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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,530 posts (11,911 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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I'm heading home from Iceland today! Was a great adventure! Posts in the next 48 hours!

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MisterLurch wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
MisterLurch wrote:
I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Here's a really short video that explains it in a fairly intuitive way:

Yes, Cute, but still confused. I feel kinda dumb right now.

Alright, so a bit more explanation on that: the speed of light is constant no matter how fast you are going. Unlike other things, no matter your frame of reference, you will always measure the speed of light as the same.

Even if you're travelling .5c (50% of the speed of light), any light you measure will STILL be travelling at c, which according to newtonian physics means that said light would have to be travelling at 1.5c (for example).

Basically, time is what changes to make that possible.

And if your frame of reference IS light speed (you are travelling at c), other light you measure would STILL be travelling at c as well. For this to be possible, the factor that time plays would have to be zero.

Which means if you are travelling light speed, from your reference frame, time does not exists: everything happens instantaneously. You can travel infinite distance without having any time pass.

Of course, outside of your reference frame, time still passes normally.

The universe is frickin' weird.

MisterLurch wrote:
Monkeygod wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(
Yup, just heard and wanted to come here to make sure you guys knew :( Very sad.
Is he the hitchhiker's guide guy?

Discworld, Good Omens, among others.

The Dalesman wrote:
lynora wrote:
Heh. I think I'm the one that was holding that storyline up actually. Oops. Well, I can try and get a post up in the next couple hours or so and hopefully FCD will have time to reply before his awesome trip. :)

Looks like they're getting a heatwave over there, so it's a good time for him to go. Reykjavik's gonna be all the way up to 6 degrees this weekend ;)

You forget that I live in Canada.

6 degrees is frickin' tropical. :D

Terry Pratchett died too. They're dropping like flies. :(

MisterLurch wrote:
I have never really understood relativity and the time dilation of near-light-speed speeds.

Here's a really short video that explains it in a fairly intuitive way:


Remember that if you're in a reference frame travelling at light speed, time is meaningless (assuming relativity applies in this setting). This means that Light is outside of Time's domain.



My issue right now is one of business combined with a bad attention span. I'm leaving to Iceland for a week and a half on Saturday, so I'm trying to get things together for the trip. Combined with other RL events, every time I sit down to post, I end up getting distracted.

Sorry about that.

I was up all night with a friend at the hospital (she's fine now) and then had to work and school, so I am SOOOO out of it right now guys.

Posts later tonight hopefully.


The miracle is this

The more we share
The more
We have

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy.

lynora wrote:
(Confession: I always liked Wesley as a character and didn't actually find him annoying.)

We have found a Witch, may we burn her? :D

I don't even PLAN anymore when I DM. I just have a bunch of loose ideas vaguely strung together, all held together with spitballs and hope.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
You're not who I would attribute Wesley to...

Really? Wesley can... like... see the fabric of the universe or some s@#!.

That definitely sounds like Raelle.

Raelle del Sol wrote:
Oh crap, this means I'm Wesley, doesn't it? -.-

Not sure if Sorchan or Pyra is Beverly...

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:

You know, in one of the earliest episodes of TNG, they introduced something similar to the arrows onboard the Enterprise. They would led you to whoever you wanted.

Of course, I don't think they ever use that functionality again, since the computer can just tell you exactly where someone is.

How much are you gonna laugh if I tell you that's where the idea for the arrows came from? Cause Ummm....that's exactly where that idea was borrowed from....


I did a watch-through of TNG about a year ago and I was seriously all like "This sounds suspiciously similar..."

Glad to know it was warranted. ^_^

You know, in one of the earliest episodes of TNG, they introduced something similar to the arrows onboard the Enterprise. They would led you to whoever you wanted.

Of course, I don't think they ever use that functionality again, since the computer can just tell you exactly where someone is.

Considering giving Illithia an alias...

She's too much fun! GAH!

Need a better way to describe the colour patterns though. That might get tedious.

The Dalesman wrote:
Fireclaw - Lyn and I anxiously await email replies from you, sir.

Oh right, crap. Incoming!

I think Ace might be forgetting that Zilla was also murdered.

Could be important, since Zilla's not a tiefling.

No problem, just called it out in here in hopes you'd be able to fix it before the Editing window closed.

And you did! Yay!

Doomkitty, you've posted your last post as Jacob under the Djalos alias.

Just FYI!

Trust me when I say that the most fun I have in D&D campaign is when things go off the rails. I'm enjoying this, even if Midori isn't. :D

MisterLurch wrote:


"non-murdery hobbies"

Lyn, you made me spit coffee on my desk....

My gaming group usually reserves the term "murder-hoboes" for Paladins. XD

Sometimes it's "Thought-police-murder-hobo" though, if the Paladin is one of those that thinks a Detect Evil spell is judge and jury, with them being the executioner.

lynora wrote:
Vriskra the shantak wrote:
Well, other shantaks probobly don't care. They're too busy pulling people into space and suffocationg them for thier amusement.
Just because they're murder-hoboes doesn't mean they can't care. They could be philosophers for all we know. I mean, they have a lot of time to think about stuff after they've suffocated one passenger and before they pick up the next. Maybe they have non-murdery hobbies too.

It's probably a bad thing that I immediately picutred Ayn Rand as a Shantak.

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lynora wrote:

Summon Bigger Fish

I love that comic. Episode 1 makes so much more sense when presented as a crazy gaming campaign. :P

Okay, so obviously I got distracted by stuff....yeah, I know, shocking. It's days like this that I miss caffeine so dang bad. :(
So me and my ADHD will be back in the afternoon. Like for real this time. I literally blocked out a whole two hours of my daily schedule just for updating the game....
In the meantime, I leave you with the one post I actually have time for.
Lysander is gonna be pissed....

Also, thanks to Lyn I wasted my entire morning reading Darths & Droids.

Links are dangerous Lyn!

I'm also probably going to end up reading Friendship is Dragons again too. Nice job! ;P

The Doomkitten wrote:
Wow, FCD... I don't think you could make Midori more kawaii if you tried >.<

Oh that's just her natural cuteness (and her general obliviousness). I don't even try, that's all her. ;)

I assume you're talking about a specific part though? XD

If you took away nothing else from Episode 1, just remember: there's always a bigger fish.

More posts soon, just out of break time!

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

I still say Florence or Melody would make a good champion of Freedom.

Maybe it could go right once a 'Merican plays it. :P

We should get Sartre to play it.



The Doomkitten wrote:

My two favorite curses ever:

"By the left frontal lobe of the Sky Demon!"

"By the infernal parrot of Hades!"

Highly Inappropriate (Pony) Curses:

"Celestia clop my clit with a hooful of sunfire!"

"Luna f&$+ me with the moon!"

"Luna's tidal mareheat!"


"The stars curse me to a thousand rapes by the horn of Nightmare Moon!"

-Courtesy of Fallout Equestia xD

Kryzbyn wrote:

Usually Ghalen and Tyrrin touch base over lunch...I dunno where that's at, at the moment.

Just a reminder :P

Could say he just missed her at the observatory?

Damiani wrote:

If you wanted, Anahita is spacing out undisturbed in the Cafeteria.

No ones noticed in over a month or more real time.

I was going to engage with Repp but I got swept along with Keme instead! Apologies there.

Yes, it looks like I've got a bit of catchup to do as well. I'll do as much as I can but my phone battery might not last all the way through posting.

Finally found my bluetooth keyboard so I can post from my phone again, yay!

Nyx is the bringer of the end times in Persona 3!

Also Nyx is a super carrier class ship in EVE Online!

What's my prize MG?

Sigh, no one got the David Bowie reference.

This conversation is now about David Bowie!

Wings made of wax. Pft.

I would've made them out of something better. Soemthing that didn't melt when it got exposed to a little sunlight.

Wait. Daedalus? As in Icarus' father? Or is this a reference I'm not getting?

Magician? Pft. Pythagoras had a whole CULT man.

The link worked MG. Cute puppy, but I'm too tired to post tonight. *goes away to pass out*

A scourge upon the sweet Siren song of sleep!

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

Public domain birthday song!!

♪For he's a jolly good fellow♪
♪For he's a jolly good fellow♪
♪For he's a jolly good fellow♪
♪That, nobody can deny.♪

Happy Birthday Lyn. ^_^

I wasn't aware Lyn identified as male!


(Jokes ;P)

Happy Birthday!

Posts incoming! Zoom! Woosh!

Still on my skiing trip and I'm fecking shattered after every day. Also got friends from the UK visiting. Luckily, today was the last day of skiing so I should be able to post properly tomorrow.

I did a quick check, it's mostly spells like Command, Suggestion, Geas, and some other enchantments that require you to communicate.

Whelp. Day one of skiing. Against all odds I'm not dead yet despite not having skied in 15 odd years. Even ended up by accident on a black diamond trail, and basically ended up tobogganing down that on my butt.

Sadly, my knees and leg muscles are staging a mutiny. Posts will be a bit.

Oh, I wasn't paying attention, I thought you used Message (which can be overheard). I can edit.

Phew. First day of a ski trip today. Got out to the mountains and got all setup. Ready to go out tomorrow for plenty of skiing pain.....

Try to get some posts up tonight, but might be slow for the rest of the week (as opposed to my usual lightning-fast pace).


In case you haven't seen it.

Also, to be fair, philosophy isn't necessarily peaceful. Just look how Socrates ended up. ;P


I don't think any of my characters are inspired off of Xmen. Of course, I'm not up on the comics or anything. Midori and Ehos probably have the closest to mutant powers though. Is there a mutant that can turn things metal?

Sorry, a bit busy myself here. Will get some posts up before the end of the day. <3

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