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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,341 posts (11,514 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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I'm gonna start this off by saying that my knowledge of genetics and blood types and such are a laymen's knowledge at best. I didn't even take high school bio.

Also, this is a mixed fantasy/sci-fi setting, so I'm trying to account for both those ideas.

From a purely sci-fi point of view, I'm pretty sure different races would not be able to share blood through transfusions - they would simply be incompatible. However, some species are able to interbreed and produce viable offspring. (Nobody has ever said that half-elves and half-orcs are sterile.) To me this means that, at minimum, orcs and humans, and elves and humans should be able to share blood, since they share enough genetic similarities to produce offspring.

And from a fantasy point of view, polymorphing magic can make a dragon into a human to produce a child. So magic must change genetic structures and gamite cells enough to once again produce offspring. To me this means that polymorphing magic could change one's blood type, for example.

Vai's blood is neither that of a half-elf nor a dragon, but some twisted middle-grou d wrought by dark science and magic.

This is where my conundrum comes from.

I'm honestly fine either way with this problem being resolved quickly. I'm just trying to be as medically realistic as possible.

Kim and Magic's NPC could run into Silinrul - unless the arrows point them to Vai, I have no way of getting them to him. ;)

Damiani wrote:

Everything I've heard/read about Mythic suggests it cra-crazy powerful and throws your normal balance out the window.

Turns things into one shot kills, or instant restores. Kind of hard to plan/play with that, imho. Adds lots of stress to the GM to manage game balance.

Kills the story, when you focus too much on stats. Some stats, sure, too much, or too potent? Soul numbing.

My understanding of the Mythic rules is that you are very epically powerful, but there is a resource limitation. Pretty much, to do anything Mythic, you need to spend Mythic Power, which is very limited/day.

I like that alot in a hack-and-slash type game, since it forces players to make combat choices which actually matter. They can't just blow all their mythic power on the first encounter of the day.

Naturally it depends what kind of game you're playing.

Keep in mind, this is all my own opinions formed from reading the Mythic rules. I haven't actually played a Mythic game yet, though I will be GMing one in a few months.

Lord Foul II wrote:
And are you referring to the advanced class guide swashbuckler or the third party one

Or the Rogue archetype! (Vai is this one)

Sorry folks, lots of work recently

Will try to get caught up on my Lunch break.

Haven't read the game thread yet (work wurk), but the radiation 'attacking' Vai is UV, not microwave. UV radiation is on the cusp between ionizing and non.

Again, haven't read the thread yet, just putting that out there.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I just scared the Headless Horseman's horse to death.

I love Phantasmal Killer.

Calling it now: Blondie girl didn't get taken away by a Celestial. Was totally a Fiend pretending to be a Celestial.

Melody Waverider wrote:

I sure hope not FCD, despite our differences, Mel still liked him (a lot). and when she does learn of his demise, she will be very upset and may want to find a way to get revenge.

That sounds like a good story. Can't wait to hear it told. :)

Melody Waverider wrote:

I knew the answer to that request already Lyn, I really never expected that, but truthfully how is kai dying supposed to help Mel? what is he trying to do? drive her to depression or what?

I'm pretty sure Renkai didn't /try/ to get killed. Jus' saying ;)

Waiting on the results of Reviarti's search. I'll go quote it for whomever is running the story. Dunno what you want me to do other than that. :P


Had a crappy day at work, couldn't get any posting done. Sorry :(

On top of that, on my way home from work I'm cruising down a main road going 75km/h, and someone tries to "merge" right in front of me going maybe 15-20km/h. I'm very lucky the lane beside me was empty, or I would've slammed right into him. As it is, I swerved and missed him by scant few centimeters. Almost had a freaking heart attack.

I really wonder how some people manage to get their license. Anyway, posts will be a bit longer. Sorry.

Iolth Taknith wrote:

Two things:

1. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist is awesome.

2. Out ofbcuriosity, did Bradely the Boldly Idiotic ever get lessons on how to control his malefaction from Balamor?

It was actually Rosa. And not control, so much as manage. He basically just hides on the roof now hah.

Just starting work, so posts in a bit.

Sorry guys, I was awayt for the weekend for both Father's Day and my Dad's 60th birthday. Twas a busy weekend!

Nope, he went into Nasima's eye.


Iolth Taknith wrote:
So, how powerful is a Destruction seed compared to other Champions?

Lesse... Khoda took by my count... 5-6 Champions, plus a level 35 psion and a few others to take down?

Of course, Khoda was already powerful in his own right, and the Seed just made him all the stronger.

Damiani wrote:


I do love when 'events' occur without planning and reacting to them.

Go team. :) Good times.

Is Ash Haired Guy reacting to the scene with Vai? Any senses or extra information you need?

Her burns, at this point, look like really, really, extremely bad sunburns - skin is very red and blistering all over her entire body. Would probably leave some scarring, if it weren't for magic.

Ohh... poor Lim-Mor. Ahahaha

At work, but Dami's right. Lumos is affecting how Vai would trigger the wards, not the wards themselves. Basically she's just not registering as hurt.

Well, I looked them up and Comprehend Languages specifically states "spoken language", though Tongues says "can speak and understand the language".

It depends on how language is defined in this sense, I suppose. I would probably allow Tongues to let you understand it.

I think the bluff/sense motive thing is more for making things up on the fly rather than an actual language.

Also, comprehend languages would not have helped Piccard with Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

Halo, since Lucas/Icarus has engaged you, I'll let you and him have a scene instead of sticking my NPC's nose in right away.

Alright I posted up a storm tonight but now it's bed time.

Krays wasn't born a dragon (in this life anyway).

Vai would be a horrible teacher, though would probably be the best one who Kevin could relate to. She's experienced alot of the same emotions he's going through, but she also has no idea how to deal with them.

Archena has 'claws', or something similar, right?

Meh.. it's a button that makes his bike teleport to him (and, presumably, teleport back when it's done). I don't see a huge issue. He's just finding an IC explanation for why mounts and bikes in WoW disappear and reappear like they do.

icehawk333 wrote:

Oh. Yeah, i can see that kind of thing. Can't show it to others unless i can currently see it.

I think both me (and riviarti) may have misunderstood rep about what he asked.

Nope, I think you got it. Or at least, close enough, based on your response.

icehawk333 wrote:
Melody Waverider wrote:
looks like repp is asking what mel did for vai...

What? Not certain what you're talking about...

Talking about when Fei died, and Mel replayed the last moments of Fei's death using her timelord-ness.

Leave your Sorchan post Lyn, I'll fix.

Damiani wrote:

Shakes a fist!

Ooooor... Get them to join if they're gamers. ;)

Sadly, I don't think any of my RL friends would appreciate the PBP playstyle. They like the dice rolling too much. ;)

Considering Dalesman doesn't really post from home, I think you're good for at least a little while. ;)

Damiani wrote:

What's going on lately?

So much sloooooowness, makes me sad.


At least partially my fault. Busy social life due to summer! People want to like, do things in RL. Curse them!


Iolth Taknith wrote:

Hey, guys, do you mind if I give Iolth two extra skill ranks so he can get Perform (electric guitar) and Perform (singing). Here's what I'm imagining:

Two cambions.
Two bands.
One eternal rivalry.

Plus, I have the idea for a really cool prank that I need to pull in Vakkler's class.

Kam would bring a whole new meaning to the word "Thunderdome".

Two cambions enter. One cambion leaves.

Bah, out of posting time!

I believe you missed Lily's last post to Lucas btw, Foul.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Take the same class, remove the ability to use other people to cast, and base the idea around self-sacrifice. Seems like a pretty easy fix to me. Takes away the evil part while preserving the class.

Theoretically icehawk, yes. But he would need to be able to cast the spell first, and it can't. So no point.

Also, as an update - my Sorcerer was successfully rescued from the Astral Plane! Hoorah! I only almost died twice. XD

Efficient is +3, unless there's a new one for Pathfinder. (also, it comes from the NBoF :/)
Pretty much the only ways to gain an extra standard action in Pathfinder are either Mythic, Hero Points or third party nonsense. (Time Stop doesn't count because it's giving you extra rounds, not extra actions, and these rounds allow for things like poison to 'tick'). This is actually intentional (everyone remembers how broken 3.0 Haste was), so I wouldn't fret over it.

Dragonborn3 wrote:

2 vs A few hundred

Adding a third is fine, I think. Opinions?

I'm cool with it. Vare's class can't cover everything, but probably touches alot of topics without going into too much depth.

Besides, having backup teachers is never a bad plan. ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Damiani wrote:
My hero!

*dons Hero Cape*

Dun dun da da daaa!!!

*promptly sucked into jet turbine*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would like to point out at this juncture that commas in a sentence do not nesscarily indicate a pause, contrary to what is taught in some schools and by some teachers.

The purpose of a comma is to separate things , and while they /can/ indicate a pause, they are certainly not limited to such. To give an example: when you are writing out a list, each object should be separated by a comma. That doesn't mean the character in question is making Shatner-esque pauses while listing whatever it is they are listing.

It can also be used to deliniate sub-phrases of a larger sentence which are contextually relevant but do not fall into the typical proper structure of a sentence. Some writers use dashes in these cases, but the comma is just as acceptable.

There are other uses as well for commas, so I urge folks to look at commas as something other than a way to indicate a pause.

I just scared my cat so hard she got like 3 feet of air. x.x

Damiani wrote:

If Repp ever ran into the Divination specialist gastropod ... there's an in for Icehawk.

Just a thought.

Sadly, I don't think he ever has.

Yeah... sadly it doesn't look like DRA will come back, which is a shame. David and Sifu Daiyu would be an interesting conversation.

Damiani wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Damiani wrote:

Hey-- FireclawDrake, you around today for a bit?

I have some free time and looking to socialize in-game. Lemme know.

*looks for an opening*

Hmm, I'm stepping away from the computer for about an hour to do some errands, but I should be around the rest of the day.

To Sil: I'm not sure if elves have any 'racist pheromones' that Sil could pick up on. Best I could say would be that Ehos might be sweating slightly more than his sedentary activity would call for, a sign of tension.

M'kay. Ping me when you're back? Impatience on full bore here, lots of idleish time, no where to vent it.


Consider this your 'ping' since you aren't on IM. ;D

Not to sound like an echo here, but really do take your time OC - we're here as a diversion if you need that, or folks to talk to if you need that too. Don't hesitate to do whatever you need to do to get through these tough times.

Damiani wrote:

Hey-- FireclawDrake, you around today for a bit?

I have some free time and looking to socialize in-game. Lemme know.

*looks for an opening*

Hmm, I'm stepping away from the computer for about an hour to do some errands, but I should be around the rest of the day.

To Sil: I'm not sure if elves have any 'racist pheromones' that Sil could pick up on. Best I could say would be that Ehos might be sweating slightly more than his sedentary activity would call for, a sign of tension.

Ah hahaha. That response from Fei was classic. Can't get a word in edgewise can he? :D

Also, heh...

Rewatching Heaven's Lost Property (it's an ecchi anime with a high level of ridiculousness) makes me realize where I may have gotten some inspiration for Rena's physical form. (Google it yourself if you want, but be warned anything linked to that anime will probably be NSFW-ish).

Anyway, Jess, regarding your earlier questions about Angeloid NPCs - it would be pretty easy to make them Angels with the Half-Construct properties from the Advanced Race Guide, or make them Lifespark constructs of some sort, with some Spell-likes thrown in. That should get you the feel you're looking for.

Of course, if they're going to be as powerful as Ikaros from the anime, your characters will likely begin to feel overshadowed by her - it's important to let NPCs play a supporting role, and not be the 'heroes' of the story. At least, in my opinion.

Kryzbyn wrote:
Lol that's already happened twice.

Three times I thought? (The Corruptor, Chan and Aegythrax)

Though, I figured Iolth was reading through the backlogs

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