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Firegarnet's page

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****( )

Some of the authors were new to me, several weren't - but they were often written in different 'voices' than I was used to -- I didn't love all the stories, but each one was a new adventure, and most of them were ones I look forward to rereading. A book I highly recommend - even if you don't think you care for an author represented. I don't care for one and yet the different voice enthralled me and it turned out to be one of the more memorable stories.

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A Good Read

****( )

I've never read anything by Gygax and was pleasantly entertained by this book. Like the previous reviewer, I'll have to order the Anubis Murders so I can read more about Inhetep and I am very much looking forward to Death in Delhi. Without Planet Stories I wouldn't have read this. The blend of mystery and magic was well done and I enjoyed the AEgypt back drop. I was disappointed only in length as the time it took to read it was so much shorter than the time I wanted to spend savoring it. I would not hesitate it to recommend to others.

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