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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,634 posts (12,217 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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I have Dami on steam and email. Could try to contact him if you guys want.

Thanks for the effort Lyn ;)

Dangers of posting in traffic.

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This conversation (Adon vs a dragon) reminded me of this comic (big OOTS spoiler ahead):

One of the best and most quotable moments in a great comic.

lynora wrote:

Been reading old Phaezeriel posts to give myself better context for Vai's reactions.

on the bright side I found all the old info on what he was supposed to be doing for Chara's condition. on the not so bright side, I've given her condition two different names and now I don't know which one to keep: smogra's syndrome or charzine's syndrome.

I imagine this actually happens in real life quite a bit (two names for the same illness) so you can probably explain it away as both ;)

Smogra sounds like a pokemon though hah.

Lord Foul II wrote:
you ok with who gets your old dudes?

Yup, I am sure you guys will give them fresh light and still do em honour.

Any questions just pm me. Not guarantees on how long that will take though. :P

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lynora wrote:

"I love old things. They make me feel sad.
What's so good about sad?
It's happy for deep people." :)

I like this.

But also tragedy needs a note of hope to really get my feels going. The darkness makes the light that much brighter. :)

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
lynora wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
Hey Lyn, I need to get in touch with FCD. Do you think I would have better luck PMing him, or emailing him?
Could always try both. He doesn't check his email often, but I'm not sure how often he checks Paizo these days either.
I still poke my nose in here once in a while.
Good to see you. :)

Honestly the game looks much healthier without me, and I am happy for that. MG I will try to get to your pm tonight.

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lynora wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
Hey Lyn, I need to get in touch with FCD. Do you think I would have better luck PMing him, or emailing him?
Could always try both. He doesn't check his email often, but I'm not sure how often he checks Paizo these days either.

I still poke my nose in here once in a while.

Oh Repp. He was simultaneously very fun to play but also extremely creepy. You should see some of the mails Lyn and I exchanged on him. Both of us got pretty creeped out by his whole plot line a few times.

lynora wrote:

Thank you for handling this graciously, FCD. I always hate it when I have to ask someone to leave the game, and I definitely prefer not to leave things on bad terms. I really appreciate your willingness to help smooth out the transition. And I would love to know those plans! It'll save me a lot of trouble trying to piece something together to fill that gap.

How things end doesn't have to take away from the good that was there. You've been a brilliant storyteller and I've enjoyed gaming with you immensely. I'm sorry it's over, but glad it happened, if that makes any sense. And, as I said, you're welcome to drop in and chat as an observer any time you like. It's been an honor, sir, and good gaming. :)

We certainly have had a good run. :)

It's been almost five years since I rolled Vai and we have had lots of fun, laughter and tears. I'll send you an email with the plans I had, I think you'll enjoy the evilness.

I will probably check in once in a while to say hi.


Vai is Fluttershy.
Ehos is a mute Pinkie Pie.
Tyrrin is a ultra-utilitarian Twilight Sparkle who is slowly learning that friendship is magic.
Adriente is Rainbow Dash.

Lyn is right guys, there has been no emergency.

I lost the spark for the game a long while back and everything since then has been trying to reclaim it over a sense of nostalgia. Trying to get that spark back, and it never really clicked again. Posting became a chore and something to be procrastinated instead of something that made me excited.

Probably should've just quit months and months ago instead of having it have to come to this, but I guess I was fooling myself that the spark would be back soon.

Apart from Tyrrin, Ehos, and the Equinox I didn't have many grand plans for my characters but if someone does want to take someone over I'll gladly work with them on any questions they might have (as well as giving Lyn my plans for the Equinox if she still wants to run that).

I have had a lot of fun, and while it is sad to come to an end, it is for the best.

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Re: bad movies.

I mean, I've heard people say that the Fifth Element, and Emperor's New Groove are bad movies. Boogles the mind.

Of course, on the other end, I found Frozen to be only passable (Let it Go really carries the movie) while Tangled was utterly fantastic.

All the annoyances from moving should be dealt with, so gonna get some posts out tonight and should be alot more regular from me. :)

I still think Time Stop is pretty powerful. Especially if you've got Delayed Blast Fireball, or summons and buffing to do.

Nothing like Time Stopping and dropping 5 delayed blast fireballs and laughing all the way to the 5/level d8 bank.

Speaking of Cleric, I've thought at some distant point in the future that Vai might swap her dragon disciple/sorc levels for levels in cleric of Lathander. This is down the line a bit and she has more growing to do, but I can totally see her in the healer role.

I should be able to put out more posts later tonight. :)

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
So my cat needed dental surgery to extract 7 teeth. That has been fun. He does not like taking his pills either, or his painkillers. Guh

Poor kitty! :(

Did the vet give you the syringe like thing for shoving the pills into the back of the throat? It's a lifesaver (for the've only got so much blood) and really makes it a lot easier. I got super good at that maneuver when my previous kitty was very ill (complications from old age mostly) but it's never ever fun. :/

Kinda. His anti-inflammatory pills are just the pill so have to use fingers to make him swallow. His painkillers have the syringe that let me shoot it into his mouth, which does help.

Luckily he is extremely docile and never ever scratches or bites. He definitely is sulking very hard though.

Double on top of trying to introduce them to a new kitty (who has never had to live with other kitties before) and he's super stressed. We have him locked in the basement away from the other kitty while he's healing.

So my cat needed dental surgery to extract 7 teeth. That has been fun. He does not like taking his pills either, or his painkillers. Guh

I guess you never realize how much crap you have until you carry it all down the street. Hah.

Anyway, move went well. Cats are slowly being introduced to a new cat, so that's fun.

Expect posts from me this weekend!

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Yaaaay everything in moved into the new plaaaace.

I am also packing to move at the end of the month, so my posting will be a touch spotty until early/mid-june-ish I imagine.

Asha, asking what's offensive to me is pretty offenaive.

Lord Foul II wrote:

No demon lord sucubi? What about her?

Sure she's deposed now and has lost much of her power as a result, but she was one

I mean, Nocticula is the current one... in Paizo verse canon.

Hey, the site's back. Hasn't been working for me all day. Huzzah!

The Dalesman wrote:
Well, all good heroes (and villains) need their soundtracks. It's in the bylaws. ;P

I made a playlist of all my favourite fallout songs to play during the Fallout Equestria game I run IRL. It works really well, especially since my players like to leave the radio on their pipbucks running, so I can pause the music if I want the radio to drop a bit of exposition :D

On an even nerdier note, I've probably linked this in the past, but Dreams of Yasur is just an amazing piece of poetry. It's about EVE Online but it's worth listening for just about anyone.

On the music front, I'm on something of a .hack//sign kick right now. That's an anime that needs rewatching. :)

Monkeygod wrote:

My brother and I saw Civil War last night too. It was so frakin awesome!!


FCD, any chance you can post a skip week recap for Ty? Since her and Ace have a few things they are doing together(Murderer, Equinox, etc), I just realized it might make sense for me to wait for a post from her before I post for Ace.

I will definitely try to get to Tyrrin tonight. Still tiptoeing my way back in though.

Just having a nap after work then posts! :D

Damiani wrote:
Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:
Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:
He concludes his kata, and quietly centers himself for a few moments...
The young monk breaks his stillness, and strides down the green toward the school entrance. As he does so, his neural lace calls up current energy levels in the power corridor connecting the school and the factory in Kuros. There have been no incidents since its activation (and James has been well-pleased with the surplus of energy to increase production), but Fei still confirms all is he intends to conduct an experiment on his trip this afternoon.
Curiously -- how is he tracking the energy levels? measuring against energy going in versus received, or does each 'cell' have tracking measurements as well? Also, is this corridor open to abuse by external parties? Given what you wrote, it'd be hard to change that 'fact' now and -- well this is a tasty source of energy for anything that might want to nibble.

Just to sort-of answer this. I know in the past that there have been at least one or two (or more?) villains that have targeted Fei for the potential he holds energy-wise (and capability for destruction-wise).

Yeah, basically gonna be benching Lily, Repp, Rena, Vare, and Illithia unless a scene really calls for them (like if the murderer takes the bait for Illithia).

That should also let me stay focused on the Equinox, which has been in planning for 4 years now hah.

Hey guys,

I wanna apologize to you all for waiting on me, even to the point of Lyn having to drive my characters so you could advance. So, sorry about that.

It was mostly that I've kinda fallen off the horse entirely. I fell out of the habit of posting and even checking the site for posts.

So, I'm gonna try to get back on the horse slowly and with a bit more focus. To that end, I'm gonna cut down my list of active characters to just a few at a time, picking characters that are more entrenched and immediately important.

So, thanks for your patience and I hope to be addicted again soon ;)

Hey guys,sorry for my slow posting rate. Should be able to get posting in later tonight.

Paizo got mad at me for trying to post all 6 posts at once in separate tabs.

4 people marked this as a favorite.


MisterLurch wrote:
Just curious, is anyone waiting on me for the shuttle unloading scene?

Sorry that was me.

Cookie Clicker

I'm so sorry.

Posting today! O_O

Alright, I'm out of time for the moment and heading off to work, but here are the characters that still need a post, AFAIK. If I've missed anything please let me know.

Ardiente: Still feeling ill after his encounter with corruption. May have followed the others to the infirmary.
Rena: Panicked after Tryko left and ran off to find someone (Asha?)
Vare: Was on the way to the isolab to check on Tryko'Sam.

Ehos: With the silent girl, doing silent things and NOTHING else.
Lily: Off brooding. (No that does not mean she's laying a brood of eggs. :P )
Vai: Thanks ObamAlton. :P

Also, mildly interesting story: apparently my favourite webcomic artist, Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive, was the one who inspired the author of Fallout Equestria (my favourite novel) to write that story. Small freaking world.


Hi. I'm alive. Mostly.

Hopefully most of my other responsibilities that have been keeping me away are going into a lull over the Christmas season but we shall see. (The war my EVE alliance was in is over for the most part, which was a good chunk of my time as I'm commander-in-chief... first world problems xD)

(Lyn I replied to your emails too).

Working on catching up. I can see in the dicussion that Tyrrin needs a post, but working to see where my other characters ended up.

lynora wrote:

Well, I set up my novel for this year's NaNo. I have so much research/outlining to do before November. >.<

Anyhoo, anyone joining me in the insanity this year, feel free to add me as a writing buddy. Either tell me your profile name so I can add you or look me up and add me. My profile name is Lynora Pefhlawae.

I'll be joining you on this one Lyn... though I totally forgot there was a signup for it.

Research and outlining is also eating up my time >_<.

Also, there's no way my story is going to be 50k words or less, so I'm just gonna say that it's my goal to hit 50k words. xD


Time to bang off the cobwebs I suppose and get some posting in myself.

I think the Mesmerist is one of my favourite class designs in a long time. Pure support role, lots of little tricks to do. Lovely.

Probably gonna play one next time I play.

Before anyone says anything, NOBODY KNOWS what the effects of turning living matter into a bose-einstein condensate-like state would do, or how it would affect a living creature, so I took a few artistic liberties.

Basically, Fei turned Darth Vai's entire body into a superfluid.

The only time I've been in a car accident I was going 150 on a highway and almost fell asleep at the wheel cause it was 5am (I worked graveyards then). Jerked the wheel to stop from hitting a sidewall and ended up spinning out going 150. Was not fun. Really could've ended up dead.

I somehow ended up straightening out after barely clipping a wall.

Didn't end up sleeping that night was so hyped on adrenaline, but somehow managed to bang out the damage to the car with a rubber mallet.

So yeah, everyone's got a story. Don't feel bad, the important thing is that nobody was hurt. Things are replaceable, people aren't.

Just remember Fei, the Sun can't hide forever.

[...], they had chosen to do the right thing after all. Not the pleasant thing. Not something, if they had their preference, that they would ever do again. Not something that would make it easy to sleep at night. But the right thing.

(Posts soon, gym now.)

BTW just so nobody's worrying, tornado warning was... uh... stood down? Called off? Whatever. I'm still alive, that's the point.

Hmmm, smash bros music is a good idea, as long as I dont pick anything too iconic (lots of gamers in my group who would recognize it).

I'm sure I can find some suitable classical too... not sure if opera is the way, but maybe... I'll have a listen to some stuff.

Whelp, there's a tornado warning here! One of my cats is literally hiding under my chair right now cause of the thunder. Sounds like it's a good time to get some posting done!

Alright guys, need some help!

I've got a big battle in my IRL game on friday, during which I plan on having the PCs Ascend to Mythic status.

I need both significantly epic battle music, along with some good quality ascension music (fake choral latin is a must!)

Any ideas?

(Youtube links preferred)

(Posts in a bit)

Monkeygod wrote:

Charon Stats

Note, there's zero reference to him being the leader of the Four Horsemen.

Now, I won't get into a serious debate, due to Avalon's cosmology being different from Golarion, but Charon is rumored to be insanely powerful possibly more so than many gods.

Even if you peg him at CR 23, he absolutely has ten mythic tiers as well. However, I would say he's at least CR 30, along with the 10 tiers of mythic.

Yup, this is the third party source I was talking about.

icehawk333 wrote:
So, as usual, I'm wrong, disregard my babbling.

Traditionally I'd agree with you. No way PCs should be able to fight gods on even ground.

Of course, as has been mentioned recently, story trumps all.

Though I do enjoy reading some of the statlines for things like Thor from the 3rd edition Deities and Demigods book.

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