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Roy Greenhilt

Fromper's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 6,531 posts (7,668 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 23 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Silver Crusade

Maybe I'm imagining it, but I could have sworn that the Skull & Shackles Pathfinder Battles set included a half-orc pirate. But I just looked through the set on this site, and I'm not finding it. Does this mini exist? I have a half-orc pirate PC and I'd like an appropriate mini for him.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Society scenarios are good for this. They're intended to be run in 4-5 hours. I'd recommend actually registering everyone for PFS, and making it official. Even if you just play as a home group, and never take your PCs out to public stores or conventions, you have the flexibility of playing with whoever shows up that week, which makes planning easier than a traditional campaign.

For beginning adventures, I'd recommend The Confirmation as a great starting point. Check the PFS subforum for the many, many threads for other recommendations for good newbie adventures, but I really think The Confirmation is the best first adventure.

Though We Be Goblins is another very fun one, where the players use level 1 pregen goblins to play as the "bad guys".

Silver Crusade

Wow - I totally missed this one. So anyone with this racial attribute and favored class: wizard could use any wands of wizard/sorc spells without UMD, even if they never take a level of that class.

Now I'm picturing a fighter with buffing wands and scrolls of 1st level buffs (enlarge person!), or a bard using a wand of Magic Missile while singing. Or a rogue who can use the wands they steal.

This is totally worth giving up favored class bonuses for, if you want to build your PC this way.

Silver Crusade

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Don't forget Paladin archer is a thing.

Archer paladins do well with Oath of Vengeance. Since you're not taking as much damage sitting on the back line, you can afford to trade in your daily Lay on Hands allotment for more smites.

From levels 1-3, you still only get 1 smite per day. At level 4, that jumps to roughly 4 per day, depending on your charisma. By level 10, you can smite almost every minion you face without worrying about running out of daily smites before the BBEG.

Again, the only down side is when you face neutral enemies. Then, you're still an archer with a composite longbow and some archery feats, but without bonus feats, you're not quite as effective as a ranger or zen archer.

Silver Crusade

Paizo publishes shorter modules than adventure paths, and even has a subscription service, so you can get them mailed to you regularly. I've only played a few of them, but they've been very good.

Generally, Paizo does adventures very well. That's part of why I'm such a fan of Pathfinder Society, and why I still play Pathfinder, even though I'm mildly annoyed that it's reached the point of rules bloat.

Silver Crusade

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Obviously, the most damage is done to the party's enemies by the wizard who casts Haste on both of them.

Silver Crusade

GM Fromper wrote:
So do we have a consensus on what you're doing with Laszo? And is there anything else you want to do around here before heading back to the ship to wait for Delroya to contact you?

So... ?

Silver Crusade ***

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"I'm not that kind of bard" is actually a pretty common refrain around here.

Silver Crusade

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KingOfAnything wrote:

1053: Over the Edge

What kind of bird can't fly?

Dodos, turkeys, ostriches, middle fingers...

I wonder if this joke might not translate well for readers whose native language isn't English.

Silver Crusade

Angrboda identifies that the potion and cloak are magical. They're a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and Cloak of Resistance +1.

stabilize: 1d20 ⇒ 19

Laszo stops bleeding on his own.

Silver Crusade ***

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... when you're playing a season 4 scenario with mostly level 1 PCs, and the only healing is a couple of CLW potions.

True story. When I GMed Night March of Kalkamedes, they had to turn back and go get healing before they even got to the tough part of the adventure.

Silver Crusade ***

My barbarian kept the head of every dragon he killed. I'm not sure the later ones fit into a haversack. Besides, he wouldn't want to hide them. Carrying his trophy out in the open for all to see while traveling home to Absalom was half the point.

Silver Crusade

Going from memory here, and it's been a while since I read it, so I could be wrong. But I thought his resurrection was triggered by the activation of the Runewell 5 years ago. That's why he had plenty of time to scribble on the walls and cover them. The earthquake that opened a way to get to his area gets triggered by the PCs' actions.

I didn't worry about the Guards and Wards, either. I just assumed that it covered the whole thing, because the adventure says so, without even checking to see what the normal area on it should be.

Silver Crusade ***

claudekennilol wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
The oil is great for stuffing a rag in, lighting, and tossing at swarms. If they are immune to fire, then I need the acid.
Why would you use an oil in that capacity when it takes a full-round to prepare and has only a 50% chance of working when you can just use an alchemist's fire which doesn't take a full-round and doesn't have a 50% failure chance.

Because 1 silver is less than 20 gold, and at level 1, the difference actually matters.

I tend to carry oil flasks even on higher level PCs. Sometimes, you just want to make an existing fire bigger.

Silver Crusade ***

This is starting to get off topic, so I'll put it in spoilers.

Even without a knowledge check, a spellcaster should know the limitations of their own spells. Any PC with Color Spray should know it only works on things with minds, so don't use it on anything that looks like it might be a vermin, undead, or construct, even if you can't identify the creature to know for sure.

Silver Crusade ***

Eric Ives wrote:

I'm still a big fan of 0-01 Silent Tide as an early experience for new players because:

1) the mission feels heroically significant (saving Absolam from an undead invasion);
2) they get to meet the very important NPC, Grandmaster Torch; and
3) the fight on the organ is really fun.

One of these days, I need to GM that one. I played it as one of my first PFS experiences (either my 2nd or 3rd adventure, I think), and I remember enjoying it, but I don't really remember the details.

Silver Crusade ***

I agree with The Confirmation being the best choice as a first adventure for newbies.

Silver Crusade

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Imbicatus wrote:
Huh. I guess it's possible for Haley to sneak attack without shouting "Sneak Attack!"

Sneaky. ;)

Silver Crusade ***

I'm picturing the gnome's head sticking out of the open back, carried on the burly barbarian's back. Kinda like Yoda riding around on Luke on Dagobah.

Silver Crusade

I don't know about more crunch for Asian themed stuff (though I wouldn't say no to it), but I'd definitely like to see more of the fluff for Tian Xia. We've had several threads here where people (including me) have requested an "Inner Sea Faiths" type of book for the Tien pantheon.

Knowing more about the relgions, the countries, the roles of various races, etc would be cool.

Even more neglected than Tian Xia is Vudra, so I'd like to see that continent detailed more, as well.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Space, the final frontier

Silver Crusade

The Dungeon Master is Norgorber's father?

Silver Crusade

4 people marked this as a favorite.

"high-elevation windowfolk"

Silver Crusade

I don't think that's how it works. The Sleep Venom feat is ambiguously worded, but it sounds like it's something you turn on as a swift action once, and there's no duration given, so it should pretty much stay that way forever. So it's just a single swift action in battle to lick your weapon.

The only other thread I saw here that asked that question seemed to agree with this interpretation.

Silver Crusade

I already thought of multi-classing with unchained rogue. Pretty much any Weapon Finesse build should consider that. But I've already got an unchained rogue. I'm trying to do something different with this one.

I'm trying to take advantage of the versatility of the medium class, just because it's something different. I'm just having a hard time coming up with any way to be useful in combat outside of the Champion spirit and being a dedicated healer with the Hierophant (starting at level 6 when you get channeling).

I really want to try the vishkanya poison thing. I think that'll give me something unusual that can be useful to save for the boss fight in many adventures. But other than that, I'll be walking around with a kukri and not much else.

I think I like the idea of boosting my strength to 13 for a +1 damage bonus and the ability to take Power Attack. Forget the TWF. Or I could go Piranha Strike, which doesn't require the 13 strength, but that wouldn't help the elven curve blade. It's too bad that only works on light weapons, not any finessable weapon.

Other than boosting my Will saves, there's no crucial traits for this build, so I could just take the old Killer trait from APG for bonus damage on a crit, given that both of my primary weapons are 18-20 crit ranges.

Then the question becomes keen or agile when I reach the level where I can afford a +2 damage bonus on a weapon. Given that my dex will be +5 by then, heading to +6 and +7 eventually, I'm thinking keen is better than doubling the 1d4+2 damage. And do I upgrade both the elven curve blade and kukri as I level up? Or just focus on the kukri, since my non-Champion days will need the bonuses more?

I'm thinking I should probably start a different thread for the fluff/story discussion, since we're focused on mechanics here.

Silver Crusade

Actually, I might not completely ignore the Guardian spirit after all. It's not one I could see using very often, but if I'm in a party with no other front liners, but plenty of damage potential (maybe lots of blasters and archers), then having a pure tank AC could be useful.

I could buy a tower shield that I'll only be proficient with as a Guardian, and use that and the spirit bonus to boost my AC, while fighting with the kukri.

As for Legendary Influence, can that be used to take different versions of the same feat for different spirits? For instance:
Champion: Spirit Focus (Champion)
Guardian: Spirit Focus (Guardian)
Trickster: Spirit Focus (Trickster)

And I'm really starting to lean towards boosting strength so I can get Power Attack. Otherwise, my damage potential is just awful. I don't mind being below average with the elven curve blade as a Champion, but 1d4 with no bonuses from a kukri is just pathetic, with no decent way to boost it when not channeling the Champion. So I'll start with 1d4+1 on the kukri and pick up Power Attack at level 5.

So feats could look like this:
1 - Weapon Finesse
3 - Sleep Venom
5 - Power Attack
7 - Legendary Influence

But that gives up on TWF with the kukris that I was considering.

Silver Crusade

I'm making a vishkanya non-archetype medium for Pathfinder Society (yes, I have a race boon). So Paizo only sources, PFS legal, yada, yada, yada.

From looking at the medium class and discussions here, it seems that most people focus on the champion spirit, as that's the only one really good enough to be an adventurer. To me, the entire point of the class is the flexibility of switching spirits daily, doing different things depending on who you're adventuring with each time. That makes it ideal for PFS, but not a class I'd consider using in a campaign with a stable cast of PCs. But the game rewards specialization, so trying to build for ALL the spirits just seems destined to fail. So I want to specialize a little, but I don't want to specialize too much.

So I'm picking a few spirits to focus on: Champion as my primary for front line combat, Trickster on days when I want to be a skill monkey, maybe pull out Marshall once in a while for variety, or Hierophant starting at level 6 (when it gets channeling) if I'm at a table that desperately needs a healer. I've decided not to even consider the Archmage or Guardian spirits.

Here's what I've got so far:

Str: 11 (1)
Dex: 18 (10, +2 racial)
Con: 14 (5)
Int: 12 (2)
Wis: 8 (-2 racial)
Cha: 14 (2, +2 racial)

1: Weapon Finesse
3: Sleep Venom
Maybe TWF with kukris later

Weapons: Elven curve blade using Champion spirit to get proficiency, kukri with racial proficiency on days when I'm not channeling a Champion spirit

I know dumping wisdom is always risky, but Will is a good save for mediums, and I'll take a trait to boost it. Also, I get a +2 racial bonus to perception, which is a class skill for mediums. So I won't be anywhere near as vulnerable as most front liners who dump their wisdom, even if I'm not great.

The idea is that I'll never be the heaviest hitter, but +5 to hit for 1d10+3 with an 18-20 crit range right from level 1 should be good enough while channeling the Champion. I'm tempted to drop the dex, cha, or int in order to get the str up to 13, to qualify to take Power Attack, probably at level 5.

But the high dex, int, and cha are for the skill monkey side as a Trickster, as much as the dex is also to help with AC and Weapon Finesse, and the cha is for spellcasting. And when I'm not channeling the Champion, I'm more likely to help in combat in other ways than straight damage, such as using that Sleep Venom to stagger and maybe put enemies to sleep twice per day. Poison Tattoo should help with that. But again, that's only twice per day, and I'm only doing 1d4 damage with a kukri otherwise. The 18-20 crit range will help a little with that, but it's still pathetic damage, with no significant boost coming at higher levels.

So mechanically, my big question will be what does everyone recommend to make this PC more useful in combat when I'm not channeling a Champion, since that seems to be his big weakness.

I also have non-mechanical questions, looking for suggestions on back story and personality. I kinda picture this guy as getting possessed by a Trickster spirit and forced to become a thief, who learned to control the possession and channel other spirits. I'm still working on the details.

Actually, I noticed two traits that give +2 trait bonuses to mind affecting saving throws that might provide useful direction for a back story. One is specific to the nation of Zi Ha, home of the Samsaran, so I thought maybe my guy went to them for help in controlling the spirits possessing him. But what would a vishkanya be doing in Tian Xia? It's not a race that's normal there, though exceptions can always happen. Just need to come up with a good story for it.

Then I discovered the Fortified Drinker trait that gives the same bonus, as a religion trait tied to Cayden Cailean, but only for an hour after drinking alcohol. That one could be fun to role play, and easier to fit into vishkanya fluff. The city of Daggermark in the River Kingdoms has vishkanyas in their poisoner's guild, and Cayden is one of the main deities in that region, so a back story could be easier to come up with based on that. Also, the idea of a possessed person using alcohol to numb the spirit possessing him for greater control is amusing, so I'm leaning in that direction.

As for personality, I like the idea of changing it up based on that day's channeled spirit, but making almost all his personalities seem like jerks in various ways.

No spirit: Spineless wimp with very little willpower.
Champion: He channels a snobby elven warrior (thus the elven curve blade proficiency) who sees other races (including vishkanya) as inferior. The taboo of only using that one sword is tempting, but could screw me if I ever need to use a ranged weapon. So I think I'll stick with the taboo of having to accept any battle challenge. I also think he might be snobby enough to look down on poison use, so I may only use my vishkanya venom on days when I'm not channeling a Champion.
Trickster: Distrustful thief. This may even be the reason he left the Daggermark poisoner's guild (and/or got involved with them in the first place). Taboo: Never tells the truth. That should be fun to play. Should always choose bluff as one of his skills to boost with the spirit, while never training or using it on non-Trickster days. Other skills will probably be the dex based, rogue-ish skills (Disable Device, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, etc).
Hierophant: Holier than thou, though not sure which deity to worship. For the taboo, I love the idea of never being allowed to lie, on the same character who can't tell the truth on Trickster days.
Marshall: Arrogant field commander of some sort. Not sure of the details, or the taboo.

Now that I'm writing this out, I'm getting an odd idea based on spirits of different races. I already wanted an elven Champion spirit. Maybe the Hierophant spirit could be a dwarven priest of Torag. Then the Trickster and Marshall could be distinct races, too: Perhaps a stereotypical halfling rogue as the Trickster, and some sort of human nobility (Taldan? Chelish?) as the Marshall.

Sorry for the wall of text. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Silver Crusade

Fictional characters having mysterious backgrounds that turn out to be relatives of the good guys isn't exactly unique. I haven't looked it up, but I'd assume there's a whole page on TV Tropes about it.

Why look to He-Man for that, when so many others had the same type of thing going on in the same time period? Heck, just look at Star Wars and the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon for more likely inspirations if it turns out to be that sort of thing.

Silver Crusade

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Or the other obvious storyline would be an outside threat to the two towns they helped found. Barbarian raiders, cultists, Godzilla... whatever.

Silver Crusade

The Misgivings was fun. Probably my favorite part of the adventure path.

Silver Crusade

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Green Smashomancer wrote:
The only gaming stores I can reasonably reach only support Magic on Fridays, and 5th edition on Wednesdays. I can't play Pathfinder with strangers in person even if I wanted to. And my former home group is just kinda disbanded, and I don't know enough people who'd want to learn to form a group. It makes me sad because I miss playing face-to-face, even if the group had some issues.

Have you looked on I've found it's a great way to meet people with similar interests. If you're in a big enough area, there's probably already a group for RPG players in your area. If not, you can start one, though it costs money to start a group.

Another option is to see if your game store has a place to post notices. You could advertise that way to start a new group.

Silver Crusade

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Start with the classics:

"It's a dark and stormy night. You're in a tavern, when you're approached by a mysterious woman, looking to hire adventurers."

Silver Crusade

There are bound creatures in earlier chapters that are stuck in their rooms, despite the original binder being long dead - on at Skull's Crossing and one in the Greed section of Runeforge. Of course, the death of their binder could change their loyalties and motivation, but I'd say they're still there.

Silver Crusade

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

I'm just glad my own drow noble wizard didn't choose to specialize...

Mostly because he's always needing other spells.

V on the other hand, has just the right spells ALWAYS.

Not always.
How about more often than my wizard?
That is almost certainly true.

"I don't know what's weirder - that you keep preparing that spell, or that you keep needing it."

Silver Crusade ***

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Sleeves of Many Garments

Nuff said.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've played PFS in 5 different states, and specifically played with venture officers from more states than that. I've only met one that was the type of problem person you seem to be talking about, and he lasted as a venture-captain for less than 6 months.

If you've got problems with the leadership in your local area, I'd suggest you contact PFS leadership at Paizo and let them know of your complaints. They can't do anything if they don't know there's a problem. And if you and a few other people do complain, then maybe they'll take action to do something about it.

Silver Crusade

V's definitely not a god wizard. What kind of god wizard would specialize in evocation?

Silver Crusade

My group's being that thorough, too, though they killed Delvahine early. I thought they may give up once they got what they came for (dominant weapons), but they've decided that there may be something of value in one of the other areas. I'm not looking forward to drawing the map for the Festering Maze.

Silver Crusade

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Rysky wrote:
Yeah, I've never been to an in-person PFS game, but the PFS forums have completely removed any want to attend one.

I see comments like that a lot on the forums, and it's kinda sad. The actual gaming tables at game stores and conventions are nothing like the forums.

I keep saying the PFS forums here aren't actually for PFS players. They're actually for people whose hobby is arguing on the internet. You won't see anything like that at a PFS game.

Silver Crusade

I'm trying to get a better feel for the medium class, and how it fits in with Golarion society. It's an odd class, and I'm thinking of building one for my next PC in Pathfinder Society. I'm trying to figure out how the back story on something like that would work.

Is channeling spirits the type of thing that someone could accidentally stumble upon, or is it something that requires study to learn to do? How would someone get into it? Where would they go for training? And here's an interesting thought I had - is there any connection between mediums and samsaran, given that they both deal with the spirits of people who previously died?

I'm thinking that maybe my PC accidentally channeled spirits at first, and went to samsaran for help in dealing with it and learning control. This could work for a Tien themed character.

Silver Crusade

Maybe it's just me, but I see 1000 times more arguments and bullying on the PFS forums than at actual game tables. In fact, I've seen almost none at the tables.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have a boon sylph that uses pretty much everything in the sylph chapter of the Advanced Race Guide that I can fit on a single PC. Sky Druid archetype, Cloud Gazer feat, actually uses just about every spell from that chapter of the ARG (Windy Escape, Gusting Sphere, etc).

She's a priestess of Gozreh with the Weather domain. Like her god(dess), she's calm to the point of pacifist, unless someone REALLY pisses her off. Then she brings down the lightning (or she will, when she hits level 5 and gets Call Lightning as a domain spell).

I also have a Suli boon. I've been thinking of doing a "civilized" barbarian for a while, and I may do it as a Suli Bloodrager. ie Very snobby, "Can't we discuss this in a civilized manner?" type, but if things get rough, he goes all Hulk. "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. ROAR!!!!!!"

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've thought the same thing since Core was first introduced.

Without APG, there are no traits, archetypes, alternate favored class bonuses, along with some of the most popular feats, spells, and equipment in the game. Those are the things that really define Pathfinder as a game, distinct from 3.5.

But anything more than Core and APG, and you're into "too much for new players to handle easily" territory.

This would have been my suggestion when Core was first introduced, but it's too late now.

Silver Crusade ***

I've always treated it as being attached to the player/GM, not the character. I can't imagine it being useful any other way.

Silver Crusade ***

Well, this has gotten so far off topic that I'm not sure anyone remembers the topic any more.

Does anyone see any reason why we shouldn't just ask the moderators to close this thread?

Silver Crusade ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"The professor" - Drandle Dreng. Whenever I GM, his mission briefings begin with "Good news, everyone!".

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MadScientistWorking wrote:
Also, what are you building that you require that many sources that it becomes unmanageable? That screams more of either a wild exaggeration or that you want to show off your leet gaming skillz too.

"Unmanageable" would be an overstatement. But if you're using more than 5 or 6 books for one PC, and you can only pull up one at a time on a slow tablet to show the GM you own it, then a full audit at the start of the session becomes annoyingly time consuming. And not everyone remembers the source for everything on their PC off the top of their head.

Non-hypothetical example: If someone wanted to audit my level 2 witch this way, I'd have to show them that I own the following books:

  • Advanced Player's Guide - Witch class and feats
  • Ultimate Magic - patron (and hex? don't remember)
  • Animal Archive or Familiar Folio (don't remember which) - familiar
  • Ultimate Campaign - trait
  • ??? - I know I took a trait from another book on this PC, and I don't remember which book off the top of my head. I'm sure if I had the character sheet and my tablet in front of me, I could figure it out pretty quickly, though it might take checking the srd on my phone to remind me which book the trait is in.

And that's just a level 2 PC that's relatively straightforward. I think I may have only spells from the Core Rulebook and APG for now (I'd have to double check), but I'm sure that'll change at higher levels.

Again, I'm just saying that a full audit up front is a waste of time. If the GM wants to know why my witch has such a high UMD score, I'll be happy to pull out Ultimate Campaign and show them the trait that lets me use intelligence instead of charisma for that skill, which both shows them the rule and confirms that I own the book.

EDIT: Well, I was wrong. I just checked the character sheet (since this PC is in a PBP right now, so I have it electronically available even though I'm not at home). This PC uses about 2 or 3 more books than I listed above. Thanks to the Additional Traits feat, I actually have traits from 4 different books on this PC. I also have a spell that I don't remember what book it's in, and a magic item from Ultimate Equipment (though it may have originally been in one of the books above before UE - I honestly don't remember).

Again, that's just a level 2 PC. I know that I own all the appropriate books and bring them to every game day and convention table, even if I'm not playing this character.

Silver Crusade ***

SirPeter wrote:

Hello, everybody!

I'm running a scenario in the Gameday, but I didn't receive the usual email informing the GM boons for the event. Where can I find this?

Thank you! :)

Was there supposed to be an email? This is my first time GMing PBP, so I have no idea how the procedures on this stuff works. I'm just running my game, and figuring I'll worry about stuff like that later.

Silver Crusade ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Kahel Stormbender wrote:
Well, yeah. Proof of ownership IS only half the reason you need to bring the books after all.

No, proof of ownership is .0001% of the reason to bring the books. Having the reference on hand for the GM to read during a game is 99.9999% of the reason.

I'm there to be the GM, not the Paizo Copyright Police.

And the last PFS coordinator (Mike Brock) agreed with that sentiment on the forums when a similar argument to this broke out a couple of years ago.

andreww wrote:

This is a bit of an exaggeration.

I currently have about 24 different characters, ranging from level 2 GM blobs up to level 18 or so. I have about 18 active characters between level 2 and 11 with at least 4 in the 10-11 bracket.

I played at Paizocon UK this year in 5 different slots, one of which was Serpent's Ire. I brought two characters for each other slot. I played Abducted in Aether, Orders from the Gate, Sun Orchid Scheme and Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts. 8 characters ranging from level 4 to level 11.

It took all of two relatively small folders, one manilla folder with chronicles sorted by character, one flip file with character sheets and references for stuff like spells.

Everything fitted quite easily into a small backpack along with dice, mini's, bottles of water and snacks and a small desk fan.

Wait. You only bring 2 PCs at a time? And your number of "active" PCs is that much lower than your total count?

When I say that I have 23 PCs, I mean 23 physical folders, each with a pencil and paper character sheet, ITS, faction card, and any chronicle sheets that apply. For the more complicated guys, I also have printouts of rules from the books of some things I'll want to reference while playing. But GM blobs don't count.

And when I show up to play, or even to GM, I bring ALL of them, with one exception: my level 14 is retired, so he stays home. But I can't count how many times I've been signed up to play or GM one adventure and ended up doing something else entirely. So I bring everything, just in case. Not enough players for the scenario I was going to GM? Is there extra space at the 1-5 table or the 7-11 table for me?

Even the 3 PCs I got bored with, or consider too underpowered/outdated to bother with, are still brought to game days. Ironically, I've played 2 of those 3 in the last 6 months: one because a group really wanted someone to fill a particular role, even though the PC is severely underpowered otherwise, and once because I decided to bring my most "expendable" PC to Bonekeep. I don't play pregens.

I gave up on fitting them all, along with a tablet, minis, dice, snacks, and those half a dozen splat books I bought as hard copies before I realized I should switch to pdfs, into a backpack. They just about fit, but it was a pain to carry.

Before GenCon this year, I went to Office Depot and picked up what's essentially a milk crate with wheels and a handle. Now I can carry all of that, plus a bigger carrier for my minis instead of cramming them in baggies where they sometimes get broken, and my physical Core Rulebook, Bestiary (useful when summoning), and other stuff easily. But I also don't take the bus or train to games, and my box o' books does take up an annoying amount of space around the gaming table.

So yeah, I once again completely agree with BNW on this.

Silver Crusade ***


I have no idea why you have so many problems in your PBP games. As I said, I've done about 9 or 10 before, and I'm in 3 new ones as part of the current PBP game day, and I haven't had any problems. I had one game that got called off before it happened, due to the GM's personal life getting in the way, and one that was slower than I'd like, but other than that, they've all gone just fine.

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