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Yes. It was addressed in this thread.

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There are several ways race boons are acquired.

Possibility 1: Three race boons are available via scenario. These are awarded to the GM and the player.

Possibility 2: GM at a brick and mortar convention. This is the gate that 8 race boons are locked behind.

Possibility 3: GM for the online community in a qualifying setting. This grants access to its own race boon.

Possibility 4: GM 12 times during a season. This grants you access to the current season's race boon.

Possibility 5: PLAY (GM credit is NOT allowed for this) 6-12 tables. Three more races are gated behind this.

Possibility 6: Special events. Sometimes the OP team give race boons out for participating in special events, wether it by charity fundraisers, watching podcasts that they appear on, etc. This grants access to additional races.

There are other races that were once active but no longer accessible. The GenCon GM boon and auction boon for example.

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As long as you are using the editor at level 3 or below, this shouldn't be a problem. If you are level 4, you can only go back and change decisions from level 2 and 3, thus it would be too late to use the editor.

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Ok. So I'm printing this map to scale (roughly 48x78) with 2"x2" squares but I'm printing it posterized on letter sized paper like a personally printed map pack. In this instance, using the existing grid, the correct implementation would be to allow 4 medium creatures/PCs to occupy a single preprinted grid as if that "space" were actually comprised of four 1" squares.

Is that correct?

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In AP book 3, as I was going to print off the maps, I saw that the squares on the first map are 10 foot squares. Do I just use imaginary lines and allow medium creatures to occupy a quarter of a square, or are they limited to one character per square? How do reach and AoO's work? How did Pathfinder address the issue of maps published with 10 foot squares using a rule set designed for 5 foot squares?

*Edit: This is for society play this evening, so RAW matters, as we are not campaign mode.

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But can my elf from Castrovel learn Cyrunian via some sort of online learning program, study abroad, or growing up with a friend who spoke it and learning from them and their family (like how I learned German growing up in America because my Godmother was German and watched me during the day while my parents worked.)

RAW, I believe my answer is no, but it doesn't hurt to seek to be contradicted by an authority.

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Keep in mind that for society play you can't purchase the Mk 1 Mnemonic Editor (ilvl 5) with credits until level 4. This means you can, at level 4, go back and correct level 2 or 3, but not level 1. Unless you gain access to a Mk 1 Mnemonic editor at level 3, via a chronicle sheet or boon, you cannot do a level 1 rebuild once you hit level 2. As of this writing, no chronicle sheet (scenario of AP) grants access to a Mk 1 Mnemonic editor.

This does not preclude using fame to purchase.

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Oh, but

would want nothing to change.

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So, after re-reading the AR, the only explicitly sanctioned content consists of items and spells. I can't help but question if that was the intent. Perhaps we can get an official clarification about languages. Are they limited to the native languages of the associated race and only accessible via the appropriate race boon?

Can any PC obtain a copy of Rosetta Starstone and study any other language so long as the player owns the appropriate source material?


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The expression on one of our resident lore expert's face when Ylga mentioned Torag was awesome! When I said The Quest for Sky, his eyes widened and his jaw literally dropped. It was a wonderful reaction to witness. I also made up a sheet of twenty brief commercial spots (some were very punny) and rolled a d20 to decide which to read as we "cut to commercial" while the booth was set up and a PC was prepped for the interview with the ghast.

As for the big reveal, every player went back into the booth to provide their speculation. The alien zoo was one. A controlled experiment with an unknown purpose was another, but my favorite were the two Gap conspiracies, the second of which is my own.

A) An entity (possibly a deity) became aware of the Gap before it happened and created a space ark within the moon, shielding it against the Gap to preserve as many sapient species as possible

B) Triune is responsible for the Gap and prior to setting the Gap in motion collected hundreds of sapient species, mind-wiped them and put them in a simulation as a means to study the various races and how they would react to different historical events based on varied inputs. Simultaneously, the Gap would effectively create an opportunity for Triune to present itself as a deity by saving the races and introducing the Drift. Furthermore, a forgetful Golarion could theoretically be susceptible to Triune's influence, broadening their ability to guide the future. This was discovered by other deities who were able to "squirrel away" Golarion prior to the Gap actually taking place, thus keeping Rovagug safely imprisoned.

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The secondary success condition criteria states...


The PCs are on display for all the Pact Worlds, and they fulfill their
secondary objective so long as they looked good for the cameras. A
PC fulfills this objective so long as she meets two of the following
three conditions: the PCs spared the spicodranth in area A, the PCs
resolved the encounter in area B nonviolently, the PC ended the
scenario with at least 2 Fan Favor, or the PC ended the scenario
with at least 4 Fan Favor.

1) the PCs spared the spicodranth in area A

2) the PCs resolved the encounter in area B nonviolently
3) the PC ended the scenario with at least 2 Fan Favor
4) the PC ended the scenario with at least 4 Fan Favor

Which of these does not belong? (I am assuming that the 3rd and 4th are not both intended for the same purpose of the secondary success condition.)

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Oh, here's another thing: the "slot your boons phase" seems to occur only once at the beginning of the session, usually after mission briefing and knowledge checks. So you probably can't use the hireling for those knowledge checks. Or would it be fair game to slot boons even before mission briefing and take your chances that with more information you'd have chosen differently?

You should talk to your GM, because they are (probably inadvertently) short-changing you. The standard sequence is Receive Briefing --> PC's ask questions --> PC's slot boons --> PC's (and/or hirelings) use Culture/Diplomacy to recall knowledge/gather information.

There has never been a SFS scenario or quest published where slotting a hireling would take place after those checks. In fact, aside from the two scenarios that don't allow for slotting boons (1-00 & Quest), 1-08 is only exception (at this time) to this pattern, and even then you slot earlier than normal, not later.

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If you go to "My Organized Play" --> "GM/Event Coordinator" it will show your Nova status based not on the number of tables you have GM'd, but the number of reported tables you have GM'd. Literally as soon as your 10th table is reported, it should show up. Check your "GM Sessions" tab to see which tables have and have not been reported. Also, some tables early on were reported as "Path" not "Star" by mistake. If that is still true for any of your tables, they may not apply correctly and your reporter will need to rectify that. When I reported my 30th table, my second nova showed up as soon as I hit "Save and Exit" on the reporting page.

This information is current as of 15 Feb.

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The boon is there to provide a benefit, not a duplication until later. That wouldn't even make sense. I have been awarding based on total earnings being profession check x2. After calculating the total earnings, the boon's wording comes into play, where you multiply your total earnings. It's not a loophole for extra cash, it's the faction who acquires things giving you a boon to help you acquire things. The amount is a nice amount, but nowhere near game breaking.

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I feel like this warrants the addition of a Strawberry Machine Cake scenario tag. Just kidding. Maybe.

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That’s fair.

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The point I was implying was that 75% accuracy from behind cover is a significant reduction, but still good. To elaborate, assuming a 95% success rate in combat with no cover (which no sane person would do under threat of fire) 95% is a reasonable accuracy level. This 20% reduction is comparable to the reduction of d20-4, it is still a 20% reduction of your basic ability to shoot from what you would have achieved without cover.

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The reward for completing all three parts of one book is 3 XP, 5 fame and 5 rep. In other words, you gain one level worth of XP per book.

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FWIW, in my profession, I have to be familiar with and train to shoot a handgun from standing behind cover, kneeling behind and shooting around cover, and prone (as well as other positions). A "normal" person who has undergone similar firearms training will hit 30+/40 rounds center of mass in these circumstances. The only question in my mind is whether or not a Starfinder who is proficient in the use of a firearm has undergone a similar type of training to garner proficiency; my answer is yes. It is highly doubtful that a Starfinder proficient in small arms has never practiced and gained proficiency in shooting said small arm while leaning around a corner in a standing or kneeling position with an appreciable level of accuracy.

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Thanks Thurtsy! It does. I was able to order all three of the 1-09 maps from Paizo. While Paizo doesn't publish stock levels, another very large online retailer had 0, 1 and 2 (in no particular order) copies of the maps available. and all three stores in my area were out of stock on all 3, with 1 having a stock level of 0 (the same one as the online retailer) in their distributor inventory, thus sparking concern that I might have been dangerously close to missing out.

0 stock level is not the same as out of print however, and out of print was my real concern. You've assuaged my fears.

@Sebastian, I actually go into Photoshop and scale up the custom maps (including for the APs) to 1"x 1" squares, then print posterized on photo photo paper to create a sort of custom map pack that I can assemble and place under a sheet of Plexiglas at my tables. This allows me to keep the map pieces at letter size for storing in each scenario folder for transportability. I actually taped and rolled my first few and decided that for my needs, the custom map pack route was better. At $7/foot for a map, I have started getting the evergreen custom maps printed on vinyl at a sign store, to roll up and take to cons.

All of that said, I'm a collector at heart and want to buy "all the things" to have official products whenever possible. Out of print maps would put me in the category of a collector searching for near-mint condition flip mats.

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First let me state that I love the fact that PF Flip-mats/map packs are being used for SFS! It provides more opportunity for adventure than the comparatively young Starfinder Flip Mat line has had time to produce.

This does present a concern for me as a person with less than 1 star PFS GM experience; I don't own any of these maps and some PF maps are no longer in print or available through retail store distributors.

Because of this, I see four possible scenarios and I'm anxiously concerned that I may not be able to acquire materials called for by a scenario. I am fully aware that blank maps and wet erase pens exist, but my artistic abilities to recreate the same engaging level of detail are sorely inadequate.

Scenario 1) SFS writing criteria mandates usage of/limits usage to maps currently in publication

Scenario 2) Paizo will resume publication of any required maps that are out of print but called for in a scenario

Scenario 3) If you didn't play/purchase Pathfinder products in the past then you are in the "tough luck" boat, while those that played Pathfinder may own everything used in Starfinder scenarios

Scaenario 4) I was misinformed by a retailer and every Pathfinder Flip Mat/Map Pack ever used is still and will continue to be in print as long as Starfinder Scenarios call for it.

Can someone from Paizo give me a true sense of the reality of the situation?

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The logic should look something like this, assuming a successful Target System Science Officer action.

blank space for alignment of text

Roll Gunnery check, does attack hit?
...If NO, attack is complete.
...If YES, roll damage dice. Does the attack hit the hull at all?
......If NO, resolve damage normally
......If YES, was either a 19 or 20 the d20 result?
.........If YES, deal critical damage to the targeted system then continue.
.........If NO, continue
......After calculating damage to the hull, does the current total hull damage meet or exceed a multiple of the damaged ship's CT?
............If NO, attack is over
............If YES, has the system targeted in Target System received critical damage from this attack?
...............If YES, deal any additional critical damage via d%
...............If NO, apply a critical to the first CT threshold crossed, then deal d% critical damage to any additional thresholds met.

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TL;DR The Drake is a combat ship and as is thematically appropriate, requires more tactics and skills to operate effectively, but the real problem is more than likely a GM who is entirely too neutral or too aggressive toward the humans throwing the dice with a new system/mechanic.

It has been my experience that people who have issues with the T2 Drake are in need of some GM tactical help in three areas.

First, as a GM with newer (to starship combat) players, you should be encouraging them to take advantage of the ship's design, which is to align yourself to have two weapons available (turret plus front or back) not point your broad side at the opponent. This is a ship meant for "kiting" or "ramming" not playing Ring Around the Rosie. Divert to shields in the engineering phase if you're down. If not, divert to engines (something almost nobody seems to do). Diverting two weapons gets you a small amount of damage boost, but you're essentially trading ship DR (shield regen) for + damage. This is the glass cannon approach and incurs risk. During the helm phase, encourage the Science Officer to delay decision making until they are aware of what the pilot is going to do and whether or not they succeed (my next point). Scanning is important! The PCs need to know what weapons are installed where on the NPC ship. Until you give them the details of expansion bays, it's incredibly valuable to scan.

Second, STUNT, STUNT, STUNT. With the new DCs, you should never "just move." If you do nothing else, evade. The drake does very well with +2AC and +2TL. It is very rare to get a table without a pilot able to easily make the evade DC.

Third, know your players' "Point" weapons AND "Broad" weapons. The -2 out of arc penalty isn't bad, especially if you offset the shot with a +1 from your ship's computer. The opposed check for a point weapon is very balanced. If attacking with a High Explosive Missile Launcher (HEML), your missile will defend against a point weapon with a DC of 22 (10 + speed 12). An enemy NPC with a Flak Thrower will be rolling a d20 + 8 gunnery check to hit it. This effectively a DC14 defense for your missile versus a d20 attack roll. This has a 70% chance to hit, so long as you didn't fire beyond your range increment. Even if your opponent has a Laser Net installed, the HEML the check becomes a DC12 vs d20 equivalence, which still have a 60% chance to hit.

Sometimes, poor rolls happen, but this isn't a starship combat system or ship design problem. Even in a drake, the advantage typically goes to the PCs. The only real disadvantage to the PC's is a GM who isn't familiar enough with the system (highly possible, given how new the system is) or a GM who exploits their expertise at the expense of the PCs. Either way, there IS NOT a morale block for any starship encounter in any scenario or adventure path to attempt to annihilate the PC's with extreme prejudice while they are still learning the system.

As I said at the beginning of the post, The Drake is a combat ship and as is thematically appropriate, requires more tactics and skills to operate effectively, but the real problem is more than likely a GM who is entirely too neutral or too aggressive with a new system/mechanic.

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In pathfinder you can metaphorically slap someone in the face the face then lethally stab them in the heart until they keel over unconscious. In Starfinder, if you if you lethally stab someone in the chest until they keel over, well you killed them. If you bring them to within an inch of their life then choose to act nonlethally, they survive, albeit in rough shape. How does this not make sense? As a GM, I don’t see a plethora of scenarios where paper cuts followed by head shots with a sniper rifle justify simple unconsciousness and even needing the three round rule, but I’m glad it exists, so as not to hamstring. Lethality is a choice. If you want them alive, don’t do lethal damage when they’re about to die. It doesn’t take a doctor to notice that someone is in pretty rough shape and anyone should be able to look at an NPC to notice that they’re pretty bad off. That’s also the GMs job; to accurately describe what you can observe with your character’s senses.

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What maps will this call for? I.e. Do I need to order any Pathfinder maps?

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Yes, APs do count for GM credit. Also, I just made a post for the web team in that forum yesterday. It would probably be worth it for you to reply with your own experience to let the web team know. Here is the link to my post.

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Incident at Absalom Station reporting only awards the GM 2 "prestige" (I'm sure it means fame), not the full 5. Similarly, players are capped at receiving 4, not 5 points.

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Now that Dead Suns AP Book 2, Temple of the Twelve (and book 3 as well) has been added to the Additional Resources page (Thanks for that!), what is the planned ETA for being able to report a session? We're going to be stomping some flying jungle monkeys back to Oz where they belong. Possibly without scorpion stinger tails.

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Kevin Willis wrote:

Bear in mind that if you play every scenario scheduled to be released this year (5 at GenCon and 11 the rest of the year) that's still only 16XP - Level 6. So as long as the additional scenarios in that storyline are Tier 3-6, no one will outlevel them. (At the very end of the season we could even have a 5-8, but that might leave some people out who haven't played all the scenarios with the same character.)

Character 1,

1-00, Quest, 1-01 = 3xp (Level 2)
AP book 1 = 6xp (Level 3)
1-02, 1-03, 1-04 = 9xp (Level 4)
1-05 = 10xp (Level 1)

Character #2
Quest, 1-01, AP book 1 = 5xp (Level 2)

We have 8-10 players sitting at this exact point right now in my LGS with the two characters

Character 1 continued
AP book 2 = 13xp (Level 5)
1-06, AP book 3 = 19xp (Level 6)

Character 2
1-07 = 6xp (Level 3)

This only takes you to the end of the calendar year with 3 more AP books and 7 more scenarios.

Depending on level ranges of the scenarios, this could go up to as much as 7 additional xp in scenario credit accessible to the first character, bringing them to a total of 26xp (Level 9) without playing any of the last 3 AP books. Forced distribution (making you play more than one character) is already a reality for anyone who wishes to experience everything Starfinder Society has to offer.

Playing APs over three 4-hour sessions has been a great way to fill the gap between scenario releases for those who have preferred to sign up for SFS over PFS at their LGS, especially since they are written to be able to be played in their entirety as Society sessions. We typically run a full 6-person table of SFS and 2-3 tables of PFS every week at our location.

The only question is how Paizo will balance the forced distribution of xp. I.e. the least number of characters you have to have (people who prefer to single-character as much content as possible) to see all content versus the maximum umber of characters (alt-aholics who want to make as many characters as possible without being too low level to play) you can have while still seeing all of the content.

I don't suppose any Paizo employee would care to comment on how high of a level "can" be obtained this year so that we can balance AP xp into our character planning so as not to spread too much storyline across too many characters while still getting to experience as many AP books as possible?

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Keep in mind that SFS does not have the PFS level 12 retirement age either. In fact, John Compton stated in this Facebook post that there is currently no plan to have one. In other words, there is a distinct possibility that you might be able to buy it at level 16 with two points of infamy in Society play.

The beauty of releasing Starfinder with OP in mind from the beginning is that level 15-19/tier 18-19 scenarios are entirely possible as long as balance is maintained as the level of available scenario and AP content increases. They can stay ahead of PFS' power creep from the beginning, making yet another great distinction between the two systems.

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Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:

So, when running it for credit, but NOT as part of a full campaign in campaign mode, how should you run it?

Level 1or 2 SFS characters all the way through?

I’m less concerned that a level 2 character may overpower the earlier parts of the module than I am that a level 1character might get owned by the encounters intended for level 2 characters.


You're exactly correct and your concerns are well-founded. Having done run this in both modes, I can tell you the party of 4 level 2's and 2 level 1's ran as written almost TPK'd on the final boss. The thing that saved them was

the fact that they were able to convince the operative that attacked their ship earlier to join them in stead of murder-hoboing it.

I would strongly recommend a full table for this for you average table. Some highly optimized tables would probably do fine, but flavor-built parties may not survive as well as crunch-build parties.

FWIW, having run the first two parts of Temple of the Twelve in event mode (i.e. not campaign mode) the party of 6 has had zero issues so far. Not even close to any issues. We're running part 3 of it on the 30th and hoping the chronicles are released by then so that the characters aren't locked out, but the party went into it knowing that even though it's sanctioned, a lack of a chronicle sheet means their characters are locked out.

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I'm speaking from aircraft design here, so my perspective is different. If the door was unable to be opened without electricity (notice I didn't say unlocked) then the doors are forced to the closed position through mechanical means as a "default" position and powered open.

This means that the battery is required to power the doors open in order to overcome the force keeping the doors closed that the PCs were not strong enough to overcome manually. Thus, when the battery is removed, the doors return to their closed state with the same force that prevented them from manually opening them in the first place. Therefore, your "battery swapper" is stuck outside the mess hall and cut off form the party until such time as you replace the battery.

Aircraft wing anti-ice valves work this way. In the event of complete and total power failure, the valves are mechanically forced open by default to prevent the wings from icing up, just in case you are in icing conditions. The valves are electrically closed. In fact when "throwing the switch" you are actually flipping a valve hold-closed on/off switch.

This same effect could be easily accomplished through a gear/pulley drive mechanism in the doors, even for side-opening doors. It would also be a sound practice to compartmentalize the aircraft in the event of a power loss to avoid rapid-decompression. If this weren't the case, airlocks could just be pulled open by hand. Having the doors act as airlocks at the bulkheads for each compartment seems pretty legit.

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Another possibility is that the Corpse Fleet is in fact a sanctioned, but disavowed black ops division of Eox's military. In this instance, Ambassador Nor could be helping smuggle a known, high ranking, corpse fleet strategist into Absalom Station for some nefarious purpose. Because only the PCs, Commander Eskolar and Ambassador Nor have knowledge of this, the PCs are a loose end which needs to be eliminated.

Given that the Corpse Fleet is banned from the Pact Worlds, the fact that they were present at the Drift Rock, in Absalom Station jurisdiction, is a violation of Pact World law. There's no real reason to risk their own exposure and discovery when they could employ patsies to do their dirty work and then just eliminate the witnesses.

One of the two tables I ran this for never opened the crate. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil sort of thing. They were confused as to why they got jumped by the Corpse Fleet in the first place, but who can truly know the motives or intentions of such as those? They eventually assumed the Corpse Fleet wanted to search the Drift Rock for themselves, possibly aware of the alien tech.

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What maps will this scenario require?

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Adder007USA wrote:

I didn't see any thread regarding this scenario, and the errata/faq thread for the "first wave scenarios" indicates it's just for the gen con released scenarios, so I'm starting this one. Mods feel free to move this to the errata/faq thread if it belongs there.

Anyways. Just a few questions that I feel need clarification. Add any that come to you guys.

** spoiler omitted **


1) I also ran this against KAC, based on it fitting the majority of information given.
2) I ran it as the larvae couldn't survive out of a host long enough for it to matter, thus no action required.
3) The larvae burst is predicated upon them being "full" the first time the PCs pass them by and hungry again the second time. There is a perception check to notice the puncture wound, but because the larvae were internal I made them not visible or audible to the naked eye, requiring inspection of the puncture wound (which required a perception check to notice) via medicine check or something similarly sufficient to detect lifeforms inside of a corpse. That said, the second time I ran this, the group elected to "space" the body as soon as they detected a puncture wound the first time, while the larvae were still sated.

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Yasha Vienne wrote:
Melikar wrote:
I would argue that you can't use serums in the needle guns as they are not a "drug/medicinal/ or poison". Which has its own section separate from serums.

under the description of "dart ammunition" it specifically mentions syrum.

emphasis mine:

These light metal shafts each have a pointed tip and a reservoir to hold toxins or other appropriate substances that are typically liquid or viscous. While most combatants rely on darts to deliver toxins to enemies, particularly desperate or overworked field medics sometimes employ darts to conveniently deliver antitoxins, healing serums, and other beneficial drugs across a crowded battlefield. In these cases, medics often practice to improve their aim to ensure that this strategy is effective when employed.

Yes, this paragraph details the flavor context of usage, but is not the paragraph(s) that spells out the mechanics of how it works. It does list possibilities and even include future (post-CRB) possibilities.

Under page 181, section "Injection",
This weapon or its ammunition can be filled with a drug, an injury poison, or a medicinal compound. On a successful attack with the weapon (either the first attack if it’s a melee weapon or an attack with the relevant piece of ammunition if it’s a ranged weapon), the weapon automatically injects the target with the substance. Refilling the weapon with a new substance acts as reloading it and is a move action. Each different injectable material must be bought separately and can be used in any weapon with the injection special property. See page 231 for rules and prices for drugs, medicinals, and poisons."

RAW, you have to use something from the drugs, medicinals and poisons section.

Page 189, Injection glove references medicinals, but not serums as well.

Page 231, section "DRUGS, MEDICINALS, AND POISONS" states,
"The drugs, medicinals, and poisons appear by category on Table 7–34: Drugs, Medicinals, and Poisons and are detailed below. The table includes pricing for individual types of these items, and they all have negligible bulk. The rules for how drugs and poisons can affect a character can be found in Afflictions (see page 414)."

This doesn't say some or most of the drugs, medicinals and poisons. It states them as a complete category. 7-34 is your list of all CRB drugs, medical and poisons, which are the only things that can be used with the Injection special property.

You can't even make an argument that a serum is a medicinal for 2 reasons. First, it's not on the table. Second, the verbiage breaks down the 3 current categories of medicinals, none of which heal any hit points or statuses. Those would be a different category. Medicinals, just give you an increased chance of recovery from something.

One other word of caution. When you fire a projectile across the room at a high enough velocity to hit a small target, such as a Ysoki, from all the way across the room without any environmental penalties, such as gravity, crosswinds, etc even remotely being considered a factor, it's going to do damage when it hits. You still roll 1d4 damage, or whatever is appropriate, because someone still shot you with a projectile that impacted you with enough force to deliver it to you. Even if you home rule serums as allowed, you're throwing 1d4 dmg to deliver against 1d8 healing with a mk1 serum. You could very easily do more damage than healing.

Can you do it? Sure. You can do whatever you want. This isn't an organized play thread so you're not limited to RAW. You can do whatever you and your GM or you and your players consent to.

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According to the RPGG pg. 4, "Adventure Paths are six-volume Starfinder RPG campaigns. The Starfinder Society development team sanctions Adventure Path content on a case-by-case basis
for use in the Roleplaying Guild (see page 11 for more information)." Thus A single adventure Path is 6 volumes, making Dead Suns an Adventure path, and Incident at Absalom Station only 1/6 of an AP.

According to RPGG pg. 11, "A document will be created for each sanctioned Adventure Path that outlines the content for which players receive credit to be applied to legal characters as well as the Chronicle sheet(s) for that adventure. This document can be found on the product page for the sanctioned material or at starfindersociety/additional." (the space in the URL is in the RPGG and I chose not to edit a cited source). Based on the definition of terms on page 4, APs (in Starfinder) get sanctioned as a whole. In other words, either Dead Suns is sanctioned, or it isn't, with exceptions posted at the above link.

Going to that link, you are directed to the product page for the first volume, which makes sense; the beginning is where you would start looking for information about a 6-volume adventure. On that page, is a section labeled "Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Sanctioned Content" where it lists the volume the current page is about, but more importantly, it has a link labeled "Download the rules and Chronicle sheets."

PZO7201-Rules.pdf's very first sentence is "The Dead Suns Adventure Path may be played as part of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign for credit." Immediately to the right, there is a box labeled "SANCTIONED CONTENT KEY" which lists all six individual parts of the AP as sanctioned and for what levels.

The document further addresses how to play every volume and which ones can and can't use pregens. While only the first chronicle sheet was added, so far, it's clear this applies to the Adventure Path, not the first 1/6th of it.

This implies that Dead Suns' volumes are legal for play on the street date, but the additional materials (new Mystic class abilities, new spells, new weapons, new armor, new magic items, etc) require listing on the Additional Resources to become accessible. Which makes sense, rather than releasing unplayable content, they just hold back on the additional player resources until they can determine the impact on gameplay in the context of the Society environment.

Now, I know that the SFS world is rampant with people who still want to treat this as PFS 1.5 and treat everything as having to be the same as a different, individual game, unless an authority tells them they are wrong. This is natural, as change is often opposed by the masses and takes time.

So, while the documents, in multiple places clearly indicate that Dead Suns is Society legal, even though all of the resources contained within may not yet be, I'm sure some people with far more PFS experience than I will naturally oppose this on the basis of "That's not how PFS did/does it," despite the documentation (not to mention previous posts by Paizo employees stating that the intent is for SF APs to be developed to be SFS-legal from the start.

This leaves one obvious conundrum that is not addressed directly, but I believe is still addressed indirectly. Can you play without a chronicle sheet published yet for sanctioned content? I believe the answer, just like the quests and just like the text in the AP rules states about playing over multiple sessions, is that yes you can, but until you have a completed chronicle sheet, that character cannot be used in any other scenario or adventure.

Given that 5/6 player scheduled for my multi-week signup at my LGS for this have already played every scrap of available content, through 1-05, I doubt any of them will have an issue having a character who can't play anything until 1-06 is released anyway locked out while we wait on the chronicle sheet to be published.

Can I have an official ruling on this? We have the first session schedule to take place Thursday, 2 Nov at 5pm Paizo time.

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EC Gamer Guy wrote:

I'm not certain that the Batteries on the rifles count as an "error."

So you can only recharge that battery and have to plug in a 20 charge if you don't have access to a recharge station. 20 shots is still respectable.

Xenocrat wrote:

Page 23, Bloodbrother Serum: Costs 500 credits, lasts 5 rounds (30 seconds), has flavor text indicating the creators of this item use it to walk around ice floes and mediate, which seems like a lot to accomplish in 30 seconds. Suggest either lengthening the duration or removing the flavor text that doesn't plausibly match the mechanics.

Page 99, Diasporan Rifles: These allegedly follow laser rules and have battery capacity and usage numbers, but the capacity numbers do not match any published batteries and no new batteries are described. The 10 and 20 capacity versions can be adjusted by picking a 20 or 40 capacity battery and adjusting the usage appropriately, but the 30 capacity/1 usage can't be evenly converted into any existing battery capacity and usage level to ensure 30 shots per minimum (or maximum) battery size and usage will need to be edited more significantly.

If I'm not mistaken, you can't put a 20 charge battery in a 10 charge device. It's like shoving a 1.5v D cell battery into a 1.5v AA battery compartment, but you can go the other direction.

So a weapon that uses a 20 charge, 2 per shot battery could fire a 10 charge at 2 per shot, but a 20 charge just can't be used in a 10 charge slot.

Also, since batteries are removable and replaceable, you could legally buy a 1cr 10 charge flashlight and use it's battery, but I think that's broken as well.

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Option 2. It doesn't provide damage bonuses, etc that +5str would give. It simply lets you carry more weight before becoming encumbered or overburdened.

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I don't know if it is related or not, but the problem is not confined to just PFS. SFS is "denying" table credit as well. I believe it to be the AP, but am not 100% certain. What I know:

-I did not receive my first GM Nova after my 16 Sep tables were reported, so something prior to that was the culprit.
- I had 10/10 tables credit (AP was not yet reportable)as of 30 Sep.
- As of Oct 14, I lack 4 tables of credit. There is only one scenario worth 4 tables of Gaming at this point for me, which is the AP, book 1. I don't believe it is properly assigning table credit, now that it is reportable.

I will report back if last night's table (1-05) doesn't correctly apply credit.

I will also be closing out the AP, book 2 in the LGS on 9 November and will report back on it, regardless of the outcome.

I have 11 tables of credit. I should have 15 tables of credit, as follows:

Sat, Oct 14, 2017 #1–04: Cries From the Drift
Thu, Oct 12, 2017 Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6)
Sat, Sep 30, 2017 #1–04: Cries From the Drift
Sep 17, 2017 Quest: Into the Unknown
Sep 16, 2017 Quest: Into the Unknown
Sep 16, 2017 1-03: Yesteryear's Truth
Sep 15, 2017 #1-01: The Commencement
Sep 14, 2017 #1-03: Yesteryear's Truth
Sep 9, 2017 Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6)
Sep 7, 2017 #1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet
Aug 26, 2017 #1-00: Claim to Salvation
Aug 24, 2017 Quest: Into the Unknown
Aug 17, 2017 #1-00: Claim to Salvation

Like I said, I don't know if it's related to the PFS issue, but SFS also has an issue with table credit awarded, so I thought I would mention it here, just in case it is related and can help with your troubleshooting.

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Just got home from running this at our LGS and this was a lot of fun. Group had an APL of 3 with 6 players (3,3,3,4,2,2) and it challenged them. It’s hard to say much without spoilers, but the social-combat was much better than my last experience with it (PFS To Seal The Shadow) and I was greatful for that. The NPCs were a well-crafted blend of personalities and how they were utilized was appropriate and relevant.

The PC android misread the clue about Royo, so went up flashing circuitry and flaunting technology. They totally missed the word “analog” and it was priceless. Later, the Envoy failed the perception check for the trap and also failed the reflex. As if they hadn’t felt enough pain, the same android failed his stealth check and perception check searching for the surprises on stage and was within 15’ of all 5 surprises (standing on the center square). The assassin was next on initiative. Way too many d6 later, we had a Soldier in some pretty serious pain. They all had a great time tonight, despite missing both the secondary success condition and Acquisitives bonus condition, although I suspect few parties will unlock the entire chronicle sheet. Everyone at the table ended up crossing off one use of their Faction’s Friend boon from The Commencement tonight.

This scenario was a great blend of skills overall and the way the social interactions worked out, almost everyone had a way to contribute, even if they didn’t have a lot of social skills. Well done!

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Don't forget that the players come across an Idaran Force Training Baton, which is a force effect weapon (if they can wield it) to help with the fight against Yotto. It requires 12str to trigger the force effect, but the effect is automatic and it counts as an operative weapon. That said, one force baton and a 25% chance per combat round to have the etheric storm hazard in effect, do make this incredibly challenging. Like PFS, odd numbers of party members combined with an odd numbered APL do put you at a disadvantage in this scenario.

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If Alien Archive isn't sanctioned by the time I run this tomorrow night, the players who gain access to any AA items via their chronicle sheet can still purchase and use them, correct?

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Coridan wrote:
So uh, Energize Spell magic hack just became AWESOME

You have no idea. Wait until they sanction Alien Archive and people go buying a Diasporan Rifle (pg. 99) that uses a battery that isn't available for sale in AA or the CRB. You're limited to recharging your single 10-charge battery.

Since batteries are interchangeable, here are a list of other items that come with a 10-charge battery that you could buy.

- Brown Force Field (1600cr lvl 3)
- Purple Force Field (4550cr lvl 6)
- Black Force Field (10,500cr lvl 8)
- Beacon (25cr lvl 1)
- Flashlight (1cr lvl 1)
- Lantern (1cr lvl 1)
- Spotlight (25cr lvl 1)

I would expect the rifle to get errata'd to use a 20 charge battery instead, but if AA is sanctioned before this, then these are your RAW options.

Interesting side-point is that two different 1cr items can power three different force fields. I suppose that considering the consumption rate of those batteries, that's probably OK though. Back to your original point though, Energize is absolutely a handy thing!

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Excellent read-through and (if it is sanctioned in time) I am super excited to GM it in my SFS group next week! The storyline thus far is engaging and the two tables I have run the first volume for have really enjoyed it. I can't wait to present volume 2 to them!

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I have run it twice and played it once. 4 hours per part (there are 3 parts) is reasonable. It's about 6.5 hours of straight mechanics with no role-play or investigation done by players. By the time you factor the rest in, 12 hours is about right, which is perfect for 3 4-hour sessions.

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You are correct. When playing non-Society play, you earn 2 levels worth of XP per AP book. When playing under the Society rules, you earn 1 level, requiring additional Society participation to advance. I'm not the most qualified to explain the "Why," however.

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Marc Waschle wrote:
Was that estimate from last week or from right after GENCON? LOL

Approximately five weeks from October 6 according to this post by Erik Keith from the Paizo team.

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Wrikreechee also have a powerful sonic weapon that you might have overlooked! Cursed wriks!

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Wasn't the interior made of adamantine or something similar as well? At best you're probably just removing the rock to expose a facility made entirely of incredibly hard materials.

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