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Father Zantus

First Mate Alton's page

7 posts. Alias of BinkyBo.


You hear the wind pick up outside and the boat starts rocking a bit .. not too viciously, but the calm has ended. Two sailors come down from the deck into the dining area to tell the First Mate they need to speak with him .. while they are there they each chug a bowl of stew before walking out with Alton.
"I'm sorry .. excuse me again."

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There is a long pause after the pounding on the door stops .. and then you hear the crack of splitting wood. First Mate Alton's second swing of his axe does enough damage to the door to be able to kick it open "You! .. go sit down! .. the second you open your mouth .."Now! Not a word!!"

Alton walks past the dining area .. and then back toward the kitchen, this time with an axe .. You hear him smash the door down and yell at Gatherine until she finally enters the dining area..

You don't get a good view .. but you have seen inside a bit before .. it is a hallway with steps down to Aerys and Ieana's cabins .. but you have not been past the door (D) on overhead view.

You take your time .. Ishirou gets bored and decides to get drunk, he starts singing in what sounds like the saddest Tien song ever written .. he sobs while you soak, scrape, clean, apply salve, and wrap his foot.. by the time you finish he is passed out... you get cleaned up in time for dinner ..

Dinnertime rolls around you are all on the first of two dinner "shifts" The dinner table is made up of roughly half crew, half passengers.. Averin, Mugambi, Iolana, Gelik, and Cahill on one side
Tol, Gatherine's place setting, Mauersberger, Sasha Nevah, Alton on the other. The Captain's place setting is at the head of the table.

You have been sitting for a few minutes, and can hear a bit of a racket from the kitchen..
Alton gets up .. "I'll check on things in the kitchen .. please help yourselves to the wine and ale.."


Alton listens and nods as you speak to him out on the deck "Yes well, I understand.. I was a threena- er I was quite young when I felt the call .." he stops short and looks past you .. a woman's voice behind you.. "May I speak with you Alton" you turn just as the door shuts again, the door to what you understand to be Ieana's cabin .. someone you have not seen once..
"I'm sorry if you'll excuse me .. we can continue this at dinner perhaps.."

The first mate intercepts Iolana .."Captains still sleepin .. he's been taking late nights at the wheel ever since Cahill and Mauersberger both passed out on duty."
"..put the dwarf girl on kitchen help .. Ebenezer's cooking might not be the best .. put I'm more concerned about his belief that the hot breath of a drunk and wipe of a sleeve makes a clean spoon..she can report to the kitchen after she is finished with her .. lounging"

He then tracks down Mugambi "Our passenger Ishirou has a minor injury when you get a chance.. " you would know where his cabin is .. one level down and near stairs

"Well .. good." he says this like a man not used to things going smoothly.. "Much nicer to start with 'it's handled' when telling the captain about something such as this.."

One of the crew returns having retrieved the first mate. First Mate Alton gives Mugambi a 'that's enough' look.. he then looks at Gatherine, the mess on the deck, and turns to Tol "A stowaway ....and you know each other?" He leans in toward Gatherine and speaks plainly, without a hint of hostility or humor "You're on the ship now .. we aren't about to throw you over. But, if you can't pay your way.. you work, if you don't work.. we turn you in at port. Now get cleaned up .. you (points to a sailor) help Tol clear out the storage area near his accommodations."

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