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'Flush' Gurdon's page

76 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Wei Ji the Learner.

Full Name

Kraznik 'Flush' Gurdon




Sch. Mech. 1|Init:+1|SP:7|/7|HP:12/12|RP: 4/4|EAC: 15|KAC: 17|AC v CM: 25|F: +3|R: +3|W: +2|Eng:+11|Comp./PhSci: +8|LiSci/Med:+7|Per:+4|Ath: +2|Stlth/Pil:+1|PFS#145296-701






None of your business





About 'Flush' Gurdon

Kraznik was a low-end maintenance technician working at a research institute developing a magitech nanoswarm intelligence. Given her relative lack of physique and motivation beyond the rote recitals of Vesk procedure and hierarchy, it was largely anticipated that she wasn't going to ever advance herself in society.

In a world of hard-driven desperate Vesk, that's typically a bad life choice.

However, one day while she was performing her rounds she found that one of the swarms had managed to break containment, and managed to 'flush' them before they caused too much damage via a 'grey oops' incident, though at great personal cost.

At least, that was the *official* documentation, followed quickly by 'Flush' being discharged with all due and appropriate honors and her records quickly buried.

In reality, the swarm found a way to 'hitch a ride' inside her mind, and performed some wonders on the deficient custodian's brain and body. After that, it was child's play to alter records and gently guide their host back to consciousness.

Now with more brain than she ever dreamt of having, and an urge to explore with her new-found freedom, she seeks new adventures in the Starfinder Society.

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