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The arrow is a +5 human bane arrow. Regardless of target, this remains true. Fire it at a goblin, +5 human bane. Fire it at a dragon, +5 human bane.

Now, fire it at a human, human bane activates on the otherwise +5 arrow making it +7 overall.

my 2cp

When a Shield Champion Brawler throws his shield and it returns to him at the end of his turn, can he ready it so that he still has his shield bonus to AC or does he need to use a throwing shield if he wants to do this?

Yeah. The incorporal part about him is about the only thing I actually like. Otherwise, I just find him to be boring as a boss fight. I've never been a big fan of possession type abilities.

As for the darkness, there's a wand of daylight that they got earlier in the module. The wizard has been using it for the last few dungeons as his go to light source because of the area of effect. If he's not using it, I'd be surprised. So there goes that advantage.

So far I have applied the strength/constitution/damage dice reduction penalties as if I were dropping him to Huge, but I'm leaving him Gargantuan. These penalties are to represent the weakness from the potion. As he stands, he's not that much better than Eustoyriax at present. I'm pretty sure my players can take him as is.

I'm going to take your suggestion and see how the top floor of the citadel goes and if they do as well as I suspect, I'll add on a few mythic ranks. They'll level again before getting to him anyways.

As a note, I'm not using XP. I'm leveling them and giving them mythic ranks along the suggested list and time that the modules suggest.

The party makeup is as follows.

Wizard 7/Archmage 2
Paladin 7/Champion 2
Bard 7/Marshal 2
Cavalier 7/Guardian 2

The wizard is a blaster, who is doing a decent job so far. The real powerhouse is the paladin. Oathbound Archetype (oath of vengeance) and ranged combat, bow. He has a habit of rolling high on his attacks. I'd say he's cheating, but it doesn't matter what dice he's using. Plus we're playing on roll20, so I think he's rolling legit. Just really lucky :)

Standard round 1 for the party is

- bard. start performance (lightning performance to do it swift)/cast haste.
- paladin. smite, rapid shot (mythic rapid shot)He gets 5 shots off in the round. (He took down Soltengrebbe almost by himself thanks to a lucky crit).
- Cavalier. Mounted charge and attack/act as wall.
- Wizard. Best spell for the occasion. Whatever that happens to be.

Hello all,

The players in my Wrath game are just about to move in on Citadel Drezen and I'm doing all my prep work now. Looking through the module, I really don't like Eustoyrix as a final boss.

I'm thinking of have the Xacarba that was listed as the original guardian still be alive, but the Nahyndrian elixir weakened him instead of killed him. My only problem is properly de-powering him. I'm going to leave him the same size, but applying the modifiers to make him Huge, except the dex, just to reduce the damage and DC on the poison a bit. Also remove the Hezrou from his summon list.

The rest I'm planning on applying negative levels to even him out, but my problem is that I'm not really sure how many to apply. I was thinking of giving him 4 negative levels, but wanted to know if this may still be too much.

As a power level gauge, my players took down Soltengrebbe in one round. And that's with one of the four of them being unable to get in range to attack.

Thanks in advance.

Samasboy1 wrote:


PRD wrote:
When you begin a spell that takes 1 round or longer to cast, you must continue the concentration from the current round to just before your turn in the next round (at least). If you lose concentration before the casting is complete, you lose the spell.
The casting wasn't complete until just before his next turn, when the monster shows up. Death prevents him from completing the spell.

Wow! How did I miss that. It was two lines down :)

Thanks for pointing that part out.

Hi all,

So this came up in my game the other day. One of the casters my players were fighting started casting summon monster. Casting time 1 round.

Since a 1 round spell casts as a full-round action, he did finish casting it on his turn, but then was killed before the monster materialized just before his next turn.

Would the summoned monster still appear or would the spell fizzle?

I recently played a Half-fiend paladin (homebrew variant, but basically an anti-paladin). I know it's not the same as a half-dragon, but I can say that I found the two levels I was missing to be a severe hindrance and not worth the benefits of the template.

My group meets for about 3 hours each week as well. One thing that we found works is that we usually do all our down time stuff, shopping, crafting, ect by e-mail between sessions. If we end a session n an RP note, we often do a lot of our RP by e-mail as well. It's still a lot of fun. Just make sure the whloe group is in on the RP. Or at least the characters that would be present, plus the GM.

Not to side track, but 8d6+8 on scorching ray? How?

You could always go rogue with an improved feint build. You'll be pretty reliably getting your sneak attack in combat and have enough skill points to be versatile out of combat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey all,

I was just reading through one of the next modules I'm planning on running with my friends, My Enemy's Enemy to be specific, and came across an NPC that seems to have some potential history behind her in PFS modules. Dorianna Ouidda. A little digging and I found that, yes, she has appeared in several modules in the past.

So far I've found:

Fingerprints of the Fiend
Shadow's Last Stand (parts 1 and 2)
Rivalry's End

Does anyone know if there's a list out there with all of her appearances or does anyone know if I'm missing any? This seems like a good recurring villain and I'd like to run the full story behind her, in order, so that my group has the full story. She seems like an interesting adversary.

Hi All,

My friends and I recently started society play during our home game. I'm going to be starting GMing shortly for these games and had a quick question about the items on the chronicle sheet.

In the section of the guide for organized play dealing with filling out the chronicle sheet, step 7 states that you are to cross out any treasure the players didn't find. That part is fine. I get it.

The guide also states, "if you're running the lower subtier, always cross out all of the items listed for the higher subtier". So running the 1-2 subtier in a 1 - 5 tier module, you cross out the 4-5 subtier. But what if you're running the 4-5 subtier? Do you cross out the 1-2? I'd assume yes.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Build a wizard and focus on non-lethal battlefield control. Spells like color spray, sleep and grease will be your friend in earlier levels and walls will be good later.

Tell your DM to look into the AP Council of Thieves. They have something going wrong on a grand scale. With some nice build-up in one of the earlier parts.

One way would be to make it generic. Each book could be related to one of the 10 knowledge checks. Roll a d12 to determine which one. 11-12 would be works of fiction or art. Only give specific info if it's required.

Another +1 for the Paladin/Lore-acle combo. I recommend taking the curse of tongues. But that's just because the idea of a knowledge monkey that can't communicate properly in battle makes me laugh. You probably won't need the paladin's channel energy, so oath of vengeance would be a powerful choice. Also, consider the Noble Scion feat at level 1 (Scion of War option). That would let you add your charisma to initiative as well.

All said and done, your charisma would add to your: initiative (noble scion), saves (divine grace), hit and damage (smite), ac and reflex saves (sidestep secret). And all this on two charisma heavy characters. Add in full BAB and full casting (spontaneous) that isn't affected by armor and you've got a hell of a character for a solo character for fighting evil outsiders.

Grayfen Starling wrote:

If the goal is to increase the AoE of Color Spray, I concede that Widen Spell is the appropriate feat to effect same. I think my argument for using the Reach Spell feat to displace the point of origin of the spell is valid.

Zhayne wrote:

If Color Spray were a close range spell, it's range would be printed in the same format as every other close range spell. Specifically:

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Since that is not how its range is formatted, it is not a close range spell.

I disagree with that interpretation. The description of close range inherently includes spells with ranges expressed other than as quoted above based on their values falling within a particular range category. Color Spray is much like a three-legged dog, it won't meet the reasonable definition that all dogs have four legs, but it's still a dog. Color Spray is 15 feet, which one would reasonably qualify as within the limits of 'close range'.

Let's say Color Spray was expressed in such terms as you have described above. There would be problems, the area of effect would be too large for a level one spell that renders unconscious, blinds and stuns multiple creatures and because the point of origin of the spray is the Wizard's hand it would lead players to presume that the cone continues to expand as the range increases with every two wizard levels.

The definition of close range reads "The spell reaches as far as 25 feet away from you". 'As far as' is just as good as "no farther than". Color Spray would be described as close range because: it's longer range than touch and closer range than medium. Fifteen feet is certainly no farther than (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels).

If the point of origin of a touch spell (a wizard's hand) can be displaced with Reach Spell, then why not a spray? The area of effect is merely displaced and not expanded as per "Widen Spell". That is the point of the feat after all.

The problem with this is that you're trying to use Reach Spell to change the point of origin for the spell. Reach Spell does not change the point or origin. It only affects the range the spell can be used at. The point of origin is the same.

The range of 15ft in the spell description is only listed to indentify the area of the cone.

Ok, Let's spell out some differences between Spiritual Weapon and Mage's Sword to see if it's worth a 5 spell level difference.

SW - Medium
MS - Close

Spiritual weapon has a greater range

MS - V,S,F (250 gp mini platinum sword)

Spiritual weapon can be used without costly focus.

To Hit
SW - BAB+Wis mod
MS - CL+Int/Cha+3

Safe to say that Mage's Sword is normally going to have a better to hit. Though a good warpriest build with a good BAB could give it a good run for it's money.

SW - 1d8+(1/3 caster levels)
MS - 4d6+3

Mage's Sword does do more damage per hit, but...

SW - per BAB
MS - 1

Spiritual weapon can have multiple attacks per round, making it possible to have a higher damage output. One miss from MS means no damage for the round while SW can have another go.

Action to switch targets
SW - Move
MS - Standard

Spiritual Weapon can be re-directed and still leave you with the ability to cast another spell.

Final verdict, while Mage's Sword seems to have the better base damage and higher attack modifier, the ability to have multiple attacks give Spiritual Weapon a balancing factor. Couple that with the fact that it's a second level spell and you can more easily have multiple castings up, I think it's safe to say that the boost of 5 spell levels is something that has to be re-worked.

As in hasten the onset time or make the effects more frequent?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Have the wizard prepare or craft scrolls of summon monster 5 and 6. Summon monster 5 can summon a Bralani Azata which has cure serious wounds 2/day. Summon monster 6 can summon Lillend Azata with has cure serious 3/day and cure light 5/day.

The Arcane Blast feat lets you convert spells into ray attacks. That might be a good start. Use that for ray versatility or use your spells normally when necessary.

Every time I think I come up with a unique character concept, I see a post with someone else doing the same thing within a few days. I just have to face it, I'm not that creative.

That being said, the build I was focusing on was a regular wizard, using the necromancy school, who studies necromancy to better fight the undead. Obviously take the Turn Undead aspect of Power Over Undead. He shuns any spells that create undead, destroying any copies of spells he finds in spellbooks and scrolls. Spells that command undead are fine to him as he only uses them to have the undead be passive as they are destroyed.

Opposed schools are enchantment and illusion as they are likely to be ineffective versus his chosen foes. And being a follower of Pharasma seems to fit well too :)

No, that's about how I figured it for my Aasimar Bard. I did 1-10 insead of 3-12, but it amounts to the same thing.

By chance, are you a straight Aasimar or did you pick to Azata Blooded subtype? They have a bonus on perform in place of diplomacy and their spell-like ability is glitterdust 1/day.

Makes sense. Thanks for the thoughts.

There is that, but an attack of opportunity does not take an action. It's neither standard, full-round, free swift or immediate. That's why I wasn't sure if it applied here.

One of my players came up with a tactic and was wondering if it would work. My gut reaction is yes, but I'd like a second opinion.

A character uses a ready action to ready a dimension door spell if an opponent starts casting a spell. The dimension door triggers and the character hops to be adjcent to the caster. Would the caster provoke an attack of opportunity since the character is now adjcent to him when he's casting?

I always understood that prepared casters don't have a "spells known" per say, more of a, you figured it out and have scribed it to your book, which you reference to memorize it for the day. In other words, your book is your spells known. Without your book, you can't prepare spells. If you loose your book, you loose the spells.

7 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just picked up the Mythic Adventures pdf and was looking through it when I came across an ability that made me question how it works.

The archmage path ability "Perfect Preparation" states that you no longer need to prepare spells from a spellbook or familiar and that you can keep or discard your spellbook or familiar. My question would be, how does this affect spells known? Do you still have the same limit on spells known or can you prepare any spell from your list like a cleric does?

Hendelbolaf wrote:
MrJello wrote:
So a phylactery of positive channel would take a 20dc if I wasn't 10??? What about for weapons +1,+2,+3 would it be 5 + 3^2 and if I am not level 9 + another +5 for a total of 19dc for a +3 weapon???

Yes on the Phylactery of Positive Channeling. If you were a 3rd level caster and you just picked up Craft Wondrous Item it would be a DC 20 (CL10 + Base5 + Requirement not met 5). If you had an intelligence of 18 and 3 ranks in Spellcraft as a class skill to get a +10, then you could take 10 and make it with no problem if you had 5500gp.

For weapons the caster level is 3 times the enhancement bonus and each of the non-enhancement abilities, like Flaming, have a CL already. Such as CL 10 for Flaming. If a weapon has both enhancement bonuses and abilities then the CL is the higher of the two.

If you wanted to create a +3 weapon, then the CL would be 9 so it would be a DC 14 to craft it.

This makes me think of a related question. If I have a +1 flaming sword and want to upgrade it to +2 flaming, is the caster level when upgrading still CL 10 for flaming, or CL 6 for +2 since the flaming is already in place? I would assume CL 10.

In my group's current game, I'm playing a Bard. Level 4 right now. I'm presently saving up my cast so I can get a Circle of Persuasion. +3 to all Charisma based checks for a Bard is awesome. Granted, it doesn't help my spellcasting at all, but I rely more on my perform checks anyways. Espcially with versatile performance giving me so much variety.

Andy Brown wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:
DEXRAY wrote:

Adding New Abilities

Sometimes, lack of funds or time make it impossible for a magic item crafter to create the desired item from scratch. Fortunately, it is possible to enhance or build upon an existing magic item. Only time, gold, and the various prerequisites required of the new ability to be added to the magic item restrict the type of additional powers one can place.

The cost to add additional abilities to an item is the same as if the item was not magical, less the value of the original item. Thus, a +1 longsword can be made into a +2 vorpal longsword, with the cost to create it being equal to that of a +2 vorpal sword minus the cost of a +1 longsword.

You could pay the price difference to further enchant it.

That would be a waste of 2,000 gold.

+2 is 8,000. +3 is 18,000. The price difference is 10,000 gold. It's cheaper to just get a new one.

Where did the +3 come from?

Got a +1 (2000), want a +2 (8000), pay the difference (6000).
Cold iron isn't relevant at this point, as it's a one-off extra cost on the first enchantment

Called is a +1 equivalent weapon ability, so a +1 called weapon counts as a +2 weapon for figuring out the cost of upgrading and selling it.

Minor Image or Color spray are always good choices.

I think that probably makes more sense. Thanks for the input.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I'm trying to figure out if I've got this right. A Klar with a Bashing enchantment on it would be doing 2d6 damage on a shield bash, correct? A Klar's damage is listed as 1d6, bashing increases it by 2 sizes.
d6 ->d8->2d6.

Am I right on this or not. The reason I ask is because the Klar lists Slashing damage and a shield bash is normally Bludgeoning. The change could just be a flavor of the weapon thing. I'm not sure.

thejeff wrote:
Flintas wrote:
I think what the OP is asking is how HiPS works against darkvision. I believe the answer would be that if you're using darkness and shadow to hide, you will still be visible to those who have darkvison and you are within it's range. Dwarves and half-orcs see as well in darkness as they do in light. If you're relying on shadows and darkness to hide, it's ineffective against those with darkvision.
No. If you're using darkness to hide, you're not using HiPS. If you're using HiPS, the nearby dim light allows you to hide even if you're being observed. It's magic. Someone with Darkvision would be able to observe you, but HiPS lets you use Stealth anyway.

HiPS states that it allows the user to use the stealth skill even while being observed without having cover to hide behind. Normally, to use stealth while being observed, you need to use cover so that the observer looses sight of the character using stealth.

With HiPS, you don't need cover as long as you're within 10 ft of dim light. That's the only difference. If a dwarf passes a person that hid in advance using a dimly lit area, the dwarf will see him automatically because of darkvision. The same applies here. HiPS does not change the fact that you're relying on the dim light as the source of your concealment and that darkvision sees in dim light as if it were a well lit area.

I think what the OP is asking is how HiPS works against darkvision. I believe the answer would be that if you're using darkness and shadow to hide, you will still be visible to those who have darkvison and you are within it's range. Dwarves and half-orcs see as well in darkness as they do in light. If you're relying on shadows and darkness to hide, it's ineffective against those with darkvision.

In 3.5 one of my players decided to make a shapechanger wizard with multiple personalities. Each day he would roll randomly to determine the dominant personality. Each personality would focus on different spells to memorize. His personalities were"

a human woman named Chloe (base personality, almost never used). She was a soft spoken party face. NG alignment.

An elven woman named Firlin. An agressive and violent person who focused on offensive magic. NE alignment.

A human male named Rico. A womaniser who's life's goal was to make magic orbs tht could show a recorded scene. He wanted to make adult movies. :D

A dwarven child, I forget the name, who acted like a 4 year old. Was obcessed with candy.

The party never did figure him out. His crowning achievement was when he used silent image to make it look like Chloe was chewing the others out when one of the other party members aproached his room.

Just a simple, but effective bruiser build.

Orc Barbarian

Stat Base Modified
Str 13 17
Dex 13 13
Con 13 13
Int 12 10
Wis 10 8
Cha 10 8

Put your favored class bonus into Hp for a little more survivability and you'll do fine. Not the most glorious character, but it could be fun.

Short answer. I'd say you're doing fine.

Longer answer involves a question. Are the near deaths because your monsters are just steamrolling the characters or due to bad rolls for the players and good rolls for the DM?

If it's the former, you might want to tone it down so you're not doing it too often.

If it's the latter, it happens. Don't give it another thought. Characters die. It's an inevitable part of the game.

A potion of reduce person costs 50g and lasts for 1 minute. Might not be quite what you wanted, but it's effective.

master_marshmallow wrote:

Since there are already damage dealers, you may consider the aasimar variant or the hospitalitor, and take on the role of healer

Otherwise go with oath of vengeance, take angelic blood and angelic wings along with power attack, furious focus, and death from above, you fly, you charge, you wreck sh*t

I like the oath of vengeance idea. It fits well with the character. She's suppose to be the mother of my bard and if he dies, she'll come in to make sure his killer pays the price.


Hey all.

The GM for the game I'm playing in has asked us to make a backup character incase our characters die and and we're not able to bring them back. I'm playing a bard right now, and I'm thinking of a paladin for my backup character.

I was thinking of a sword and board build since the party presently consists of a barbarian, archer fighter and wizard, plus my bard of course. The problem is, I have no ideas for a build. I'm open to other builds and am more interrested in the rp aspect anyways. Any suggestions?

15 point buy.
azata-blooded aasimar (story reason, not changable)
can use anything on the d20pfsrd

Artanthos wrote:

Good for him.

He's putting character development ahead of combat optimization.

He's also most likely the only guy in the party that will have more than 3 skill points / level. (assuming another player is human)

Yeah, Seriously. This is not a bad thing. As long as he's playing the character he wants, is having fun and no one else is angry about it, there's nothing wrong with it.

I've done the same thing. An elven fighter, 25 point buy (3.0), with leather armor, TWF. 17 dex, 9 con. Still one of the most fun characters I've ever played.

I like the idea, but certain things could be abused. For example, Good gaining +1 skill point per level. What if they change alignment to Neutral later on. They still benefit from the skill points they've already gained. I think all the abilities should be some sort of bonus based on level like your Lawful ability.

RumpinRufus wrote:
Man, I would be so tempted to take the Battle mystery instead. Check out the revelations Combat Healer, War Sight, Surprising Charge, Weapon Mastery, and Iron Skin, and then reconsider whether you want to play the healbot.

+1 on this.

I've played this combo before in a gestalt game and it rocked. I played the pally as a sword and board build, and almost never had to rely on spells in higher levels. Between the cure spells you get and lay on hands, you'll have more than enough to go around.

There's an item in the Ultimate Equipment called the Blinkback Belt. 5k gp, any light or one handed weapon drawn and thrown from the belt returns to the belt as soon as the attack is resolved. It's an absolute necessary item to avoid needing multiple magic weapons to throw.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I'm playing a LE paladin that follows devils (variant made for this game) and one of my friends is playing a summoner. Last session his Eidolon got killed, so we're going to be without him until we rest. We're in a dungeon, so that may be hard to do.

My friend told me today that he's been looking up summons to use for the remainer of the day and that his most likely will be a Babau. I don't think he's realized that it's a Demon or what my character's likely reaction will be. We haven't faced demons yet, and the fact that they are my main enemies has no tcome up, but he knows that I smite chaos instead of good and am part of the armies of hell.

Nothing has been said in game yet, but do you think I should let him know out of game of the potential problem of summoning a demon or should I just let it play out and attack the Babau when I see it appear? My friend has a good sense of humor, so he may appreciate it.

Dekalinder wrote:
The action needed is the casting time of that same spells. It's quite obvius when you think you can use it to cast contingency or geas, ofc you need that full 10 minutes to do it even if you used wild arcana.

+1 on this.

By the same idea, casting feather fall would be a swift action. It seems to make sense.

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