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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,449 posts (11,730 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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If optimizing characters was actually important, we'd all just play Pun-Pun or the Wish and the Word, or other ridiculous builds. I'm a fan of min/max theory - I love picking apart systems to find those things - but it's not really an important part of actually playing the game. At least, IMO.

Edit: In almost any fiction, characters are defined by their flaws and weaknesses far more than their strengths. That's not to say that strengths aren't important - they are. But... Well, take Lord of the Rings for example. The character of Frodo would be far less compelling if he just waltzed into Mordor and dropped the Ring in the Fire. It's his struggles - against the influence of the ring and the harshness of the wild - which makes him. It's his flaws that enable his story to have such power.

The same is true through all of fiction. We empathize with Captain Picard because we are given glimpses through the vaneer of the perfect captain into a flawed man.

The flaws make you Great. Being awesome at everything doesn't.

If you want Pathfinder 'canon' answers you can look at things like the death of Aroden, and the corruption of Shelyn's brother into Zon-Kuthon.

Yeah Jess that would be completely up to the DM. There ain't rules for that.

In one game I ran, the main villain essentially set out to kill the goddess of Love as a way to ressurect her lover. (In the setting, there was no ressurection magic, and gods were vulnerable to certain things).

Anyway, the PCs failed to stop her and she succeeded in killing the goddess. The main thing that happened was that all statues, depictions, and holy symbols of said goddess all began to weep blood at the same time world wide. There were other repercussions but my point is that whatever happens is going to be completely up to the DM and the setting.

Tarka the kobold wrote:

So, uh, does Midori have nothing to say?

Just posted, hah. Sorry, she's giving me a bit of trouble right now. Sometimes characters can be un-cooperative.

Oof, that sucks Lyn. I know a little of what it's like to have crazy family, but they usually keep the craziness to themselves (at least, until I poke the beast). :(

Uh... you pretty much never get exempt from finals, for any reason, ever. And senior year finals ("diploma exams") are worth 50% of your final grade.

You might be able to get them deferred for serious illness, grief (death in the family), or something of an equally serious nature, but you'll have to take them eventually.

EDIT: Same thing pretty much applies in University as well, though you can apply to the registrar for special considerations, though typically that's only for things like learning disabilities or the aforementioned severe things (like a death in the family).

Your school has some strange rules on exam exemptions. I've never heard of someone being exempt from exams because they had high grades and good attendance.

More specifically, Double Strike makes it so you hit in both the First Strike combat round and the normal combat round. First Stroke just makes you hit in the First Strike round. They can't stack because Double Strike already does everything First Strike does, but also allows you to attack normally.

Exams are done soooooon. Yay.

I haven't seen it, no. Don't spend much time on TV these days. Pretty much just stuff on Netflix and even then usually only when the SO is watching it.

Midori's stuck in the unenviable position of being simultaneously proud of being a ninja, but not actually liking it that much. She just figured that's the way the world is, and in a few short weeks she's repeatedly had her worldview either challenged or completely shattered. Lots of inner turmoil going on. :)

@Lurch: Ehos has the sorcerer bloodline ability Perfect Voice, which allows him to understand any attempts at verbal communication. I haven't been following Alys' story closely, so let me know if this changes anything from your last post. Ehos may be able to understand Alys.

The Doomkitten wrote:

Marcell would actually be the best fit, now that I think about it.

EDIT: Firing a quick question: can somebody list the Deadly Sins that correspond to each school of magic for me?

Could be mistaken but I think...

Envy - Abjuration
Sloth - Conjuration
Gluttony - Necromancy
Greed - Transmutation
Pride - Illusion
Wrath - Evocation
Lust - Enchantment

... Yeah that looks right. Will look up the official source when I have a moment.

Edit: Yup, that's right.


For Alys: Link
For Phaeze: Link

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Dami got into the caffeine again... damnit, I thought I hid his stash...

The stockholm syndrome comment was almost entirely tongue-in-cheek BTW. :P

As for me, when I'm DMing, I pretty much make up rules all the time. Hell, I recently had someone roll a 'Badass Check' since the actual rules for what he was going to try were going to be complicated and tedious.

Also it's important to note that while we know magic as a a system of set rules that are easy to follow and never go awry, remember that the people who inhabit the world don't know that. If magic was just about saying the right words with the right motions, almost everyone would be a wizard.

Of course that depends on your setting, which as Ice mentioned, is a homebrew thing. But then I would say that /everything/ is homebrew. It's always up to the players and DM, and rules are "really more like guidelines than actual rules". /wink

He's not a person, he's a hill giant! And he's my pet now! I named him Bill!

Moments from the game table:

"If I keep Dominating him, eventually he'll get Stockholm Syndrome!"

Must be something in the air Lyn. My cat aggresively cuddled me today too, which led to an unexpected nap.

James Jacobs has said at some point that Undead are inherently evil, though I believe the context was Golarion-setting-specific (Undeath removes souls from the Lifestream or some such nonsense. Same reason why Pharasma hates undead.)

My argument is: too bad, story trumps rules. If the story calls for a fiendish transformation to mix a fiendish essence into someone's mind/soul, then go for it. But the story could just as easily call for the opposite - just a physical transformation and trying to cope with that as a Good creature.

It really could go either way, and just going by RULES is boring. Creativity > Rules, amirite?

I mean...

Iron Gods AP Spoilers:

If a computer can become a God... all bets are off, amirite? :P

Yeah, she's not stupid (16 int with the magical hat).

She's got a Fey bloodline, which is why she's very... visceral.

You're probably right about the insanity thing though. Virtue/Sin is one of the big themes of the campaign we're playing (a Thassilon focused adventure path), and above all else she falls into the 'Lust' category. Not because she's highly sexual, but because she's overly connected with her 'base' emotions (part of her fey heritage). She does things because they feel good - killing included in that.

The 'virtue' associated with Lust (at least, in Thassilon) is Love... so maybe if she can find that, she'll pull herself out of her darkness. We shall see.

lynora wrote:

The Devil is a Part Timer. This one I loved so much. Definitely watch this one.

Just started watching this the other day... frigging LOVE it so far. I was sold from the part in the first episode when the mood swung so quickly that I think I got backlash. Awesome moment, that was. :)

(Talking about when Alciel first tried to magic the officers).

Damiani wrote:


The Paladin would simply say, (imho) she choose her path. And then Smite her, knowing he's cleansing the world of more evil.

Hee hee. They made her that way! Ha!

*scoffs some more*

PS: I love the thinking process, FCD. I hope it's noticed by the other players, and appreciated.

I think it's starting to dawn on a few of the players (especially when I remind them what she was like at the start).

The paladin is really into the whole 'thought-police-murder-hobo' thing that paladins got going on. (Detect Evil... HEY! YOU HAD AN EVIL THOUGHT? THOU SHALT NOT SUFFER EVIL TO LIVE!!), so I figured why not use that to my benefit? XD

Debating whether or not I'm gonna have her snap at some point and start trying to murder the party/everyone in the world. Go all supervillian-y (she's got the Charisma for the Presentation aspect of Supervilliandom).

Both groups that I play with in RL are heavy into the 'hack-and-slash' portion of the game and less into the roleplaying aspect. Some players are better than others. Either way, you can still inject roleplaying into those 'hack-and-slash' parties. Here's a fun one that I'm doing right now:

Being an adventurer means killing lots of things (usually). In one of my hack-and-slash groups, I'm playing a gnome sorcerer. She initially joined up with the group to guide them around town. At first she rather shocked at their response to anything that might seem hostile (MURDER IT WITH GREAT PREJUDICE!!), but over the months of adventuring together, she's come to see it as the norm... even growing addicted to the killing. She started out as Chaotic Good, and now has slid into Chaotic Neutral and probably will be Chaotic Evil by the end of the campaign. And when the group's paladin calls her out on it? She's gonna say that she's just doing what he's doing.

She was perfectly innocent at the start of the campaign, but now? She loves paralyzing people with Hold Person/Monster and stares into the eyes of everyone she coup-de-graces, loving the feeling of power that she gets from the killing, from watching them die. I always make sure to describe how intent and focused she is on her victims, and how happy she seems afterwards.

I get lots of "your gnome is f$%$ing crazy dude" from my tablemates, and I just smile, knowing that they made her that way.

Ooooooo them's fightin' words boy!

(But seriously, a reminder: no politics here please.)
(Also, real Thanksgiving was more than a month ago ;P)

Just doing that check-in thing, ensuring I'm not being waited on anywhere.

Ardiente: posted - duelling with his GF's father!
Ehos: Was waiting on a response from Alys in Light Blades.
Lily: Scene hanging on Serrin responding to Phaeze.
Midori: Looking fiiiiiine. Aw yeah.
Repp: Skipping his morning class - disturbed about Ginni's murder (wandering the school)
Tyrrin: Teaching Basic Arcana
Vai: DEAD (thanks Alton ;) ).
Vare: Teaching Conjuration.
Darth Vai: Presumably scene is hanging on the lunch time's "entertainment" being brought out? Want me to write some of this Lyn? I assume Fei is going to try and save the child.

Any scenes or people I missed?

I'm here! Mostly lurking because school's been busy and I've also been trying (and failing) to keep up with my own writing project.

Also it might have something to do with my having been doing a staggering amount of reading. Like, it's frankly ridiculous how much I've been reading. In a month, I've read something like 2 million words.

Generally, fanfiction is pretty trashy. Easy reads and guilty pleasure type stuff, so when I say Fallout Equestria is literally one of the most powerful pieces of fiction I have ever read I realize that sounds fairly ridiculous, but it is totally accurate. Even for non-bronies I highly recommend it.

I'll do a bit of scouring today to try and figure out where I'm needed.

Here's some music for you guys too.

Here's a link to a novelist talking about NaNoWriMo!

Hopefully that link helps you Lyn! It's certainly helped me! (BTW that video is from like 2011 :P)

Not that I'm doing NaNo, but I am trying to commit myself to write at least 1,000 words a day in November. Results have been mixed so far. XD

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

Got my first taste of MtG today.

I bought into one of those games where you get booster packs and pass them around.
Managed to put together an entirely white deck. It seems to be good in team match games.

MTG: surprisingly racist!

(Kidding, kidding. ;P)

Hey folks.

Sorry for my silence the past few days. Been ill. I'll try to get a few posts up later today.

Guh. I was so going to post today, but apparently my body decided that a 3 hour nap was in order.

I mean, the nap was glorious but I had stuff to do!

Heh, something about Elektra's avatar makes me think she probably gets exasperated alot. ;)

icehawk333 wrote:

Then there should be rules for random effects.

As it stands, it's predictable and easy to manipulate.

This is what d% tables are for!

lynora wrote:
Agh. That last Ephebe post was a nightmare. Safari froze three separate times and I lost the whole thing and had to start over. >.<

I found your problem.


Kidding, I hate that. That was a long post too. Guh.


Is Mel going to be cowed by that, or continue to be defiant?

Both options sound fun to me. :)

It has also made Hyrule Warriors painful to play as well but I manage. XD

I sliced open my thumb at work, so I gotta type with one thumb. It's painfully slow. :(

I get what you're saying about Settro but there's also the idea that things can be beautiful without being sexual. Rena's a bad example, but Jeran could easily think Settro is really beautiful without considering him in a sexual (or romantic) light.

Real posts are gonna have to wait for later. Phone typing sucks. :(

icehawk333 wrote:

I'm curious as to why everyone's acting like this is a remarkable thing.

Though, I am rather surprised you never commented on Settro.

*shrug* Jeran's been in the game for a long time and it never really occurred to me.

Not so much remarkable as it was a surprising. Or at least for me. Of course, I'm notoriously bad at noticing this stuff.

The Doomkitten wrote:

I iz back.


Trying to think of ways to make a high school character...


Well.. given that we're in highschool, common themes are things like self-doubt, confused about sexuality, lack of control over one's life or powers, etc.

Just remember that while originality and creativity are great, their importance can also be overstated. Don't let the idea that "oh, that's not original" hold you back.

After all, we all have our influences.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I wonder how Tryko'Sam is gonna react to that notion. I mean, he's pretty open minded, but he's definitely... erm... 'macho' in one sense of the word. Not sure how well he'll deal with being Jeran's proverbial 'damsel in distress'.

Should be fun! *evil grin*

Whelp.... *I* certainly didn't pick up on Jeran's preferences. That was a bit of a shock for me just then. Hah.

Nice work Lyn. Now I have to go and reread anything with Jeran involved for the subtext I missed.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
lynora wrote:
Casseus Rex wrote:
Casseus is an ass. He's a deep CN atm. It doesn't feel right just hand waving his acclimation to having to get along with people.
It's cool. And amusingly ironic that Jeran of all people is faulting him for having trouble getting along with people. :)

Vai would totally be down to rescue Tryko'S-- OH WAIT SHE'S DEAD.

Thanks Alton. ;P

I was referencing this with that Vai post Lyn.

Austin Powers references are still topical, right?! The movie's only 17 years old!



Bwhahaha. Fear the coming of the pegs!!

Posts coming soon!

P.S: Link. <--- Feels.

Easy there Vader. Too punny for you? ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

MG's Villain

I'm having a busy day too, plus I've got RL game night tonight. If I can get around to posting, I will, but otherwise we can defer until tomorrow.

Celestial Knight wrote:
Hey guys, Sorry I haven't been on in a while :( Between tests and projects I have due later on I haven't had much time for posting here

Stuff happens CK, just come back when you've got the time.


A Rather Cynical Happy Birthday

Ahahahaha. Look what I found in the backlogs:

Ehos Denulia wrote:

Ehos was getting bored, and a little cranky. Everyone who was coming in was cranky and uninteresting. He felt like he hadn't done anything since coming to Avalon. Getting drunk and grinding with a girl with piercings wasn't exactly 'doing' things. Ehos fingers his scarf pensively, while watching people file into the cafeteria.

This was back when Jaiye still had piercings. Bwahaha. The dancing in question happened on the first night Jaiye met Tyrrin, who explicitly posted that she was grinding on people in just the way that Tyrrin thought was distasteful. Hahaha. Awesome.

Oh man, Ehos really is clueless.

Foul: yup. All the feels. Not quite as many feels as Episode 42 of Full Moon Wo Sagashite, cause damn.

Luuuuurch! (You raaaang?)

I take it Phaeze is indisposed with Ginni at the moment? Also, I think Alys missed Ehos introducing himself.

Kryzbyn wrote:

ZOMG post moar Vai!


Friggin slackers!!

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