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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 4,635 posts (4,903 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

zapbib wrote:
Lying may be the best approach for characters who are good liars, but when was the last time you saw a paladin with a decent bluff check? Even if the paladin was allowed to lie in this situation, he'd probably be lousy at it, and the beast wouldn't believe him anyway. All of these other methods of dealing with the situation are just as likely to save the kid's life.

There are, perhaps, other option. But because the character doesn't see them doesn't mean he broke his code and must fall. Your vision of these things is nefarious and if you got a similar vision in the real world I hope not to many people are like you. You don't make people fall because they are stupid, or lack imagination, or don't react well under stress. You make them fall if they are selfish, unforgiving, if they don't care for the well being of other. You make them fall if they'd rather follow the letter then the spirit, you make them fall if they find joy in destruction, if they purposefully go against the will of their god, you make them fall if they have no INTENT of doing good. You do not need a flipping atonement if you had every intent to do good and defend those that deserve it but had to do a little misinformation against something clearly evil.

There should be no discussion, I would encourage those that disagree with that to go read the ample literature the world as written about morality. I would encourage you to refrain from posting anymore on the subject, if this does not convince you I doubt that I can help you anymore.

Well, that was a serious over-reaction. Who said anything about a paladin falling?

In the hypothetical false dilemma we're talking about, the paladin has half a dozen other options (mentioned in quite a few previous posts, including the one your responded to) that are at least as good as lying. I've played with paladins at the table plenty of times, both as a GM, as another player, and even playing the paladin myself. None of those paladins has ever been even remotely tempted to lie about anything. There's always another way.

But in the hypothetical we're talking about, if the paladin did lie, and I was the GM, I might give them some hint that their deity disapproved, and have the PC pray for forgiveness or something. But a minor lie for the greater good isn't going to cause a fall, or even require an atonement spell. An atonement would require a much bigger transgression against their code. Falling and losing their powers would require a blatantly evil act, or at least 3 or 4 transgressions big enough to require atonements.

But again, in all the times I've played with paladins, not only have I never seen one lie, I've also never seen one punished (or even warned) by their deity for not living up to their code.

People keep saying that playing a paladin is difficult, and I disagree. It's pretty easy. I actually have a harder time playing chaotic characters, because I'm such a team player, and I know that truly chaotic behavior would screw up the rest of the group. I'd probably have a hard time playing an evil character for the same reason, but I've never tried that, so I wouldn't know.

But as long as I keep my character's personality in mind, and play them how they would logically behave, playing a paladin isn't even remotely more difficult than playing any other character with a well defined personality. Their paladin code is just a part of that personality, not any sort of limiting factor or difficult hurdle to overcome.

Silver Crusade

And again, lying isn't the only option to get rid of the beast and save the kid. There's the "Go away" approach of not answering. There's the negotiating approach of trying to offer the beast some other food or bribe to leave the townspeople alone.

Or even unarmed, there's a combat approach: a paladin is still a full BAB character with Smite Evil and, usually, decent strength. Grapple it while the kid runs away!

Lying may be the best approach for characters who are good liars, but when was the last time you saw a paladin with a decent bluff check? Even if the paladin was allowed to lie in this situation, he'd probably be lousy at it, and the beast wouldn't believe him anyway. All of these other methods of dealing with the situation are just as likely to save the kid's life.

Silver Crusade

Remember, Quicken Spell works with Enlarge Person, too. I wasn't sure, due to the longer casting time on EP, but the description for Quicken specifically says it works on any spell whose casting time isn't more than one round. So one round spells work just fine.

Silver Crusade **

Sniggevert wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Brad McDowell wrote:

Sheesh...duh...'d think the 2 guides would say the same thing.
I'm not sure which two guides you're talking about, but the new Guide to Organized Play replaces older versions of the same book, starting August 14.
The AR still has the old language about boons being needed for the nagaji, wayang, and kitsune with no mention of aasimar or tieflings at this time is, I'm assuming, what he means. This does not match the current Guide, or intention stated by staff.

Ahh, that would be wrong then. Paizo staff tends to be overworked around GenCon time, so it's no surprise they missed updating details in Additional Resources. I'd expect that to be fixed within a week.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Paladins aren't about technicalities. They're about doing what's right at all times.

Being honorable includes being honest. That doesn't just mean technically avoid lies. It also means not being deceitful with truthful words.

Of course, they don't necessarily have to answer every question. In Anguish's example of a beasty looking for a little kid to eat, the paladin's answer should be "Be gone, evil fiend! Look elsewhere for your meal, unless you plan to attack me!"

Silver Crusade

I started a thread to ask pretty much the same thing when I was a newbie, almost 3 years ago. General consensus, based partially on the FAQ Dosgamer posted, seems to be that anything that requires an attack roll and does HP damage is treated as a weapon for the purposes of just about any spell, feat, ability, etc that give bonuses/penalties to weapons.

I just wish we had an FAQ confirming that much.

Silver Crusade

Huh. I never noticed that Abundant Revelation feat. I might have to consider that. My oracle is only level 5 now, so I could consider that in the future. I wasn't that attached to the idea of Maneuver Mastery.

Silver Crusade **

We should probably also compile a list of scenarios that are always hard mode - all parts of Bonekeep, obviously, but there are at least a few more, especially from season 4. And the new Silver Mount Collection, at least at low tier.

Silver Crusade **

Yes and yes.

It should be noted that you don't have to print the entire book or have an electronic device to show the PDF in order to bring what you need to a game day. I frequently print out one or two pages from my PDFs that apply to specific characters, and just bring those pages to game days, in case I forget my tablet or run out of battery charge. The watermark on each page proves that the printout is from a PDF that you purchased legally.

Silver Crusade **

Brad McDowell wrote:

Sheesh...duh...'d think the 2 guides would say the same thing.

I'm not sure which two guides you're talking about, but the new Guide to Organized Play replaces older versions of the same book, starting August 14.

Silver Crusade

Voska, there were only two revelations you wanted from Battle Oracle??? Given how many good ones there are, I'm actually planning to take Extra Revelation as a feat four times by level 11 with my Battle Oracle for PFS. But that's also PFS, which pretty much ends after level 11, so I'm not worried about not having a good revelation left to take at higher levels.

Also, the Weapon Mastery revelation gives you a lot more than just Weapon Focus. The main reason I want it is for the Improved Critical feat that you get for free later. And Weapon Focus isn't that important that you absolutely must take it at level 1, as you seem to be implying.

Here's my planned progression for my PFS Battle Oracle:

1 (feat) - Extra Revelation: Skill at Arms
1 (revelation) - War Sight
3 (feat) - Power Attack
3 (revelation) - Surprising Charge
5 (feat) - Extra Revelation: Weapon Mastery (Longsword)
7 (feat) - Extra Revelation: Maneuver Mastery (Grapple)
7 (revelation) - Combat Healing
9 (feat) - Quicken Spell
11 (feat) - Extra Revelation: Battlefield Clarity
11 (revelation) - Iron Skin

Obviously, the exact order on some of these can easily be moved around, depending on what you're doing with the character.

I considered trip instead of grapple when I take maneuver mastery at level 7, though I have a different trip focused PC who is way better at it. I figure grappling is a good backup plan against things like casters, to stop them from casting easily. It's not something I'll do often, but I figure it's a useful bonus to have, since I really don't have any particular feats that I must get instead.

I don't like taking Power Attack too early, because it hurts your chance to hit, and at low levels, just hitting is more important than maximizing the exact amount of damage. I actually considered postponing it until level 5, but I decided that at levels 3 and 4, I might occasionally need that extra damage.

I'm also taking Quicken Spell one level earlier than it becomes useful for level 1 spells, so I can use it as soon as I hit level 10. If I were in a longer campaign, I might postpone that feat until level 11, but since PFS ends after 11, I want to be able to quicken Enlarge Person, Bless, and/or Divine Favor as early as possible.

Silver Crusade **

MForey wrote:
DM Beckett wrote:
I guess I just don't see that as standard BBEG tactics when the stated and repeated goal is to rescue the kid, and it's pretty clear something is "infecting" him.

I'd like to agree, but the fact that we've got two case examples in this thread alone of the PCs dealing enough lethal damage to send the host into negatives somewhat proves the point. The PCs can and may miss the clues (and the point) or simply draw a blank when it comes time to figure out how to be rid of the plasm. If they approach this scenario like it's a mop-up operation against anything remotely hostile, the kid dies and the PCs get a well-deserved slap for it, it's as simple as that.

The conclusion the PCs should draw isn't exactly rocket science, but it does demand a different approach than would be afforded to the usual fare: Aspis agents, evil cultists, beasts on rampage, etc. That's all I meant by it.

Yup. I kinda knew while playing that we should probably try to find a way to help the kid, though I had no idea what that way would be. But I was playing with a bloodthirsty party, and my character is chaotic neutral, so I didn't go out of my way to stop them. If I'd been playing some of my other PCs who are more focused on doing good, I probably would have stopped them and pointed out that we should probably try to find a way to save him. Instead, we lost the prestige point by killing him.

Silver Crusade

Some of the books that focus on the gods have a lot of detail on their worshipers. These days, Inner Sea Gods is probably the best place to start.

Silver Crusade **

FiddlersGreen wrote:

Laser pistols and blasters have been a part of the fantasy genre since the Might and Magic rpg series. Get with the program, you nay-sayers! XD

Hopefully I'm not the only person around here old enough to remember that series!

Disclaimer: this comment is meant to be taken light-heartedly.

Umm, no. I don't know this Might and Magic stuff, because I've never been much of a video gamer, but I just googled it, and I played AD&D 1st edition with lasers and robots before that video game. Deusvalt already provided the link, above.

Silver Crusade **

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Mistwalker wrote:

I too will chime in that it isn't the age of the player, but the maturity.

And there isn't an age limit on playing or GMing in PFS.

Adding a "me too" here.

I once GMed a 9 year old girl at a convention. She was a bit overly bloodthirsty, apparently wanting more of a hack and slash game, but a lot of adults are the same way. Overall, it was fun having her at the table.

Silver Crusade **

Kyle Baird wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
Curious minds must know.. what did you do with a bunch of chalk..?
Probably used Improvised Weapon Mastery and murdered Uori with it. ;-)

I was thinking Throw Anything feat, but close enough.

Who's Uori? I don't remember the NPC names. Actually, having played The Confirmation twice, but never read/GMed it, I'm not sure if I ever knew them.

Silver Crusade **

Dylos wrote:
So if a laser gun is available with limited ammo, what's to stop someone from using Abundant Ammunition with it?

That spell only creates physical, solid objects to use as ammo inside a container (quiver, pouch, etc). The ammo for a laser is energy, not solid objects.

Edit: Double ninja'd!

Silver Crusade **

CigarPete wrote:
I had the cyberplasm exit the body when the party sorcerer cast deeper slumber on him - creative, non-violent solution yay! Also get to infest the PCs! Maybe I am an easy GM, but I want the party to succeed as long as they put in the thought and effort and don't just go all murder hobo on everything they see.

My party went murderhobo and lost that prestige point. Ironically, I was playing a sorcerer who is incapable of doing any direct HP damage, other than falling damage when people fall into my pits.

Silver Crusade

Why was this 2 year old thread necro'd?

Dabbler wrote:

She doesn't use a glaive, though, but an elven curve-blade - it's not a requirement that paladins use the preferred weapons of their deities, after all.

Just a quick note: Not only aren't paladins required to use their deity's favored weapon, but they don't automatically gain proficiency with it! If your deity's favored weapon is exotic, you'll need to burn a feat to get proficiency. And yes, I know of two published deities who have that issue and are the right alignments to have paladins or anti-paladins.

Silver Crusade **

From the Additional Resources page, which is where you should always look to see if something is PFS-legal:


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Faction Guide

Feat: Fast Crawl; Spells: hibernate, tripvine; Traits: Beast of the Society, Berserker of the Society, Blade of the Society, Defender of the Society, Exalted of the Society, Greater Adept of the Society, Havoc of the Society, Honored Fist of the Society, Maestro of the Society, Stalwart of the Society, Tracker of the Society

So yes, they're legal, and that's the book that contains them all.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jane "The Knife" wrote:

two rogues fighting an animated chair...

1st rogue: "hay, can you get sneak dice on an animated object?'
2nd rogue: "only if you stab it in the back!"

Been there, done that. GMed a couple playing sibling rogues through an adventure that actually had an animated chair, so they flanked it together. The back stab puns ran wild.

Of course, this also reminds me of Gamers: Dorkness Rising: "You can't backstab a book!" "It's got a spine, doesn't it?"

Silver Crusade **

Lunar Sloth wrote:

Also, I do have an observation that I want to hear how other people handle:

With Pendleton's possession, it says that he is treated as unconscious and that the swarm is controlling him. Tactics say that the swarm is ejected with the host dies. I ran that when Pendleton went into negatives, nothing happened to indicate that, as he was already unconscious with a controlling host that wouldn't exit until he was dead dead. How do/did/will other people handle that?

I only played the scenario, didn't read/GM it. But if it says that he's unconscious and being controlled, then I'd think the swarm wouldn't care if he went into negative HP. He was already unconscious, so nothing's changed from the swarm's perspective until he's totally dead.

Silver Crusade

The Master Summoner archetype isn't allowed in PFS.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This year's seasonal "theme" is on the nation of Numeria, which includes a crashed spaceship known as the Silver Mount. Two of the new scenarios that debuted at GenCon tied into this directly, and one of those has a laser on the chronicle sheet with very limited ammo.

My level 7 sorcerer thinks physical weapons are beneath him, (but so are direct damage spells), but as a gnome, he's too curious about this "technic stuff" not to try it. I might buy the laser for him, as the first weapon he's ever owned. If I do, when I pull it out while playing, I would definitely describe it without mentioning it's name. But then, I'm also likely to waste the ammo on things like starting campfires instead of using it against enemies.

Silver Crusade

Metalsymphony wrote:
I've been doing a little more research, and while the inquisitor looks seems like a very "greedy" class, if that makes sense. So I'm taking that off the list. Now the battle mystery oracle sounds very fun, and I've read up on the oracle guide. Very informative stuff! That being said, I'd love to hear any of your guy's experiences of running one in RotR. I feel like I'm close to narrowing it down. :)

I have fun playing a battle oracle in Pathfinder Society. I'm sure it would work well in Runelords, too. I've been taking Extra Revelation as a feat multiple times, because other than Power Attack and Quicken Spell, the revelations are better than most feats I'd be taking.

Silver Crusade **

Themes86 wrote:
graywulfe wrote:
You can change your faction on the website.
Last time I looked at the edit function, it didn't give me the option. Now it does. Go figure.

There are two different ways to get into your character to edit it. One has the faction options you can change, and the other doesn't. Don't ask me what they both are. But this has been a problem on the web site for years now.

Silver Crusade

But hide armor is medium, so darkleaf hide armor still slows your move speed. As I said, with my dumped strength, I'll be slowed and have a -3 armor check penalty for medium encumbrance, anyway, but Ant Haul solves that.

Silver Crusade

Remember, this is for a sky druid, so no medium armor, just light.

I was looking at leather lamellar, which seems to be my best bet. For my other characters, it's always been mithral or no special material on armor, so I don't really know the non-metal materials. I'll have to hunt through Ultimate Equipment a little and figure it out, unless there's another source I should know about.

Edit: So looking through Ultimate Equipment, I found the darkleaf material, which makes the leather lamellar weigh half as much and have no armor check penalty. It also allows more of a dex bonus to AC, but I don't care about that for this PC.

Because I dumped strength (pure caster druid, not the wild shape and dive into the front line type), I'll still have a -3 armor check penalty and slower speed due to being medium encumbered even with this armor. But I can cast Ant Haul to triple my carrying capacity, and then I no longer have that problem. For now, it'll be scrolls of Ant Haul, but I'll probably prepare and cast it once per day as a known spell starting around level 4 or 5.

Silver Crusade

So I'm pretty new to druids. I have a Sylph Sky Druid from the Advanced Race Guide, which loses the normal druid medium armor proficiency. I'm assuming darkwood heavy shield is the best shield I can use, but what's the best armor? This is for PFS, so RAW Paizo sources only.

Silver Crusade **

All I have to say is that from reading it, I can't believe they made knowledge (history) so important in the opening series of tests. Three out of four rely on that one skill, which is kind of surprising. You'd think they'd have varied it more. Given that this is now a secondary mission objective, there's actually a prestige point for the entire party riding on having someone in the group with that skill trained.

That last fight looks insane. I suppose the PCs will need readied actions to catch him, once they realize what he's doing. Players at this level should be able to figure that out. I honestly don't remember how we handled it when I played this, since it was over 2 years ago.

The main thing I remember from playing this myself are getting bull rushed off the cliff into the waterfall and not really caring about the damage, because my barbarian had insane HP. And I remember hearing the fort save DC against turning to stone from the medusa, realizing my barbarian could succeed on a natural 2 and had a reroll available, and deciding not to bother with precautions.

I haven't been playing/GMing much at this higher level lately, so even though I know some of my players who are signed up for this, I don't know what their PCs in this range look like. We've got 5 signed up currently, but that could change before next week. Three of them are levels 7, 8, and 10, and the other two didn't specify a PC/level when they signed up.

Silver Crusade **

So is this really the only GM thread for this scenario? I'm prepping this for next week, and figured I'd do the obligatory "read the GM thread for advice" routine here on the forums, and I can't find one, other than these unanswered questions from January. Is my search fu just really off today or what?

Silver Crusade **

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Chris Mortika wrote:

Regarding magic re-roll shirts, my table policy is pretty simple: if you want a re-roll, you have to be wearing the shirt, as a shirt*, when the original roll happens. (If you just have the shirt handy, you should don it, and I can give you the re-roll onrolls you make from that point on.) For the folio, have it on the table.

Straight-forward, and abides by the language of the Guide.

* exceptions for the extreme heavy-set, for whom even the largest t-shirts are insufficient.

My problem with this is multi-day conventions. If someone bought one shirt and hoped to use it every time they play PFS, you're saying they have to wear the same shirt multiple days in a row. That's a problem.

I can see not allowing someone to just pull the shirt out of a bag when they need the re-roll. But if someone prominently displays the shirt without actually wearing it (draped over the back of their chair, or their backpack next to the table, etc), I think that should always be enough.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have a friend who wore her "Chaotic Neutral: The real evil" t-shirt at GenCon this weekend.

Silver Crusade **

I played this at 6-7 on Friday. Our party had a tough time with that first fight, but we beat it. In the end, we beat the whole scenario, but it wasn't easy.

I can definitely see how hardness 10 at subtier 3-4 would make that fight more difficult than most BBEG fights at that tier. At this point, I'm likely to refuse to run this at subtier 3-4 in the future, but I'm ok GMing it at 6-7.

Silver Crusade **

Blog Post

Silver Crusade

My only oracle so far is a Battle Oracle. He's a front line tank who only uses spells for buffing.

One of these days, I'll make a more casting focused oracle, but I just haven't gotten to it yet.

But as for most popular, I'd say Life Oracle seems to get the most play, for those who want to be a dedicated healer.

Silver Crusade

havoc xiii wrote:
Here ya go

I don't think that one was magical, though. It was just his starting rapier that he never really got a chance to use.

Silver Crusade **

glass wrote:
Although importantly, for it to be legal for you, you have to have the book. And bring it with you when you play the character. PDF (printed or on a tablet) will do, but output of PCGen won't.

Quoted for emphasis.

If you're looking for a trait in a computer program and don't even know what book it's from, that's a big red flag to me. You're only supposed to use stuff from books you own. A lot of Paizo's PDFs, including this one, are currently on sale. I believe the sale ends today, since it's supposed to be a pre-GenCon sale. If you're going to use this trait, buy the book.

Edit: Here's another thought about why you might not have been able to find it, though. The trait is only legal for fighters. If you're building a character of any other class, then it's not a legal trait. What class of character are you making? Maybe the computer got it right, after all.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:

It didn't "do" anything except get stabbed into Durkula.

It's a gag: he's not sure about it ("it'll take some getting used to"), then tests it on Durkula, succeeds in stabbing him, gets mind-controlled off the side, annoys Roy, and returns (notice his walking feet in the last panel) with "It's fine, thanks." indicating he's satisfied with it.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Ross, but since I came to a different conclusion, I'm leaving mine up. :)

Ok, I think you're right. The dagger didn't do anything. I think Belkar did actually stab Durkon, go overboard, and get hauled back in by Roy. The suddenness of it just seemed like a pyschic flash or something, but looking at the last panel, he's walking back in on V, who is sitting in a different position than when s/he gave B the knife (and the cat is done eating).

Silver Crusade **

I'm surprised to see so many people putting Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat so high on their lists. Yes, there's some good stuff in there for specific builds, but other than the classes introduced in those books, you can do most builds without any of the stuff in those books. When I'm making a new PC, I'll sometimes check them for stuff that might work with the build as an afterthought, but that's about it.

On the other hand, I always look through the alternate racial traits in Advanced Race Guide for every PC I make, and I usually end up finding at least one thing I want to use on almost any character.

I definitely should have included Inner Sea World Guide in my earlier post in this thread, though. I don't know how I forgot that one.

So my list:

Essential: Core Rulebook
Useful for almost every PC: Advanced Players Guide, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Equipment
Useful for setting background, and for lots of character types: Inner Sea World Guide, Pathfinder Society Field Guide, Seeker of Secrets, Inner Sea Magic

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

From the blog post introducing the change:

Beginning on August 14th, creating an aasimar or tiefling character will require a special Chronicle sheet

I'd say the "beginning on" wording is pretty clear - August 13 is the actual deadline to play a grandfathered outsider without a boon.

It should be noted that the same wording was used for not needing a boon for kitsune, wayang, and nagaji PCs, which makes sense, since they want people to be able to start playing them tomorrow at GenCon.

So... what time zone are you in? It's still August 13 somewhere, right? :P

Silver Crusade

I'm still a little confused on what the psychic dagger did in those three panels. Was it just showing him possible outcomes for what he was considering doing with it? It seems like it, but I couldn't tell.

Silver Crusade **

Kyrie Ebonblade wrote:
Pyrite Felsic wrote:

Torch taught me how to take a backstab in the kidney I don't need.

Still remember the trick.

Does he know how to take a bullet to the head from 100 yards? I still got my little adamantine bullet with his name on it...and now.. Ol Painless is a Human Bane musket..


You think Torch is human? Under all those curse scars, it's tough to tell.

Silver Crusade

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Out of curiosity, I went back and found where Tarquin lost his dagger.

Silver Crusade **

Zach Williams wrote:
Here I come into this thread thinking someone found a way of making an animal companion out of an Andoran Player...

I have a friend who plays a badger PC in PFS with an elf companion. But I think they're Grand Lodge.

Silver Crusade

That depends on the result of the attack. Since most touch attacks that deal damage are energy damage, they will bypass DR.

Silver Crusade

Yoshi Yamamoto - Tien Angelkin Aasimar Paladin of Shizuru (LG)
Molos Pinktusk - Oni-spawn Tiefling Fighter 1 (N)
Qassir - Halfling Dawnflower Dervish Bard 1/Rogue 4/Halfling Opportunist 2 (NG)

Silver Crusade **

redward wrote:
Anyone know of any good vegan options around the convention center? The fiancée will be accompanying me and I wish to reward her with food that she can eat.

So I was looking around, and now I remember some of the places that I saw there last year that I can recommend.

There's a PF Chang's just over a block northeast of the convention center. I never went to that location, but I went to their locations in Florida a lot when I used to live down there. They're a good Americanized Asian food chain.

There was also a slightly more upscale place called Palomino, which I think is practically next door to PF Chang's. Looking at their menu online, I'm not sure if they have any vegan options listed, but they can customize easily enough to leave cheese off their stuff. That place is recommended for beer lovers, but the food was good, too.

Silver Crusade **

Curaigh wrote:
Mark Stratton wrote:

This isn't entirely accurate. Playing the scenario isn't enough to grandfather an aasimar or tiefling - the character must have earned at least 1 xp. It's possible to play a scenario and get 0 xp :)
TPK on Sunday took out three potential PFS outsiders. :) or :(

I killed a half-orc running First Steps yesterday (Ledford strikes again!). The guy sitting next to him was playing a tiefling and only came to our store, where he normally doesn't play, just to show up and play this. He was very cautious to stay out of melee range in that one.

Silver Crusade **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd say Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide are the core books that define the game, and everyone should have them.

Beyond that, it greatly depends on what type of PC you're playing. Ultimate Equipment, Advanced Race Guide, Inner Sea Magic, and Seeker of Secrets would probably be the next on my list.

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