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Flintas's page

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Hey all,

I was just reading through one of the next modules I'm planning on running with my friends, My Enemy's Enemy to be specific, and came across an NPC that seems to have some potential history behind her in PFS modules. Dorianna Ouidda. A little digging and I found that, yes, she has appeared in several modules in the past.

So far I've found:

Fingerprints of the Fiend
Shadow's Last Stand (parts 1 and 2)
Rivalry's End

Does anyone know if there's a list out there with all of her appearances or does anyone know if I'm missing any? This seems like a good recurring villain and I'd like to run the full story behind her, in order, so that my group has the full story. She seems like an interesting adversary.

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Have the wizard prepare or craft scrolls of summon monster 5 and 6. Summon monster 5 can summon a Bralani Azata which has cure serious wounds 2/day. Summon monster 6 can summon Lillend Azata with has cure serious 3/day and cure light 5/day.

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I just picked up the Mythic Adventures pdf and was looking through it when I came across an ability that made me question how it works.

The archmage path ability "Perfect Preparation" states that you no longer need to prepare spells from a spellbook or familiar and that you can keep or discard your spellbook or familiar. My question would be, how does this affect spells known? Do you still have the same limit on spells known or can you prepare any spell from your list like a cleric does?

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So I'm playing a LE paladin that follows devils (variant made for this game) and one of my friends is playing a summoner. Last session his Eidolon got killed, so we're going to be without him until we rest. We're in a dungeon, so that may be hard to do.

My friend told me today that he's been looking up summons to use for the remainer of the day and that his most likely will be a Babau. I don't think he's realized that it's a Demon or what my character's likely reaction will be. We haven't faced demons yet, and the fact that they are my main enemies has no tcome up, but he knows that I smite chaos instead of good and am part of the armies of hell.

Nothing has been said in game yet, but do you think I should let him know out of game of the potential problem of summoning a demon or should I just let it play out and attack the Babau when I see it appear? My friend has a good sense of humor, so he may appreciate it.

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If you're using a laptop, you can also use this.

This is a very helpful application. Useful tabs with quick reference for spells, feats, magic item and monsters. It also has many of the monsters and NPC stat blocks from the Paizo APs loaded. I really recommend this.

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Hi All,

I'm making a new oracle curse for a game I'm in but need a little advise concerning the level bonuses. Here's what I have so far.

Oracle Curse of Youth.
The oracle with this curse stops aging physically between the ages of 6 and 12. They continue to mature mentally, but often have a childlike manner to them, either in speech, mannerisms or both. An oracle with the curse of youth has the following changes.

- Medium creature drop in size to small. They take a -4 penalty to Strength, -2 penalty to Constitution and a +2 bonus to Dexterity. They gain the following size bonuses. +1 Att/AC, -1 cmb/cmd, +2 Fly skill, +4 Stealth. Their base movement drops to 20ft.

- Small creature drop in size to Tiny. They take a -4 penalty to strength, and gain a +2 bonus to dexterity. They gain the following size bonuses. +2 Att/AC, -2 CMB/CMD, +4 Fly skill, +8 Stealth. Their base movement drops to 15 ft.

- All youth oracles take a -4 penalty on Diplomacy & Intimidate skills. Being young, people don't take them as seriously.

- Youth oracles take no penalties from aging.

Oracles with the Curse of Youth, cannot take the Time mystery.

Now the thing I'm running into a problem with is the other bonuses the curse grants while leveling. Normally a curse grants additional bonuses relating to the curse itself at levels 5, 10 and 15. I just can't think of anything that fits well.

I put in a +2 inherant charisma bonus at 5, 10 and 15, and my GM has already ok'd it, but it just comes off as kind of boring to me. Granted it's nice since the oracle is a charisma based class, but I want something fun, not just powerful. Anyone have any suggestions on what we could use to fill the gaps?

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I'd say this combination works. As stated before, Mirror Image specifies that the attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled. If you cast Deeper Darkness (or regular darkness in an area of dim light)then you can't see the figments, unless you have darkvision of course.

Closing your eyes is the same thing as being in darkness. You can't see and are, effectively, blind without suffering from the Blinded condition.

If you can't see the figments, so they don't affect you. You still have a 50% miss chance, same as when you're blind or when you're in darkness. True Strike just makes the miss chance an non-issue for the one attack.

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