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**( )( )( )

Just picked this folio up from the FLGS, and after having looked forward to these maps (and particularly after having been so impressed by the recent Shackles map PDF) the fact that the big Shackles map is unlabeled was disappointing, to say the least. We already have maps showing the geographical layout of the Shackles inside the covers of the AP modules, and why Paizo thought we needed a larger version of the same map (with even less information on it) is beyond me. The parchment map makes a good handout for the players to use (as expected) and the map of Port Peril is nice, but the map that was potentially most helpful to the GM is useless as anything other than decoration. Now, as GM, if I want map details I have to have a computer handy to access the labeled PDF, print out PDF sections beforehand, or label the big map myself. Lame.

This could have been a great folio, with a map of Port Peril (useful when your PCs are there), a player's map to chart their travels on, and a GM's master reference map to keep track of the entire campaign. Without the latter it's a map for the PCs, a map of a city you'll use once in a while, and a blank map the GM basically has to fill in himself in order to get any use out of it. This is particularly frustrating when Paizo obviously had complete information on the entire area available (the PDF) and didn't bother to print it on the map.

If you're running this AP and were looking to this folio to give you your campaign map, this ain't it. Save your money.

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