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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,409 posts (11,659 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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lynora wrote:
Casseus Rex wrote:
Casseus is an ass. He's a deep CN atm. It doesn't feel right just hand waving his acclimation to having to get along with people.
It's cool. And amusingly ironic that Jeran of all people is faulting him for having trouble getting along with people. :)

Vai would totally be down to rescue Tryko'S-- OH WAIT SHE'S DEAD.

Thanks Alton. ;P

I was referencing this with that Vai post Lyn.

Austin Powers references are still topical, right?! The movie's only 17 years old!



Bwhahaha. Fear the coming of the pegs!!

Posts coming soon!

P.S: Link. <--- Feels.

Easy there Vader. Too punny for you? ;)

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MG's Villain

I'm having a busy day too, plus I've got RL game night tonight. If I can get around to posting, I will, but otherwise we can defer until tomorrow.

Celestial Knight wrote:
Hey guys, Sorry I haven't been on in a while :( Between tests and projects I have due later on I haven't had much time for posting here

Stuff happens CK, just come back when you've got the time.


A Rather Cynical Happy Birthday

Ahahahaha. Look what I found in the backlogs:

Ehos Denulia wrote:

Ehos was getting bored, and a little cranky. Everyone who was coming in was cranky and uninteresting. He felt like he hadn't done anything since coming to Avalon. Getting drunk and grinding with a girl with piercings wasn't exactly 'doing' things. Ehos fingers his scarf pensively, while watching people file into the cafeteria.

This was back when Jaiye still had piercings. Bwahaha. The dancing in question happened on the first night Jaiye met Tyrrin, who explicitly posted that she was grinding on people in just the way that Tyrrin thought was distasteful. Hahaha. Awesome.

Oh man, Ehos really is clueless.

Foul: yup. All the feels. Not quite as many feels as Episode 42 of Full Moon Wo Sagashite, cause damn.

Luuuuurch! (You raaaang?)

I take it Phaeze is indisposed with Ginni at the moment? Also, I think Alys missed Ehos introducing himself.

Kryzbyn wrote:

ZOMG post moar Vai!


Friggin slackers!!

As much as I hate posting from my phone, three hour bus ride is killing me. Gotta post.

If it's the Abyss, it's Demons. Though the Qlippoth and the Demodands live there too I think.

I hate Qlippoths with a passion.

Playing a pure enchanter/illusion sorcerer, and the adventure path we're playing has a dungeon full of Qlippoths... They're /all/ immune to mind-affecting. I've had to get creative to help. XD

Edward Sobel wrote:
I did not know that Turkey was a staple for Canadian thanksgiving..


It probably helps that my family will take any excuse to have turkey dinner.

It's Thanksgiving weekend for us Canucks, so I'll be on my phone only for the next couple days. Posting will be very limited, sorry!

Mmmm.... Turkey....

Plus it's kinda a running gag now for Ryo to xomplain when the phlebotinum I mean wards break down or are circumvented.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Whenever I have to wear a suit.

I will also post soooooon!

icehawk333 wrote:

Settro just appeared becuase doom kitten's PC is infected with some demon thing.

That's about the context I have.

Kim: this is literally it. You haven't missed anything else. Settro teleported into Kim's classroom and said there was a demon, and Jacob said it was probably him.

People present include Kim, Jacob, Vriska, Pyra, Dara, and possibly Phaedra and Ignace.

Relevant posts start here:

MG can you give me a diplomacy check for Serrin please?

Guh, I'm going back to bed. It's too morning for stuff. :S

Not sure the answer to your first two questions MG, but Agartha is roughly 1000 years old. Ryleh is I believe an Ancient dragon and was the first Amethyst born hatched inside Agartha.

Huh. Every year during the Golem sale Paizo slowwwws waayyyy dooowwwn.

Ah well, I guess it's the price we pay for free message boards.

Jacob: I'm not sure how much of the backlogs you've read, but Ephebe at very least knows that there's something up with Mel. Ephebe asked Vai to watch her after all, when they became roommates. I realize that doesn't wholly answer your question, but itbhas been touched on in gameplay.

Monkeygod wrote:

Batman lives by a code, never kill or use guns. He seeks to clean up the mess that is Gotham, by any means(save for those two above), yet works closely with the law when possible. He's even tried(and sometimes succeeded) to rehabilitate troubled or criminal youths, as well as villains.

I typically describe Batman as Lawful Neutral with good tendancies when explaining alignment to new players due to all the reasons you just mentioned, where you said that was Chaotic Good.

Just pointing out that even with the same definitions you can end up with wildly different answers based on perspective.

Also, if you can ignore historical context then the same logic applies - Batman will eventually shift away from the "Dark Knight" era Batman and will become something else again, which is what I think Damiani and Icrhawk's point was. Frank Miller's Batman is definitely Evil, in my opinion.

Tybalt Baneko wrote:

Poor Tybs doesn't have a relationship with his Patron yet. XD

At least as far as Mercy goes, causing harm to people is against the idea.
Couldn't really be many uprisings with that.
At the very most the other champion would have to be nearly dead already in which case killing them would be a "mercy killing.
But then Death also gets power, so it wouldn't put her ahead either.

Mercy is a tough Patron to be, I suppose. It relies on the people. But then Mercy and Love go together. Or hope. Until a certain point. If there's enough Mercy, there doesn't need to be Hope.

Mercy isn't always "Good".

You can be merciful towards someone that doesn't deserve it, someone who won't repent or change their ways (and continue hurting people).

Sometimes, Mercy is killing people.

All depends on how it's defined, but it all falls under the purview of the Patron. ;)

lynora wrote:
Destiny/Fate is not any more powerful than any of the others. It's different from knowledge however. Fate isn't about actually knowing what is going to happen; it's about the idea that everything that happens is somehow planned out ahead of time and can't be changed. It doesn't even have to be true to be a powerful idea.

Besides, who wants to live in a deterministic universe anyway? Amirite? ;)

Hey, here's something to add to the good list:

The Champions (and by extension the Patrons) tend to be the ones that keep the Seeds of Destruction in check. It's already happened in-game once, and is actually the reason why Vai accepted her Championship in the first place (at least, in this time line): to defeat Khoda.

Lord Foul II wrote:


Starting tha as soon as I finish full metal alchemist brotherhood
(Gotta say, I so far prefer the first version.)

There's something about Full metal Alchemist that I could never get super into. I dunno exactly what it is, because I like the concept and some of the characters, but I am never able to get past the first 10 episodes of either series. Not sure.

Right - I don't think there's any scenes that are missing posts from me at this point. If I'm forgetting or missing something, please let me know.

Magic - you may have missed that I posted with Rena. Not sure what we wanna do with that scene.

Oh yesssssss

Gurren Laggan is on Netflix!

There goes my weekend...

Keme Tokala wrote:
Keme leaned against the wall by the door to Aananda's lab, trying to pretend to be patient. If he could find a real clue today, then maybe nobody would end up dying tomorrow.



S*$$storm incoming.


icehawk333 wrote:
If you wanna get technical, blood cells are largely iron. Metalbend. Game.

The main problem here is that the show doesn't define what is exactly "Earth", or "Metal".

Metalbending is justified because of impurities in the metal... ie, the fact that there is "earth" in steel.

So... what is exactly earthbending? That is easily the most difficult of them to define (especially in a sci-fi setting). I mean, most dirt and stone on our planet consists of things like carbon and silicon.

Water is something specific - dihydrogen oxide.

Fire is also easy - it's not actually firebending, it's energy bending, which is why firebending can make electricity.

Air... less easy, but could still be defined as bend able to being anything in a gaseous state.

Earth is by far the most troublesome though, and I don't have an easy answer to that. ;P

Interestingly, in greek times Platonic Solids - which we today use as our dice - were generally linked to the elements. d4s are Fire, d6s are Earth, d8s are Air, d12s are Cosmic, and d20s are Water.

Lucas Svarog wrote:

Just saying

I didn't do it

That's just what the killer would say!!!

Get 'im boys!!!!

The Doomkitten wrote:




Seems that there is a ... pattern.

All girls with otherwordly or mixed heritage:

Starlight, an quickling girl
Two tieflings-yet two more girls
And Vai-a half dragon/half-elf-a "mongrel," viewed by some

Perhaps the killer has a thing with purity of the school?

Note: it's not Starlight, but Zilla who got whacked. Starlight is a defunct character, as her player quit the game, just so you know.

Zilla had visible and obvious Fae qualities though, so your theory still holds I'd say.

Maybe the murderer believes themselves self-righteous? Dragons on Agartha are widely considered evil, tieflings as well... And based on some of the actions of the Winter Court, I'm guessing Fae are at best treated as enigmatic and dangerous, and at worst evil.

I mean... So far it has all been teenaged girls...

Let's just hope we can find the killer before they open the Chamber of Secrets.

Melody Waverider wrote:
who knows maybe I'll get another box of hearts.

Sounds so romantic... *dreamy eyes*

Lurch: I'm not ignoring Kezzin's post, I'm just waiting on Lyn's approval for something. Just so you know!

None of those metamagic feats would actually do anything to Finger of Death >.>

Edit: Also, Finger of Death doesn't specify a max level. >.>

To quote LOTR:

"The greatest warrior can be felled by a single arrow... And Boromir was pierced by many."

Not that this is at all applicable. XD

Tamrin is setup to be the single most powerful character that exists at Avalon, from what I have understood. More powerful than Ryo, Denulia, or even Ryleh who is a level 35 Psion.

I think - could be mistaken of course, just trying to provide context.

Well, I can think of a few reasons:

-I don't think Fei (or anyone else for that matter) would consent to the slaughter of billions upon billions of innocents.

-I was being tongue in cheek. ;P

It's a really good thing that Fei is off-planet at the moment... Else we might not have a planet left.

lynora wrote:

Oh, and before I forget again, I approve of all of the ACG classes except Arcanist. Stacking the same type of magic with the same type of magic accessed in a different way while trying to make it a distinct class ended up with something that is made of pure spray cheese, IMO, and it would really be a hassle to deal with in gameplay.

I need to rebuild Kitty as Hunter now instead of Druid...planning on having her retrain ninja levels too, but haven't entirely decided for what yet....

I am personally of the opinion that the Arcanist is not nearly as powerful as everyone thinks. I mean, maybe in a high level game, but the only thing broken about it, in my opinion, is not the Spellcasting aspect, but some of the Exploits... man. Counterspelling as an immediate action, even if it is a powered-down version of Counterspelling? Dimensional Slide, a 5ft step turned into 10*Arcanist level? Damn.

The Arcanist Exploits aside, the Spellcasting progresses as a Sorcerer (so, 1 level behind), but maxes out a Wizard's spells per day. So the Arcnist loses out on both the raw spells per day of the Sorcerer and the quick learning of the Wizard. To me, that's not worth being able to switch your prepared spells every day (or, with an Exploit, as a Full-round action).


Personally I think the Brawler, the Shaman and the Slayer are far more OP. The Brawler pretty much makes the Monk defunct as a class, and the Slayer almost does the same to the Ranger.

I am very happy with the Warpriest though, since options for a religious frontliner before were very limited - Paladins simply don't cut it (due to alignment restrictions).

/rant over

lynora wrote:

Yeah, I can really see the Avalon parallels. I've only read the first part so far, and I mostly liked it, at least as long as we stick to the alternate ending. The first ending was....well, the bible verses really spoiled it for me. Totally broke whatever suspension of disbelief I'd managed to build up. Not to mention the whole Marty Stu aspect.

And thanks for the distraction. I keep pushing myself too far and having to lay down and rest...I am a terrible patient. It's provided hours of distraction from pain so far. And a distraction from how sick I am of wearing yoga pants...blech. Normally I have strict rules about not wearing sweats outside the house. It's not the best for my mental health. But as I discovered the hard way yesterday, even comfy jeans are still too constricting. Not exactly enjoying feeling like a...

Well, you're in luck then. The rest of the series considers the "Alternate Ending" as canon, since the author acknowledged how seriously bad that ending was. I would actually say that "Tears in the Snow" is probably the worst one of all of them, despite the fact that Cerulean is probably my favourite character in the series.

I can give PLENTY more distractions too, once you plow through the rest of that fic. ;)

lynora wrote:
Also, this fanfic is unintentionally nostalgic. My friends were really into MLP when I was in third grade so all the familiar names are a little weird to me. Bad childhood memories of the horrific movie ( you know, the one where the ponies get turned into dragons...and I then got woken up by little sisters waking up screaming in the middle of the night for a couple of many nightmares and parents slept on anoth floor so it was my problem...I rather preferred the ponies as dragons...) are a lot of why I don't even bother to watch the new series. Well, that and when I did give it a chance I wanted to hit my head against the wall before the episode ended...not my cup of tea.

Heh, I totally get why watching the show would be frustrating, but to me, it's like a Disney movie. The characters are needlessly dense, the big baddies always get Deus Ex'd away, but at the same time I can't help it. It's like liquid joy into my brain.

Re: The fic... Honestly it actually reminds me a lot of Avalon at times. Hell... In Song of Whispers... There's a pony who loves to sing who cannot use his voice because it's so destructive.

I'm gonna actually wait here for others to post as well Icehawk, because I think both DB3 and Dalesman are going to be involved in this scene... and possibly Lyn as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just saying you might not understand stuff right off the bat. It assumes show knowledge.

Anyway, it's in seven parts so far:
#1 Tears in the Snow
#2 The Risks of Braving a Storm
#3 Unplanned Parenthood
#4 Under the Starry Skies
#5 Song of Whispers
#6 Cutie Mark Catastrophes
#7 The Cheval Glass

I warn you Lyn that it's set in the G4 My Little Pony universe. ;P

Sorry if I'm a bit slow right now. I've been drawn into reading a trashy pathos ridden romance fanfic.

You know, the kind you don't tell anyone about because it's embarrassing.

Possibly might be needed.

Could do a group email?

Lyn, unless Lumos has more to say, Vai's done talking.

Just wanted to put that out there, cause if she is done, Settro can probably feel Vai's pain.

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