Starfinder. Otherwise, you know someone's going to fill up someone else's spacesuit and wait for them to drown...

I just have to ask: Am I the only one who thought of Negation?

Silver Crusade ***

I'm with BNW on this one. I allow substitute skills for various things, if the PC's can explain why it should work. In the older scenarios, especially in faction missions, there were situations where it had to be one specific skill, with less flexibility. But the newer scenarios are much better about giving options, and that opens it up to "and whatever other options the PC's can make a good excuse for".

Silver Crusade

In the Rise of the Runelords campaign I'm GMing, I allowed our ranger to give his badger Raging Vitality even with only 2 int.

It probably wouldn't pass muster with PFS, but I'm pretty sure the AC feat rules say something about GM discretion on other appropriate feats besides those listed. This just seemed like an appropriate feat that should work for that type of animal.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As for oddball stuff carried over as fluff from earlier scenarios, my level 14 barbarian kept the heads of every dragon he ever slayed. I think there were 7 of them. I always say he has them stuffed and mounted on his wall at home.

Silver Crusade ***

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Flutter wrote:

No. You would not believe some of the things Flutter has made friends with...

A T rex
A fiendish T rex (yes, she did find a way to bring it through time)
A giant climbing frozen ooze
A roc
A bullette
A carnivorous singing crystal (yes, I made a druid that has successfully wild empathied a roc and a rock)
An elephant
A venture captain
2 Giant armored worms
A two headed vulture
A pair of house sized beetles

I bought a chunk of the carnivorous crystal as a Scholar Follower for knowledge dungeoneering. So she will occasionally take a rock out of her pocket, hum to it, and get an answer back.

I really don't believe this can be true. Nobody can make friends with a venture captain. :P

Silver Crusade

KenderKin wrote:

I have used it at higher levels, but I am taking the weather domain

Storm Burst (Sp): As a standard action, you can create a storm burst targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The storm burst deals 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. In addition, the target is buffeted by winds and rain, causing it to take a –2 penalty on attack rolls for 1 round.

This is much better than most of the ones being discussed, because it is a ranged touch attack, potential knock out blow and makes the target have a minus 2 on the next attack roll.

Maybe this dynamic added to the other selections would be an improvement.....

Yeah, I took Weather domain on Sylph Sky Druid. The character's totally air and weather focused, and mostly a controller caster. This is the only damage she ever does, but she uses it as much for the debuff as to deal damage. I'm sure it'll get less damage at higher levels, but she's only level 3 so far.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wayfinders are in several places. But the cracked and flawed ioun stones, and resonant powers when stones are placed into wayfinders, are only in Seeker of Secrets, as far as I know.

Silver Crusade ***

Finlanderboy wrote:
I think the debate between Mr. Schopmeyer and Mr. Mortika is one of the best inadvertent example of LG vs NG.

Nah. Maybe LN vs CN. :P

Silver Crusade ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Chris, I disagree with you on what the rule says. It just says "once per session", you can spend prestige to buy an item. It doesn't specify that it has to be a session where you played instead of GMing.

As mentioned above, I've spent the prestige from GM credit chronicles to pick up wands or other items on many of my PC's. Until I saw this thread, it never crossed my mind that anyone might think this was against the rules. And I still disagree with your reason for thinking it is against the rules.

Silver Crusade ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I hope you can do this after getting a GM chronicle for your PC. Otherwise, I think almost all of my 23 PC's would fail a character audit. I frequently GM low level stuff and use the chronicles to skip level 1 on my PC's, and I almost always spend my first 2 PA on a wand of some sort (usually CLW).

Silver Crusade ***

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Fromper wrote:

I truly don't understand this comment.

How does "I ask the guy for information. I got a 25 on my diplomacy roll." take more time than actually role playing out 2-3 minutes of conversation with the NPC?

When the player has a lot of 'bells and whistles' (modifiers) that they insist on mentioning for mechanical benefit rather than that simple statement.

Or the player that insists after the GM has made a ruling in their favor with a note to 'look it up after the scenario' on continuing the beating of a dead horse for half an hour...

On social stuff? I rarely see mechanical discussions come up on that sort of thing. Most people know what their skill bonuses are, and there's not tons of buffs going around for people to keep track of and add up, the way there is in combat.

Besides, why would that be any more or less common if you role play out the conversation vs just rolling the die? Even if you talk it out, you're still going to make a diplomacy/bluff/intimidate check at the end of the talking.

Silver Crusade ***

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

As noted by a few folks above as well as myself, RP can significantly speed up some tables, even if the folks doing it aren't strong at it. The perception that it takes 'extra time' has not been my experience, if anything, good rp takes 'less time' because there's less 'crunch-discussion' and more 'game/play discussion (hopefully either in character or narrating a character's activity)'

For those tables where it 'slows down' the interaction at the table, what has been the experience with the slow-down?

I truly don't understand this comment.

How does "I ask the guy for information. I got a 25 on my diplomacy roll." take more time than actually role playing out 2-3 minutes of conversation with the NPC?

Silver Crusade ***

TheMonkeyFish wrote:
Can I share products with party members? Like, if me and a friend go somewhere as a duo, can they use my items and I use theirs? (Moreso asking them to share my PDFs because their still new, and we plan on sharing costs in the future).

Characters can share items all they want when playing together.

Players are each supposed to own their own copy of any book they use for their PC. But there are exceptions for family members, and possibly for members of the same household, even if they're not family. I'm not sure exactly.

For the most part, nobody polices this stuff, and everyone lets newbies get away with stuff, just to encourage them to join in without too many restrictions. So I wouldn't worry too much about it at first, though you'll eventually each need your own copies of whatever books you're using for your characters.

Silver Crusade

I don't usually do that many, but I'll frequently use traits to pick up one or two extra class skills.

Silver Crusade ***

Pirate Rob wrote:

Page 32: Your Duties as Game Master

Encourage your players to introduce themselves (and their characters).

Apparently, half the GMs in my area missed that part.

Silver Crusade

For what it does in a Wayfinder, see Seeker of Secrets. That covers most of the oddball ioun stones. Well worth owning for anyone who plays PFS.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As others have mentioned, I'd say character intros are one of the keys. As a GM, I always ask my players to introduce themselves and their characters, and leave it to them to tell us as much or as little as they want.

As a player, I frequently have to ask "Can we do character introductions before we start?", which bugs me, since the GM should be leading that. But more often than I'd like, they don't unless I ask.

Silver Crusade ***

GinoA wrote:
I feel like name-tags with your forum alias should be required for the Paizo room...

I actually did that at my first GenCon, 3 years ago. I had the Roy Greenhilt avatar on the nametag, too. Only one person noticed.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
KenderKin wrote:
The additional traits feat!

I'm probably going to take that on a witch I'm making. I want my witch to use intelligence for ALL the skills (Use Magic Device, social skills, etc).

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Evil wrote:
WBG4 is 1-2? Huh, I would've thought it would be applicable to the next tier after WBG3. I was going to apply it to the same character I applied the other 3 to.

Apparently, it's a prequel. Thus, the name "We B4 Goblins".

Silver Crusade ***

The other thing to remember is that nobody plays copyright police at the table. If you're using things from 10 different books, and only own 2 of them, then someone might notice. But if you're new to Society play, have a "borrowed" copy of a book for one feat or spell, you can usually get away with it in the short term. But you really should buy the books yourself to be totally legit with it.

Silver Crusade ***

There's actually a recent thread for discussing PC intros that you may want to check out.

Silver Crusade ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Reposting my standard character building advice:

When I make a new PC, I try to answer 4 questions (used to be 3, but I ended up with a couple of boring PCs, so added a 4th):

1. What's this character's specialty in combat? As long as the PC can do something that helps the party succeed in a fight, this can be anything, not just dealing damage, but make sure you're actually good at whatever this is. You don't have to be uber-optimized, but make sure you can contribute.

2. What does this character do in combat when they're specialty isn't an option? This is things like having a ranged weapon even though your character is a melee beast, or an enchantment based character having something they can do when facing mindless foes. Also, everyone should try to get some splash weapons for use against swarms, though that might have to wait until after your first adventure to be able to afford it.

3. What does this character do outside of combat? This isn't just for personality, this is also making sure you have something useful to contribute between fights. Sometimes, it's diplomacy or other face skills, even if it's just enough of a bonus to be the "aid another" guy behind the main face. Sometimes, it's knowledges, sense motive, or whatever other skills could come in handy between fights.

4. What personality traits will you be able to actively portray at the table? The above 3 questions are designed to make a playable PC by giving them something useful to do in most situations. This question was added afterwards to make a fun character. I had a couple of PCs that were mechanically interesting, but didn't have a personality. Or they had a detailed back story, but that didn't really give me something to role play at the table. This is about giving your PC personality, whether it's a distinctive voice, an obsession that you can play up, or whatever other quirk makes the PC fun to play.

Silver Crusade ***

Just ran this again yesterday (have now played and GMed it twice each), and I had trouble keeping up with the skill checks in that bar scene.

The problem wasn't so much the quantity of successes needed at each step, it was keeping track of which check should count for which step. Sometimes, planning, implementing the plan, and recovering from problems will overlap, and I find myself thinking "Which step does this count for, so what's the DC?"

In this case, there were only 3 PC's and a pregen, so they only needed 2 successes per step with the 4 player adjustment. It's a good thing, too, since they were rolling awful, and didn't exactly have any high skill characters.

And now that I've been through the scenario 4 times, I still have yet to have a group go to the ship. It's always the bar and the alchemist. These guys did everything else different than my previous runs, though:

1. They're the first group who didn't start a bar fight using the "Three Stooges" method to disrupt the meeting.
2. They're the first group to get impressive successes on both of their early tasks.
3. They're the first group to actually damage the warehouse. They decided to rip the ladder off the side of the building to cut off the easy access to secondary guard room door, and they also knocked over a stack of crates during the Aspis fight.
4. They're the first group to have a PC death in this adventure. One of the Aspis agents in the warehouse got a crit against a PC that was already wounded.

Silver Crusade ***

Aberrant bloodline gives bloodragers reach, too. I keep thinking I want to do a gnome with that and a reach weapon, just to have a 3 ft tall PC with 15 ft reach.

Silver Crusade ***

You can use the Flaxseed Lodge to find Play by Post games here on the forums. Core's pretty popular there.

Silver Crusade

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Tectorman wrote:
"Mass Cure Critical Wounds?" Shouldn't Xykon be saying "Ouch!" there?

Look closely at the art on that. It doesn't touch him, unlike the mass buff spells earlier. He wasn't one of the spells targets.

Notably, it doesn't seem to touch Monster-san, either.

Silver Crusade ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, kitsune minis are hard to come by.

I'm still surprised there haven't been more in the prepainted Pathfinder minis line for the races that are common in PFS. There are no kitsune, wayang, nagaji, or tengu at all in that line. Given the quantity of PFS players, those would have been good minis to include a lot earlier.

Silver Crusade ***

I think it's supposed to be some sort of dinosaur. Paleontologists have discovered that many of them actually had feathers, so they weren't just big lizards like we used to think.

Silver Crusade ***

Evil Horse wrote:
Evil Horse does not "scream" puny human.

In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream.

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