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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,559 posts (11,988 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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Chao Yin wrote:
Hey sun, Mindori (weird autocorrect tried to get me to say "nudity") would you like to see Chao as a sparing partner?

I can guarantee that Chao will kick Midori's ass: she's level 3. ;)

But hey, I'm down.

Vickory West wrote:
Careful, rez isn't a sure thing, you risk losing the ability to question.

Depending on the damage done, there's always Speak with Dead!


Damiani wrote:
FCD, did you want me to draft up a description of the room yer feisty Firebird walks into?

If you're interested, sure. Could add some fuel to the fire, as it were. :)

I'm going to try really hard not to get distracted today guys. Just leaving work and dedicating some time to posting when I get home. :)

Melody Waverider wrote:

"Proof" that 1 + 1 = 1

a = 1
b = 1
a = b
a2 = b2
a2 - b2 = 0
(a-b)(a+b) = 0
(a-b)(a+b)/(a-b) = 0/(a-b)
1(a+b) = 0
(a+b) = 0
1 + 1 = 0
2 = 0
1 = 0
1 + 1 = 1

The reason why this doesn't work is that (a-b) is a divide by zero. Any time you do a proof like this for division, you typically have to include the phrase "so long as the divisor != 0".

Source: I hate doing proofs.

(Interestingly, this could be considered a "Proof by contradiction" that you cannot divide by zero, since you allow division by zero, you get impossible results).

To further expound on what Lyn is saying: mathematics is a system developed by humans. People like to talk about math being the "universal" language and all that crap, but in reality, it works because math is a pre-ordained tautology generator. It follows rules that are defined logically by humans.

And, as Lyn pointed out, there's always a way to game the system.

Lyn also showcased why significant digits are important, for all you folks who hated that part of high school science.


A coffee bean eaten plain has roughly 30mg of caffeine. Compare to an espresso shot which has about 70-80mg. If a shot of espresso is analogous to a shot of spirits, then Lucas is probably a caffeine addict.

Well, unless the blight druid still has venom immunity. Caffeine is a naturally occurring poison, and despite the name of the ability, venom immunity protects against all poisons, not just venom.

And that's all the time I have right now. More posts soon! <3


Congrats Magic!

Welcone to the "real" world. Prepare for it to be exactly like high school except you have more money and more bills! Huzzah!

I think I'll just roll a dice between Serrin, Florence, and Anahita for Lily's roomie. All of them would be interesting.

1d3 ⇒ 3

Anahita it is then.

Is the room still a savannah? XD

Grim Jr. wrote:
Grim looks on in suprise and seems more than a little impressed, he then turns back to Lang and is fighting a large grin, and lang, from knowing him as well as he does can tell that he is meer moments away from jumping up and down asking about any gifts he himself is to be possibly given, though, for now at least, he maintains some semblance I composure.

Lang actually gave him something too, check his post history.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey guys,

Sorry again for my absence. Getting distracted too easily and having too many projects is not a good plan.

In partial apology, I bring you my album of pictures from Iceland! There's lots of random people you won't care about in there (people from my EVE corporation), but I'm the guy with the epic chops and my SO is the girl with the blonde hair and the crazy eyes!

Here ya go: LINKY LINKY

Thought experiment while I'm at work: What is Doctor Horrible's alignment (before the movie's climax)?

Dragonborn3 wrote:

If anything, I'd advocate using Limited Magic and that's it(caster level when casting is always minumum required for the spell, and so is the DC. Example: 20th level caster casts fireball. Deals 5d6 and has a DC of 14). Same thing applies to SLAs.

My main problem is that casters don't need their damage potential nerfed. They already struggle or fall way behind martial characters in the DPR category, and Limited Magic does very little to hamper a utility/buffing setup (which is where casters truly shine), other than making DCs laughably easy.

Alright cool, I can work with it. Maybe I'm misremembering an old post on this. It has been like 3 years since we sorted this stuff out.

Kirin Style: Honestly beyond a certain point the CR system really starts becoming meaningless IMO. Great Wyrm blue is CR21, plus add in a couple for being a champion, minus a few for not having appropriate level treasure, add on a bunch for extra class levels and it all becomes a wash. I'd say CR30-ish which means Kirin style succeeds.

Damiani wrote:

Yer applying real world physics to magic.

Magic makes your visual reflection or display disappear. It doesn't speak of infra-reds or UV, or spectrums of the EMW.

Besides visible light (which we humans perceive) doesn't include the IR band/range. Magic blocks/obscures visible light, not ALL light.

Ergo, if someone can 'see' the heat of someone, you'd need magic to mask the 'heat', like obscuring the 'fire', not a specific wavelength.


More of a cross genre issue, imho-- not really a 'factual' conversation.

True, a cross-genre issue, but unfortunately this is a cross-genre game.

I merely point out that non-human creatures that exist can see into the infrared bands of light (including plenty of breeds of snakes, for example) and invisibility still works against them.

As you said, it's not super important, but in both a high-science and high-tech game I think there's merit to sorting those issues out just in case, given the highly mish-mash nature of our setting.

Also, sorry again for the slow posts. In exam time for me.

Damiani wrote:
You could also consider, not specific to the motion detection ability (blindsight, imho), that Fei's utilizing some technological 'scry' which enables infra-red vision, 360 degree sight, but it requires partial attention /elsewhere/. I.e. the scrying portion.

Quick post while I'm in class:

The problem with infra-red vision is that invisibility magic would still work against it: infra-red is simply a different wavelength of light. Infra-red is just what we typically radiate as black-body radiation due to our temperature (this is why, for example, when things get hot enough they glow red, because their black-body radiation has slipped into the red end of the visible spectrum).

I'm not saying that sufficient tech couldn't detect the heat radiating off someone, but that infrared isn't a viable counter to invisibility!

While I am pretty exasperated by Lily's attitudes, FCD you are doing a magnificent job with her.

I'm really glad to hear this, seeing as how Lily is easily the character I struggle most with while writing. She's so the opposite of how and what I usually write, and I was worried I wasn't exactly nailing it.

So, thanks. :D

Just doing a quick character check:

Ardiente: With Raelle, posted
Ehos: Escorting Alys from the encounter with Nala&Ryuzo. Any more interaction wanted here Lurch?
Illithia: Being a sexy devil
Lily: Just leaving infirmary
Midori: With Lang, Grim, and Sara
Rena: With Vare, wondering what oh what to do!
Repp: With Keme, going to tell the Kitchens that Aananda needs her food delivered
Tyrrin: Waiting on Ace?
Vare: Talking with Kevin, needs a post
Darth Vai: ROUND 1, FIGHT!

That should be everyone. Did I miss anyone/anything?

Thoughts on Kevin's Dreamshape, btw? Liking the contrast between amorphic body and a kind of more rigid, organized mind.

The Doomkitten wrote:

So, as kind of a survey:

What do people envision the interior of Avalon as? I kind of imagine it as a mansion from the Victorian era, with a few high-tech touches thrown in, as well as stylized wooden lockers lining the halls. What do you see Avalon as?

To be honest, I always imagined it very similar to Hogwarts: stone walls and floors, with sometimes impressive masonry work. Especially since the amethysts like to earth glide through the floors/walls all the time.

Damiani wrote:
(Not terribly true, but making that my statement for now...)

Tell me Dami, have you considered a career in politics?

I'm.... kinda here? More posts today though! Gotta go to the gym right now, but back and then posting!

Will do this morning Dalesman. :D

You know, I was halfway through writing a post before I realized that he might have his champion aura up, so I had to stop and ask. It's gokd though. More interesting this way. XD

Kryzbyn wrote:

Ryuzo showed everyone he knew was a champion at Avalon (at that time) how to hide your aura. It involves intent to do so, and not using any of your champion abilities.

I believe Fei was among them.

Hmm, I think you're right, but in that case, Fei used his champion teleport to enter the room, which means his aura should be active.

And sorry for noticing Dalesman. Trying to play her as shrewd, if somewhat unstable.

I know the canon answer thus far is: Deception could do it.. Cause deception. And Knowledge could do it cause he knew how.

Basically, yes. It's Dragonstar's sentient robot race.


Uh, Dalesmen, does Fei have his Champion Aura hidden?

I dunno if a robot could be a Champion, but a Soulmech definitely should be able to qualify.

Lyn's been busy and I've been AFK, so honestly, not much has gone on. XD

I'm heading home from Iceland today! Was a great adventure! Posts in the next 48 hours!

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MisterLurch wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Here's a really short video that explains it in a fairly intuitive way:

Yes, Cute, but still confused. I feel kinda dumb right now.

Alright, so a bit more explanation on that: the speed of light is constant no matter how fast you are going. Unlike other things, no matter your frame of reference, you will always measure the speed of light as the same.

Even if you're travelling .5c (50% of the speed of light), any light you measure will STILL be travelling at c, which according to newtonian physics means that said light would have to be travelling at 1.5c (for example).

Basically, time is what changes to make that possible.

And if your frame of reference IS light speed (you are travelling at c), other light you measure would STILL be travelling at c as well. For this to be possible, the factor that time plays would have to be zero.

Which means if you are travelling light speed, from your reference frame, time does not exists: everything happens instantaneously. You can travel infinite distance without having any time pass.

Of course, outside of your reference frame, time still passes normally.

The universe is frickin' weird.

MisterLurch wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(
Yup, just heard and wanted to come here to make sure you guys knew :( Very sad.
Is he the hitchhiker's guide guy?

Discworld, Good Omens, among others.

The Dalesman wrote:
lynora wrote:
Heh. I think I'm the one that was holding that storyline up actually. Oops. Well, I can try and get a post up in the next couple hours or so and hopefully FCD will have time to reply before his awesome trip. :)

Looks like they're getting a heatwave over there, so it's a good time for him to go. Reykjavik's gonna be all the way up to 6 degrees this weekend ;)

You forget that I live in Canada.

6 degrees is frickin' tropical. :D

Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(

MisterLurch wrote:
I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Here's a really short video that explains it in a fairly intuitive way:


Remember that if you're in a reference frame travelling at light speed, time is meaningless (assuming relativity applies in this setting). This means that Light is outside of Time's domain.



My issue right now is one of business combined with a bad attention span. I'm leaving to Iceland for a week and a half on Saturday, so I'm trying to get things together for the trip. Combined with other RL events, every time I sit down to post, I end up getting distracted.

Sorry about that.

I was up all night with a friend at the hospital (she's fine now) and then had to work and school, so I am SOOOO out of it right now guys.

Posts later tonight hopefully.


The miracle is this

The more we share
The more
We have

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy.

lynora wrote:
(Confession: I always liked Wesley as a character and didn't actually find him annoying.)

We have found a Witch, may we burn her? :D

I don't even PLAN anymore when I DM. I just have a bunch of loose ideas vaguely strung together, all held together with spitballs and hope.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
You're not who I would attribute Wesley to...

Really? Wesley can... like... see the fabric of the universe or some s$#$.

That definitely sounds like Raelle.

Raelle del Sol wrote:
Oh crap, this means I'm Wesley, doesn't it? -.-

Not sure if Sorchan or Pyra is Beverly...

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:

You know, in one of the earliest episodes of TNG, they introduced something similar to the arrows onboard the Enterprise. They would led you to whoever you wanted.

Of course, I don't think they ever use that functionality again, since the computer can just tell you exactly where someone is.

How much are you gonna laugh if I tell you that's where the idea for the arrows came from? Cause Ummm....that's exactly where that idea was borrowed from....


I did a watch-through of TNG about a year ago and I was seriously all like "This sounds suspiciously similar..."

Glad to know it was warranted. ^_^

You know, in one of the earliest episodes of TNG, they introduced something similar to the arrows onboard the Enterprise. They would led you to whoever you wanted.

Of course, I don't think they ever use that functionality again, since the computer can just tell you exactly where someone is.

Considering giving Illithia an alias...

She's too much fun! GAH!

Need a better way to describe the colour patterns though. That might get tedious.

The Dalesman wrote:
Fireclaw - Lyn and I anxiously await email replies from you, sir.

Oh right, crap. Incoming!

I think Ace might be forgetting that Zilla was also murdered.

Could be important, since Zilla's not a tiefling.

No problem, just called it out in here in hopes you'd be able to fix it before the Editing window closed.

And you did! Yay!

Doomkitty, you've posted your last post as Jacob under the Djalos alias.

Just FYI!

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