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Sun Shaman

FireclawDrake's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,603 posts (12,127 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 25 aliases.


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Hey guys,sorry for my slow posting rate. Should be able to get posting in later tonight.

Paizo got mad at me for trying to post all 6 posts at once in separate tabs.

4 people marked this as a favorite.


MisterLurch wrote:
Just curious, is anyone waiting on me for the shuttle unloading scene?

Sorry that was me.

Cookie Clicker

I'm so sorry.

Posting today! O_O

Alright, I'm out of time for the moment and heading off to work, but here are the characters that still need a post, AFAIK. If I've missed anything please let me know.

Ardiente: Still feeling ill after his encounter with corruption. May have followed the others to the infirmary.
Rena: Panicked after Tryko left and ran off to find someone (Asha?)
Vare: Was on the way to the isolab to check on Tryko'Sam.

Ehos: With the silent girl, doing silent things and NOTHING else.
Lily: Off brooding. (No that does not mean she's laying a brood of eggs. :P )
Vai: Thanks ObamAlton. :P

Also, mildly interesting story: apparently my favourite webcomic artist, Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive, was the one who inspired the author of Fallout Equestria (my favourite novel) to write that story. Small freaking world.


Hi. I'm alive. Mostly.

Hopefully most of my other responsibilities that have been keeping me away are going into a lull over the Christmas season but we shall see. (The war my EVE alliance was in is over for the most part, which was a good chunk of my time as I'm commander-in-chief... first world problems xD)

(Lyn I replied to your emails too).

Working on catching up. I can see in the dicussion that Tyrrin needs a post, but working to see where my other characters ended up.

lynora wrote:

Well, I set up my novel for this year's NaNo. I have so much research/outlining to do before November. >.<

Anyhoo, anyone joining me in the insanity this year, feel free to add me as a writing buddy. Either tell me your profile name so I can add you or look me up and add me. My profile name is Lynora Pefhlawae.

I'll be joining you on this one Lyn... though I totally forgot there was a signup for it.

Research and outlining is also eating up my time >_<.

Also, there's no way my story is going to be 50k words or less, so I'm just gonna say that it's my goal to hit 50k words. xD


Time to bang off the cobwebs I suppose and get some posting in myself.

I think the Mesmerist is one of my favourite class designs in a long time. Pure support role, lots of little tricks to do. Lovely.

Probably gonna play one next time I play.

Before anyone says anything, NOBODY KNOWS what the effects of turning living matter into a bose-einstein condensate-like state would do, or how it would affect a living creature, so I took a few artistic liberties.

Basically, Fei turned Darth Vai's entire body into a superfluid.

The only time I've been in a car accident I was going 150 on a highway and almost fell asleep at the wheel cause it was 5am (I worked graveyards then). Jerked the wheel to stop from hitting a sidewall and ended up spinning out going 150. Was not fun. Really could've ended up dead.

I somehow ended up straightening out after barely clipping a wall.

Didn't end up sleeping that night was so hyped on adrenaline, but somehow managed to bang out the damage to the car with a rubber mallet.

So yeah, everyone's got a story. Don't feel bad, the important thing is that nobody was hurt. Things are replaceable, people aren't.

Just remember Fei, the Sun can't hide forever.

[...], they had chosen to do the right thing after all. Not the pleasant thing. Not something, if they had their preference, that they would ever do again. Not something that would make it easy to sleep at night. But the right thing.

(Posts soon, gym now.)

BTW just so nobody's worrying, tornado warning was... uh... stood down? Called off? Whatever. I'm still alive, that's the point.

Hmmm, smash bros music is a good idea, as long as I dont pick anything too iconic (lots of gamers in my group who would recognize it).

I'm sure I can find some suitable classical too... not sure if opera is the way, but maybe... I'll have a listen to some stuff.

Whelp, there's a tornado warning here! One of my cats is literally hiding under my chair right now cause of the thunder. Sounds like it's a good time to get some posting done!

Alright guys, need some help!

I've got a big battle in my IRL game on friday, during which I plan on having the PCs Ascend to Mythic status.

I need both significantly epic battle music, along with some good quality ascension music (fake choral latin is a must!)

Any ideas?

(Youtube links preferred)

(Posts in a bit)

Monkeygod wrote:

Charon Stats

Note, there's zero reference to him being the leader of the Four Horsemen.

Now, I won't get into a serious debate, due to Avalon's cosmology being different from Golarion, but Charon is rumored to be insanely powerful possibly more so than many gods.

Even if you peg him at CR 23, he absolutely has ten mythic tiers as well. However, I would say he's at least CR 30, along with the 10 tiers of mythic.

Yup, this is the third party source I was talking about.

icehawk333 wrote:
So, as usual, I'm wrong, disregard my babbling.

Traditionally I'd agree with you. No way PCs should be able to fight gods on even ground.

Of course, as has been mentioned recently, story trumps all.

Though I do enjoy reading some of the statlines for things like Thor from the 3rd edition Deities and Demigods book.

Pazuzu, just to use an example, is CR30 (the same CR as Cthulu, a full god). The stats I found for Charon in PF is from a 3rd party source, so I wouldn't consider that reliable. Also, beyond a certain point CR really starts to break down as something that accurately represents difficulty.

And Lamashtu isn't invincible either: gods can still die in Golarion's setting.

When you get that powerful, you're always playing the long game.

Also, it might seem un-important, but Jeran's angelic patron was clearly interfering with that fight too, which might've been why the Daemon decided he didn't want to be there anymore.

lynora wrote:
Kevin Ramos wrote:
Sorry. I was told this was life or death. I didn't know it would be resolved in three posts...

To be fair, neither did I...

Oh well...there's still the matter of the damage done to the school....and a pissed off archdaemon seems like a pretty legit emergency....

And your post was pretty awesome Kevin. :)


I think I may have found the best/worst pun to have ever existed. Ever.

In the Egyptian/Arabian themed Adenvture Path I'm running IRL, there is a crystal dragon.

Her name is Shardizhad. Shardizhad.

You really outdone yourself Paizo.


Edward Sobel wrote:

OK but right now I have been trying to catch up in all my games.

and since Paizo updated the site I cannot post from work anymore. that mean all my responses are delayed or I may skip days depending on work schedules.

I can still read all the posts just cannot respond to them.

Kryzbyn wrote:

Could always write it up in notepad with formatting for the boards and post it when you get home?

I've done this several times...

I have also done this Kryz. Heck, there was one time all my characters were in bed for the night so I wrote out the morning posts for every one of them in advance XD.

I did respond to Sun with Midori but we can move on to the ceremony whenever you'd like. :)

Alright, well, work posting didn't work out. BUT NOW!!

lynora wrote:

Lol. Yes, I suppose that would have been handy. :D

Hopefully the new computer is awesome.
And I'm glad the weather is more temperate here. At 30 degrees Celsius I'm basically a useless puddle. I do not handle heat well. :)

It got all cloudy yesterday and looked like rain and I was like "Yes this should cool things down nicely."

Nope, was still just as hot, except it got all humid and gross.

Rain is supposed to be cool, not lukewarm. :(

New compy is lovely. First time I've had an SSD and by the gods is it nice!

RE: Destiny.

Another thing that adds a layer of complexity to the whole destony issue where Avalon is concerned is the fact that we have divergent time lines.

Like, just as example, when I first conceived Darth Vai, the main difference I conceived between her time line and the primary time line was that Nasima didn't return in time for the demon invasion. Thus, Vai never met Nasima, and instead it was Jaiye and Ssrena that found Vai during her initial forced transformation, and blackmailed her into helping them. When Aegythrax came back for her, she wasn't close enough to anyone for them to notice she'd been replaced by a simulacrum, and so she was never rescued from Aegythrax's care.

But it all came down to the fact that Vai never met Nasima.

I'll put some posts out at work to get things going again, and more later today (new computer yay!)

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Whelp, one new computer later...
Upgrade or did the old one die?

Little bit of column A, little bit of column B. I already had plans to upgrade in the near future and the death of the old PC hastened those plans. XD

I'd forgotten how fun putting together a box can be.

Though, considering my house is like 30 degrees right now, I kinda felt like I needed one of those nurses with the cloth to remove sweat from your forehead.

I needed Wash.

Whelp, one new computer later...

Finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night.

It was pretty good, alot of fun, but all throughout the movie I kept thinking: "Damn, someone convinced Hollywood to make a movie of their D&D campaign".

Posts later today.

Imperial Chronicler wrote:

Hmm...Vai still thinks Fei is a soulmech, correct? I ask because soulmechs are immune to necromantic or death effects, and anything requiring a Fortitide save. She would know that those two spells would have no effect on him, and this version of her is far too experienced to waste high-level magic believing that it will fail.

Unless I'm missing something from the earlier posts, methinks she should fire off some different magic instead...

Dragonstar on Soulmechs wrote:
Immune: Immunity to necromantic or death effects that require or target a living body. Soulmechs are subject to effects that target a living creature's spirit or soul, including energy drain.

Emphasis is mine. I think this means that even if she thought he was a soulmech, he'd still be subject to Energy Drain as a spell (I'm assuming it's not just talking about the energy drain that wights, etc have).


It's also kinda a desperation tactic at this point. Fei's kicking her ass. ;P

I think I'm all caught up now!


Damiani wrote:
David.De'Foul wrote:

Uh as far as I can tell the robot demon scene is waiting on you

Dave ported in and attacked your robodemon with a jumbo keg of empowered holy water
Waiting on feedback from FCD. Not that it's too critical, so I'll start planning the response.

Crafting Vare's post now. :)

lynora wrote:
Right. One rubber chicken of mental imperviousness coming right up.... :P


This is what that reminded me of.

Yes, Weird Al gives Pinkie a rubber chicken which is magical.

Woo, I've got the day off from work! Time to get some posting DONE! YEAH!

Lurch the Narrator wrote:

I have played a little of that. I am really bad at it.

-Posted with Wayfinder

My brother and I have kinda a sacred agreement when it comes to 4X games. We play them alot together: Civ (1-5, Alpha CentauI, and Beyond Earth), Heroes of Might and Magic, the Total War series (Rome, Empire and Shogun), and now the Endless games.

See, we need to have a human opponent to make the game more interesting, so whenever we play we are always against each other, but we're always on voice chat when we play to, and we learn the game together. We figure out mechanics, little tricks to the game, whatever. We always share too, despite the fact that not sharing these insights would give us the edge.

And we do keep score, but it's nice to remind each other that even when we are ostensibly opponents, we still always have each other's back.

Jess Messel wrote:
So would I be able to use a plasma weapon or just a slugthrower?

I guess the consensus is "if your character is from Agartha, the higher tech level your weapon the better story you'll need to justify it", or something similar.

lynora wrote:
Jess Messel wrote:
Does proficiency with a Blunderbuss give me proficiency with shotguns?
I don't think so? I mean the loading action, firing mechanism, and recoil would all be different wouldn't they?

In Pathfinder, all firearms fall under the "Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)" feat.

Of course, Paizo also included a guide for what tech level guns are at in the setting, though I think Agartha would still fall under the "Emerging Guns" section.

Also... I found one of my old AMVs back from my halcyon days of when I watched way too much anime to be healthy! Such nostalgia!

Apparently this AMV is 8 years old.

I found a couple others but they're considerably more horrible than that one. XD

Remember also that "modern firearms" would be considered quite primitive by the Dragon Empire, though there are some who like "slugthrowers" as they are called over laser/blaster tech for various reasons.

Gonna work on getting posts done here soon. Got pulled into something else after I got the Rena post out and it's taking longer than expected.

Also, I think I typed out but forgot to post what Rena was actually wearing since I remember that being asked. I'll include that in my next post.

I've just been SUPER busy lately. I've got lots of projects on the go and I've got this new game on Monday and...




*quietly shuffles away in shame*

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So, my fiancee gets super excited about playing D&D, but she often forgets the nitty-gritty details in her excitement to play. In our current game, she's playing a brawler whose personality is somewhat based on Kamina of Gurren Lagann, though considerably more of a womanizer. Regularly hitting on every female the group encounters, even antagonists bent on killing him. Anyway, 4 session into the game she has yet to use either her flurry or her ability to gain feats, so while we were discussing the game, I mention to her not to forget to use her class abilities in combat.

Her: "Oh yeah, but there doesn't seem like there's that many good feats at this level."

Me: "Well, there's always things like Stunning Fist."

Her: "Stunning Fist?! Oh man, that's like the chloroform of feats!"

Me: "..."


*simultaneous facepalm and burst out laughing*

lynora wrote:

So the wifi was worse than my cell signal and that was saying something. So no posting while we were on vacation, as if I had the energy anyways after the kidlet dragged me around the water park. :)

And then this weekend we gamed and my paladin met a heroic end. Which meant that I needed to build a tenth level replacement character. time consuming. >.<
It definitely made me miss how much I just fudge stats here. :D
So now that's done and I will be back to posting tomorrow. As far as sorting out the chaotic scene with Sam and assorted others, Dave assume that you tried to convince the others but were ignored. Vare was foiled on his first attempt to teleport, but should be able to get in on a second try. (Gotta give the school time to adapt.) Hope that helps.

Hopefully you had a fantastic vacation and it was as relaxing as it was tiring. ;)


A paladin died?

In Pathfinder?

That can happen?

Chao Yin wrote:
Hey sun, Mindori (weird autocorrect tried to get me to say "nudity") would you like to see Chao as a sparing partner?

I can guarantee that Chao will kick Midori's ass: she's level 3. ;)

But hey, I'm down.

Vickory West wrote:
Careful, rez isn't a sure thing, you risk losing the ability to question.

Depending on the damage done, there's always Speak with Dead!


Damiani wrote:
FCD, did you want me to draft up a description of the room yer feisty Firebird walks into?

If you're interested, sure. Could add some fuel to the fire, as it were. :)

I'm going to try really hard not to get distracted today guys. Just leaving work and dedicating some time to posting when I get home. :)

Melody Waverider wrote:

"Proof" that 1 + 1 = 1

a = 1
b = 1
a = b
a2 = b2
a2 - b2 = 0
(a-b)(a+b) = 0
(a-b)(a+b)/(a-b) = 0/(a-b)
1(a+b) = 0
(a+b) = 0
1 + 1 = 0
2 = 0
1 = 0
1 + 1 = 1

The reason why this doesn't work is that (a-b) is a divide by zero. Any time you do a proof like this for division, you typically have to include the phrase "so long as the divisor != 0".

Source: I hate doing proofs.

(Interestingly, this could be considered a "Proof by contradiction" that you cannot divide by zero, since you allow division by zero, you get impossible results).

To further expound on what Lyn is saying: mathematics is a system developed by humans. People like to talk about math being the "universal" language and all that crap, but in reality, it works because math is a pre-ordained tautology generator. It follows rules that are defined logically by humans.

And, as Lyn pointed out, there's always a way to game the system.

Lyn also showcased why significant digits are important, for all you folks who hated that part of high school science.


A coffee bean eaten plain has roughly 30mg of caffeine. Compare to an espresso shot which has about 70-80mg. If a shot of espresso is analogous to a shot of spirits, then Lucas is probably a caffeine addict.

Well, unless the blight druid still has venom immunity. Caffeine is a naturally occurring poison, and despite the name of the ability, venom immunity protects against all poisons, not just venom.

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