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Kaigon the Miscreant

Franco Nymmis's page

39 posts. Alias of redclover.

Full Name

Franco Nymmis




Rogue(Thug) 1st













Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Franco Nymmis

Franco Nymmis CR
Male Rogue 1st
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses-Perception +7



AC 16 , touch 13 , flat-footed 13. . (+3 armor, + 2 Dex, +1 Dodge)
Fort +1 , Ref +4 , Will +1(+ 3 vs fear)



Spd 30 ft.
Dagger +0(1d4/19-20/x2)
Sap +0(1d6/20/x2)
Quarterstaff +0(1d6/20/x2)
Light Crossbow +2(1d8/19-20/x2)
Dart +2(1d4/20/x2)
Dagger +2(1d4/19-20/x2)



Str 11, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +0 ; CMB+0 +; CMD12
Feats Skill Focus(Intimidate), Crossbow Mastery(Light Crossbow)
Traits Making good on Promises,
.Disable Device-1+3+2=6
.Sleight of Hand-1+3+2=6
.Escape Artist-1+3+2=6
.Sense Motive-1+3+1=5

Languages- Taldane,Varisian, Halfling, Necril
Combat Gear Wooden Armor, Light Crossbow, 3 daggers, sap, 40 bolts,6 darts,Quarterstaff
GearPickpocket's outfit w/ tricorn hat, thieves tools, reinforced scarf, flint and steel, backpack, 2 pounds tobacco, rolling parchments ,water skin, whetstone, 2 wrist sheaths(one hand containing a dagger, the other several bolts.)2 Common torches, 6 Tindertwigs.16GP / 8CP



Dagger - 0/3
Rolled Cigarettes- 1/896



Bonus Feat Skill focus(Intimidate)
Skilled Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Making Good on Promises+2 trait bonus on saves
against fear effects.

Sneak Attack +1d6If Franco can catch an opponent unable to defend effectively from his attack, he can strike a vital spot for extra damage.
FrighteningWhenever Franco successfully uses Intimidate to demoralize a creature, the duration of the shaken condition is increased by 1 round. In addition, if the target is shaken for 4 or more rounds, he can instead decide to make the target frightened for 1 round.

"Third Time's the Charm."


Franco's earliest memories are of an orphanage in the decaying city of Ardis. The orphanage was overcrowded and underfunded as it were, and the children there, Franco included, etched out a life for themselves largely by learning to take what they needed. While he understood the importance of not being seen, stealth, and quick fingers like many of his peers, Franco also possessed a fiery spirit and demanding personality. He soon learned that he could often make others simply do things for him, and reap the benefits. His words carried weight, and with it fear. It was an easy lesson to learn that when he spoke with intent, others listened. He was a smart boy, and had a way of keeping his ear to the ground despite occasional absent mindedness.

This served him well with children of his own age but by the time Franco was eleven years old, he had grown tired of not being able to boss around the caretakers at the orphanage. Ardis was practically a cesspool of abandoned estates and lax authority. Such cesspools are breeding grounds for criminal activity and Franco became fascinated with the Sczarni, having heard of sects of the group residing in the City. One night after an argument with the headmistress of the orphanage, Franco packed his sparse belongings into a stolen backpack and fled in search of his criminal idols.

Franco soon found the Sczarni, or rather they found him. A rather unscrupulous pack of men who dealt largely in kidnapping from the decaying streets of Ardis and selling them into slavery found the runaway easy prey. Ardis has a thriving slave market. The few remaining farmers there have a high demand for cheap slaves to tend their fallow fields. Children are cheaper and as such the unsettling practice grew unfortunately profitable and common. Franco had but a moment of optimism in encountering his 'heroes', before the confusion at the source of sudden pain in the back of neck,from a crude sap, perhaps a scarf with chain links within, he figured at a later date. Next came a sudden glittering blackness over his young eyes. And finally, some time later waking up with in chains surrounded by fellow children carrying the same burden.

Franco proved a terrible servant. He was fiercely defiant in the face of beatings, and worse. Until his sixteenth year, he was sold countless times after fed up owners cut their losses after the defiant slave's multiple escape attempts and surprisingly forceful presence proved to be to big of a problem. Knowing that dissension at his current age and track record could lead to death served as no inhibitor to his fiery spirit.

Franco's last time as a slave found him in the slave market of Calliphas, a seedy but accepted part of the Cosmopolitan city.Fate smiled upon the fair haired man for a moment and a passing Petros Lorrimor happened to witness the fearless Franco practically reducing a slave marketeer to tears with a stringent of threats,sharp tongued insults, and a bit of spit too. Although Franco suffered quite a beating in reprimand, it lasted only so long the the Professor could close the distance between himself and Franco.

Lorrimor bought the enslaved man's contract and freed him from his chains, generously granting Franco his freedom. " With a spirit so defiant and a determination so dogged, there is little you could not do. I ask only that you make the best of your liberty and do not squander it, I'll be in touch. " The grateful Franco vowed to do so and assured the Professor that he would be ready to return the favor.

The years since proved quite disappointing for the young man. His standoffish nature was most pronounced in his late teens, and proved to be a problem in society as well. After losing multiple menial jobs over arguments with owners and customers, and one particularly bad experience that ended in Franco assaulting a bartender for not serving the baby faced seventeen year old. Angered and on the run from authority, he soon fell in with the seedier side of Calliphas.

Here he was in his element, and advanced fairly quickly in power with a Sczarni group. He worked as an efficient enforcer, was subtle enough not to get caught, and proved able to lie his way out when he had to. He made money profiteering but consumed most of his money in alcohol or pesh in an attempt to numb himself. He was a man consumed with self guilt, having his life saved by Llorimor only to be squandered. He lived in fear of the day the professor would collect his debt. Worse he feared that the old man had died off long ago after not being able to catch the on the lamb Franco.

His habits made him sloppy and he was subsequently caught in the act of extorting a silk merchant, but in drunken stupor roared out threats loud enough to attract guards. Franco has spent the time since then in and out of prison, never finding a cell he can't escape, one lesson he's thankful for learning as a slave. But still most recently he found himself in a chain gang working outside of Ardis, -- I could use some DM input here on what exactly one might be doing there, if there's nothing specific i suppose he could just be working in the fields.-- . Years in and out of chains has turned his defiance more subtle, more of the cerebral bent. He's a bit less defiant now, at least outwardly, but still just as intimidating. He felt fearless once more, untouchable, having largely forgotten the fear of debt to the professor which gripped his criminal days. He faced his current sentence with a quiet defiance of stoicism and plotted his next escape. A plot, that as it turned out would not be needed...

A messenger upon a horse arrived one morning as Franco plowed the field[/ooc]--Or appropriate activity we decide.--[/ooc] bearing two letters, a letter for Franco , and a letter for his release. It seemed the ever generous Llorimor had one last kindness for the misguided Franco, paying for his release of the prisoner and his passage to Ravengro. Franco hardly had time to rejoice before finding out that the professor had passed and had named him specifically in his will. Franco secured a cache of possessions stashed near the old orphanage of his home and set off for Ravengro, fear of what the late Professor might ask of the man growing along the way. But also growing curiously, is a dogged determination, and a fearless defiance to make the best of this chance Llorimor had given him. "Third time's the Charm."

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