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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,373 posts (11,571 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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None of those metamagic feats would actually do anything to Finger of Death >.>

Edit: Also, Finger of Death doesn't specify a max level. >.>

To quote LOTR:

"The greatest warrior can be felled by a single arrow... And Boromir was pierced by many."

Not that this is at all applicable. XD

Tamrin is setup to be the single most powerful character that exists at Avalon, from what I have understood. More powerful than Ryo, Denulia, or even Ryleh who is a level 35 Psion.

I think - could be mistaken of course, just trying to provide context.

Well, I can think of a few reasons:

-I don't think Fei (or anyone else for that matter) would consent to the slaughter of billions upon billions of innocents.

-I was being tongue in cheek. ;P

It's a really good thing that Fei is off-planet at the moment... Else we might not have a planet left.

lynora wrote:

Oh, and before I forget again, I approve of all of the ACG classes except Arcanist. Stacking the same type of magic with the same type of magic accessed in a different way while trying to make it a distinct class ended up with something that is made of pure spray cheese, IMO, and it would really be a hassle to deal with in gameplay.

I need to rebuild Kitty as Hunter now instead of Druid...planning on having her retrain ninja levels too, but haven't entirely decided for what yet....

I am personally of the opinion that the Arcanist is not nearly as powerful as everyone thinks. I mean, maybe in a high level game, but the only thing broken about it, in my opinion, is not the Spellcasting aspect, but some of the Exploits... man. Counterspelling as an immediate action, even if it is a powered-down version of Counterspelling? Dimensional Slide, a 5ft step turned into 10*Arcanist level? Damn.

The Arcanist Exploits aside, the Spellcasting progresses as a Sorcerer (so, 1 level behind), but maxes out a Wizard's spells per day. So the Arcnist loses out on both the raw spells per day of the Sorcerer and the quick learning of the Wizard. To me, that's not worth being able to switch your prepared spells every day (or, with an Exploit, as a Full-round action).


Personally I think the Brawler, the Shaman and the Slayer are far more OP. The Brawler pretty much makes the Monk defunct as a class, and the Slayer almost does the same to the Ranger.

I am very happy with the Warpriest though, since options for a religious frontliner before were very limited - Paladins simply don't cut it (due to alignment restrictions).

/rant over

lynora wrote:

Yeah, I can really see the Avalon parallels. I've only read the first part so far, and I mostly liked it, at least as long as we stick to the alternate ending. The first ending was....well, the bible verses really spoiled it for me. Totally broke whatever suspension of disbelief I'd managed to build up. Not to mention the whole Marty Stu aspect.

And thanks for the distraction. I keep pushing myself too far and having to lay down and rest...I am a terrible patient. It's provided hours of distraction from pain so far. And a distraction from how sick I am of wearing yoga pants...blech. Normally I have strict rules about not wearing sweats outside the house. It's not the best for my mental health. But as I discovered the hard way yesterday, even comfy jeans are still too constricting. Not exactly enjoying feeling like a...

Well, you're in luck then. The rest of the series considers the "Alternate Ending" as canon, since the author acknowledged how seriously bad that ending was. I would actually say that "Tears in the Snow" is probably the worst one of all of them, despite the fact that Cerulean is probably my favourite character in the series.

I can give PLENTY more distractions too, once you plow through the rest of that fic. ;)

lynora wrote:
Also, this fanfic is unintentionally nostalgic. My friends were really into MLP when I was in third grade so all the familiar names are a little weird to me. Bad childhood memories of the horrific movie ( you know, the one where the ponies get turned into dragons...and I then got woken up by little sisters waking up screaming in the middle of the night for a couple of many nightmares and parents slept on anoth floor so it was my problem...I rather preferred the ponies as dragons...) are a lot of why I don't even bother to watch the new series. Well, that and when I did give it a chance I wanted to hit my head against the wall before the episode ended...not my cup of tea.

Heh, I totally get why watching the show would be frustrating, but to me, it's like a Disney movie. The characters are needlessly dense, the big baddies always get Deus Ex'd away, but at the same time I can't help it. It's like liquid joy into my brain.

Re: The fic... Honestly it actually reminds me a lot of Avalon at times. Hell... In Song of Whispers... There's a pony who loves to sing who cannot use his voice because it's so destructive.

I'm gonna actually wait here for others to post as well Icehawk, because I think both DB3 and Dalesman are going to be involved in this scene... and possibly Lyn as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just saying you might not understand stuff right off the bat. It assumes show knowledge.

Anyway, it's in seven parts so far:
#1 Tears in the Snow
#2 The Risks of Braving a Storm
#3 Unplanned Parenthood
#4 Under the Starry Skies
#5 Song of Whispers
#6 Cutie Mark Catastrophes
#7 The Cheval Glass

I warn you Lyn that it's set in the G4 My Little Pony universe. ;P

Sorry if I'm a bit slow right now. I've been drawn into reading a trashy pathos ridden romance fanfic.

You know, the kind you don't tell anyone about because it's embarrassing.

Possibly might be needed.

Could do a group email?

Lyn, unless Lumos has more to say, Vai's done talking.

Just wanted to put that out there, cause if she is done, Settro can probably feel Vai's pain.


Random, cool sounding thing I created for a Battle.Net account like fifteen years ago. It's the one that's stuck the most.

Other big screen names I've had:
-Avatar_of_Khorne on the forums (my first PBP games)
-TheTremblingThumb was my first ever screen name on any online thing.
-My two mains in WoW were called Illithia, and Tsukikami. I still have a friend who calls me "Illy" and a friend who calls me "Tsuki" because of that.

Tangental story:

My brother uses the name "The Ugly Red" as his screen name. That was the name of the first car that we boys collectively drove. (It was to be shared between the three of us). Anyway, the reason he uses the name is because he totaled that car, and yet walked away from the accident completely unhurt. He says the car gave herself for him, and his screen name will ever be in her honour.

To quote the wise Count Rugen of the Princess Bride:

"Get some rest. If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything."

Settro wrote:

Not to mention, there is a pain eater here...

Who would notice that kind of pain instantly.

And can raise someone 1/day.

Just to be clear, since it might not be from my post.

Vai just compared daily rape and torture favourably to her current situation, and considered killing herself.

If it weren't for the fact that Champion/Patron conversations tend to happen outside of Time, Settro could probably feel her anguish very easily from anywhere in the school. This is a very, very powerful emotion. As soon as the conversation ends, Settro will probably feel it, unless Lumos can block that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Glad to hear you had a good weekend MG. I always forget that our birthday are but a day apart.

Mine is the 15th. Hooray!

Re: Mordin, did you see that email I just sent Lyn?

Cause if not, the telepathy has struck again!

Also, geez, you don't do the whole 'being sick' thing halfway do you? Hopefully you feel better quickly. :(

Flashpoint is not the same as auto ignition, just to make that distinction.

Oil based paints are typically linseed oil, which has an autoignition temperature of 343 degrees Celsius.


lynora wrote:

You're right, they're not random...but the pattern looks random...and very not vase-like...methinks she is about to get a bad grade. ;)

Feel free to play out Lumos if you like, but I can do it if you'd rather not.

Bah, playing with yourself is no fun! (unless it is)

If you wouldn't mind? :)

Fractals are anything but random!

But yes! I once again have power! And they say power corrupts. So BWAHAHAHA!

Lyn, did you want to play the Lumos side of Vai's conversation or should I do that myself?

So... It snowed like 20cm last night here, and we had crazy winds. Half of my city is without power, including me. Posting this before my phone dies. Hopefully they get the power back soon!

Hey Lurch, could you describe Alys please? I think I missed when she was introduced, and if there's a description in the profile then I missed it.

It would go against Ehos' Bard Code not to ask if she was pretty. ;)

Jacob Forgehand wrote:

*Gawks at the 500+ posts since then.*


I just checked... since that reveal, we've had 652 pages of gameplay... at 50 posts per page, there has been ~32,600 posts (+/-50) since that event.

Yup... 4 days.

Hmm.. Lyn, I have a thought. How's Fieri's schedule looking? Would she be teaching Music this period such that Lily could be in that class?

Just making a list here to ensure I've both feet under me before I start posting. If anything is wrong with this list let me know.

Ardiente - likely in class at the moment.
Ehos - Also in class.
Lily - Unsure. I see that Archena is in class right now, so I assume the Firebirds did in fact make it to class.
Midori - Flying with Lang and company. Currently Airborne
Rena - Presumably in class with Pyry and Asha. Who is their teacher again?
Repp - Unsure. Ginni was moved to an isolation ward after she was brought in. Repp is probably stewing and not in class.
Tyrrin - filling in for Ori in Basic Arcana
Vai - In the infirmary, not in critical condition anymore.
Vare - Professoring.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
The Dalesman wrote:

Heh....Classy entrance, Fireclaw. ;P

Welcome back sir. (^-^)

Just remember the difference between a Villain and a Supervillan...

PRESENTATION! *flourish*

Hey Jacob, nice to meet you!

And seeing as we're discussing Bill & Ted...

Code of Conduct wrote:

It's not really that complicated.
1. Be excellent to each other
2. Be excellent to each other
3. I really mean the first two.

I agree with the player Code of Conduct and everything that goes along with it.

Hey guys. Sorry for disappearing on youse guys.

Catching up on what I've missed. Probably will start posting in gameplay again tomorrow.

Edit: Magic it was somewhere in the realm of ~700 or so.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Damiani wrote:
Plus, list one movie or story you've ever read where Time Travel was actually fun and engaging, versus some deus ex machine excuse to either completely abort effort to reset things in a 'ho ho ho! look how crafty I am as a writer!' bit.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.


I'm gonna start this off by saying that my knowledge of genetics and blood types and such are a laymen's knowledge at best. I didn't even take high school bio.

Also, this is a mixed fantasy/sci-fi setting, so I'm trying to account for both those ideas.

From a purely sci-fi point of view, I'm pretty sure different races would not be able to share blood through transfusions - they would simply be incompatible. However, some species are able to interbreed and produce viable offspring. (Nobody has ever said that half-elves and half-orcs are sterile.) To me this means that, at minimum, orcs and humans, and elves and humans should be able to share blood, since they share enough genetic similarities to produce offspring.

And from a fantasy point of view, polymorphing magic can make a dragon into a human to produce a child. So magic must change genetic structures and gamite cells enough to once again produce offspring. To me this means that polymorphing magic could change one's blood type, for example.

Vai's blood is neither that of a half-elf nor a dragon, but some twisted middle-grou d wrought by dark science and magic.

This is where my conundrum comes from.

I'm honestly fine either way with this problem being resolved quickly. I'm just trying to be as medically realistic as possible.

Kim and Magic's NPC could run into Silinrul - unless the arrows point them to Vai, I have no way of getting them to him. ;)

Damiani wrote:

Everything I've heard/read about Mythic suggests it cra-crazy powerful and throws your normal balance out the window.

Turns things into one shot kills, or instant restores. Kind of hard to plan/play with that, imho. Adds lots of stress to the GM to manage game balance.

Kills the story, when you focus too much on stats. Some stats, sure, too much, or too potent? Soul numbing.

My understanding of the Mythic rules is that you are very epically powerful, but there is a resource limitation. Pretty much, to do anything Mythic, you need to spend Mythic Power, which is very limited/day.

I like that alot in a hack-and-slash type game, since it forces players to make combat choices which actually matter. They can't just blow all their mythic power on the first encounter of the day.

Naturally it depends what kind of game you're playing.

Keep in mind, this is all my own opinions formed from reading the Mythic rules. I haven't actually played a Mythic game yet, though I will be GMing one in a few months.

Lord Foul II wrote:
And are you referring to the advanced class guide swashbuckler or the third party one

Or the Rogue archetype! (Vai is this one)

Sorry folks, lots of work recently

Will try to get caught up on my Lunch break.

Haven't read the game thread yet (work wurk), but the radiation 'attacking' Vai is UV, not microwave. UV radiation is on the cusp between ionizing and non.

Again, haven't read the thread yet, just putting that out there.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I just scared the Headless Horseman's horse to death.

I love Phantasmal Killer.

Calling it now: Blondie girl didn't get taken away by a Celestial. Was totally a Fiend pretending to be a Celestial.

Melody Waverider wrote:

I sure hope not FCD, despite our differences, Mel still liked him (a lot). and when she does learn of his demise, she will be very upset and may want to find a way to get revenge.

That sounds like a good story. Can't wait to hear it told. :)

Melody Waverider wrote:

I knew the answer to that request already Lyn, I really never expected that, but truthfully how is kai dying supposed to help Mel? what is he trying to do? drive her to depression or what?

I'm pretty sure Renkai didn't /try/ to get killed. Jus' saying ;)

Waiting on the results of Reviarti's search. I'll go quote it for whomever is running the story. Dunno what you want me to do other than that. :P


Had a crappy day at work, couldn't get any posting done. Sorry :(

On top of that, on my way home from work I'm cruising down a main road going 75km/h, and someone tries to "merge" right in front of me going maybe 15-20km/h. I'm very lucky the lane beside me was empty, or I would've slammed right into him. As it is, I swerved and missed him by scant few centimeters. Almost had a freaking heart attack.

I really wonder how some people manage to get their license. Anyway, posts will be a bit longer. Sorry.

Iolth Taknith wrote:

Two things:

1. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist is awesome.

2. Out ofbcuriosity, did Bradely the Boldly Idiotic ever get lessons on how to control his malefaction from Balamor?

It was actually Rosa. And not control, so much as manage. He basically just hides on the roof now hah.

Just starting work, so posts in a bit.

Sorry guys, I was awayt for the weekend for both Father's Day and my Dad's 60th birthday. Twas a busy weekend!

Nope, he went into Nasima's eye.


Iolth Taknith wrote:
So, how powerful is a Destruction seed compared to other Champions?

Lesse... Khoda took by my count... 5-6 Champions, plus a level 35 psion and a few others to take down?

Of course, Khoda was already powerful in his own right, and the Seed just made him all the stronger.

Damiani wrote:


I do love when 'events' occur without planning and reacting to them.

Go team. :) Good times.

Is Ash Haired Guy reacting to the scene with Vai? Any senses or extra information you need?

Her burns, at this point, look like really, really, extremely bad sunburns - skin is very red and blistering all over her entire body. Would probably leave some scarring, if it weren't for magic.

Ohh... poor Lim-Mor. Ahahaha

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