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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,207 posts (11,034 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 aliases.


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Dragonborn3 wrote:
So, if he builds it, they will..?

This made me laugh aloud at work. XD

Sorry about yesterday Dami, I realized when I got home that my final exam on Discrete Math on Wednesday, so I decided to study away.

Ah... such a good student I am. Will get posts up shortly.

Also, at work for another 2 hours or so. Will post after.

Yeah, Damiani and I had this planned, else I would've probably had Vai stick around with Ace. Sorry it wasn't obvious I meant something specific by that post. ;)

icehawk333 wrote:
Holy water does damage to evil outsiders as well.

Hm, so it does.

"God speed? What speed is that? Below the speed limit?"


icehawk333 wrote:
Tarka is still standing right next to midori, by the way.

Yup, working on posts now. :)

I'm a little dissapointed at the no-reaction to Asha's panties from Arthur. Though, I suppose playboys gotta play it cool. ;P

Alreenneesha wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
When it comes down to it, there are no easy answers. You cannot possibly suggest that everyone on earth should stop driving, stop flying planes, stop using the internet. (Stop having electricity, etc). It's not a solution, because of the realities - not of whole countries or groups, but of individuals persons.
Affect no change because one can't think of a way to do it now, seems the most short sighted view of all to me.

And that is most certainly not a position which I am expounding.

I said there are no easy answers. Not that there are no answers.

Any solution will be complex, as this problem is complex.

You are making it out to be something simple, which it is most definitely not. It is an immensely complex problem, and will require an equally complex solution - it ain't going to be solved by one person or by one set of policies. It's nice to spout rhetoric about "evil companies" and "wars to see who gets to pollute the most", but that's simply that - rhetoric. It doesn't help anyone with anything.

When did this turn into an environmental discussion?

I'm all in favour of environmental protection, and finding - as you said - new and more efficient niches for energy production. But you yourself cannot pretend you are outside of that system Capt. You are using the internet after all, one of the biggest pollution generators on the planet. (As an example, if the Internet was a country, it would be in the Top 5 polluters in the world).

Yes, people are short-sighted and selfish. But the point is - you cannot stop that man cutting down a tree if he is using that to feed his family. He doesn't care about the environment. He cares about right now... and right now, his family needs money.

Because that discussion isn't just about big evil companies and people not caring about the planet and all that other crap that people spout. Down there in South America, each person that cuts down a tree does it to survive.

As much in favour of population control as I am, you cannot condone the slaughter of billions of people simply because we are too populous.

When it comes down to it, there are no easy answers. You cannot possibly suggest that everyone on earth should stop driving, stop flying planes, stop using the internet. (Stop having electricity, etc). It's not a solution, because of the realities - not of whole countries or groups, but of individuals persons.

Yes, we might be doomed. We might have already totalled our planet beyond repair. But I'll still have hope that we as a species will find solutions to these problems. We will compete with ourselves such that we find ways of living within our means. And maybe... just maybe... one day we'll live long enough explore the stars. :)

See, I found Gary Oldman's argument in that scene to be very compelling - he is right, in a fashion. But that same scene also illustrates the problem - eventually destruction comes for you too.

That being said, I think instead of conflict, one might substitute competition and have the same basic argument without the nuances of violence "conflict" usually implies.

Lim-Môr Azair'vialys wrote:

My skin isn't actually split like this.

If you remove the affectations(claws, eyes, wings, b/w hair)he looks like a normal elf.

Fine then, spoil my fun. :P

Kryzbyn wrote:

To play a space opera type game, what do ya'll think is the best game system for that?

General premise being that mankind used to rule the better part of 2 galaxies, then were pushed back upon reaching the third, and pretty much drasticly reduced in size and power and left to their own devices with out the use of technology on a different world. Several centuries later, they venture again back out in to the stars, thinking it's their first time to do so...

There are several other things going on, but the party would be astronaut/explorers/crewmates on a small vessel for exploration/rescue.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I'd start a new thread for this, but some of my players read these boards, and I don't want to make it too easy :)

You could adapt Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader to fit this, and they're decent systems in their own right. Is the setting Psychic in any way? Might have to take out the psykers from that list if not.

Besides... It's all spiky on one side...

Sorry I keep editing BTW, trying to post from phone at work. :S

icehawk333 wrote:

"Winning is, by definition, everything"

I think this is the root cause of our disagreement then. For me (at least in this game), winning is telling a good, fun story, preferably full of detail.

That might be an irreconcilable difference in our perspectives. /shrug.

As a note, I'm not condemning your perspective, just pointing out that we want different things from the game, which is completely fine.

My point is, Reviarti /was/ useful there, and did add to the game for some people, added a layer of depth to the storytelling that would not have existed without her. Which is exactly what we seek here, is it not?

I agree that Mind Blank takes away some instant gratification from Divination spells. That I will definitely agree to, but I also think that is a good thing. A good GM will use that to their advantage, helping them to foreshadow, drop hints, etc.

To me, that is much more compelling storytelling than "yup, it's that person."

Uh huh. That's definitely exactly what I said.

Divination can be extremely useful for storytelling. For example, when Reviarti scryed Dark Vai at the crater, she did not have Mind Blank cast, but was instead using her true Invisibility champion power. Yet, Reviarti still could've learned something. I intentionally dropped a hint about her wings, which I know some people were able to use to figure out who the attacker was before I revealed her identity. Reviarti choose to be upset about the assumed Mind Blank, instead of focusing on what information she /could/ glean. Which isn't really Mind Blank's fault.

icehawk333 wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:

Unless you make it permanent, or make a Woundrous item.

Ninja'd by 7 seconds.

And everyone's forced to have those, like everyone is forced to have mind blank at high levels if they are stealth charecters.

That item becomes useless because everything has to counter it.

That's kinda the point - there's a counter to everything. Yes, even Mind Blank.

The real reason why Mind Blank exists is exactly for times like this - divination spells would take away any sense of tension or accomplishment. If we could find Kara, or this serial killer, or Dark Vai with just a quick spell.... where's the storytelling?

Indeed, but most higher level monsters have either See Invisibility or True Seeing constant (thinking mostly high level outsiders/magical beasts/etc, not necessarily higher level adventurers), and See Invisibility is on the list of permanencable spells (not even that expensive to do either).

Not necessarily, since dispel magic requires a target - that spell does not. That's especially important since Mind Blank is basically the only way to defeat True Seeing and have invisibility spells still be relevant at higher levels. That power gives an option against such foes.

Bigger range would be agreeable though. A level 8 version might do something like 500ft radius, which would be a considerable portion of the school. Not sure on the exact distances obviously, just tossing out numbers.

For Reviarti

Could be adapted into a spell pretty easily.

My favourite sci-fi books will probably always be the Star Wars expanded universe books. The Coreallian Trilogy, the Courtship of Princess Leia, the Suncrusher series, the X-Wing series. Not because of their deep social commentary, or any message that they were trying to send - just because they were fun as hell to read. Maybe because I'm a huge Star Wars nerd (and someone who believes that the prequels have merit, even if they are plagued with issues).

Might be because I generally find fantasy more compelling than sci-fi, and Star Wars has that element of fantasy in it (ie magic, The Force).

Man... I have to go re-read them books now.

Oh that's completely cool with me. I'm just sad that nobody ever debates ethics with Tyrrin, since she's my only character really well equipped for that discussion. ;)

Tyrrin's not even a Good character (Lawful Neutral), so I can see her and Alreenneesha butting heads over it. I look forward to it. :)

That little couplet sprang to mind and I thought it was good enough to share. ;)

Leave it to a being of Light
To see the world in Black and White.


Bending is not actually classified in the reference material, but it's safe to say that, given all other Ki-related abilities are Supernatural, that bending would be as well.

I remember we had a long discussion back in the day regarding Ace and Bending... just don't remember what was decided. xD

Holy posting Batman!

Florence + the Machine is both incredibly classy, and fantastic, music. :)

Hooray for the last day of classes! I may be slightly (quite) inebriated right now! :D

I ship Rena with everyone. Even Reaplings.


I would like to point out something for timelines - Taron may be the only Taron which exists in any timeline, but that doesn't make the people which exist in this timeline any less unique. As has been told to Vai multiple times - she is NOT Dark Vai. They are different people. Apply that broadly, and you could say that every instance of every person in every timeline is a unique person.

Curses, ninja'd by Reviarti.

As far as we know, Zilla could be hundreds of years. But she's always been described as a bit older than the other elementary students physically.

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:

This video is somewhat relevant to some folks at Avalon xD


(Warning: Video is a bit graphic/gory.)

lol. That was awesome. :)

"I have the shiniest meat bicycle" is the best out of context quote. :D

"I'm the conductor of the poop train!!" :D

I definitely get the appeal of Deadpool, but he's definitely an immersion breaker for me. That doesn't mean I don't find him occasionally funny, but I definitely cannot develop any sort of 'feels' for him as you said.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This video is somewhat relevant to some folks at Avalon xD


(Warning: Video is a bit graphic/gory.)

Tybalt Baneko wrote:
Not so much when you say it like that...

You might say it was a bit too... Hot... For you? ;)

Is Aananda in her Lab Lyn?

Is Tamina making those fractic motions AT Vai or at the others in her party?

Just to make sure. ;)

I definitely realize the want to be impatient and get stuff done. I definitely get that. But in my opinion you'll have more fun if you seek other players out to mix with anyway. :)

icehawk333 wrote:
lynora wrote:
icehawk333 wrote:
How powerful is gem planet tech?
On par with Empire tech.

So nothing really stands up to it?

I'm just worried about power, as usual.

Naw, it's not Culture tech.

Dragon Empire is closer to Star Wars, but with magic to fill in some of the sci-fi stuff.

Basically, they have laser weapons, datapads, but cybernetics is much less common/more expensive, and definitely nothing as advanced as a Neural Lace, for example.

Orbital bombardment is their typical MO, and would be the worst fear for Agartha.

icehawk333 wrote:
How powerful is gem planet tech?

Lyn has given me Annwn to work with. Annwn's tech is roughly equivalent to the Dragon Empire, though they tend toward mixing psionics and tech rather than magic and tech (which is the norm for the Empire).

I'll get some posts up soon as well.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

I had actually considered offering Alocatra as one of the gem dragon planets, if it can be adapted.

Maybe sapphire considering it's mostly water?

And Ice, why can't it just be this way? It works just fine.

Sadly I think the Gem planets already all have histories and such.

Also, being primitive doesn't really matter to the Empire, they'll indoctrinate if they want to. Belsayv has been spared thus far because there's not much of use on it compared to other things. It's low priority, but it'll get hit eventually.

That sounds like a lovely place. It's going to be a shame when the Dragon Empire finds it! >:D

Serrin Surya wrote:
Hey FCD, I posted my firebird, Serrin, casting Silence over Lily's tent, in case you didn't notice :)

Yup, I noticed it, just didn't do any posting last night is all. :)

Re: The discussion of keeping track of things:

Sometimes I feel as though people are not aware of how powerful the tools available on these forums. You can literally search each alias individually (both yours and other people's), you can search each thread on it's own. It's pretty easy to find any section in the backlogs quickly if you have a vague idea what you're looking for.

Beyond just that, you can go into anyone's alias and look at the most recent posts. It's really easy to look things up, and usually only takes like 20-30 seconds to find a post.

I'm not sure if people know that these are options or if they just can't be assed most of the time.

If you aren't sure if a post of yours has been replied to, just go to the most recent post on that alias and start reading. If it's only been a page or two of gameplay, that doesn't take long at all.

lynora wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:

That's a really good question. Given that Fieri's laid eggs, I'd say it's a good bet all firebirds do.

Birds can lay twin eggs. Would be neat if that happened with Firbirds too.

Yes, firebirds lay eggs. Lucas and Lily are twins. Hatched from the same egg. It's incredibly rare and you know how they've been so open to things that are the Svarogs have been hiding the fact that Lucas and Lily are twins for a long time.

** spoiler omitted **

Once again, I pity Fieri. I would've suggest a C-section, but I know of your experiences with those, so not gonna happen. ;)

But yes that pretty much solved everything for me.

Tryko'Sam wrote:

Once returned to the school grounds, Tryko'Sam stretches and looks around as people start walking off, nods and teleporting.

Seeing people just returning to the building, while looking back from the sight of the winged demon, he turns to consider his options of those remaining.

"Celebratory tavern crawl after a life saving mission anyone? Get to know one another more?"

He smiles briefly while waiting on any takers.

Just to give a tally for this, I believe the ones remaining are Vickory, Yrrin, MG's Mysterious Stranger (assuming he has come along and even possibility introduced himself at some point maybe?), and Sadie.

lynora wrote:
I'm writing a paper that's due tomorrow, so I probably won't get to post much until then. I have some other stuff to talk about with y'all, but it will have to wait a day.

As Red Mage would say: Dun Dun DUN!!!!

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